American Idol Top 6 Results Recap: The Land of Kelly C., and the Home of the Save? [Updated]

American-Idol-Top-6-Results-Judges-SaveThe American Idol Judges’ Save is kind of like that panini press in the back of your pantry. It seemed pretty nifty when you got it back in 2009, but you’ve ended up using it only once every 12 months, and now you’re like, “Is it time to put this contraption out on the front stoop and hope somebody takes it off my hands?”

Of course, once you get the thing out and dust it off, you think, “Oooh, I might have a little hunk of gruyere in the cheese drawer. Maybe I should make me a sammie.”

I figured that might be the prevailing attitude behind the Idol judges’ table tonight: Keith, Nicki, Randy and Mariah knew they had to use their veto power before Top 5 week, or put it back in storage till next year. The only question was: Had the gruyere passed its expiration date?

There was a five in six chance that we’d hear the hiss and sizzle (and electrifying audience roar) that accompanies the making of a hot cheesy sandwich Save. After all, the judges have been heralding Season 12’s quintet of female contestants for months on end — and this week in particular, the chicas lived up to the hype. You might be #TeamCandice or #TeamKree, but you also know there are genuine merits to being on #TeamAmber, #TeamJanelle and #TeamAngie.

Which left only Lazaro “Last Man Standing” Arbos as the giant question mark. Indeed, if the worst-performing contestant ever to advance to the American Idol Top 6 — and yes, I’m well aware I’m saying John “Crocodile Rock” Stevens, Jasmine “It’s Raining Men” Trias and Nikki “Never Forget Tamyra Gray” McKibbin were better — finished No. 6 in America’s vote this week, how could the judges possibly justify using the ol’ J.S.? The discomfort of his botched lyrics, ill-chosen notes and frozen smile in the face of brutal criticism was about as fun as, well, having one’s hand pressed between two piping hot metal plates. But then again, knowing how the show’s producers love trumped-up drama, could they leave such an opportunity unused?

Let’s cut to the results and find out. Ryan started by separating the contestants into three groups:

Angie Miller
Janelle Arthur

Lazaro Arbos
Amber Holcomb

Kree Harrison
Candice Glover

Turns out Candice and Kree were the week’s Top 2 (though we don’t know in which order). Anyhow, America got that part right. (Hip, hip…hurrah!) Janelle and Angie were the midpack players. And it was Lazaro and Amber in the Bottom 2. Any possibility of suspense evaporated when Ryan told Lazaro he was the lowest vote-getter, and the kid with the heartbreaking backstory about struggling with a stuttering problem began singing “Feeling Good” with all the enthusiasm of a devout nun at an Insane Clown Posse concert.

The judges quickly said “Nyet!” to their final chance to use the Save, and Lazaro — his armor already up around his eyeballs — grinned weakly. “Sounds good,” he shot back. “No problem, guys.”

“Keep that smile on your face!” said a perky Ryan Seacrest, unwilling or unable to detect the pain and disdain percolating beneath Lazaro’s expression.

And with that, Idol‘s Lazaro Epidemic is finished. We’ve got ourselves as solid a Top 5 as we could’ve hoped for, and I say let the games begin! How about you?

Before I sign off, a few quick thoughts and observations:

* I’m guessing Nicki Minaj spent more time in makeup and hair this week than the Top 6 did rehearsing that listless Bacharach medley. Okay, a few individual moments were pretty — and Amber and Candice nailed “One Less Bell to Answer” — but nevertheless it’s clear there’s not time in the kids’ schedules for these results-show ditties. Why not scrap them and make room for one additional Idol grad per episode? Crystal Bowersox, Katelyn Epperly, Paul McDonald, Blake Lewis, Brooke White and (gasp) even Lee DeWyze all have relatively recent releases to promote. Plus, wouldn’t it be a travesty if we went yet another season without a performance from my Idology cohost Melinda Doolittle? Come on, Nigel! Make it happen!

* Jimmy’s “Notes from the Idol Message Boards” segment felt a tad rushed this week, and if I’m being honest, I think his “more personality needed” critique for Kree was poorly timed after her Top 6 Week performances. (Maybe Rock Week and Motown Week, her vocals lacked the proper oomph and connectedness, but she upped her game on Wednesday and deserved more credit. Or at least that’s what my ears believe.) As for ranking Lazaro No. 10 out of six, it felt a little unnecessarily cruel — at least after asked the soon-to-be-doomed contestant about his nervous giggle. “I thought his comments were really funny, so I laughed,” said Laz, in one of the least convincing line readings since Khloe and Mario ended Season 2 of The X Factor.

* Scott McCreery hit a few rough patches on “See You Tonight,” but the lyrical content and melody were a significant improvement — and felt decidedly more genuine — than most of his freshman album. I didn’t really need Ryan commenting on his “big guns,” though. Blech.

* I like how Idol’s been flashing back to its performing graduates’ own experiences on the show before they come back to perform. Kelly seemed as goofy and charming back in Season 1 as she does now with her 20 million albums sold and trio of Grammy awards. Not surprisingly, she sounded astonishing on “People Like Us” — and dare I say this might be my favorite single of hers…ever? Or at least since “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” anyway.

* Yes, it was well past time for Lazaro’s exit. And yes, someone behind the judges’ table needed to offer him a few kind words. But how tone deaf and phony was it to have his harshest critic Randy Jackson calling him “a treasure to the show”? Ugh, Randy: Still the worst after all these years. The less said about Lazaro’s “Feeling Good,” by the way, the better.

Okay, your turn: What did you think of Season 12 Top 6 results night? Are you glad Lazaro is gone? Were you surprised to see the Save left on the table? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kristi says:

    Yay!! Lazaro is finally gone!! :D Now the real competition can begin.
    Did anyone think Scotty’s speaking voice somehow got deeper?
    Kelly Clarkson was amazing.

    • America got it right tonight. I think Janelle probably should have been Bottom 2 over Amber, but Lazaro going home was right on the money. So I guess it’s pretty much clear now that a woman will finally win the American Idol crown after 6 long years. Haha. All 5 ladies have had outstanding moments, Candice and Kree have been the most consistent, but ya never know. I am excited about the next month of shows. It might be the strongest last month of Idol ever.

      • TB says:

        Amber’s base probably got split with Candice after that monster performance last night. I’m actually really surprised she didn’t need the save tonight. She must have been gaining voters week to week, because there is no way the girl who was in the bottom 3 for She’s Leaving Home would have survived tonight.

        • Tom22 says:

          Amber’s and Candice’s performances of the two Burt Bacharach songs were on par with the very best performances ever on idol. The songs are a bit dated that maybe held the performances from really making my best ever 30 or 40 songs but I’ve bought the studio versions of both. Both girls did make them fairly current sounding.. they were in their own voices…. girls living in 2013 singing about their 2013 life even as the songs didn’t quite fit our time and place.

          Mariah put it best when she said the song “I say a little prayer” had been sung by more than legends… that song has such an extreme level of difficulty I think it escapes fans of 90’s and 2000’s diva fans. It’s little bit of seventies ditty throws people off. I also happen to really like that song a lot despite it not really being as timeless that works in 2013 than others. Similar unforgiving difficulty of Candice’s love song.

          But that group number! I don’t think we’ve EVER heard a better group medley and the part with Amber and Candice were really transcendent to me. It was just like if we’d ever seen Whitney and say Aretha singing it together… but maybe better with the two girls more similar in age and era working together.

          Of course Lazaro so badly stunk it up it makes the full performance impossible to listen to on my phone walking the dog.

          I’m voting heavily for Amber next week. The remaining 5 girls all have incredibly strong voices and deftness in using them, but Amer is the only one I relate to in how she interprets the lyrics. Her outlook on the world is probably more kindred to my own*. I’ve understood her takes on all of the songs. (Note, I didn’t say the others didn’t connect to the songs but I’m saying that the take in how Amber relates is more meaningful to me even if I hear the others being sincere and perhaps more easy to relate to for other people)

          (btw I’m a white guy in my 40’s living in California who doesn’t listen to the type of music Amber will likely sing..but I just relate to her when I do hear her … I can also relate to Beyonce when she sings even if the subjects and style aren’t my cup of tea… I thing she see’s the world in an interpretative , not angry , yet engaging it too)

      • Danny says:

        I actually have Janelle #1 overall. She’s real close to #5, so it’s not like I think she’s way ahead or anything. She’s the only 1 who’s had a great song this year IMO. She’s maybe not technically quite as good as a couple of the others, but she at least changes it up some. She seems to have the fewest performances w/ all the staging people (meaning she’s out there alone w/out the orchestra or what have ya). So I like her perfomances the best, even if she’s maybe not quite the best singer.

        • love says:

          I’m completely with you on this. I just how Janelle performs and how she is so relate-able and just honest and true.

          • Diana S says:

            Janelle has always been my favorite. The others are good but pretty much interchangeable for me.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        I hope they all bring it. I want Amber and Janelle to step it up a bit. But they are all really talented. Of course, I have my favorites! This is gonna be fun.

        • GG says:

          I agree with Sleezak, I would like for Kree to sing with a little more umph

          Jimmy told Kree not to over sing, but she needs to pump it up a little more

      • Lee says:

        @IdolBeTheJudge: I disagree. IMO this is NOT the strongest last month of Idols ever. How quickly we forget last year that had Jessica, Joshua, Phillip, Holly and Skylar. I would say Jessica, Joshua and Skylar are better than any of the frontrunners this year.

        Moreover, I’m not surprised that Amber was in the Bottom 2. As I said before, although I liked her second performance, I felt her first performance belonged on a cruise ship. There just wasn’t anything creative or artistic with either of them.

        • Danny says:

          @Lee- I’d go as far to say that the top 7 of last year are better than any of the front runners this year. None of this year’s contestants would be singing right now. Even if they’re great (not likely, most likely they’ll be solid, but not great) from here on out, they wouldn’t have even been singing at this stage last year.

        • Idolhead Ed says:

          Only Jessica would be in that race. Skylar is not in that league at all. Josh would get mauled by Candice or Amber. Holly for me is still not ready for prime time. She still needs several more years. I have to say I think this is the best top 5 ever and I believe the ratings will show a good nudge. What Janelle may lack in power vocal she more than makes up in stage presence and style.Angie would absolutely cream Holly and Skylar. And yes I haven’t even brought the Queen in on this yet. Kree would embarrass them all. The closest I think any top 5 might have been is season 5 with Daughtry,McPhee,Bennett,Yamin, and then the only weak link Hicks. I think in the nest few weeks it will become evident that this is the best top 5 ever. Oddly enough I usually have only one I even care the least little about but this year I really like them all.

          • dani n. says:

            Liking the comparison to season 5. Janelle great entertainer like Hick’s and I’d say vocally they are same par.

          • Nat says:

            I do agree with you about Holly, but I don’t think Amber is anywhere near as good as Joshua at all. Joshua had several performances last year where he completely *slayed* and pretty much had me on the floor (to quote Melinda!). All of Amber’s performances have been just OK for me. I’d say Candice is probably his equivalent. I’d also argue Skylar is better than Janelle, both as a performer and in terms of her energy, but they’re also quite different country artists, so it’s probably a taste thing. I’d put Angie on par with Jessica Sanchez – a technical very good singer, if a little bit lacking in connection.

          • MB says:

            I prefer Candice to Josuha. I could not finish listening to a studio of his with all the screaming. I like Angie better than Jessica because Jessica at times can have a harsh tone to her voice depending on the song and I like Janelle a lot better than Skylar who had a pronounced. whine in her voice.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Jessica and Elise would sure be in the race. Hollie was mixed, she’d certainly make this year’s top six but to say she is better than all the contestants this year, I don’t really think so, she had her moments at times. No for Skylar. All five girls this season are better. I don’t understand those saying that wouldve been hands down the best country singer this season. No way she matches Kree by any stretch and I’d take Janelle for sure so that would make her third best country singer for this season.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Oh and Josh he’d hold up super well too.

        • Meme says:

          Wow … I believe Candice, Kree and even Amber could stand up with last season’s top 5 any day of the week! Listen to their tone, range, overall voice quality … they are right up there, sorry, Lee.

        • Tom22 says:

          I disagree with you strongly on that song by Amber. But I’ve liked a lot of her interpetations that other’s didn’t see where she was going with her embrace and chewing on the words in ways that left them flat.

          Also (even though it was after the voting) The duet part of the medley results night was about the best duet I’ve heard on idol. Only Haley and Casey doing “moanin” and Candice and Jessica and Deandre in Las Vegas come to mind as being on the same level as that portion of the Medley. All three are all time Idol series favorite moments for me.

      • Var says:

        Agree: the voters got it right except that Amber should’ve been in the middle two and Janelle in the bottom two.

        I believe that this is the first season in IDOL history in which the top 5 are all the same sex. Can anyone verify?

        • Cheryl says:

          I don’t get all the love for Amber. She is not original. We don’t need another Beyonce or Whitney…at least I don’t.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            ?? How could anyone not need another Whitney? Probably the greatest pop voice of the last hundred years?? (not saying that Amber is THAT though, she is a very good contestant on this season, but that is something else)

    • Tarc says:

      dang. lazaro made it more intersting. Of course, there is no real competition as far as I’m concerned: Candce had it in the bag since her audition, lust like Phillip Phillips had.

      • Aly says:

        Totally agree with you but will America vote for her?

        • AlyB says:

          They did this week. I have no reason to believe they’d suddenly turn on her. I don’t foresee her having a bad performance and I think fan bases are digging in.

          • Noah Coleman says:

            I don’t know. The only person who is in the top 2 or 3 every time they reveal it is Kree.

          • Aly says:

            May you be right, AlyB!

          • Abby says:

            No matter who wins, at least three of these women will have successful solo careers if there is indeed justice in this world. Angie could become a bona fide Christian pop belter (it appears to be who she wants to be), though that’s not my kind of music and I likely won’t follow her career post-Idol very closely, even if she’s strictly pop. For all that talent, there’s something I just don’t buy into with her. It’s an unexplainable spark she just doesn’t have, except, as Nicki points out, when she gets behind that piano and KILLS it. Candice will get a contract out of this, I’m confident (even if there’s a sense of ‘seen that before’ when she performs, despite the fact she’s far and away the year’s most bang-on talented vocalist). Maybe she’ll do film to glory a la JHud, but she’s too good to go unnoticed. Janelle is a far more marketable country singer than Kree, and I think Janelle will definitely get signed. She’s like Miranda Lambert – country LOVES gals like her to the ends of the earth. Kree, though, has a voice like butter, and country fans are incredibly open and welcoming to new artists, more so than many other genres with far more cynical fans. She reminds me of Bonnie Raitt. I just wish she played an instrument; if she did, she’d be unstoppable and be able to be a respected performer in her soft blues/country/folk niche for life, if not the world’s most famous. The only wild card for post-show success, or perhaps likely Glee guest, is Amber Holcomb, who’s the young one of the five and whose voice and identity are still in development. That said, her youth may make her highly appealing to the labels. In all, these girls clearly deserve to be the final five, but Nigel and Co. certainly made sure the marketable guys who would have upset the Female Final Five result were removed before the public voting began. Not a swoon-inducing hottie in the bunch if you recall (poor Johnny Keyser), or did that go unnoticed by the masses?

          • Name That Tune says:

            When this season ends and the first girl in 7 years is crowned the winner, I’m not going to look back and say “Gee, I wished there would have been a cute white guy to vote for.” Because I will have had the joy of watching 5 talented girls spread their wings and fly. Right now, both Kree and Candice could release an album with just their Idol performances and I would buy it. Both of them would sit at the top of the charts. Angie would be sitting at the top of the Christian market.
            I don’t know who is going to win. But I already know there will be tears of joy streaming down my cheeks for all the girls in the previous seasons who could and should (Crystal Bowersox) have won. Their time has finally come.

          • Abby says:

            @Name That Tune – it thrills me that you won’t look back and wish you’d had a guy to vote for. But that was not at all what I intended with my comment. History has proven that swoon-worthy guys get votes even if and when they’re undeserved. That doesn’t mean that ratings have slipped because there aren’t swoon-worthy guys on the show, or anything like that (but boy is it ever a convenient explanation). Basically, women often have to be a perfect storm of talent and charisma (but only sweet charisma) to get votes from other women; we gals are hard on each others’ physicality and temperaments, which is a sociological travesty (and discussion) for another day. While I’m fully aware that the producers made it darn-near impossible to get anything but an all-female final five this season, that doesn’t change the fact that all five women have enormous talent and deserve to be where they are, especially considering the very low calibre of male performers, without any sex appeal, left to the public vote.

          • Name That Tune says:

            Abby, I appreciate that. But TPTB certainly recognized they have been losing viewers every year since season 7. Every year. Those are the years of the cute WGWG winning. Along comes The Voice, which only wants to be a singing contest, to provide some real competition. If you’re Fox or the major advertisers for you show, you are going to want changes. Or you’re going to stop supporting the show. Along with change comes resistance. Some people turned away from the show. But Idol was at its peak in popularity when girls won. Their biggest stars have been girls. Scutty McCreery may become the biggest male star it produces.
            And yes, women are hard on each other. This is why sometimes Nikki irritates me. Her idea of current is to dress up like a Barbie Doll. But it was women who watch the show so it is women that it has to please. It’s j some of us want more substance with the performances. More meat with the potatoes.
            However, the producers decided to make this a year to celebrate women. It is long overdue. If the show produces 3 stars this season (as it is likely to do), they will restore some much needed credibility. And maybe the guys can come back. As low as we remember it’s a singing competition.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:


          • Abby says:

            I don’t need the men to come back if the women will be better, as they are this year. And truth is, I only intermittently watch the show every year (for the reason that I can only take so many power ballads and renditions of Jason Mraz before it honestly all sounds the same, and recaps and YouTube help me avoid the Ford and Coke ‘commercials’), but have been far more engaged in Season 12 for exactly the reasons you and I have pointed out. Power to the women this year, they deserve it (even though I still stand by my claims of a production fix to make it so – and if fix is too strong a word then let’s say, ‘massaging the result.’ It’s not a bad thing, it happened before the public votes; it’s just how TV works.) To be honest, I think the declining ratings have to do with “same old, same old” – same reason most TV shows don’t last 15 years; the story gets stale. Nigel and Co. went out of their way this year to liven up the story, as we’ve both pointed out.

            The Voice is another animal entirely. Once you’ve seen the blind auditions which are always phenomenal and emotional, the reality that The Voice belongs to the judges and the focus is on their relationships entirely, and not the singers (which has never been AI’s problem) becomes quickly clear. The Voice has yet to produce a superstar anywhere in the world (despite freaking phenomenal performers in the US, UK, and Oz), because their marketing is ALL about their judges, every single week. This formula will only last them so long, because I agree with you, AI legitimizes itself when Kelly and Carrie win Grammy’s.

            But one point of order – is Scotty McCreery really a bigger star than Clay Aiken was (or even remains)? Being honest, I live north of the US border (we don’t have our own Idol shows anymore, but we always watched AI more than CI anyway, I think…). But up here, Clay remains far more identifiable than Scotty. So unless you were being slightly facetious over the notion that Scotty will be the “biggest male star,” with big entirely relative and not that big at all, I’m just curious; it does seem he’s bigger in the US than here, anyway…

          • teatime says:

            @Abby Ironically, Scotty is the only one who actually fits the negative wgwg stereotypes. He has a limited vocal range, he sang songs similar to their original versions, he mostly sang just sitting on a stool or standing at the mic, he never stepped out of his country lane, he never gave a surprising performance other than his teenager-with-a-deep-voice “baby lock them doors” audition. He also primarily had the awe-shucks boy next door persona.

            With the exception of Lee, I would argue Scotty is the least successful so far of any of the white guy winners and that he also has the lowest future potential. You can add (almost winner) Clay to this list of other successful white males. This is if you look at music sales, endorsement deals, performance income, licensing of co-written songs, and co-writing of songs recorded by other artists. Plus the others all have more versatility (so far) for future career options such as song writing for others and/or particlurly strong stage performance skills. Scotty’s primary marketing advantage was his teenager status, which will fade away. This is not to say he is not successful or does not have future potential. He is very talented and has been successful, he is a good performer, and he seems to be very hard working and focused on having a good career. But the others are also very successful and so far have more potential in various aspects of the industry beyond recording and promoting their own albums.

            I have noticed other comments suggesting not only that Scotty will be the most successful going forward, but also suggesting that he has been the most successful to date. I have no idea what people are basing this on. Perhaps many of the antagonistic wgwg commenters have been country fans. Then when Scotty came along they just kept making their same baseless negative comments but added a baseless “except for Scotty” to almost every snide remark.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Yea, well, “Helter Skelter” was a super interesting book but I don’t think we should let Charlie Manson out of prison.

      • love says:

        sometimes it takes more than just being so good in singing. candice needs to connect to audience. for me, it’s only janelle who does that, despite her not being technically the best singer.

        • rio says:

          Janelle has connected with me exactly once. There’s nothing distinctive about her voice. She’s cute and perky but she’s the weakest of the women. Candice is by far the most exciting talent on the show, but I’ve never been able to picture her beating Kree. I hope I’m wrong.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          love, given rio’s response, it’s obvious that this isn’t about “connection” as much as it’s about what you like. Or rather, the connection comes with what you like. Like rio, Janelle, as “adorable and perky” as she, doesn’t do much for me, in my case (I won’t/can’t speak for ri), because “musically” Janelle doesn’t do stuff I connect to.
          Candice, on the other hand, gets my musical juices flowing practically every time she takes the stage. I still can’t (and don’t want to) get her rendition of “Ordinary People” out of my head. And then “Don’t Make Me Over” and most especially “Love Song” have me mesmerized. In between she’s done some exceedingly capable renditions of other tunes, while not as memorable to me, certainly never bad.
          But then, I enter the game with a trained musical background, and that definitely tempers my perspective.

      • Meme says:

        Really … everything I read early on said Angie Piano Girl had it in the bag … but Candice outshines!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Yay, I still love Kelly Clarkson! She’s still amazing.

      • Diana S says:

        I thought she sounded great but she looked terrible. Who did her makeup? Her eyes were scary.

        • rio says:

          Somebody thought that look would be good on TV?? Those eyelids, that outfit? She scared my cat.

          • MJO says:

            OMW! Your comment made my day! I needed a laugh..but I agree.. her performance kinda scared me.. and I’m sure if my cat had been in the room..he would’ve been scared too

          • ssc38 says:

            Yeah…the eye make-up was freaky! Actually…make-up in general was a bit freaky!

        • Sally Ann says:

          Her makeup was to go with the black lights for her stage performance. Her dress, the band’s clothing, instruments and yes, her makeup were all highlighted with the black lights. Her lipstick looked strange as well under regular lighting.

    • karenb says:

      Yes I think Scotty’s voice got deeper too.

    • Lola says:

      Yes … it did sound deeper. Our little Scotty is all growed up … shucks.

    • HN says:

      There was one guy, Harrison Craig, in the Voice Australia has the speech problem. But sure he and Lazaro can sing better than the rest of us, I would like to see how far that he can go with the show.

    • This is really going to be a tough one.. We see Angie winning it all and Kree in the finale with Angie based on overall performance.

      BTW, on my You Tube channel, the site’s host celebrated a Vote for the Girls Victory.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        While I don’t dispute that Angie has the legion numbers to win, at best she should come in fourth. However, I’m acutely aware of the difference between “what should be” and “what will be.”
        And, thus, Angie will probably win despite….
        Once again, the wrong person will win.

  2. Christina says:

    Lazaro is gone, gone, gone!

  3. Dan says:

    The results! :) Now we only need Haley Reinhart to perform in the next result show and everything will be right with the world!

    • Danny says:

      Haley Reinhart?? Who needs the best Idol ever to perform when we could have either Nikki Minage or Jennifer Lopez sing one of their special lip synced/pre recorded/terrible dancing/clown comparison songs?

    • ChrissieK says:

      I think I am in the dark about all this Haley love…since I read about her so often on the boards why isn’t she a major singing star like Kelly and Carrie??????????????

      • Danny says:

        @Chrissie- Because she got thrown under the bus. Not only by the idiot judges, but by the production staff afterwards. For instance, they released her album the week of the next season’s finale, when it would get absolutely zero publicity. Little things like that. Actually, that’s a pretty big thing.
        Her album gets great reviews. I know reviews aren’t everything, but in addition to great reviews she’s had guys like Slash say how great she is. Don’t think Slash’s opinion matters?? Well, they had her (and Casey) sing at Carnagie Hall. There’s a wide range of people (or entities, like Lalapalooza) who’ve wanted her to sing with them. B.O.B wanted to be on her album, & is. Haley didn’t know who the guy was. She didn’t reqest him. He pretty much invited himself on her album.

      • We're just believing says:

        give her time, give her time, you may not of heard of her yet, but you will, mark my words.

    • Cali Girl says:


  4. CJS says:

    So…what happens now since the save was never used at all?

    • That’s a good question. If they don’t want to end a week early would they extend the save to the Top 5? This is unprecedented. It’s something that I have thought about since it’s inception, but it’s never come to be. I wonder what they are gonna do as well.

      • Harvey says:

        They’ll definitely do this, and call it a shocking surprise.

        The finale is scheduled during a sweeps month. They will NOT end early.

        • Timmah says:

          That’s what I think. They’re always changing the rules on this show. I think they still have the save to use, unless it was explicitly said that it expires at the top 5, which I don’t recall hearing this season.

          • Timmah says:

            Or how about this for a twist? They bring someone back. Hey there, Johnny Keyser, you’re back in the competition!

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Oh my, that would be EPIC!

          • marie says:

            I hope you folks are not being serious about inviting someone back who was never in the competition to begin with; at this point, with five left, that would be tremendously unfair to both the remaining five and to those who have already been eliminated after working to advance and being rejected. I would lose even more respect for the show were they to pull a stunt like that.
            But maybe you’re being ironic and I’m not catching it, there is that possibility.

          • Abby says:

            They won’t (ok, they really SHOULDN’T) bring in a swoon-inducing and popular male at this point. It’s now all about the women, and Keyser especially would make the final episode. Then all the hard work by Nigel & Co. fixing it this year, by removing Keyser (and other males who would build large and immediate fanbases) before the public votes where he would shine, would have been for nothing.

        • ChrissieK says:

          Idol can’t end early people, it would screw up programming for Fox so I don’t know why anyone would think that it would. Geesh.

      • If they use the save, they cut two the following week to keep the schedule on track. No Save, no problem.

        • deedee says:

          No, look at the number of weeks left and the number of contestants left. They either use the save within the top 5, or declare a no elimination night, or end a week early, or have a “the making of Idol – behind the scenes special” to make up the extra week.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Thank you for giving the explanation so I didn’t have to. I’m tired of explaining to people how this works. If they were real Idoloonies they would pay attention to such things! :)

          • Ty says:

            If they had an extra week why didn’t they just let Aubrey be the 11th person on the show and let her get more exposure? Makes no sense.

          • Danny says:

            @ Leah- I had thought they could use the save at the top 5, meaning this coming week. As for being an Idolloonie, this year is tough to be one. I’m sticking w/ the show, but I can see why a slew of people aren’t. I’m starting to change from an Idolloonie to a VoiceOver. That show has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better judges, & this year better singers too IMO.

          • So what part of “no save, no problem” ISN’T true then? If they use the save in Top 5 week, they’ve changed the rules. Which I would put past them.

          • @LeahKittyS: Since I’ve watched every week of every season, I think I qualify as an Idoloonie as much as you do.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Actually, that would make you more of an Idoloonie than me. I’ve only been watching since the end of Season 4. Before that, I was in elementary school and my parents didn’t let me stay up to watch it.

          • deedee says:

            The “no save, no problem” part. If they use the save (in top 5), then they’re, err, using the save. If they don’t use the save, it’s a problem. Hence, “no save, no problem” is untrue.

          • How is it a problem if they have a contingency week already plugged in? If they use the save and don’t want a double elimination, they have enough weeks. If they DON’T use the save, they have some made-up exhibition week to fill the gap. So where’s the problem?

          • @LeahKittyS And now I officially feel old :-P

          • Kevin C. says:

            Given that they already changed “Motown week” to “Detroit Week” so some of the girls could sing Madonna and changed “Classic Rock, No Ballads” week to “Rock, power ballads allowed” to fit the girls song choices, I think they’d have no problem making yet another unannounced change to the rules.

          • jalahyacinth says:

            They’ll have a ‘shocking’ night where they’ll send no one home. Almost every reality show does it when they have too many episodes left…

          • Abby says:

            The Idol finale has been pre-announced for May 16th, which from this point on provides for one woman to be eliminated every week until the final two on the final week. Call it a conspiracy if you want, but it’s highly, highly unlikely that the producers planned to use the save this year unless they were going to lose one of the women before the final five, which they never did. The lowest votes, as announced, were always for the men (and deservedly so, if fact).

        • deedee says:

          Perhaps you need to reread your original post on the subject, galloway.

          • @deedee speculated that if they didn’t extend the save to Top 5 week, they’d have to end the show early. I pointed out that using the save or not using the save doesn’t change how many weeks they need, since they eliminate two people the following week if they use the save. As Rick M. noted below, they would have done this in Season 11 as well had not Jermaine been disqualified early in the season, freeing up an extra week. In any case, using the save or not using the save neither extends nor shortens the season — thus “no save, no problem”. As you pointed out, this year they have inserted an extra week, for reasons they have not stated. This changes nothing about “no save, no problem”, which is still a correct answer to’s original question. Does that clear my reasoning up, or muddy it down further? :-)

        • LOLOL says:

          They didn’t eliminate two people last year after they used the save on Jessica. Only Colton got nixed the week after.

          • Rick M. says:

            The only reason they didn’t eliminate two people after last year’s save was that an earlier contestant (Jermaine) had been disqualified. In previous seasons, they eliminated two people the week after the save was used.

        • Name That Tune says:

          I’m wondering why we’re so concerned about the judges save. It’s off the table. But a no-elimation-night is still in the realm of possibilities. Remember the days of “Idol gives back”? I think it was Season 7 when they used that during an Idol gives back night. And the contestants didn’t know until the results night that no one was going home. I could easily see TPTB going down that road again, especially if they aren’t ready to say goodbye to Ambrr or Janelle.

          So chill out guys. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

      • Nephtalia says:

        They don’t have to extend the save. Just do like the first week of DWTS, votes will carry through for 2 weeks. I don’t mind having the girls fight it over for 2 weeks before 1 get eliminated. 4 songs for the chance of top 4.

    • Cat Lady says:

      Was it just me, or did Lazaro totally screw up the words to “This Guy’s In Love With You” and go off-pitch as well? Oh, well, it doesn’t matter. We don’t have to listen to him again until finale night and then… “nevermore”!

      • Cat Lady says:

        Don’t know why this showed up as a reply instead of a new thread. Must have been operator error!

      • My Alter Ego says:

        I didn’t pay attention to the words, but he didn’t start in the key the band was playing, and pretty much stayed “out of key” for the entire time he was singing his solo of the medley. Fortunately when all of them sang together the girls could cover up his inability to sing in the right key.

        • AlyB says:

          I wonder if extra rehearsal time will help him for the tour. idk what they’re going to do with him if he can’t manage it. Maybe just stick him in the back with a turned off mic.

      • lydiakj says:

        Yep. It was embarrassing for him. As always.

        • Meme says:

          And embarrassing should not happen on Idol ever! This is a singing competition, and one should not get to the live stage unless they sincerely belong there!

          • My Alter Ego says:

            Meme, I, too, used to think that it was a singing competition as well (in my, oh so innocent days of not too long ago). But it is a TV “reality show (whatever that means, since “reality” frequently seems absent), and, unfortunately, the best talent doesn’t always win.

          • dj says:

            The best talent usually doesn’t win.

    • Davey Mac says:

      When the save was used they had a double elimination. Not this season. No change in number of weeks.

    • Luiz says:

      But has the Save really expired? I always thought it would be on until Top 5 week (including Top 5 week, I mean).

      • teatime says:

        @Luiz I am with you on this. I always thought the save could be used for Top 5. Plus, I don’t think they have been explicit about the timing for it this year anyway, so they can use it next week if they want.

        • Tess says:

          I think in previous seasons they stated it had to be used by top 6 week or else, but I don’t recall if that was ever specifically stated this season or not. The weird thing is, though they have to use it or make something up to make sure they actually have 2 contestants there for the finale; the whole point of it, for this season, seems lost since they clearly only intended to use it if a girl was in trouble before the boys were out – but the boys are all out so now, what is the point in using a save still? Other than because they will be short one week…

          • Jason says:

            They have to use a save next week or have an Idol Gives Back type week where no one goes home! Because the finale is May 16. If someone goes home every week then the finale would have to be May 9. My guess is they will use the save next week! It has always been through top 5 I believe! I don’t think they want to do a week where everyone knows no one is going home because that would not be good for ratings. Plus the ratings have been so bad who knows if they have anything to give back!

      • Wayne says:

        Save or no save doesn’t really matter. They will finish on schedule. There are only great contestants left, and Lazyaro can’t become next Lee Dewhydid America vote for you.

    • Noah Coleman says:

      They’re already at the top 5; why use it at all if there’s no need?

    • whatshouldbe says:

      Next week: The Top 5 fight for an immunity that will guarantee her a spot in the Top 4. But all 5 will still perform the following week, but the 4 contestants who did not get the immunity would be the only people to be put to vote. Problem solved. Suggest it to Nigel!

  5. Billy says:

    FINALLY!!!!! Should have happened a VERY long time ago!!!!! Also am I the only one who thinks guilty pleasures should be the at&t theme choice (or whatever they are calling it)???

  6. Bob says:

    Scotty sounded awful. The guy just can’t sing.

  7. CJS says:

    So…what happens now that the save wasn’t used at all?
    (Also, to all who are happy, try to at least have some sort of sympathy)

    • CJS says:

      Sorry for the double post, I just needed to add that last part.

    • dj says:

      The save option goes away until next season.

      • CJS says:

        But why not use it next week just because they can? There’s no precedent that says they CAN’T use it for the top 5 & frankly, any of the 5 left at least deserve the save.

        • deedee says:

          They might, but I believe they set the rules for the save ahead of time. Then again, they can break their own rules if they want, so maybe we will see the save in the top 5, after all.

          • AlyB says:

            I don’t think they have rules posted anywhere so technically they can make something up if they want to. Look how confused they left everyone about wild cards and whether the person singing for that last spot was going on tour or going to do the show and how those weeks would work. It still seems to me like they hammered that out on the fly lol.

            However they deal with it, whether they call it a “save” or something else, we have to have a week where no one goes home.

          • deedee says:

            Not to over-analyze (lol, who am I kidding), but they’d do better using the save instead of having a non-elimination week. If people vote for 2 hours, only to be told the following night that their efforts were for naught because nobody goes home, then voters will be pissed. If the announce a non-elimination week in advance, then AT&T won’t be happy, plus they risk boring the audience with an aimless night of singing, and losing ratings points. So, it’s in everybody’s best interest if they go through the charade of using the save in top 5.

        • Tom22 says:

          Here is my take on the save. All five of the girls put together this great medely.. think of tonight’s medely without Lazaro in the way preventing more harmonies from being worked in .(dumbing thing down) and having everyone up there cringing waiting for him to mess them up instead of working off each other even more.

          I think we can see some of the best of the great all time idol Duet and group performances next week.

          The judges say result night…… maybe as Ryan announces the bottom two. The judges get up and say “neither of those two are leaving.. they’re both saved! …. we need to have more!)

          Saving 2 at once makes it seem like less manipulation rather than sparing only one putting the other 4 more at risk (seems closer to 50/50)

          If they are smart… they lay the ground work the night before… performance night.

          They key muttering things like “I’m going to feel really cheated if I don’t get to hear all 5 of you again next week’.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Sorry, I just can’t have sympathy for Lazaro. While initially his story was, perhaps, a bit inspiring to some, it hasn’t been since far, far better guys have been eliminated before him. While I don’t think that he should have been put through to the voting rounds, given that he was, he should have been gone at Week 9. That he: a.) never improved; b.) wouldn’t own his mistakes; and c.) became arrogant over the following weeks provides all the reason I need not to be sympathetic. (Let’s remember that Devin, Burnell, and Paul, who are far better singers were cut before Lazaro. There is nothing “right:” about that.)
      So LeahKitty, I’m awaiting the next installment of your story.

      • CJS says:

        Ironically, Lazaro making it into the Top 10 was the worst thing that could of happened to him. If Lazaro had never made it past the Group stage, he would have left being remembered as the kid America loved in the auditions. But now he is just like a Sanjaya 2.0 that people unfortunately make fun of. That is why I feel sympathy for him. You (and many more) may not, but I do.

        • Danny says:

          @CJS- Good point. I hadn’t thought of that. In a bit different way, sort of like Jacob Lusk a few years ago. I think he would have actually been better off if he’d been voted off in about the 11th spot. Then people would have been mad he was gone instead of becoming someone people wanted out of there.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          Well, I will agree with you that for him to make it to the Top 10 was the worst thing that could have happened to him (and the voting public). And I can appreciate your empathy for him — and applaud you for it, but he’s been bad for quite some time, so this ending was just — and just put everyone out of his misery.

          • CJS says:

            And I fully agree with you. He has been the worst for the past few weeks (probably even since top 10 started) and he deserved to go quite a while ago before tonight & tonight was just for us.
            I guess I really feel sorry for him because he stayed too long (because of certain voting demographics) for people to be sad at his elimination.

          • Julie says:

            No way should he have made it to the live shows – I wouldn’t have put him through after his audition. There were some great, and much better, singers than him who got cut- nick boddington, Vincent and even johnny keyser! I can’t remember the nameof the really good looking student fella who worked in a warehouse but he was good too. People like lazaro – sympathetic back story but little actual talent – should not be put through, it gives them false hope and robs a good singer of a place.

        • deedee says:

          Me, too, CJS. The way the show used and abused him was horrible. I’m glad the other contestants were at least warm to him tonight. Even Randy didn’t do his usual abrupt, “sorry, dude. It wasn’t unanimous; we won’t be saving you. Good luck.”. He at least prefaced the blow with some nice words.

          • MyTake says:

            No offence DeeDee but why is it with Lazaro that people figure he should get preferential treatment all the time? Sure he’s got a disability but HE chose to enter the show, nobody held a gun to his head and when you go on a TV show watched by millions, you better expect to be treated just like everyone else!

            Your statement “even Randy didn’t do is usual abrupt …… He at least said some nice words.” WHY shouldn’t Randy have used the same words/tone with Laz as he did with all the other eliminated contestants?

            I’m just so sick of everyone expecting/demanding that Lazaro get treated special. Why should he? So Laz the man who could NOT sing should be cut from the show with kind and flowery words, but the guys who could sing circles around Laz, it was ok not only to eliminate them BEFORE Laz but it’s also ok that more abrupt and direct words were used on them?

            Remember one thing. Lazaro entered this contest willingly. Due 100% to his sob story and a strong racial voting block, and IN SPITE of the fact that at best he’s a mediocre singer, he lasted longer than a great many BETTER singers who at least deserved the opportunity to hang around longer. How do you think THEY felt? Where is all this bleeding heart sympathy for them being booted before their time?

            I’m just sick to death of sob stories in these competitions getting ahead of people with REAL talent.

          • deedee says:

            No, Lazaro should not be treated any differently than the rest, but he was. He was used for all the wrong reasons and he didn’t clue in until much later in the game. By then he was the Idol punching bag and the butt of season 12 jokes. That’s not what he signed up for. Do you remember the overly sensitive crying at the beginning? He was trusting and naive at first.
            Of course, he should never have been put through to the voting rounds because he was never even remotely close to being a top 10-level singer. The producers thought they’d get a couple of good cannon-fodder weeks out of him, but surprise! He foiled their carefully laid plans! And then they made him pay for it. Not to mention the abuse he’s taken all over the internet. I don’t believe that’s how Lazaro thought this journey was going to go down.
            So, to end my long-winded rant, Lazaro should not have been treated differently than anyone else, but since he WAS, then at least I’m glad they were semi nice to him as they gleefully kicked his ass out the door.

          • The Beach says:

            Very well said!

          • Jay says:

            I totally agree with My Take. Well said, my friend.

        • Nicole says:

          Absolutely agree. This is what makes Idol feel a little dirty to me sometimes. My mom watched The Voice (I don’t), and when I was watching with her once, I commented, “wow, this is really a feel-good show.” That’s why it’s beating Idol. Idol can be so tawdry (Lazaro was used and abused).

      • LeahKittyS says:

        And now, a continuation of “American Idol Horror Story”:
        (Scene: the dressing rooms at American Idol. Janelle runs down the dark hallway, back to where Amber, Angie, Candice, and Kree are sitting.)
        Janelle: (Panicking) “Guys! Guys! Something terrible has happened!”
        (All four of them sit up.)
        Candice: “What’s wrong?”
        Janelle: (Tears starting) “I saw Lazaro crying in his dressing room…and I found these on his dresser!” (Holds out the four pieces of paper and bursts into tears.)
        (Angie takes the papers from Janelle’s hands, and her face blanches as she reads the deathly messages written in blood. The others go pale as well as they read over her shoulder.)
        Candice: “Oh…my…God…”
        Amber: “Who would do this?”
        Kree: (Goes over and embraces Janelle) “Don’t worry. We’ll find out who’s behind this and see him locked up forever!”
        Angie: “But how are we going to catch him? How do we even know it’s a him? For all we know it could be a them.”
        Candice: “And more importantly, how are we gonna catch him without falling into the same trap as the boys?”
        Amber: “Hey…it got quiet. Hear anything?”
        (Janelle stops crying long enough for all of them to notice the silence. Lazaro’s sobbing in the other room has stopped.)
        Kree: “Come on, we better check this out!”
        (All five of them rush to Lazaro’s dressing room. Lazaro is not in there.)
        Amber: “Laz? Where are you?”
        (They look around the room for a clue.)
        Candice: “I got a bad feeling about this…”
        Angie: (Frozen stiff with terror, eyes as wide as can be) “Guys…”
        Janelle: “What?”
        (Angie raises a stiff finger and points to the mirror. This message is written in dripping blood.)

        • Nephtalia says:

          Have I told you, I really love your Idol fanfiction Leah? I truly do.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Aw, thanks. And this isn’t even my story for the season. The description of the “official” Season 12 story is somewhere else in this comment section. My only completed ones are for Seasons 7, 8, and 9, but I have full “Cliff notes” for Seasons 5, 6, 10, and 11. Seasons 1-4 are just ideas for now; I have to work in the music.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Yup, you nailed it. No sympathy is necessary as far as I’m concerned.

    • twnkltoze says:

      Lazaro’s had enough sympathy during his unfortunate and undeserved run on AI to last him a lifetime. Don’t you think he’s probably relieved? Besides, nobody’s being any more snarky to Lazaro than any other past contestants that sucked. Get over it.

      • CJS says:

        I’m not saying that he isn’t relieved. Still, while I won’t miss him, I am sorry to have to see him leave under these circumstances.

      • Nicole says:

        He probably is relieved, but I’m sure he feels majorly used and disrespected as well. He’s not owed a sweet recording contract, but everyone deserves some respect. And the judges’ (and America’s) pity doesn’t count as respect.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          You’re right — everyone deserves respect — once it’s earned. Certainly, in my perspective, Lazaro has not “earned’ my respect.

          • Nicole says:

            Maybe not as a singer, but certainly as a human being. That is just by default. I would hope.

      • Faze Craze says:

        I feel worse for the singers who had much more talent and didn’t make it as far as Lazaro did.

    • Name That Tune says:

      This really is a simple problem. Since January TPTB have known the season ends on May 16th. It is April 12th. Next elimination night is April 18th. So:
      4/18 We go 5–》4
      4/25. 4–》3
      5/2 3–》2
      5/9. 2–》1.
      Oops that’s not the night of the season finale.
      If th judges had used their save, the season ends as planned. But they didn’t. Does anyone really believe that TPTB didn’t understand this at the beginning of the season? The only way it works is to have a no-elimination night. They can call it a judges save but it amounts to the same thing.
      I don’t care what they call it. Someone is not going home this week.
      And really, if you are an Amber or Janelle fan you should be pleased. Your girl is safe for another week. –

  8. Sam says:

    I can’t believe Kelly lip-synced. WTF?

  9. Jacob P. says:

    CELEBRATION!!! One of the best Top 5 contestants EVAR!!!

  10. Martin says:

    Definitely, no tricks, going to be a female winner this year.

    • CJS says:

      The only trick was picking the 5 guys for this year’s top 5 & it worked perfectly ;)

      • Danny says:

        @CJS- Exactly. This year was pretty much rigged. History has a tendancy to show things in a better light though. Years from now people will be saying this was the strongest group of women ever. The reality is they beat a bunch of bowling pins. This years gals wouldn’t have finished in the top 7 of last year. Candice, Kree, et all may have had real good top 6 performances, but last year they wouldn’t have been around to sing in the top 6.
        I think the best thing for Candice was getting cut last year. She might win this year. Making top 8 or 9 last year wasn’t going to get her any kind of record deal. If she wins it all this year, she will.

        • lll says:

          I agree. I called Lazaro to go home last night, since a guy went home every week since the top 10 was made. They’ll stop rigging it now since the bosses made sure a female would win. That’s sad that the show has to do that to get a female winner since there wasn’t a female winner in a while. That was never the case with Fantasia, Kelly, Carrie and Jordin. There was no question of rigging then because those girls earned it. Now everyone will know it; the guys sucked this year and the girls didn’t. Simple as that.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          No doubt it was rigged, but there is no doubt that Candace and Kree are insanely talented. I wonder how they would have faired if the show weren’t so blatantly rigged. That said, if either one wins they will have deserved it.The others? I am not so sure.

        • Gailer says:

          I have no desire to see 5 women.

        • J. May says:

          I don’t know about the strongest group of women ever. Last year we had Elise, Skylar, Hollie, and Jessica in the top 6. Pretty strong if you ask me.

        • Nephtalia says:

          Btw, when someone said this year was rigged? When hasn’t it been rigged? For ex, Idol knows that fanbases have to start building up since the first audition. Why don’t they show the audition of all top 24 every year? How and when each Idol contestants are introduced would determine their front runners status or just being canon fodder. So this year, it was more obvious that they wanted a girl to win. But, who you choose to vote for is and was never entirely up to you?

        • ejones says:

          Starting the live shows with just 10 contestants has changed the dynamics of the show significantly. It reduces the number of performances, so the early front runners get an advantage, fewer performances to muck things up, and gives less opportunity for growers, like Haley was, to show their real colours. This season Amber is a grower but she just hasn’t the time to get people to vote for her in sufficient numbers. She wins the ‘looks’ stakes by miles over Candice but that doesn’t seem to get her votes either.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            yeah, i didn’t like the quick to 10, they keep making the early rounds cut down faster and faster before voting. (I disagree that Haley was a grower vocally though, she was fully grown right from the audition, but they didn’t give her any pimping so she had to grow a fanbase, and that;s almost impossible to overcome even when they started with 12-13 nver mind at top 10)

      • Ty says:

        no straight white dudes was the trick, if even ONE snuck in the frau/tweens/cougars/lonely spinsters of the world would have sent them to viktory

        • Leah Hoffman says:

          …pretty sure Burnell is straight.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          LOL. So don’t hold back, Ty. What do you really think? ;)

        • dani n. says:

          You are so right…look how far Laz got! If he hadn’t have blown it these past few weeks he probably would have gone further.AND how good can those white boys with guitars minus David Cook who was good, how good can THEY really feel about themselves knowing it wasn’t their massive talent that got them through? What a pathetic way to achieve anything born from people’s sexism &racism.

        • MC says:

          Lol. Probably true. That’s why they had to “rig” it. The AI voters have been complacently voting for the same type of winner consistently. We know the winners, but Nigel and other AI producers know more than that. They know that all of these recent winners have most likely been winning by landslide margins and there was no actual contest each season. For instance, I seriously doubt Joshua or Jessica were ever a serious threat to Phillip in the voting. Also, Lee (a nice guy btw) over Crystal and Siobhan was absurd. I’m sure Scotty’s only serious rival in the voting was Lauren (only because of her connection to the country market and even she was most likely a distant second by the time of the finale that season). There’s been plenty of teeth gnashing over the girls facing duds this season, but I for one am not complaining.

          • dj says:

            The only way to fix it is true voting limits on every voting method, and they don’t want to because they like to brag about how many millions of votes they got. But it isn’t working; ratings are down. Voting limits would be much more palatable to viewers than obvious manipulation.

          • MC says:

            @dj – I’ve been reading that suggestion on a weekly basis for the last five or six years. It doesn’t seem realistic that they will abandon their current relationship with AT&T. The producers of the show knew they weren’t going to adopt stricter voting limits this season, but they wanted to make the show less predictable. Also, the biggest stars post-Idol have been the females (generally speaking) and this was a way to possibly access that level of success again.

        • teatime says:

          Contestants who have a strong musical identity are the key. They need to know who they are as artitsts, be able to pick songs that suit them and that have not been done to death on the show already, and to change things up from time to time so we do not just keep getting the same performances from them. Throwing in newer songs when they can is also key. It is the judges and producers who type cast the contestants based on race and gender so that most of the contestants who fit the above description are white males.

          • Mafs95 says:

            I understand your point, but Scotty’s performances while he was on the show were quite similar to each other. In that case, what helped him was the fact that there’s a large support for country guys and he’s really country, not a cross-over between country and another style. Also, Crystal was clearly more original, outrageous and unexpected than Lee (and a better singer, which is the key), that’s why I don’t understand his victory in particular. I agree with David Cook, Kris Allen (with was a tie between him, Adam and Allison imo) and Phillip Phillips (even though Jessica was and IS still my favourite).

          • teatime says:

            @Mafs95 I do think Scotty is different from the other recent winners in that he is not a songwriter and did not give us surprising performances like others did. However, it had been a long time since there had been a country singer who did well on the show and he did mostly (maybe almost exclusively) perform songs that had not been done on the show before. I believe he also performed some more current songs which is very important and is something many otherwise good contestants fail to do. I am not a country fan but I can appreciate that he always performed well, he would have had the vote of people who tend to vote for any teenager contestants, and he also had full judges/producers support all season which helps keep fans motivated. I think it is remarkable that Haley managed to finish third with all the non-support she got from the judges. For me, Haley and James should have been the top 2 that year and I think they might have been if the judging panel didn’t do so much to push the country teens from the beginning of the season and act like every performance was beyond criticism.
            With Lee and Crystal, Crystal did finish second. I’d love to see what the rankings were from week to week. I think Lee and Crystal were at the top of the voting all season even though Lee got very little recognition until the last few weeks. What Lee did, is he sang newer songs. Chasing Cars, Lips of an Angel, and Fireflies were his first performances. I think he had the teen/younger adult vote sewn up very early that season because of the newer songs he sang. Then when the themes required older songs he actually did exceptionally well with songs like The Letter and The Boxer which would have given him cross-over votes from fans who like to hear the old standards sung well. Lee has, shall we say, quirky vocals, but he is a song writer who had no problem changing up songs at least a little and he picked songs which allowed people to see him as a contemporary artist.

        • rio says:

          Exactly right, Ty. Lazaro has the kind of good looks that appeal to the show’s female fan base. Imagine if he had Devin’s voice (and were straight.) He would have won.

      • All they actually needed to do was restrict the unlimited voting. But they are too in love with “After eighty five bazillion votes…”

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I imagine this was running through their heads when they cast the Top 10 men:
        “Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor…”

      • Noah Coleman says:

        Yup. Nigel stacked the deck. Otherwise, there would be no reason why the top 5 are all girls. I can’t help but wonder if in the auditions, they found some boys who were as good if not better than the current top 5 and said “No.” I’m on to you, Nigel! You can’t hide what’s inside!

        • Meme says:

          I agree there just had to be some guys out there with amazing voices … but they chose Lazaro instead! Find the best singers … male, female, does it really matter as long as the best SINGER wins?!

  11. Carrie says:

    ALL FEMALE TOP FIVE! This is a good day, my friends.

    • It’s a wish come true! I’m so happy we’re finally getting that girl winner!

      • My Alter Ego says:

        But at what price? Given the manipulation that took place, it will, unfortunately, be a hollow win for whomever receives that confetti shower in about a month.

        • The blatant manipulation annoyed me at the beginning, but at this point, I don’t really care anymore. After witnessing the show’s horrible treatment towards their females contestants over the past few seasons, it’s time for some vengeance. I think the girls will only continue to get better as the competition has now started.

          • AlyB says:

            What irritated me was having to see the lackluster performances from the placeholder guys week after week. With the exception of a few good songs from Burnell, I didn’t care for any of them. Now that the last (and worst) of them is gone, I just want to enjoy the show. All of the girls are good. The winner will stand or fall in the music industry after this is over. The details of the season will be long forgotten by the time there is some idea of how she fares.

          • MB says:

            What bad treatment to the girls are you talking about? It wasn’t the show that treated them bad it was the voters who didn’t vote for them. In season 10 the top 3 consisted of two girls and one guy. Lauren was actually the chosen one of TPTB. Last year the final had a guy and a girl and Jessica was actually saved by the judges on top 7 result show. There was never any manipulation to get a guy winner like there was to get a girl winner this year. What the producers did year was disgraceful and totally unfair to the public. That’s why the ratings took such a nose dive. I think the girls are great this year but to me I think who ever wins will be forever labeled as the winner of the year of the boys sabotage. Oh yippee a girl is going to win, but at what cost.

          • Throwing girls like Haley and Hollie under the bus from week to week, failing to give due credit to girls like Allison and Elise for their artistry (which you obviously don’t have unless you have a guitar), weak personality edits, the list goes on. The girls have always suffered from producer manipulation – but this time, they came out on top for once. And it’s about time.

          • MC says:

            Well said, Elizabeth. I love your specific examples as well. There are two sides to every story.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            right on Elizabeth! exactly that!

    • teatime says:

      It has been the most boring season ever and it has the worst ratings. That is nothing to celebrate. These girls can all sing. Hopefully Candice won’t be the only one taking chances with song selection for the nest 5 weeks.

      • Nephtalia says:

        I think in order to fix the show they had to drop their usual viewership and voters. Sometimes in order to win the war, you have to lose few battle. Btw, ratings were up 7% last night. Believe me having a moderately successful girl coming out of Idol this year will bring back some old voters and new ones too. In life, you have to take chances.
        Btw, did anyone noticed last night Lazaro saying I am sure I am going to make top 5? I am so laughing at that statement right now. Sorry Laz, I still love u, man.

  12. Halien says:

    Thank god that’s over! I’ve had enough Lazaro to last me a lifetime and then some!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I wonder if Lazaro making it this far was the worst thing that could have happened to him as a person and a singer. He didn’t get better and he left defensive, delusional and more cocky than is bearable. Weird?

  13. I almost cried harder when Lazaro was axed than when Kelly won. Happy tears, people. Happy motherf**kin’ tears.

  14. Mellie says:

    Yay! I was so worried they were going to use the save no matter what happened.

    • GMom says:

      Not me! I didn’t think they would take a chance that Lazaro might sneak through again. They definitely did the right thing! Did anyone notice last night that, when Randy said he was awful, no one booed like they usually do? Very telling. I still feel bad for Lazaro, tho.

      • tewence says:

        i noticed the same thing about randy’s critiques. it’s funny, i actually read a comment on the post of the performance episode recap where somebody said “the sound was mixed horribly…no audience noise during lazaro’s critique and the judges mic’s were hot.” hmmm….

  15. MB says:

    The right person went home tonight. Surprised amber was in the bottom 2.
    Love Kelly but what was with her makeup? She looked scary.

    • Jay says:

      I so think she looks better as a brunette and I’m not a fan of the ultra red, red lipstick. But, bottom line, I love her voice so her looks aren’t really important.

  16. elizabeth3613431 says:

    Kelly’s make up made her look like a corpse. I liked the song, but the black light made her look horrendous!

  17. marie says:

    And all is right in Idolland.
    No suspense tonight, at least not in terms of the outcome, of which there could only have been two: Lazaro goes, or no one goes. No suspense.
    The only suspense came from how the ladies would be ranked. Candice and Kree as top two, absolutely correct. The rest were a toss-up (I guess Amber is just never gonna get any love).
    But top 2 and lowest votes – it should be. The world has recovered from the crazy spin it went into last week.

    • deedee says:

      The biggest surprise for me was that Angie was not in the top 2. Maybe I’ve been overestimating her popularity all along. But I’m betting the top 3 are very, very close and any week could shift the order around. So that means everybody must bring their A game each and every week from now on.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        And that, my dear deedee, is what will (or should) make the remaining weeks fun and good!

      • marie says:

        Very good point, deedee. I agree; it certainly looks like they are all basically neck-and-neck, and they will all have to work very hard to jockey for position; anything can happren, and we may have something very close to a photo finish (wow, didn’t know I even KNEW that many horse-racing metaphors). How exciting! This is going to be fun.

      • Meme says:

        I just am not a fan of Angie. Her voice is thin and her performances remind me of a high school musical. Not that she doesn’t have potential, but Candice, Kree and Amber outshine her every time, and Janelle is more appealing to me than Angie.

      • Name That Tune says:

        I don’t think you over-estimated Angie’s popularity. Those 3 million views on YouTube for “You Set Me Free” are no fluke. It carried over into a couple of her other performances generating 800, 000 + views. On her bad weeks she still gets 2 or 3 hundred thousand views. The most views that Amber has received is in the 300, 000 range. Kree has barely seen the top side of 100, 000 views once or twice.
        The only competition is Candice. Until this week, her highest number of views was for I Who Have Nothing. It took 4 weeks to hit over 800, 000 views. Ordinary People is in the 400, 000 range. In less than 48 hours, Lovesong has generated 670, 000 views and DMMO is over 125, 000 views. Lovesong will easily top 1, 000, 000 views by next Thursday.
        The real story is trajectory. Candice is on an upward trajectory, Angie is on a downward or flat trajectory. Angie has to stay at the piano and continue to sing inspirational Christian songs that hit her sweet spot. Candice has found her sweet spot in that jazzy blues realm. She’s going to have to keep reminding us every week just how good she is.

        • Name That Tune says:

          I’m going to make an adjustment in my predictions for Lovesong. It now sits at
          860, 000 views. It will most likely hit 1 million views before the end of the day. By next Wednesday, it could be close to 3 million views. It took Angie’s You set me free over a month to hit 3 million views. By the season finale Lovesong will easily be the most viewed song of Idol season 12. Unless Candice or Angie or Kree pulls off another Idol moment.

          • Conor says:

            Kree will win bc she has been consistently great in all her performances (supported by judges comments), she is the only contestant who has been in the top 2/3 every week that it has been revealed. Like P2 last year she seems immune to the unpredictable results that vote splitting often causes. She is a country artist and their YT and Twitter numbers are always lower that other genres (Tate Stevens had the seasons lowest YT and twitter numbers and Carly Rose had the highest).

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Yeah but remember the demo of this show. Kree is somewhat country. She has never been in the bottom. Angie got knocked to the middle after one thing from the judges. Candice has been out of the top three at times. We may have a female winner for the first time but it seems like we will yet to get a female AND non-country singer. It’s still either male or country or both for years. At this point it would be a bit of something slightly different though all the same.

          • Name That Tune says:

            Kree sits where she does because she’s the country singer and she has been consistent each week. But she’s never produced an Idol Moment. One Idol Moment has ripple effects everywhere. It creates an exponential change in the landscape. Angie experienced that effect after You Set Me Free. Candice is experiencing it now. These ripple last for weeks. We’re just 4 weeks away from the finale. Angie’s Idol Moment has lost it’s strength. Candice’s is just beginning and will carry her through to the end of the season.
            Without a Moment, Kree is looking at no better way a 2nd place finish.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Hate to pick on Scotty but he won by one of the largest margins ever and he never even came close to a moment even though another contestant was having them every single week and some others had a moment here and there. So no it’s been a long time since the show has been about needing a moment to win. Maybe, maybe, with no guys left it will require a moment to win, but as long as we have country singers in it, I’m not so sure (interestingly, although Kree has been better overall, Janelle has come closer to a moment I think).

          • Name That Tune says:

            That’s true. Scotty never produced a moment, but he also led the entire season. That’s not true this year. Angie has had a big lead all season. Before the live rounds started, she had a 40, 000 lead on Twitter. Lazaro was #2. Neither Kree or Candice have caught up. However they have been a solid #3 & #4. And there’s very little sepation between them. Each gains followers every week. When Candice has an Idol moment, she inches ahead of Kree. Her last moment was IWHN. She led Kree for about 2 weeks. Then Kree inched ahead. We were in the doldrums of Motown, Beatles, & Rock. None of the performances produced big numbers on YouTube for any of our contestants.
            After Wednesday’s performance, Candice has inched ahead of Kree. If you eliminate the 40, 000 head start that Angie had we’re looking at a close race between Angie, Candice and Kree. It’s not certain how much of a boost Candice will get from Lovesong, but she will have to continuea with a pretty high level of performances.
            We’re still far enough away from the finale for the voters to stick choose both Candice andI Kree. At some point, we’ll be asked to choose who we want to see in the finale. Thursday nights results point to a Candice/Kree finale. I think most of us would be pleased with that.

  18. _JC says:

    It’s finally over. And while they got the order horribly wrong, picking off the guys and leaving us with an all-female top 5 is pretty much what I was hoping for and expecting. “Let the games begin” indeed (though when I say that phrase in my head, I’m imagining the voice from American Gladiators, as the ladies prepare for the Joust).

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Really? I was picturing Claudius Templesmith saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, let the 12th annual Hunger Games begin!” I guess that demonstrates the generation gap :)

      • Adam Fachry says:

        That could be a really good fictional universe for this season of Idol. If Haley was cast as Buffy in season 10, then we should have our Katniss Everdeen for season 12.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Actually, I was going with an extraterrestrial theme for this year’s musical fan fiction, since the ladies’ talent is out of this world and the results have been too bizarre to be of Earth. I’ve had it in the works for a while now.
          Mariah is queen of a planet called Aria (which means “song”) in the next galaxy over. Nicki is her heiress, and Keith is the head of their guard. The planet is currently at war with a powerful enemy, and Mariah must focus on protecting her planet. However, Nicki has slandered her in public and now the two are engaged in a bitter feud. Keith is trying hard to keep the peace while running the army, but he knows he can’t do it alone. Desperate for help, he travels to Earth and recruits a team of strangers (the Top 10 finalists) who may or may not be up for the job. And then, the adventure ensues.

        • Abby says:

          Candice is the closest to Katniss of the ladies in the bunch. The rest are so sugar-sweet they couldn’t possibly be the Mockingjay.

  19. Danny says:

    ok, everyone can rest easy. He’s gone now. So the guy lasted a few more weeks than he should have. He’s still only 1 or 2 bad performances per week.
    The judges on the other hand- We get 3 brutal performances from them after almost every single song. Nikki, Mariah, & Randy are useless. Why AI would have them talk about as long as a singer would sing is beyond me. Sometimes they even go longer.
    Next year- please just 3 judges w/ none of these except maybe Keith coming back.
    Bad singers are the least of AI’s problems. In a year like this where the talent is solid, but not spectacular, at least Lazro had people talking about the show.

    • Aly says:

      AMEN! The judges are soooooo lame!! The contrast with the judges on the Voice and the chemistry they have is stricking.

    • Abby says:

      I’m with you. I’m a Keith fan. I think Nicki would be shining as a judge, due to her brutal honesty, if she wasn’t so disliked and fearful of the public reaction to every single thing she says. The judges’ chemistry on AI is awful. And poor Mariah, she’s got great opinions on the technical aspects of singing, but she’s so afraid to be the bad guy she only ever isolates the positives, and it’s just…dishonest. Boring. And for the love, if she could condense her mostly unhelpful critiques to less than a rambling minute-plus, that would be sincerely appreciated.

  20. Our long national nightmare is finally over. ;-)

    • Danny says:

      I have to disagree. As long as NM, MC, & RJ are on the judging panel, the nightmare will continue. Out of curiousity, what was Idol’s ratings these past few weeks?

  21. Sara says:

    People are so mean to Lazaro :/ I mean, look, I like him, he’s a sweetie and yea he probably shouldn’t have gotten this far… but there was NO WAY that he would penetrate what the final 3 will be. I mean, we all know it’ll be Candice, Kree, and most likely Angie. The people who got voted out before him wouldn’t have had a hope in hell either…just don’t see why everybody has to be so rude about it. Makes me sad. Anyway. Go Kree or Angie!!

    • Ty says:

      Sara, I am not angry at Lazaro as much as I am mad at his supporters. They know he’s bad, they just don’t care, they want to see that cute face on tv. I do too to be honest, but not if it means sending Devin home early.

      My priorities are superior, and theirs are trash, and their preferences mean everyone else in the universe with non garbage taste has to suffer when Lazaro comes on stage. They are the problem, not Lazaro.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Thank you, Ty, for recognizing that it was the voters who are to blame for Lazaro being the last man standing. He’s clearly been overwhelmed recently (did you see him say a bad word on Twitter?) and this is for the best. He even said in an interview that he knew this was his week to go. Now he can rest up for the tour, and maybe he and the other four guys can have a peer mediation session to dispel and bad vibes between them.

        • Luke says:

          The voters didn’t support him in the end partly for his bad performances – frankly he was better in the audition weeks – likely because he was singing stuff he was very familiar with. And they didn’t keep supporting because he has shown a disrespect for the pros even before they were brutally honest. He never looked like it was important to him that the judges didn’t like something. Then he started true brat behavior the last few weeks – the big show of shrugging tonight was sad – I bet his parents never taught him grace and humility – Did you all know that he said to an interviewer this week that the judges have made horrible records…..and they’ve made good records? Putting himself on their level…

      • Tarc says:

        Nah. The producers picked him *way* too early, so there was have the blame. It’s no one’s fault for voting their favorites. Personallly, I’d take Lazaro over the other 8… Candace was the winner since her audition and is in a different league.

      • Nicole says:

        Don’t forget to blame the producers and judges! Poor Lazaro takes the heat, but he shouldn’t have to apologize for doing his best, even if his best wasn’t good enough. He didn’t put himself through to the finals.

    • RodMod says:

      I pride myself on being a good judge of character. That being said, Burnell rubbed me the wrong way from the first time he appeared onscreen in Hollywood (I missed his audition). I was instantly turned off by his contrived way of speaking; He spoke in this obviously artificially concocted slur, sounding as if he were always buzzed. And he, like Amber, is constantly in front of a camera snapping photos of himself. (Very self-aware–narcissistic even.) And quite honestly, he came off as cocky to me. The same could be said for Curtis, who irked my face throughout his time on the show.
      Now you have both of them throwing shade on Twitter once it became clear that Lazaro was eliminated.
      Say what you will about Lazaro, but his fellow male contestants are coming off as sore losers. Someone needs to immediately teach them about PR, because this queenish/middle schoolish behavior can never and will never look good to the public.

      Thank the “good Lawd” that Lazaro was eliminated tonight, because between the judges assaulting him with their words, or lack thereof, like one of Hitler’s firing squads, and the bullying from the contestants and their fans, I was ready to send Lazaro all of my 50 votes and then some!
      In conclusion, Candice for the win, baby!!

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Hitler’s firing squads. Seriously dude? Inappropriate. Overstate things much?

      • AlyB says:

        Burnell is from New Orleans. I take it you’ve never heard anyone from there speak before. That’s no affectation, it’s a regional accent. No more “concocted” than Janelle’s southern accent.

        I can’t believe you went Godwin and brought Hitler into a discussion about a tv reality talent competition. Get a grip.

        • RodMod says:

          I actually live in a state that shares borders with Louisiana, and I’ve met quite a few people from the state and the New Orleans region. However, I don’t recall any speaking the way I described Burnell–even if that means I just haven’t run into any. That being said, I still find him cocky–all diction aside.
          And the Hitler humor was wry, whether or not you found it amusing. Was not intended as any sociopolitical statement. My point was to use imagery to emphasize the impact of judges’ comments. Would you have been offended had I omitted “Hitler’s” but kept “firing squad?” Or somehow used “darts and a board?”
          However, I apologize for offending you. Politics ain’t my game, honey.

      • Danny says:

        @RodMod- or anyone. What exactly does “throwing shade” mean? I’m taking it that it’s not a good thing, but what exactly does it mean?
        This is a serious question. I’ve heard that term once before, but it was in an article about 2 friends. So I had taken it to mean something good. I see it here & it seems like it’s something bad. Hence my question.

        • keja says:

          Danny, to “throw shade” basically means to talk trash and be disrespectful. It’s definitely negative in connotation and usually says more about the person doing the talking (i.e. they’re a douche) than about their subject.

        • Sheila says:

          Definition from Urban Dictionary: Throw Shade means to talk trash about a friend or aquaintance, to publicly denounce or disrespect. When throwing shade it’s immediately obvious to on-lookers that the thrower, and not the throwee, is the beoyotchy, uncool one

      • tewence says:

        burnell always rubbed me the wrong way, too! definitely curtis…yuck.

  22. duke says:

    There is a party in the USA… Lazaro is gone!!!!!!

  23. Marta says:

    I caught something on that mini-sqaure of live footage during the commercial break…. Nigel Lithgoe was giving direction specifically to Lazaro (and Lazaro stuttered something quickly back) while Amber just stood there. Perhaps a final check of things for “Feeling Good” that soon to follow? That interaction got my hopes up, and all is well in the Idol world!

    • LeahKittyS says:

      I saw that, too, and thought the exact same thing. Is that a sign that we’re too invested?

      • tewence says:

        haha i wondered the same thing. my wife was like “he only talked to lazaro.” who knows what they could have been talking about…but it’s totally understandable that one would assume that it was a foretelling sign.

  24. Christine says:

    Dialidol had Lazaro in second place. I know DI isn’t a perfect measure, but they’ve been right the last few weeks. It seems hard to believe they could be that drastically wrong about Laz’s results. Could the producers have just decided to put the poor guy out of his misery?

    Here’s hoping for a Candace/Kree finale!

    • waterbug says:

      I suspect Nigel trumped the votes to rid themselves of Lazaro.

    • deedee says:

      If they did, it was the right thing to do. Did you see Lazaros’ face throughout tonight’s show? He was trying to be blase at times, and stoic at other times. This has not been a fun ride for him these last few weeks, so I’m thankful he won’t have to endure the ridicule anymore.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        I hope so too. This is an emotionally rigorous show. This is what happens when they push through people who are not ready for it for ratings. It was best for him to go.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        deedee, I’d agree, with your “if they did, it was the right thing to do” comment. I’m on the West Coast (and, actually should be asleep as I’m writing this, so I follow certain blogs to find out results that won’t be shown live until long after I’m [supposed to be] asleep.)
        Which means, no, I haven’t really seen his blasé or stoic reactions. He should have been put out of his (and everyone else’s misery) at the very least 3 weeks ago.

        That he lasted as long as he did, is indicative of either the stupidity or total lack of conscience of those voting for him.

        And both groups did nothing but prolong his (and everyone else’s) pain.

        Congratulations, folks!

    • Bob says:

      Either the producers acted to put him out of his misery, or maybe Lazaro asked to be taken off. As a reality show–not a game or quiz show–Idol is not legally required to follow the will of the voters. I mean, if definitive word got out, it would hurt their credibility with some fans, but they can basically do whatever they want.

    • Mara says:

      Yeah I have a feeling Laz was safe but the show couldnt handle the backlash anymore. They got the publicity they needed out of him, they just needed to get rid of him so idol didn’t turn into a complete laughing stock.

      • marie says:

        Goodness, people, is it REALLY so hard to believe that JUST MAYBE he ACTUALLY GOT THE FEWEST VOTES this week? I mean, really, he was just awful on Wednesday night; you would have had to be truly deaf to miss that. Don’t you think it is at least possible that folks who had been voting for him in past weeks finally realized, after that atricious showing Weds., that they were doing neither him nor the viewers any justuce by voting for him to stay? MUST there ALWAYS be a conspiracy or producer manipulation/dishonesty? No, I think this was most likely an honest result and that Lazaro was truly voted off, plain and simple.

        • BrazenSongBird says:

          I’m with Marie on this one. Even though it’s not a gameshow, per se, there is still a whole bunch of money at stake for the winner. A guaranteed record deal is just that. If the producers set aside the actual vote count, and chose the person in jeopardy, they put themselves front and center for a big law suit that they couldn’t possibly win. So, I think Lazaro just got the fewest votes. Poor kid was completely out-classed on Wednesday night.

        • deedee says:

          I’m sure you’re right. The weird thing is Nicki tweeting about a shock elimination yesterday (not that Lazaro was such a shock). I always thought that only Ryan knew the outcome and the judges were left in the dark. Nicki has a big mouth, lol.

          • Name That Tune says:

            Nikki has always been Lazaro’s biggest supporter. So it may have been a “shocking” elimination for her. For the rest of us, it was a relief.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Nigel probably just told her there was a shocking elim and he was able to say that because it was someone from the top three from the previous week.

          • deedee says:

            What I meant, Name That Tune, is that Nicki tweeted about the shocking boot before the broadcast, and I always thought the judges didn’t know the results in advance of Ryan announcing it on air.

          • deedee says:

            ETA: @ Hit The Ground, yeah maybe she was just told that there was a shocking elimination, but wasn’t told who.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Or maybe:
            Nigel: shocking results we have for tonight huh. what do you think of them?
            Nicki: what? who? how can I know, I don’t get to see the votes
            Nigel: votes? hah votes? hahaha votes? votes? muhahahahah oh nicki…. you’re so fine
            OK, not so much, I honestly do not believe it works like that. Just having fun.

        • Noah Coleman says:

          You’re right. I think America finally got a clue. Lazaro’s rendition of “Close to You” was just painful to listen to and watch, and brought up terrible flashbacks of Season 3’s John Stevens when he did “Crocodile Rock”. And did you notice, during the judging, nobody booed even when Randy said that was his worst performance ever? Either the Lazaro fans left the building, or they fainted because of the horror taking place on stage! The only thing wrong with the results was that Amber was in the bottom 2. Jimmy’s right; why America doesn’t like her, I don’t know.

    • ladyn says:

      if you look at the raw numbers for dialidol amber and lazaro were the bottom two.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Recently raw #s have told the closest to te truth on dial idol for the other shows and maybe even idol at times last season, the last week or two the raws were off and their predictions were very close. THis week their predictions were way off but their raw #s were very close hah.

  25. JVC says:

    So a girl, after five long years, HAS FINALLY WON!! But the question now is, which girl will win? Candice for da win!

  26. RodMod says:

    Poor Lazaro. But, more importantly, poor Amber. “The Young–but not nearly as full, rounded and husky in tone–Whitney” is next.

    • lemon says:

      They’ve been saying that for two months. And she’s still there! Wait for her power ballad next week. She’ll be right back in it.

      • Mafs95 says:

        If she gets the pimp spot and sings something like “One Moment In Time” or any other very powerful ballad, I’m 99% sure she’s safe.

  27. waterbug says:

    I sorta felt sorry for Lazaro. The judges were slobbering over him when he was subpar (which I did not understand) at the beginning of the show and shifted to down right dissing him before a national audience. That had to be tough. I do give him that much–he kept his composure and remembered he will be croaking for weeks on tour.

    • Jessica says:

      I’m asking seriously. Could it have been in the beginning that he did have a pretty powerful back story (I never get sucked into the sob stories of it but did cry over Lazaro’s) and he was a nice kid. They wanted to give him a chance, an opportunity and over the weeks he just would not try harder or get it? Lazaro has definitely helped me see how much goes into singing-he came in not knowing a lot but I don’t think he used to the time to learn. I have no idea on what really has went down of course.

  28. LeahKittyS says:

    Well, folks, the American Idol Horror Story is over. The axman got his final target. The Crown Ruler will be a queen after all. Everything is going according to the producers’ plan and mine. Now it gets harder not only for the five women, but for me; I can’t vote for all of them anymore, I actually have to decide who I like best! Right now it’s Angie, Candice, and Kree.
    Am I mad about how far Lazaro got? Not really. Yes, Burnell and Devin and even Paul were stronger singers, but all five men were dead in the water. We all should have known the cutest one would go the farthest. Best of luck to all of them (Lazaro is going to need it); see you all on tour.
    By the way, I love Kelly’s new song. Can’t wait for it to make the radio.

  29. Jake says:

    I love amber, I really wish more people would vote for her, she is simply amazing!

  30. Timmah says:

    I’m starting to think we could have a girl winner this year.

  31. Guitar Blue says:

    No surprise that Lazaro is out. I projected Amber as likely in the bottom 2 last night, because vote-splitting won’t carry her Candice and Kree all to top 4.

    Now that all the boys are gone, as planned by TPTB, it will be a contest between smooth & steady vs. roller coaster octave runs, diva ballads and popularity.

    • lll says:

      THIS!!! Like I mentioned above American Idol producers rigged the top 10 by making sure the girls sounded the best possible while making the guys sound average to lame. One by one, week after week a guy gets cut. Of course the judges won’t save them because they all favor the women. Their wish has come true. Rejoice! (sarcasm)

  32. Name That Tune says:

    Not really a surprise that Amber was able bottom 2. While her fan base has grown since the season started, she is still the least popular on Twitter. Next week; Janelle and Amber will be bottom 2. My guess is Amber leaves.

  33. Adam Fachry says:

    ALL THE WOMEN WHO INDEPENDENT! #Feminism #Idol #NotSoMuchAnLGBTPrideThough #Lazaro

    • Abby says:

      Content of the message aside, is this really acceptable commentary? Am I the only one annoyed when Twitter updates don’t end up on Twitter? I mean, come on, the hashtags don’t even activate!

      • Adam Fachry says:

        lol, I didn’t make a twitter update. I’m just satirizing the online society we live in today. Sorry if that bothers you, the whole hashtag thing was just meant to be a joke.

        • Abby says:

          Oh, satire. Well then I take back how incensed I seemed ;) But I still sincerely dislike when people update all their social media at once with one message. So lazy. So insincere. Also, I’m old and curmudgeonly.

  34. Nicole says:

    I’m glad Lazaro is gone and the judges didn’t use the save, don’t get me wrong. But at the same time, I understand why he would feel angry. The judges (or producers, whichever, doesn’t matter) put him through where he didn’t belong as intentional feel-good story, knowing that a very vulnerable kid would eventually become cannon fodder. Then, the judges string him along week to week, calling him courageous. Then, when the show was done with him, they kicked the crap out of him. He was set up to fail. He should be a little angry.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Eh. He’s gonna make a lot of money on the tour, which he can use to start his career, go to college, or 10 million other things. He’ll be fine. In a few years, no one will remember him, except for die hard Idol fans – which is probably also a good thing.

      • forrest says:

        We still talk about Sanjaya (who won that season?) Lazaro has left his legacy with this season. It’ll be the winner’s battle to be more memorable / remembered.

      • tewence says:

        i wonder if he WILL be remembered, unfortunately. in my opinion (bold statement alert) he is the worst contestant to ever make it to the voting rounds. just the other day i was trying to remember the name of some chick a few seasons back with red hair…i think her name was lacey? another example would be haley scarnato. totally forgettable until she was mentioned on this blog. lazaro is totally memorable, but for a terrible reason haha

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          I was thinking the same thing, tewence. What a terrible reason to be remembered. Agreed. He was the worst ever on this show. I have never seen anything like it. At least Sanjaya was fun and had cool hairstyles. Anyway, he’s gone and about 7 weeks too late.

          • tewence says:

            i mean, truly, sanjaya is a better singer than lazaro. i guess people were tired of his shtick? i dunno. but yes, lazaro is gone way too late.

        • elizabeth3613431 says:

          Ha ha! I was just thinking of Lacey yesterday–but the only reason I remember her is because she was sitting on the edge of the stage and when giving the critique, Ellen DeGeneris said, “Girl, you like to sit on the edge of things too much. Don’t ever go to the Grand Canyon!”

  35. Trouty Mouth says:

    About time! Now we just need Angie to go home and then…perfect top 4. (sort of. At the beginning of the season, my dream top 4 contained Burnell, but obviously, he’s gone, but I like Janelle, so…it’s all good).

  36. Jason says:

    Nice! Now if we can just get rid of Candice next weekall the contestants will be smoking hot girls!!!

    • Adam Fachry says:

      You shallow misogynistic douche! GTFO!

      • Jason says:

        I may be a douche but I think you should look up the definition of misogynistic! It was was more of a sexist comment. I’m saying I love beautiful women!!! The opposite of misogyny.

        • deedee says:

          Not exactly.

        • Adam Fachry says:

          LOL so you’re basically coming out as a sexist. That’s still not a good look. And btw, this latest comment of yours epitomizes misogyny so accurately. Are you implying that Candice is not a beautiful woman? Sexist and misogynist go hand-in0hand. You’re still degrading woman.

          • Jason says:

            No I just made a sexist joke!

          • candicegloverfan says:

            you know, joking or not – i was thinking last night about some folks’ comments that candice isn’t ‘attractive enough’ to be ‘marketable’ etc. while i was watching her performances, and both times, i thought, actually – she’s beautiful. i think somehow the mainstream media has convinced many people that ‘beautiful’ and ‘pretty’ only apply to very thin females, when in actuality candice is beautiful, too, in a curvy, real-woman kind of way.

            in my opinion, she and kree are the prettiest girls up there, and i think it’s because of the combination of their voices and what comes through on-screen of their inner selves (their energy/vibrations/souls, whatever you want to call it). i certainly saw/felt their beauty during both of their second performances.

          • Julie says:

            Candice is beautiful, and can certainly sing. In this image obsessed world we live in though, she doesn’t fit the mold of a pop star or whatever. The clothes they put her in don’t exactly flatter her curvier figure either and make her look bigger than she is. The styling for all of the contestants this year has been completely shocking – Kree looks really frumpy and both her, Angie and Janelle are dressed far too old for their age. And as for Lazaro – his outfits were worse than his singing!

    • Aly says:

      It’s a SINGING contest by the way. Not a beauty pageant. And Candice is the best singer of them all.

      • Jason says:

        You have your favorites and little Jason has his favorites!!

        • Aly says:

          Yes little Jason but for the wrong reasons! Maybe you should tune in to America’s Next Top model instead? That is all about T & A, you’ll like it. No signing!

          • deedee says:

            Little Jason could also watch internet porn. It’s free, there’s no singing, no voting, no talent, and it will free up about 1 hour and 57 minutes of his Wednesdays!

  37. Melanie Sorensen says:

    Ladies and gentlemen our long national nightmare had come to an end. God Bless America!

  38. IDOLFANADA says:

    So long Lazaro. Hello very promising top 5. The girls this year are great. I hope they keep up the great job. The competition from no on will be very tight. My worry now is that Candace may have peaked too early.

    • Jason says:

      Actually the girls are not much better this year then they have been the last four years. The difference was they obviously chose guys that had no charisma and limited vocal ability.

      Season 11 – Jessica, Elise, Holly, Skylar

      Season 10 – Haley, Lauren, Pia

      Season 9 – Crystal, Lily, Katelynn, Didi, Siobahn

      Season 8 – alison, Alexis, Jess Langseth, Megan Joy

      • Sam says:

        There are a lot of flaws here. Lily and Katelynn didn’t make it through even though they were competing against only women at the time. Siobahn imploded around Top 10 week and never recovered. Pia was boring as hell, as was Hollie. and even Jessica eventually. Megan had potential, but she had like three iffy performances in a row.

        If Alison, Skylar, Elise, Haley, and Crystal had all been in the same season, I would agree with you. But this crop of women is the best Top 5 in ages.

        • Jason says:

          Pia wasn’t any more boring then all five of this year’s ballad favoring crop!

          Janelle is good but has only had one performance where she hasn’t hit wonky notes! Not nearly as good as Lauren was vocally!! Kree is pretty dull as well (No where near as good as Crystal) and has had no break out performances.

          Maybe you have good argument for top 5. But once you get to top three these top three won’t match the top three of Haley, Lauren and Pia. And Jessica, Elise and Skylar (Yes I know Holly snuck into the top three girls, But I won’t agree with America on that one)

          Season nine – You’re right the problem was they had too many great girls that were of similar style. So Didi, Lily, Katelynn and Crystal split the same fan base. Didi had a particularly strong weak so she and Crystal(the judges favorite went through). But if America would have voted correctly with a top five of Crystal, Lily, Katelynn, Siobahn and Didi they would have been the strongest crop ever!

        • marie says:

          Pretty solid analysis, Sam. Had those five ladies been in the same season, that would have been an incredible top five indeed. Makes me smile to even contemplate. :-) But I am pretty darn happy with the top five we do have right now.

        • Mafs95 says:

          I understand your point and I think those 5 girls you mentioned are amazing, but I have to disagree about Pia and Jessica being boring. I still get chills when I listen to Pia’s “I’ll Stand By You” or “All In Love Is Fair” or Jessica’s “And I Am Telling You…”!! But I’ll forgive you for saying that since you complimented Haley and Allison :)

      • teatime says:

        @Jason I agree. In past seasons Janelle and Amber would not have made it past 9th or 10th. Angie would not have made it past 6th or 7th in another season with a number of musicians. She stands out this season largely because Janelle is the only other contestant in the top 10 to have ever played an instrument.

  39. Stephanie says:

    I’m just thrilled that a girl is going to win this thing for the first time in 7 seasons. Good luck to the final five… and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  40. Fran V says:

    The long national nightmare is over.

  41. Mara says:

    Now without the Lazaro drama/ hate the show is going to be so boring. The girls left are all equally talented with bland personalities. There was only tension and edge so far because of the Lazaro upset. Now it’s going to be blah.
    Janelle will probably go next. Then Angie (she does that shrill note too often to stay). Then we will have an amazingly talented (and bland) finale of emotionless Kree and unlikeable Candace. I hope Candace wins. I personally don’t require likableness in a great singer.

  42. Lily L. says:

    Well…if Lazaro was so bad (and I can’t judge because I haven’t watched the show) as tweeted by practically Idoloonie on my Twitter feed…then why did Nikki send out the tweet that the results were going to be a shocker? She goes even further down in my estimation as worthy.

    • AlyB says:

      Either just fulfilling her contracted obligation to promote the show on her twitter feed or she knew Amber would be in the bottom 2 and found that shocking. Could also just be her being sarcastic. They call every elimination show “shocking” LOL.

  43. Nicole says:

    Yeah, yeah, a girl will win this year. But so what? Does it really mean anything when the field of guys was so intentionally watered down? It’s like winning the Super Bowl by beating a peewee team. Big whoop.

    • Gailer says:

      Great post. I agree, who cares?

    • Name That Tune says:

      But the girls have to beat each other. And maybe next year we will be able to hear the girlsI better.
      Or they can create a spinoff. American Idol – WGWG contest. Then if you want to watch the boys compete with their guitars, you can. Personally, I am enjoying watching a singing contest.

  44. Jess says:

    Loved that moment between Kelly and Mariah!

    • Cat says:

      Me, too! It was adorable! One of the things that makes Kelly so awesome is that she comes across as a real person with a suoerhuman talent, which in this case means KILLING IT during her performance and then geeking out over talking to Mariah. Adorable!

    • John says:

      When I first watched it, I found it so awkward because Ryan was clearly trying to get them to stop talking so that the cameras could cut to break.

      But, dang it, if I wasn’t completely in love with how star-struck Kelly was. It was so freakin adorable, and down-to-earth.

      Best person to ever pass through this show*

      *With Mindy Doo, and Haley Frickin Reinhart being tied for second place.

      • GMom says:

        I love Kelly!! My sister called her a “goof” (in a nice way, tho) and I told her that yes she is! That’s what I love so much about her (besides being the best singer EVER IMO)!! After being a huge star for 11 years, she is STILL star struck about meeting other stars! If you follow her on Twitter, you read her remarks about meeting George fricking Strait and 1 or 2 others at the ACM awards. Someone posted that they probably said they just met Kelly fricking Clarkson!! And btw, she has sold more than 30 million records worldwide.

  45. AlyB says:

    I don’t even care what else happened on the show LOL. Candice & Kree were top 2, Lazaro finally got sent off. There is order in the universe tonight!

  46. Zack says:

    I call it, Mariah and Kelly judges on next years Idol.

  47. Gailer says:

    I see no market for anyone except Kree maybe.

    • Meme says:

      I think you are so wrong … all five of them are marketable in some genre and maybe more than one. They are all so different and each very talented in their own right. I would buy Candice’s or Amber’s album right now today; and although I’m not a true country fan, I’d still listen to some of Kree and Janelle. There’s clearly the Christian market for Angie’s musical style although the harder rock version of Christian music doesn’t suit my taste.

  48. T_T says:

    Not to be mean but this Lazaro ouster is the best thing that has happened to AI2013 since the live shows have started. A reason for the idoloonies to celebrate. Cheers!!!