Idology: Did the Judges Lie About Candice? Plus: The Lazaro Epidemic and Our Top 3 Picks!

Is Season 12 of American Idol being produced in a freakish alternate universe?

It would certainly be one explanation for last week’s baffling Top 7 results-show telecast, where America thrust He Who Cannot Remember His Lyrics into its Top 3, and everyone except Mariah Carey: Voice of Reason (TM pending) left Candice Glover out of their personal leaderboards.

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On this week’s Idology, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I discuss/rant whether the judges were flat-out lying during the infamous “who’s on top?” segment, and then counter by offering our own Top 3 selections. Spoiler alert: Executive producer Jason Averett attempts to end the show prematurely to quash my polarizing opinion — but fret not, I cannot be silenced! Plus, Melinda writes an open (and rather impassioned) letter to America during our chat about the ongoing Lazaro Epidemic. And yes, brace yourselves for clips from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Modern Times and Star Trek.

VIDEO | Idol‘s Devin Velez on Nicki Minaj Feud and That Infamous Trio! Plus: Bieber & Pink Theme Nights?

So press play below for the whole Idology enchilada, and for all my Idol-related news, videos, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Jmac says:

    I’m so disappointed in Keith. Candice for the win!!

    • marie says:

      I’m a little annoyed with Keith – I think he sold out. Disappointed.

    • Mary says:

      I actually agreed with him. Candice will not win. She has the voice but that is not all that you need to make it. I believe in one of his interview he was looking for the over all package and I am sorry, Candice does not have it. Everyone is looking at it as a negative, I personally think it will a) get people voting for Candice and b) hopefully will get her to change it up a little, and I don’t mean just the notes.

      • Mafs95 says:

        I’m not going to make spoilers, but regarding song choice, she’ll be doing something less obvious and done to death on Idol. She picked a great song for “Songs They Wish They Had Written”!

        • deedee says:

          How do you know this?

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Candice gave enough hints on Twitter that her followers figured it out. She’s doing “Lovesong” by The Cure in the style of Adele. I loved that song when Blake Lewis did the 311 version back in Season 6. Hey, that’s two Season 6 encores from her now! It seems like every song she’s done since the finals has been an encore from another season. Not complaining at all, just pointing it out.

        • Adam Fachry says:

          LOL OMG and I thought she’d do that for rock week cause I see her tweeting “whenever I’m alone with you” which was one of the lines, weeks ago.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I’m very disappointed in the judges. Honestly, WTH???? This reminds me of a couple of seasons ago and we were all so excited and surprised by Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez during audition rounds, and then eventually the judging degenerated into “That was beautiful”. We still seem to be getting fairly honest judging and decent critiques – and just when you think things are going well everything goes straight in the toilet!

  2. OMG – I can not take one more minute of Angie’s mooning for the cameras. She needs to take some serious note of the fact that professionals (like Carrie Underwood, for example) NEVER ONCE stare into the camera when they are performing and the cameras are on them. They connect with the audience in front of them and let the TV audience watch them do their stuff. UGH. And Lazaro. People, seriously. This is not American Sob Story, this is American IDOL. Lazaro is sweet and cute, but for crying out loud! He can not remember his lyrics, his style is nothing to write home about, and his entertainment skills leave a lot to be desired. Please — I beg of you. Let the people who DESERVE to be the possible winners of this show have the spots!

  3. Timmah says:

    Candice is Lakisha Jones minus the passion.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Is that why Melinda mistakenly thought Candice had sung “Midnight Train to Georgia?” Because LaKisha did sing that song during Season 6.

  4. danimal12 says:

    Candice and Cree are the best singers. Angie and Amber look the most like pop princesses. But Janelle is the only one who’s shown genuine creativity and enterprise. Lazaro is a little lost puppy that stumbled into the studio. Someone call the pound, please.

  5. LeahKittyS says:

    I just thought of something as Michael criticized Kree. Jimmy Iovine called Kree out for over-singing. Nobody else thought she had that problem until recently. He also called Angie out for being theatrical. Again, it’s a problem that only emerged recently. Jimmy’s cursed! No wonder Lazaro’s still around!

    • deedee says:

      Huh? Angie’s been theatrical from the get-go, and was called out on it before Jimmy made that critique. And Kree still doesn’t over-sing. Who, besides Jimmy, has ever accused her of that?

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I see people in various comment sections talk about how Kree isn’t connecting to the lyrics and saying it might be because of over-singing. And I never thought Angie was theatrical in the past. I still honestly don’t. I just thought I was being funny. Sorry :)

      • Mafs95 says:

        I don’t think Angie is too theatrical, she was only in “Yesterday” (a litte too much for my taste) but that’s because the song kinda needs that drama and emotion. Regarding Kree, I don’t think she over-sings. My only complain is that she’s playing it too safe and I don’t feel her connection to the songs the same way I did with “Stronger”, “Up To The Mountain” and she didn’t rock out like she did with (still one of my Top 3 performances this season!) “Evidence”.

      • Natou says:

        I agree. Kree was never called for oversinging. On the contrary, authentic was what most people were saying until Jimmy. Jimmy also started calling Angie theatrical after ‘Never Gone’. It was her best performance ever. How was it theatrical? After that, that’s when she try to please him with ‘Yesterday’. So, I agree sometime Jimmy telling those girls things to do that he will complain about the next day

  6. Hope says:

    I love Idology but its curious why vote for the worst isn’t discussed. Of course it is horrible but that is the only reason mr forget the lyrics is still around much less was in the top 3. Simon must be livid and k owing vote totals and trends is clearly doing everything he can to manipulate the outcome. I think we need look no further than the idiots at vote for the worst to understand all of the seemingly unexplainable occurrences on idol this year and specifically last week’s reveal of the judge’s top three – three of which excluded the always brilliant Lady Candice. This was purposeful and meant to somehow ensure voting blocks would align to get rid of Lazarro. Perhaps by rallying support for Candice and therefore taking votes from another girl which somehow gets Ricky Ricardo booted. We don’t have access to the math and demo and trends behind the votes (and 11 seasons experie ce behind the scenes watching this play) and my strong suspicion is that this explains the myriad of oddities – vote for the worst, sanjaya phenomenon. And sad reality.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Vote For The Worst is a powerless entity. Maybe they have an increase in supporters this year because they are shutting down when this season is over, but they cannot carry Lazaro to victory. This phenomenon is nothing new. With the exceptions of the awesomely amazing Seasons 5, 8, and 11, every season has at least one contestant who outstays their welcome. Sanjaya Malakar, Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado (good voice but not my style), Paige Miles, Tim Urban, Jacob Lusk, and now Lazaro Arbos.
      And every season there are people who are unfairly sent home too soon. Jennifer Hudson, Constantine Maroulis, Mandisa, Chris Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, Melinda Doolittle, Michael Johns, Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta, Pia Toscano, James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, Colton Dixon, and a slew of women during Season 9. There haven’t been any real surprises yet. Yeah, I thought Burnell or Devin would be the last man standing, but all 5 of those men were dead in the water thanks to the producers’ heavy hands. Let’s not be too crushed if Lazaro outlasts a girl. It’s just a TV show in the end.
      Also, a point on lyrics: Lazaro always remembers the words to his solo songs. It’s only in the group numbers that he forgets his lines. And I can kind of understand why he wouldn’t put as much effort into learning those. I know if I were on the show, I’d be spending more time trying to perfect my solo number and less time worrying about some stupid group song the producers were forcing me to do.

      • robinlemke says:

        Agree with all of this.

      • Adam Fachry says:

        LOL Syesha might not be your style, but she didn’t overstay her welcome imo. If anything,i was Brooke White who did (the whole “can we start over” fiasco irritated the hell out of me). And to mention Syesha alongside those atrocities is frankly an injustice. I mean, she clearly has a much better talent, than any of them.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Hey now, don’t you go insulting Brooke White! She was one of my favorites over the course of this show. It was seeing her and Jason Castro do their Idol thing that inspired me to learn to play guitar. And Brooke has released two albums since her run on the show and she’s been in a movie. What’s Syesha been doing? (I know there was a “Dreamgirls” stint, but should Broadway really be the destination for these kids?)

          • Adam Fachry says:

            It’s not so much about what they did post-Idol, I’m just saying, it’s sort of unfair that you compared Syesha who clearly knows how tosing with names such as Lazaro, Paige, Kristy Lee, Tim, Sanjaya. Like come on, they wish they could cary a note as well as her.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            @Adam Okay, fine. I was just a little bitter that she made it to the Top 3 over Jason, Brooke, Carly, and Michael. There, I said it. Happy?

          • marie says:

            Don’t go dissing Broadway, now! In fact quite a few Idol alums have gone on to careers in musical theater. And some, like Adam Lambert, came from a theater background. I would think it would be a welcome and worthy goal for some of these kids (provided they can also act, of course). Oh well, Broadway has always gotten a bad rap on Idol, starting from the days when Simon used the term as an insult.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I don’t know why “Broadway” gets such a bad rap on these boards. Honestly, people, Broadway has produced some of our GREATEST singers. Kristen Chenoweth. Idina Menzel (sp?). Patti LuPone.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I also don’t understand why people repeatedly bash Tim Urban. Tim wasn’t that bad. He was a nice kid, a decent singer, and he could carry a tune in a bucket.

      • Adam Fachry says:

        I mean, “it was” not, “I was”

  7. Mafs95 says:

    Candice and Amber are the ones who are always in my Top 3. The third place is a bit difficult because vocally and if we consider their whole body of work, then I’d have to say Kree. However, I think Angie has an amazing tone and when she’s performing the right song, she gets it sooo right!
    Lazaro has to go, seriously. He’s a good guy but this is not about who’s the cutest but who can deliver better vocally and artistically and that’s not him.

  8. janet says:

    My theory is that young girls are voting for Lazaro because that’s their only option. They won’t vote for a girl because they don’t want to be accused by their peers of being a lesbian. I guess if you’re a girl and you vote for a girl, that automatically makes you a lesbian. Young girls can be so cruel. So they’re forced to vote for the only guy, which is Lazaro.

    My fav is Angie. She has personality, she has stage presence, she has sass. She has the whole package. Perhaps Candace, Kree, Amber are better singers at times, but they bore me to death half the time. Angie is a very exciting performer. I hope she wins.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      As sad as that is, you have a good point. My younger sister was given a hard time about stuff like that in middle school. Girls can be cold hard creatures at that age. However, how many young girls are still watching American Idol? My sister and cousin are in high school now, and nobody in their classes watches it anymore. They’re mostly into The X Factor, or don’t bother with the genre at all.

  9. Robin says:

    What you should be asking is why do people love Lazaro and what can the show learn from that, because clearly, people do. *raises hand* What’s he bringing that Candice with all her vocal power, isn’t? Angie is coming across as a mean girl – mean Christian girl – which is even worse. So is Candice. So, they lose votes.

  10. Hope says:

    And while I respect and appreciate their talents:

    Jannelle is cross eyed and not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    Angie is lacking any substance and a people pleaser/teacher’s pet
    Kree is fantastic and clearly knows the business but her own embarrassment for selling out by taking this route and appearing on idol at all shows itself. She is embarrassed.
    Lazarro has issues and needs to go. Feel for him – can you imagine how mortifying it would be knowing you are still there be ashes of vote for the worst? Sad. Maybe he is trying to get kicked off by “forgetting” the lyrics. Ie it isn’t a mistake.
    Amber – zero personality, boring and beautiful. A producer’s dream to win and ma ululated into whatever they need or want. A puppet. What else explains top 3 for three judges n
    And approval of singing ballad during rock, no ballad week?
    Candice – should win. But won’t b. for some reason Nigel doesn’t want her to win. Her junkets portray her as bitchy and mean (I highly doubt this – she was a your guide from the south). She is getting screwed by the judges as well. Purposeful manipulation by the producers. And so, so transparent and sad

    • Timmah says:

      Why would they want someone boring to win? The truth is that Candice is the boring one, not Amber. Candice is a good singer, but she’s not an entertainer.

  11. Imo great vocals isn’t what makes a great artist,what makes an artist great is how believable they make the story, so even if a singer hits every high note in the universe, if he/she can’t make the listener believe the magic, what is the point of singing at all? If people want vocal perfection go to an Opera because that is where vocally trained perfectionist go to sing. Imperfections that are turned into perfections through artist impression is the beauty of the art of music and is what turns words into prominence of beauty that is turned into a beautiful masterpiece . Angie and Janelle have shown that ability,Candice and Kree also have that ability but they are depending on their vocal ability to get them through,giving us only a black and white piece of art that people tend to store in the attic. Amber is only giving us sketch art created with a grey pencil,she needs start using some paint before she gets totally forgotten.

  12. Hope says:

    And on the theory young girls are voting for Lazaro for fear that if they vote for a girl they would be labeled a lesbian by their peers.

    Even young girls can plainly see he is not available in any send of the word. He is flaming gay. Good for him – could care less. But he is certainly not a girl getting vote.

    It is all attributed to vote for the worst. They have a good 5 k people throwing all fifty votes to him each week. That’s more than enough when the total votes are less than 20 million. Total.

    Get a grip, sadly pity boy isn’t too going anywhere for a while.

    • MB says:

      I tend to agree. It is between the pity vote and stick it to Idol vote that is keeping him on top. VFTW is shutting down after this season and they want to go out with a bang.
      Plus I cannot see Lazaro getting the girl vote. I have a teenage granddaughter and I know he would nor appeal to her in any way shape or form. The way he dresses, the way he sweats and yes the way he talks. I think out of all the guys Burnell would have been the most appealing to the teen girls. Just look who is topping the charts today. And as it has been said over and over. Teens are not watching this show anymore. The largest group of viewers are middle aged to older females. Just see who is posting here on this blog.

      • deedee says:

        Well, as far as we know, there are no “middle aged to older females” on this blog voting for Lazaro. So, how does that compute with your theory?

        • MB says:

          Don’t discount the stick it to idol producer and the the VFTW vote. Because of the manipulation being so prevalent this season, a lot of people have had it. We heard right here on this blog many times. Everyone is tired of it especially in they last few seasons but this season was the topper of it all. Who is ruining this show? The producers. If Lazaro wins idol will be the biggest joke around. BTW, I never said the middle age and older woman are voting for Lazaro but someone is and I truly do not believe it is the teen girls.

  13. Ann VerWiebe says:

    Who edits your packages? The Charlie Chaplin tape was an inspired addition! Lazaro – bah humbug! That’s exactly why you should never pick someone because of their story. This isn’t a backstory competition!

  14. liz says:

    Overproduction of most of the arrangements!

    A thought on Kree (my personal favorite). Please go acoustic and back the hell off with the band. She sounded best ever on Up To the Mountain, Stronger and Stars. The last weeks have all be very band, choir and backup-singer heavy (for everyone!). Now that suits some songs, but just because they have all those musicians doesn’t mean you have to use all of them on every song!

    Honestly, there have been very few arrangements that I think have served the singers well. Candace seems to be the only one who has had some great arrangements and that may be because she has the ability to influence/derive them. Janelle’s success recently has been when she has stripped down the arrangements.

    • marie says:

      Just as an aside, you wanna talk about “overproduction”? Go watch X-Factor sometimes…oy!

    • Natou says:

      I agree with the band drowning everyone voices. At some point of time they have to yell to hear their own voice. I even wonder if the Mic is on sometime.

  15. DJ says:

    What is it with yanks and Country music? The ONLY reason Janelle is still there is because she is a country singer! Rachel was a far better singer than Janelle will ever be! Angie is the complete package – attractive, charismatic, songwriter with a great voice. There are at least 2 Candices and 1 Amber in every black church in America!! Mathanee should be there instead of Lazaro.

  16. Baby C says:

    Please stop with the film clips. I thought you’d stopped them. They’re really annoying. We just want to hear you discussing the show.

    • deedee says:

      No, Baby C, we don’t. We want the film clips to add spice and punch, to illustrate – in a highly entertaining way – what’s being discussed by Michael and Melinda. If you want pure straight talk, why not simply avoid TVLine, and instead read the Rolling Stone or Billboard review, without having to endure the pesky creativity of this particular site?

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      no! we need the clips

  17. Betsy says:

    great episode! thoroughly enjoyed that! thanks :)

  18. Leela says:

    I’m so with Melinda! A Lazaro win will stick the fork in Idol. Candice & Kree for the win…maybe Janelle.

  19. GinnyB says:

    Probably Nigel is orchestrating the whole show and the judges say what they’re told to say. Remember Paula Abdul judging Jason Castro before he sang his song? That’s Nigel and/or Ken’s doing. They’ve been manipulating the show since the getgo. Sometimes they win, sometimes they don’t.

    I don’t watch the show anymore but I do enjoy Michael and Melinda’s Idology. I stopped watching because of the manipulation.

    And I’d laugh around the block if Lazaro won. It would serve them right.

  20. Chris says:

    Selfishly I want Candice to drop her microphone on the floor, after she sings her second song, right in front of the judges Wednesday night. I know it’d never happen, but I am still royally pissed off about last week. I lost so much respect for two of the three new judges – so much! Blasphemy! So utterly f’in ridiculous – guh! That fantastic artist is a vision of Mary J Blige – leaving it right on the dang stage and that’s how it’s done.

    Right on Michael and Melinda, right on. Only someone who not only hears but also watches what artist do, would notice what she did with Orianthi.

    I have a soft spot for both Janelle (I really appreciated her artistry during D week) and Amber (because I know she has the potential to get really polished). I still haven’t “connected” to Angie yet …

  21. Mari says:

    My top 3: Angie, Janelle and Amber.

  22. James A says:

    Candice ain’t in the top 3 cause all she has is a very good vocal. She is lacking in every other department quite a bit. She’s not fit or skinny. She’s not attractive (average at best even with all sorts of makeup and hair do’s) She’s not interesting or funny. And on top of that she often has a “Stank Face” which is very annoying and not pleasant to look at. That America…Is why the Judges and America didn’t put her in the top 3. A good vocal can only take you so far on Idol. She is much better suited for “The Voice”.

  23. Jason says:

    No the judges are not lying! Do you not understand the meaning of the word Opinion Michael Slezak? It is their opinion!!! Just like it is your opinion that Candice is best!!! My opinion is that my top three Are Janelle, Angie, and Amber!!

    It is not just singing voice! We form are favorites based on song choice, musical style, seeing something different. Yes Candice probably has the strongest voice but JAnelle has reinterpreted songs, Angie has written her own songs, Amber has been note perfect on every song just as much as Candice has plus she has chosen songs that have never been performed on IDol before. Candice has made me think she’s not Carly Smithson (Come Together)!!! She’s just not that exciting!!

    • deedee says:

      Amber has chosen only songs that have never been performed on Idol before? You mean like, “I Believe In You and Me”, “My Funny Valentine”, “I’m Every Woman”, and “A Moment Like This”?

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Lol, you’re right. Even She’s Leaving Home was done as part of a medley in season 4’s finale iirc. Don’t get me wrong, I love that performance of hers, but saying Amber ‘s done songs that have never been done on this show is too much of a stretch.

  24. D-Lister says:

    Kree is totally Carly Smithson from Season 7, and Amber is Ramiele Malubay. Except Ramiele connected to her songs more, if that’s even possible. Angie is David Archuleta and Lazaro is Kristy Lee Cook.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Then who is David Cook? Janelle because of how she changed up the song?

      • Timmah says:

        Yep, she’s white girl with guitar. And I still think she has a chance to move up through the pack and surprise everyone, just like Cook did.

      • D-Lister says:

        No David Cook this season. Kree just reminds me of Carly because of looks and their pop-rock, bluesy inclination, even if Kree is supposedly country. Amber is Ramiele because both are very good singers but both kind of vacant, although Amber seems totally vacant with no personality at all. Lazaro, like Kristy Lee, is a cockroach that just won’t die.

  25. Natou says:

    5 factors that affect America votes and determine the next American Idol! Vocals 25%, look 20%, musicianship (writing your own music, play an instrument) 20% and likability (based highly on back ground story, good girl or boy image) 20% and weekly performance 15%. This year, Candice will score a 9 or 10 on weekly performance and vocals but 5 on look, no point for musicianship, a 5 on likability. The only one that average well in this graph is Angie and Kree. Kree just need to pull out her guitar successfully then I think she might beat Angie. But I seriously think those two are getting each like 30% or more of the votes. And everyone else are scraping for the remaining votes. This is why 3rd – 6th are so close.

  26. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    still think Amber isn’t getting quite enough credit here

  27. megs says:

    You guys SHOULD do video reviews of The Voice again.

  28. Tarc says:

    I love the Idol app – but after this week, I think I’m going to even split my votes between Candice (the obvious winner who seems to be getting ignored) and Lazaro (who is the least accomplished at this stage in the game but gets hideously slammed by people that !@#$% me off). Both are now spite voting, I think.

  29. Jenna says:

    The producers/judges are pushing Angie because she came into this with so many fans already that they need to justify her inevitable Top 3 finish by showing the judges’ love for her.

    • deedee says:

      I agree with this. Because her fan base is keeping her high up in the rankings week after week (maybe even in the #1 spot), the judges have to put her in their personal top 3 even if Candice outclasses her by a mile.

  30. houster says:

    Hey Slezak! Why no discussion of Lazaro’s crotch enhancement last week, and why he might have done that? Face it, a lot of people who vote at home are voting for the hottest looking nonthreatening male available. When you add the Cuban/Latino vote, the “I LOve Lucy” vote, the sympathy vote, and the VFTW vote, that results in a Top 3 finish.

    Also, why no discussion of the fact that Lazaro was able to mouth the words of the India.Arie song while Burnell was singing for the Save, but he’s unable to memorize lyrics to group songs or duets — he’s NEVER forgotten the lyrics to his own songs.

    Lazaro may be much more cold and calculating than People think.

    If the ratings continue to slide AND Lazaro wins, Melinda need not worry. It will make the show such a laughing stock that FOX will have no choice but to cancel it.

  31. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Just for fun, I’m kind of wishing Lazaro wins. Would Michael’s head explode during an episode of Idology?

  32. darcy's evil twin says:

    I’ve been on the road and FINALLY had the chance to watch Idology this morning! Wow, Jason, YOU’RE THE MAN! Melinda, I hope you don’t have to leave – you’re a gem!
    Some observations about the contestants/comments here –
    1. People think Candice looks too “middle-aged”, old, overweight, stank-faced, whatever. I personally think the makeup makes her look older (last season when she was booted off Idol during group week – she was in the same group as Jessica Sanchez – she looked like a sad little girl! What a difference a year makes!). Her expressions are just her style. Anyone ever watch Janis Joplin?
    2. On the other hand Angie is being criticized because (if you read between the lines) she’s too pretty, too bubbly, and hasn’t suffered enough in life. Yea, THOSE are certainly unfortunate qualities. While I can’t say she’s the type of performer I’d listen to on the radio the girl has talent.
    3. I agree with the comments about Kree. WONDERFUL voice and she’s still my #2 favorite but she’s a bit unemotional. Much like the way I felt about Casey James, I keep waiting for her to just “break out” with energy and emotion.
    5. I love Amber’s voice. She is a breathtaking beauty and she’s also being criticized for being too pretty. I think Amber could benefit from studying at a performance college and just take some time to mature. She’s only 19 for crying out loud.
    6. I was never fond of Janelle but I am becoming more fond of her. She is a good vocalist and even thought I wasn’t wild about her rendition of “You May Be Right” she worked the stage and demonstrated she’s a performer. Funny no one complains about Janelle being too pretty and that she “hasn’t ever suffered”.
    7. The fact Lazaro is still there and went home before Burnell and Devin is criminal. Maybe the atheists are right – there is no God! But there is certainly a Satan!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Sorry, that should have read that Lazaro was still there and DIDN’T GO HOME before Burnell and Lazaro. Where’s the “edit” button, LOL?

    • marie says:

      DET, your last two sentences cracked me up.
      So let’s see, Amber and Angie are too pretty; Candice is not pretty enough; so then is Janelle “just right”? (Insert side-eye.) I just want to make sure I’m on the right page.
      Silly what some people find significant, isn’t it?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Exactly. It’s a bit ridiculous. Oh, and i left out Candice is fat. How in the Hell did Adele ever become a superstar? She’s hardly a twig!

    • Dave says:

      Darcy–I like your take on each of the finalists. If we were to judge on the following qualities, who would you rank most likely to win right now? Qualities: Singing, performance, connection to the audience, and marketability?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Wow, sorry I didn’t see this sooner – I was having internet problems but by golly they are fixed!
        Dave – you are really making life difficult for me!
        I was listening to old time rock and roll when JC was walking around in his sandals so I’m hardly a good judge of current audiences, but here goes…
        First of all, pure talent goes a LONG way – see Adele. that said…
        Singing – I guess that’s a matter of preference but I like Candice and Kree, depending on the song. Candice reminds me of the great jazz/R&B singers. Kree reminds me a bit of Linda Ronstadt.
        Performance – that’s a tough one – again, depends on the performance. Janelle was very lively on “You May Be Right”. Angie is good at the piano. I love Candice when she really gets into a song. Kree needs to work on her performance skills. Overall, as far as general public appeal, I’m going with Janelle, although she’s not my favorite.
        Connection to the Audience – this is one with which I struggle. I tend to listen to the contestants with my eyes closed, but I’m going with Janelle.
        Marketability – Amber. Hands down. She’d be the easiest to put in the “Rhianna/Katy Perry” mold.
        Overall my favorite is Candice. And sometimes Kree. :-)

  33. darcy's evil twin says:

    I also agree Candice should win but she won’t. Obviously the producers don’t want her to win. What in the world was up with three of the four judges not putting her in their top 3????? Good grief.

    • Dave says:

      Candice deserved to be in everyone’s top 3, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say she deserves to win. She has some work to do still. Her singing is second to none, but she needs to improve on likability, performance and connection. If she works real hard at these, she will be in the final with either Kree or Janelle.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Likeability? I don’t understand how Candice isn’t “likeable” but then again I’m older than dirt.

  34. gale says:

    I think kree is going to surprise us all. it’s not over yet and she has held back the best for last, just watch and see her take it all the way to the end!!!!!

  35. Mafs95 says:

    Surprise of the night: Amber is going to sing two UPBEAT songs :O

  36. marqmur says:

    I agree with Melinda 100%! Kree, Candice and Angie is Top 3. Jabelle is really working hard but she just does not sing as well as those other three. Amber technically sings well but besides the first few lines of ‘What About Love’ (which was very much a ballad! Thank you), she has not shown any emotional connection to a song. At all. I will not even address Lazaro. I’m with Melinda: he wins, I’ll never watch another episode.

    Angie does need some work. Vocally, she’s pretty much flawless (the same can be said for Candice. Kree’s has some rough patches but nothing too serious). But she can over do it. I loved ‘Bring Me To Life’. It felt natural to me, unlike ‘Shop Around’ and most if ‘Yesterday’.

    Bottom line: you sign Angie, Kree or Candice tomorrow and you will have hits!

  37. marie says:

    Spoilers are available online for tonight’s Top 6 performance show. My knowledge of current pop songs is pretty shallow (I know a good deal more of some other current genres), and I’m not familiar with most of the songs they “wish they had written,” but if the list is accurate for the Bacharach songs, I am VERY excited for Candice; she is going to absolutely TEAR IT UP.
    I’m not going to repeat the spoilers here, so go Google them if you’re interested.

    • deedee says:

      Well, looks like Candice listened to Slezak for one of her picks. Amber’s going to kill her Bacharach song … I was hoping either she or Candice would do it.

      • Mafs95 says:

        I loved Candice and Amber’s choices! I think the one who made the worst decisions was actually Kree… I predict it may be a little snoozefest.

        • deedee says:

          Yeah, what is it with Kree? Her Bacharach song could not have been more wtf-worthy. That’s a group song, if anything!

  38. Dave says:

    American Idol is flawed. It has been coming apart for the past 4-5 years. So much so that even a casual viewer cannot miss it.

    Top reasons its flawed: 1) Nigel the producer 2) the judges. 3) voting system is ridiculous 4) Randy Jackson

    I’d offer my ideas to save this show, but some of them are being used by other TV networks new and improved version of a singing talent contest.

    AI will end eventually, and probably sooner than later. At this point, the only way to stop this sinking ship from total submersion would be to start from scratch and use the brand’s equity to re-birth the new version called American Idol 2.0

    • LeahKittyS says:


    • deedee says:

      Disagree. Last season was one of the better ones, and season 10 was pretty good, too. The biggest flaw in those years was the judges’ refusal to … judge. But at least Steven, JLo and Randy had good chemistry. This year is awful in every way – from a bad mix of contestants, to a bad mix of judges, to badly botched manipulations, to weird format decisions that limit or erase all the drama and suspense that were once a good aspect of the show. Idol will continue its decline because of aging, but it can still be a good show for its hardcore fans. It just needs to remember what has always made it so fun, and get back to that.

  39. syb says:

    Fun Idology this week.
    My top 3 would be Candice and then two open spots. I more or less agree with Michael that Janell’s arrow is pointed up (even though I hated her cheesy performance last week) and Kree is stuck in neutral, even though she has a beautiful, almost hypnotic voice. The song choices aren’t great for what she does best, and although Piece of My Heart should have worked, it was very passionless in delivery.

    I think Amber’s arrow is also up, but she’s still very much the contest singer to me who is thinking too much and feeling too little when she sings. Angie’s arrow pointing down, as I think people are starting to pick up on the pretense of her stage presence. She’s not the authentic singer who did such a beautiful job on her original song.

  40. LLA says:

    I think the judges were lying. Candice is one of the top female singers ever on this show-and they have had some great singers. Don’t know what Nigel has up his sleeve–but was really pissed when the top 3 came on the board. Now, when is Candice gonna bring out the jazz card in full. Can’t wait

  41. Adam Fachry says:

    Very excited for Candice’s and Amber’s Song you wish you wrote choice. I’m not sure if it’s considered a spoiler though.

  42. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    yeah, yeah, Candice has had a great start so far tonight! I think I was right she finally put the proper edge and emotional micro-dynamics and raw last week and then took it this week into songs matching right on her style now that was great.
    Definitely lots of good stuff tonight, hard to compare, but this one I think stood out, it 100% delivered in all ways.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Angie just had a great one there too.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Amber did really well on her first one, she has been much underrated on this site IMO, and pretty well on her second. But I thought she was gonna blow the second one a bit more of the water though. Unless my memory is playing it up, I think Joselyn Rivera blew it out on The Voice last fall and did it better and a fair deal more memorably.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Candice had a helluva night! Think she definitely took it!
      For the first song: Candice #1 for sure, then Amber #2 then Kree #3.
      For the second song: Candice #1 yup, then Angie #2.
      Overall is tough: gotta be Candice #1 but then it gets tricky with Angie/Amber/Kree. None had a bad song. Kree’s ‘worst’ was better than Amber or Angie’s ‘worst’ and yet her best maybe wasn’t quite a match for Amber’s or Angie’s, perhaps. I’d need to listen again. I did miss little parts of a few songs. Janelle wasn’t bad at all but maybe not quite with the other four although beyond miles ahead of Lazaro and it was a good night for her, other than her last song with a bit of a wonky ending.
      Lazaro isn’t keeping up with any of the girls, not to hate on him as a person at all, but that this stage in the competition he is up against the best and he is just not with them at this point anymore. The first song had a mega-big miss that sent it completely off the cliff half-way through and it was already troubled.

  43. TheGrowler says:

    I’m kinda losing my interest in Angie at the moment, its always on and off, but I keep feeling like she should be in a musical (Not because she has theatricality that’s bad, but she does have a certain level that can be trained and used to be an awesome musical actress). So I wouldn’t put her in my top three, instead; Candice, Amber and frankly although I’m getting the “tired of Kree nailing everything in the same powerhouse voice every week.” I’d put her in my top 3. Funny enough American Idol is on my TV right now and though I missed the earlier performances Kree is singing a softer song! Okay I definitely like her now :D

    About the Lazaro issue; wouldn’t it be funny if he won? Idk why I get so amused by the concept of disasters such as this; oh the horror. I think the MAJOR PROBLEM with Lazaro’s singing, which I haven’t really heard anyone comment on yet, is when he sings low (typically in verses). His voice is way too quiet and mumbling and pronunciation therefore suffers. When he gets to the choruses and he moves into his higher register he sounds much better cause I can finally hear the clarity and tone. Maybe thats why I actually liked We Are the Champions as one of his better performances in the past, gazillion weeks, cause he was louder and clearer so I could hear that he could actually sing. Maybe thats why he got top 3? Bad performances = safe, so semi-decent performance = top 3? xD lmao American Idol logic. I want him to go now, because the only thing people are doing by voting for him is embarrassing the poor kid further. I just wanna see his inspirational go home package and wave goodbye.
    Janelle is cute, sweet singer, getting better, but I’m very picky when it comes to country, so I like her during her performances but I’m not sure if I’d care for her voice over others after Idol.
    The only one I’d probably listen to after Idol is Amber (her voice doesn’t have to be too mature and unmarketable if she sings pop-R&B/Jazz songs like Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, Jazmine Sullivan, Melanie Fiona.) Same with Candice, as in I use those examples of female singers I think have power vocals and are in the R&B market but still make good current songs or songs people in this time are able to enjoy. Oh and Angie. It all depends on if they get the right team and make the right songs.

    To be honest this season is tiring and frustrating me. I used to be very devoted to watching every single minute but now if I miss half an hour I don’t care. Only watching for Idology. I would have liked a girl to win this year, or any year before, but to see it so forced does not make me feel like its been worth the wait. I would have liked to see a girl swoop in and win over good male singers in the competition, take over by storm and surprise. This heavy manipulation is awful.

    All of this finally said; after Candice’s top 5 performance; she should win. Her consistency worried me before, that I’d get bored and we’d never have a true wow moment from her again. But nevermind. I am no longer uncertain.

  44. JoMarch says:

    Amber’s still boring me. I like Janelle over her; my top 3 would be Candice, Kree and Janelle. Angie is so-so and I hate how the judges are pushing her because she looks good. If Lazaro ends up in the top 3, I’ll stop watching again. I didn’t watch while JLo and Steven Tyler were judges, and that would trigger that response as well.

  45. IMHO says:

    LOL! Best part was of the great video was the editing!

    • billh says:

      I wish I could fast forward through Mariah’s rambling comments when watching live. I think you could condense it into about 5 seconds . . . didn’t the music cut her off last night, cutting short one endless nonsensical blurb? that was funny. can you imagine Paula and Mariah on the same panel. haha. 90% of the show would be pain-killer-induced verbal salad.

  46. Trouty Mouth says:

    Just wondering, when can we expect the interview with Burnell?

  47. So Candice to win then

  48. Venetta says:

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