Vampire Diaries Exclusive: [Spoiler] to Return -- But What's the Catch?!

Vampire Diaries Jeremy ReturnsThe Vampire Diaries is raising the dead.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Steven R. McQueen, whose Jeremy character perished in February at the hands of Katherine, will return to the CW series later this season.

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But will the actor return as Jeremy? Or will immortal menace Silas take on the form of Elena’s little brother?

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Bonnie will finally make good on her plan to take down the veil separating the other side and bring back her ex. After all, a source tells TVLine that we might see a few familiar faces “drop in” before Season 4 ends on May 16.

Vampire Diaries fans, are you excited for the second coming of “Jeremy”?

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  1. Sally says:

    His body got burnt right? How is he supposed to return as himself then? Even if Bonnie manages to get the other side back, how will Jer come as himself without umm, a body!

    Silas will probably take his form, or he’s haunting someone cause he’s a hunter who got killed by a vamp (Katherine and then Silas), its probably a flashback!

    Jeremy was a good character for the first two seasons, they kind of spoilt it in the 4th..still like him though!

    Get ALARIC back, STAT!

    • anna says:

      I agree and was thinking the same thing if elena burnt his body how will he come back as himself I was puzzled so I do think he will either come back as Silas or maybe he will find a corpse and overtake that body? or maybe bonnie will find his ashes and do something with those she is a pretty powerful witch? hmmm…..??

  2. mel says:

    jeremy back geeze cant they at least let him be dead for a while we didnt see anna, jenna or vicki for a year after they died. like others i hope he stays dead.

  3. ann says:

    I´M SO HAPPY!!! This made my day <3

  4. He is pretty to look at but I don’t think he’s that great of an actor compared with the others. The dude who plays Tyler really impresses with, very expressive eyes. The character of Jeremy has had too many “oh he’s dead, oh hes not” moments. I think bringing him back is a mistake. .

  5. me* says:

    jerr is just amazing…he’s a sweet hearted guy who always have good interntions. I love him and i hope he comes back as him self..
    #and dates bonnie again#

  6. veronica says:

    i just love jeremy. So000 much.. He has to come back and with no catch involved. But am still lost on the part where they burnt his body. How’s he gonna return thereafter

    • sls says:

      I’m guessing if the veil to the other side is removed and some supernatural dead folks are brought back into the world none of them will have actual bodies to go into. They would have decomposed or have been cremated etc.

      Jeremy would be a ghost like Ana, Vicki, Alaric but if they were going to bring back some characters for good then it will turn out that lifting the veil somehow allowed all supernatural creatures to see the ones that had crossed over. So in other words, everyone who was supernatural would be able to see all of those that returned but humans may not be able to see them. That’s just my guess.

  7. MaryAnn says:

    I always thought that the central story line for this series was Elena’s story in terms of (1) her deep humanity and (2) the love triangle with the two brothers. While the love triangle appears to be still there although a bit inactive at the moment, the more important aspect, Elena’s humanity, was flushed down the toilet.

    It began when everyone thought it was ok to have Jeremy kill vampires to complete his mark to try to get the cure for Elena. Excuse me? You are going to kill beings who are just as deserving to live as anyone else in the show to make Elena human again? Well, guess what. Human does not necessarily equal having humanity. Having Elena ok with this just betrays everyone she is supposed to be, and feels like a gigantic gaffe by the writers.

    Then her character is forever tainted by turning off her humanity like a light switch? Sorry, but I think this was a story arc that just wasn’t needed. It is making the story plot driven instead of character driven. Someone thought that they wanted to see an emotionless, out of control Elena, so voila!

    It would have been such a better story if she had had to actually deal with her breakdown and come through it like the normal person she so much wanted to be. She would perhaps have become something unique — a vampire truly in touch with her humanity (and consistent with the human Elena), yet forged stronger by suffering. Sorry, but THAT would be the Elena that I would care about, and that would be the story I would want to watch. The way this season has actually gone has just been so disappointing after the superb writing in earlier seasons.

  8. Radha says:

    I honestly DO NOT get the Jeremy hatred.

  9. Anon says:

    Wow, this show can’t win. People complained massively when he was killed off and now they’re complaining at his possible return…….same old guff about hating the show and how they’ve ruined the characters and blah blah hate Elena blah, Stefan and Damon would be so much better without her, would they? Since she is a powerful dynamic in how their relationship works and how they interact……Why are these people reading these posts/watching the show if it’s this awful.

    • sls says:

      lol totally agree. People just love to hate on things.Personally, if I dislike a show I don’t continue to watch it and I certainly don’t go on message boards and talk about it. I just stop watching it and don’t think about it anymore.

      There are so many passionate people making negative comments about how horrible the show is, how terrible the characters are, etc. If the show has become something you dislike so passionately then, please, just stop watching it, or at the very least, don’t spend time commenting about it on message boards. Be free and find a new show that is a better fit for your interests. It’s really that simple.

      • Emily says:

        So well put. What is everyone so angry about? These are fictional characters put here to entertain us. If it’s not entertaining, find something else that is!

  10. Elena says:

    Bring Kol Baaaack… It’ll make most sense.

  11. Rosanna says:

    I´m so excited, Jeremy/Steven has been my favorite from the first episode. But if it’s gonna be just flashback i’m gonna be disappointed.
    And all the Kol fans i hope you can see him too soon, maybe in The Originals spin-off who knows?

  12. Debbie says:

    Jeremy’s character is not so great, but it’s his interactions with other characters that makes him so important. I can’t wait to see him getting closure with Elena (and hopefully helping get her humanity back), giving Bonnie a goodbye kiss and even thanking Damon for saving him countless times (long overdue). Even if he only comes back as one of Silas’s illusions…

  13. Chris says:

    I like Jeremy, but they never really did a great job with his character. He was going to try this hunter route before, but Elena had Damon compell him to go on a trip, even though he seriously looked hot chopping off a vampire’s head. Now he became a supernatural hunter (which does make sense, it’s his family history for crying out loud!) but he was never hardcore or seriously great. I think I liked his Hunter’s Mark better when he was trying to kill all the vampires, especially Elena.

    And I LOVED Anna and Jeremy. I hope they’re together on the other side :)

    And Katherine didn’t kill him. Silas snapped his neck. Granted, it’s her fault, but Silas still did it.

  14. Tracy Brown says:

    Yes, will be very happy to have Jeremy back it was such a big shock when he died!!!! I also miss the character of Tyler, Clause just needs to back off and bug the Salvatore bro’s instead, mainly Stefan.

  15. Ruby says:

    See, this is why I never get upset about a character death on this show.

  16. Tracy Brown says:

    Ok I have an issue with the CW Network, they have Beauty and the Beast on the bubble for being canceled, well as a huge fan of this show, I hope it stays!!!! I DVR the show every week and watch it the next day!!! I also look forward to watching it and I also watch VD but I always watch B & the B first because it is the one I look forward to most, well that one and Arrow!!! I hope the CW Network keeps Beauty and the Beast and doesn’t mess up like they did with The Secret Circle, I was pretty mad when that one didn’t get renewed!!!

    • Emily says:

      The Secret Circle was so good, and it had major potential! I watched all of season 1 on Netflix and I was PISSED that there wasn’t going to be more. :( Guess I will read the books.

  17. tashieee says:

    i think jeremy deserves to me back because he was a ggreat character dont you people care about elena getting her humanity back ? and i really want lexi back !

    • Cathy O. says:

      I agree with you totally on Elena getting her humanity back. I am really ready for the humanity Elena to come back . I am hoping she’s back by her graduation, that is if she graduates.

  18. Ambie says:

    The only time I actually loved Jeremy was when he was with Anna. His storyline with Bonnie was annoying imho and the two had no chemistry at all and everything after that was just sloppy. It’s too bad though, since Steven is such a cutie. Wish they would’ve given him better storylines to work with but oh well, in the books he wasn’t even a character anyways.

  19. mahsa says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooo no i dont wait for next

  20. anna says:

    Im so happy that they are bringing back jar he is so hot and sexy,and I was hoping they would so 2 thumbs up on that:) but… I do also wish that they would bring back Alaric, he is another hot and sexy man:) <3 Iam a BIG fan of the vampire diaries and I hope that there is many,many more to come!! and I also like damond and eleana together, they are a GREAT couple <3 looking forward to april 18th when the mid season starts up again:)

  21. monta267 says:

    I’ve never liked Jeremy:(

  22. CK says:

    This is my problem with Vampire Diaries – So few of the deaths stick! I had no emotional reaction to Jeremy’s death, cause I was sure there would be another loophole.

  23. Keelee says:

    I hope they bring Anna and Jeremy back. I miss their relationship a lot

  24. Leo says:

    Alaric is the most missed adult and one of the intriguing characters of TVD….he should be brought back. Not some embryonic lil gilbert

  25. Cathy O. says:

    Who else read this SPOILER? So does this mean NOTHING will be resolved this season?
    I am hoping not because I cannot take another season of the cure, Silas and no humanity Elena!
    What if you threw a graduation ceremony and nobody came? That’s the dilemma facing the Mystic Falls seniors – many of whose relatives are dead – as the end of high school approaches on The CW’s Vampire Diaries. “Elena is sans family,” says executive producer Julie Plec. “There is a line in the [penultimate] episode when Elena is filling out graduation announcements and she says, ‘Who am I supposed to send mine to?'”

    The bigger question is, which of the seniors – Elena, Stefan, Caroline, Matt, Bonnie and Rebekah – will actually make it to the big event, which airs May 16? “Definitely not all of our wayward, delinquent students will be present when it comes time to collect their diplomas,” Plec says. “I’m not saying they won’t be alive – they just won’t be able to extricate themselves, as graduation falls right in the middle of a crucial supernatural time.”

    Appropriately, the caps and gowns are blood red. And the gift atop everyone’s wish list is the long-teased vampire cure, which will “be ingested by a vampire,” confirms Plec. “This will be one of the finale’s final moments.” [I AM BETTING IT WILL BE DAMON]

    Next season, Diaries will tear a page from the 90210 playbook by having some of the students enroll at a nearby university, Whitmore College. Others, Plec hints, “may choose to run off to Europe, New Orleans or parts unknown.”

    • Allison says:

      I’ve thought it might be Damon myself, actually….

    • Allison says:

      I’ve always thought series end-game would be Damon being cured (he never REALLY wanted to be a vampire, Stefan did that) and him somehow ending up with Elena who also gets cured. OR possibly Damon being cured to live a human life, while Stefan and Elena live out their immortal lives together. Though, after everything with Katherine, it just doesn’t seem right for Damon to not get the girl…
      I don’t know, but it’s always been my theory…

      • Cathy O. says:

        Allison, I am on the fence about the love triangle too. But I am leaning towards Damon getting the cure and ending up with vampire Elena (at least for now). After all Delena has been through, especially this season, it just doesn’t seem logical that Stefan would end up with the girl again. The fact that everyone in the show keeps harping on Elena going back to Stefan after she gets the cure makes me think that this time she will surprise everyone and choose Damon. Just sayin…

  26. I’m looking for information on the way to increase the quantity of feedback alone blog site, how would you succeed in carrying this out?

  27. Kay says:

    GOOD NEWS!!! I think he’ll be back as Jeremy and not Silas. I’m hoping it’s permanent. I feel like he’ll be back for longer than an episode because Elena has to get her humanity back and she probably won’t if he’ll leave again. Crossing my fingers for a permanent return!! They need to find a loophole to keep him on.

    • Cathy O. says:

      I am not sure about Jeremy coming back permanently since during the season finale JP says at one point it was sad when Elena said something like, “who is there for me to send my graduation notice too” since all her family is gone.

  28. Tracey says:

    I dont really know but its quite nice, how the story is becoming unpredictable and am very happy they are deciding to bring jeremy back well i hope they can shake his character up a bit he’s too rigid

  29. Allison says:

    Seriously? I love Jeremy as much as anyone, but dead characters have to stay dead sometimes if death is going to mean ANYTHING on a show, in a movie or in a book. Otherwise, there is not reason to fear it if they just come traipsing back as ghosts, immortals, or whatever….

    • Emily says:

      Well, ghosts are a part of the supernatural realm, and since TVD is rooted in a small town that has the supernatural bursting at the seams, of course they are going to utilize being able to “lift the veil” to the Other Side and bring back old favorite characters once in a while. It doesn’t mean the deaths won’t stick…I mean, you can’t really get any more dead than being a ghost. Jeremy has to come back. The people who loved him need closure over his death. Elena, Bonnie, Matt, even the Salvatores. They all loved Jeremy in their way. Elena is better off being able to say goodbye to her little brother. You can’t hate on the writers for giving the fans little bits and pieces like that.

  30. louise says:

    i love jeremy really <3 so happy he comes back.

  31. :) says:

    I can’t wait for jeremy to come back!! I just need to see him, the show hasn’t been the same without him!

  32. danélle says:

    Yes!!!!I love Jeremy,and I just love the whole VAMPIRE DIARIES…!!!*it is the BEST tv series ever and I just don’t want it 2 end! :D

  33. G says:

    Mason back would be nice 2 :)

  34. Cathy O. says:

    Just heard Alaric will be returning for at least one episode and maybe Lexie. Looking forward to that. I too am disappointed in the show so far this season and just ready to get the final four episodes over and done. I am hoping season 5 is better.

  35. Cathy O. says:

    SPOILER–Will we finally see Silas in the prom episode of The Vampire Diaries?
    Silas will take on the form of four different characters throughout Thursday night’s episode, that sneaky little bastard! As for the show’s other big bad (loosely using that term), Klaus? Look for the show to set up The Originals spinoff in a major way by episode’s end.

    • sls says:

      It’s going to be a crazy one! I have a strong feeling that Elena is totally going to kill April at the prom.The spoilers keep talking about Elena having some outburst that no one anticipates and that she may ruin the prom in some way.
      Maybe Elena thinks April is Silas. Maybe Elena is just annoyed at everyone. Who knows but I can’t wait to see what happens at the latest Mystic Falls dance/tragedy lol

      • Cathy O. says:

        I can’t wait either. The closer the show gets to the end the more nervous I am about the outcome. Thank goodness there will be no more hiatuses.

        I kind of think Silas with take on the form of Elena, Bonnie, April and Rebekkah. But we’ll see.

      • Emily says:

        You would think they’d stop having freaking large dances by now! LOL!!! The main chaperones this year are Damon and Klaus! I’m just kidding. I love the dance episodes…it’s always fun to watch! TVD is my favorite show. Can’t wait for the spin-off. :)

  36. Cathy O. says:

    A majority of us believe Damon will take the cure. If so, the only reason I think he would consider doing that would be to break the sire bond with Elena. So does that mean that once Elena’s humanity is back the sire bond will also return? OR will it be that Damon is forced to take the cure for whatever reason?

  37. kayla says:

    YES! i hope that he does come back. loved him since season 1, and as a big sister i can understand elena’s love for jeremy and heartbreak over his death. i cant imagine going through that if anything (god forbid) happens to my brother.

    also, steven mcqueen is quite the looker so i would LOVE to have him back on the show. i like his relationship with bonnie

  38. kim says:

    yes! love him! cant wait

  39. nazreena says:

    Jeremy is a wonderful character! somehow i wish they stop focusing on Eleena, she’s getting annoying. i want more Klause & Caroline!! anyway i still love the show.

  40. LMFAO Groupie says:

    Tvd has so far done its best to be wea it is currently n I cn’t blame the writers bcoz the story didn’t go as expected. But.. I’ve seen too many xters dying n we need to replace new ones. If Jeremy comes back to life then it’s fine bt I find it boring revolving arnd the same pple while others like Kol are nowea to b seen not even wen Klaus got dessicated. Bsides a lot of qns remain unanswered and shld be given greata attention like the story abt Katerina’s escape in England n her baby’s survival.

    • Mel says:

      I gave up reading your comment after the second line. If you want people to read your full post you should take the time to spell. It may take you twice as long to say your piece, but if no one reads it, what’s the point of posting at all?

      • Emily says:

        I’m not gonna lie. I stopped reading it, too. Some words do not require an abbreviation…a completely made up abbreviation, at that.

  41. Kidriz97 says:

    One major thing is, without jeremy, elena, matt, and bonnie would be dead. The second is he is one of the most relevant because, he is a vampire hunter, a medium, and he unlocked the hunters mark, plus he gets to come back to help, hell at least he isn’t a human meat bag like matt, atleast he never got thrown in front of vampires to let them feed so give him that.

  42. pheobe says:

    the kill jermey off and don’t get me wrong, i cried for about 1 day and it took my till the next episode 2 comprehend the fact that he’s really dead. Then,they bring him back (which is the episode where bonnie brings down the veil) and i’m so happy, freaking out and then stefan say’s 2 elena “i’ll leave u alone 2 say ur good beye’s” and im like what the crap!!!!!!! I mean i respect the writers cause they’ve done a fantastic job so far carrying everything about the show but they can’t do this 2 us. What do they think? that they can just kill jermey (when the fans where still devastated about the death of alaric) after the fans have had time 2 kindda adjust and then BAMM they swoop in and just bring him back then after we hadn’t even had him for 1 full episode they say he’s gonna die again.

  43. Cyndi says:

    Jeremy was my favourite character in the show, I was tempted to stop watching when he was killed off. He has been through so much and is one of those characters you can’t help but fall in love with as you watch him grow & become a stronger person from this young lost teenage boy to becoming a vampire killer, I loved watching every moment of him in the show just to see what he’s going to go through next plus Steven r mcqueen is no doubt the hottest actor in the show. I really hope they can somehow bring his character back to life for good.