Scandal Recap: Sex, Lies and Video, Jake!

Scandal Season 2 Recap Olivia Learns Jake SpyingThis week on ABC’s Scandal, the Gladiators’ search for the real mole had devastating consequences, Fitz and Cyrus traded secrets and Jake was exposed to Olivia (in, ahem, more ways than one).

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FEELING A LITTLE HORSE | Cyrus convinces Fitz and Mellie to sign off on their first joint interview since the birth of America’s baby, as a necessary preamble to announcing his bid for re-election. During that TV sitdown, they rehash an old chestnut about how they first met, with Fitz swooping in to “steal” the girl he must have. But later, in private, Fitz recounts with his wife the true and far less romantic details, how she was all but “sold” to his father by a crony. “You were a thoroughbred racehorse,” Fitz recalls. “It wasn’t even a blind date; it was a merger.”

When Mellie contends that “every married couple pretends,” that it’s the ones who don’t who are living a fantasy, Fitz asks: “Did I do this to you…? Or were you always like this? Because if it was me, I’m sorry.” Mellie in turns asks what’s eating at him, but he deflects — only to later open up to Cyrus. “I killed Verna,” he confesses to his chief of staff. “Would [Olivia] forgive me if she knew?” Cyrus tries to assure his president, “There are things we never tell [our loved ones], things we hide…. It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve happiness.”

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PERJURER’S FUROR | Cyrus spoke from a particularly informed place, as earlier in the episode it was revealed that James kicked him out of their home months ago, after lying to the grand jury about Defiance. But now, Cy decides, it’s time to move back in. “What choice did I have?!” James rails about his perjury. Cyrus says, “You chose love, you chose me, your own happiness…. And it’s not so much the choice [bothering you] but knowing you’re capable of that choice.” Cyrus’ latest Shondalogue though is small comfort. “I wish you’d lied,” James responds.

MOLE HUNT II | Osborne’s wife storms OPA to argue that the CIA director was not a traitor, offering as Exhibit A his suicide note, which addressed her formally as “Susan” for the first time in 30 years. Exhibit B: Molly, the mousy gal who fingered Osborne, goes MIA after receiving a huge payday. Huck follows the money to a storage unit, leaving Quinn in the car, only to get KO’d from behind upon opening the mole’s locker. Fretting over her partner’s fate, Quinn KERRY WASHINGTON, KATIE LOWESchannels her blossoming Gladiator and compels the clerk to let her review the security cameras, where she notices a “blind spot” that Huck disappeared into. Tracking down the unit, she discovers him bound and gagged within a small crate.

Back at OPA, David says a cowering Huck looks “incomparably worse” than even after his waterboarding. And Molly, who was briefly detained on her way to Belize? Dead, via hit-and-run. (That episode title wasn’t lying, Oda Mae!) Elsewhere, Cy’s go-to wet work guy, Charlie, is revealed to be Huck’s assailant.

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JAKE, EXPOSED! | Jake — who’s been removing/restoring his bugs before/after Huck’s regular sweep — gets wind that Olivia’s team is onto the frame job, which he reports to actor Joe Morton. “I trust you to take care of this,” actor Joe Morton ominously responds. Jake lobbies to cook dinner for Liv in the kitchen she never uses (oops!), but she asks for a rain check. Later, she instead shows at Jake’s with take-out. After he discreetly powers down her cell, a kiss is shared. “What’s your excuse this time, Olivia Pope?” he asks aprés-smooch. “Nothing..,” she utters back. “I’ve got nothing.” And soon enough, both of them are wearing nothing…

After another, morning round of carnal merriment, Olivia slips away from a snoozing Jake and flips on his TV… only to instead fire up Super-Snooper Central Command, as his bank of monitors observing her home is revealed. “It’s not what you think,” Jake says, entering, not possibly believing that’s an acceptable statement. Olivia starts to bolt, but he stops her, semi-accidentally conking her in the process. Just as Jake shows Liv what he was protecting her from — the gun-toting, masked man currently invading her apartment — she fades, her head bloodied from the tussle.

When Olivia awakens in the hospital, Jake is there, quickly coaching her to say she was attacked at her own place and that he rushed in to save her — and that was the first time they’d ever met. Fitz then walks in, greets her with his trademark “Hi” followed by an ellipse, and then leans in to hug her… as a curious/alarmed/cheesed-off Jake looks on.

A few other quick notes and quotes:

* David trying a “Gladiators in helmets!” rallying cry after offering OPA an assist. (“Suits,” Harrison corrects.)

* Abby deflected David’s assertion that she still has feelings for him, saying, “I like sleeping with you and don’t want you to die — it’s not the same thing.” But even when she does cop to “some feelings,” he deflates her by revisiting the Cytron card theft: “I can’t let myself love someone I can’t trust.”

* How sexy is Quinn as she gets snoopier and savvier? So good to see her have more to do, yet that’s only drawing attention to how underdeveloped Harrison the Phone Answerer still remains.

What did you think of “Molly, You in Danger, Girl”?

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  1. Amy says:

    So Cyrus hired the hit man to take out Huck. Is this the same hit man who was in Olivia’s apartment????? Did Cyrus order Olivia killed????

    • bigdede says:

      If Cyrus could order his own husband killed, he could order Olivia killed.

      • the girl says:

        I am 100% certain that Cyrus and Mellie have conspired to have Olivia killed. As long as Liv is alive, there is a chance Fitz will divorce Mellie and ruin his chances at reelection, permanently staining his presidency in an irreparable way. The two of them are completely dependent on Fitz to maintain their own status and power.

        • pfruit says:

          cyrus ordered his hitman to follow jake. all of as sudden hitman must have found out that liv has been hanging out with jake. I think that is why he call cy to tell him there was a problem.
          in the end cyrus couldnt kill his husband and he would kill liv either. Mellie on the other hand would. Also liv called cy to tell him that osborne was innocent so I can see him sending his guy to break into her apartment most likely knowing she wasnt there but he would be armed in case huck showed up. I am use to that fact that whatever you think is going to happen is always the wrong answer in shonda land.

          • Moe says:

            I agree. I also don’t think that Charlie could have put the fear in Huck the way Jake could. I suspect there is a history or Jake knows how to take advantage of Huck’s weaknesses. I think Jake sneaked away while OP was sleeping, did his deed with Huck, but was followed by Charlie. Huck’s reaction was just too much for just a Charlie moment. Who knows with this crazy wacky show!

  2. Candice says:

    Jake is not fooling me. Don’t forget, Liv was not supposed to be at his place. She was supposed to be home. Jake knew that guy was coming after her and had something to do with setting it up. Real Gladiators will not be played, Jake.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large says:

      But remember, Jake was pushing to cook for her at her place (and thus, by the transitive property, bed her at her place). He’d then have been there to ward off the attacker.

      • tee says:

        hey Matt aka awesome recapper guy (sidebar: ditto on the whole harrison “Phone answerer” bit…seriously mr. smooth needs his own storyline. i’m sick of Abby!) am i to deduce from your statement that Jake really IS looking out for Olivia and not that he got cold feet when he started to fall for her (like cyrus calling the hit off on his husband)?

      • Sara says:

        See, I assumed based on the bag that Jake was putting away when Liv showed up that the ‘attacker’ was Jake and he had that video clip stored in case somehting like this happened.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          The old “Replace a live feed with a prerecorded bit” trick? That works….

          • Julie Neumann says:

            you got me on that one!!! that is an interesting thought!

          • GeekGirl13 says:

            Another theory is that he wanted to cook her dinner so he would be there to play hero having arranged for someone to break in.

        • DeeKayTee says:

          But how would he have had time for that in the melee between him and Olivia? He didn’t know she would happen upon his cameras and have a false video in play for just that occasion…I don’t know wth is going on but I don’t think that is it :-/

        • Annette says:

          No, it was just like MWM said. Jake’s original plan was to cook dinner for her at her place and be there to confront the assassin. However, Olivia turned his offer down so he got his gun and bag of B-613 tricks to go over to her place to intercept the assassin. She surprised him by coming to her place with burgers. He turned off her phone so that she would not go running off to the office and used his charm to entice her into spending the night with him. Jake could make love to her and protect her from the assassin at the same time. It was a win-win for him.

      • david says:

        humor me please but what if Jake was supposed to be with Olivia at her place and then he was gonna “rescue” her from the guy who broke in. I think that Cy’s guy is just a red herring yet i cant forgot that he was the one who had the girl from season 1 murdered

      • Diva says:

        Thanks for remembering that he was supposed to be at her place. I don’t believe Cy was going to have his husband killed. Remember Cy’s hitman said “I will make it look like an accident” right before his husband was to walk through security at the courthouse. I think, the agreement was to make him trip and hurt, not killed. Anyway, it would delay his testimony.

    • staci says:

      and you remember jake was packing that bag full of stuff.. so i sure he was going to stake-out liv’s place to get that guy.. and find out who that guy was working for…

  3. Alichat says:

    I have to watch this ep again. The last 5-10 minutes just threw me. The storage unit was a set-up for OPA…it seems, but who did it? Was it Charlie under Cy’s orders? For some reason, that doesn’t seem likely to me. So, if not, who was Charlie getting his orders from? Unless Jake is the one that knocked out Huck, and Charlie was there because he’d followed him there. I’m assuming he’d followed Jake to the hospital with Olivia, which is why he called Cy from outside the hospital. And I can’t believe Fitz’s detail left even the smallest bit of window open so Jake could see the embrace.

    • VG says:

      Alichat. You are spot on!! I concur! I think Jake attempted to set up huck. Since Cyrus learned of Jake via Mellie, it would make sense that Charlie would be hired to take out Jake. I belived Charlie’s failed attempt to take out Jake at the Hospital as a result of 2 reasons: 1. He found out that Olivia was there as a patient and 2. Fitz made a visit. Lastly, I think that Jake finally understood who was Olivia’s last love via the “smallest bit of window open.”

      • Gran says:

        I also think Cy is after Jake. Do you remember last week episode, Cy told Liv “I just need to get rid of my competion” (when he was talking about Fitz getting advice from someones else (aka Jake)). Cy wouldn’t let this kind of thing go away without taking care of it. Remember anything between him and Fitz/WH is not acceptable.

  4. Tab says:

    I neeeeeeeeeeeed Jake to stick around. I hope that, like Cy, he turns out to be someone who operates in the gray. I see no feasible long-term future for Olivia and Fitz.

    • Moe says:

      I completely agree! At least until the end of the season because I think Foley has another show that’s been picked up.

    • Bitsy says:

      Right on! I really like Jake – and Fitz, but I totally dig Olivia with Jake for the time being. If Fitz is endgame, I enjoy this Jake sidetrack tremendously. And to think, I was always a Ben girl in college.

    • Mark says:

      That is BIG NOOOO. Death to Jake immediately! Fitz and LIv belong together. Plus Jake is beyond in gray. He also killed Osbourne. I think so far our criminals killed somehow non-innocent people, like Verna, Amanda…etc. But Osbourne was a patriot. So Jake is no good guy by no means. Plus he is a deceiver – he deceived Fitz. Period!!!!!!

      • Annette says:

        WRONG! Jake did not kill Osbourne. Billy Chambers had Charlie kill Osbourne. Somehow Rowan figured out what happened (probably because Charlie used to work for Rowan). and he asked Jake to stage the scene like a suicide so that Olivia would stop the search for Albatross. Jake hoped that would cool things down and take the heat off her. She was putting herself and the team’s lives at stake by pursuing the mole. Jake went to the President and told him Osbourne was the mole. He later had to report back to Rowan and disclosed that Olivia met with Osbourne’s widow, suspected that he was murdered, and was looking for the mole again. He was upset because he thought that he had kept her out of danger and she was walking back into it. Olivia had escaped the assassin by bringing dinner to Jake’s apt. He told Rowan how she was almost killed and Rowan said that’s fine we’ll just use her as bait to capture the mole. Jake asked Rowan to reassign him. He said there are no outs.

    • I really really like jake! OMG i cant stand fitz and olivia at ALL!!! I LOVE JAKE! i hope he is a good guy!

      • Tish says:

        Agree with you. Of course, Jake won’t be around for long but love Scott Foley and love Jake with Olivia.

      • M says:

        If Jake were a good guy, he wouldn’t tell Olivia to lie. Or kill the CIA director and frame him as the mole for that matter. Fitz & Liv have an impossible relationship but they truly love each other. Will they end up happily ever after? I hope so but probably not. But I’m up for Shonda’s roller coaster ride!

        • Annette says:

          He asked Olivia to lie because he was supposed to watch her in secret, they were never supposed to meet in person, and he did not want to expose their relationship. I think that it’s morally ambiguous like a lot of other things on the show. The fact that the President is a married man with a mistress does not make him a good guy either. On the show the lines blur between good and bad with nothing being black and white or as it seems.

    • JOHO says:

      I love Jake and the Jake and Olivia story arc. Jake adds major FLAVA. He’s hot, sexy, charming and more importantly single and available. He’s also mysterious and whatever he’s involved in is complicated and dangerous. I’ve been Jake episodes over and over again and sometimes he acts like a psychiatrist who works with spooks. I always loced Scandal but when SHONDALAND added the Jake character I now have a major unrelenting Scandal addiction.

      By the way, the show Scoot Foley did for FOX is already in the can and will supposedly run this summer. He and Rhimes have talked about him coming back for S3. I truly hope he returns because I would love to see his relationship with Liv continue.

      • M says:

        Nope. Although, Fitz & Olivia appear impossible it’s true love.

        • bad romance says:

          I don’t know what is more disturbing, the fact that Jake felt it was acceptable to date a woman he was currently spying on and lie to both her AND his friend, or the fact that so many people think that’s okay.

      • Moe says:

        I love it too, even though I know Olivia and Fitz are “it” (no complaints). It’s a great, meaty and intriguing relationship/story. It only adds to the great show that is Scandal. I’m sorry his show is in the can (good info) and like him with Liv, for now, but I don’t see how they could last, romantically – as intelligence, yeah, I could see his sticking around.

  5. rachelle says:

    It looks like Charlie was there for some reason for Cyrus [to run more intel on Jake?] and encountered Huck totally by accident and had to think on his feet by knocking Huck out and stashing him in the crate. I don’t get why Huck was so traumatized by being confined, though, especially since the waterboarding didn’t mess him up as much. Maybe that’s something that will be explored later??

    • tee says:

      i think it’s the fact that nobody has got the drop on him in a long time. and if he seen who did it that might have been the icing on the cake because that’s the same assassin he tortured a while back. maybe he returned the favor.

    • TJ says:

      You don’t think being hit on the head a few times with a crowbar would have @*$%! him up? Was he more traumatized or more head injured?

    • bigdede says:

      The waterboarding did mess him up. That man was stanking for weeks because he was too scared to wash his behind with water!

    • janey says:

      Actually, the waterboarding did mess Huck up quite a bit. Remember, a few episodes ago he smelled so bad that no one in the office could stand to even be in the same room with him, and that come to find out later he hasn’t been bathing because he developed hydrophobia as a result of being waterboarded. Even the rain made him nervous and sent him paralyzingly frightening flashbacks of the incident.

  6. Leah says:

    I let out a cry of fury when that “3 Weeks From Tonight” came up. UGH. This show is so darn addictive!

    • Carol says:

      So did I.

    • georgieboy says:

      So did I. When they said in three weeks, I literally said “what!” “what!” “WHAT!” I have never gotten that excited about any TV show. For that matter, this is the first time in my life I find myself re-watching a TV series. It’s just that there are just so many little details that one only picks up when you see it a second or even a third time. I hate that this show has me so hooked.

    • M says:

      I’m surprised that the loud *facepalm* thud that came from my house didn’t register with the NC Geological Survey and get national media coverage. Three weeks? Seriously? March Madness is almost over, no Olympics, wrong season for football, and the President was reelected. What the heck is preempting Scandal?

    • Kristen says:

      Me too! I watched the last 15 mins of this episode 3 times, it was sooo good! 3 weeks is way too long to wait after the way this episode ended. When I watched the ep I got the impression that Cy was the mole and reading the comments here I was surprised so few people had seen it that way; however, after reading what others have said, it does seem weird that Huck would be so traumatized if it was simply Charlie who knocked him over the head/stuck him in the box. It is plausible that Charlie followed Jake to the storage place, since Cy had him following Jake, and Jake attacked Huck then managed to avoid ALL cameras. Also, I love, love, LOVED D. R. “gladiators in helmets” and and Quinn showing more of her, “I’m Quinn, b*tch” side!

  7. mo says:

    Honestly? I think Cy is the mole. I think he created a problem he fully intended to have solved so he could get back “in” with Fitz by saving the day. Just my opinion…

    • georgieboy says:

      Agreed. This is definitely a Cy thing to do.

    • bigdede says:

      OMG OMG OMG! I never thought of that. That makes no much sense because when the Fitz got that information from Jake, he went and called in Cyrus to tell him about it and fire the CIA director. That’s why Scandal is so good. There are so many options and directions these storylines could go in. I makes so much sense for Cyrus to be the mole. He’s already corrupt and dirty enough to do something like that.

    • Moe says:

      Bam. I like that theory!

    • whowho says:

      I was thinking this too

  8. Mking says:

    Yeah for the pres coming to c liv. There is hope yet it will be a tough go. Cant wait 3 weeks why r the writers doing this?

  9. Adi says:

    Jake obviously expected skimask guy to show up at Olivia’s and for some ( yet unknown) reason, be able to say he saved her. Why? And why have Charlie attack Huck? Who is Charlie working for? Cy? Somehow that would be too easy. And 3 weeks!!?? Arrgggg!

    • Carol says:

      I don’t know, but did anyone notice Jake had a duffle bag with tape & he was leaving with a gun before Liv came by. Also, I think Charlie was just getting Huck back from the previous season. Did anyone notice the commercial previews showed Liv with tape around her mouth and she was crying. I can’t wait until April 25th

      • Alichat says:

        The more I think about it, the more I think Jake was the one who attacked Huck and tied him up. He was packing up a bag with duct tape, rope, and a gun when Olivia showed up at his house. The only other explanation I have is that Jake was packing the bag to go out and wait at Olivia’s so he could grab the masked guy we see in her house later in the evening. But I don’t buy that. And it doesn’t explain why Charlie was outside of the hospital….and we know Cy has had Charlie following Jake since Mellie told Cy about him.

      • bigdede says:

        I saw Jake with the duct tape and rope but the person who hit Huck didn’t use a gun to hit him but a huge pipe like thing. So I don’t think it was Jake. I also think Jake had that stuff with him because he was going over Olivia’s house and was going to use that stuff on the guy who was coming for Olivia.

        • masp says:

          IMO I don’t think Jake is trying to protect Olivia:1) he accepted orders to take care of her b/c she wasn’t buying Osborne as the mole, 2) he shoved her in his apartment and 3) he wasn’t very gentle with her in the hospital either. #team Fitz

          • the girl says:

            If Fitz hired Jake to watch Liv, what other reason could he have except protect her? I don’t buy that Fitz would want something bad to happen to Liv. And it is plausible that the guy who said “take care of it” didn’t mean kill Liv, but protect her and stop the real threat. The fact that she knows Osborne wasn’t the mole puts her in serious danger.

          • masp says:

            I understand what you are saying, but I don’t think Fitzgerald is Jake’s real boss. I don’t think Fitz knows that Jake is meeting Joe Morton’s character on park benches and I don’t think Fitz knows that Jake murdered Osborne and staged it to look like a suicide. I don’t think he knows he put Olivia in danger with Jake. I think Fitz was trying to find an old friend to trust.

          • Liz says:

            I agree with you I don’t think Fitz is Jake’s boss. Remember when Jake met Liv the first time in the coffee shop and now in the hospital he tells her to say that this was the first time they met???? So I have no clue but some one else is running the show, I don’t think its Cyrus. Can you just imagine what season 3 will be like Fitz running for re-election oh the skeletons will be coming out and I think the VP and Billy will make a major appearance. Watching last nights episode a 3rd time so addicting!!!!!!!!

    • janey says:

      Wasn’t it timely and convenient that as Jake is showing Liv why he had been “watching” her, the image of a masked marauder comes into view? Genius! BUT, wait a second….Jake was ordered directly by Fitz to keep Liv under watch, and that story that Jake told Liv to say about her being attacked at her own place and that Jake was the one who “saved” her and brought her to the hospital could totally be disproved if Fitz asks to see footage of what Jake’s cameras got on tape! Yes, his tapes can clearly show that there was an intruder at Liv’s place, but there is nothing to show that she was anywhere at her home at the time of said incident. AND there’s that time when he (Jake) went to visit Live at her place and they shared their first kiss. I’m sure Jake’s cameras got that, too, so unless Jake is mindful enough to edit all of his tell-tale surveilance footage, Fitz could very well find out that Jake has been doing more than a straight forward stakeout!

      • TJ says:

        Alright, Jake has been watching Olivia for quite some time now. He’s even seen Huck sweep Olivia’s home for bugs and has had to replace them. So he knows who’s been entering Olivia’s home.

        What I don’t get is how Fitz has not seen Jake with Olivia since he’s also been watching.

  10. Joe Petitjean says:

    Scandal was off the the freaking charts tonight.

  11. Moe says:

    *applause* for Scandal. Wowsers.

  12. Moe says:

    I think season 3 is supposed to be Harrison’s. I believe that is the skinny.

    • janey says:

      Supposed to be Harisson’s what?…last? Oh, God I hope not! What did you mean by that? Please share if you know something, especially if there’s gonna be some casting changes! What? What? What? What is the skinny?

      • T says:

        I think she/he means Season 3 focuses more on Harrison?? We’ve seen a lot of Abbie’s personal life and Quinn and Huck’s back stories but not much Harrison. I hope that’s what that means anyway. Any increased Colombus Short screen time is fine by me.

      • Moe says:

        Sorry! Yes. What @T said. There’s a GREAT GREAT cast interview (sans Goldwyn & Molina) from the SAG Foundation on youtube (Conversations with Kerry Washington and the cast of SCANDAL) where Short (who is hilarious throughout the entire video) and Washington briefly mention that they came up with a background story that Shonda Rhimes loved and has slowly started to incorporate (around 23:35)

        I believe, according to another video where Rhimes is interviewed on a panel, we are supposed to learn more about Harrison’s deeper connection to Olivia and that there is a large story arc associated which I would have to assume would be in season 3. Columbus Short didn’t have to audition and was the first person Shonda Rhimes secured for SCANDAL (see the SAG video). I’m sure she has something great planned and its going to be nanners!

        So Season 3, I’m thinking Harrison will have his Quinn moment. All supposition.

  13. igor says:

    Poor article! We don’t really need you to provide a recount and a few quotes of the episode we just watched but make some analysis. Thanks!

    • TomTom says:

      You were one of those people who had trouble following the directions in school, weren’t you. It says recap in the title of the article. HELLOOO!!!!!!!!

    • nikki says:

      I like the RECAP. It fills me in on anything I might have missed while distracted by lifes interruptions.

    • Pati D says:

      Go to They do recaps of most of the shows on tv. The group that does Scandal recap is very good. They give a great analysis of each episode.

  14. Ram510 says:

    I say it every week Harrison The Phone Answerer is BORING! He does nothing and when he does have a task like go negotiate he can’t even do that properly (remember when he took David to go negotiate with him and David completely stole the show). He just a little man who thinks he’s smooth. Abby is under used though, I think they could do alot with her. I hope teu keep Scott Foley in season 3 but only as a recurring role, we dot need another Jake centered story

    • janey says:

      Yes, I agree, the writers need to give Harrison more to do; otherwise, he’s just office eye candy, know what I mean? Who feels me on this? Harrison is FINE! However, if they don’t do anything more to develop and evolve his character, then I would see him as very dispensable, and I don’t want him to be that. This actor could do so much more, please use him in stories as something more than the nice dressed, very good looking, smooth talking character!

  15. sara says:

    well,i have 2 questions. 1/ who was the guy at liv’s place? 2/ why did jack switched off olivia’s phone? im not sure if he is really attracted to her, or he’s just playing her. i think, a little of both. anyway after she saw the handshake between the president and jack, she lost her trust on the president.

    • Kjess says:

      You could really see in her eyes when she hugged Fitz at the end that she was terrified of him and didn’t trust him once she realized he was connected to Jake, and was probably behind him watching her. I think Jake is attracted to her, but in a crazy person, I’ve been watching you and now I love you kind of way. I assume he’d been watching her for a while before he staged the meeting in the coffee shop.

  16. debs says:

    the mole has to be Cy or vp or sec of defense. if it’s not cy or mellie we’ve been had. could be so he could be the hero… hmmm. who is verna that fitz killed? it’s sure fun! and i like the recap here/ igor is cranky

    • Alichat says:

      Verna is the Supreme Court judge that was dying from cancer. She was part of the Defiance conspiracy, and is the one who hired Beckie to kill Fitz.

  17. debmarst says:

    ah now I remember. Verna was the judge who was going to confess. she was dying— does it makes it less horrible??? not really murder but convenient euthanasia??? fitz!

  18. Nikki H says:

    I think the guy in live place is was somebody that Jake hired. He probably set this up when Liv showed up at his door unexpected.Then again it could have been Jake in her apartment because we all know he own a ski mask and a gun and plus it looks like the same outfit from when he broke in the photographer house and we also knw he can manipulate those recordings.Charlie only got involved because he was following Jake for Cyrus and that led him to the hospital and it probably suppose to jake in the box not Huck in the box just my opinion could be wrong

    • scandalfiend says:

      The video Liv saw at Jake’s could have been fake footage. Jake probably was the person in the apartment earlier thatbcouldve been looping. If Jake was to go to Liv’s with the bag how was he to explain it to Liv? Jake probably also attacked Huck. Since Jake is military he probably really messed up Huck. Charlie aka baseball dude has problems because he has oved too slowly; Jake has been a few steps ahead. Jake is playing both sides and will have nell to pay when Fitz finds out. LOL

    • Tana Lynn says:

      Yeah, but Charlie clearly knows Huck and could no mistake him for Jake. I think Jake is geting rid of Huck and then Cyrus will hire him to get rid of Liv……sad but true. Remember, he was going to kill his husband via Charlie…….Cyrus loves power. I am thinking the “mole” is either the VP or Amanda Turner’s Ex…….remember him? He was connected to the VP as well.

  19. Masp says:

    Jake is up to no good. Baseball cap entered the storage facility an hour before Huck arrived. Jake wasn’t trying to protect Olivia. He revealed to Joe Morton that she wasn’t buying Osborne as the mole and was told to take care of it. Then he’s packing a gun and duct tape to leave his apartment. And, Olivia was fooled by Fitzgerald and Mellie’s performance. That’s why she rushed over Jake’s. How did she know where he lived? Is Cyrus the mole? I don’t know but he would do anything to get/remain in power. He plotted to kill his husband; he’s declared war on Olivia many times. He knows her well enough to know that she wasn’t letting the mole stuff go. But I don’t get the sense that Cyrus knows Joe Morton’s character. IMO, baseball cap is Charlie and he got a little payback on Huck after the Amanda Tanner info torture he went through. IMO, Fitzgerald was so influenced by his dad that he didn’t sense that life wasn’t supposed to be like it was with Mellie until he met Liv! As with a lot life, an epiphany happens after the callous is cleaned away. Terrific writing! Please let me be wrong about Cyrus. Please don’t let Olivia take on Fitz’s old petulance for 3 episodes. 5 in the morning and thinking about Olitz….GREAT WRITING & ACTING!

  20. masp says:

    @sara — She knows Fitz, she’s mad at him. He was cruel to her last week. But I think she is used to being in control; she can’t stand being vulnerable. This show is so good…….

    • Kjess says:

      I don’t think its that she’s mad at him, I think she put everything together when Fitz thanked Jake for calling him and shook his hand – she knew there was a connection between them, and that Fitz was somehow connected to Jake watching her. To me, she looked scared when Fitz hugged her, not mad.

  21. Jeff says:

    I think the Albatross is the vp. I agree Jake manipulated the video surveillance, to make Liv think someone was breaking in. He’s a threat to Liv, Huck will bounce back and protect Liv.

  22. JP says:

    I am floored by scandal. Amazing show. I’m going with my OPA gut and saying VP Langstons the mole. But that ending leaves me less convinced I’m right

  23. Alissa says:

    The big reveal was lame. Jake has been five steps ahead the entire time, even has disappearing TV screens but leaves the remote on the kitchen bench. Had my target walked in that is the first thing I would hide!

  24. Chris says:

    No mention of “Molly, You In Danger, Girl” being the line from Ghost?

  25. Jewel says:

    I think Mellie is the mole. Last weeks episode she was listening outside the door as Fitz and Cy were talking.

  26. TJ says:

    I don’t think Jake’s a bad guy. The character Joe Morton is playing, I think he’s Jake’s superior in the intelligence agency — the one who Jake had to share the hostage intel with before he could feed it to the President. I also think he’s (Joe Morton character) related to Olivia, may be her father, and became concerned for her after she started poking around a CIA affair and learned the President was spying on her using his guy (Jake).

    • masp says:

      Wow… Now that would be a twist…

    • GeekGirl13 says:

      I really like this theory!!!!

    • DeeKayTee says:

      Love that theory!

    • Mark says:

      her father? it is possible in scandal world – but she should have mentioned him at least once – if he is in the pentagon and when her guy – Huck was being tortured there.

      • TJ says:

        Just had to come back and gloat. He’s her father. Liv doesn’t know he’s in an intelligence agency; she thinks he works at The Smithstonian! Their relationship is estranged. And it’s all being explained

    • bad romance says:

      ‘I don’t think Jake’s a bad guy’
      He pursued and started sleeping with a woman WHILE SPYING ON HER!
      HOW is that okay?
      This is why there are so many dysfunctional relationships in the world.
      If you spend the night with a guy and find a bunch of cameras trained on your house the morning, RUN!
      There is NO defense for that.

      • TJ says:

        You’ve never developed feelings for a co-worker, customer or competitor?

        • bad romance says:

          Jake isn’t her co-worker, customer or competitor.
          He’s SPYING on her.
          She’s basically his job.
          Dating her is SCREECHINGLY unethical. LYING to her face is borderline sociopathic.

      • Annette says:

        Jake’s life was probably solitary and isolated because of his work in military intelligence. He spent so much time watching her that he became attracted to her …like a moth to a flame. It’s not uncommon to become attracted to someone that you spend time around or with. Did he cross a lot of ethics boundaries…well yes, but who doesn’t in this show?

        Okay.. maybe not VP Sally Langston.

    • Moe says:

      Don’t forget Edison is the head of the Committee on Intelligence (i probably made up that committee title, but you get the point). It would be horrible if he were Joe Morton’s director, but Edison got close enough to the inside of the clock to question the Grant administration and Olivia’s role in it.

      • Jeri Lynn says:

        Please remind me who Edison is? That’s if anyone is still even following this post. I’m only hear bc of the stupid 3wk gap. I watched last nights ep and needed a refresher from the previous episode. That’s why I absolutely HATE all of the Stupid Breaks these TV shows take. Either order more episodes to fill the space from Sept.-May or shorten the damn time frame. Instead of it being Sept-May make it Sept-March or something like that, u get the point. It’s so frustrating getting hooked to a Tv show then it stops airing for a cpl wks. And the networks wonder why their ratings are always down. Well, that’s why. Esp. 4 the ppl who don’t have DVR. It’s up to them to follow promos & ads for the new episodes to make sure they know when it’s coming bk on. I have DVR thank God, so mine records automatically, but there’s some ppl(prob. very few) who don’t.

        Sorry abt that I got a little carried away on my rant. Anyhow who is Edison, and Why can’t I place him? I’ve seen every episode.

  27. I think Jake is out to ruin Fitz. Jake and Fitz served together and did unthinkable things that Fitz can’t talk about together and were at one time very close. When Fitz became President he never put Jake in a high level position. Jake had never gone to see Fitz before at the White House until Fitz needed Jake’s help keeping an eye on Olivia.

    I think Jake figured out very quickly how much Olivia means to Fitz and has been planning to use this to his advantage. He has no real feelings for Olivia, she is just a pawn in his game. He would kill her, and has been ordered to “take care of the issue”, to further his goal.

    I also think it was Jake who hurt Huck. Huck has never been afraid of Charlie before and knows he is better and smarter than Charlie. The crate was put in the storage unit for Huck to find and to tie Huck up in. Jake knows Huck is the “intelligence” brains behind OPA and if you take out Huck you cripple OPA.

  28. masp says:

    Good points!

  29. Charlibear says:

    Everyone talks about Cy being the mole but no one has suggested that Mellie could be the mole. No one has better intel than her and she’s good at being under the radar

    • I totally agree! In the past few episodes, Mellie has gotten sympathy from the viewers. It’s as if she is overcompensating for being the devious person she really is. When she found out that Jake was the meeting the President had nightly, she panicked. I’ll bet we see an unwinding from Miss Mellie very, very soon.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Plus she was snooping right outside the office last week when Cyrus told the president that Osborne was the mole

    • Larc says:

      You may have a point about Mellie. I think she would stoop to almost anything to gain power. Cyrus probably isn’t the mole because it basically wouldn’t be his style. Also, I think Jake is one of the good guys, although he may be doing some “double agent” type work that has him rubbing elbows with both sides. For another thing, we may be taking the intended bait when we assume that the character played by Joe Morton meant that Olivia should be killed when he told Jake to “take care of it.” That may not have been what he meant at all. Scandal is nothing if not duplicitous.

    • Kristen says:

      Mellie has always been shady…for the longest time I was convinced that she had something to do with Fitz being shot because of the way she insisted he go to his party/changed her mind when she found out Olitz was over. That being said, Mellie has always been determined to keep Fitz in power as president so she could be first lady. The mole was making Fitz look like an idiot with the whole hostage situation. I don’t see how that benefits Mellie, and if there’s no benefit to Mellie, what is her endgame? She’s talked about running for pres herself, if Fitz was dead but remembered as a good pres voters would be sympathetic to her. The mole making Fitz look incompetent rubs off on Mellie, too. If she ran for office people would remember his mistakes.

  30. Linna says:

    I know there’s a fine line between love and hate, but I really don’t want to think that Cyrus is out to hurt Liv. Mellie, on the other hand, would squash Olivia like a bug if she had a chance. Jake is definitely developing feelings for her, and its been obvious all along that Fitz is still in love with Olivia. That being said, I am going to go nuts for the next 3 weeks, lol

  31. Luis says:

    Relationship note: If you ever have to say, “It’s not what you think” to your significant other, just agree you’re going to spend the night at the nearest hotel/B&B before picking up the conversation the next day.

  32. bad romance says:

    Scandal used to be this show about this smart, savvy, self possessed woman in season one, but in season 2, it’s become kind of misogynistic.
    This now makes not one, but TWO men who have pretty much BULLIED Olivia into bed under the guise that it was somehow a GOOD thing as it would help her get over Fitz.

    Young women have enough confusion over sexual behaviour without internalising the idea that a man who pushes you for intimacy you’re not ready for is a good thing. It isn’t and frankly, Shonda Rhimes should know better.

    The sexiest thing about Fitz and Olivia was that she always CHOSE intimacy with him from an empowered position.
    I’m done with this show and when it comes back from it’s latest break, the writers will find I’m not the only one who is.

    • Honey_Girl says:

      I don’t think Jake bullied Olivia into bed… He tricked her into bed. And I don’t understand who is the second person you’re referring to. If you mean Edison, he actually loved Olivia and wanted to marry her. Olivia has bad taste in men. And her fatal flaw is loving Fitz, this is according to Shonda herself. Fitz is arguably just as bad for Liv as Jake is. Fitz treats Liv like crap. Fitz is married and the president. There is no logical future there. So Olivia being with Fitz isn’t exactly a good example to young women either. And Fitz is so wishy washy, one minute he tells her just because I can’t control my erections around you doesn’t mean I want you. And the next episode he’s all I love you again. I mean if Liv had any sense she would leave Fitz alone and get a regular guy and move on. Not necessarily Jake, but leave Fitz alone. Of course thats not going to happen. Tony Goldwyn directs episode 20 and they all but said Fitz and Liv hook up again…. sighs. I’m conflicted because I do know what Olitz has is true love & yes I ship them, BUT its also doomed and tragic and is only bringing Liv pain at this point. So to me its understandable that Liv would TRY to move on, too bad its with Jake who’s got all this weird sh*t going on.

      And 3 weeks, you network tv azzholes are getting on my nerves! They JUST had a 3 week break! WTF!!! I usually don’t watch network TV and this is why. It would be so much better if this was on HBO. Plus we’d get to see KW’s boobs.

      • bad romance says:

        ‘Fitz is married and the president.’
        BOTH circumstances he tried to change in season 1, before she rejected him and arranged a 3rd child for him and his wife, remember?
        The idea that Olivia has no future with FItz is a horse that no longer runs, because she CHOSE to leave him, refused to let him leave his wife and was finally about to do so when the Defiance debacle came to light.
        Strangely, 10 months later she has not explained her mpotive for Defiance although everyone else has.
        I agree that Edison loved her, and I actually LIKED Edison, unlike Jake. I just knew she didn’t love him, she’d left him before and she’d do it again and she did.
        But if you remember their first night back together, he delivered an ultimatum at the doorstep, she became teary and fell into his arms with an air of defeat, not delight.
        And so it was with Jake.
        ANOTHER night of obligation.
        Why should she need an ‘excuse’ to avoid intercourse?
        As for Fitz, he’s a little spoilt and a really bad drunk, but he’s absolutely no danger to Olivia, he’s generally malleable (which frankly works with a personality as bossy as hers) and most importantly, he’s who she LOVES.
        This relationship has been fiddled with for ratings to an excess. The twists and turns are becoming less and less believeable, and it’s wrecking the weekly client format.
        I’m not a shipper of any particular TV couple, but Hollywood’s insistence on destroying a winning formula never ceases to amaze me.
        Generally speaking, when a couple works on film, it’s for reasons no one fully understands and all musical beds does is annoy the audience and kill ratings.
        And yet they never learn.

        • Honey_Girl says:

          Well, let’s explore the whole I’ll resign as president thing. Fitz resigns as president and marries Olivia.Then what? They live a life of being shunned by the American public, who would be completely unforgiving. His legacy would be forever tarnished. Liv and Fitz would spend the rest of their lives living in shame. Remember, it was Fitz’ life dream to be president long before be met Liv. Would he truly be happy giving that up for her? That is doubtful. And she loves him too much to allow him to give up his life’s dream for her. In the first season, Fitz was going to resign because the Amanda TAnner thing was coming out, and he thought well maybe it won’t be that bad to resign at least then I can be with the woman I love. He didn’t just say I want to resign to be with Olivia, it was precipitated by the scandal with Amanda Tanner. Then in the 2nd season, he told Cy that he would divorce Mellie AND remain president, which is laughable. The American public would not go for that, as Cy stated there would be pitch forks on white house lawn. His plan was to divorce Mellie (loving wife who just had America’s baby), marry Olivia (black mistress) and move her into the white house… sure, that’s realistic. Just imagine for a moment Obama announcing he’s going to divorce Michelle and marry another woman and move her into the white house. Ok. Not. Going. To. Happen. Ever. American politics simply doesn’t allow for something like that to happen. This isn’t France. I know we all want to believe all you need is love, but sometimes love is simply not enough. The only way I possibly see them together is after his 2nd term, which is another 4 years at least… But the other two scenarios, either him resigning or divorcing Mellie while president are both highly implausible.

          The end game may very well be Liv and Fitz being together but right now I don’t see it unless Liv agrees to just wait until Fitz presidency is over, and be the background mistress. However, that was really killing her which is why she ended the affair with Fitz in the first place. Seeing Mellie and dealing with fact that Mellie is his wife and she is the mistress, remember the whole I smile for Mellie and take off my clothes for you (rose garden scene). So for now, if they can’t be together whats wrong with Liv getting some loving on the side. And by the way, nobody forced her into anything, she is a smart, strong woman. She CHOSE to sleep with Jake and Edison. Men have used all kinds of tactics to get the panties since the beginning of time, thats not going to change. She could have said no. She made the choice to say yes. Jake didn’t club her over the head and drag her back to his cave for goodness sakes. He did lie and misrepresent himself. But clearly she wanted the sex too. She was laying in his arms afterwards smiling from ear to ear in the afterglow. Had he not turned out to be spying on her and being Mr. Creepy they would have surely gone on to have an ongoing relationship.

          I do agree its a little unrealistic but hey, its a tv show. They have to keep us watching. Its like any soap opera, they’re going to tear Olitz apart and bring back together constantly. I’m still here for it all. I’m not ready to abandon ship yet.

          • Joe says:

            At Verna’s funeral, she did say that she would wait for him. For as long as would be needed. And he can’t be president forever.

          • bad romance says:

            ‘Men have used all kinds of tactics to get the panties since the beginning of time, thats not going to change.’
            It should. It’s bad for men AND women, and when it happens, it shouldn’t be presented as anything but what it is, a bad decision, made under pressure and in Jake’s case without all the facts.
            Fitz in all his entirety, has been the only man she actually CHOSE, with all the facts, enthusiastically, and with her eyes open.

            ‘Not. Going. To. Happen. Ever. American politics simply doesn’t allow for something like that to happen. This isn’t France’
            America was never going to have a divorce as president, then Reagan won. America wasn’t considered ready for a black president, then Obama won.
            The world is maturing and at some point an American president WILL divorce in office, I GUARANTEE it.
            It will happen.

            As for whether America is realistically ready to deal with the idea that the president is a person yet, is this not the show where the first supreme court pick in season 1 was the guy who married the hooker, and in season 2 it turned into Verna? Realism left the building a while back.

            A little unrealistic is fine, but the whole thing is getting out of hand now, and the show is losing it’s focus. The characters are shifting PERSONALITY and that NEVER ends well.
            We must remember, Dynasty was a show that made sense at first and ended in alien abductions!

            It would be a shame to see Scandal go the same way.

          • Annette says:

            Two thumbs up! I agree with everything you said. Olivia had been resisting Jake’s flirting and attempts to date her. She felt like she was still in love with Fitz and just was not emotionally available to date someone new. Jake was persistent in trying to get her to start over, but he respected her boundaries and went slow with her. Fitz had signaled that they were over and that he was done with her. Olivia looked at the relationships in her work like Will Caldwell (Future North Carolina Governor) and Sarah Stanner (CEO who had affair with the Supreme Court nominee) and saw the problems affairs caused in their lives. She decided to take some her own advice that she was giving to her clients and move on from a relationship that was never going to viable under the circumstances. When Jake kissed her the night that she went over to his place she hesitated yet made the decision to kiss Jake back and go forward knowing that it would ultimately lead to a night of making love with him. After she made her decision she embraced it whole-heartedly.

      • Annette says:

        I disagree with the statement that Jake bullied Olivia into sleeping with him. Jake tells Olivia that he sees that she is sad and says that if she lets him he would like to help her not be so sad. He says that she deserves a “do over” and he could be her “do over”. He offers himself up to her and time over time asks her to choose him. Olivia is empowered because at times she rejects his efforts to romance her. Jake is persistent, but never goes any farther than she lets him go. He lets Olivia pace things. At times, he pulls himself back like in the “do over” episode when he kisses her then just says goodnight to her and walks out of the door. He could have kissed her for longer and maybe even slept with her that night when she seemed so very confused and vulnerable, but he didn’t. He wanted her to think about what he said about a “do over”, about what she said Fitz being in her head all of the time and let her come to her own conclusions. He did not want to bully her or take advantage, because he wants to be the new guy in her life and not the rebound guy.

        On the night when she goes over to Jake’s apartment with burgers, he kisses her and she hesitates. I think that she knows that she is very attracted to Jake and could end up in bed with him if she lets the kissing continue. Olivia is thinking about whether she wants to go that far with him that night. He offers himself to her again basically saying do you want to have me tonight or do you want to go back to work? She chooses him and confirms that decision with a kiss. She takes off her shirt (Jake pushes it up for her to remove it if she wants…she does) and Olivia very carefully unbuttons his shirt. (She unwraps him like a present at Christmas time). In the video that Fitz is shown by Cyrus, Olivia is on top of Jake. He is on his back and she is in control of their kissing and love making. Olivia seems to embrace that role with a great deal of enthusiasm and Jake is perfectly happy to let her have her way with him as he returns her kisses and wraps his arm around her. In other scene, Olivia is in bed with Jake and she places several kisses on his shoulder to express some appreciation and/or affection. He may have started things, but she finished them. In no way was Olivia bullied into sleeping with Jake she did it because she was attracted to him and wanted to. She was an empowered women and should be respected as such.

  33. KD says:

    So happy to see Henry from Eureka again :)

  34. Adikeo says:

    In which episode did Cy hire Charlie to follow Jake?! I totally missed that!

    • Moe says:

      Either one or two episodes ago after Mellie revealed that President Fitz wasn’t cheating on her, but on him (Cyrus).

  35. Jeff says:

    We have to look at this from a different position, this is about the ultimate betrayal. Shonda has me believing that the mole is one of the Gladiators, now it’s up to us to figure out which one. Of course the mole answers to someone higher. It’s in every episode, it’s in every character, it’s in every story, from Hollis’s daughter to Cyrus’s husband. Betrayal, betrayal, betrayal.

    • Joy C. says:

      This is a good analysis; I think you are onto something. But one question: would the ultimate betrayal be that one of the gladiators is the mole? They don’t really have ties to the WH, nor any real relationship to it.

      But what about Fitz? All that the Defiance group did, they did because they thought Fitz was a good man, and the right man for the presidency. What if it turns out that they were all terribly, terribly wrong?

      Sidenote: When is Billy Chambers coming back?

    • Melissa Remo says:

      It couldn’t be any of the Gladiators because none of them have connections to the White House the way the “mole” seems to. For right now, the signs are leading up to Cyrus, but who knows with Shonda and her plot twists. Cyrus does have Charlie has his hired hand, who seems to be one of the men wearing the cap in the security footage. We also have to take note of Cyrus’ background story – he does have the capability to have anyone killed, including his own husband and he will do anything and everything from sneaking and lying to get what he wants in the White House. Not to mention, his knowledge of Jake’s relationship with Fitz as another fuel.

  36. Molly says:

    I just have to say that as someone named Molly, the title of this episode popping up in my Hulu queue scared the CRAP out of me at first. This episode left me so confused. Confliction emotionssss!

  37. SpoiledMom says:

    Okay, I just re-watched last night’s episode. And there are a number of things in common with each Hired-Hand: Huck(HH1), Charlie(HH2) AND Jake(HH3). Somehow they are related and intermingled, but I can’t figure out how. I think Jake(HH3) took care of Huck(HH1) (which is one of the reasons why he turned her phone off. Olivia runs for anything Huck) Charlie(HH2) was sent for Olivia (which is why he called Cyrus to say there was a problem…the problem being HH3 got to her first). HH3 found out about the HH2 job and decided to try and conveniently be there with dinner, but since she declined and said she was going to be working, HH3 had plans of stashing out at her place to nab HH2–I mean he already captured HH1. In everything I think Verna’s plans went further than the assasination of the president and her subsequent death. I doubt very seriously the POTUS killed her before she told others. He just did it before she told David. I love following the whole “scandal” of the show more than the relationship side. Unfortunately, I think Mellie is right about the whole pretending speech. I don’t feel sorry for her though because I feel she pimped Liv out and when Liv actually wanted to do what was right, Mellie demanded “Why couldn’t you just do your job?” Which of course was being Fitz’s confidante, lover, supporter, wife and the FLOTUS behind the scenes, with Mellie as her spokesmodel. I’m just so sick of the dysfunction. That part is more reality TV, not fantasy. The roller coaster ride is nauseating. And Jake is psychotic. Mark my words…Huck…will…take…him…down. Or maybe that’s how Harrison will finally get some Gladiator accolades.

    • Querilous says:

      Well said!!! I agree with everything you said “SpoiledMom” Yes Shondra needs to give Harrison a bigger part.
      I don’t think Jake is Man enough for Liv He wants her to lie about their relationship I think
      When Fitz offered him a higher position in the WH by any means possible he would use Liv to get it. Since Harrison is a Gladiator and has Liv’s back She needs to confide in someone maybe (Harrison) confidentially or maybe he will be the lead in finding out who the real mole is or who Jake is really working for?

  38. Em says:

    Cy is out to kill Jake. It’s Jake’s locker they found. Charlie thought he was attacking Jake but when he realized it was Huck, he still had to tie him up and put him in the box.

  39. creoleshoefreak says:

    Come on gladiator fanatics……one thing Shonda does not do is to imply the obvious. Who says the intruder is related to Mole? I think it is Cy’s husbandwife looking for the Defiance chip. Did you notice how the intruder had a design on his cap? Just a nother trick by Shonda to throw ya’ll off to think it was Charlie. Why do do many people have keys to her apartment? The intruder,Huck,Jake, …..humm? My second theory for the not so obivous.. Harrison is the only gladiator whose storyline has not been expanded and out the blue ( or gray because blue is not a Scandal color) a black man with power and control is working with Jake. What’s Harrison’s infamous line to Olivia? “I got you”. The man on the “bench” with Jake has power because Jake reports to HIM!!!! Jake works in INELLIGENCE at the Pentatgon!!!! I’m just saying….Did ya’ll notice that Shonda is not play Olivia and Fitz’s theme when he came to see her? Subtle detail, but very significant.

  40. Meels says:

    OMG Scott Foley, I don’t even care/like about Olivia/Fitz… I would see Scandal only with Scott Foley, lol. Kill Olivia, lol… j/k

  41. dsinatra says:

    I read all of the comments and the review and find it strange that nobody mentioned that the only reason that Olivia ended up at Jake’s apartment was because she was upset about seeing Fitz’s and Mellie’s TV interview. Hearing Fitz go on about falling head over heels in love wih Mellie at first sight (obviously lies) drove her straight into Jake’s bed.

    I don’t get those who are proclaiming that Jake could be good for Olivia. The man set up their first meetng and is using everything he learned about her by spying on her to romance her. Haven’t you guys watched Lifetime? The heroine usually ends up in a darken room clutching a knife as the stalker tries to find her hiding out in a closet.

    • M says:

      Finally! I mean I understand the difficulty some are having with the cliche of a philandering, married politician/president. But, Fitz is clear with Mellie, his wife, that not only doesn’t he love her, but that he loves another and wants a divorce. So, while as president, it’s still an impossible situation, at least he’s honest with his wife about his feelings. Twisted Mellie encouraged the romance when she felt it benefited her.

      Shonda and her wonderful team of writers challenge our conventions. Actually, if we were really being honest with ourselves, the only relatively reasonable suitor was Edison. By the lack of mentions in these comments, most likely felt that he was dull. It’s a great tv drama and a wonderful diversion from the real life decisions with consequences we make every day!

      • bad romance says:

        I thought Edison rather dull, but he WAS a sensible choice. Jake is not.

        • Moe says:

          Edison was just not dull, he had no respect for Olivia and her career. He was controlling and intrusive. He was the most normal, but who wanted that type of normal. Edison was more about his career and his needs than he was about his relationship with Olivia, which would have just been convenient. Early in his appearance, it was revealed that Edison chose his career over Olivia their first time around when they were engaged. Normal, yes, the man for Olivia… no. I wouldn’t wish that type of sensible on women; that’s not love…imo

          • M says:

            Yes, Edison was a dud and obsessed with his own career. But, he was “normal”, just a typical political mover. He was demanding and pushy; but he was single and hadn’t killed anyone. But, for my taste, he had no passion, at all! Boring…

    • bad romance says:

      Thank you!
      I was beginning to wonder what was going on!
      In what way could Jake POSSIBLY be good for her?
      The lying, spying, playing both sides against the middle way?
      Is the dude going to have to put on a hockey mask before people realise his character is no good and NEVER WAS?

  42. KOD says:

    Olivia in Scandal, please whats her real name?

  43. Jeri Lynn says:

    I just wanna say, AWESOME writing Matt. This is my first time reading one of your recaps and it was great. I love your style, witty, yet remarkably humorous. Keep it up, you’re doing a very good job. Thank you so much, for writing these recaps for us.

    **And to all the fans, I absolutely loved reading through your conspiracy theories. It was great getting to see what everyone thinks is going to happen:)

    I only came to this site to get a recap from this episode, bc I watched last nights new ep, but couldn’t remember what happened on the previous ep. Thanks in part to ABC for giving us a 3 week break. Them AS$HOLES!

  44. vikkie123 says:

    I think Cy is going to have Olivia killed. Jake has fallin for her.

  45. vikkie123 says:

    I’m so addicted to Scandal!!!!!! Cy is a snake never trusted him.

  46. unique1ndc says:

    I think there is something more to Jake. I believe Mellie is involved. That would be a huge twist. Take in the conversation Olivia had with Jake after her conversation with Fitz. In “Any Question”, Jake knew that Olivia had been with Fitz all night and his comment was that “i want a lot of things that he gets to have first”. Next thing to explore is why did Cyrus go to Olivia’s apartment after telling Mellie that he could get rid of Olivia.

    Also I disagree about Harrison being a “phone answerer”. Shonda is brilliant at slowly introducing characters life story. She gets you to feel for the character wether you like them, hate them, or just intrigued; then she take you back and gives them story and depth. There are other characters that will be explored next season. Stay tuned….