Grey's Anatomy Recap: Truth and Consequences

greysblogOn Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Bailey practically needs to be restrained, she’s so pissed that Leah caused an outbreak of post-op infections in her patients. But, before the intern can pack up her stethoscope and apply for unemployment, new information comes to light that changes everything. 

THE AWFUL TRUTH | When Leah admits that she treated patients while she had the flu, Bailey all but explodes. (And that’s before one of the patients dies!) However, at the hour’s end, Leah discovers that she only had contact with two of the three infected patients. That leaves just one doctor who had contact with all three: Bailey. Uh-oh.

THE MORE YOU GENOME | Frankly, the episode doesn’t exactly start well for Bailey, either: She has to tell Meredith that she tested positive for more than one of the genetic markers for Alzheimer’s disease. After that, Grey spends the rest of the hour trying to convince Derek to administer “a lethal dose of morphine the minute I don’t know where my keys are.” At least, she gets Cristina to agree to take Zola and “Fetus” upon her death. Well, for “three weeks every year,” anyway.

WHO’S YOUR DADDY? | Remember Ethan, the kid whose parents were hospitalized following last week’s highway disaster? Owen bonds with him some more this week – and even manages to get him admitted when it looks like he’ll have to spend the night in the care of Social Services. And when he’s not playing surrogate father to the youngster? The doc continues to question Cristina’s treatment of the boy’s actual father (which finally makes sense to her when she sees him again with the moppet).

TRADING PLACES | Though Shane does his darnedest to remain teacher’s pet, Derek tells “his” neurosurgery intern that he’s been replaced… by Heather. “Brooks,” McDreamy says, “has an instinct for this that you don’t have.” As of this episode, she also seems to have a lifetime supply of minty-fresh chewing gum.

DISCHARGED | Rather than let Matthew introduce her as a virgin to his mother (Brooke English?), April confesses to her boyfriend that she’s not as inexperienced as she led him to believe. No big deal, he says. What is a big deal, on the other hand, is that she lied. So, when he checks out of Grey Sloan, it appears that he’s also checking out of their relationship.

Okay, your turn. Did you like the subplot in which the docs learned from their Syrian counterparts how good they had it? What idea do you think Richard wanted to pitch Jackson? They couldn’t… they wouldn’t really fire Bailey, would they? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. the girl says:

    Derek’s words to Shane were way harsh, Tai. I thought he could have just told him something about being well rounded and not being a suck up. But instead he insulted his skills and instincts. I’m not sure I thought that was necessary, but it also made me realize how bizarre Shane was acting. I’m thinking he has some mental issue and this rejection is going to cause him to go all Single White Female on Derek and Brooks.

    • Clara Oswin Oswald says:

      I this Derek had to be harsh with him, cause he wasn’t getting what Derek was saying. he just kept going and doing everything for Derek , before Brooks could even do anything.
      There is something off with the was Shane is acting ever since last weeks episode, especially that last scene with Brooks at the Joe’s.i feel like this could go with him, either he goes and kills Brooks or he’s going to kill himself. He’s completely in love with Derek or extremely obsessedwith him.

      • Shuayb says:

        Exactly Derek tried to reason with him and it wasn’t working. Shane irritates me beyond all the other interns.

  2. Mary says:

    So what’s the guess on why Bailey’s patients are getting infections?

  3. Maris says:

    I don’t quite understand where they’re going with this Bailey thing, but I bet it’s gonna be really interesting, other than Mer’s storyline I didn’t really care about this episode.

    • Annabeth Sheperd says:

      Me too everybody always focus’s on other People When Meredith and Derek r the most important

  4. Temmera says:

    So saw the Matt and April breakup coming. Which is good because she belongs with Jackson anyway. I really hope Bailey doesn’t get fired and Derek didn’t have to be so harsh to Shane.

  5. RUCookie says:

    I really hope they don’t go the suicide route with Shane…Derek was horrible to him. Way too harsh considering he loved him until Hunt pushed him to try other interns. And what was going on with Bailey three weeks ago (in Grey’s world) that she spread a mega infection…did she treat someone that fell in the water or was that the week of the car crash…she touched something.

  6. Amanda says:

    I miss Alex Karev. That is all.

  7. tiffany says:

    I so tried of Shonda she is really mess up the show for me. First Lexie and Mark. Now Bailey. She being messing up Bailey all season: first the nickname BCB and interns showing Dr. Bailey no respect, the having her yell at the crash victim (her friends) and now this. . Shame on U Shonda. You took out my #2 favorite Lexie and now your messing with #1. If Bailey gets fired and leave, I’M DONE WITH GREY’S. That my girl.
    By the way if she get fired April should be fired for killed that patient, Meredith should be fired for messing with the Alzheimer’s Trial, Owen for being responsible for plane crash and Yang for lying about Burke’s hand.
    Just saying don’t get me wrong I love Yang and Meredith. April too. But fair is fair. Just my opinion.

    • sladewilson says:

      ^^^^ I agree with this 100%… Messing with Bailey is SO NOT COOL!!!!!

    • Meg says:

      But if you recall, April did get fired for killing the patient. She just got hired back later.

      • kavyn says:

        Didn’t she get fired because she failed her exam and they didn’t have enough room at the hospital to keep her on? Or are you talking about a different incident where she was fired?

        • jb says:

          The first time was back when Seattle Grace and Mercy West first merged in season 6; she forgot to do something simple and a patient died.

          • ashley says:

            she forgot to check the womans throat for soot after the fire. she was going to but someone called her for something else and she forgot to do it. but i dont think she got fired for that. she got fired because she failed her exam and owen went all nutso. thats why he went back and got her later. he knew he was insane at that time. april really was a good character doctor.

    • Chris says:

      Owen was not responsible for the plane crash. What, you think he made it drop out of the sky?

    • Tiana says:

      not to mention that Meredith did get fired as well,Yang may have not been fired for it but she never really let him touch the patients, she was the one who did all of his surgeries for him none the less it was wrong of her to lie about it but i guess him leaving on their wedding day was the revenge that was seeking her for that. Owen wan’t responsible for the crash, he just chose the wrong airline.. no one could have predicted that they would crash.. i think people are to harsh with him and that. He was definitely hurting after because he THOUGHT he was responsible, he wasn’t…. Now that they have figured out that only Bailey has had contact with all three patients what do they think she did? what needs to be investigated? do they think she did it on purpose or do they just need to take precaution actions… hmmm

    • corinne says:

      i agree if they get rid of bailey it will ruin the show. im so inlove with this show but they are really starting to ruin it for me. so many people are losing interest in this show because of how its turning out. i think that shonda made a wonderful show i do,but the way all the actors have been being cut just isnt suiting anyone. All the good ones are leaving all the ones worth watching are leaving. im kind of disappointed.

  8. Ace says:

    I was really hoping that with all this chaos in the hospital, Owen would get fired as Chief of Surgery, and Bailey would finally get that position. I feel like that would put this whole thing back on the right track. Maybe that’s what ultimately will happen, but this episode makes it seem a little less likely. Though, anything can happen.

  9. ten says:

    I’m worried about April not because of the breakup but about those medical supplies she gave without permission. Will she get fired for that?
    Bailey’s storyline was shocking. How did she get those patients infected?
    I want to see Owen become a dad and stay divorced from Cristina. Cristina should be alone and just be a kick-ass surgeon.

    • Mark says:

      So Cristina doesn’t deserve to be happy? To be with the man she loves? They both need to compromise, and in light of the plane crash, they realise they need each other. I don’t think Cristina should be alone and a kick-ass surgeon because that’s no longer enough for her, she needs her person too, who now happens to be Owen.

      • Babygate says:

        Problem is that you cannot compromise on a baby. You either want to be a parent or you don’t. She wouldn’t even agree to taking Meredith’s kids if something happened to MerDer and she told Mer while she was at Mayo that she would always be her person. Both Owen and Cristina deserve to be happy but Owen’s parental instincts are on high gear and Cristina has not yielded and she shouldn’t have to. There is no right or wrong here. Owen should have kids if he wants to and Cristina should not be obligated to have them if she doesn’t want to. There is no compromise on this. Right now they are both on denial but this has to come to a head soon because they cannot continue to ignore it.

        • Jane says:

          Owen is her person now, she told mer that when Owen and her weren’t talking. Derek is mer’s person. Ellen, Patrick, Sandra and Kevin have said that the twisted sisters is too extreme and fought Shonda so as that their partners would become their person.
          Also there is compromise on a baby in shondaland, just not very realistically. I think that of Owen adopted she would support him, and if it came to it she would help raise a child, she just wouldn’t choose it if she had a choice.
          However I think that Owen wants her child, not just any child, but Cristina’s. I think he is over compromising with Ethan.

          • kavyn says:

            There’s really no effective solution to the baby drama. Neither of them will change their mind, and there’s no way Owen would be okay with adoption if he had to see his child deal with a mother who doesn’t want anything to do with him/her.

            They have to split up if Owen wants a kid.

          • Babygate says:

            While Cristina was in Minnesota she had a phone conversation with Mer and told her, YOU are my person. You will always be my person. If she reversed this after she returned, I honestly do not remember. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that the twisted sisters relationship is not one too healthy. Mer keeps putting Cristina in a place that should be reserved for her husband. She did it again last night. Derek did not agree to put Mer out to pasture the moment she went senile but Cristina did. Once Mer tells Derek Cristina’s response, he chuckled but he was clear. He said, this is something that WE need to discuss. So the parameters of that friendship are still undefined.

          • Ninna says:

            If Owen adopted she would support him, and if it came to it she would help raise a child, she just wouldn’t choose it if she had a choice.???

            Support him? How? By getting him a wagon of superorganized German nannies and going with the two of them on vacation for three weeks a year to hold a candle to the happy ‘couple’? I don’t think this is suited for Owen neither for her.

            She would help raise the child? Wouldn’t that be mothering? The thing she less wants in the world? Wouldn’t shonda be breaking her substance in that case?

          • Ninna says:

            Babygate, though the reasons Cris said to Mer awhile ago that Owen was her person never were clarified, the truth is that later in Minnesota she backtracked herself and again she showed that Mer is her person and this time by words which is something I think we never heard before, Hence more meaningful. During the crash, Mer stated again Cris was her person. So I don’t think that there was in fact a retreat on the part of the authors, in order to make their husbands their persons.
            I’m not seeing Shonda admitting she was wrong and revert the concept of the show. And frankly in owen’s case, I think Cris should think twice before making him her person.

    • Tiana says:

      There is nothing wrong with them being together,, in time she would want a child just not at the moment where she knows that she would have to give a lot to get a lot .. I couldn’t see her with anyone but Owen and sooner or later something will happen with them (with the whole child thing)

      • Meg says:

        That’s completely insulting to the women of the world who, like Cristina, don’t want to have children. Over 9 seasons Cristina has firmly held the stance that she does not want to be a mother. Getting pregnant has not changed her mind on that. Some women just don’t want to be mothers, and I don’t know why people don’t understand that.

        • susela says:

          I agree! Although I wanted very much to be a mother, I understand and respect women who know they don’t want kids at all. They often have a good understanding of their own personalities and the ways that they may not be suited for motherhood. It’s a hard gig, and I salute people who wisely know it is not for them. I love Christina, but she shows real self-awareness in choosing not to be a mother.

      • Babygate says:

        To say that ‘in time’ Cristina would come around is condescending and patronizing. Cristina knows what she wants. She is all about the science. This is the very same attitude that Owen had. He knew early enough that Cristina did not want to have kids and he just chuckled it away like she was just being a silly little girl. Later he admitted that he thought she would change her mind. I understand that Crowen is end game for many who ship them, but this baby issue is not just some minor disagreement. It’s a big deal. That’s the reason Callie and Arizona broke up in S6 because they both realized that there was no compromising. One of them had to change their mind. They didn’t just sweep it under the rug. They dealt with it. Cristina and Owen are still not dealing with it.

      • Ninna says:

        Of course! What’s her use if she doesn’t give usage to that useless uterus!
        Yeah what a bitch!
        When I saw she was a free kids person , I soon saw she was a person of evil.

    • Ninna says:

      I too want Owen stay divorced from Cristina. The day this lout is out of her life for good is not soon enough. In time she will find the right person.

    • NYMichele says:

      Owen and Yank are divorced but yes I agree. Owen should have the opportunity to be a dad.

  10. Babygate says:

    What happened tonight? After such strong episodes this one was underwhelming at best. Way too much Meredith. The plot was moving at a glacial pace. The story with the Syrian doctors showed such promise and it felt flat. This really was a boring episode. I missed Jo. I used to like Matthew but I’m over it. Hope we don’t have to see him again. Can we get rid of Shane already? He’s coming across as too desperate and its not endearing. I wanted to hear more about Callie’s cartilage. And Owen with his obsession with this boy is creeping me out. The way he touches his face is wierd. Kevin needed to tone it down. And ok, I know they need to create some kind of dramatic tension before the finale, but ganging up on Bailey like that was not cool. You can’t discipline or warn her when an investigation hasn’t been conducted. Deborah Cahn needs to stop writing for Greys. Her episodes are subpar, especially compared to the newer writers. She made almost every character unlikeable.

    • Lindsey says:

      I hate when people say to much Meridith. She is the show. The show is about her and her name is in the title. If she goes there is no show. When she dies or gets fired or whatever the show is done.

      • Babygate says:

        I love it! The indignation of Mer’s uber fandom! It is what it is. I have watched and own every season of Greys but Meredith was never, ever my favorite. And she was way more likeable in the beginning. After she ruined Derek’s trial she didn’t even make my top 5. But what do you people care? You should be happy you got an hour full of your fave. Celebrate that. You are not going to change my mind. This episode had too much Meredith and it was boring. That’s my opinion and I have a right to it. And this goes for everyone that commented on this. I just won’t repeat myself.

      • LC says:

        This may have been true in the past, but not now that the hospital is named Grey-Sloan. I don’t go scouring the interwebs for tidbits on Grey’s, so this may have already been stated somewhere and I just don’t know about it…but I’d put money on the remainder of this season and all of next season seeing a major shift away from the Mer/Der focus and moving to other characters.

        A year ago, we all wondered if the show would/could survive with Ellen and Patrick, especially after the death of Lexi who was the Grey-heir apparent, but I think Shonda is ready to face facts that her leading couple is going to be ready to move on in a season or two. The renaming of the hospital is her way of setting the stage for their exit. Ellen can leave, Mer/Der can ride off happily into the sunset, and Grey-Sloan hospital now becomes the title character in Grey’s Anatomy.

        • Babygate says:

          Exactly! When they changed the name of the hospital my first thought was that Shonda is setting the stage for a MerDer exit. Now there won’t be a question of ‘the missing Grey’ because the hospital has now become the Grey in Greys Anatomy. Like it or not, an aging show loses viewers and gets more and more expensive as the stars demand higher and higher paychecks. At some point, I think it will be unsustainable to keep Ellen as the Greys in the show. At some point ABC is going to have to let go of the most expensive actors. They cannot keep doing what they did last season by getting rid of three characters to be able to keep two. I think that MerDer’s story is already beginning to wrap up.

    • kita says:

      “way too much meredith”? are you serious? i think you need to take a step back and reevaluate your understanding of this show: it’s called ‘grey’s anatomy’ for a REASON. the show is about meredith’s life and those who are in it; yes, there have been times where episodes are more heavily based on secondary characters but without meredith this show would not exist. she is the main character, and that’s not ever going to change. saying ‘too much meredith’ is like saying there’s ‘too much harry potter’ in the harry potter books/movie series.

    • Sophie says:

      Are you serious? Way too much Meredith??? Its “Grey’s” anatomy.. and seriously Jo is the most annoying intern so far ( even Murphy seems tolerable ) i was so happy she wasn’t in this episode at all

  11. Robert says:

    Bailey’s storyline reminds me of an ER storyline where Dr. Corday was being blamed for a series of post-op infection deaths and it turned out to be someone else.

  12. tahina says:

    My bet its on MRSA outbreak.

  13. Golds says:

    The Bailey seen upsets me Bailey is a professional it was bad enough that she isn’t on the board and didn’t make chief now to insult her further! I agree if she is to be fired so should Owen,Grey…..and a host of others.
    April stealing med supplies very disturbing.

  14. Doug says:

    I just about had a heart attack. If bailey goes I’m done for sure. I bet April will get the boot from the show. I hope that this is not how they are going to end the show. I hope there is many more seasons yet. Keep bailey!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Babygate says:

      Bailey will never be gone. She’s the heart of the hospital. Spiritually, she’s over everyone. But with the exception of the wedding she has been pretty much on the background all season so it was time for her to get a significant storyline.

  15. aadil says:

    I don’t get some of the comments here. They are too pissed if a lot of things happen to some character, they complain if nothing is happening. I am all glad at least bailey is getting some story line after a long time. Maybe something good will come out of this. We dont even know what caused the infection so let;s chill out and see. I am sure this will be a great material for Chandra Wilson and we will get some good moments from her.

    • Eli says:

      Thank you for being a voice of reason here. I thought this was actually a great episode, especially the ending. This is a much more realistic storyline than yet another plane/car crash, gunman, random disaster/accident.
      Plus we finally got rid of stupid Matthew, who was about as useless a character as they come.

  16. Para says:

    Guys chill , it’s just that I think grey is gearing up for the finale again….

  17. E says:

    I love Baily, but I can’t see any hospital making her Chief of Surgery when she just became an attending surgeon about 4 years ago.

  18. liveskate99 says:

    I highly doubt anything tragic or detrimental is going to happen to Bailey. Shonda Rhimes has always saidd bailey is “her” and she could never do anything to her. However she is the same one who killed Lexie but left April and her pointlessness character survive. She took Arizonas leg and threw a load of new interns with no purpose down out throats. This season has been awful. If she spent more time making greys as good as it used to be and not on Scandal, it might be worth something.

  19. Tia says:

    Loving all the Meredith Grey and Meredith and Derek together. The reason why I watch.

    Couldn’t careless about April and her virginity issues, or Bailey.. I guess something like this happened to her, to pull her off her high horse.

  20. big cheddar says:

    Great All My Children shout-out. Can’t wait for April 29th!

  21. MKRR says:

    I loved this episode, especially meredith and derek, they are my favourite couple, i can never get enough of them.
    i was happy jo wasen´t in it, i just can´t stand her, and she has zero chem. with alex, i wish he´ll met someone better.
    it will be a great story if shane gets all depressed, does something horrible, like kill all the inturns and then kills himself ( i know, a bit harsh).
    i also love mer and cristina´s scenes.
    Can someone plz. tell me how many episodes this season has? i really hope will get a season 10.

    • LMSO says:

      There are 24 episodes this season, so four more to go beginning April 25. The SF will be May 16. S10, while not yet official, seems all but certain. GA is still ABC’s top drama after all these years and the core cast is signed for S10.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Isn’t it possible that Owen adopts a child but still is with Cristina? I mean he would be the father, and she would be a feminine figure but not the official mother. She would take care of him when she has time but not like a real parent…

    • kavyn says:

      That’s still parenting…

    • Ninna says:

      Yeah, soooo beautiful. Her mothering in her left time which is basically none!
      I bet that after Owen adopting the little guy and raising him alone, doesn’t have time for his relationship with Cris either. It’s only a thought.

      However, two people with so different objectives of life, living their lives apart of each other and meet to booty-calls doesn’t make a great relationship, doesn’t it. Ohhh, the love!

  23. Nancey says:

    Solid entertaining episode. They even managed to surprise me with the Bailey twist at the end. Don’t worry people. That is just Rhimes’ way of keeping people talking for two weeks when the show isn’t on. She will be fine. I’m glad there was more than a minute of Meredith and Derek and Cris and Mer had some face time together. Yes those three are my favorites.

    • LC says:

      Really? You were surprised by the Bailey twist? As soon as she started yelling at Leah, I turned to my husband and said, “It’s not going to be Leah, it’s going to be Bailey.” We didn’t find that twist to be very surprising at all.

      • Tina says:

        Ditto. Bailey’s reaction to the intern being sick sealed the deal. However, part of me was hopeful that they would make this intern an example for NOT operating/working when you are sick. I was imagining the Chief letting her have it. Heck, I wouldn’t have been sad to see her go–I’m not invested in the interns (even though the writers keep trying to push them on us). Regardless, there was NO surprise when Murphy told Meredith that it wasn’t her fault. I knew exactly where that was heading…

  24. Chris says:

    You all who are crying and moaning about Bailey possibly getting fired obviously are naive about how TV shows work. Seriously, is this the first show you’ve ever watched in your lives?!? If she actually does leave the hospital, she’ll be back soon enough. Grey’s would never get rid of a character like her unless the actress wants to leave the show (which she doesn’t at this point, to the best of my knowledge). The most I can see happening is Bailey maybe being fired and then everyone finding out she’s innocent and bringing her back. Chill out!

  25. JenF says:

    Love the Brooke English reference. :)

  26. casgirl3 says:

    Did anyone see the Autism Speaks: Get the facts blue puzzle piece in the background. Love that they gave a nod to April being World Autism Awareness Month!

    Good episode over all. April just gets more annoying and can’t wait til she has to face the fact that she STOLE from the hospital.

    I’m sure Bailey will be OK. She just has to be!

    • AB26 says:

      ^ this!!! I also noticed this!! Love!

    • I think Jackson will cover for April if/when they realize the equipment is gone and that she gave it away. He was willing to open the ER for her when Cahill closed it a few episodes ago, he now owns the hospital, I don’t think she’ll get in trouble.

      Noticed that Autism Speaks poster, and I was like “YAY”

  27. forwarddad says:

    Can we get a recapper who likes the show? It was like his recap was on fast forward. Recapper please read Matt and Slezak’s recaps. That’s how it’s done.

  28. Danielle H. says:

    The war time quick and dirty method teaching was the highlight of the episode. It was awesome to see how grateful those drs were for all the things they were given and taught. And wtf is up w/ Bailey? They edited the preview HORRIBLY and made it sound like they were gonna say someone had MRSA this episode instead of making us wait through a hiatus. O well what can you do.
    The show has a different feel now that they own the hospital. It’s not bad but it’s not the Grey’s like when Webber was chief. O the days.

  29. JDub says:

    BAILEY: I think it will be something with the materials (like the recent meningitis outbreak spread by steroid injections in the US; maybe something with the sutures she prefers to use). They went too far with her character being soo angry and egocentric. She’s very smart, she should have picked up that she was the connecting thread before anyone else did.
    WEBBER AND JACKSON: I think Webber is going to propose to Mama Avery :-)
    SHANE: his character needs to man up. He’s really nice and thoughtful but he needs a backbone more than just doing little bits of nipping at people and being Derek’s lap poodle is played out. If he really does love Neurosurgery he will work extremely hard to be better than the others. Derek cannot stop him if he is really meant to do it.
    APRIL: I never understand her character. Being a “born again virgin” would not have been a bad thing, I agree with her EMS guy, lying is what did it!
    JACKSON AND APRIL: No! No! No! I like him with the Intern (don’t recall her name, but she’s super cute)
    KAREV: Totally miss him!!!
    HUNT: Oh Hunt! He wants to be a father soo much, he’s doing too much. Adopt a child and see what Christina does (she’ll run!) and Hunt will be happier.

    • Tina says:

      Agree with your comments on Bailey. Chief/Jackson – I was thinking more along the lines of asking her to move in with him rather than marriage. Who knows–I still think it’s Mama-centric. Shane – I thought Derek was harsh. However, I’m shocked that they are letting the interns specialize. Mer, Alex, Cris, George, and Izzy went through all the rotations as interns. April – hate the chracter. Most annoying character on the show. Sarah Drew is terrific, but not as April. That character needs to GO! Agree with you about her and Jackson too. Thought they were a STUPID idea last year when they hooked up. Karev – Agree. Hunt. Kind of agree. Maybe.

  30. Singing gal says:

    Wonder if Webber’s proposal is to Jackson’s mom…aka Debbie Allen…

  31. Azerty says:

    You guys all think Bailey might be fired (and the end of the episode is made to let us think that) but would it be possible that Bailey is sick? Like infected by something and she spread the infection, contaminating patients after patients? If I remember well Bailey is one of the few doctors who hasn’t been a patient yet. Mer, Cristina, Alex, Derek, Arizona, Callie and even Richard back in season 1 had surgery so Bailey now? But she can’t be fired, in my head she is way too young to become chief right now but for the serie’s finale I want Miranda chief of surgery. It’s her legacy.

  32. chrissy says:

    Bailey was a patient when she had Tucker

  33. Monica says:

    IMO this show has lost it’s cool dynamic since season 3. I keep watching it, but it has not been easy to continue to watch it and feel that “Grey’s sensation” that kept me almost incapable of waiting until next weeks episode. Most of the remaining original cast has lost its “magic” and spunk. I understand that the twisted sister thing needed to change, but in all honesty, Mer and Christina ARE twisted, and they get each other like no one else does. Then Bailey, she used to be unbelievably cool, i loved her as the “Nazi”. Maybe they had to change her nickname because of ethical reasons, but she has changed in character so much, the hardcore Bailey with that huge “don’t mess with me” attitude, which has made this show so special to me is no more. Further, I just cannot get used to Weber not being the Chief. I get that he wanted to save his marriage and then wanted to be with his sick wife, but seriously, neither Der or Hunt are half the chief as Weber was. He has lost so much of his character which made this show so interesting and appealing to me in the first couple of seasons. He was a good leader who also always made the right decisions and at the same time would teach lessons to everyone he dealt with. Hunt is not a good leader, he is just “blah to me. Karev has become plain boring as well as Mer and Christina. Christina used to have so much spunk, was so much wittier and had the most funny and sarcastic lines and now.. well, once in a while she will make me laugh, but overall she is just not Christina anymore. Mark is missing, Lexi is missing, even George is missing. Not so much Izzy, but I did like her in the beginning. I don’t know if it is just me, but even the medical cases have become boring and predictable..the best episodes after season 3 were the two hours finale with the maniac shooter.. I know, I could simply stop watching, but i still remember how great especially the first two seasons were, medical cases, interns, chief, Bailey and music were, so that i am still hanging on.. i could watch season one and two over and over again, but never felt the urge to review one single episode after that.

  34. H.Houston says:

    I was thinking the same thing about Bailey taking over as the Chief. She made that comment to Webber in the episode when they thought the hospital was going to close or be bought out by Pegasus. And then Christina made the comment where she questioned whether Hunt even wanted to be the Chief. Also, even though they were sort of doing things in jest I though the set up of Bailey being the backbone of the hospital was another hint. I truly thought all of this was going to be the led up to Bailey being Chief and Owen taking over the ER… like the head of the ER department because he truly loved it there. I am not sure now what is going to happen. Bailey really is the only doctor that hasn’t been tarnished… everyone else at one time or another has either done something shady or something that could be twisted alittle into something shady. I am kind of disappointed that they are going this route with her.

  35. Jessica says:

    Greys anatomy is one of my favorite series they should make more of them and longer times to watch them they should put Callie and Arizona in more often they my favorite couple and actors