Smash Recap: Parental Guidance Rejected

Smash - Season 2 - Bernadette PetersThere are two ways to look at Smash‘s final Tuesday-night outing: You could feel depressed that NBC is pushing its musical dramedy to Saturday nights, where it’ll be whacked with the Grim Reaper’s scythe like a piñata at a child’s birthday party. Or you could raise the adult beverage of your choice and rejoice that this week’s episode featured the indomitable Bobby and another one of his bitchy quips.

“This is boring,” our chorus boy sighed as Bombshell star Ivy Lynn made nice with her Broadway legend mama Leigh Conroy (Bernadette Peters) on their first day of rehearsal. “I want my catfight already!”

Oh, Bobby, if — okay, when — Smash doesn’t come back next fall, I’ll miss you most of all. (Now if we could just find out what happened to dreamy Dennis, and maybe spin ’em off into a comedy called Chorus Kids, along with plucky Jessica, all would be right with the world.)

But I digress! Let’s cut to this week’s main plot points:

IVY LYNN HAS A MOTHER OF A REHEARSAL | The episode opened with Tom trying to get word to Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) that he’d hired her exhausting mother (who didn’t even show up to the opening of Liaisons!) to play the role of Marilyn’s mom in Bombshell. Ivy Lynn got the news just as Leigh burst through the door and sucked up every bit of oxygen in the joint, but still managed a feeble “Yay!” (Julia’s response — “It’s only been five minutes. Who knows what’ll happen after the shock wears off.” — was one of the night’s best zingers.) Instead of clashing, though, Ivy Lynn and Leigh tried so hard to be polite that their actual acting suffered. “They’re turning Norma Jean and Gladys into the Gilmore Girls,” sighed Tom. The neophyte director, however, eventually got the gals to go down memory lane — Leigh recounting stories of Ivy Lynn’s childhood obesity and her audition as young Kurt in The Sound of Music, Ivy Lynn sharing how mama instilled in her a deep inferirity complex — and suddenly it wasn’t just the scene that was dripping with tension. “At least the best part of my career is in front of me,” snarled Ivy Lynn, showing some of the bitchery that made her so fun in Season 1. The toxic mood led to a lovely rendition of “Hang the Moon,” Marilyn’s mom’s deathbed song of regret and contrition, and it really was a treat to see Broadway standouts Peters and Hilty doing their thing together (even if the Chinese lanterns were oddly distracting). Offstage, though, things didn’t end so beautifully, with Ivy Lynn telling her mom that once the show opens, “I’ll never need you again,” and then dropping this bomb on duplicitous Tom: “We’re not friends. I work for you now, and that’s it.” Ouch!

Smasj Karen Jimmy Post-SexKAREN’S DAD GETS A SNEAK PEEK | As Karen and Jimmy nuzzled and made coffee the morning after getting it on — was anyone else hoping we’d misremembered last week and that it would be Derek waking up in her bed? — Karen’s dad arrived. Jimmy snuck out the window, but as he entered the apartment, Mr. Cartwright caught a glimpse of leather jacket amidst the curtains. (If I’d been in his shoes, I’d have called 911: “Yes, send a patrol card! There’s a sociopath on my daughter’s fire escape!” But I’m paranoid about home invasion like that.) Later, attending Hit List rehearsals, dear old dad noticed Derek’s leather jacket — and mistakenly began to blame the philandering director for using “Little Derek” to lure his daughter away from a huge Broadway role to a far less career-launching production.

At a fundraiser for the Manhattan Theater Workshop, dear old dad saw his daughter belt out “Broadway Here I Come” — and saw her roommate Ana as “The Diva” give a nifty performance of “Reaching Out for You” (complete with the “bells and whistles” Jimmy hates so much — although I was 99% certain something was going to go wrong with the aerials, Ana would wind up paralyzed, and we’d wind up with a janky subplot for which no one asked. Thankfully my pessimism was all for naught.). The next morning, Mr. Cartwright realized two things: 1) Karen needs to follow whatever dream makes her happy — even if it seems a little cray-cray on paper. 2) Jimmy has a leather jacket, too, and he’s the one who was all up in Karen’s fire escape (not a euphemism). As Mr. Cartwright apologized to Derek, he shared his theory about Jimmy and Karen’s secret relationship — with the one man who’s sure to be furious about it. (Whoops!) And just like that another person loathes Jimmy. (See, I’m not the only one.)

A BAD MAN DOESN’T KILL OFF JIMMY (OR WHATEVER HIS NAME IS) | Remember when Jimmy broke into a dude’s apartment to get the book for Hit List, and got punched in the face? That dude came back this week, tracking Jimmy down to his rehearsal space and shaking him down for the money he owed. Oh, the dude is a drug dealer, and Jimmy owed him $8,000 that he stole on his journey to getting a fresh start. (Not much of a fresh start when it begins with theft, is it?) When Derek caught Jimmy looking for loot in people’s coats during the Manhattan Theater Workshop fund raiser, he agreed to loan the young composer the money. “You don’t have a monopoly on youthful indiscretion,” said our wordly Brit. Of course, that was before Derek knew Jimmy had violated his direct order not to get involved with Karen. And, of course, that was before Jimmy took a couple powder-filled baggies from Mr. Dealer as his parting gift for making good on his debt. “Have a good one, Collins. It’s Collins, now, right?” said Mr. Dealer, introducing the idea that Jimmy has a (dun dun dunnn) secret identity.

JULIA STALKS SCOTT — AND HE LOVES IT! | Despite last week’s accepted apology, Julia was still obsessing over MTP exec Eric (Jesse L. Martin), because that’s what she does, and because Jesse L. Martin is hot. He seemed to kinda sorta like her attentions, too. Them after Mr. New York Times Writer seemed more impressed by Ana’s performance than Karen’s — and after Kyle spontaneously lied and told said critic that Ana was “all over” Act 2 of Hit List, Eric did some thinking: Hit List‘s book needs help (and Kyle’s too busy cozying up to Lighting Guy to do any actual work). Hit List needs to turn Ana’s ancillary character into the second lead (also, we’ve established Kyle isn’t a good writer). And so just like that, Julia has signed on as the show’s dramaturg — unbeknownst to old pals Karen and Derek, and the certain-to-be-apoplectic Jimmy. I just hope Julia treats Jimmy with the same disdain she used to treat Ellis. That might make everything all worthwhile, no? Even the fact that I’m still having to type the word “dramaturg.” (Also: Would Eric really commission a total rewrite of a show he allegedly loves based solely on a passing cocktail-party comment from anybody, even an influential critic?)

EILEEN AND TOM DO SOME STUFF, TOO | Oh, Eileen is flirting with NY Times Guy (someone, get her a real plot! and a martini to throw!). Karen seems sad/confused/wan about Jimmy wanting to keep their relationship secret. (“If that’s what you want,” she said, once again subsuming her own feelings for those of her man). And Sam is now a backup chorus boy on Bombshell but kind of hating Tom.

Anyhow, over to you! What did you think of this week’s Smash? On a scale of one to Ellis, how crazy do you think Derek will get now that he knows about Jimmy sleeping with Karen? Did you buy Ana getting the attention of the NY Times dude? Did you kinda wish the drug dealer had put Jimmy in the East River with some cement shoes? Did you tear up like Julia at the end of the Leigh-Ivy Lynn duet? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. DAG says:

    Richard (Mr. New York Times Writer) didn’t see Karen perform as he was late. It seemed implausible that you would want a supporting character to outshine your lead character. And, that little aerial performance was cooked up in just a few hours – or did I miss something? At times, I love this show – at other times – not so much.

    • Josh says:

      It would be hilarious if Karen somehow ends up getting upstaged and overshadowed. I mean this play now has three leads…and she has the weakest voice out of the three and everyone knows the divas always get more love than the good girls(just like at season 1 of Smash)…so if this ends with Karen being “the chorus girl” like Ivy was in season 1 that would be HILARIOUS. And Jimmy can be in jail, and Bombshell could be a success.


      • JC says:

        Karen has a way better voice than Ana, come on! And I like Krysta, but her voice is nothing special imo.

        • Josh says:

          I thought that the first time(her first song was horrible) but I thought she sounded really good in this episode. Maybe it was all the fanciness of her performance that got me. Karen hasn’t had a big performance in like two episodes(last week she literally just stared off into space).

          • JC says:

            Oh i def preferred her voice in this song than last weeks, but i just dont think krysta’s voice is all that great. nice but it has no personality. obviously just my opinion. They totally did that on purpose though with making Ana’s performance so stagey. Have Karen stand by a piano and sing, while Ana is flying about all over the place. Of course it’s going to be more impressive. I hate how smash goes about setting things up so obviously.

          • the girl says:

            I assumed they were doing the staging because she’s supposed to be the Diva, so they had to make it theatrical and over the top. Which I appreciated… but I agree that she doesn’t SOUND like a Diva. At all. When you say Diva I immediately think, Aretha, Diana, late 80s Whitney, early 90s Mariah, Celine Dion. That girl gave us none of the above.

        • Kellie says:

          I disagree. I love Krysta Rodriguiz! She is an amazing broadway talent.

        • marta says:

          I agree, Karen’s voice is better than Krysta’s voice. But that aerial performance was fantastic!

  2. Gillian says:

    Karen’s dad hit the nail on the head regarding what is wrong with this season – Karen throws away Broadway & attaining her dream for a “boy” (not a man). Completely unbelievable. The writing is terrible this year. They’ve neutered Derek for a boy with an amazingly bad attitute. I keep hoping this show will improve but am losing hope. Hope Jack Davenport gets something else on American television. Love him and will miss seeing him on my screen on a weekly basis.

    • Josh says:

      Welcome to Smash: As Done By The CW…A strong girl(which Karen was ALL season one) gives up her dreams for a boy and becomes weak. Her whole storyline is “JIMMY”, when last year it was about her coming into her own, getting her dream and making it big. All of that has been washed away in some CW plot line where Karen has just stopped being Karen. I can’t even root for her anymore because she’s pathetic. She isn’t chasing a dream or bettering her career, she’s following “her heart”

      • Harmony says:


      • aud says:

        I never rooted for Karen, but I can completely see the plausibility of this storyline. People keep forgetting that she just ended a very serious relationship with her ex last season. Jimmy is her rebound. He’s talented (in every character’s eyes…to me he’s just a douche), and the Marilyn project was having a lot of troubles. So there, I can see why Karen did what she did. However, I watch Smash online this season, and forward through all the part about Hit List … ‘Broadway, Here I Come’ is a god awful song. Terrible…terrible.

  3. dan says:

    Did anybody else notice the poster for “Hit List” outside the theatre said that previews started on Feb 2 (or 5th), which means we’re in January in Smash’s timeline. Also, Derek wasn’t happy about adding the Diva number to the benefit, yet he was able to choreograph and entire aerial ballet in a mere hours…maybe he should work for Cirque deSoleil! Didn’t like Karen’s father’s plotline and I don’t believe he would’ve been that negative to his daughter. I did, however, like the fact he told Derek about the Karen/Jimmy affair. I’m not a huge fan of Bernadette Peters (never have been), but I actually like her as Ivy’s mother and I thought their number was well done. As for Julia now being the dramaturg for “Hit List” all I can say is…really? I guess the writers feel that there has to be a connection between the “Bombshell” plotline and “Hit List” for this show to work. And we all know this show isn’t working too well (although this episode wasn’t as awful as others).

  4. Nichole says:

    So the star sings by a piano while Miss One-Song-Diva gets the theatrics and grandiose costume? Don’t really buy that but whatevs. Karen’s song sounded better when Jimmy was singing it. I wish Jimmy would just fade in to the background, only being used to sing a song here and there, but I guess it’s way to late to course-correct that. I know a lot of people think this season is better than last, but the best part of last season was when the show was concentrating on Bombshell. This season, I’ve lost interest in Bombshell and Hit List isn’t exactly doing it for me either. Also, Ivy was more interesting when she let her insecurities turn her into a super bitch. This season, there’s not much to root for except for the possible Karen/Derek hook-up and Jimmy getting hit by a subway train. Yet, I’m still in it to the bitter end.

    • Marcie says:

      It looks like Jimmy is getting into some big trouble. Maybe Hit List will belong to Karen and Ana alone.

  5. Josh says:

    I’d love it if Julia just knocks down Jimmy. That would be gold. But she’ll probably just knock down Kyle and say, “Jimmy is a genius!” as the show seems to want us to think. Safran really sucks haha…Sorry I place the blame on him. The fact that Jimmy has become the co-lead(and even a bigger lead then Karen sometimes) has been the worst choice.

    And does anyone else notice that NBC keeps promoting their relationship and their drama even though that(and the character of Jimmy) is the thing everyone hates most?

  6. Maggie says:

    I think they actually did want to bring Dennis back, but the guy who played him, Phillip Spaeth, got a Broadway show, an real one ;) he’s in Matilda the musical, sounds like it’s a great show!

  7. strachpa says:

    I really am going to miss this train wreck of a show. My only guilty pleasure.

  8. BuffyXO says:

    I really loved the Hang the Moon number. If only the rest of the show lived up to little moments like those. If NBC ever wishes to go into musical television again (I think it will be a looooong time from now), they need to get with the “Bunheads” team. “Bunheads” knows how to mix performances with drama and comedy unlike SMASH or GLEE.

  9. JC says:

    Obviously setting up major tension between Karen and Ana for when she finds out Ana’s stealing her thunder with the expansion of the diva role, which will probs just be Karen being jeal for half an episode and then apologizing at the end of it lol! She ain’t no ivy!! Some thoughts:
    1. Kat mcphee sounded gorgeous singing BHIC in that rehearsal scene
    2. I love the ivy and Leigh bombshell number but OMG did it go on forever!! Also, why are we revisiting this s1 storyline again? Zzzzzzzz
    3. The Ana number was great as a visual, but I’m not loving Krysta’s voice so much. It’s good but nothing special.
    4. Agree with slezak that they’d be so ready to add to the diva role just because one theater criticic loved one song
    5. WHAT DOES KYLE DO?! What is the point of him seriously?
    6. Ive given up hope Karen and Derek will be endgame BUT PLEASE JUST GIVE US SOME CARTWILLS ACTION THIS SEASON! It’s what the people want! :( lol

    • Josh says:

      2. Because it’s unresolved? Many shows…especially serialized ones, continue to character storylines.

      • JC says:

        It was resolved enough last season for me not to want to have to sit through it all again! Lol. I’m just really not enjoying where they’ve gone with Ivy’s character this season. She’s so beaten down and what’s with the constant self- pity? I never thought I’d say this but I miss the sparky s1 ivy who’d stop at nothing to achieve her dream.

        • Josh says:

          I definitely miss the spark of Ivy too…It’s like they didn’t want her to be mean, so they took out all her spunk. But I like this storyline because it means more Megan Hilty who sadly use to be the second young lead in this story before Horrible Jimmy came along.

          • The Beach says:

            I think you’re exactly right about Ivy’s character. Her driven, slightly mean girl but passionate character that drew everyone in has been replaced by the self-pitying Ivy that has been really boring this season. There’s not much time to bring back the old Ivy but please, give it a shot.

  10. Smasher says:

    someone please explain to me what Kyle does, or is doing, and why he is still even involved in the show? More useless character of all time, altho he is kinda adorable lol

    • Chris says:

      Obviously he’s the standin for Josh Safran. You know, the guy who thinks knowing people in Broadway musicals makes him qualified to write about Broadway musicals. And what a great job he’s doing. It’s not his fault that next year he’ll have to find another show to ruin.

  11. SybilT says:

    It’s sad that I’m rooting for Karen to end up with a womanizing, semi-alcoholic director who sexually harasses his actresses, but that’s what it’s come to. Jimmy-in-love is just as insufferable as Jimmy-the-ungrateful-jerk.

  12. Erik Galston says:

    I too thought that Ana was gonna fall… i was expecting it everytime she did a flip in the air that she’d fall… I’m glad i was pleasantly surprised that she didn’t. I’m over the Jimmy stuff.. though its funny to me that they are doing stuff every episode to make the two sides of the cast interact.

  13. forwarddad says:

    I think NBC doesn’t care anymore. Do they not see this train wreck of Jimmy? Why don’t they fix this ?

    • Chris says:

      They can’t fix this because all the episodes have already been filmed–another stupid decision by NBC.

  14. PFitzDC says:

    Kinda sad that I’m the first to notice that Slezak repeatedly calls Jesse L. Martin’s character by the wrong name. (Eric?!?!?….fyi: It’s Scott.) All that aside, I think Smash is so much better than last year, although what ISN’T working is so bad that it outshines what works quite nicely. Grateful that NBC (probably true thanks go to uber-power-player producer Spielberg) for letting all the episodes air.

  15. Toia says:

    Every time Jimmy comes onscreen I check my twitter or Facebook. I have no time for him. All these silly trite revolutions about him seem very amateur “bad boy” cliche writing workshop hour to me things that should never have made it to the final product.

    I am all there with Ivy it was good for the stage and will take big $$ and hours on the therapist couch to get over working with her mom. And the lanterns where crazy I mean what did they have to do with that song or the staging of it I don’t know.

    And finally something for me to get interested in Hit List. I am intrigued by the diva. In the show needs more of her and less of by the book bad boy and dead eyes McPhee and there completely lack of chemistry. It’s going to be interesting to see what the NYT story will be having only seen the character with one song

  16. I had the exact same thought about the aerials sequence lol. I thought Ana would fall, be injured in some capacity and use her injury to woo Jimmy in some way…or even worse, woo Derek!

    • The Beach says:

      I’ll bet if this were a real show and the acrobatics were repeated night after night, eventually there really would be an accident. It was a little Cirque du Soleil.

      • JZ says:

        I thought it was more like Pink. She did an aerial number about 2 years ago on several awards shows. They are obviously trying desperately to attract young viewers, hence the pre-pubescent romance between Jimmy and Karen. I really don’t like K. McPhee – someone said she had “dead eyes” and they were spot-on. She’s a terrible actress and a mediocre singer as well.

        • Mark Hipps says:

          I thought the same thing. It was a complete rip off of PINK. Also it was unrealistic that this number would be included in the show, It just seemed like a grandstanding MTV moment that doesn’t fit with the show. I loved last season. I am learning to like this season. The episode where Julia got outed as the dramaturg kind of brought everything together. It’s just a shame they took this long to have the show make sense. I have been disappointed with Katherine’s character this season but loved the duet with her and Megan. That was a wonderful moment. It’s funny what the author of the article said about the chorus people as I have been thinking that all along. I love when they are in a scene and right now they would make a much more interesting show.

  17. the girl says:

    I have to say, part of the reason Smash isn’t as good this year is because so many people complained about how unreasonable it was that Karen got the part of Marilyn. I feel like this entire season has just been course correction – setting the stage for Ivy to get the role and the viewers to get their way. In so doing, the problems with Smash are now much, much worse.

    Now there is no competition – no interaction at all – between Karen and Ivy; Derek hasn’t had sex with anyone in weeks (booo!!); Eileen isn’t throwing cocktails around with abandon (double booo!!); attention is taken from Bobby and Jessica in favor of Ana and Kyle (umm, what??); and we have to put up with THE worst character of 2013: Jimmy Collins. THE worst. The absolute worst.

    Not for nothing, I seriously wonder what would have happened if they had never introduced Hit List. That was a show I wanted to see.

    • Marcie says:

      You are absolutely right, in my opinion. The writers/director spend too much time reading the boards, apparently. Now the “fans” have what they want and it’s awful. I loved Smash more than most, and I’m starting to give up. I’ve loved Karen more than Ivy until the last couple of weeks. Now I just feel sorry for both of them, as actresses I mean. What a mess.

      • marta says:

        i don’t think it’s the “fans” that got what they wanted, I think it’s the CRITICS. They were very critical about Smash after the first episode. Safran & NBC gave in to the Critics, only for them to continue their ‘hate watching’. Sad . . .

    • Josh says:

      Yeah that’s another thing…WTF….The karen/Ivy relationship was an interesting one…and they just dropped it? Man, this hsow is a mess in every corner. I do think the show is WORST then last year. At least I had fun while it was bad. I just don’t have fun anymore.

    • marta says:

      i would LOVE to see HIT LIST!

    • marta says:

      Karen + Derek = BOMBSHELL Tom + Ivy = snoozefest

  18. Shar says:

    …enter stage right… Karen loses all of her songs to Ana and leaves in a huff and becomes understudy to Ivy who, in a funk because of her mother successfully commits suicide, ( or is unable to perform) and Karen takes over in true Broadway tradition.( this also explains McPhees shorter haircut which is easier to tuck under a Marilyn wig,)

    Hit List goes on but Jimmy overdoses on the doctored drug his old buddy gave him.

    Tom and Derek realize their true feelings for each other and start dating.
    Julia & Scott sing together and he finds out how bad she is and dumps her flat.
    exit stage left.

  19. Joe says:

    Hang the Moon was perfect. Wept even more the second viewing. This show has me thrilled at times then trails off to la la land. If we could only cut and paste the highlights! Then, I have a secret fantasy that financial backers would raise 70 some million like Wickid and build a real Bombshell production. We all love Marilyn and her impact on our lives. It could be a true smash with season one Ivy, Joe D, And so much more. There is a lot to work with here folks. Please, master creator of the universe, let the spirit of the show live on.

  20. Ever says:

    Oh, it’s a bitchy, trite review again. Cool. Stop writing about a show if you hate it. I love Jimmy, his singing, his talent, his looks and his bad boy image. This show is the only one on television about Broadway. I hope it’s saved by some no name channel just so theater die hards can continue to watch. Did I mention your reviews suck?

    • Margo says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Love the sexy Jeremy Jordan, hate this guys dumb reviews and I really, really want the show to live on so new york theater geeks have a show to watch!!

      • Ever says:

        The EW recap is great because she actually likes the show, is excited about it and is actually funny when harping on the character of Jimmy.

  21. Angel says:

    I love Bernadette Peters, and the number she did with Megan Hilty was the best part of the show last night. Jimmy is annoying and needs to go. I have never been a huge fan of Derek, but I sort of found myself routing for him last night after Karen’s dad told him about her and Jimmy. I think Karen would be better with Derek, he respects her talent, and tries to help her build it. I feel like Ivy was a little hard on Tom, I understand he did what he thought was best for the show, but he wanted Ivy’s opinion before her mom agreed to do the show. Heck, even her mom asked for Ivy’s approval before she agreed to do the show.

  22. MC Maine says:

    I think a grown man who says “cray-cray” should be embarrassed.

  23. Liam says:

    Can i please have a full version of Katharine’s broadway here i come? She sounded so amazing singing that. Especially at the beginning of the episode.

  24. Was I the only one who was cracking up at the irony of the conversation about how to turn someone into a second lead? It’s so obviously the way that Ivy’s character was developed for season one that I was laughing hysterically. A villian and a cautionary tale? Check.
    I truly hate the Jimmy character. I love Jack Davenports acting but I do not want Derek with Karen. I want Karen to get a back bone and learn to be a successful independant woman. She is bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriend. She constantly puts her own emotional and professional needs second to that of whatever guy she is closest too. It’s depressing and disgusting. Does Ivy have a love interest? No, because she is focused on her career. I had such hopes that Karen was going to stop being a wet dishrag when I was watching the commercials for season two but that didn’t happen.
    Megan Hilty and Bernadette Peters were amazing and I want more Megan Hilty songs. Please and thank you.

    • Toia says:

      I completely agree with you about Karen and Derek the idea is gross to me. But as far as her jumping from one relationship to another some women are just like that. I can think a half dozen friends who are like that who can’t understand why I am not. That aspect of Karen’s character seems to fit her in my opinion. She never came across as strong to me.

    • coral05 says:

      Totally agree. This season has turned a show with strong female leads into a sexist bore. Despite last season’s flaws, there were sparks, ambitious characters vying for parts, and it was about something more than male egos. Hit List seems to have no dramatic core. Jimmy is an abusive creep. Derek has been denuded of what made him interesting. All the characters, in fact, have been flattened, had their motivating drive removed or silenced.

      Still, I love the music, the theater world setting, and the initial “idea” of the main leads–Tom, Ivy, Eileen, Julia & Derek especially. The last few episodes the Julia & Scott story has captured my interest, although the dramaturg stuff is still pretty annoying. I hate what the writers have done to Ivy and Julia, even Karen (and less pronouncedly, to Eileen). They’ve made them submissive, subservient to much less talented men.

      • I love the concept and i love the musical numbers. I just feel like the show is trying to play into stereotypes too much and not writing the original story that they have the potential too. As for Karen not being strong, that was kind of my point. Do the writers have any idea how unappealing it is in a female lead to have her so emtionally dependant that she’ll chase after an egotistical, drug addicted jerk to get attention. It’s pathetic. If it were a secondary character it wouldn’t be so offensively awful but Karen is front and center all the time and it’s thoroughly demoralizing to watch a beautiful talented girl act like a 16 year old that needs a date to prom.

  25. Deray says:

    I just need Karen and Derek together. They don’t even need to be endgame, but I need to see at least a kiss. Two years rooting for them…
    This show cannot get canceled before they get together. Period.

  26. mary says:

    I would love to see Derek and Karen evolve into the next Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon. That would open up a world of possible storylines for them and dozens of new musical nimbers.

    I truly hope NBC or another network gives SMASH a third season to work out its kinks. It is well worth saving.

  27. AH says:

    Why are we making Tom insufferable? Did everyone like him too much?

    • coral05 says:

      Yeah. He used to be the most likeable character. The writers seem to need to take every character with an ounce of talent or verve and destroy them.

  28. Haie says:

    “was anyone else hoping we’d misremembered last week and that it would be Derek waking up in her bed?”


    You’re the best, man.

  29. Anon says:

    Dude…you guys are going the way of E! Online and reviewing shows that they haven’t watched. : P : D The New York Times Dude/Eileen’s new love interest never saw Karen sing….they even have two characters state that back to each other. “You missed Karen Cartwright”, then “I missed Karen Cartwright”…

    This reviewer just loves to hate the Karen character.

  30. Caro says:

    I want Derke and Karen together and if Josh Safran weren’t the biggest idiot ever to run a show that is what he would be giving us! I hope no one else is ever stupid enough to hire this loser to ruin another show!

  31. Titina says:

    “was anyone else hoping we’d misremembered last week and that it would be Derek waking up in her bed?”

    Me! Me! ME!
    Is it really that hard to make Karen & Derek hook up on this show? I mean.. Come on! They´ve been teasing us with that since the pilot! We are almost two seasons done and nothing! KILL OFF JIMMY please. I´ve had enough. Why is there so much focus on him?
    Stupid Safran! He killed a show with so much potential after that amazing S1 finale. It´s so sad.
    Just hoping before this show is over they made Karen & Derek hook up for the memories!

    • L says:

      Totally agree on Titina’s post. Let Jimmy be ‘just a phase’ for Karen PLEASE! Derek and Karen should be together!

  32. Ally says:

    When Karen sings, I feel it. When Ana sings, i don’t care that much although she’s good. When Ivy sings, i think “what a fantastic talent” but I still don’t feeeeeel it. Karen’s my STAR on this show.

    And please let Karen and Derek get together, get together already! I’m a sucker for happy endings.

  33. marta says:

    ^^^ this 100% agree

  34. Frank says:

    Super upset about SMASH moving to Saturdays. Everyone who watches tv knows what that means. I don’t get what happened last season was soooo good. This show used to be everyone’s must watch and it’s fallen to the waistside. The character of Jimmy was so annoying, although his voice is amazing. Karen has become so uninteresting. What happened to her record deal possibility last season? She gave up what she fought so hard for last season because of a conversation Tom was having with Ivy and they laughed wth! Despite the issues of this season I still love the show and do not want to see it canceled, but its going to take a lot to come from a saturday time slot.

  35. Marti says:

    Am addicted to the show, even if it drives me nuts at times. The Jimmy character is THE WORST thing going, in non appeal vocally and visually. McPhee looks depressed all the time, even when she smiles, and is boring to watch. I think Megan Hilty is fantastic to watch, what a real talent! But please have Anjelica Huston stop it with throwing cocktails. It’s really lame writing…