Scandal Sneak Peeks: Cyrus Has a Secret, and a Question That Has 'Bugged' Us Is Answered

This week on ABC’s Scandal, Cyrus is surprised to learn that someone knows a secret he has been keeping, while a burning question raised by many a TVLine commenter gets answered.

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In this first clip from Thursday’s episode — which is titled, “Molly, You in Danger, Girl” yet is not the one directed by Tony Goldwyn — something that Cy has been keeping under his hat comes to light. What sort of counsel does Fitz offer his chief of staff?

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Next up, we get the answer to, “Why has surveillance-savvy Huck never discovered that someone has Olivia’s home bugged up the wazoo?” And boom, suddenly it allll makes sense.

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  1. Annie says:

    I think you’ve got these videos backwards on the page. The top one was the answer to the “Next up” question and vice versa.

  2. christy says:

    Oh fitz! “If you love him don’t give up on him”. I

  3. anon says:

    Fitz, go and get your woman!

  4. Love Cyrus and Fitz. And Fitz is obviously talking about Olivia. Love seeing sober Fitz back to being himself. NOT pleased that, in all this, once again they will never have Olivia own up to what she did and actually APOLOGIZE to Fitz for it, because “I made a mistake” is no apology whatsoever. And Fitz almost got killed because of what Olivia participated to. Not to mention his Presidency isn’t legitimate. And she lied to his face for three years. This gender bias infuriates me. It’s this TV habit, that the female lead can get away with murder and NEVER own up to it (feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t count IN THE SLIGHTEST, you must apologize to the other person), and come the end, for doing FAR LESS (a couple of really harsh sentences? Surely that doesn’t equate rigging an election) the man is still on bended knee and begging for forgiveness. This when he is the wronged party. Everyone has forgotten what Olivia has actually done and that Fitz is the wronged party, and nothing of what he did to Olivia even remotely compares to what SHE did to him. It needs to stop.

    The Huck one is ridiculous for anyone who’s ever watched a procedural, let alone spy shows. NO self-respecting former CIA spy EVER does bug sweeps on the clock. ALWAYS at random, and that’s a very, very basic rule. Even in schools they know that when they do random checks. They wrote themselves in a corner because let’s face it, this was stupid writing about the cameras, everyone questioned them, and they came up with an answer that is really sloppy. There comes the moment when even in a show you really love, you have to call out people for NOT doing their writing job properly. They most certainly didn’t in this case. Huck isn’t an amateur. He was the star of his CIA program. He’d NEVER do checks scheduling them. Ever. That is a mistake not even a rookie would do. Lazy, lazy writing. Also, it’s a Wednesday. Shouldn’t Jake be, like, you know at work??? He has half the day to spare removing and then re-installing cameras? Ok then.

    • anon says:

      Co-sign about the ridiculous idea that Fitz being mean to Olivia trumps her complete betrayal of him with Defiance and refusal to own up to it. Sorry, that is just fly with me.

    • Marcie says:

      I agree entirely with you. It’s just sloppy writing. Huck is one of my favorite characters and I resent his being made to look so dumb.

    • mrenee says:

      I’ve decided that at a certain point, you must suspend all reality while watching–which is sad really, because you have a great cast, who are more than capable of sellling whatever. I guess we’ll have some tragedy and Fitz will save the world and Olivia will go ahead wringing her hands and being the only one hurt here. Olivia’s love for Fitz seems reason enough for the election rigging, but not even one “real” conversation in one year? She could place her entire life in jeopardy–numerous times, but cannot confront him? I get the weak but strong thing, but seriously, she can only manage to get out three sentences?

      By the way, why hasn’t anyone asked themselves how in the heck he found out? Aren’t they all in serious trouble should someone else know about this? Nope, no one is curious at all?

      Let’s see, Huck has supposedly killed world leaders, but cannot manage to sweep an apartment? Isn’t this Spy101? How much money must Olivia make? No doorman or super security?

      Let’s hope that by the next season, they’ll have more time to work out the details of the storylines and the continuity team can keep up. Maybe Olivia will be fleshed out a bit and poor Fitz doesn’t spend the whole year chasing Olivia.

      • Lanette says:

        Are you kidding!!!!!! or did you miss an episode? We all know how he found out about Defiance…Verna!

        This has nothing to do with what you just said but what is unreal is that a President can go running down the hall after someone and have angry sex in a closet and no secret service wonder where the hell his is. So I said to myself…Self…act like you just saw him tell secret service to stand down! lol

    • mehere says:

      It looked to me like Huck was putting on a show, trying to make someone believe they sweep on a schedule. I trust the writers know what they’re doing. Stop being suckered by the promos. Marketing cuts the promos.

      • Sabrina says:

        Thank you for realizing this show is never as it seems.

      • Mary Turner says:

        I agree, I don’t normally think out spy stuff but immediately said to myself no Huck you never do it on the same day then I realized the fact he was making it obvious was for a reason. Huck always watches out for Olivia and may know something is going on. Never think you have the mind of Shondra Rimes figured out I suspend all logic (like Fitz running down a hallway all alone, as commentor above I just assume we are supposed to know he told those two guys who have seen him with Liv to stay put) and just let the intensity keep me on the edge of my seat. Never knowing where the twists and turns will go.

    • mehere says:

      Five episodes remain. Of course Olivia will apologize. Let the season unfold. She’ll apologize for the betrayal. And, this is Scandal…of course they’ve figured out Olivia is probably being spied upon. They just don’t have all the details.

    • I Totally agee with you on all points

    • Gina says:

      I agree with your post that Olivia needs to apologize. As for Huck, I agree but I get a feeling that the schedule is a misleading. They started talking about it once they entered the apartment, pretty much to mislead whoever is wathcing olivia in the apartment. I am sure we are going to get surprised with that tomorrow.

    • Lanette says:

      Give me a break! Olivia was not the responsible party for Defiance and in fact she is the only one that did not want it. She said she made the mistake but don’t forget Fitz was not listening to anyone. The night he called her he had an opportunity to clear it. She responded she was ruined practically in tears and he said he did not care. If you notice, Olivia never makes excuses for her behavior to anyone. She takes the blame and responsibility square onto her shoulders, that’s it. Everything changed the moment Hollis asked Mellie to sit in on the Defiance discussion. She was all for it right away, no questions asked. Everyone got something out of it but Liv. She got a job in the West Wing that she walked away from to protect him.
      As Cyrus said, beware …when something Mellie this way comes…. Olivia does not need to apologize to Fitz. Its the other way around. She would have confided in him why that night on the phone she was so said…had he listened.

    • Kalaya says:

      Wow some of you people are really taking this so seriously,my goodness it’s only fiction smh.

  5. Alichat says:

    Wow…I’m surprised that someone with Huck’s history would be so predictable. You’d think that he wouldn’t have her bug checks on such a set schedule.

    • CH says:

      Agreed, or at least she’d have an alarm set up or something- all of these people shuffling in and out of her apt!

      • Alichat says:

        Exactly. I found it odd that she doesn’t have an alarm in her home. I mean, the woman deals with some big people, and she’s gotten herself in some tight spots. Why doesn’t she have some kind of security system?

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Folks, Jake isn’t some cat burglar. He’s obvs got skillz.

          • Alichat says:

            I’m not denying that but shouldn’t we see him disabling her system? Or Olivia turning the thing off at some point during the show? I can buy that Jake found out her alarm code. But you have to admit that Huck’s regularly scheduled debugging is out of character.

          • Lanette says:

            Thank you! He can disable an alarm people!

      • Querilous says:

        My question is how does Jake know that Huck is going to do a sweep of Olivia place. Has he bugged P&A too? Something doesn’t add up here.

        • CH says:

          I thought about this too. But maybe he did some hardcore research/ scouting out of the place before he put cameras in place, like sat outside her apartment for some time…these regularly timed sweeps would probably be easy for him to spot. But I agree, some suspension of reality has to occur (a lot of it), just part of the shondaverse and that’s what we came here for!

        • Lanette says:

          He is NATIONAL SECURITY AND GETS PAID TO KNOW THESE THINGS! Its not rocket science. He is not a two bit petty thief. How do hi end jewelry and art thieve get around alarms? Duh!

    • Lanette says:

      Maybe that scene is the setup and they want someone to think there is a schedule.

  6. Sheryl says:

    A scheduled sweep day…insanity. Epic fail!

  7. CH says:

    Devious! I’d guess at how it’s going to play out, but shonda never ceases to throw in crazy twists, at least I haven’t seen a number of them coming!

  8. Chance says:

    ARE THEY EVER GOING TO ADDRESS THAT FACT THAT CYRUS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF THE CLIENT FROM SEASON 1???? The white house intern that lied about being pregnant with the president’s kid?

    • anon says:

      Uh, no. He got away with it. Everyone thinks that Billy did it. If Olivia ever found out the truth, then that would be the end of their special friendship. So Amanda Tanner all I have to say is: girl, bye!

      • mrenee says:

        She knows. Didn’t she say to Fitz that should he let a dog off his leash and he mauls a baby, no one blames the baby and If you let Cyrus off his leash, then that’s one you? Paraphrasing, but this is what she said when she found out Amanda was dead. That was the conversation that propelled him to go to Olivia’s apartment and explain himself in person. She knows what Cyrus is capable of, but she loves him anyway.

    • Lanette says:

      One of those unsolved crimes we have everyday! If he does not show up again, everyone will say he got what was coming to him for murdering the reported. He himself said he will face Gods justice. :-)

      • Lanette says:

        As for Amanda, she was willing to take down the President with a lie. She later wanted to back out so Cyrus thinks he is saving the country. Billy killed the reporter so he pays…Cyrus on the other hand is “one of them” as Huck puts it. I think his role is way bigger than we think or he will be killed off as well.

  9. mountaineer says:

    I’m so over the Jake storyline. Expose him and let’s move on..

  10. Plum says:

    This show has ruined me. I’m ruined!!!

  11. We do realize that this is TV right! Suspend some belief peeps… I agree that a scheduled sweep is odd for this group, but this is Shonda she almost never does anything by accident. I won’t go so far to say its sloppy writing a slip up maybe but again I wait and see Its shondaland after all

    • Lanette says:

      Thank you. People are living this as if its real life! I enjoy the show immensely but its a show nonetheless. Shonda is brilliant!

  12. mehere says:

    Get a grip people. Huck is trying to make someone believe he sweeps on a schedule. They’ve probably figured out Olivia is being watched but the extent and source is still unknown. Scandal promos are NEVER in context, nor are Mad Men promos but people don’t flip out. What is it about Scandal that makes people so irrational, even mean, to the point of insulting?

  13. cam3150 says:

    Oh, my Fitz. You’re back, you’re back, you’re back!!! Hi. We’ve missed you. “Don’t give up” indeed.

    I would not be so sure that Olivia is not going to have to explain herself & apologize at some point. I think that moment is coming….and it’s going to be great!

    I agree, Huck with the scheduled sweeps does sound really ametuer. That leads me to think that something else has to be going on there. This show does not waste words or actions. Everything ties together in the end in ways you never saw coming. I have to believe that Huck would not be that stupid.

    Jake: just…go. Go far away and never, ever even look back at Shondaland. We’re over you. We’ve moved on. It’s time you do too.

    Suspension of disbelief is a requirement for most all TV shows. I don’t really understand why that’s even a topic.

    • Kfitz says:

      I think the big moment between Fitz and Olivia has already happened in tomorrow’s episode by the time we see that clip where he tells Cy not to give up.
      Also, there’s always more to the story. This director thing may be a feeble attempt at throwing the mole off track. A long shot, but possible.

  14. Suspension of disbelief is fine by me, to a certain extent. If I’m watching sci-fi, it’s one thing. Then anything can be. But this isn’t sci-fi. There’s suspension of disbelief when I accept the premise that Olivia and Fitz can be in a relationship and he’s the President and no media would find out about it. That’s MAJOR suspension of disbelief, but that’s the premise for the story, you either accept it or you can’t watch. So I came to accepting that, by thinking that she fell in love with Fitz the Governor, not the President, so it all just carried on and it’s unrealistic, but fine. Let’s suspend disbelief there. But the Huck stuff has got nothing to do with suspension of disbelief. That’s just lazy writing. It’s a plot point they addressed in a way that is not well-written. And, considering the previous promo gave away HOW the cameras are actually found, and that’s got nothing to do with Huck, I do not think he is setting up a trap for Jake or anyone else. it’s just the way they wrote it to justify Jake putting cameras there and not being caught. And to me, it’s just sloppy writing, because no self-respecting former CIA spy would do that. Now that said, I will be more than glad to be proven wrong. I’m all for it. I mean it.

    And re: Olivia, I sure hope she owns up to what she did and apologizes, but it looks like they’re setting up Fitz being on bended knee and it looks like they’re going for the usual TV cliché where the female lead gets away with murder and never owns up to it, and the male lead, for doing far less to her, is always apologizing for being oh-so-mean and not forgiving her instantly (again, without her having owned up to it or apologized). Trust me, I hope you are 100% right on her apologizing. I just don’t think that’s the route this is going, given other spoilers and this promo. Again, I will be deliriously happy to be proven wrong. I dislike TV Clichés and this one in particular is one of those that really irritate me. So I’m all for being proven wrong.

    • mrenee says:

      Ales, I dont know if we would care as much about the apology if Olivia was more transparent with Fitz and somehow let him know that she reciprocated. Poor guy, seems to always be in this love thing by himself. Except for the few tears at the restaurant and racing in to see him at the hopsital–all of which Fitz doesn’t see, of course– she spends most of her time pushing him away. I thought I would see a changed Olivia after the shooting–maybe the realization that life is short and he can be out of her reach so quickly, but nothing. She’ll need to THINK about waiting for him? Why, hasn’t she thought about anything in the last three years? She did not think about anything while he was in a coma? I see why the man is thinking she had some ulterior motive. She’s too cool for me.

      No time anyway ’cause off to solve Defiance we go at the speed of sound and Olivia and Fitz are now on the outs. I just want one episode, where they discuss this thing like two intelligent people and then move on—and I don’t really care where Shonda moves, but for once, can Olivia just confess that she made the wrong move, with all the right intentions and that she still loves him? Can we throw the guy a bone already?

      • Lanette says:

        Mrenee, she has always been looking out for him. She does not have to be emotional all over the place to prove this. She was excited about them being together after the Amanda scandal until she ran into Cyrus in the hallway and was told he was born to be great. She knew the press would destroy him. She has been running away to save him, not herself. That is pretty obvious in the script. She has no crying in her office but finding out that Amanda was pregnant and thinking it was Fitz baby was difficult for her. Then after Cyrus in the hall she goes to her office and cries but Huck keeps everyone away. She is a powerful woman and that is what we are to see, not an emotional, I want my man is worn all over my face kind of woman. I think she is perfect within her script. SCRIPT

    • Lanette says:

      Is Fitz going to apologize for risking her life and letting someone spy on her and violating her privacy? In my book its far worse then Defiance and its 4000 votes. Don’t get me wrong, I am not for election rigging. But having someone watch my every move in my home…well that is something else and some kind of creepy. Fitz cannot control what they actually see and he may not know exactly what is being watched but he put her in that position. He also has killed a woman so he is no innocent.

  15. Diane says:

    Don’t really get how Huck is setting anyone up since the cameras were removed. I think we need to assume that Fitz told Jake about the sweep schedule. Whatever. Hate that Fitz is telling the world that the Director is the mole.

  16. aboutnici says:

    Reblogged this on aboutnici and commented:

  17. Sorry, there is no way that having Olivia under surveillance (Which is something the President can do with anyone he pleases and that OLIVIA has done to others herself) is even remotely as bad as committing a crime like election rigging, lying to Fitz’s face about it for THREE YEARS and having him shot and almost dead over it (Not to mention the other people who died because of it). Let’s not forget she also made his Presidency a fraud with her decision. No way the cameras even remotely equal that. Fitz WILL apologize, it is Olivia who will never apologize and own up to her far bigger wrongdoing.

    And that just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s TV cliché. Female lead gets away with murder and for something that is FAR less evil and far less of an elaborate lie that went on for three years, and that let’s not forget she would have kept on telling if Fitz hadn’t found out, even after he asked her to wait for him and she said yes, the male lead apologizes and is on bended knee. It is an absolute TV cliché, it’s wrong on all sorts of levels and it makes Olivia dishonorable, unfair, and behaving like a 2-year-old toddler. Because it is absolutely dishonorable not to own up to one’s major wrongdoing and not to apologize for it. More than that, it makes it look like Fitz is the wrongdoer when instead Fitz is the wronged party. For something that put his entire life upside down and that is FAR more serious than surveillance. Oh yeah, I committed treason by rigging an election and you were shot and almost died over it, but let’s focus on me me me me cameras cameras cameras (something btw I do too, to others). And let’s give more of a chance to explain himself to a professional assassin who is committing treason himself and who spied on me, because well, you ordered it. It’s the kind of sloppy TV writing that’s done to drag things on for the sake of it and to keep a triangle that the vast majority of viewers HATES going. They better be careful, they’re playing with fire.

  18. Louise says:

    Liv wasn’t the only one involved with defiance, what about Hollis, Mellie and Cyrus? Its not her fault fitz got shot, that was all Verna’s doing nevermind the fact that she tried to frame Huck then Hollis for it. I really hope Liv finds out that fitz killed Verna. Also is it possible that Edison could be the mole???

  19. weez says:

    If fitz was so disgusted about defiance he would have done the right thing and stepped down but no he’d rather abuse his power and resources to find out who Olivia’s sleeping with. He needs to remember his a MARRIED man, father, president and MURDERER!

    • bad romance says:

      A murderer for killing the murderess of Britta Kagan, and the woman who had him shot 4 TIMES?
      I’m not fan of killing, but let’s not have any sympathy for Verna, after what she did it’s just distasteful.
      After what he’d just been told, no court in the land would convict him of murder.
      Killing someone who just admitted to putting a bullet in your brain would get you manslaughter under diminished responsibility, if that.

  20. Sophie says:

    Blah blah blah all the talk and every one of you will stay tuned in.Its a ll a scandal!

  21. Luci Garvin says:

    I do not watch reality tv- I watch TV Shows! and Scandal is one of the most entertaining I have ever taken the time to watch weekly….BEST Acting by all…98% of writing -Super. Directing sooo goood to keep up the only negative is the sound..But it all is worth having to quickly mute all commercials due to the difference in volume….Keep this show going Please. luci