Walking Dead Post Mortem: Robert Kirkman Talks Andrea Backlash (Including the Pliers!), Defends Rick's Decision, Previews [Spoiler]'s Return

The Walking Dead Season 4 SpoilersThe Walking Dead‘s tense, brutal, gut-wrenching Season 3 finale is but a distant memory, and now series creator Robert Kirkman has some ‘splainin to do.

Why did Rick choose the prison over Woodbury as the gang’s home base? What was behind the decision to keep the beyond-redemption Governor around? Did viewer animosity towards Andrea contribute to the decision to whack her prematurely? And what was the deal with those damn pliers?!

Below, Kirkman answers all of those questions and offers a tantalizing sneak peek at the show’s fourth season (bowing in October).

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TVLINE | Laurie Holden suggested it was somewhat of a last-minute decision to kill off Andrea. What led to the change in plans?
I wouldn’t say it was necessarily last minute. It wasn’t quite planned at the very beginning of the season. It came up in the development of the Woodbury story. There were a lot of different plans for the Andrea character, and as we started getting closer and closer to the last few episodes of the season, it started to become a little more clear the direction we wanted to go in. And the thing that would have the most impact on all of the characters was actually her death.

TVLINE | Did the fan backlash towards the character factor in at all?
That was never anything that worked into the decision-making process. Fan backlash isn’t something we use to make decisions. The death of Andrea was already shot well before these last eight episodes aired. So it’s not really even possible to use fan reaction to guide story.

TVLINE | Were you surprised by the criticism directed at her? And, looking back, would you do anything differently?
Looking back, there are probably a few things we could’ve done to stem that. It wasn’t our intention to have a small but vocal portion of the audience not really behind her. We really wanted to show this character as someone who was optimistic about the possibilities of Woodbury. In the end, it’s always a risk having the audience know something that the character doesn’t. But we felt it was important to show the optimism in her. To show, in a sense, how desperate she was to have something to hold on to and be optimistic about. Some audience members didn’t react favorably to that. I do think it was a misreading of the situation. I see a lot of people saying, “Why doesn’t she know the Governor is a bad guy?” We’re seeing a larger picture that the character is not seeing. And some audience members didn’t key into that as much as we would’ve liked them too.

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TVLINE | Why did she spend so much time staring at Zombie Milton instead of picking up those damn pliers?
[Laughs] You know, it was a struggle. A very tense situation. If you’ve never been straped to a chair watching someone die before you I don’t know that you can really judge how someone behaved. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Why did Rick bring the Woodbury residents to the prison instead of relocating the prison folks to Woodbury?
The Governor is still out there. He’s already killed a great number of people from Woodbury. And I think they were able to repel him at the prison, so moving into Woodbury and setting up shop in his backyard – a place he’s very familiar with — would be very dangerous for Rick. They see the prison as something that is much more easily defended than Woodbury. They were able to get into Woodbury easily themselves. The Woodbury defenses are very effective against zombies, but not very effective against humans. They see it as much more of a defensible position.

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TVLINE | Why keep the Governor around as a series regular next season?
That question will be answered [in] Season 4. We always had a plan for this guy. We always knew that it was a bigger story than would fit into one season. There’s still a lot more to be done with this guy. We’ve known from the very first minute of Season 3 that we would be keeping the Governor around for a while.

TVLINE | Will the prison remain the primary set piece in Season 4?
There’s always going to be new locations and new places to discover and explore. I don’t want to reveal too much; Season 4 is still five months away. But I will say that as we see at the end of Season 3 we’re definitely going to start Season 4 at the prison. We may be there the whole season and we may not be… But there are going to be some big differences from Season 3.

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  1. cj says:

    Although it was necessary I’m glad the ricks ghosts story is over.

  2. cj says:

    What I don’t understand is the writers totally redeemed Carl this season, made him kind of badass and then just throw it away in this episode.

    • MoonWalkingEnt says:

      I like the way the writers dealt with Carl in the final episodes… he has progressed from scared little kid (seaon 1) to child warrior without conscience. His compassionate side died with “backpack guy” where he finally understands the world he now lives in.
      I can see a young Merle without future intervention!!!!

    • Alan says:

      but they didnt throw it away. carl this season has been growing as a person to the point that he can now competently function in this world, much more than he ever could before, and he stood up to his dad, something he never did before. carl did his job, he protected hershel, beth and judith from the attackers, he had the guts to make the decision call that hershel couldnt. the kids behaviour was not that of someone surrendering, he was clearly advancing in an attempt to grab a hostage, better to be proactive and save lives than have the blood of people you care about on your hands. then his father who wasnt there and didnt see how this went down immediately assumed carl was in the wrong and went to give him a lecture he didnt need. carl was perfectly right to have a go at rick like he did.

      • Chris Wilson says:

        Very true. They told the kid to drop the gun. He didn’t and he slowly advanced on Carl waiting for Carl to reach for the gun and then… Carl did what he had to do.

  3. mcphee says:

    For me, the telling thing is that I cared more when that anonymous hitchhiker died a few episodes ago than I did when Carol died here.
    Which unfortunately means that big chunks of this, and the ep where she was being chased by the governor, where they were supposed to be building tension were just plain dull.
    Also, how long can it possibly take to pick up a pair of pliers with bare feet?

    • mcphee says:

      I meant Andrea of course

    • Alan says:

      you ever tried using your bare feet to pick up something? i dont have the dexterity in my feet that would allow me to just pick something up as if i were using my hands, last time i tried (dropped something was too lazy to bend down to pick it up) it took me a few goes to get it anywhere near my hands. not to mention since her hands were cuffed to the chair it made getting it to them even harder because of the awkward angles involved.

    • also, she was under stress, she was sad that her friend was slowly turning, she was scared, panicking.

  4. Shy says:

    I can’t express how disappointed I was with finale. It’s like they pulled “The Killing” on viewer. People were tired from Governor few episodes ago. And it was ridiculous that someone tried to kill Governor once in a while but we all knew that it won’t happen. Because Governor has to die in last episode. Because he is like maim villain. And so we waited. And then he didn’t die! Which mean they will stick him in our faces next season…
    I’m not even sure I want to watch next season. What for? To see how Governor will attack them once in a while? For zombies?

    Did you notice that zombies this season are no longer threat? They just hang around when plot needs some tension. But they are so slow and week that they probably can be killed with book. You hit them with book and their had will fall off.….

    We all waited Governor story to end. But instead we had Andrea and Milton dead and invincible Governor walk away. I didn’t want Andrea to die. Because writers could easily make her normal character next season. Like they resurrect Karl in S3. But writers destroyed Shane in S2 and turned sympathetic character into some crazy jealous idiot. And now Andrea……

    And they had to humiliate character even more. When she was so stupidly talking to dying Milton for 5 minutes instead of getting herself free I was like: “Oh God. Never mind. Just die already if you are so stupid”. But once again – they could easily give Andrea good lines and direction in next season and people would stop hating her……
    Milton was interesting character. He should have joined Rick and Co…..

    About those people in Woodbury. So all their lives turned upside down because of people in prison. Governor was their protection. They trusted guy. Some members of their family went to fight with prison and died. And then Rick shows up and is like: “Oh you poor souls. Your people died. But I can’t leave you. You have to go with me to my prison”. Please, most of those people would just refuse to go with Rick and would hate him. They would stay in their warm beds in Woodbury then go to cold prison…

    And you know who people at Woodbury are? The are “LOST people” . Remember how in Lost there were always some passengers in the background? We didn’t know them, didn’t care. They were just hanging around while our heroes did their things. Woodbury are the same. We don’t know them. They just hang around in background like furniture. I didn’t feel sorry for any of them when Governor shot them. We spent 16 episodes in Woodbury but we don’t know any of those people……

    Very disappointed with finale…..

  5. Afan says:

    Sucks that they killed Andrea

  6. Afan says:

    I think the whole finale was idiotic, except Carl giving his dad the 411. If his father had the nerve to kill Andrew, Lori would still be alive, if his dad had killed the governor,Merle would have lived. I don’t necessarily believe he should have killed the boy, but he saw the possible threat and shot him. Kid grew a pair.

  7. Afan says:

    Mazzara, you suck

  8. jeremy sturm says:

    I believe this was the perfect ending it showed longevity in the life of the show you kill off a main character. But not ine that effects the outcone of the prison. You have the govenor loose it when he realizes that he himselfbis to blame for the towns people being soft. In that moment when no one wanted to go back he realized he didn’t have soldiers he had people he had made civilians. Then he lost it and killed them all. Except one. RICK trained every single one of his friends. And hes going to train all the new people too. I seee season four being a lot of training and I also see ricks son loosing it a little killing you mom becuase she gonna becone a walker one thing the. Only hardships I see in season 4 food for all those people.

  9. Jeff says:

    Not sure what episode you people saw but maybe you guys should open up your emotions and stop worrying about explosions and action, first off this show is clearly about emotion, not just another dumb zombie show or movie like all the rest that only focus on action and leave nothing to remember them by. I like Andreas character and if half of you understood how she felt all the time you’d shut your ignorant mouths. Learn to appriciate stuff ppl otherwise everything will dissappoint you and nothing will ever exite you.

  10. Kris says:

    I find it funny that a lot of you say that the season finale was crap and this or that should have happened instead of what actually happened. If it were that easy to write a hit show all of you would be writing for the show instead of commenting on here. The writers did exactly what they set out to do and now they have all of you talking about it whether it is good or bad. As with the character of Andrea, you all have to be crazy if you don’t think that her character was meant to be hated since the end of season 1. The writers, producers, directors, creators, etc. all know what they are doing. Yes I wanted to see more “excitement” in the season finale, but I feel there are so many unanswered questions that make me look forward to see what will happen in season 4. Who knows, we might even see this BIG EXPLOSION that everyone was expecting start off season 4. Just keep watching and see what happens next! My biggest disappointment is that I have to wait 5 months to see new epsodes.

  11. Laura says:

    I was hoping that Andrea was pregnant with the Governor’s child to add yet another layer to the story. Looking forward to next season!!! We’re going to keep our eye on Carl – he’s growing up post apocalyptic – not a millennial whatsoever – a post-ap child.

  12. allthingsconsidered says:

    Reblogged this on allthingsconsidered.

  13. LEX says:

    Season 3 finale was awesome!!!! I loved the way the pyscho governor killed his own troops!!! That was awesome!!!! Can’t wait. I’m glad they got rid of that annoying Andrea. Damm I hated her. She’s too fraking annoying and naive!!!! Not to mention shooting her own people 1st season and 3rd season because she was too stupid to make she she knew what she was shooting before firing her gun twice at friends. Damm I hate her. LOL!!!

  14. Misty says:

    Robert Kirkman says, “I see a lot of people saying, “Why doesn’t she know the Governor is a bad guy?” We’re seeing a larger picture that the character is not seeing. And some audience members didn’t key into that as much as we would’ve liked them too.”

    No, Mr. Kirkman – it’s not that we didn’t “key into it”. It’s that if she’s somehow survived the zombie apocalypse, gone from being a suicidal whiner to a true zombie killer and has lived outside a community alone with Michonne for months before getting to Woodbury, the audience would like to see her use a little common sense and apprehension when getting to Woodbury and dealing with the Governor. Look how the apocalypse has changed Carl, Darryl, Carol and Rick. But Andrea? She was just tra-la-la ignorant through the whole 3rd season.

    And no, none of us have experienced being strapped to a chair watching someone die. However, since the apocalypse Andrea has seen MANY people die and turn into zombies, including her own sister back in season one. Since she knew Milton was about to “turn” and attempt to kill her, how was her main priority NOT getting the pliers and freeing herself? Even freakin’ Milton told her to hurry up!

    Very frustrating. Otherwise I was fine with the finale. Liked some of the Woodbury crew going to the prison at the end, liked seeing Michonne emotional about something, like it that Rick seems to be growing saner. Really enjoyed Carl’s defense of his point blank kill of that Woodbury guy. Good stuff.

    • sushified says:

      I think if you re-watch all the episodes this season, you see pretty quickly that she caught on to the governor faster than it seemed when watching episode once a week. There was a pretty quick transgression from sleeping with him to that night the group attacking the prison and then she trying to leave next day.

      When I first watched those episodes I thought it took her longer than it really did to see who he was…

  15. Mark Granier says:

    I was a little bit disappointed by the finale. I wasn’t too sad to see Andrea bite the bullet but I really would have loved to see Michonne do Chop-Chop on the Gov. There is one thing that really puzzles me though and that is the firearms situation. When all the gang had were mostly pistols, even first-time lady shooters were making head shots with snub-nosed .38’s from about 50 yards or more. Now they ALL have automatic weapons, waste thousands of rounds of ammo that they claim they don’t have a lot of and NEVER HIT ANYONE!!! What the Hell is up with that? They should stick to the handguns, Son! Carl is probably the best shot in the whole bunch. Will Rick EVER run out of ammo for his Python? I think not. Good thing the Zombie Apocalypse is not happening in Obamaville. Good luck finding ammo these days! Still looking forward to next season already. Know what else I really really miss? That sad creepy music theme that plays when something really sad happens. That really sets the tone for me.

  16. Lou007 says:

    What’s bad is all you people who think that the finale did not live up to your expectations, most likely jumped on the bandwagon just recently and are so damn fickle that you can’t stay focused unless there is something going bang. If you love the show so much research a bit about it, read the books damn expand your mind. The show bridges the gap into the realm of people who don’t like zombie/horror stuff,because while they are a big part of the show the human struggle is the STAR. If you need more excitement go play call of duty or what ever other shoot’em up game is out there

  17. bbyrd2166 says:

    I love all 3 seasons of TWD. My co-workers watch it as well and love it as much as I do. To the people complaining so much, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s about so much more than Zombies.

  18. Bubba Einstein says:

    So will Carl join the Governor in his lack of humanity?

  19. Davizzle says:

    What if the battle between the prison and Woodbury has only just begun? In the comic he literally shows up in a tank… So hopefully this is just another chapter or battle in the ‘war’ between them. I hope so, although I was not entirely dissapointed with the episode I wanted to see a battle that did not necessarily have to be massive in scope but certainly intensive in depth. David Morrisey is a great actor and it would be a shame for them to have got rid of him by the end of season 3. Let’s see what happens in season 4, hopefully they will throw down in an epic mid-season or season finale. One piece of advice I would give to the writers is do another ‘Days Gone By’ type story arc where we are detached from everyone and everything once more. Perhaps we could get more insight on the apocalypse itself and meet a new character. I hear Abraham is due to make his arrival.

  20. Kizmet says:

    I loved every episode, the comics & the show are 2 seperate entities and I’m ok with that.The season finale got me f$#5n pumped for next season!Tyreese!! Im so glad your back at the prison ,and I’m wicked excited to see whats up with Carl..( the little psycho). if I had to air one grievance it would be why the hell did they name the baby Judith? stupidest name ever

  21. Robert Nelson says:

    Remember what Carl said to Rick about shooting the enemy dude in cold blood. Kill while you have the chance or you might end up regretting that you didn’t. Carl gave several “good-will” examples that later turned out to be second guessed. I told my girlfriend right after Carl shot him that I would have done the same thing. You wouldn’t be able to trust him , he had just attacked with the Governor, and you sure don’t want to have to take care of a prisoner. So just get rid of him right then and there. The point is……… if Andrea would have knived the Governor when she had the chance, Andrea would be alive today getting ready for Season 4.

  22. D D Patton says:

    I am a huge fan of this show but I was also disappointed in the finale. I kind of feel like the writeres are getting lazy and trying to milk the show rather than moving the plot forward. I am also not happy with the way they portrayed Andrea or that they killed her off without any chance of redemption. And I agree with other people, that even though I love this show…… if they kill off Daryl…. I will quit watching…

  23. Gretchen72404 says:

    I think Rick needed to take his belt off and whip little Carl’s butt. I don’t care how few people are left on earth. He doesn’t need to talk to his own father the way he did. He needs to be grounded in one of the prison cells for a bit. Be sure to take his gun first!

  24. R says:

    How is the Governor going to be a major threat next season considering he massacred his whole army except for 2 guys? I don’t see 3 guys being much of a threat against Rick’s group.

  25. nubbz says:

    Hey I loved the finale. leaves u wondering about the governor. I wasn’t disappointed, but it wasn’t what i was expecting. with saying that, thats not a bad thing. i Cant wait for season 4

    • CM says:

      A lot of people are saying this. “Leaves you wondering about the governor.” It sure didn’t leave me wondering about him. I felt like he should either be killed, or we should get a glance of his nefarious face while driving down the road as a final scene. I would have been more on board with either of these scenarios. Instead, he just vanishes without a trace? Not intriguing to me.

  26. Rags says:

    I thought the finale was good in that it left me wanting more, but it was slow. I looked at the clock and realized that they needed to resolve the Andrea thing with 6 minutes left in the show and her pedicured toes were a mistake. I couldn’t get past that, really. I didn’t like her character from the start, but I liked what she brought to the show. I cried more about Merle’s death, this season. I did expect a different kind of “battle”. Less explosions, more clever booby-traps and walker bombs. Letting the Governor live is exciting. I love that character. He is so unpredictable. Keep him around. He adds another level of danger.

  27. JaySin89 says:

    In my opinion, I thought this would have been a great episode, but a not so great finale. I did enjoy it, but I was hoping for a little bit more. The Walking Dead is my favorite show, and my favorite comic so it would take a lot more than a finale letdown to stop me from watching it. Season 3 was altogether fantastic! I am personally very happy the Governor is still alive too. David Morrisey is absolutely amazing and I’m so excited to see more of him!

  28. Brian Brocksmith says:

    I though the episode was okay just not as great as I expected. I wanted to see Andrea somehow end up killing the Governor. I am not as dissapointed as allot of other people though. I am looking foward to what the Governor pulls off next. I also want to see Tyrese become a more important character. I also want to see Carol go crazy like she did in the Comic Book that would be a cool scene. I also want to see Morgan come back. To all the fans who are so negative, calm down, this show is incredible, I believe the best is yet to come folks stay tuned.

  29. Brian Brocksmith says:

    My Major complaint is the ridiculous amount of commercials, show and movie promos. It is getting to the point it is not only annoying me but ALLOT of people. Its not only the sponsors but all the ridiculous AMC promos for other AMC shows. While watching this show no one gives a fig about Mad Men or other shows. Lets calm down on all these needless show interupations AMC. If AMC keeps this up I say we let HBO take over like Game of Thrones. At least they dont constantly interupt every 15 or so minutes.

  30. Lily says:

    I don’t believe this. Walking Dead was following the general story of the comic to an extent, while changing most of the elements. As we know, Shane, and Lori were dead as well as the rest of the people from the original season, although I did like that they kept Judith (Asskicker) alive in the end. But here I feel like Andrea’s death was both pointless, and wasteful to having a good story to continue on. Andrea was the optimism that the group needed and she was gone for the whole season until the very end of it.

    The way she died was highly unrealistic in terms of Andrea badassery. I mean.. she outran an ARMY of undead.. learned tricks from Michone, and slaughtered so many zombies. She was already prepared to take down Milton when he came at her, and she totally didn’t do what she would normally do. It’s almost like she gave up on life. “Oh this is it. Everything fell apart so I might as well just end it here!” She was one of the few people in the comic that made sense of everything; that had beliefs and fought for what was right.

    In the show she is a self-absorbed beezy, whom I FINALLY started to like in this season because she finally took her head out of her ass and started thinking of other people.

    • sushified says:

      I agree – she was such a badass, her death did her little justice. The pedicure looked good but that should have not left that there – every detail counts.

  31. I Just Can't With her says:

    It’s laughable they say her detractors are a small but vocal portion. Nice way to put a spin on it and it’s so not true. Just read they may have her back in flashbacks. That’s nice. Take your most hated character and give her MORE screentime to take away from others left on the show. I’m sure that’ll work out great. *eyeroll*

  32. Kate says:

    I predict the governor will kidnap Carl and finish turning him to the dark side.

  33. chad lee says:

    Season 3 was was pretty good but the story seems to be dragging a little since the group decided to hold up in the prison. I am really hoping that in season 4, they are going to get back out on the road and explore more of the world.

  34. conrad says:

    The funny thing is, all of these people commenting on how lame the season finale was will have their asses glued to their couches once season 4 rolls around. You know why? Because its an amazing show. The reason why it’s as successful as it currently is,is because of the character development and story you’re all being provided. The writers know what they’re doing. If you’re looking for less story and more explosions grab a copy of Resident Evil.

    • CM says:

      The funny thing is that you have no idea what you’re talking about. As disappointing as this season was as a whole, the reason people will return has nothing to do with the amazingness of the show. It’s more directly related to the potential that the show has. People will return because they want to believe that the show can recover from its insanely poor development and writing. They’re hoping that with Scott Gimple at the helm, the show won’t suck anymore.

      If Mazzara was slated to remain at the helm while the fans know that Gimple has talent and Mazzara does not, these same disappointed fans would not likely be back for S4.

  35. TheShiningOne says:

    Season 3 finale was crap! Bad, laughable writing throughout the season. Kirkman doesn’t know what the eff he’s talking about, creator or not. Yeah, the show is posting big numbers. But if they keep monkeying around with the plots and characters, things are bound to go haywire.

  36. John Dawson says:

    They’ve got a big hit so they’re going to drag this show out for three more years until everyone hates it.

    It’s the new ‘Lost’.

  37. Gail says:

    Just like many of you, I too was expecting a HUGE finale filled with combat type scenes and the good guy beating out the bad because this is what Hollywood has always delivered. It was refreshing to see a different type of finale. This finale was like finding out ‘it was all just a dream Pam (Dallas)’ without needing to wait for the next season. Obviously, this finale left the majority of viewers with more questions than answers. Doesn’t that make you want to know more which does define how excellent the writing was. For me, it does. Because they are still at the prison, because they now have many of Woodbury citizens, because the Governor still lives, and because Carl has become emotionally numb creates all sorts of possibilities. One thing is always consistent; walkers walkers everywhere. Clearly that line ‘I see dead people’ is very applicable. I think their troubles are greater now than ever before. The group took in many of Woodbury’s people that are no doubt ‘needy’. That in itself is a huge problem. They will always be on the lookout for the Governor. In season 2, Herschel, Glenn, and Rick while at the bar and because of the bar invaders, know there is another group out there that is dangerous. Will the Governor join with them, become their leader and attack the prison again? Who knows. Like I said the possibilities are numerous. Whatever the writers do, I know it will be fantastic!

    • CM says:

      The problem is not that we were left with more questions than answers. The problem is that the questions we were left with cannot be resolved without a meer “hand wave explanation.”
      For example, If team prison’s goal was to scare the Woodburians away without necessarily doing them harm, then why follow up the battle with “We have to go after them and finish this before they have time to regroup.”?
      Or if their goal was not to scare them off, then how in God’s name could they not kill at least 1 of them while firing fully automatic weapons from the high ground into a fairly tight group of people? I mean, if you had 40 fish in a barrel and you fired a M4 on full auto into that barrel, guaranteed you’d hit at least a few of them.
      Andrea dies as a pathetic victim when the whole premise of her character is that she’s determined not to be a victim? WTF is that? She escapes certain death over and over again in a show of shear badassery, but she gets taken down by Biter Milton when clearly she had herself freed in time to fight him off? How is Biter Milton > 3+ Walkers at the same time?
      Because they are still at the prison,
      – Most people want to see them out of the prison. There are more possibilities on the road.
      because they now have many of Woodbury citizens
      – With as much time as they spent on Woodbury, you’d think the general viewer would care, but most of us don’t give a sh*t about these people.
      because the Governor still lives
      – I’d be OK with him still being alive if his last scene wasn’t just him and his merry men driving off into the sunset with no intrigue about it. As it is, he could just pop up whenever the plot calls for a call back, or he could pop up right away and hang around for several intense episodes, or he could do whatever the writers come up with, but the uncertainty is not intriguing. At the very least they should have finished his scenes with a scowling expression and menacing demeanor so we know he’s not just going to be a plot filler at some time in the future.
      and because Carl has become emotionally numb creates all sorts of possibilities
      – This is probably the only valid point you made in your “the writing was excellent” speech.
      One thing is always consistent; walkers walkers everywhere.
      – Their presence is consistent, but their danger is not. Walkers are now being tossed in as background additions more than threats on either group. The show should be renamed “Inconsistent Personalities” because The Walking Dead has little meaning after this season.
      Save from Carl, all your points are examples of p*ss poor writing. God willing, Gimple will be able to revive what was once a promising show.

  38. A says:

    I love TWD but honestly, the season finale was good but not great. Season 3 produced great gems like “Seed”, “Clear”, “The Killer Within” and “This Sorrowful Life”. But the rest of the episodes relied upon Andrea and the Governor, both a huge disappointment in terms of their story.

    AMC and Kirkman still consider us as viewers but not as consumers of their product. For Kirkman to say that viewers mis-read Andrea’s character or even blame us for their horrible portrayal of her character is wrong. Kirkman and crew failed to project the image they wanted us to see as Andrea. In no way did I find Andrea’s character to be working on a plan to “keep everyone alive” until the season finale. Worst, all we saw was a woman chasing after a man with authority (like she did with Shane) who happened to be a complete loon. Also, if Michonne’s character could see through the Governor why couldn’t Andrea? Why didn’t Michonne share her information with Andrea? That is what was so frustrating about the writing for Andrea. And how can one man shoot all those people and not ONE person tried to shoot at him? UNBELIEVABLE on many levels.

    As for the Governor, the entire story was filled with SOAP OPERA stares from the actor, violence that didn’t make any sense what so ever…like the torture set up scene. Why would the Governor want to torture people because of the ZA? So he just decides to pick up torturing people ….gawd awfully stupid. Milton said that he knew the Governor before the ZA and was hoping that they can start new, start all over…what did that mean?

    The ONLY thing that peaked my interest in the season finale was the opening scene of the Governors eye. Was that the clue to next season? Is the Governor going to become a living zombie?? Now that would be interesting. Could he become Martinez’s pet?? PLEASE? I’d rather see him as a pet through season 4 than deal with that stupid eye staring everytime he looks into the camera.

    I don’t have cable so most of the TV shows I watch, I purchase on ITunes. Kirkman, you should listen to the consumers of The Walking Dead. AMC should listen to the complaints from consumers. I believe what we have to say is valid since we are spending our money either through ITunes, Amazon or cable. I purchased a season pass on ITunes and I don’t think it was worth $43. I feel as though I was ripped off.

    One more thingy…AMC is a cable channel…dont’ understand why they feel the need to do mid season finales like network TV. Have some consideration for your viewers!

  39. Enjoy watching says:

    Really?…. Really….? Reeeaaally guys? This show is based of a comic and therefore can get away with moments of insanity and unrealism,; Do you read a comic or watch anime and think out loud “what a load of crap that can’t happen in real life? It is not meant to be 100% realistic ( not to state the obvious, Zombies are not real). So just sit back and enjoy the show you love to watch. For sure post your thoughts, likes and dislikes but just don’t take it too seriously.

  40. deadmanwalking says:

    You ppl are silly, arguing over a TV show, a very good show at that. I have watched the show from day one and I have no problem with the way the season 3 finale went. (other than not liking Andrea’s death) and yes, I get the Andrea character, she wanted peace between everybody because it would take all of the humans still alive to fight against the masses of walking dead. Why would killing the gov in the season finale have made it any better? Lots of tv shows have carried over character and storylines into the next season. You ppl whining about the show are the type that would bitch if your ice cream was cold.

    • bbyrd2166 says:

      Absolutely right.

    • CM says:

      I don’t think people care that the Governor didn’t die (even if that’s how they are expressing their disappointment). I think the problem is that he was left alive without bait to draw us back. Nobody cares about the character of the Governor. He’s been written into the show so badly that people just want to move on; we’re tired of seeing him. Killing him is the best way to do that.
      Try having an adult discussion and leave the insults out. You might sound less like a douchebag (you deserve that, you know you do.)

    • fauna says:

      Obviously you are not a woman !

  41. Bring more people to WD says:

    Bring some others characters back
    like Amy, Sophia, Lori, Andrea, or
    bring the Alice character but just like
    one from comic. I have some ideas
    for season 4 soo if you are
    interesting answer here.

  42. Theresa says:

    I loved it. It had everything. It was intense & shocking, yet heart wrenching & uplifting. I think this season was far more interesting & exciting then season 2 on the farm. The whole Shane, Rick, Lori love triangle got boring & it moved too slow. Season 1 went out with a bang (CDC exploding) & season 2 with the farm burning. This seasons finale was more about the toll the zombie apocalypse has had on humanity, especially with Carl & Andrea. When the people from Woodbury got off that bus, I cried. Andrea would have been proud. It left me feeling sad but hopeful. I thought it was perfect. Plus, knowing The Governor is still out there, will keep everyone fearful & on guard.

  43. Jackie says:

    It’s just a TV show, folks. Lighten up for heaven’s sake. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Personally, I enjoy the show, warts and all. I certainly couldn’t do better and, yes, I liked Andrea and wish she hadn’t died.

    • CM says:

      You people and your “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it” rhetoric…
      Understand something…these people are complaining because they want to like it, but Kirkman and Mazzara are making it so difficult to do that. The show has such potential to be spectacular, and these guys keep messing it up.

  44. steve knox says:

    I belive that Carl is the only one that has his head screwed on. The only thing that matters is food & water, wepons and shelter. No threats left behind or around you.

  45. Danish Eqbal says:

    Just one thing to say really. I’m glad Andrea’s dead, although Mr. Kirkman’s remarks in the interview are total garbage
    For her to spend so much time staring at Milton instead of picking up the pliers and getting free? That bit made no sense at all, considering she’d already killed her sister when she turned. She knew he was gonna turn, it was inevitable, so why not get free first before spending all the time she wanted staring?
    Just my 2 cents… Andrea could’ve been killed in a better way…

  46. donna says:

    i think the season finale was a little off because it took andrea’s character way off base well for me anyways always first to grab a gun and to sit and smile as milton is slowly turning into a zombie totally outta character but i think we expect someone to die we were taking bets at work on who was going to be fed to the zombies we all lost lol. nobody thought andrea was going to be the one

  47. Well, i read a bunch of these comments but eventually scrolled to the bottom so I may be repeating some thoughts. I am on the side of the finale being good which apparently makes me in this assumed “minority”. Be proud minority fans, as you are not among those who were left oinking for more things that go boom. Sadly, it seems that it is often a majority of people that flock to the mindless summer blockbuster movies with their sparkly effects and loud explosions, happy to disregard crappy plots and storylines (and poor acting). Often the gems of movies and television are not appreciated by enough of a “majority” to win awards or make it past a few seasons on tv. The Walking Dead is too good to appear on mainstream tv, as is other shows. So I say to the majority, go watch your Survivor, Bachelor, American Idol while drool slowly makes its way out of the corner of your mouth, and those of us that can appreciate things that are more deep and insightful will hope that there are enough of us to keep this show from disappearing like many other shows that people just “didn’t get”

    • Barbara says:

      I completely agree. Those whiners need to find something else to watch. Not only that I think that we are in the majority, Most people who are happy with something don’t bother to write how great it is, which makes it look as though we are the minority.

    • Jacob says:

      if you cant comprehend this show then you are a walking dead The same goes for those other shows you mentioned. You talk about mindless shows with effects and loud explosions bad acting bad plots ect…. you just gave the definition of the walking dead. It is a fun show most of the time, nothing more.

  48. Fan420 says:

    Who ever referred to the vocal fan thing about the episode being disappointing I have come to the conclusion that you are part of the have no intelligence fans because there wasn’t a bunch of war the way you wanted the episode sucked I saw it more or less to solve some problems and have some resolution I thought it was great and set it up to be epic next year

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  50. MrWiseman says:

    I read that Glen Mazzara wrote a first version of season finale where Andrea stayed alive! It has been changed by the new showrunner Scott Gimple!