Walking Dead Post Mortem: Robert Kirkman Talks Andrea Backlash (Including the Pliers!), Defends Rick's Decision, Previews [Spoiler]'s Return

The Walking Dead Season 4 SpoilersThe Walking Dead‘s tense, brutal, gut-wrenching Season 3 finale is but a distant memory, and now series creator Robert Kirkman has some ‘splainin to do.

Why did Rick choose the prison over Woodbury as the gang’s home base? What was behind the decision to keep the beyond-redemption Governor around? Did viewer animosity towards Andrea contribute to the decision to whack her prematurely? And what was the deal with those damn pliers?!

Below, Kirkman answers all of those questions and offers a tantalizing sneak peek at the show’s fourth season (bowing in October).

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TVLINE | Laurie Holden suggested it was somewhat of a last-minute decision to kill off Andrea. What led to the change in plans?
I wouldn’t say it was necessarily last minute. It wasn’t quite planned at the very beginning of the season. It came up in the development of the Woodbury story. There were a lot of different plans for the Andrea character, and as we started getting closer and closer to the last few episodes of the season, it started to become a little more clear the direction we wanted to go in. And the thing that would have the most impact on all of the characters was actually her death.

TVLINE | Did the fan backlash towards the character factor in at all?
That was never anything that worked into the decision-making process. Fan backlash isn’t something we use to make decisions. The death of Andrea was already shot well before these last eight episodes aired. So it’s not really even possible to use fan reaction to guide story.

TVLINE | Were you surprised by the criticism directed at her? And, looking back, would you do anything differently?
Looking back, there are probably a few things we could’ve done to stem that. It wasn’t our intention to have a small but vocal portion of the audience not really behind her. We really wanted to show this character as someone who was optimistic about the possibilities of Woodbury. In the end, it’s always a risk having the audience know something that the character doesn’t. But we felt it was important to show the optimism in her. To show, in a sense, how desperate she was to have something to hold on to and be optimistic about. Some audience members didn’t react favorably to that. I do think it was a misreading of the situation. I see a lot of people saying, “Why doesn’t she know the Governor is a bad guy?” We’re seeing a larger picture that the character is not seeing. And some audience members didn’t key into that as much as we would’ve liked them too.

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TVLINE | Why did she spend so much time staring at Zombie Milton instead of picking up those damn pliers?
[Laughs] You know, it was a struggle. A very tense situation. If you’ve never been straped to a chair watching someone die before you I don’t know that you can really judge how someone behaved. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Why did Rick bring the Woodbury residents to the prison instead of relocating the prison folks to Woodbury?
The Governor is still out there. He’s already killed a great number of people from Woodbury. And I think they were able to repel him at the prison, so moving into Woodbury and setting up shop in his backyard – a place he’s very familiar with — would be very dangerous for Rick. They see the prison as something that is much more easily defended than Woodbury. They were able to get into Woodbury easily themselves. The Woodbury defenses are very effective against zombies, but not very effective against humans. They see it as much more of a defensible position.

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TVLINE | Why keep the Governor around as a series regular next season?
That question will be answered [in] Season 4. We always had a plan for this guy. We always knew that it was a bigger story than would fit into one season. There’s still a lot more to be done with this guy. We’ve known from the very first minute of Season 3 that we would be keeping the Governor around for a while.

TVLINE | Will the prison remain the primary set piece in Season 4?
There’s always going to be new locations and new places to discover and explore. I don’t want to reveal too much; Season 4 is still five months away. But I will say that as we see at the end of Season 3 we’re definitely going to start Season 4 at the prison. We may be there the whole season and we may not be… But there are going to be some big differences from Season 3.

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  1. Gabriel Anthony says:

    I hope that the BIG differences is that they FINALLY move on with the story, because that Season Finale was soooooooo lame

    • Tania says:

      There was nothing lame about it. People like you are too conditioned to seeing big bad explosions, over the top situations in a season finale. This one was just right and rather low key to last season’s. The Governor is going to be a BIG problem next season.

      • Annie says:

        You’re definitely in the minority here. Even the show’s most stalwart and vocal fans have apparently reached a general consensus that the finale was highly disappointing.

        • collett79 says:

          the minority is right!! the finale was phenomenal!! killing andrea was vital to whats comin in season4!! go research a little u idiots!! youll see why the killed andrea!! its important for season 4 and besides the writers had a hard time killing her but they dont wanna follow the comics and make it exactly the same!! also, go read a little and you might just find out that andrea is not finished in this show!! plenty have been killed yet are still in the show!! laurie for example shes still there if only in ricks mind!! the finale was perfect and brought back humanity to the show!! some people wanted that wanted more of the human element back!! for those of you who want more zombie killin and less human conflicts jus wait season 4 has zombies multiplied and the threat is no longer containable!! the way they defended the prison was incredible and was the right call!! you have to understand with andrea she was about saving everyone and in that situation she had been beaten and was a prisoner and was still trying to save herself and be there for milton at the same time!! she wanted i think to see him changing out of curiosity!! the only thing is i think she could of kicked him away and then stabbed him in the head or eye with the pliers but then after i found out how vital her death is to season 4 im glad they killed her!! she might jus be back in the show though hehe…..theres a sense that some of the characters will come back in lots of peoples dreams and minds!! im very curious to see the path carl is going to take and curious to see who is going to be the one who betrays rick in season 4!! all in all the finale was incredible!! i mean it broke records beating out the bible big bang and every other show!! its the highest rated cable show in history!! that must mean something!! if you dont like it watch something else!! either find some positive in the show and stop hating or go watch something gay like jersey shore!! why watch a show if u wanna b*tch about it and be all negative i mean who wants to watch something that makes them hate and be negative!! find the positive or leave it to the real fans!! my words are correct and if you disagree your a g****** moron!!!

          • Ren says:

            Collett79, it’s obvious that you wrote your response from your parents basement. Seriously, aren’t you late for your shift at McDonald’s?
            Take some time to relax and reflect on how lame the season finale was.

          • Dee-bo says:

            When it comes to shows like this, the minority may think they’re right, but it’s the majority who determine whether or not the show is any good. And if they don’t like the show, they’ll stop watching. And the minority who love the show as it is will be very disappointed, because without ratings provided by the majority the show will not exist for the minority to see. This isn’t a government office building, it’s a show that needs ratings to survive. If the majority of fans hate the current content, and the show doesn’t change, then it goes away. This ultimately proves that the majority are right, and that you are the moron. And as of right now, the majority think it sucked!

          • Ty says:

            How many exclamation points can one use in one sentance? !!!!! Seriously though, collett79, you need to get a hobby or job or something!!! You are getting way too upset by the fact that a lot of us thought that the finale was crap!!!!!!!
            P.S.: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You are right on all counts. Appreciate your thoughts. Walking Dead is the best thing on TV!

          • PhoKingGuy says:


          • lilytulips says:

            I do not care that others think the finale was “lame ” as they call it , or disappointing, to me I love everything about TWD . My only disappointment is I have to wait 5 months for season 4.

          • mishka says:

            Oh my god!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many exclamation points!! In one paragraph!! Before!! In my whole life!!

          • Garreth says:

            Great finale. It ended in the best possible way :) I’m looking forward to season 4 because the zombies are going to become a threat again. Everyone will carry on watching the show until Daryl dies (if he does die) and the creators of the show know that so they won’t kill the biggest badass on the show. They are bringing in a new crazy guy who is a medic and they said he is crazier than the governor so that should be interesting. If you hate the show that much then stop commenting

          • Alexis Phillips says:

            Calm down, everyone can have an opinion so get a life and move on, and come on… like anyone is actually gonna read that whole thing!

        • DarkIntent says:

          Okay Dee-bo, first of all, while you’re obviously right about shows needing ratings to survive, just because those of us that were satisfied with the season finale are in the “minority”, in and of itself, doesn’t mean we’re wrong. Sharing in a majority opinion doesn’t make you right by itself, either, it just means a lot of people happen to agree; at one time, the majority believed the Earth was flat, and at another point a different majority believed that that whole Third Reich idea was pretty awesome. So, no, you aren’t right just because you agree with the masses, and I’m not wrong just because I disagree.

          Feelings toward the season finale, like feelings toward movies or video games or music, are a matter of taste and personal opinion, not an argument you get to “win”. I can, however, hate you and everyone else that’s whining about how the finale wasn’t “good enough” just as much as you and everyone else can hate us “in the minority” for actually enjoying it. So there’s that.

          • rick says:

            @dark intent..your comment was awesome..nicely written and proves a point not only in this context but anywhere that people think just because they think like the majority they are right…i like your thoughts…i never even thought people thought the finale was lame…it was a good ending for a season and left a lot to be imagined for season four…my only wish is that the finale would be longer than a regular episode….


        • I’m a stalwart fan and the season finale was on the money.

        • Ken Jones says:

          Disappointing, nope! Unexpected and kind of a downer, yeah. The second to last episode was also a downer with Merle’s death. No true fan can be disappointed with Season 3 or the finale…Classic Walking Dead!

        • Doogster says:

          Tania is not in the minority…thought it was a great episode. If the writers start letting fans dictate how the shows will go and who should or should not get killed off, I’ll stop watching. The reason you like this show so much is because of these writers and the production values this show holds. I was actually hoping there would not be a crazy ass battle at the end and that they would not kill off ANOTHER main character at the end of the season, ESPECIALLY Andrea. Along with Rick and Daryl, she was the most well rounded character on the show and one of the best acted. It’s a shame she’s gone.

        • paul burnett says:

          THE ONLY THING THAT DISSAPPOINTED ME WAS KILLING OFF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER ANDREA wasn’t happy about it at all. season 4 better not kill carol, micchonne or daryll off. not everybody has to die but I do hope the governor dies for killing andrea

      • Spinning Maze says:

        Oh I’m sorry, not fulfilling hype they themselves built up in episodes leading up to the finale isn’t lame? Okay, I’ll just go remove my emotions then.

      • pete says:

        You have this season long build up to the prison vs woodbury, then you get very little, you have the death of andrea who was so stupid all season, it was bad writing, most people felt worse about milton a character we knew very little about. To build this season as woodbury vs the prison, and give us that payoff was really lame

        • Gabe says:

          The season was never about The prison vs Woodbury. If anything it was the prison vs The Governor. The Gov to turn on his own people and Rick to shelter the enemy camp serves for good story telling. And the fact that the Gov is still out there is a scary thought. Plus Rick is back to wanting to rebuild society. These are the key moments people over look because they’re not filled with explosions and zombie head bashing. The show is about the struggle of maintining your humanity while surviving an apocalypse. Not a day at the shooting range.

        • Randy Hawkins says:

          The whole bunch are stupid. Why leave a personnel carrier on the road, along with other vehicles? As for Andrea, why did she walk and not take governor’s vehicle while he was zombie stabbing? Show is ok but some of the plot makes no sense. Bad writing, yes!

      • WadeWilson says:

        I don’t know a single person who didn’t hate the finale. And mostly everyone i know watches this show. You’re mos def in the minority if you think this ‘conclusion’ wasn’t utter crap. This show is getting worse as dragging 5h1t rather than dealing with, and moving past plot points…

        • Kate says:

          I didn’t hate it at all. Just being in the majority doesn’t mean you are correct, you know.

          • KevyB says:

            In this case it does! Though I will say it wasn’t crap. It just wasn’t exciting. You can’t spend an entire season planting clues that there’s going to be a huge Woodbury VS Prison finale and then have some cut-rate, poorly-planned “fight” between the two. And ONCE AGAIN, heaven forbid anyone in that prison build something DEFENSIVE, like a deep trench around the fence. Or maybe they could think about cutting down some trees to block the road. Or maybe rig a spot in the road where they could blow up the trucks long before THEY EVEN GOT TO THE PLACE THEY CALL HOME!

            I did LOVE the part where Kirkman called the Andrea-haters a “small but vocal portion of the audience”. Didn’t realize “over 90%” is small. I’m really starting to hate that man. He’s allegedly extremely demanding on set, which means he’s a big part of the reason so much of this season sucked. But then he gives interviews where he does nothing but make excuses and lie. Andrea CLEARLY was killed off because we all hated her. Our hatred of her started at the end of Season One, not “in the last eight episodes” so, nice try. And now we have to suffer through even more of this ridiculous Governor character? I have a feeling my hate-watching is going to transform into not-watching next season.

          • Tumbleweed says:

            Of course the writers can “spend an entire season planting clues that there’s going to be a huge Woodbury VS Prison finale and then have some cut-rate, poorly-planned “fight” between the two.” They can do whatever they want, with the producers ok, THEY’RE THE WRITERS OF THE SHOW. If you don’t like it, that’s your right and your opinion, but be logical and realistic; this isn’t the first show on television that had the audience believing some plot point would happen then didn’t, and it won’t be the last. No one is forcing anyone to watch. You and anyone who wants to can say they didn’t like something, but it’s ridiculous to say the people who make the show aren’t allowed to do something. Also, how could you possibly know 90% of the audience of this show hate Andrea? There are literally millions of people who watch the show, and they don’t all post their opinions on the internet. Maybe a lot of people do hate her, maybe even the majority of the millions of viewers, but making up statistics doesn’t strengthen your argument.

          • Corey Conway says:

            Don’t worry Kate. This KevyB doesn’t know anything. He says they killed Andrea off because everyone hated her… the backlash against her didn’t start until after the whole season had been written and filmed already. Plus, andrea was a fantastic character anyways. Some people are just simple minded and wanna “hate” just to hate.

          • John says:

            I loved the finale.

          • The season finale was great. You “majority” people (although I don’t believe you ARE the majority) need to disappear somewhere.

          • jc says:

            @KevyB … please, tell me where they were going to get the explosives to rig a spot in the road to blow up the trucks. tell me when they had the time and people and resources to exhaust building a trench around a gigantic prison surrounded by zombies, while a mad-man could appear on-site at any time. please tell me what devises they had to go chop down a tree in the woods big enough to blockade an attack by Woodbury? Your argument is invalid in all of those respects. You need to think like Rick’s camp, and not a viewer who is not subject to a zombie apocalypse. They have few people to defend against a small army, fewer weapons and ammunition, and even less food and supplies I would imagine. Their 2 best options were to run, or defend the prison like they had. I thought that scene was fantastic. I honestly kept flip-flopping back and forth on whether they vacated or not.

            While you may counter-argue that the group had just acquired those weapons from Morgan’s area, I can only imagine it would not be enough to drive away those attacking them. As you can clearly see, Martinez took out the prison towers with a Hammer in a matter of seconds. They shot assault rifles and machine guns at the prison, decimating the exterior walls. One would have to be insane or moronic to believe that 9 people can defend against that in a full on combat. Their strategy was brilliant. It pissed the Governor off so badly that he killed his own army sans two men (and the woman that got away). His numbers are now depleted by his own hand. Rick’s camp did one of the best defenses that could have been devised.

            The fact that the majority of people are complaining that the Governor should be dead because of his b***tard characterization and psychotic mentality should prove that he is written so well as a villain. Why would writers of anything kill off a character like that so quickly when he can still cause so much drama? I hate the Governor. I hate him on the show and in the comics. He should die for all of the things he has done. You cannot have a person like that walking around, especially if he’s already set his sight on you for revenge or whatnot. But I see how his character influences other character’s development now and down the road.

            I am in the camp of loving comic Andrea, disliking show Andrea (to an extent). It’s not the actresses’ fault Andrea was developed so poorly. I think the decision to prematurely kill her off was probably not the best one, considering her story lines in the comics. Don’t jump on me how the show is not sticking to the comics. I’m aware of that, as I have been since season 1. I’m just saying that Andrea had a lot of potential to be the badass us comic readers know, and it’s unfortunate we weren’t able to see that in the show. As for her death, I’m glad the character could go out on her terms. I was hoping she’d be rescued, I was disappointed to see her die. I will miss her character for what could have been. A decent finale overall, in my opinion. I didn’t need a huge war between the two sides. I liked what I saw for that. I thought the conversation between Milton and Andrea was good. Andrea’s death scene was nice closure. And Rick’s gotta get on top of Carl before he has a mini Governor running around. I get where the kid was coming from. I was yelling ‘shoot him’ at the screen until he did. I just think his lies and mindset of ‘he attacked us first’ is not good for the kid. That is all. My grade would be a B- (a minus mostly for that pliers scene. wtf?)

        • Nick says:

          Well I actually thought the season finale was one of the best episodes of the season. I thought killing off Milton and Andrea in the way they did , as well as leaving the Governor, Caesar, and Shumpert alive after the massacre of the frightened Woodbury citizens was, in fact, quite good and realistic storytelling. This leaves so many possibilities for season 4, where many of you fans wishing for the big explosions and the Governors demise will get your wish, at some point. This isn’t a movie or a comic book, it’s a TV series that isn’t afraid to go outside the box or normal storytelling. I loved episode 16 because it ended quite bitter sweet, on the bad side Andrea, Milton , Allen , Paul and many others are dead… The Governor, Shumpert, and Caesar on the loose…. Carl is becoming cold and angry. But on the up side, there’s hope. Ricky’s sanity is returning, Tyreese, Sasha and Karen are at the prison, and hope seems to be returning for the prison group. I personally look forward to exploring what happens with season, especially with the Governor’ s next action and what role Tyreese will play within the prison.

          • Lee says:

            THIS!! I agree with every word here.

          • joan says:

            Same here. I think the finale was very good and left alot to explore next season.

          • chris ward says:

            Absolutely CORRECT…….Let the haters be…..that’s what they do………they HATE. They’re a bunch or morons just for morons sake! This show is incredible and each episode is better than the last. I watch this show each Sunday with 250 plus other people at our local community center and there was not one person….not one single person, that did not like the season finale. Not one comment even close to the crap I ‘ve seen here. So don’t go calling yourselves the majority and act as if your idiotic rantings make a whip of a difference to the ratings of this fabulous show.

          • Tom Frieder says:

            Chris Ward…You can have 50 thousand people watching and agree with you and still might not be very smart…just look at the sheep who watch Foxnews….the fact of the matter is: Is there a thread of logic to the story line, not whether it ended as you want it to… do you not question why no one retaliated against the Governor? …they sat there like robots…where did the remaining crew disappear to after the massacre, weren’t their kids back at woodbury??..why all of a sudden is Rick’s son a gung-ho killer??…why were the governors men bothering with going through the Prison’s dark regions??…there were no clues they would find ANYONE…think and prove you’re not the moron, else be quiet before calling others who definitely aren’t, one

          • Birdiecheep says:

            Couldn’t have said it better. I did feel disappointed about not seeing a legitimate standoff between the Guv and say Rick or Michonne, but all in all it ended with the death of my least favorite character (Andrea), absolutely shocking scenes (the Guv and Carl both killing “innocents”), and the sense that Rick and the group are back and ready to handle whatever comes at them. With the Governer’s power gone, the story can continue as we’d hoped.

          • hockey1 says:

            Well said Nick. people should look at the options opened up and the general shape of the way it’s going to unflold. Theres still the military helicopters final destination overhead that haven’t had an answer in early season 3 and the “lifecycle” of biters. Maybe they rot away as food becomes lesser available. I think inevitably the process and reasons they came to exist are going to have to be looked at in the series. Is communication somehow possible with them? I think this season will begin to look closer at walkers, possibly someone who is about to turn, and start to gain understanding. What started this all in the first place? Lots of things that I think will slowly be answered this next season

          • Sheldon says:

            I enjoyed the season finale, as I’ve enjoyed all of the episodes, even though I think about 90% of the decisions these people make are really stupid and the worst possible choices. The thing is, if these people were at all competent, and had any idea how to react and adapt to their situation, they would be armed to the teeth, well supplied and living like royalty – which would make for a really boring and short series. Stupidity is entertaining

          • randy says:

            just want to ask,what kind of war can be portrayed between 40 woodberrians and10 rickolites.certainly not ww2.what did you expect,armigeddon?

          • Grandma J says:

            I’m with you, Nick. I’m a 70+ Grandma who loooooves TWD. I was sad that they killed off Andrea and hope they don’t kill anyone else off. I would like to seee the core group survive intact at the end. I just hope they don’t give us a silly ass disappointing series ending like we got with Lost. Well, we will just have to wait and see.

          • paul burnett says:

            we didn’t all hate Andrea everyone I know loved her character not everyone who watches the show comments about it online so you cant say everyone hates her your clearly wrong mate

      • Gabriel Anthony says:

        If I was too conditioned to see big explosions over the situations AND the characters, my two favorite shows wouldn’t be Mad Men and Breaking Bad!

      • Wrong. Almost everyone was disappointed because they promised an all out war & we got a 5 minute cat and mouse game with some shooting. It was beyond disappointing.

        • Corey Conway says:

          Nobody promised anything. You expected it and it didn’t happen the way you wanted it to. Oh well. This finale was perfect in every way possible.

          • the governor and rick’s group have been saying all season long that they’re going to face off against the governor and take each other down and that they were going to war. that wasn’t even a battle. that was a quick, cop out shoot out. the disappointing part was andrea’s death. i’m disgusted in how they handled her character.

        • Daphne says:

          Even before the finale aired, I had already known that the finale was not going to be as explosive as everyone hoped it would be. There was no promise of an all out war to begin with, in fact, it was already said many times that we were to get the opposite of that. Secondly, I do admit that I wanted more for a season finale but as I sat back soon as it it was done, I did realize that I was satisfied. With the addition of more people now that had joined Rick’s group, we can now look forward to not only an exploration of new characters but also new episodes that will differ from the norm that we were so used to – the same small group battling the walking dead over and over for a whole new season… though I love zombies so much, I myself would have to say that a whole season of that would bore me to death. So, yes, I found satisfaction in season 3’s finale for many reasons… these reasons are just a few of what we can look forward to in season 4.

        • wendy says:

          over 12 million viewers for the finale awesome enough said

          • Danish Eqbal says:

            12 million viewers does not make an awesome episode, the quality and content does… you’re taking a stat that’s more of a reflection of how popular the show is to justify the finale, i hope you understand that…

      • Corey Conway says:

        I have to agree that you are obviously too caught up in wanting to see explosions and death. This show, if you exclude the fact that these people are in a zombie apocalpse, has a very realistic footing in how it handles itself with the characters and storyline. The show was never meant to be a big bad explosion fest. Its about the people, their relationships to one another, and drama. People complain because season 2 was laid back. I LOVED season 2. The laidback part of it is what made it so good and helped develop the characters we’ve all come to care so much about. So drop the gunhoe, disappointment act and enjoy the show for what it is… not for what it isn’t.

        • Siege says:

          People are not too conditioned to wanting explosions and death. People are conditioned to expect writing and acting that captures the mind. The most popular shows on TV are written really well and are not endless violence and death: Breaking Bad, Shameless, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men. TWD could be completely tame in the action department and still be so much better. The writing simply doesn’t compare to the likes of the afore mentioned shows.

      • aerostatle says:

        I wanted to respond to your statement directly.I would like to start off by saying the way the show is shot,written,conveyed,and directed are all beautiful.There are alot of people pouring the hearts and souls on the creation of this product,and the proof is in the pudding.However I think when a show explodes in popularity over the course of a single season it puts a ton of pressure on those that write and create.While they do have a baseline to run ideas from in the course of the graphic novels,they also go askew from the comic’s tale and do generate a tremendous amount of incredibly thoughtful,well placed original ideas and plotlines. However, with the explosion of demand I believe it leads to “reaching” by a writing staff,and a well known overused way to do this “reaching”, Is to delve into characters back story,slow down the action,and start cramming tons of unneccesary dialogue down our throats in which 3 scenes can stretch into a full episode ala “LOST” While it is dissappointing to me to watch as a true fan of the entire process and story as well as what goes into it,I cannot believe with a pre-enriched story as what is in the comics they are leaning on this tactic hard.WAAAAAYYYY to hard.I also believe this is watering down the experience conveyed on the screen.That is what the gentleman you wrapped on the knuckles meant,And he was right although he uttered it in caveman language I was agreeing with what he said and was merely trying to clean it up for him and read it back to you,

        Thank you for your time,

      • hamish says:

        When is next season

      • Henry Buck says:

        it had nothing to do with lack of explosions i feel they lacked in a good cliff hanger or any way to leave off the story they built up to a large conflict between the two groups and instead we got a small fire fight and the woodbury crew running with their tails between their legs and i have been a diehard fan from the get go but this had to be the most disappointing season finale yet and i feel like this would have been a good ending for the series not a season…

        • Siege says:

          I’m with you here. I had no desire to see massive explosions or mass homicide. A well written show will give you a reason to come back next season. I don’t see one here; like you said – it felt more like a series finale. I could have got behind this finale if it were written more like a show reboot – sort of like they did in S3 of Sons of Anarchy, but in the end, I am left with no anticipation. It’s disappointing for me because I like the show and have hopes for the show’s potential, but at the same time I don’t really care what happens next.

    • K says:

      I agree the episode was so lame!!!

    • scorpo says:

      I agree the finale was lame. In fact the whole second half of this season was lame. It felt as dull as season 2! They need to move on and be as good as the first half of season 3 was.

    • Alec says:

      TOTALLY agree

    • bbyrd says:

      I love all 3 seasons. I thought season 3 was great. My co-workers loved it as much as I did. I’m looking forward to season 4. To the people complaining so much, don’t watch it if you don’t like it.

    • Tom Frieder says:

      Gotta agree with the last few episodes being poor. Rick and company must’ve fired a thousand bullets from fairly close range and it looks as if they hit 1 or 2 of the Governor’s crew…boy what lousy shots…..also the Andrea runaway story as well…why is she walking out in the open?? how does she not see a zombie behind a tree?? how does the governor know where in the woods she’ll enter the prison to pull out another of the endless “out of nowhere” surprises, etc. too many situations staged for shock value but not logic value.

      • jon says:

        Glenn and Maggie were not aiming at the woodbury people. They shot at thier feet and were yelling “get out” while doing so. They were trying to scare them off vs slaughter. Carl seems to be the only one growing cold to the point of killing without remorse. After seeing do many humans get spared only to come back and hurt the ppl he cares about, on top of being a child developing morality in a world where there is very little black or whitr only shades of grey it makes sense he’s losing his humanity

      • randy says:

        he waited near the bridge,son.

    • Deanna says:

      In no way was the last show lame! It was great!

      • susan says:

        I think the people who were satisfied with the finale – like me – have had no reason to get on the web and complain about writing. This is the first I’ve heard that there was so much disappointment. 90% – really? I was not in on a poll. Can’t wait for S4!!!

    • Liz says:

      I agree..lame..So very lame.

    • Eric Boike says:

      I’d like to see more of what it is taking to live day to day. Why there aren’t more road trips to make life more comfortable. Spruce up the prison. Fortify it. Take a day trip to Ft. Benning and collect some fire power. The group is constantly leaving behind equipment and supplies that would make things better for the group. Even the governer takes the pick up over the rigged up suv. Then all that equipment and guns are left on the group that were killed in the open. Vehicles left on the road. Could have used 5 ton army truck to drive around prison yard and clear it safely. Left .50 cal , humvees, Bradley’s etc… at the cdc in Atlanta. Did the zombies clean out all the greater Georgia RV lots too? Worried about a Damn hose? Get a new class motorhome and ride in style. It is ok to loot. Rick said so himself. Stupid stuff. Want to clear walkers? Knife on pole have them walk to fence then stick them in the head? Easy enough right? No bullets wasted. No super walmarts to raid? Furniture stores? Camping supply stores? Gas trucks? Seriously they better start doing and showing it as opposed to the group just having M4s and silencers appearing out of no where. Food was almost gone many episodes ago. Needs to have realistic crap in the story telling.

      • jon says:

        They go on runs all the time, it would get boring watching them go shopping every episode. I’m sure there’s gas trucks out there but how many have gas? It’s been a year, prolly been picked clean. Do any of them know how to drive a big rig? You think they haven’t thought to loot all the stores you mentioned? They and every other surviving human most likley has already done so.

      • Sam says:

        Firstly, which one of the group knows how to drive an APC? Plus, who’s going to search all the bodies for keys to the Humvees? I doubt they can be hotwired, being military vehicles.

        It would take all the danger out of the show too! If they were rolling around in tanks, then what’s the point? They could finish the entire thing in two episodes tops, there’d be no survival atmosphere. I also thought this series was quite realistic. Unlike other zombie shows, this wasn’t all guns blazing zombie killing, it presented us with the problems that the group faced, brought us to the same level as them and showed us how different things are, with the Governor and his escapades, so I can’t fault them for that.

    • Marspi says:

      no it wasnt; it was just right. there was already enough drama throughout the whole season.

    • Marspi says:

      It was just right. It had enough drama throughout the whole season to make up for the finale. I loved the way it played out.

    • Marspi says:

      there was so much gut wrenching drama all season that i think the finale was right on.

    • ted says:

      you lame

    • ted says:

      you are lame

    • Brett says:

      You obviously did not watch the same season finale that we all did. That finale had everything we had been waiting for. Get yer head outta yer ass. Your the lame one

  2. Babybop says:

    I’m looking forward to the next season as long as they keep going the way they’re going! I loved season 3!

  3. Julia says:

    I really hope season four isn’t like season two, which was slow because it invested too much into character development.

    • Tania says:

      Season two was fantastic. Character development is what I’m looking for not another Night of the Living Dead.

      • Lisa Nelson says:

        I agree. There was to much filler this season and not enough character development. That was the brilliance of Season 1 (by Darabont)….it was a perfect balance of action and character development. Season 2 had glimmers but fell too far into pastoral bliss and not much zombie action, which drives the character reveals. Season 3 was like watching a bad Michael Bay movie. Lots of action but you no longer care. And that’s on the writers and producers, not the brilliant actors. If someone just started watching Season 3 without having seen the first two, they likely wouldn’t have become invested emotionally into any of the characters (except maybe Judith with Daryl…. the only character who’s said more than two words to the baby). Please do better.

        • I respectfully disagree. I thought there was A LOT of character development this season, more so than in Season 2. Every character had a story arc and everyone is much different from what they were before this season. Personally, I think Season 3 is the best so far. It was exciting, full of character development, and the episodes varied, unlike Season 2 where they basically did the same thing every episode. I disagree with Julia as well; I don’t think Season 2 was slow because it invested too much into character development, I think it was slow because they didn’t really get very far in most of the episodes. I remember thinking that nothing really happened until the last ten minutes of the episodes. They kind of just talked and did the same thing. I thought Season 2 was good, but Season 3 is much stronger, and personally, I was more obsessed with these episodes.

          Again, I respectfully disagree that people wouldn’t become invested. I was emotionally invested in these characters, although I did start to get tired of loopy Rick after a while. I know Andrea has received a lot of hate, but I was very invested in her character in the second part of the season and find her death to be one of the more heartbreaking ones.

          • Yar says:

            Andrea was too stupid this season, Robert Kirkman and the other writers are lazy and horrible

          • Oddswig says:

            I agree. Andrea made some bad choices, yes, but she completely redeemed herself in “Prey”; she never stopped because she was running for Michonne’s life as well as her own.

            Her character was primed for an interesting evolution we’ll never get to see, and I, for one, am quite disappointed. Not no-more-Michael-Pitt-smoldering-on-Boardwalk-Empire disappointed, but sad.

            I’m not going to smack down the writers and producers of a show that keeps me entertained; in spite of its flaws, it is still TV-elevated. I will say, however, that it was Laurie Holden’s acting – and not her oftimes scantily-written character – that kept me invested in her fate.

          • regutierre says:

            I was very sad to see Andrea die. Although, there were times that I didn’t agree with her decisions I very much liked and respected her character. She was a strong woman who reminded me of Dale with her sense of humanity and hope. It was obvious to me that if the governor was not killed a major character would have tho be sacrificed in order tho bring the shocker to the season finale.

          • Sheldon says:

            Personally, I was sad to see Andrea die. She had a lot of potential as the dumb and naive optimist who gets a wake up call (psycho gov), stops sleeping with the biggest scumbags left on the planet, and go on to kick major zombie butt! She was also pretty sexy. The battle at the prison could have been better, but I can understand why it had to be the gov who slaughtered the Woodbury crew to force the rest to join Rick’s crew. Creates an interesting dynamic and provides lots of fodder for season 4

    • Alan says:

      when did character development become a bad thing? there was a time when people complained if there was more action that character development, now people complain when there is more character development than action.

      • MichaelAngelo says:

        Ok. I will say it, “You can’t make everyone happy.” And if you do, you can’t do it at the same time. I did not like the hype-building toward the season finale, but I am SATISFIED with how it ended. Carl seems to be losing it. Hopefully his dad and the new cast members will help bring him back into the good kid he used to be.

      • april e. says:

        that is because most people want to see action, as opposed to having to THINK. when it is about the character you have to use your brain. sadly it seems many people don;t want to do that. also i think more people post negatives because those folks that are not happy tend to want to bitch about it. those of us who were satisfied with the storyline are happy and do not feel the ned to try and FORCE people to listen to our rants

        • CM says:

          Funny how your main point is that satisfied viewers such as yourself don’t feel the need to force other people to listen to their rants when technically your post is just another rant.

          What was it Michonne said? “People who have nothing to hide usually don’t feel the need to say so.”

          In your case, silence would have spoken louder.

    • Corey Conway says:

      Season 2 was amazing. If you don’t like character development, then drop this show from your schedule ASAP.

  4. Jen Naumann says:

    I’m just glad the crew at the prison survived, although I did have a soft spot for Andrea and the show won’t be the same without her. Looking forward to the next season with Michonne as a regular!

    • MichaelAngelo says:

      I have have two questions I was hoping we would get an answered before season 4:

      1. Who were the “they weren’t human to begin with” zombies that Michonne kept on leashes?
      2. What is the story with the d@mn samurai sword???

  5. Drew Herring says:

    I blame him for that sorry excuse of a season finale. I can’t believe I opted to watch that before Game of Thrones. I felt no emotion over Andrea’s death, except when Michonne started tearing up. I can’t believe they had the nerve to keep The Governor around… Just wrap the story and the bad guys, so you can move on to better stuff! The producers definitely mislead me with all these “Big War Coming” and “MORE THAN ONE MAJOR DEATH” tidbits they shared with TVLine. Really disappointed.

    • Ashley says:

      as much as i didn’t like andrea i thought she would get out and reunite w/ rick and company but i guess not. she DID PAY THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for staying at woodbury along side w/that bastard the gov. DON’T GET WHY HE DIDN’T DIE! WTF? now milton that was sad he had to go i was starting to like the guy and he to would go and join rick. seeing michonne tearing up ….showing emotions was big last week it was daryl now her. I FREAKIN LOVE MICHONNE AND DARYL AWESOME CHARCTERS!


  6. wrstlgirl says:

    I absolutely love this show and am looking forward to the next season.

    • jonathon says:

      i agree, this show is very good and is picked on too much. either not enough violence and too much character development or not enough development and killing off characters too soon. Some fans will never make up their mind on what they want or even know what they want but the writers know what they’re doing and i hope its true they are not listening to the fans too much on story because they are doing fine just the way they are. Can’t wait till season 4!

      • venus says:

        I agree with you fans are always picking on this show. NOw I agree I was angry that the govner did not die, but that did not kill the show it is stil one of the best drama on tv, and who knows keeping him alive may make season 4 evern better. I still think it is one of the best drama on tv.

        • jason says:

          but the bad guy does not always die,real life is unfair and its gutsy that they didn’t kill him off just to wrap up the emotion we had vested in the conflict !!

      • randy says:

        you speak truth!

  7. Lena120 says:

    ” It wasn’t our intention to have a small but vocal portion of the audience not really behind her. ”

    A SMALL portion of the audience? There were a lot more than that who were upset at the portrayal of Andrea this season. I feel bad for fans of the comic because the character in the book is so amazing and she never got realized like that on screen. Also, Laurie Holden never got to play that either. I get what Kirkman is saying, but Andrea was so invested in Woodbury and the majority of the audience wasn’t. We didn’t care about those people. Therefore her decision making seemed ridiculous. I felt like they really dumbed her down and it bothers me because she had the potential to be a really strong, badass female character. She went out with a whimper and it was such a waste.

    • Dave says:

      You could not have summed it up any better. Andrea went from being one of my favorite characters to a huge disappointment this season.

      • gatorgirl99 says:

        Good point. Where is the Andrea that saved Carol and survived on her own with Michonne all winter? A civil rights attorney? Then in a matter of weeks decides to become the docile bimbo of the governor? “Can’t we all just get along” becoming her mantra? There was another comment that was spot on. We cared more that Milton died and that wasn’t fair to Andrea. It’s not that I mind her dying. It’s the way the turned the character into such a milquetoast at the end.

    • Elyse says:

      i thought the same thing! SMALL… HA!

  8. heyang says:

    They said 27 people were going to die during the finale. So, it was pretty much a given that a # of Woodbury people would get auf’d. I found it somewhat suspenseful – waiting see if Milton would turn before Andrea could free herself , as well as the one woman underneath her friend praying that the Governor wouldn’t realize she was alive and would go away before the zombie came to life. I also enjoyed that Rick has been ‘reset’ and seemingly beat his demons. I was surprised by how moved I was by Michonne’s tears and Andrea’s dignity.

  9. Galcoh says:

    “[Laughs] You know, it was a struggle. A very tense situation. If you’ve never been straped to a chair watching someone die before you I don’t know that you can really judge how someone behaved. [Laughs]”

    This is just a distasteful response for people that want to like the show. Kirkman is obviously too happy to be getting his royalties than to rock the boat with acceptance of the mistakes the show has made.

    Thanks for not respecting the viewer Robert.

    • Jacob says:

      Kirkman draws out every scene and episode. Viewers are getting wise and bored with it. I loved the episode that rick and the governor sat at a table and talked and talked and talked….

    • Sheldon says:

      Yeah, that was lame. I would have used the pliers to free myself WITH PACE knowing that I’m about to be sharing space with zombie-Milton shortly. But then, if I were any part of the prison faction, the gov and his lieutenants would have gone down to sniper fire in the streets of Woodbury as soon as they became a clear threat. I repeat from my previous post – these people are too stupid to see the obvious solutions, but the contrast when they occasionally get it right is quite satisfying. I can’t wait for season 4!

  10. Lincoln says:

    Kirkman always seems too uppity to care what the audience thinks. I’m sad Andrea is gone but I’m more concerned Kirkman says the Governor will be around a long time. Seriously? I’m so over and annoyed with him. The actor is awesome but let’s move on.

    • Drizz says:

      THIS. Kirkman would be better off shutting up, and just recieving his royalties. He’s a comic book guy, he doesn’t come across well in the entertainment world. He got very lucky selling a pretty decent concept to AMC. The comic itself is pretty bad, far too over-the-top, fanboy wank.

  11. Sam says:

    I’m amused they think such a small number of people disliked Andrea on the show. I’m pretty sure she was almost universally hated, always. I just don’t like Laurie Holden as a person so that didn’t help, she’s very off putting. Overall the finale was disappointing but not awful.

    • tripoli says:

      Completely agree. This interview does nothig to soothe the disappointment felt by many. I am particularly annoyed at Kirkman’s defense of Andrea in regards to knowing how evil the Governor is. At a certain point she had a plenty of insight into how truly sick and twisted the gUy was but she ignored it and kept sleeping with him. This idea that she just wanted to save everyone is perposterous. Start by getting rid of the dude at the forefront of people ending up dead and you might be on the right track. Too bad Andrea couldn’t get her head out of her ass long enough to accomplish that before ending up dead.

    • Ari says:

      The biggest problem with Andrea is that Laurie Holden didn’t seem to view her character the same way that the audience did. She didn’t really seem to *know* who Andrea was. It’s funny, when Norman Reedus talks about Daryl and what Daryl thinks or what he would do in a situation, NR is almost always right. He really knows who Daryl is and portrays him in a way that makes us as viewers understand Daryl the way that NR understands Daryl.

      Laurie Holden seems to think that Andrea is a big hero who would never betray her friends and always does the right thing. i don’t think Andrea has ever thought anything out beyond her current moment in time.

  12. Catherine says:

    Andrea has killed hundreds of zombies, her hands were free before Milton got even close to her, so why oh why would she allow herself to be bit. Good riddance and good decision to get rid of her.
    I kinda like a michonne/rick romance maybe for next season, however, I think a daryl/michonne hookup would be even better!

    • ConKnee says:

      I had thought about Rick and Michonne but not Daryl and Michonne, yet now that will be all I think about.

    • Ashley says:

      i say there could be one BTW RICK/MICHONNE BUT…. TO THINK OF DARYL/MICHONNE it does sound ALOT better than DARYL/CAROL. i’m not big on those 2 together like everybody else. she looks like she could be his MOTHER!


  13. cjeffery7 says:

    pretty pathetic and insulting death scene for andrea i thought. whether or not fans liked her that much (i always held a flame, no matter how small at times) her death scenario and scene just sucked. she couldn’t pick up the damn pliers like a total idiot and then there’s this mysterious “did she kill him or did he kill her?!” cliffhanger scene, and then we find her later just passed out on the floor having being bitten? and she’s trying to say how much she tried to be positive and tried to turn things around and just… NO. lame ass death for a potentially bad ass character. she could’ve gone out like merle, a dick of a character, and at least done something vaguely helpful, but by the time they found her the governor and his two lackeys were mysteriously gone to roam the countryside. WHAT?! that doesn’t even make sense.

  14. cjeffery7 says:

    the “best” part of the finale was when that one chick survived by playing dead. that and the seige of prison were the most suspenseful scenes of the finale. otherwise, i feel pretty neutral about the whole thing. still looking forward to next season!

  15. Jeff says:

    What a BS reason for leaving Woodbury for the prison. The Governor is out there but he’s one dude with two skeptical henchmen and limited ammo. Rick and his crew now have dozens of people and resources.

    Give me a break. It’s a budget thing, admit it, it’s not a big deal to just admit that, Kirkman.

    • Alan says:

      its not a BS reason its strategy. they know the prison and how to defend it, they dont know woodbury and with the governor out there, someone who knows woodbury inside out and could easily have a back way in, its better to fall back to a position you can hold.

      • DarkHawke says:

        Agreed. It didn’t seem sensible at first, but remember that before Woodbury became such a thorn in the side of the prison group, they were planning to raise crops in the yard. Was there any space to become thus self-sufficient in Woodbury? The prison is a much more grim place to live, but now there’s plenty of hands to clean the place up and repair and reinforce its defenses. They can even pick up what resources still exist at Woodbury to shore up what they have. Lots of sense in not staying at Woodbury.

  16. xiomaradiaz17 says:

    Andrea’s death didn’t really seem to affect anyone but Michone…I mean by the time Merle was officially dead I was practically destroyed but Andrea died and sure I was sad but it seemed lack luster and just plain boring. I feel like this is star wars and the Governor has crossed to the dark side and is going to try and bring Carl with him. I think that little snippet in the story ended up being way more interesting than the entire episode. Even the fight at Woodbury was lack luster. I liked the suspense between is Andrea going to make it out or is she going to be eaten alive but then it just fell south from there. I hope that they really start bringing in some action and intensity. Lets bring the writing back to season one and two where people were really hooked.
    I will say that I’m glad Rick doesn’t seem to be going crazy anymore, Carl on the other had, might be.

    • what! says:

      I agree! Kirkman says ‘the most impact’ on all the characters would be Andreas death!? Nope. Just Michonne. I loved Carls arc this season. I’m interested to see what happens to him! He could run away and meet the Gov. I don’t think Carl knows what he looks like,so him being mentored by the Gov. would be insane!

  17. Birdie says:

    Kirkman you only killed off Andrea because you & Mazzarra admittedly screwed up the writing for her. Done with this show. Laurie Holden deserved better.Ausiello, I’d like to see you pick up those pliers with your feet.

    • Whatever says:

      I tell you one thing since it was a matter of life and death I d*mn sure would of been trying to pick up those pliers instead of staring at Milton !

      • JC says:

        Yes it was so out of character. The writers wanted Andrea dead for sure. She is a survivor why would she spend a lot of time talking to Milton instead of picking up the pliers. It made no sense. Excuses, excuses!!! the writers sucked big time :)

  18. Ross S says:

    episode 15 was much more gripping than the finale. didnt really give a massive sence of direction like the season 2 finale did…

  19. Blake says:

    I don’t undrestand all the hatred towards Andrea! Shes a classic, believable and one of the few remaining Atlana characters. Killing her off changes the show more than alot of people realize. Her character deserved to go out in a better way but I thought it was a great way to end the conflict between woodbury and the prison and allow Rick to take in the woodbury people. Leaving the governor alive also gives the group a reason to watch their back, and for fans to look forward to season 4.

  20. majamababe says:

    No matter what happens, everyone will have an opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t watch – that’s what the remote is for. I know the storyline from the comics, so it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

    • Katie1227 says:

      If everyone would stop watching every single show they watch when they see one or two episodes they don’t like or when they don’t like a character, nobody would watch any tv. I love the show, even if it’s not ,my favorite, but just because I couldn’t stand Andrea and wasn’t big fan of the finale doesn’t mean I stop loving the show as a whole or don’t think it can catch up and get better next year. Not liking one episode or one character doesn’t make anyone a hater or someone who should get out of there.

      I’m not afraid to say that my favorite show (for the last 5 years) has some off days too

      • tripoli says:

        Well said. So tired of people telling others to stop watching because they didn’t fawn all over whatever a show did or didn’t do.

    • what! says:

      I haven’t read any of the comics. So, having a comic fans positive perspective for next season is cool! I’m looking forward for S4!

  21. phamster says:

    I was really bummed that Andrea died. I did not hate her as much as everyone else but I did have some issues with what she was doing and I felt she was finally redeeming herself. I kind of figured Milton was a goner but had hoped he would have made it. Very shocked that Martinez is still kicking.

  22. Aaron Snow says:

    Yes, of course, it’s not THEIR fault that Andrea was written so poorly, it’s a “small but vocal” audience’s fault for not GETTING it.

    Bad form, Kirkman, bad form.

  23. Aaron says:

    “If you’ve never been straped to a chair watching someone die before you I don’t know that you can really judge how someone behaved. ”

    Well, heck, why stop there? Since none of us have ever faced a zombie apocalypse, I guess the show is completely immune from criticism, right?

  24. Spinning Maze says:

    Man I hate damage control interviews. I mean they’ll always defend their actions, always, whatever show it is. And it makes sense that’s, you know, a sign of integrity. But at the same time how dismissive they are of legit criticisms always irks me… Ugh.

    Oh, and I’ve written Andrea’s character arc down to a single run-on sentence: sick, hanging with badass sword lady, captured, drinking Kool-Aid, being criticized for being a badass, stop fighting, stop fighting, seriously stop fighting, oh crap being chased by Michael Myers, strapped to chair, stop fighting, take ten hours to use pliers, bleh I’m dead because I wanted the fighting to stop.

    I’m so glad Dale risked his ass pulling her from the CDC back in Season 1…

    • Drizz says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one that can see blatant damage control.

    • tripoli says:

      Huzzah! You win best comment on all Walking Dead threads until the end of time for that one :) Maybe you should be show runner number 4. Or is it 5? Can’t keep up any more.

  25. venus says:

    I do get what carl is saying but I am bother that at this point he has no respect for his father , that scares me becaue he may just start shooting at anybody, and there is a fear in that. Rick is going to have gain his son respect back or stand up to his son, and try to teach him when to use a gun and when not to.

    • A says:

      i agree with venus carl is become cold and i feel like he could be channeling shane the way he just shot the kid like shane shooting otis in season 2 and then try to lie about it .

      • Chris Wilson says:

        About Carl shooting the kid from Woodbury. When he first showed up they told him to drop his gun, he didn’t he kept creeping up on Carl saying here take my gun. It seemed like he was scared but it also seemed like he was trying to get close to Carl. If Carl would have said drop the gun again and the kid still didn’t, it would have been a more justifiable shooting.

  26. D. says:

    STo the authors of TWD i just wanna say “f**k you”. #teamAndrea

    • Mslo says:

      Agreed!, now we are talking! Start a petition maybe on Facebook or something.
      Bring back ANDREA! She was different in spirit, Michone knew she wouldn’t t change to a walker, so she lives OK ???? I say Yes! Cause being pure of heart saves you! Damn it!

  27. Ricky says:

    I can’t believe how many people were so disappointed with the finale. I agree, it wasn’t amazing like the season 2 finale with huge statements a brand new location, but come on. I really liked the finale. I thought it really showed how far the Governer has fallen and killing residents showed us, he really is completely gone, making him that much more alarming keeping him alive. I won’t go into everything I liked, cause I did like almost the entire episode, the only thing I didn’t like is Andrea’s death. Being a fan of the comics, I never really liked how she was written and how Holden acted. However (little comic book spoiler here………………….) since she has been alive for so long in the comics I really didn’t like her getting removed from the show so soon.

    But, that can also be a good thing since they are so seperate, you really have no idea what to expect.

  28. Ruby says:

    Yeah, he’s grasping at straws here trying to keep the people at AMC happy, and it shows. The fact that the decision to kill her was made so quickly and was most likely to appease the haters gives me a SERIOUS lack of confidence in the next season and especially in this new showrunner, who seems to not think things through before he does them.

    • Jason says:

      Scott Gimple is the new showrunner and he has written some of the best episodes of the show. Glen Mazzara was still showrunner during the finale.While it’s true that it’s now his responsibility to salvage this wreck, Gimple can’t be blamed for what happened in the season finale. I’m pretty sure the Andrea fiasco was a bunch of behind-the-scenes AMC tinkering that left everybody scrambling. Gimple will pick up the showrunner duties from this point forward until AMC or Kirkman fire him, of course.

      • Drizz says:

        Exactly. The show has at least a chance going forward with Gimple, if Kirkman and AMC don’t hobble him with too much nonsense.

  29. Lori Wasabitch says:

    So, Alive Milton was a weak little crybaby wimp.

    Dead Milton is super awesome monster zombie.

    Go figure.

  30. crystle says:

    We have been preparing ourselves for this season finale. supposedly, it was going to be “heart wrenching, and satisfying”. Heart wrenching would have been Maggie or Glenn dying. Satisfying would have been Andrea ANDDDD the governor dying. I absolutely adore this show but this season finale was a bust. The most interesting thing was Carl tellin rick how it was. Oh and also, kirkman says “Fan backlash isn’t something we use to make decisions.” Yeah that’s bs. Go ahead and kill of Daryl. We will see how quick you write up something that poofs him back in the show, because I’m pretty sure you’ll lose 80% of TWD fans.

    • crystle says:

      Off* not of.

      • Nick says:

        I hope you all know that there will be a lot of seasons in this show the writters are still making new comic books which follow some plot of the TV seris. It’s hard for the writers to fit all of the details in the a weekly TV seris. The comic books can spend a whole chapter on a certain character and development, but they cannot spend a whole episode on just one character.

    • Drizz says:

      AMC would do a lot better if they didn’t overhype things. This massive fan disappointment is all their fault for building us up to expect a huge finale. This would have been a GREAT normal episode, but not season finale. After everyone loaded off the bus, I kept waiting for a final shock… but nothing came, the credits just rolled.

      • Drizz says:

        Oh, and that weird promo at the end comparing Walking Dead and Mad Men just looked desperate and bizarre.

  31. Kay says:

    I was so disappointed in the season finale. I think I was more affected by the shock of Merle’s death last week than Andrea’s. I’m a sucker for this show so I am sure I will be back for Season 4 but I really hope for a huge improvement over Season 3.

    • Drizz says:

      It really DOES have a chance of getting better- the new showrunner is one of their BEST writers, I just hope Kirkman won’t bully the crap out of him.

  32. jooshua says:

    I love the comics.. but it is a little selfish how everyone wanted them to go the same direction with Andrea as they did in the comics.. It’s true that Andrea was more awesome in the comics.. but Daryl wasn’t even in the comics.. would you have wanted them to go the same direction of the comics and not included him? Do you guys want it to be like the comics or not.. you can’t have it both ways!!

    The Governor is one of the most evil villains in comics.. and you want him to last one season? What did you expect with the war.. that Rick and the group would kill innocent people.. people who had no idea how The Governor truly is.. they needed to win that battle so the Governor could retreat and finally go full on evil and murder his own people.. as far as I’m concerned last night was the first night we saw a Governor worthy of his villainous notoriety.. and we also got some serious character development with Carl killing or being killed.

    I agree that it was a little more boring than I had expected but I was in no way disappointed.. can’t wait for next season!

    • Drizz says:

      I personally would prefer the show separate itself more and more from the comics, just get an occasional inspiration from it, nothing more. The Gov was very different in the comics, he was a one-note baddie. I like that the TV show built him up from being a more normal man who was corrupted and perverted by power and loss. The “hunters” should be a couple of episodes at best, and the Alexandria story sucks and should be avoided. You can’t treat a TV viewership the same way as comic book fans- TV viewers are a wider, more diverse audience who expect some constants from a show. As we see from last night, torture is much tamer, for one thing.

  33. Fan from Day One says:

    I didn’t read the comics but I guess I liked Andrea from day one. This season she was sold down the river but they could have easily redeemed her character with a little forethought. Might be done with show, might not, I know I will be looking at other network offerings next fall. I could not have imagined saying that for the last couple of years….. but times change.

    • Shirley Tharpe says:

      If you are through with the show just because of this, you’re not a true fan and need to move on to something more to your liking!

  34. Will says:

    I agree that there are a lot of conflicted fans who are not sure what they want. The fact that each episode garners so much attention shows that it’s succeeding on many levels. People overreact (usually in ridiculous ways) because they’re so emotionally invested and that’s a good thing but you have to be able to let it go when the show doesn’t go your way.

  35. Drizz says:

    This is just a lot of spin. AMC DOES gauge fan reaction and adjust accordingly. Glenn Mazzara planned to kill Daryl. AMC said NO because they knew the fans wouldn’t have it. Also- they did NOT shoot Andrea’s death 6 months before we saw it- it WAS a last minute decision, and the reason why they did an additional shoot in DECEMBER. Andrea’s fate was originally a cliffhanger to be resolved in the fall- that shot of the door to the room was to be the last shot, leaving you wondering what happened. They put Laurie Holden on Talking Dead a few weeks ago trying to change fan opinion of Andrea- it was damage control. It didn’t work, so they included the extra scene (which made the show run 5 minutes longer than usual) Showing the crew finding her after having been bit. Holden expected to be back in the fall. Don’t believe all these “puff piece” articles.

    • Lauren says:

      I want one of your tin foil hats!

      • Drizz says:

        You’d do better with my knowledge.

        • tripoli says:

          Where exactly are you getting this knowledge? You need to provide some actual evidence to back up your claims or your just another voice in the crowd, spouting off personal opinion.

          • Drizz says:

            I can’t reveal exactly how I know, but if you visit enough fan sites and message boards, I bet you can still manage to piece it together for yourself. Not doing your homework for you, it is what it is.

          • Drizz says:

            I will give you this- one easy clue- the difference in Andy Lincoln’s beard in the discovery/death scene from the rest of the episode.

          • What Drizz says seems plausible — that shot of the door really did scream cliffhanger.

    • what! says:

      Hmmm, makes sense cause after seeing the shot of the door, i instantly thought-cliffhanger!

    • bluebird says:

      It’s hard to say whether this is true. BUT, the fan base as vocal as it is does represent the oridinary TWD watcher who don’t spend a lot of time sending texts, social networking stuff related to TWD, and emails to AMC. I would be one of those but I occassionally voice my opinion when such a POOR CHOICE is made in an otherwise great series. So, I don’t think the “fans” have all that much say on a runaway hit such as this. But, AMC can expect a backlash from the ordinary TWD watcher like me who could care less about season 4 now. And I suspect this show will die as a result of Andrea’s death.
      Too much a loss for us ordinary folks. Plus she was great to look at.

  36. April says:

    Wow. So much negativity! I LOVED the finale! Then again, I love the show in it’s entirety. And I’m all for character development. That is what makes a show worth watching. If you just watching for zombie killing, you are missing a huge part of the show. The Governor is a great character. I am glad he isn’t dead. Andrea wasn’t my favorite, she tends to be annoying, but she helped them so much in the beginning, it is a loss to lose her. The characters felt it, you could see it. Good grief, some people are so difficult to please. I am watching the finale again because it’s so good. Btw, everyone I know personally who watched the finale loved it!!

  37. Annie says:

    “Tense, brutal, gut-wrenching”? Really? Did we watch the same show?

  38. Tumbleweed says:

    Andrea was a human rights attorney. Her job was about protecting people, making life better for people, and that’s what she tried to do in the 3rd season. She was operating for the good of the many, and yes, she was deluding herself to an extent; she wanted to believe the Governor was a good man, that Woodbury was safe, that everyone there would accept her friends at the prison and they could live and be happy together. She wanted it so much to be true that she convinced herself all the little things about the Governor that were suspicious were not true. She had hope, something that Rick lost over the course of the season. I think their characters were meant to show that balance. As Rick got more in control, Andrea got more desperate. As for the pliers, that sequence was designed for dramatic tension. Of course she could have picked them up sooner, but they wanted the audience to feel anxious for her. It wasn’t written or edited very well, because so many of us noticed how long it took her to pick them up. And the reason it was difficult for her to kill Milton is because he was her friend. She’s killed many Walkers, but how many were people she knew and cared for? Her sister, and Milton. That’s it. It’s easy to kill them when they’re just bodies coming at you, it’s more difficult when it’s someone you care for. We also don’t know what, if anything, the Governor did to her while she was handcuffed to that chair. She was certainly exhausted, probably hadn’t eaten or drunk anything, she could have been injured…I felt her death was very moving, especially because of Michonne’s reaction. I do wish we’d seen more of their relationship; the writers didn’t explore Michonne until the last few eps, and it was a disservice to the story and the actor, who, once she was given actual lines and motivation, really stood out. One last thought: Carl’s decision to shoot the young man, while ultimately probably was right (he was putting his gun down sooo slowly, again, bad editing meant to be dramatic tension; he could have had other weapons, could have shouted out for his people, etc) is also dangerous. Yes, his logic is sound, other people they didn’t kill in the past caused the death of people in their group, but they also took in people they could have killed, and it strengthened the group (ie, Michonne). You can’t just kill everyone new who comes along, nor can you automatically bring them into the fold. Carl is a child, no matter how badass he’s become, and he doesn’t have the emotional maturity to understand what he did, the weight of it. Human life has weight; if anything, it has more weight now, when there are so few left, so killing one person is an even bigger deal. I hope the writers explore Carl more this next season; teenagers are self-centered and literally perceive the world differently than adults because of the influx of hormones; it could make for some very interesting interactions with the adults.

    • starro1 says:

      you nailed it. i agree

    • Mary says:

      Damn just watch the show and enjoy it for gods sake,stop pulling everything apart and blaming the writers for a scene that you don’t like.I have watched this show from day 1 and love every show and can’t wait for season 4.

  39. Drizz says:

    Yeah, I kept expecting to be shocked…and I never was. Last week’s episode was so much better.

  40. Ricky says:

    The whole second half of the season was just building us up for a huge fight against the governor and in the finale there wasn’t even an actual battle. It was pathetic, on top of that they’re still at the prison which means its going to be a whole lot of talking and drama and pretty much no zombies just like this season. I’m sorry, but I’m not tying to watch a soap opera I’m trying to watch the show that I’ve come to know and love. Can we please get back to the zombies, the struggle to survive, and the no ones safe mentality that Ive come to expect from the show? On a different note thanks for killing Andrea, everyone hated her anyway.

  41. Derek says:

    I love the way it ended! They are right too much story to cover in one season! Now we can see the prison life like we did in the books, crops, relationships, all their guard is let down now the Gov returns! Tyreese will prob go like he did in books, so will Carol and Herschal. I can’t wair

  42. Alicia says:

    I liked the ending! Not everything is supposed to go as planned. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next season now that Rick has even more people to watch after! And Carl storming off!! What’s he going to do next? I can’t wait!

  43. RS says:

    I’m a big fan of the comic and the show. The problem with the TV show Andrea was not that she didn’t know the Governor was bad or even that she stayed in Woodbury so long. The problem was her massive ego, hero complex and how unlikable she was played by Laurie Holden. I’m not sure if it is a small portion of the audience that agrees with me or a huge portion of the audience, all that I know is that everyone I know that is a regular watcher also hated the TV show Andrea. Which is a shame because she is one of my favorite characters in the comic. She was misused and this fan is disappointed in her arc.

    As for the final, it had great suspense and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Sadly, in the end it was a bit toothless and anti-climatic. Was I surprised by how it turned out? Yeah, but also massively let down. I expected more after such a stellar season. Either way, I can not wait for October to get here.

    • Ash says:

      In response to your last paragraph, YES! That is exactly how I feel! I was tense for the whole episode exct for the last few minutes, but the wind down ending was not what I was looking for in a season finale. Yes, it was a great episode. Yes, I was anxious, surprised, satisfied, relieved, and intrigued for season 4, but I just feel like it was too ‘lax for the ending of a season finale.


  44. zemetrius says:

    just a personal nitpick, rick handed andrea his revolver, there is a there sound a gunshot, so why was there next the sound of brass hiting the floor like from an automatic?

    dont take this as not liking the show, i am a loyal fan, but this stood out for me.

  45. Anth Smith says:

    Funny thing about all you haters………… You obviously didnt hate it or you wouldnt be spending your time talking about it!!
    i for 1 enjoy every episode of this show, keep up the good work is what i say!!

  46. bluebird says:

    Killing Andrea was a poor choice. It tells you that the show is headed downhill. Everyone knew Milton would die as well as Ben and his father. But, killing Andrea in such a meaningless way was a low blow especially cuz her character was just getting good. There was so much more she could have contributed to the prison and beyond. Plus, she was great to look at. Awful finale. I never thought I’d say that about TWD. Fumbling around with the pliers was ridiculous for her. Not being able to hold off Milton, who turned way to quickly and got up too quickly was dumb. It’s not like we haven’t seen people turn before. Not to mention Andrea can hold of a group of zombies but not Milton? Come on. What really happened here? Really bad writing and poor choice moving forward. The fans agree. I am not in a rush to see season 4. I can wait forever. Prior to this, I couldn’t wait for TWD.

    • Linda says:

      Agree with you Bluebeard! I really want Andrea to come back forever! She was a pure of heart, and that’s why she lives, her pure heart . She doesn’t t turn! Can t say the same for the rest of them! Also TWD writers lkilled off all the original characters, the other new people I m not invested in emotionally?

    • seriously!! they handle the women characters terribly. andrea’s character was so wishy washy the entire season. one minute she was in denial about the governor being bad then she knows he’s bad then she wants to save everyone then she wants to join the prison group… make up your mind! they didn’t know what to do with her so they gave her a meaningless death. it’s disgraceful.

  47. KizzyH says:

    Ok ok ok! HOLD UP…
    Quick question….
    Has anyone here ever had to cut off a pair of handcuffs with pliers? Anyone? Doing that with full dexterity would be hard enough, lets not forget she was trying to cut them off with her hand still secured to the chair? I think that it was almost unrealistic to expect her survival in that scenario! However that said, I do agree I wanted more from Andrea, she lost her way a bit. BUT that is the WHOLE point, TWD wants to show the human effect; people change, people dissappoint you, people surprise you, seemingly smart people can make really really stupid decisions. My opinion is if you are looking for a gore filled zombie horror fest, you’re better off watching a zombie film where the entire plot is concluded in the 90 mins viewing time. The season finale was appropriate and well done. The show isn’t about a thrill ride, sure it’s got those aspects but you can’t expect every season finale to go with a bang, that’s boring and predictable. It’s the subtleties and emotional undercurrents that make this show. Who of you predicted this ending? I rest my case

    • sushified says:

      I think it was unrealistic to portray her killing three zombies in that episode where one grabbed her around the neck and she killed two in front – to escape the governor, survive the farm … to die trying to free herself from a dentist chair, then fight a weak zombie Milton…

  48. karen says:

    i thought season 3 was disappointing, it was too much on the Govenor, and not enough on Ricks group. The group is what got me interested in the show. The season finale was disappointing because so many people had the opportunity to kill him and didnt, its one man. They built him up to be this badass guy but he only has one eye now. martinez and the other guy just get in the truck and ride off with him thats bs, he just shot the rest of the group they were behind him with guns why didnt they shot, it seems to me they should have been afriad he would shot them and shot him while they had a chance, I hope they kill him early in season 4 , i am looking forward to the group moving on to something different

  49. MoonWalkingEnt says:

    love it… hate it… indifferent… who cares! we have season 4 to argue over thankfully. The reality is enough people are watching to keep this going. Too many shows have died an early death … i say keep watching , keep commenting and enjoy or hate your way into season 5 6 and 7. if you are taking the time to post here then you will be watching season 4 regardless of what you say. Face it.. whats the alternative? The only way to “get it wrong” is for a majority of viewers to lose interest and stop talking about it which is not the case here… negative comments are still an indicator of success. so to the writers keep up the good work and keep us watching.

  50. The finale didn’t live up to the expectations and promises. Andrea’s character was handled horribly, her character was handled terribly. She was villainized for being too naive & “clueless” and was portrayed as a stupid, naive sl*t that didn’t have a chance to redeem herself while Merle the racist, sexist, murdering a**hole was redeemed & died heroically. The women in this show are portrayed as weak, promiscuous, dependent on men, “useless,” (except Maggie) & the men are the strong, heroic ones. It’s terrible. Also, her character was so wishy-washy– one minute she realizes that the Governor was a bad guy & that she had to escape & the next minute she decides to stay to help the other people & that continued throughout the season. Season 3 was pretty much a let down after Lori died. It got repetitive & there were a lot of unnecessary moments. It felt like season 2 where everything moved so slow. I actually prefer season 2 to the second half of season 3. The Governor got way too much air time while the group didn’t really get that much time to shine as individuals. The “war” should have been the second last episode or at least the first half of the last episode & then the second half of the episode should have dealt w/ the aftermath. Or, an actual war should have occurred while the season ended on some kind of cliffhanger.