The Walking Dead Finale Recap: War and Peace -- Plus: Find Out Who's Returning for Season 4

The Walking Dead FinaleIn Sunday’s season finale of The Walking Dead, it’s less the battle royal between Team Jailhouse and Team Woodbury that leaves countless casualties – including two characters we’d come to know and love (and okay, to be fair, be annoyed by) – and more the dustup’s prelude and aftermath that results in such a high body count.

Here’s how it all shakes out…

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THE WISDOM OF A FORTUNE COOKIE | The episode opens with the Governor beating the living daylights out of Milton and telling him that, come hell or high water, he’s not leaving the torture chamber before he kills Andrea. Choosing high water (or is it hell?), Milton uses the dagger that the Governor gives him to (duh!) attack ol’ One-Eye. Seeing it coming a mile away (even with only the one eye), the Governor turns the weapon against Milton and leaves him to die and become a zombie – a zombie who will, in turn, do away with Andrea. “In this life now, ya kill or ya die,” says the villain. “Or ya die and ya kill.” But either way, eww!

THANKS, BUT NO THANKS | Meanwhile, as everybody packs up the jailhouse (you know, just in case), Carol tries to cheer up Daryl by telling him that Merle “gave us a chance.” (And, loathsome though Merle was, it’s true.) In another cellblock, Rick appears as uneasy with Michonne’s forgiveness (for thinking about offering her up as a sacrifice to the Governor) as he is with her thanks (for accepting her into the group).In other words, to quote Casablanca, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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DIE HARD | In Woodbury, Tyreese and Sasha inform the Governor that they’re happy to fight walkers for him, but they’ll take no part in any kerfuffle with humans. They’ll happily stay behind, though, and guard the children. “Thank you,” says the Governor, clearly replacing a word that starts with “f” with the word “thank.” Following an action-movie assault on the prison, in which only walkers are shot and egos bruised, the Governor is in such a fit of pique that he picks off everyone who’s decided to desert him. Everyone except one female Woodburyan who escapes his notice (the asthmatic’s mom from weeks ago?). UPDATE: David Morrissey aka The Governor is set to return as a series regular for Season 4, says The Hollywood Reporter.

KID STUFF | When a young Woodburyan happens upon Hershel, Beth and Carl in the woods, Carl – who’s been pissed at Rick the whole episode long (for considering giving up Michonne) – shoots the lad. When confronted about it, Carl insists that, though “I didn’t kill the walker that killed Dale,” he did take care of this. Hershel, on the other hand, counters that “he gunned that kid down.” So, in other words, “Dear diary, my teen angst bulls— has a body count.”

ONCE BITTEN | Upon gaining entry to Woodbury, Rick & Co. discover Milton dead… but uh-oh… apparently, Andrea wasn’t able to put him down before he chomped down on her. “I just didn’t want anyone to die,” she says in trying to explain her motivation for not taking out the Governor when she had the chance. Reluctantly, Rick leaves her with Michonne so that she can kill herself before she turns. “I know how the safety works,” she cracks. But it’s really Michonne’s tears, hard-won as they are, that break us down.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode and, for that matter, the season? How do you think the Woodbury survivors who relocate to the prison will fare? Will Carl go crazier before he gets his act together? Will we get a Glenn/Maggie wedding? A proper Daryl/Carol hook-up? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. boooorrring. that all could (and should) have happened five episodes ago.

  2. Gabriel Anthony says:

    SO LAME! They prepare us to the big “war” for at least 4 episodes, and THAT was the war? The whole 2nd half of the season AND the season finale was a preparation to next season ? LAME, LAME LAME LAME! But that whole Andrea thing and Carl’s storyline was OK

    • ajintexas says:

      Exactly. It was a steaming pile of crap and the majority of it never happened in the comic. I know they deviate to keep the comic from spoiling, but the Governor should be dead. Now it just looks like they are trying to drag him into next season. It’s time for them to move on from the prison. No wonder the showrunner is gone.

      • They announced BEFORE season 3 that the prison would last through season 4. I don’t know why anybody is surprised.

        • Link? I have yet to hear that anywhere.

          • Glen Mazzara: “Right now, I do see the prison storyline lasting through both Season 3 and 4. I do think that is a major storyline. I know we were on the farm, perhaps, longer than people wanted. There were reasons for that. What we want is for that prison to not feel claustrophobic. I think the farm played a little claustrophobic for some people. Now that the entire landscape has fallen victim to the zombie apocalypse, zombies are literally at the gates of this prison. That prison is a very small safe corner. There is a lot of danger around. It won’t feel like we are bottled up, the way we were on the farm.”


          • Teag says:

            Pretty sure that was a well known fact.

          • Sam says:

            It was said. If it means anything I can verify that I heard that from a quote from a producer.

          • Seeing as how good old Glen got himself fired nothing he says is worth anything now. Obviously they intend to keep it going into season 4 from the ending but I can’t believe this was his plan. They have run through all the prison material from the comic and now it’s just turned into a mess. What a horribly stupid idea to try to drag it out two seasons. I can’t believe Kirkman was really on board with any of this either.

        • Mike says:

          It was talked about during the beginning of season 3, that they planned for the Governor arc to last for two seasons.

          • cj says:

            Ifvthat was mazarras plan then hopefully AMC nixed it and by firing him the show can quickly get away from the prison asap and kill the governor and move on to New villains and locations If that is what happens I will never doubt AMC firing writers again.

          • Mike says:

            I hope not, the prison arc is my favorite in the comics, and has yet to live to its full potential.

          • M says:

            Mazzara wasn’t fired. His contract ran out and he and AMC came to a decision not to renew it, because he didn’t feel he has as much creative control as a showrunner should have. There was no “firing because season 3 sucked”. And you should all remember that it was Mazzara who wrote and gave us the awesome Season 2 finale. These writers and producers work together to create a story on this show, and Kirkman is heavily involved. They’ve said Season 4 will be more character driven (like the season two that everyone bitched about), and that the finale would set that up, which they absolutely did. All you fans who just tune in to see zombies and action may as well jump ship now, because if you didn’t like this season you’re sure as hell not going to like the next one.

          • Drizz says:

            Not only that, AMC sunk big money in the prison set, they intended to get their money’s worth for it.

      • billy says:

        Oh to be 12. I miss those days.

    • Ashley says:

      CARL IS STARTING TO BECOME COLD AND THAT’S NOT GOOD. i feel like he ripped a page out of shane’s book just killing the kid…… like he killed otis in season 2. and try to lie about it but hershel was there to see it.

      • nijukiller says:

        Shane was the only guy who took any action what so ever. He was before is time. Now everybody acts like him. So yeah..

        • applemoon says:

          I hope season 4 get’s better I’m kinda not impressed with the 1st 2 episodes’ I am interested in knowing who is feeding the walkers and burning the bodies

  3. cote says:

    OMFG I’ve never cried so hard while watching a tw show! Holy f*ck I did not see that one coming… she’s alive in the comic books god damn it!!! I know the series’ not like the comics but come on!

    • cj says:

      People hated her so they killed her. Like Lori before her.

      • cote says:

        They hated her because the writers made her unlikeable! She was SO cool in the comics I don’t know why they f*cked her up on the show…

        • Me either. Now I understand why the showrunner got the boot.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Totally, and i called it, she is killed off. Which almost pisses me off again for them writing her horribly, then caving and killing her off when everyone hates her. They (writers/showrunner) dont have the balls to turn her character around and make her the badass she can be (and is in the comics)?

          They could have had her be the one to kill the governor (semi redemption) then turn her character around and have her be the badass tuff sniper chick she was in the comics. People would have come around and really started liking her again. You kill off TOO many of the original cast and its gonna feel a little weird. Granted this show will kill off everyone except Rick and Carl just like in the comics..but still.

        • And now on the Talking Dead they are hinting at Michonne getting with Rick instead of Andrea like happens in the comic. I will flat out stop watching if they pull that crap. It makes NO sense for the characters.

        • mia says:

          +1. The female characters on this show have been soooo messed up with, makes them hard to root for. Hopefully Carol, Maggie and Michonne can continue to be done well.

        • KJ says:

          I totally agree, Andrea was awful in the show but LOVED her in the comics. Still I was disappointed when she was killed off.

  4. cj says:

    What about the.governor? I was really hoping to get away from the prison and get a new location or take it on the road like season one. How are they even going to fees all these people? Disappointed.

  5. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    I give it a big fat F. It was awful and deviated too far from the comic by killing Andrea. The Governor should be dead too.

    • Teddy says:

      The problem isnt the deviation from the comics and the killing of Andrea. The problem is that the episode, and to a greater extent, the last two seasons have been directionless bored orgies. They’ve managed to neuter the zombie menace, grant infinite resources when ever the plot calls for it. They’ve killed the sense of space and risk by having so many magical resolutions to sure-death situations.

      Its just aimless cack that isn’t delivering a worthwhile TV show when they have to resort to such tired cliche scripting like “I cant reach that with my foot” and “everyone else is frozen solid during this one man gun massacre because they are”

      I’m happy to see the amount of disappointment that this finale has received. After so many showrunners, we might get someone that responds positively to criticism, unlike Mazzara and AMC themselves.

      • Drizz says:

        I’m with you, there. In season 4, I would like to see more of how they get resources to keep alive. They need to be planting a garden in the fence. They need to loot Woobury and get what they need to improve life- those solar panels, generators, All the large military vehicles, especially those left on the side of the road. Don’t leave any large ordinance for the Governor to go back and pick up. I want to see a smarter show!

      • fbvsdv says:

        If you think these shows have been boring the last two season… why are you watching?

    • Faster says:

      The problem is that people think the show has to follow the comics to the letter.

    • KJ says:

      I am disappointed the Governor is not dead, should’ve been him and not Andrea. Tired of him. Martinez had and missed perfect opportunity to shoot him. Other guy wouldn’t have disagreed, Governor is totally out of control

      • applemoon says:

        I’m pissed that they killed Andrea. Why does everyone hate her she was awesome and not to mention on bad ass bitch with a gun and knife. I have been watching TWD since the beginning and this season was the worst. Andrea’s character was just a woman whom did not want to see any unnecessary killing between humans. Of course she shacked up with the Governor she was lonely and he made her feel safe for that moment. He should def be killed off already. Please bring back Andrea and put her and Rick together.

        • If only they could bring her back. But its walking dead, the only way she would be brought back is as a ghost. Andrea or at least the writers of the show gave up. She took forever picking up the tool to unchain herself. This whole season people spoke about her, that’s the worse thing they did, because I knew once interviews evolved around the character, she wasn’t coming for season 4.They kept talking about her, the actress was being interviewed more than she was before, and I knew it. The season finale was just a drag, it was too slow of an episode. It was a disappointment. The episode Prey was just to give her character sympathy because some fans of the show didn’t understand her, I was one of them until I saw the show from the beginning and realized what her character was about. If anything the writers ruined her for some and didn’t want to deal with it anymore, they just wanted t get rid of her.

  6. cj says:

    Carl went from saving people like tyreae in the prison to killing people with no explantion. And why would they go back to the prison? Feels like someone said cheaper for us to keep using this set. Please leave the prison in season four. at least we might get some new charcters.

    • Liz985 says:

      Carl didn’t shoot the kid with no explanation. The teenager was part of an assault team on the prison and when confronted in the woods and told to put down his weapon he took his ole sweet time while edging towards Carl and eyeing both Carl and Herschel. The scene could easily be interpreted as the teen sizing up the situation and seeing if he could make a go at overtaking a young boy and one-legged old man. Carl has seen a lot of death, seen people he loved taken from him by zombies and human alike. He gave the teen an ultimatum and then when the Woodbury teen didn’t take it, Carl acted on the order.

      • Krash says:

        YES!! I have been saying the exact same thing. The “kid” should have dropped his f#cking weapon!

      • Faster says:

        Agree. The shooting wasn’t without ample provocation from the kid, but the shooting was still pretty intense.

      • KJ says:

        EXACTLY! He acted like he was going to shoot Carl instead of handing over weapon. If truly surrendering? He should have dropped gun, laid on the ground with hands linked over his head. He was NOT in submission body language

      • adalefin says:

        The only thing wrong with Carl is wisdom. He wrapped up Andrea’s problem in the discussion with his father when he told him that if he had killed Andrew then his mother would still be alive. If Andrea had been clear headed she would have killed the Governor when she had the chance and saved many lives, including her own. Carl killed the teen because he saw clearly that the guy was trying to turn the situation around.

      • Jake says:

        Absolutely correct! The guy stopped by Carl and Herschel didn’t just drop the gun or act concerned, he looked like at any second he might try to raise that gun. Oh and speaking of taking time, Andrea had every opportunity to free herself but didn’t because she couldn’t shut up. Very disappointing finale to watch considering nothing of importance really happened.

        • Daniel says:

          Right. Carl is the BEST. He totally gets how it is now. No BS, you’re not supposed to kill or you’re too young, oh so sad. F* that. The guy didn’t lay down the weapon. BYE BYE. Shoot Him in the HEAD! One bullet only. Cya

    • Alan says:

      the guy was told to put the gun down, he then started moving towards him disregarding that instruction, that can be considered threatening behaviour and carl was right to kill him before someone elses blood was on his hands. like he said he didnt kill the walker that got dale so he isnt going to let that happen again.

  7. H says:

    Andrea has gotten so much hate from certain “fans” for such a long time. OF COURSE those sexist idiots got their wish and she was killed. I am not watching anymore.

    • Lee says:

      I agree. Everyone was too hard on Andrea. I loved her character and was patiently awaiting her transformation into her comic counterpart. I too am disgusted with her death. I will not be watching season 4 because of this stupid decision.

      • Rob says:

        I’m glad she’s dead. She’s the reason so many other people died. I could have told you that long before she acknowledged it to herself. She was an idiot. She also shot Daryl at one point. She should have died instead of Dale in season 2 or when the CDC exploded. She was annoying, easily misled, and not very intelligent.

      • NAVeX says:

        I don’t agree. Everyone was not too hard on Andrea. I hated her characrer and was patiently awaiting her transformation into a walker/corpse. I am very satisfied and happy with her death. I will be watching season 4 because of this smart decision.

        • tripoli says:

          Totally agree. I clapped and cheered when she revealed her bite. There was just no redeeming her at this point. She was too stupid and useless once she shacked up in Woodbury. She had countless chances to redeem herself but she was too busy doing the Governor to actually do anything of merit. Good riddance to wasted potential.

        • applemoon says:

          WOW you people are cold. I would never want to be around you in a zombie apocalypse. She was not dumb they are all from the south. She was awesome and knew her way around a weapon. She din’t kill the Governor because she was sleeping with him @that moment and she is not cold. She is a woman whom no matter what time normal or zombie apocalypse she wants love and protection from a man.

          • Agree with you. Hate to see it I were in the zombie world, how many want to take a life which means they are no better then the governor himself just because they don’t agree with my I’ll be it, “stupid decisions”. People make mistakes and the bad comment just proved opinions of those who would shoot just for making a mistake but learning from them would still be too late for their liking. She didn’t kill anyone, she didn’t rape anyone but she deserves to die because she sleeps around with someone she thought she could change. Her not killing the governor made sense, she should only have to worry about the dead not the living, she wanted to help bring people together, yeah agree it was naive her to think that could happen but she didn’t deserve to die.

    • ee says:

      Strongly agree. I still can’t find the words.

    • Tommy says:

      Sexist? Please grow up, I’m sure if you hated the male characters it wouldn’t be sexist to you would it? Deranged person. She was hated because she was useless, always making the wrong call and thinking she was the hero. I still remember her considering abandoning the group with Shane and then abandoning michonne. Don’t hate out at the fans that hated her, hate the director for making her out to be a selfish idiot, kinda like you actually.

  8. LK says:

    I was disappointed too…. I really wanted a huge fight… and more of a resolution of the governor storyline… Felt like a letdown….. Seems like they are going away from the comicbook storyline.

  9. Cody says:

    Worst season finale of the three. Glenn Mazzara did a terrible job. Killing Andrea this early? Worst. Decision. Ever.

  10. Nicotine says:

    It’s gonna be difficult to imagine this show without Andrea since I’ve read the comics and I know how integral she is to the story.

    And I LOVE where they’re taking Carl’s character. He’s like a little ‘Governor’. And rightfully so. Like him or not, the Governor is right – you either kill or die then kill.

    Mostly, I’m happy to see Michonne and Tyrese become solidified members of the group. They, like Andrea, are also extremely important parts of the story.

    That being said, I wasn’t excited about this episode. I went into tonight on eggshells, expecting all out war and bodies dropping left and right. I was happy that most of the main cast made it, but there was more that could have (and should have) been done.

    Mostly, I’m a little disappointed that the Governor made it out alive. It feels like the season wasn’t quite completed because of it. Shades of The Killing not solving Rosie Larson’s murder when they should have…

  11. Jon says:

    This is why I saw game of thrones instead:p

  12. Cody says:

    Governor is a huge villain in the comics so it doesn’t surprise me they are stretching that story out for more than one season.

  13. Ever says:

    This season was so boring and the the finale was so predictable. Honestly, I’ve been done with it since they literally killed off two out of the three people in the love triangle, Lori and Shane, I miss the sh*t out of you!!

  14. Lyn says:

    I was willing to give Andrea another chance till she took sooooo long to reach the pliers with her pedicured feet. Meantime,why settle the group in the barren prison rather than in Woodbury?

    • tripoli says:

      I would assume that since they don’t know where the Governor is and are more familiar with the prison that sticking it out there for now is the best option. Just a guess.

  15. Mike says:

    It was not what I expected, but it was not bad, and I knew the Governor would live, but I’m dissapointed we didn’t even get a face off between him and anyone in the prizon group. I liked them inviting in Woodbury people it showed that Rick still has some humanity left. The deaths hit me tonight I was genuinely sad about both Andrea and Milton, at least all the Andrea haters got what they wanted. The Governor is now a sick sadistic guy and it will be interesting to see what happens with him next season, it is unfortunate that this big war won’t actually happen until next season. Still thought it was a great finale, but needed to be two hours.

    • Betsy says:

      Thanks for this comment. I was beginning to think I’m the only real fan who loves this show and was thoroughly entertained.

      • tripoli says:

        Right, only you “real” fans enjoyed it. Having a less than glowing opinion of what was a terribly weak and disappointing finale does not detract from someone’s love of the show or whether they ar a “real” fan or not. Get off your high horse.

  16. M3rc Nate says:

    Laughed when they played the sound of the suicide shot…not cause i hate Andrea…but because the sound people are morons lol. Listen to the shot, they have a *cling* noise of a bullet casing hitting the floor…BUT! He gave her his revolver…the bullet casings stay in the revolver….lol lord. They are PAID to be accurate and get things right…yet why do i catch like 5 inaccuracies at least every episode…lame

    • They clearly showed her holding a pistol, it wasn’t a revolver.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Lol go back and re-watch, i just double checked and its Rick handing her his revolver.

      • Brandon Rinebold says:

        He’s correct. I thought it was a pistol the first time because of the angle it was held giving you a top-down view of the gun but after rewatching it, You can see the hammer doesn’t look right for a semi-auto, there is no slide mechinism, and you can barely see what looks like a cylinder on the side of the gun.

    • J says:

      That was the GUN hitting the floor.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        No, theres BANG…then Ding-cling (supposed bullet casing bouncing on the floor)…then….Clank of the gun hitting the floor. Just piece by piece listened to it while writing this.

    • Thiskid says:

      The revolver was dropped after she shot herself idiot.
      Why is everyone mad? The episode was good and enjoyable… Just think about next season? Maybe we can get a new badass guy for beth and girl Carl’s age lol :p
      Any ways I’m ready for season four.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Idiot? Go back and listen to it, like i said, BANG, Ding/Cling of a casing, and then a pause, then CLANK of the revolver hitting the floor.

        • Yop says:

          Absolutely right

          • justa watcher says:

            Let me state this. I don’t know what was heard when Andrea shot herself, but I do know positively that was a revolver Rick handed to her. It is the one he’s been carrying on his hip for a long time. And a revolver does not eject the shell so evidently what happened is they must have put in the sound of a semi automatic pistol ejecting the shell. They should know better to put the sound of a pistol with the image of a revolver but I suppose most people can’t tell the difference one way or another.

    • Louie says:

      Hmmm, I thought that sound after she shot herself was the actual gun coming back down from her grasp and hitting the ground. I could mistaken though..

    • plsn says:

      5 mistakes/bluppers per episode? What were the other 4 in this episode and Im just curious about all the other episodes, have you thought about contacting producers? It seems with your keen hearing and the ability you have over their “highly experienced staff” to catch “5 mistakes per episodes” your talent would be invaluable to WD. So, lets call this what it really is disappointment about the writers/producers choice to take the tv series in different direction than comics. Why, thats easy most movies/tv shows like WD that are based on books dont usually stay with the original storylines verbatim. How boring that would be if you read the comic book series and the books. WD fans have books, comics, and now tv series and each versions differs from the previous.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        That was obviously a generalization but not a unrealistic one. Most have to do with guns/shooting, which are almost always un realistic. Sometimes they have no impact on the story (a revolver ejecting a casing) but sometimes they impact on story (for example, a obvious one even discussed on The Talking Dead, is Andrea with the pliers. Her stopping and talking, her fumbling SO much..and so on. Personally i would have written it that she survives so every viewer is like (ok i guess she will be in season 4) and get comfy..then in the last few minutes of the episode she gets either bitten by a walker on the way back to the prison, or shot in the head medium range by the Governor and then he and his 2 goons drive off)

        Lol you joke but i catch a lot of mistakes on a lot of things on a lot of tv shows and movies and such. And you joke that they have a highly experienced staff so wtf could i know..but one of the biggest movies on the year (Zero Dark Thirty) had some of the best/most experienced staff, and even they got it wrong. The SEAL’s have said they arent vocal like in the movie and they dont do some of the tactics represented.

        The guy that makes those youtube “Movie Sins” videos isnt claiming to be smarter or some god as you snarkaly imply i think i am, yet he finds tons and tons of huge plot holes and continuity mistakes and general mistakes.

        Your both wrong and right. I do want it to be way more like the comics, but not because im some huge “STICK WITH THE SOURCE MATERIAL NO MATTER WHAT!” guys..but because the source material is borderline perfect (especially the Governor arc) and the show falls short in basically every way. Its like repainting the best paintings in the world..with finger paints. They might be similar but the finger paintings will suck compared to the perfection of ____ artist. However like i said im not 100% stay the same…i love the Dixon brothers, and the rise of the Governor (seeing him go from fairly normal to monster).

  17. Julie Jackson says:

    Come on! They should have gotten rid of the Govenor! Andrea? Thatwas awful!

  18. Cait Wilson says:

    I really hated it, it honestly felt like the whole episode was commercials. I know a lot of shows felt that way, but it serious was like 5 minutes of show, 10 minutes of commerical, 5 minutes of show. I felt like nothing happened at all. I’m so happy they’re dragging out the governor arc too… not.

  19. I will never understand people whining that the show deviates from the comics. If you’ve already read the comics why would you want to see the exact same story told again? That makes no sense. “This show is only good if I know everything that happens before it happens!!” I love the fact that I get two Walking Deads. I’ve already read the comic, if I want to experience that story again I’ll just read it again.

    • Cody says:

      I wouldn’t call it whining. Just people wanting Andrea to be a bit more like the comic character then defined by bad choices.

      • Faster says:

        I call it whining. This is a board for the show, not for the comics. I’m sure there are plenty of those out there.

    • They took the best part of the comic and completely ruined it. I’ll never understand people like you that think it’s ok for some idiot producer to take great work like Kirkman’s and trash it on TV with a new storyline that makes no sense.

      • Radha says:

        And I can’t stand when people say “people like you”. If you don’t agree with his comments or whatever, that’s fine. To each his own and all that jazz. But to add in “people like you” really grates. Makes it sound like you think “people like him” are inferior to your thoughts and ideas. And that is just not cool.

        • No one cares that you are oversensitive. Get over yourself.

          • Heather says:

            For the inferior little “people like us” who haven’t read the comics, and are just actually watching a show that’s on tv…it makes sense enough. And we won’t get uppity about deviations from said comics since, hey, it’s only loosely based on them. How do your panties feel, all bunched up like that?

  20. Cherie says:

    I was a bit let down. The fight at the prison was mostly a dud. All that hype, and that’s what we got? Not surprised the Governor lives to see another day. I felt bad for Milton, but figured he was a goner last week. Really didn’t care one way or the other about Carl killing that Woodbury dude. If Rick, Daryl, and MIchonne knew that the Governor killed his own crew, why didn’t they try to take Woodbury? I’d rather be there than the prison. I felt horrible for Andrea. While I was disappointed with her direction on the show, I never had the full-on hate that most of the audience did. Why couldn’t the writers couldn’t bring her back and develop her into a much stronger character? I mean, they have plenty of source material to draw from. Seems lazy to me. Michonne gutted me by staying with Andrea.

    Eh, 2 1/2 out of 5 stars for me.

    • Brandon Rinebold says:

      “If Rick, Daryl, and MIchonne knew that the Governor killed his own crew, why didn’t they try to take Woodbury?”

      The prison is significantly more defensible than Woodbury. Woodbury is good enough to keep unintelligent biters out but is a very porous defense against humans and requires a lot more manpower to hold walls that are so frequently interrupted by structures as opposed to the prison’s clear sight lines and elevated lookout points. A trip to the hardware store between seasons and they’ll have a workable front gate back in place to clear the outer courtyard for farming.

      Everything I’ve seen leans toward Woodbury being less defensible by a small group and any food they produce is either in an unfilmed city park or outside the city walls.

  21. Michael says:

    How about that game of thrones episode?xD

  22. Birdie says:

    Over this show. No wonder Mazzarra got fired. Andrea was the most complex, human character on the show & Laurie Holden a brilliant actress. Suck it AMC & Andrea haters!

  23. mia says:

    Carol and Daryl are my favourites on the show. I love them in a platonic relationship, I love them if they choose to go romantic. I just want more of them.

  24. Blake says:

    That was simply an hour long commercial block with a little bit of show mixed in and they didn’t even wrap up the governor storyline. I chose to watch this over Game of Thrones, I will never make that mistake again.

  25. Tania says:

    Wah! Wah! Wah! No matter what, any programs with a strong fan base will always have whiney commenters. No one will ever be satisfied. FACT!

    • Heather says:

      True. Story.

    • tripoli says:

      Says the whiner, whining about other whiners. Take a seat.

    • Alan says:

      yeah its reached the stage where im convinced that people just want to complain about shows rather than enjoy them. it doesnt matter what recap you go onto on this site there will always be overwhelmingly negative comments no matter how good the episode was.

  26. Tania says:

    Another season with televisions newest villian will be quite all right with me. Of course he has to go down HARD during or at the end of next season though. That’s a must. ;)

  27. BIvy says:

    Andrea going down was a bummer i know at times she could be annoying but she played an important part and should not have been killed off so soon. As for the governor i wasnt expecting him to shoot so many of his own men & I’m not surprised about Carl after all look at the world he’s grown up in and the turn of events with the new people at they prison would be interesting too but i must say michonne staying with Andrea got to me too what a bummer

  28. TS says:

    Pretty lame for a finale. This felt more like a mid-season finale to me, not a season ender. We didn’t get the closure that the producers and cast suggested in previous interviews, and the governor is alive so no one at the prison is safe for the immediate future. Plus, it makes no sense for them to continue living in the prison now that the fences have been torn down and the guard towers are destroyed giving them no high ground vantage for sniping. Also, my least favorite line of the night came when Rick and Carl had their father/son chat. Carl said to Rick “you didn’t kill Andrew and then he came back and killed mom.” Andrew the prisoner did not kill Lori, Carl did. In actuality she was dying from childbirth complications and Carl just sped up the process. Finally, I’d also like to add that I’ve read all the comics and I like that the TV show is different. What I don’t like is when things like creative differences, AMC budget and other behind the scenes problems begin to affect the storyline. Comics don’t have that problem and as a result I consider the comic storyline to be ultimately superior to the TV version which is being heavily watered down due to AMC’s self-imposed censorship.

  29. Carter says:

    Certain “fans” of this show are the biggest bunch of whiners. All I ever hear from most people are complaints. We’ve become a nation of complainers. It’s a TV show based off a great comic series. Kick your feet up and enjoy it instead of nitpick it every episode. It was a great season finale.

    • Betsy says:

      I totally agree!! I love this show and I’m not going to nitpick it to death, just enjoy it. PS I heart Daryl

    • TS says:

      That was my point though, I’m not a fan of the TV show, I just didn’t say it directly. I am a fan of the comics, and I think the TV show is giving the comic a bad name and for that reason I have to speak out and defend the source material. You may call it complaining, but I’m just saying what I feel. Don’t be so quick to want to silence those that don’t agree with you, that’s not what makes this country great.

      • Carter says:

        I too love the source material and was excited to hear that it was going to be turned into a show. At first I was a little upset that a few things were changed and more changes came every season. I just realize that what works on print doesn’t always work on screen and vice versa. I like the fact that some things change and other changes are irritating but I’m just tired of people threatening to stop watching every episode. All I hear and read now is, “there’s not enough zombies” “Andreas stupid” this show is boring”. It gets old. Do I prefer comic Andrea better, yes. I got over it pretty quick that the show Andrea has a different personality. “Too many commercials”, that’s AMC not TWD. The zombies are the back drop and it’s a drama, not an action/adventure people. Even Magyver had its fair share of talking. We have such an intitled, ADD fueled world out there and I just power ranted.

      • Mike says:

        To be fair the comics have gone downhill recently, the comic was amazing until Lori’s death, but has been ht and miss since.

  30. Teej says:

    Beyond annoyed with how slow the last 4/5 episodes were. Huge disappointment in the suspense category.

    What a “war”. That was built up. Super lame

    Finally Andrea dies. After her running around btwn the prison group and the gov. I just wanted her to be gone bc she annoyed the f**k out of me and made dumb decisions.

    Loved the Carl situation. Loved when the gov. slaughtered his own people. Loved when Rick brought the towns people back to the prison.

    ABSOLUTELY HATED ALL THE COMMERCIAL BREAKS. They were on too long and there were too many of them. Really took me out of element watching it on tv.

  31. A says:

    K so the thing is that the majority of these Andrea “fans” on here had wanted her dead minutes before the episode aired and had been going wild over the idea the whole season. Now that she is dead they are whining like idiots and putting all the blame on the producers. My advice is stop watching the show if you’re going to act like morons and ruin things for everybody else. On the other hand if you had sincerely wanted Andrea to live like me then you can put the blame on the people who wanted her dead, not the producers.

    • Mike says:

      I also worry fan hate caused her demise, reading her interview on tvline, it sounded they changed the ending, it makes me wonder the writers caved to the fans wanting her dead or maybe Laurie Holden was tired of being hated and asked to leave, either way I was hoping to see her redeemed but I’m still looking forward to next season.

  32. Betsy says:

    GodDANG. I came here because I enjoy the show and want to talk about the characters and the story line and 90% is just bitching. If you hate it so much why are you watching and posting?

    • TS says:

      Because with all due respect, our opinions are valid too. If the show is suffering then we have to find ways to get our point of view out there and hopefully the people in charge of the show may take notice. Criticism is valid and actually quite important in all forms of artistic creation. Didn’t you ever take an art class, acting, or creative writing in school?

      • A says:

        I understand what you mean but many people are overdoing it. Have you read the comments of love for Andrea on this page? Yet just yesterday the majority of TWD fans had been calling her a whore and throwing insults at her. It’s very hypocritical of them to act like that and pretend like they had done nothing wrong to influence her death.

        • Mike says:

          I agree, now they want Andrea alive, just yesterday people were hoping for Andrea to die, but now that she is dead, their quitting the show, either their hypocrites or all the Andrea lovers came out of hiding.

        • T says:

          Uh… how about you use your brain? Obviously the people who have been hating on Andrea all season are NOT the same people who are mad about her death. People are only vocal when they have something to be passionate about. Andrea’s actions all season got her haters coming out in droves. But now her death? Obviously those who love her are now coming out in droves to mourn her.

          I loved Andrea. Did I say a single mean thing about her all season? No. Did I bother to defend her against haters? Not really. People can have their opinions. But NOW that Andrea is dead… I’m mad. And thus why I, like other Andrea fans who’ve probably been silent all season long, have come out of the woodworks. There is no “hypocrisy”. We’re all just different commenters.

          Andrea’s death had no point. She should have lived. She was my favourite character after Rick and Daryl. The writing for The Walking Dead has gone downhill since season two began. I wish the quality was the same as it was for season one. That was something worth watching.

          • tripoli says:

            You make a good point about the Andrea lovers vs the Andrea haters. The hate was super vocal, and rightfully so in my opinion. I’ve been on that train for a while now. Even with that opinion I can still appreciate the opinion of those who loved Andrea, but those people were damn scarce in every comment section. Where was all the love for her before her death? Now that she’s gone, they’re feeling what the other side’s been feeling all season and are out in angry droves. If you want to complain now, go for it but don’t get all uppity about the show runners caving to fan pressure if you couldn’t be bothered to put up your own fight.

    • A says:

      Oh no I love the show, I just read all the hate comments and saw how a bunch of jerks are trying to ruin the mood of the show for everyone else, so I decided to tell them it straight.

      • TS says:

        I was replying to Betsy’s comment. I also don’t hate the show, I just think some of the directing/writing choices have been unfortunate. Finally, it’s too bad you have to resort to name calling and labeling people to get your point across. It doesn’t bother me that you liked the episode, but I’m not sure why it bothers so many on here that people didn’t like the episode.

        • A says:

          I wouldn’t call the episode perfect, it was not as good as the other finales, but I will continue to support the show. I, personally, did not get bothered by the fact that there are quite a handful of people who didn’t like the episode, but what did bother me was the whining and the hypocrisy.

      • What? says:

        Excuse you, but how are people jerks for liking Andrea? And your other comment a few posts above, “Yet just yesterday the majority of TWD fans had been calling her a whore and throwing insults at her. It’s very hypocritical of them to act like that and pretend like they had done nothing wrong to influence her death.” Do you really think Andrea fans would talk about her like that? NO. The jerks are those people and others that have been calling Andrea a whore or “Mandrea” and Lori “Whori” since the start of the show. Those people are the awful ones. Andrea fans are not awful or “ruining the mood for everyone else” for disliking what happened to Andrea.

        • A says:

          I never said people are jerks for liking Andrea, I am an Andrea fan myself. The jerks are the hypocrites, and they are out there so you can’t stereotype everyone who is supporting Andrea now and say they had never hated on her because the fact is that many of them had hated on her.

        • Mike says:

          It is just you haven’t been very vocal until today, maybe we’d believe there were Andrea fans if you had been more vocal until today.

    • Mike says:

      All opinions are valid, but I agree some of the complaining gets tiresome, I’d be the last one to call this a fantastic finale, but it was not horrible.

  33. Thanks. says:

    Thanks for putting a spoiler in the headline.

  34. Kaleigh says:

    I cried last episode. I didn’t think I would cry this time. I BAWLED MY EYES OUT WHEN MICHONNE GOT CHOKED UP ABOUT ANDREA! THIS ISN’T ALLOWED, MICHONNE IS SUPPOSED TO BE TOUGH AS NAILS! Although I saw this coming…

  35. Mg25 says:

    For the fans that are outraged that Kirkman would allow them to do what they do to his source material, do some research. Robert sits in the writing room during much of the brainstorming. Mazzara cited creative differences and said it was too difficult to tell the story he wanted to because the creator took such an integral part of the storytelling.

  36. Tommy says:

    Fail war, “WE DID IT, WE KILLED 0 PEOPLE”. Seriously TWD has got so dumb I probably won’t continue watching it. They dragged the war out for so long and then we didn’t even get a proper war, just a clever ambush…that killed 0 people. I’m glad Game of Thrones has just come back on.

    • A says:

      You’re the type of person who ruins TWD for everyone else, it would’ve been better if you had never started watching TWD to begin with. A true supporter would keep watching and hope for the best.

      • tripoli says:

        Why don’t you just leave? You seem really put out by any negtive comment. Tommy is also entitled to his opinion, whether you agree with it or not. It hardly ruins the show. Dramatic much? He’s one of many who felt this episode and others of the season were a disappointment. If one no longer enjoys the show, why stick around? Loyalty only goes so far.

  37. Mg25 says:

    I’m kind of dreading where they are going with Carl. Can’t poor Rick catch a break? The Maggie and Glen story is getting a bit tiresome. Hershel is excellent as well as Daryl. I don’t want to see mopey Daryl though. Carl needs a spanking and sent to his cell without dinner! Jk. Excited to see where they are heading with a new show runner. Hopefully more Michonne, Rick, Daryl and Tyrese.

  38. Babybop says:

    I don’t understand why people are hating on this season. I think this season was miles above last season.
    I thought the episode was good. I was expecting more fighting, but I can live without it. I hated Andrea. I’ve found her to be annoying and stupid throughout the entire show, but I don’t read the comics, so I can’t comment on that.
    In the end, I hope the show keeps going the way it’s going, because I love it! As long as they don’t kill my hero, Daryl…

  39. Josh says:

    To all you whiny comic book readers.. face it. The show is moving on. Trying to fix its mistakes that it made in the past. I believe TWD is going to make a new name for itself and make its own storyline. Im excited to see what the writers have in store. I thought the finale was brilliant. Im glad i watched this over game of thrones. Game of thrones doesnt even touch TWD. Bring on season 4!

    • A says:

      Haha true. :P

    • Carter says:

      I concur. I love GoT but not as much as TWD. Great finale.

    • What a horrible post lol. They have gone through what, 3 showrunners now? Almost half of those polled gave this episode a C or worse. It’s not fixing any of the comic’s mistakes, it’s making some of them worse. Maybe letting the Governor live will be more exciting, that remains to be seen, but this finale was pretty awful. it is really no wonder the showrunner got axed. He wrote it.

  40. G 85 says:

    Was I the only one confused as to how Andrea had a fresh pedicure??!!

    • tripoli says:

      Nope. I’m right there with ya.

    • KV says:

      haha – and how she had sexy underwear in an earlier episode? They’ve implied it’s because Woodbury is trying to maintain normalcy, with BBQs and tea parties. They get to take showers and have this whole row of shops that, more than likely, keeps them all looking like they did before the apocalypse.

  41. guest says:

    I thought it was super lame. They could have done better for a seasons final.

    • A says:

      It’s your opinion but I hope you continue to support the show, giving it an A rating doesn’t seem like much but it would be great support.

  42. Slade says:

    I don’t think Andrea is dead. They didn’t show A.) the bird or B.) the shot. Also the bullet did hit the floor. I feel she is hidden and the producers are letting the hate if Andrea steam off befor she resurfaces. (Like Prentiss in Criminal Minds.)

    • KV says:

      I can’t imagine that would be true. Michonne was there. Andrea was bitten, so she was going to die or turn in short order. Rick, Tyreese, and Daryl were all outside the door. I suspect they would have given her a burial of sorts. It would be one big conspiracy if she was still alive.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Yeah, and I guess you think Lori is still wandering around in the prison somewhere. lol

  43. Jeremy says:

    I swear you people are the biggest idiots ever, the show was great.

  44. Mac says:

    I thought the episode was good but anticlimactic. Granted, since they wanted to stretch the prison/Governor storyline into season 4, I expected that but it was still somewhat disappointing. That being said, I’m glad we didn’t have a higher body count among the main players.


    Andrea’s death broke my heart. She’s been my favorite character from the beginning and I loved that she was one of the few characters left on the show who actually understood the importance of human life (Hershel’s the other so at least he survived.) But Laurie Holden did a phenomenal job and I loved those final moments between Andrea and Michonne.

  45. James says:

    i sort of figured that they weren’t going to end the arc. David Morrisay is too good as the Governor, with that said i felt it was one of the more anti-climatic season enders I’ve ever seen. nothing really happened, sure they repelled the governor, but then it sort of stopped it was odd IMO. at least Andrea went out with dignity i thought Laurie Holden did a good job their. next on the list is Carl i hope, i was accepting of him to a point during the course of the season but not he’s just an ungrateful ignorant brat. over all a pretty underwhelming finale which is too bad because the season as a hole was great.

  46. billy says:

    “Like in the comics” is the strongest indicator that you’re about to be the antithesis to any decent criticism.

  47. Bailey says:

    I never thought Andrea was going to make it past this season alive- so I’m not surprised at all that she died. I thought they handled it really well.

    I loved the end. And I’m really curious why this “recap” totally missed covering it. All of the Woodsbury people coming to the prison and Rick getting some redemption so Lori no longer needs to haunt him. That whole end scene was great.

    It didn’t bother me that the war we’ve been building up to didn’t really happen, cause I didn’t notice it until reading the complaints here. I was super shocked that The Governor killed all those people! That makes up for anything in my book.

    • KV says:

      In the scene with the Governor, I said to my husband, “He’s about to go totally ape sh*t,” and then he mowed down the entire Woodbury militia. That was totally awesome. I know the Governor is supposed to be hated, but I LOVE him. I think the character is so rich and intricate. I’m glad he’ll be back next season, although it sounds like I’m in the minority there.

  48. Videozombie says:

    The finale was terrible just like the majority of season three. Terrible writing, plot holes galore, a story that makes no sense and terrible special effects. Dead or not, your skull doesn’t just magically puncture because someone pokes at it nor does it magically fall off because someone swings a sword at it. Even with the sharpest swords in the world it take effort to take a head off, or an arm or anything else. Why is it the actor who played Merle could make it look real but the actress playing Michonne can’t? Maybe it’s because one of the two can act, guess which one!

    As for Andrea she was painted as a twit from the get go of the series. It was nearly impossible to like her whining, self centered snotty behavior and anyone who does admire those qualities in a person should probably seek psychiatric help. Personally I love strong women in movies and TV shows, when their cast properly and written properly. The character of Andrea is neither and I waited three years to see her die. That’s three years of my life I’ll never get back but it would have been worth it if we actually saw her die. So do I believe she’s dead? Hell no, most likely shes magically immune to death and she’ll come back alive but dead riding a Unicorn and carrying a magic wand that will cause walkers to fall over when she waves it in the air. Sort of like Michonne’s magic sword with it’s light saber like disappearing blade!

    As far as other things I disliked about the finale or season three in general the most notable is that as others have said, where was the war? Why kill Merle? He may have been a prick but he was an interesting one, why is it all the interesting characters keep getting killed and all the cookie cutter characters keep surviving? Speaking of which. why the hell not bring Morgan back into the show instead of leaving his character to rot in madness? I could go on but sadly everything I say is about as pointless as what everyone else says. As long as the advertising money is rolling in nothing will change. This series started off as one of the best I’d ever seen…then came season three.

    • KV says:

      I always had the impression, from every zombie show I’ve ever seen, that zombie flesh and bones sort of start to … melt? … because of the virus. Basically they aren’t as tough as human bones.

      Morgan didn’t want to come back. He was long gone (mentally) by the time Rick showed up.

      And I laughed at Andrea coming back from the dead on a unicorn. That would be totally awesome. As for me, season three was great. Season two was the worst of the bunch because it was so boring and went on and on and on.

  49. Kat says:

    I don’t think Carl was only mad about the giving up Michonne thing, he was also mad that Rick wouldn’t let him fight with the other grown ups at the prison against the Gov and his group. I also don’t think he was necessarily wrong in killing the kid running from the prison. That kid had a gun and they told him to put it down. The kid did not put it down. He acted like he was handing it over, but I think if Carl had made a move to take the gun, he could have taken the opportunity to shoot Carl or Hershel.

    • KV says:

      Agree on all counts. I don’t think he was mad about Michonne; he was mad that he got stuck babysitting Hershel, Beth, and Judith instead of taking part in the ambush.

      I said the same thing about shooting Jody (that was the kid’s name, or so said The Talking Dead). He kept creeping toward them with the gun in hand instead of staying in place and putting it on the ground. So while Hershel was right, that Carl shot a man who hadn’t drawn on them, I think Carl made the right call because Jody’s actions were unpredictable and suspicious.