Walking Dead Exclusive: The Actor at the Center of the Season Finale's Tragic Death Speaks Out -- 'It Was a Shock to Everyone'

The Walking Dead Andrea DiesWarning: If you have yet to watch Sunday’s Walking Dead finale, steer clear of the following post mortem. And we repeat: If you have yet to watch Sunday’s Walking Dead finale, steer clear of the following post mortem. Everyone else, you have permission to proceed… 

This was more than just another one bites the dust.

Sunday’s Walking Dead season ender not only marked the final episode for original cast member Laurie Holden, it served as a dramatic climax for her character, Andrea, whose Season 3 arc proved to be among the show’s most polarizing. (Why didn’t she kill the Governor when she had chance after chance!)?

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In the following exclusive interview with TVLine, Holden — who deftly drove the role from tough to suicidal and back — addresses some of the specific criticism leveled against her ill-fated alter ego, shares her thoughts on her sad send-off (a self-inflicted bullet to the brain), and reveals when she learned that the end was nigh (hint: not that long ago!).

TVLINE | How long have you known about Andrea’s death?
I didn’t get the official word until a few days before we began [shooting] the finale. It was a shock to everyone. It was never part of the original story docs for Season 3. And it was rather unexpected. That said, this is The Walking Dead. This show is not conventional by any means — and we know that as actors going in. So you roll with it. You show up, you do the best job you can, and you honor the storytelling. Overall, this has been an extraordinary experience and I just feel so blessed to have been a part of it.

TVLINE | Do you know why the decision was made to kill her now?
Honestly, I feel like it’s story-driven. It does propel the story forward… The [second half of Season 3] was a bit of a free-for-all. It had an organic fluidity to it and it just naturally unfolded day-by-day, week-by-week, moment-to-moment.

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TVLINE | Andrea has taken some heat from fans this season for, among other things, sticking by the Governor’s side for so long. What do you make of the criticism?
I think when people watch the [entire] season — especially the finale — that her trajectory will be clear. She was a woman caught between two worlds. All she wd3wanted was peace. She was for the people and was willing to do anything and everything possible even if it meant sacrificing herself to preserve humanity and keep the people alive. At times her actions were a bit misunderstood or ambiguous. But when you see the season overall I think people will really understand this girl. She did the best she could. And I do feel there was a sense of closure, healing and completion. The people of Woodbury did reach a sanctuary. No one in the prison was killed. Rick was finally set free from the ghosts of his past. And Andrea died in the arms of her best friends surrounded by the people she loved. She wasn’t cannibalized. She didn’t turn. She was able to go out with a certain amount of dignity. Her last dying wish was to end it herself and she was granted that. And by the grace of God she’s now going to be with her sister. And Dale.

TVLINE | Do you think she died a hero? A martyr?
That’s not my place to say. I’d like to think Andrea’s death will have meaning. That what she stood for and believed in will continue to resonate in the hearts and minds of the people she left behind, because we all learn and grow from one another. I do love that the finale ended [with a shot of] a cross, because I feel that it’s a time for new beginnings and a spiritual awakening. Let the healing begin.

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TVLINE | Milton’s exchange with Andrea in the finale felt very meta, because in many ways he was asking her the same questions fans have been asking all season: Why did she choose to stay with the Governor, why didn’t she kill him when she had the chance…
I am so grateful for how that [scene] was written. It was written by [new Season 4 showrunner] Scott Gimple. I feel like there is complete closure and resolution andrea1with the character, and any questions the fans had have now been answered. It couldn’t have been a better ending in terms of really understanding her past.

TVLINE | She kept coming back to the same refrain — “I wanted to save everyone,” “I didn’t want there to be any death.” 
Since [around] Episode 9 — when the Governor pit [Merle and Daryl] against each other, and then when [Andrea] went to the prison and found out about all the insane things he had been doing — her whole modus operandi from that point forward was, “How can I make sure that these people stay alive? How can I bring about peace?” She was a human rights lawyer prior to the apocalypse; she’s not a killer. She’s never killed a human being in her life. She’s killed a lot of zombies. I think fans who were unhappy with the fact that she wasn’t able to follow through on killing [the Governor] when she was standing over the bed [with the knife], have to understand that that was a moral dilemma within her. She believed in humanity. She believed that, “OK, there’s got to be a better way.” And she was successful. There was a peace conference. Yes, it went south, but she was able to put that together. She was always trying. And there’s something to be said for that. And listen, at the end of the day, she was the casualty of war. I feel like she did not die in vain.

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TVLINE | Was the final sequence between Andrea and Michonne as emotional to shoot as it was to watch?
Yes. [Sighs] Yes. [Long pause] You have to understand — we all love each other. We’ve been working on location in the backwoods of Georgia for the last few years. We’ve become a family. It’s very hard to say good-bye… I just love how it was written. I love that Andrea was able to ask for a gun and take matters into her own hands. I love that she was able to say, “I know how the safety works” — she came full circle from Season 1 with Rick. And I love that there was a healing and a closure between these two women who loved each other so much.

wdextraTVLINE | It made me want to see more flashbacks to the time Andrea and Michonne were on the run together. Are you sad there wasn’t more time spent showing the beginnings of that relationship?
It’s not up to me, you know? I’m the actor. I do what I’m told. The writers are the ones in charge of the storylines. And they write the scenes. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Do I wish we could’ve seen and explored more of the comic-book-Robert-Kirkman Andrea? Yes. Absolutely. Do I wish that I had more scenes with Michonne showing that friendship? Yes. Absolutely. But at the end of the day, I don’t think I could ask for a better death. I feel like her life mattered, and she died trying, and her heart was in the right place. I feel grateful for that. You can’t have it all.

TVLINE | I was a little surprised the Governor made it out of the episode alive. Are you, as a fan of the show, looking forward to seeing him get his comeuppance?
I think that’s inevitable. The man has crossed into such evil, dark territory that there is no redemption for him — ever. But this is the nature of our show. This is why it’s so popular. I think everyone assumed that I would be saved from the torture chamber, that I would kill the Governor, and it would be a big happy ending. But we don’t do that on The Walking Dead. And, at the end of the day, all Andrea wanted was to get back to her family and to make sure that the people didn’t die — the people in Woodbury and the people in prison. And she accomplished that. And if it meant that she had to go down to make that happen so be it.

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andreaTVLINE | Will you watch the show moving forward?
I don’t watch the show now. Andy Lincoln (Rick) doesn’t watch the show. When we’re shooting it we’re so invested. It’s every moment of our lives, 18 hours a day. It’s necessary to separate. I think in time I will be able to go back and watch. Because I do love the people I work with. The cast and crew are the best people I’ve ever known, and I want to see their beautiful work and I want to see their journeys. That said… [Sighs]… I guess I’m like an audience member now. [Pauses] I don’t want to see any more people that I love die. [Laughs] Maybe I’d rather live in the dark.

TVLINE | Any chance we might see Andrea again – either as a ghost or vision like Lori or in a flashback?
Anything’s possible. Who knows what they have up their sleeve? There may be scenes of Andrea and Michonne that the audience wanted to see. You may see more of renegade-Robert-Kirkman-badass-Andrea.

TVLINE | What’s next for you?
Legally, I haven’t been able to procure work. Come Monday, I am a free agent. I’m excited about the future and I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

TVLINE | Any final thoughts?
Just that it’s not up to me to tell the audience how they should feel about this finale. I loved playing this character; I had the time of my life. I’m so grateful as an artist that I was able to be a part of this, and to tell this tale. But whether she was a hero or a martyr is not up to me. That’s up to the viewers to decide. At the end of the day I feel like she was just a gal who did the best she could. She tried.

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  1. Chris says:

    Aa fan of the show, I’m so embarrassed by some of the comments being written here. Anhow, I have no intentions to return to this article so say what you want. I enjoyed the episode. I think Andrea was a fine character and I enjoyed her story arc. I’m not getting caught up with all the crap others are saying -why? Because it is only a television show and it isn’t real. Laurie Holden did a splendid job this season. But the problem is there is a double standard between the male and female roles on a show like this. If you don’t understand -you never will. I’m going to back for season 4 and will enjoy watching the further adventures of these survivors.

  2. Mandy says:

    They where so busy trying to agree every Daryl dixon teen stan come true, they forgot about the true fans and they destroy the comic fandom stans with this.
    Killing Andrea and the Gov still alive is the “jumping the shark” of the TWD show.

    Good luck on the low rating next season. Like I say before not going to watch the show anymore

    • tripoli says:

      You’ve said that about 5 times. Message received. Feel free to make your exit now.

    • Bryan says:

      That’s True.. You’ve Forgotten About People Who Really Knows The Show..
      #Next time dont add Hot and Appealing Characters Please

  3. RobMF says:

    If the show was exactly like the comments no one would want to watch it because we all know what would happen. Also I’m glad we’ll never have to sit through Andrea/Rick on the TV show. Andrea in the comics is way better than Andrea on the TV show. It’s always been that way. To complain they killed off a subpar version of a better character is a welcome thing IMO. Plus allowing The Governor to walk away was also something I had been hoping for. His arc in the comics was phenomenal and now they can explore a whole new story with him that they never did. People need to realize one thing, the TV show and the Comic book are set in two separate universes. Both of which are great and the differences between them make it even better.

  4. Cody says:

    Really hate to say this, but this feels like Heroes all over again. Just feels so contrived and like they’re holding on to anything they got for plot, it’s a good show, but like Heroes, it builds up to something that is essentially going to be a let down.

    I understand the choice to stray from the comics, but to completely rewrite an essential character, set her up to fail, make millions of fans hate her, and then kill her off, now come on, tell me in what way that is good writing?

    For one, I’d only be surprised if they killed off Rick, because he has been going nowhere. He’s the classic Peter Petrelli to this, everyone else is expendable.

    I honestly wish they wouldn’t develop a character just to have them get bitten in a third rate attempt to be shocking and pretentious. They already did the hole surprise death thing with Sophie. I’ve endured the show and the twists and turns, but now they’re crossing the line between surprise twist and major disappointment.

    Andrea’s potential was squandered for what? All this development, her toughness, all of it gone for nothing. I really want to say I’m going to watch this again, but I am just tired of the disappointment, and this is just a 12-16 episode series, that’s a lot of disappointment packed into such a small series.

    Hate to be “that fan” but the only desire I’ll have to watch the show is to see Michonne and Daryl’s story line. And if Michonne doesn’t get to kill the governor, I am done for good. It was good while it lasted, but I am just not ready for the long drawn out plots just to have it sucks and disappoint. I went through this with Heroes, can’t do it again.

    I guess this means I’m gone with Andrea.

    • sushified says:

      I agree. I do think they are squandering great characters. Andrea is a such a badass, it was such a stretch for us to believe she wasn’t able to survive…in fact, it was just two episodes ago that she broke a zombie’s arm on a branch, stabbed two girl zombies in the head, all at once – to now die in a dentist’s chair with two hands free, a wrench…and MILTON as the zombie.

  5. Sadddddd says:

    I agree! I had never found a show I loved as much as TWD. But to kill off so many of the original group, so fast… and with Andrea dead, it didn’t leave me satisfied as previously stated by TWD, it left me sickened and heart broken… I wanted to see her go on and show more of who her character was! she should have lived to see Season 5 at the minimum, who cares about all these new people… we all were rooting for the original group we fell in love with, now we have 5! REALLY, I’m not excited about season 4 as I thought I would be either, its kind of like… hmmmf… I’m disappointed , and don’t really care now.

  6. Damien says:

    Completely different from the comic version. I was kind of looking forward to Andrea hooking up with Rick but it won’t happen now.

  7. Jjmmcc says:

    The reason I love the show so much is that they aren’t afraid to kill off such a main character. You don’t expect that & I can honestly say I’ve never experienced so many emotions while watching any other show. I dont like that Andreas gone, I think it was a very sad ending for her but let’s face it, it’s a zombie apocalypse & not everyone can survive. That being said, if Daryl dies I take back everything and will riot. :) All in all, I love the show & will continue to watch, I’m too emotionally invested not to.

    • Bryan says:

      If Daryl Dies i Tell It To You Too
      ” it’s a zombie apocalypse & not everyone can survive”
      just wait..

    • walking done says:

      I loved Andrea and I totally expected her to die. It wasn’t unexpected at all, it was completely obvious. If they want to shock us, they should have killed Daryl.

  8. Jay says:

    Although I did go off Andrea during this season, I still found myself with tears in my eyes during her final scene. I feel bad for Laurie Holden as she doesn’t deserve the hate she got from fans, no actor does. If anyone deserves the hate it’s the writers of the show (even though it’s unfair to say they did a bad job… Just look at how popular this show has gotten). I agree that Frank Darabont was the best man for the show, he really made the first season great! Hopefully Scott Gimple will do good with Season 4, as he usually writes great episodes… So let’s hope things are even better next season. Sad to see Milton go too as he was growing on me. Now let’s hope that Scott Wilson, Melissa McBride and Chad Coleman are promoted to Main Cast next season as they are not getting the screen time they deserve as Guest Stars.

  9. Daniella. says:

    Really disappointing finale. And hello, A shock to absolutely nobody that Andrea was killed off. I hated this season. Most episodes were boring. Not enough zombie killing. Hopefully next season they fix it. Or I’m out.

    • Todd says:

      To me Season 3 is great! Most boring is season 2 in the farm! The whole season 2 they spent time in the farm looking for sophia but at the end sophia was in the farm backyard became walking dead!

  10. Mike. says:

    This was a failure in my opinion. It seems like they decided to give up on Andrea, and if it was the new show runners decision I have even less faith in next season. A horrible evil character like the Governor gets a pass but they just decide, well lets kill Andrea in a room with a Milton walker. It was complete crap, she shoulda “redeemed” herself, not that I think she had much to, other people, including Rick had their chance to kill the Governor and did not. They pussied out on Andrea because I don’t think the writers know how to have more than one kick ass female character at a time. I love Carol and Maggie but they have not reached the level of Michonne and Andrea, and am afraid if they ever do.

  11. Todd says:

    Season 3 is the best of all the season! Andrea has to go coz she make many mistakes. She has the chance of killing the govern but she didn’t. So this is the price she has to pay!

  12. Escaflowne says:

    As I was really fond of the season 3 until the episode Clear, I’m really disappointed by all the end. Even if it’s still well made, I’m feeling disturbed by the disappearance of good arcs of narration and characters… WD is good because of action and the tense between characters Lori, Shane, Dale, Merle, Andrea were giving good counterparts to the main group arc… Now who’s stil here to take that kind of role ?? I hope Tyreese. Andrea’s future in the groupe was interesting, I was waiting for her to find the group and give back to governor’s (as in the comic)…

    Second I’m disappointed by Andrea’s death, she deserved a fight like Glenn versus the zombie. It would have been so better than … oops she has been bitten. She was a great main character deserved a dreadfull fight, not just that elliptic end. Same for Milton…
    Third I’m disappointed by the fight in the prison, WTF the woodbury leaving as rabbits. No one killed in the both sides?
    Four : Some minor characters disapeared which is really an approximative way of writing, no ? Where is Noah, karen’s son ? If he’s dead why does she seem to not care about it ? Where’s is Rowan ? Killed by Merle ?
    Five… comparison between end of season 2… There was really such a tense in the last 2 episodes. I was just expecting the same. Didn’t happen
    Six… All these woodbury survivors, old and kids, I hope they wo’nt be as the atlanta’s survivor first zombie’s meat, unnamed and shadowy characters. I was thinking the showrunners have been clever to not put the same kid’s slaughtering as in the comic. comic is not the same as TV. What will they do now with all an orphanage ?

  13. Lyn says:

    I found Andrea annoying at times, but would like to have seen her muster enough smarts (and agility with the freakin’ pliers) to survive to the next season. She could have been a strong voice of leadership in the Grimes group, which certainly needs it given Rick’s conflicted, crazed state. Not sure how Carol will progress, but there’s a real shortage of mature female characters … the Greene sisters being quite young and Michonne being virtually mute. Oh, well. On to “Mad Men.”

  14. Tonto Kawalski says:

    Why y’all crying bout Andrea when u should be asking about why the show has a “one strong black guy minimum”.

  15. Patrick says:

    All of you guys saying you’re not going to watch the show anymore because of one episode that ended kinda poorly aren’t even going to be able to keep your hands off the first seconds of the season 4 trailer.

    Acting like a three year old over a character dying isn’t going to get you anywhere either. I do agree with most of you, the finale didn’t live up to my expectations, but in hinsight it had to end with a main character dying, and that character could never have been the governor.

    Andrea dying was the only thing they could do for season 4 to make sense at all. If the governor had died, and Andrea had survived as well, what could possibly be the plot in season 4? Killing the governor and poof? TWD will never be the show that pleases every single fan, it’s not their nature. By leading the governor into an abyss filled with nothing but hate and misery, it makes the show go on. Now that they have additional members in the group at the prison we all know what’s coming next, which is to find a new place to live which will unveil other parts of the main story.

    Besides, when Rick told the group at the start of season three about what Janner told him, their fight for survival became pointless for the audience who actually analyzis the series. But the characters always seem to have hope, no matter what, and the directors are making the whole plot out of single idea of hope.

    It’s not easy to make a show like that good, but they have done a great job. I feel like season 3 played out great, keeping in mind that all the characters have left is hope. Knowing they are all going to die in the end, and turn unless they’re shot in the head, is extremely hard to make a series out of without prolonging it too long. I don’t want, nor do I expect a fifth season, unless season 4 unveils a way to save mankind.
    In the end there’s only three possible endings to the series; everyone dying, the invention of a cure or the group finding a place where they are actually safe for eternity, which seems unlikely. But knowing the TWD crew, they are probably going to surprise us either way no matter how the series end.

  16. Mr.Floppy says:

    God, TWD fans are the worst. Always bitching.
    Stop watching the show already and keep reading the comics!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I agree. If the show isn’t meeting your expectations, which are high given that the comics are soooo much better, then stop watching and buy more comics. Sheesh. Enough with the whining already.

  17. ash says:

    Half the people here are blaming the fans… but…

    But throughout the latter part of season 3, andrea was becoming a progressively annoying character playing cat and mouse with the governor, being made out to be a bimbo blonde who just seemed lost, instead of the badass character we know from the comics and the earlier seasons.

    By this point, we DID want THIS andrea gone, even dead by this point, since andrea was hard to watch now and unbearably boring.

    However, did we really need another episode of watching the governor seemingly wander around pointlessly doing horrendous things with no one stopping him and magically leaving unscathed. And andrea to have the weakest send off in the history of send offs. While they listened to the fans on the fact of “killing andrea”, they didn’t listen to all the main complaints of the latter of the season.

    To which end, killing andrea made sense to this arc, but didn’t sway from the painfully boring and unsatisfactory way the arc was going. It could have been an exciting finale to make up for the failures of the arc, but instead we got more of the same… the best I can say is, at least it was consistent.

    Hope the story gets better from here.

    • Melody says:

      I agree pretty much with this. Every episode she was on, I grew to dislike her more and more. I was surprised they killed her off but it didnt bother me.

      And I get weary of the actress saying Andrea was a human rights lawyer. Andrea was trying to live by the old rules of a dead world and that lead to her death

      • Bryan says:

        you just wat Daryl;

      • Cristina says:

        That is actually good writing. Remember when Dale wanted to save the kid, and he tried to concince Andrea by pointing out she was a human rights lawyer. Her answer was that that was in a civilized world, and that they didn’t leave in a civilized world anymore. She however later on in the episode changes her mind and backs Dale. That change in her is what we see develop in the third season. The governor has managed to establish a semblance of a civilized world, and she greatly admires that, and tries to make thos civilized rules work.

  18. TWD Fanboy says:

    AMC once again taking a dump on the face of the fantastic source material by robbing yet another mainstay character of any of his/her defining moments.

    The book is going on strong for ten years plus, and Andrea is still alive as of the very last issue. Gauging on where we are in the show, that means that she died somewhere around the third or fourth year of the book. That means AMC has robbed us of 6 whole years of Andrea content (including her eventual relationship with Rick) and any chance of her much needed redemption on the show.

    I’m starting to really loathe this adaptation.

    • Kelly S. says:

      While I agree that we have lost a lot of detail from the original story, it IS, after all, a TV show. As with any written material, you lose something when you put it to celluloid. There was no way a relationship was happening with Rick ( I see that going by way of Michonne..and I certainly couldn’t see them putting that horrific scene with Michonne and the Gov on TV…that wasn’t going to happen) Dale was still alive at the prison..hell, if you go by the comic, we would have lost nearly ALL of the main characters already….cant really get away with that on the tube. I still think its the best show on television, not just for the story line, but for the outstanding job the actors are doing with it.

      • TWD Fanboy says:

        Actually, since Season 4 is staying in the prison, that means we’re about the place where the Governor strikes the first time and retreats.

        That means we’d actually have MORE of the main cast at this point. We’d still have Dale, we’d still have Axel, AND, most of all, we’d still have Lori. So, on that part, you’re not exactly right, but I do agree with you whole-heartedly that the rape scene could never happen and I definitely understand some things must be lost from adaption. They simply must be. And that’s what I love about the show. But the magic is what AMC has added to it. I was sold on the very first episode with the expansion of Morgan’s character, something we didn’t get until years later in the book.

        However, the magic is not what it straight up robs from it. And this is not tasteful departure from the source. This, this is almost unforgivable.It is the unspoken responsibility when adapting a book that has such a longtime and rabid fanbase. You can’t turn your back on the ones that made such an opportunity possible in the first place.

        I just feel betrayed is all. And I’m still feeling the sting of another huge character the comics just took away from us a few months ago. But I don’t disagree with you, and I will get over it. I am not without reason or emotional rationality. It just sucks. It really, really sucks.

        *graceful bow*

  19. Laurie Holden did a wonderful job with what they gave her to play… but i have spent 3 seasons waiting to see Andrea push herself above the bump-magnets she gets herself attached to and now, one kills her? Please…

  20. jonathon says:

    this show continues to surprise me. In a good way that is, i’m not gonna bash it like a few people on here. I’ve liked this show from the beginning and respect the way the writing has gone throughout. Andrea’s character will be missed since she was in it since the beginning but season 4 can bascially branch out in any direction now and i cannot wait to see what’s in store for the group when it comes back!

  21. sarah says:

    These comments are funny. Read quite a few! Andrea dying was a surprise to me due to her longevity in the comics, but I have to admit I did not like her character at all this season – until I re-watched all previous episodes including season 1&2 back to back. It really made things flow better than waiting week to week or 2 years since seeing episode 1.

    If you are upset about this finale, I suggest you watch all of the old episodes on netflix! It really puts things in perspective. Andrea’s development has been great, her ‘dumb’ decisions this season actually did have justification and made sense when you re-watch. Also, something that tv show fans always forget, these characters, if you watch this as if it’s real, do not have the luxury of seeing everything we do. For Andrea, the governor was a guy she met and she was pulled into his crap just like everyone else. She didn’t see the things he did behind the scenes like we did.

    She spent months on the road with Michonne, left behind by her old group, and just wanted to stop running away – she wanted to live again. Woodbury seemed like the answer to her. Michonne has better instincts and left. I don’t blame Andrea for trying to ‘save’ everyone – she’s not the hard character meant to kill others like Shane, Carl…she was a human rights lawyer before it all happened.

    For those saying ‘read the comics’ – they are soooo violent. Things like what the Governor does to Michonne, the creepy constant relations between the girls and guys, or Judith and Lori dying from gunshot blasts – yeah, that would never have made it to television. To reach a broader audience, you have to be able to adapt, which the show-runners have accomplished.

    I enjoyed this season, can’t wait for 4.

  22. champmav says:

    As an upper middle class, liberally minded professional I related to her character’s struggles. Now I worry I’m not represented on the show. (Actually, I’ve become lower middle class with the declined economy, so I guess I am represented. *Sigh*)

  23. Melody says:

    As a female fan of the show, I felt the Andrea character was dumbed down this season.

    She became so annoying and sanctimonious throughout the season and there was no turning back for me when she slept with the governor. While it was a surprise she was killed off, its not going to make me boycott the show.

    There are other strong female characters on the show.

  24. Bryan says:

    Why did you kill her off!
    I’ll still watch the show but not excitedly.
    Andrea was my Favorite…
    Other people just want Handsome, Hot characters
    I Cried when she died…
    Ratings will go Down for doing this..
    And Someone said “You Will Be Satisfied At The Ending”??
    Oh God I Did Not!

  25. Droddeb says:

    I was extremely disappointed in the amount of commercials and other AMC shows being advertised during the final episode. It made it difficult to follow. One example was the woman that survived the gov attack and found in the truck. I feel there was way too much cut out because the next scene they are together explaining to Tyrese what had happened. They did that on the feb 10 episode as well. Too many commercials.
    Also it would have been better for Andrea to survive and kill the gov to his surprise.

    • sushified says:

      Yes, so many commercials. I agree about skip between finding Karen on the road and then being at Woodbury.

  26. Troy says:

    I expect a lot of long camera shots of empty roads and broken cars for the season 4 premier. Is Breaking Bad back yet? At least Game Of Thrones wont disappoint me like the last 2 seasons of TWD.

  27. Jason says:

    Well at least Maggie’s still alive, would hate to see her bumped from the show. I think last night’s episode was spot on. Andrea knew the Governor was a maniac from the beginning, yet she chose to share a bed with him. She kept wasting chance after chance to kill him, so she played with fire and got burned. Good hearted character, but she flirted with fate for the better of four episodes. The balance of power is now Rick’s, and that katana sword Michonne carries is now sharper than ever. The Governor will be watching his back if he has any sense left about him.

  28. Dennis says:

    Noticed that Andrea mentioned knowing where the safety was, but doesn’t Rick carry a large caliber revolver (typically do not have safety on revolver). And, since it was a revolver that Rick handed to her, not sure why they had to dub in a sound of a spent shell casing hitting the floor after she pulled the trigger. Such continuity errors kinda make the whole premise of the show unbelievable (but still quite enjoyable).

  29. Julie says:

    I loved it! I loved the whole entire season! This is suppose to mimick life. No I didn’t like to see Andrea get killed off, I didn’t even like to see Milton get beat up, but I knew that was coming. I too thought the Governor was going to meet his maker, and although I definitely understand why Rich didn’t want to move his people to Woodbury, I did think it ‘would be nicer’. But when the crap hits the fan and these types of situations happen, you have to think quick and you have to think well. Everything we want or would like will not happen the way we would like it to in a real emergency, disaturous situation (remember Katrina and the NY storm) so we may wait with baited breath thinking that “I hope this will happen”, but when it doesn’t….. takes you back a bit, but makes you think. I enjoyed the ride, and I loved all 3 seasons and very much looking forward to the 4th season. RIP Andrea, and I’m so glad that Laurie is so positive about her end and about her character. Ugly happens, it’s unfortunate but it happens and you mourn and you move on. The young son is going to pose a problem though…..

  30. Szl says:


    Guess what, the writing was fine, it made perfect sense, the season was good, Andrea dying was good.

    If you cannot see why keeping the Governor alive was a smart move, then you are clueless.

    Just freaking admit it… You are upset because a character you liked is no longer on the show and instead of leaving it at that, you are trying to crucify everything about the show for it. Tv shows and movies are about evoking emotion, and Andrea’s death did an AMAZING job at that. It opens new doors and new possibilities that the comic doesnt have. If you are so concerned with them keeping the original story then… GO PICK UP THE BOOK AND READ IT!

    I am going to laugh so hard in Oct when WD breaks another record as all the morons saying “Ill never watch again,” tune in.

  31. Matt says:

    You realize Andrea wasn’t killed because fans complained this isn’t a network show they film months in advance your complaints only reassured the staff they got it write also the episode was amazing think about it if the war happend Beth Hershel carol would be killed but then it wouldn’t end and they would have to kill a lead like Maggie or michonne I thought killing all the people from Woodbury was brilliant it proved that the governed really doesn’t care and will make for an epic die hard governor and to people complaining they killed ur favorite character or the most annoying calm down she may have annoyed u but she was a good amount of people’s favorite and honestly her death was the first to actually mean something

  32. G Campbell says:

    Oh gosh, I havent felt grief like this after Walking Dead before the death of Andrea. I did feel bad when Dale, Shane and Meryl were killed off. I agree with many here. My three favorite characters are Darryl, Michone and Andrea… so sad she is gone. I loved that she was like a real woman… getting involved too deeply and too long with the wrong guy… I identified with her as she was an independent minded “tough” girl…

    I was also hoping for a little touch of “romance” between Laurie and Michone… Weren’t the old west gals known to have some fun with the same sex when the men were off hunting? Be it platonic, emotional, romantic or whatever the writers would fancy I am sure it would leave people thinking and not able to miss the next episode…

    Maybe we need to have some mini series of the favorite characters pre-zombie apocolypse on AMC. At any rate I would love to see Laurie Holden in some upcoming movies or tv series and keep her as the same tough girl she was in Walking Dead.

    The emotional Rick when he realized Lori had died and Darryl when he found Zombie Meryl are why we watch Walking Dead and love it for its human side. The death scene of Andrea and Michone was the most touching thing Ihave seen on the Walking Dead… Michone was absoutely wonderfully played as was Andrea. Thanks for letting me have a chance to tell my feelings… See you next season… cant wait for that matter. But I am still grieving for Michone losing her friend and for Andrea being forever gone…

  33. Bob says:

    I agree that Andrea’s death is sad and I also question the wisdom of killing off such a gutsy character (not to mention removing an appealing actress from the show). But this business of killing off major characters is pretty brave and the separations and shifting alliances keep things interesting. Whatever one thinks of losing favorite characters/performers, the show is very smart at manipulating and surprising us. I’m too curious not to keep watching.

  34. Mark says:

    Ugh, this sucks. I remember saying that if they killed off Andrea this season, I would stop watching…
    Yes, what the writers made her character go through with the eye patch guy this season was annoying as hell.. but still, she was one of my favorite characters and I really enjoyed her development…it’s like they didn’t know what to do with her anymore and just axed her. How lame. I’m definitely not tuning into season 4 unless I’m really bored and I find a copy of it for free laying around somewhere.

  35. Bring more people to WD says:

    Bring some others characters back like Amy, Sophia, Lori, Andrea, or bring the Alice character but just like one from comic. I have some ideas for season 4 soo if you are interesting answer here.

  36. Danielle H. says:

    Thank you for the interview! This helped me come to terms with her death. Laurie’s take on it is really interesting.

  37. Kelly S. says:

    Don’t worry Laurie, those of us who ARE fans of the comic know who Andreas character was and what she wanted…I thought the finale was exactly how it should have been. True fans of the series know it isn’t JUST about blood, guts, and walkers.

  38. Ryan says:

    I truly love the show! Very disappointed in the fact that the characters that we are getting invested in seem to be getting the axe. Andrea could have really made the show amazing come season 4. And as far as actual professional acting skills. She was one of the better actors on the show. She got so many viewers to hate her. That’s defines a truly talented actor. Shame they took this route with her character. Losing interest fast : (

  39. spiceweasel says:

    When I think back to the quality of the first season it seems as though this is a different show altogether. Remember the scene with Rick in the tank? Remember Merle handcuffed on the roof?

    Now we get Andrea locked in a room chatting with Milton as he slowly dies. We get Rick turning away able bodied, decent people because he sees Lori’s ghost. We get episode after episode of miscommunication or no communication, when a single clear conversation and exchange of information would have changed everything. I can think of so many examples of this I can’t even bother listing them.

    That, my friends, is lazy, terrible writing.

    I loved this show. I still love the premise, but there is only so much I can take of contrived circumstance, lack of basic character development, and stagnant storyline.

    I can’t believe we are getting another season with the governor and the prison/woodbury setting.

  40. Netdogca says:

    When a TV show gets its followers to emit such raw emotion, it’s doing its job. Walking Dead does just that, it gets all of us emotionally charged. Whether it’s to hate Andrea because she didn’t kill the Governor or cry when she pulled the trigger. The show rocks because of what it gets from the fans; raw energy and emotion. I will miss Andrea’s character because it stirred me to hate her and like her at the same time. I can’t wait for season 4 and beyond. I am sure there will be more characters for me to hate and like and I can’t wait to see Carl continue in his development.
    p.s. I wish Laurie Holden the best. She did a great job playing Andrea. Thanks for 3 great seasons!

  41. Rod says:

    I still think the best season finale would have had the Governor just about to kill Carl, when all of a sudden, zombie Lori shows up and kills the governor. Then she turns to get Carl, Rick draws on her but cant shoot, and fade to black, end of season. Advance to October, Season 4 premier, Lori is just about to bite Carl and “BOOM”, in walks Morgan and shoots Lori. He looks at Rick and says, “I couldn’t let happen to Carl what happened to my boy”. Bam, cement in stone the friendship between Rick and Morgan.

  42. Darby says:

    I felt like Andrea was only killed to make something shocking happen in the finale i dont think it adds to the story. It just happened to kill someone unexpected. Would have been good to see here go back to the prison and lead the other woodbury survivers

  43. Chris says:

    Absolutely despise you right now…the title of your Google result is “Andrea Dies” thanks for ruining that for me before I get a chance to watch it…wasn’t even looking on Google for anything to do with this episode but there you are to f it up for me…congrats, maybe next time think about that a little you a hole!

  44. Ding_Dong_Andrea's_Dead says:

    I am glad Andrea is dead. She was so annoying. I had high hopes for her when Dale basically convinced of her worth and that she should not kill herself just because the world sucks. I thought she was going to live and become great. Instead we watch her become a badass things are starting to look good and then she turns stupid. What else could the show do? And then the implication is that she still killed herself. Couldn’t she have survived? Herschel survived and thrived DESPITE being bitten. I realize that his leg was amputated, but I believe he has a stronger desire to live. Andrea just gave up. That is why she needed to die and the governor won’t. The governor will continue to be the character we love to hate.

    But I would have preferred that Milton lived. On the Talking Dead one of the guests mentioned that the Milton character would have made a great puppet-master controlling the governor. That would have been an awesome idea.

    Also I really want to see Carl get put down. Kevin Smith had the best comment on the Talking Dead when he called him “Wyatt Twerp.” That comment was right on the money. I really don’t like the way he keeps mouthing off to Rick. Someone really needs to bitchslap that little freak. In addition, I think Rick is and Lori was “fecal matter” parents. And as much as I hated that dipshiit Shane, I believe Shane was a much better parent to Carl. I would have liked Shane to live long enough to take Carl away from Rick and live long enough to battle the Governor and put him down or at least some kind of awesome apocalypse cage-match. Despite all this, I will still tune in next season. I want to see Michonne stab the governor in the other eye. And I want the governor to survive that as well and continue to be a thorn in Rick’s side.

    • sushified says:

      I think you’re being too harsh on Carl – at the beginning he was very quiet and just wanted to help out, and then he had to grow up after shooting his mother. She wanted him to maintain his humanity and not grow up harsh. You forget he’s only 12 in this situation. Why would he need to be put down? He’s got a better shot then most of the adults and is extremely brave and helpful.

      Shane was not a better father, Shane was a psycho who only cared about Lori. I do wish he hadn’t of died because he was a bad-ass and could have helped protect the group but he was extremely self-centered.

      • Miranda says:

        I hated Shane and like Rick, but all I’m saying is that if Shane was still alive, he would have killed the Governor after the Maggie and Glenn incident. There would have been no useless compromising like Rick tried to do..

  45. I'mNotGonnaTell says:

    NO MORE ANDREA. Seriously, NO MORE. They shoved her down our throats all season, they tried to force us into liking her all season AND with that give me a break death, they’re trying to say she’s some mystical guru of the apocalypse responsible for all things that will come out of it good and now flashbacks. Not sure when they’ll get it but WE DON’T LIKE HER. WE DON’T WANT TO SEE HER. Please make it stop.

  46. Diane says:

    I’ve been a hardcore fan since the opening scene Season 1. Not a huge fan of the zombie genre or network tv. But, WD is unique and different than anything out there. The writers try too hard to be all things to all fans. The hardcore zombie fans want more action, zombie killing etc. the story driven fans care about the characters and the relationships they have with each other. That being said, I wonder where they are going next season. Unless there is a major slaughter, there were a lot of kids and older folks getting off that bus. Along with Rick’s baby and Carl on the verge of turning into a sociopath they will need to stabilize.

    Next season I’m wondering if Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and others will spend time outside the prison gathering supplies and checking out what is happening in the outside world.

    Lastly, I was done with Andrea when she nearly shot off Daryl’s head last season. She was a loose canyon, selfish and not a team player. Adios Andrea.

  47. Miranda says:

    The finale wasn’t terrible in my opinion. I thought it was nicely done. I like that they change it up. The past two finales were crazy, so it’s nice to see one end kind of calm and peaceful. This show is so unpredictable and this is why. Just because it didn’t end with total craziness, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great finale. With Andrea, I never really cared for her character after Amy died up until the 3rd season. She made bad judge of character with the Gov, but her heart was in the right place. Her death was extremely sad and I think it’s going to give Rick’s group hope. I think she really had an effect on them during that scene. Definitely think they killed her off last minute to please the fans though. So many people hated her. And the best part of The Walking Dead is that NO ONE is safe!!! Anybody can be killed off and that makes it realistic. And that is what makes us all watch it. :)

  48. Joel says:

    The show is nothing like the comic books, i think i will stop to watch the show entirely because their ruining all the bests from the book.


  50. John Burgos says:

    Alot fans are show are very upset that that writers of the show let the A Gov go free and Andrea died…..I hope you guys know what your doing…And finale should have 2 hours not one.