Sons of Anarchy Exclusive: Season 6 Scoop on SAMCRO's 'Most Dangerous' Foe, a Shake-Up at the Club and a Pair of New Faces

SoA_512_Darthy_0865(1)New faces, new headaches and a new look at the SAMCRO table are on tap for Sons of Anarchy Season 6, which this fall will pick up “probably just a matter of days” after the events of the last finale. Speaking with TVLine at FX’s Upfront party on Thursday night, here is what else series creator Kurt Sutter shared about the hit drama’s next cycle.

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BIG TROUBLE | With Donal Logue back for at least seven episodes, Sutter says that former U.S. Marshall Lee Toric will prove to be a profoundly painful thorn in SAMCRO’s side. “We sort of fluctuate, where one season the adversary will be in the outlaw world and other seasons it’ll be someone from the law enforcement world — and the interesting thing about Donal’s character is he sort of falls in the middle,” Sutter explains. SoA_513_Cette_0123“He’s law enforcement, but he’s ex-law enforcement.” As such, “He’s probably the most dangerous adversary they’ve ever had in terms of his access to law enforcement information, yet he doesn’t necessarily have to follow all those rules.”

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT | With Tara behind bars for her role in Otto’s murder of a prison nurse (aka Toric’s sister) — and just as she was set to leave town with the kids for a normal life! — the Tellers’ nascent union shall be tested. “You saw the beginning of the shift in that relationship at the end of last season, when Tara broke that news to Jax about wanting to get out with the boys,” Sutter notes. “[Tara’s imprisonment] obviously has a big impact this season as far as where they are at emotionally. Can it be fixed? Does it bring them closer together? Or does it separate them more?”

CHANGES AT CHURCH | When the show returns, “There will be a new VP” in place, given Bobby’s resignation at the close of Season 5. “And there will be a new sergeant-at-arms.” Sutter, however, wasn’t about to name names.

NEW FACES | In addition to Logue’s return and Jimmy Smits being promoted to a series regular (as Nero), Season 6 will add two new characters still to be cast. One Sutter describes as “an old-school shot-caller that’s out of Stockton,” while the other is a major female character who is “in sort of the escort world.”

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  1. Alex Fitzpatrick says:

    Hope ethan zobel is cast again. Jax has unfinished business with him. I know adam arkin is behind the camera but we all wanna see him pay on scree.

  2. Claire Tate says:

    i’m totally new to this show but i have to say that i downloaded seasons 1 through to 5 which i’m in the middle of watching now i’m addicted and i cried my eyes out and sobbed like a baby when opie died, i have to say though that it seemed inevetable that opie w going to die when he said to lyla that he couldn’t love anything anymore like whatever he loves he loses felt so sorry for his kids and yes we all know its just a show but you just become so enthralled in it and reading up on this shows some of the insight to what really happens as they are having alot of input from angels all in all 10 out 10 for a great show

  3. kevin says:

    SMDH, I’m not even going to comment on the rest of the negative comments ppl made off one person’s mistake of name. And everybody who had something to say needs to jump off
    cliff cuz it’s not even that serious..it’s just a tv show..lol but back to the real…SOA is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I really did hate it when OPIE died cuz he was a great character that balanced jacks out but it still got better and better. The end of pope was pure genius, risky, but necessary. The creator of the show IS OTTO and that’s the main reason I watch the show. For him to have created all of this but still play an affective role thats not the main character is what makes the show click to me. Keep it coming and stay creative SOA, TV needs you.

  4. 81supporter says:

    Tara is a Bore ! Chibbs is VP and Happy is SA ! I think Jax should go for LiLa, seem to be very friendly when the see each other!

    • korbermeister says:

      Tara is a bore only if you’re used to chicken heads & meth-ho’s. Tara is a real ride-or-die chick who sacrificed her career to stand with Jax, no matter what.. Your can’t ask for more from a woman.

  5. S Genn says:

    I Think there will be many political moves and sacrificial lamba
    .. And SUTTER IS a mad geniuS

  6. Ann237 says:

    I think it is real funny that everyone seems to think that just because OTTO bit his own tongue off that he couldn’t rat Tara out. I know not having a sense of smell you lose your sense of taste, but never figured losing your tongue made you lose the ability to WRITE!!!

    • korbermeister says:

      some people are in a perpetual state of being tongue – tied so they see biting ones tongue off as being an equivalent and thus relate to Otto”s problem

    • Sue says:

      I know, right?!!! Why that isn’t a big DUH!!! baffles me…..

  7. Tina Nolastname says:

    I posted a really long reply to answer a question as to when the new season starts. Please scroll back up and read what I wrote and if you don’t mind will you please post a comment to what I wrote with my opinions about season 6. I’d so greatly appreciate. I need some other wheels turning on what people are thinking other than myself. I will try to copy and past what I wrote into a message here so it isn’t a million miles away. Thanks again for taking the time to read it.

  8. Sue says:

    Ok, I have watched all 5 seasons, but I still don’t know the answer to my question… What does SAMCRO stand for or come from???

  9. taira says:

    Ok my thoughts chibs as VP happy juice or tig as Sgt.at arms and I’m going to say jax has something. To do with Tara going to jail….and I think the new chick is going to be drama drama drama and soa. Was on a Wednesday. Before I think season 1or2 but who cares the writers have not realised a date yet and if they started filming early like they did who knows there could be a early start date just saying ….

  10. taira says:

    Don’t quote me but samcro ….sons of anarchy motorcycle club redwood original

  11. Shera says:

    Who is the homeless girl that appears in each season??? What is the deal with her???

  12. Justin says:

    Homeless girl maybe jax sister

  13. Justin says:

    Offspring of gemma and sheriff

  14. Justin says:

    Homeless girl maybe jax sister from gemma and sheriff

  15. Justin says:

    Doin this on my phone sux

  16. Bearkat says:

    Tara should have read those papers she was signing. Maybe the lawyer had her sign a confessional!!!! Who knows, there is so many twists and turns….

  17. Sammo says:

    If anyone here was a true fan you would have figured this out, but it seems that everyone here does not understand the show on a deeper level.

    So I will explain.

    The reason everyone is confused about Otto and opie is because metaphorically they are the same. They are both so important to jax and there death causes him to question his involvement in crime.

  18. Shera says:

    Well it is a guess that the homeless girl is Gemma s but I think there is more symbolism to her. She appears in each season at a climate when they seem to pull together??? Just curious….

  19. Phil The Destroyer says:

    It’s getting really hard to enjoy watching Clay and Tig anymore. If you like watching maggots like Tig & Clay, go to a local dive bar. They are not interesting characters anymore.

    The writers get lost in too many plot twists and forget what keeps people coming back – we watch to see what happens to the characters we care about, like Opie, Jax, Tara. And we want to see justice served deadly to scum.

    So stupid of them to kill off Opie, the one empathetic, torn character of the crew. Killing an imprisoned Tig would have been much more compelling, and provide some hope yet the “good characters” might right their lives.

  20. mackenzie says:

    Man Opie died and went out harder than Tony Montana…also Otto did give a new meaning to brotherhood….Bobbys a hoe….and i think chipper needs to be VP……its a cold hard world for samcro and if you havent notice the ex law enforcement guy will get tara cut loose and gemma is done for she will be back wit clay forming a war against jax and tunnel rat Juice will succeed in killing himself or join forces wit clay…Jax will be fighting alot of the people he crossed this season….Its just my thoughts for next seaso………mark my words Clay will be a brute force this season

  21. Filx says:

    Otto didn’t die Opie did.

  22. paddy says:

    has anyone hered that kurt sutter is thinking about doing 10 sessions insted of just 7 ??????????????????????

  23. tracey says:

    tara was getting her affairs in order like she knew something was gonna happen so she puts herself in jailj because she knows its the only safe way to leave the family or something like that

  24. paulie knuckles says:

    The REAL IRA are going to break Clay out of jail, ala
    “Patriot Games”

  25. Kled says:

    I see Wendy trying to get custody of her son, which is going to lead Gemma or Jax todo something drastic. Also, I think the new VP will be someone from the table, they can’t bring someone new in to be VP, it’s going to have to be someone who deserves it.

    Either way…I can not wait for the new season!

  26. Misti Combs says:

    Wow, This Is An Interesting Conversation About S.O.A Come On People It’s Just A Show/Seris On Tv No Need To Act Like There Has Been Something Tragic Happen In The World!!

  27. Amberlee18 says:

    Okay so everyone is fighting over who died but I never caught did clay ever find out Gemma got raped??

  28. Martin Villarreal says:

    This is the best show on tv I will say. Live to ride ride too live. Anyone who can understand that knows where im coming from. SONS

  29. melissa says:

    tara is in jail, yes because if gemma, but because they have the video from the storage lot showing gemma and tara there, and with gemma’s statement on what they were both doing there (getting luanne’s cross for otto). which if you watch the show gemma threatens tara if she takes those boys out of charming thats exactly what she intended to do, and tara told her do what you have to do but im getting my family out of here.

  30. Tracey says:

    The question of who put Tara in jail…obvious choice is Gemma but it almost feels too easy. We know she doesn’t have a problem with it and will play supportive/sad family member to Jax. Which makes her just as much of a bitch as if she had done the ratting herself. No one in the club did it…that is just too out there since they all love her. So now it’s down to Lee Touric or Clay. Seeing as Otto bit off his own tongue, I am not seeing how it could be Touric. The guy only had access to the general information that the investigators had and that was zilch. So right now my money is on Clay or Gemma (so obvious it could be the choice…?)

    There is a saying when you see hoofprints, you think horses not zebras.

  31. Bill says:

    Was counting how many ADD-tards were carrying on with who died and who bit off their tongue …I lost count though !

  32. jimmy says:

    So let me get this straight…..otto died? I thought it was opie. I bet tara is going to end up I’m jail for ottos murder. I’m surprised peggy bundy hadn’t ratted tara out and gotten her thrown I’m jail and i can’t believe she left al for hellboy. I guess the shoe sales man life was not for her. Not that i blame her her life now compared to married with children is much me exciting. I’m surprised grandmaster b and kelly haven’t even been mentioned… must have been a crazy fallout when she left al. This oddly reminds me of something. ….kinda like hamlet. Or is it just me. Lol

  33. joseph says:

    nobody seems to realize the irish will be back.i think jax moves away.after he bails the old lady out.nero kills jemma.clay brings the club down.they kill the wanna be cop.if jemma lives the older retired cop takes her away.the new prez,and vp will be from outside brotherhood club.i think some members leave.the mayans come back.the black cop may get trenched in .maybe gets killed

  34. joseph says:

    the coke is the last straw,brothel doesnt get anywhere.wars are coming to charming.if jax stays his ex will be the death reaper.shes shifty,but not willing to lose.she kills somebody.jemma,jax,or his old lady.just thoughts,but another twist could be jax ,and his lady lives,but takes it takes the whole club down to honor his father.everybody has pretty much crossed him.i also believe this will be last season.

  35. shang says:

    I think Tara better prepare to be someone love slave in prison she might get rape by the guard back when gemma was rape i kept thinking AL Bundy was going to pop out talking about let rock lol

    • Terri says:

      If you miss Opie you can find the actor which is Ryan Hurst on a new TV series called King & Maxwell on TNT, he plays a character names Edgar Roy and he’s super funny, he does a really good job at being a nerd. Good to see you back Ryan. Keep up the good work

  36. chas allen says:

    I think jax would make a great president for the club and I also think jax should just forgive his stepfather clay and just move on from the situation bc I think it was killing jax the most to vote his stepfather out of the club

  37. Debbie says:

    I think that anything is possible with this next season,,,,, The writer have had us all gasping more than once in all of the season and a few OMG’s and what the HEX,,,,,,The only thing that we can do is wait patiently, for them to have us sitting on the edges of our seats. and waiting for next week to be here already…..and remember that it is ok to get caught up in the show and the moment but just remember it is just a show…….I can’t wait to see all the new things they come up with and I don’t want to guess about anything……it just ruins it all…….so lets all be happy that they are with another season….

  38. JesseFingers says:

    Jax has been promising Tara he would take her and the boys out, He even made that promise along with saying he would give Tara a beautiful life in season 5 episode 12 and he has turned into a savage, I use to like him but his turned into some out of control nut , and why is this show killing regulars off like that show “24” did its destroying the show Jax is getting worse than Clay. Clay was bad but made mistakes and felt bad, but Jax is just turning into a physco I was a die hard fan of the show and have seen every episode and even own a few but I think killing Opie was the beginning of the show going down hill if Jax doesn’t help Tara with all his might I’m done

  39. Gene says:

    Lets not forget the man that plays otto is also the writer of the show he is not dead opies death was sad but needed for jaxs to start acting like tge leader of a outlaw bike club pres. As for vp its gonna be chibs

  40. soa fan says:

    I’ve watched every show. I’ve never heard the mention of Opie having a brother. It’s no big conspiracy as to why Tara was arrested…Otto made her an accessory by killing the nurse in her presence. It was only a matter of time before they connected her to Otto and Samcro. It was even mentioned that Otto did it to hurt Jax because of Luann and being lied to about Georgie..

  41. Toto says:

    So wait. Did Otto or Opie die in prison by getting their head bashed in. Can someone please clarify this?

  42. Skyla says:

    Jax would never rat tarra out he has been their since tarra needed him. But I do hope in season 6 that tarra and jax would be together happy

  43. blakethesnake says:

    I love sons of anarchy. Only awesome show to watch and it sucks its coming to an end soon! Chibs will be VP and tig the Sargent of arms. Those two and jax are ruthless now I love how they lay the smackdown on anyone who disrespects samcrow thier my favs. That was awesome how jax let tig take Pope out. They should bring the rock in to seek revenge for Popes murder. I think when it all ends clay will tell jax he is his real father. And what’s left of the sons will go out in a blaze of glory. And clay will survive. Gemma will die. I also think tig will die for or beside jax and chibs. Thanks sutter sons of anarchy is all time #1. I always wear my sons gear when im out and even when I watch the show. I got all seasons. Can’t wait for season 6. Hell yeah from ivel Kentucky Blake the snake.

  44. blakethesnake says:

    I also think gemma turned Tara in. Evil look gave it away when she looked at her in the Smokey’s car. THE SNAKE IS HERE!!!

  45. shang says:

    who would have thought that it would be otto being rape and not tara

  46. frenchy says:

    this u.s. marshell (Lee toric) is a complete wak job. I hope he gets it real good.