Sons of Anarchy Exclusive: Season 6 Scoop on SAMCRO's 'Most Dangerous' Foe, a Shake-Up at the Club and a Pair of New Faces

SoA_512_Darthy_0865(1)New faces, new headaches and a new look at the SAMCRO table are on tap for Sons of Anarchy Season 6, which this fall will pick up “probably just a matter of days” after the events of the last finale. Speaking with TVLine at FX’s Upfront party on Thursday night, here is what else series creator Kurt Sutter shared about the hit drama’s next cycle.

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BIG TROUBLE | With Donal Logue back for at least seven episodes, Sutter says that former U.S. Marshall Lee Toric will prove to be a profoundly painful thorn in SAMCRO’s side. “We sort of fluctuate, where one season the adversary will be in the outlaw world and other seasons it’ll be someone from the law enforcement world — and the interesting thing about Donal’s character is he sort of falls in the middle,” Sutter explains. SoA_513_Cette_0123“He’s law enforcement, but he’s ex-law enforcement.” As such, “He’s probably the most dangerous adversary they’ve ever had in terms of his access to law enforcement information, yet he doesn’t necessarily have to follow all those rules.”

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT | With Tara behind bars for her role in Otto’s murder of a prison nurse (aka Toric’s sister) — and just as she was set to leave town with the kids for a normal life! — the Tellers’ nascent union shall be tested. “You saw the beginning of the shift in that relationship at the end of last season, when Tara broke that news to Jax about wanting to get out with the boys,” Sutter notes. “[Tara’s imprisonment] obviously has a big impact this season as far as where they are at emotionally. Can it be fixed? Does it bring them closer together? Or does it separate them more?”

CHANGES AT CHURCH | When the show returns, “There will be a new VP” in place, given Bobby’s resignation at the close of Season 5. “And there will be a new sergeant-at-arms.” Sutter, however, wasn’t about to name names.

NEW FACES | In addition to Logue’s return and Jimmy Smits being promoted to a series regular (as Nero), Season 6 will add two new characters still to be cast. One Sutter describes as “an old-school shot-caller that’s out of Stockton,” while the other is a major female character who is “in sort of the escort world.”

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  1. Dane says:

    I love this show and hate this show. I love it because it’s SO GOOD. I hate seeing how twisted and gnarled the lives of the characters I love have become. Otto dying KILLED me. Now.. we’ve got Tara in prison and probably because of Gemma. My emotions can’t take it!

    • Bob Carroll says:

      otto didn’t die pay attention!

      • Ryan Breneman says:

        What makes you think that?was they casket empty?wishful thinking man.he’s gone get over it.

        • Giants2082 says:

          You guys need to learn the difference between Opie and Otto…. Opie is dead, Otto is without a tongue, but alive.

          • ghost13 says:

            It really is funny but knowing what to say but the real joke of the whole thing is if you are going to make a comment even if its agreed or not at least know the names of the characters. lol omg!

          • Diogo costa says:

            amen brother, Opie kill was devastating :X loved the pope closure :P

          • Ty says:

            If anyone is a true fan, I am. For the record, Opie was killed in jail and Otto bit off his own tongue. It takes not snitching to a whole new level

          • sgtrude says:

            News flash IT IS A SHOW None of them are real they are fictional charactors

          • Chris says:

            I am so into this show, but when Opie died I almost couldn’t watch it anymore!!! I’ve lost my two closest friends, so It really got to me! Opie was such a big part of the show, and it’s just not the same without him!!!

        • Pat says:

          Otto is in prison Opie is dead

      • Paula says:

        Rude comment by Bob! Don’t have to be a dick. Just say Otto didn’t die..no need to add an insult.
        I agree..I LOVE this show and each character..but it is definitely an emotional roller coster

        • jeannie says:

          I love the show too! A friend and I were sick at the same time,over the late of summer last year, went out and bought all the seasons to watch them again.. Its great having them on disk to remember all that has taken place..I agree, no need to be rude! who has a perfect memory

          • Michelle says:

            If you pay any attention to the show and are such a so called, self-claimed “fan,” you would certainly know the difference between Opie and Otto. There is no way you can confuse the two. Any fan of the show has a heartfelt connection to Opie’s character over the seasons…and his death was brutal. How can you confuse him with Otto if you have paid any attention to the show?

        • Yvette says:

          Everybody’s a control freak!

        • iris says:

          I agree this is an emotional show…

        • Rosie of RHWONJ says:

          and yet you eat with your mouth after calling people nasty names!!!

      • tinad71 says:

        How do you know Otto didn’t die

        • Denice says:

          When do the new season starts

          • Tina Nolastname says:

            I believe Season 6 starts September 11, 2013. It is 3 months 20 days away! My countdown has begun!!! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for season 6!!! They are bringing in 3 new cast members. There will be 2 new men who have yet to be cast so their names have not be released. They cast a new woman by the name of Kim Dickens. She is going to be a fearless madam. I believe she’s going to cause trouble for Jax and Nero. The two men they are bringing in one will be a sleazy director of sorts and the other a new right hand man that is some type of ex police/ something like that. He can work inside and outside the law. I know Samcro DOESN’T want him as an enemy that’s for sure. I believe one of the new cast members is going to be the new VP. This is going to be a wild season. Jimmy Smits signed on for 13 more episodes as a regular. Wendy is coming back which could spell trouble for Jax and Tara. Tara being in jail leaves the gate wide open for Wendy to take the kids especially with his involvement in Samcro. What’s going to happen to Ckay? He’s in jail with his back against the walk. He could go either way on that one. Then we have juice who’s found out to he a rat. What’s gonna happen there. I think Otto will go to death row this season finally now that he bit off his tongue he can’t testify against the Rico case so he’s done. Did Jemna put Tara in jail because she was threatened by Tara? Who could the new VP be since Bobbie stepped down. I don’t think it will be someone from the table. They’re also going to have a new Seargent in Arms… Who do you think that might end up being? I don’t have a clue. I could guess Hapoy but that’s a long shot. Who do you think it might be? There is so much new stuff along with everything left over. I am totally stumped. Please if any of you don’t mind PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS AND VIEWS OF WHAT YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN FOR SEASON 6. I WOULD LOVE LIVE LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU ALL THINK ABOUT THIS. I need some other opinions rather than what’s spinning in my head. I would appreciate you taking the time to drop me a few lines with your thoughts. It would be really nice to have other perspectives. Therefore, please drop me a post. Thanks for reading my post. I hope it gave you something to think about at the very least!!! Thanks again fellow SOA LOVERS!!! SOA RULES!!!!

        • Fee says:

          Omg they would have said Otto died! Oppi was in the casket

        • alex says:

          it never happened. ive seen every episode theyve evr had, lee torick wants otto to suffer, hes on death row in stockton, torick has the power to keep him alive for as long as he wants. otto wants to be dead( in season 4 he asked lincoln potter u.s. attourney too move his exicution as soon as possible) lee torick knows that and theres no way hes going to let that happen. end of discussion

        • half sack, Opie, opie’s old man, opie’s wife n the dude that tig would not vote in to samcrow r the only samcrow dead in the show that where part of the main cast

      • Bill says:

        I’m sure she meant Opie…why do people like you have to correct and be such a wise ass. I knew who they were talking about. Just move along

        • adam says:

          Ok im stepping in here. Enough. You people. Its not being a wise arse for anyone who is a fan should most defiantly be upset as if to say two huge characters like opie and otto could get mixed up? Not in the least that sutter the creator of S.O.A himself plays Otto. And Opie was the main charcters best friend. That is no small time slip.

          • alex says:


          • Peter says:

            Your right.But get a grip.It’ damn good entertainment but it’s entertainment.Why get that emotional about a tv show unless your living vicariously through it.Your not a member and neither are they.A Fictionalized world shouldn’t be something worth arguing about.

          • bugsy says:

            who cares if you’re stepping in or stepping out..just shut the hell up

        • Angela beck says:

          I don’t care how good you know the show or the characters I think it’s very easy to accidentally say otto instead of opie,or opie instead of otto. what is the big deal and who really cares we all knew what they were talking about it’s not that big of a deal, I myself don’t understand why somebody always have to make a big deal out of nothing can we just discussed the show and can u get a life.
          al to life

        • tricia says:

          Me too, we are here to discus the show.People can be so mean..

      • Erica Gaines says:

        I think the idiot meant OP. Poor Ope. I know it killed me. Made me a blubbering idiot with all the damn crying!!! Lol

        • korbermeister says:

          I was so disgusted I couldn’t watch ope’s beatdown. At least Jacks meted out vengeance to the worms who set it up :-[

      • Fee says:

        Otto bit his tongue off so he couldn’t talk. He did not die

      • Amber says:

        I think she meant ope not otto

    • GrumpyDadAZ says:

      Oppie died in prison, Otto bit his own tongue off.

    • richie says:

      otto didnt die …opie died …shows how much u know

      • sandra f.sullivan says:

        otto isnt dead they never showed his execution and they never showed or said he died yes it was opie who died witch i feel was soooo wrong on so many levels he was jax’s back since they were kids and life long best friends like jax’s dad john teller and opies dad pinny i personally think that was a huge mistake but like everyone im entitled to my opinion .and like assholes everyone has one lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also i now not only myself but all my girls who get together every week to watch S.O.A WOULD ALL VERY MUCH APPRECIATE MORE NUDE SCENE’S WITH JAX WOW HES SO HOT HE’S SMOKIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jorge says:

      first of all Otto didn’t die, not yet if i can remember…..
      Tara is not in jail ’cause Gemma, it was by “she was envolved in the murder of Toric’s sister”
      and if you didn’t noticed, the series is based on Hamlet, where the brother’s king is at the throne, married with the ex-wife of the past king, and the son trying to get the throne again to change the kingdom…

      • john says:

        are u stupid or something tara is in jail because gemma raded her out

        • Tish says:

          don’t you mean RATTED her out? lol

        • Remember, nothing is ever as it seems. I’m sure Gemma didn’t rat out Tara, even after she said she would, Jax would never forgive her if she did.

          • Jan Jelinek says:

            I think Toric ratted Tara out since Otto can’t talk anymore. I am so glad that Jimmy Smits is now a regular!! I am definitely going through SOA withdrawals….

          • Mike says:

            I am betting Jax gave Tara up after finding out from the lawyer the worst they could convict her on was a misdeamor. Her first offense,no jail time. Further,he heard from Gemma she was leaving with the kids and he figured out how to keep his children in Charming,and Tara until he can convince her to stay.Look at the look the sheriff gave him when he took Tara away,he was shocked when looking at Jax. Plus why didnt didnt Jax rage at Tara or the sherriff for that matter.

          • Fee says:

            I agree, don’t think Gemma ratted her out. Wat about the ex cop? He could have did it

          • korbermeister says:

            Yeah, all Tara has to do is tell jax that Gemma was the mastermind in john teller’s murder and Jemma wouldn’t make it home from the garage alive. Tara probably has copies hidden somewhere of those letters; she knew that gemma could never be fully trusted

        • Frank says:

          Actually, she’s in jail because she’s an accessory to murder.

      • Leah Barnes says:

        I have been watching this television series since it first aired on tv. We all know that Tara was “unknowingly” involved in Toric’s sister’s murder. BUT Gemma ratted her out to the cops letting them know that Tara is the one who brought the cross to the jail and gave it to him in the first place, which makes her an accomplice. Gemma did this because she didn’t want Tara to take her grandkids away from her. I’m not sure where you are getting Hamlet from. It has been many years since I was forced to read that screen play in high school. But I am pretty sure this was the farthest thing from the producers mind when he came up with this series. Plainly this is just a great television drama, mystery, action series.

        • normancarrie says:

          Kurt Sutter, the writer and creator has said the show is “based loosely” on Hamlet.

          I don’t think it was Gemma – too obvious and Sutter doesn’t write like that. It was either Lee Toric, or possibly even Clay. Clay knew about the cross that Tara brought to the jail because Gemma told him. One of the last scenes of eps. 13 was Clay in the holding cell and Rosevelt about to go in and talk to him. Could be revenge on Jax for setting him up to take the fall for the Pope murder.

          • Jay says:

            Damn, that’s not a bad theory. Jax is getting super-ruthless. Along with notching up a huge body count.

        • poser says:

          Sutter himself says the show has overtones of Hamlet.

        • akamvp says:

          the producer actually has publicly said that his themes of the show come from the play hamlet by Shakespeare

        • mary says:

          No if you watch any of Kurt Sitters interviews he says when he was writing the scripts for the show that he based it off a modern day hamlet and that the mc is how he shows (what’s the right phrase here?) The characters being able to be in power and have a kingdom. Just go back and watch anyone’s interviews from season 1 and 2 heck even now everything is based on hamlet. Matter of fact go to you tube and find Kurt Sutter and watch some of his video’s, he, just recently,talked about this when Opie dies. He starts to explain Jax’s character change for the rest of the series.

          • Jenny says:

            I’m sure that Jax ratted out Tara for betraying him with the will and who would get the guard of the kids if something were to happen to both of them.

        • Allison says:

          Sutter as well as the cast has talked about it being loosely based on Hamlet.. So NO it wasn’t the “farthest” thing from THE CREATORS mind…You are speaking awfully matter of factly about Tara being ratted out – if you have followed the series all along – you should know that Sutter wouldn’t drop the obvious.. youre supposed to THINK it was Gemma – my money is on Toric.. or some strange loophole.
          You should try to catch some interviews – OR a WTF Sutter…
          At the very least add an “I think” in your ramblings…

        • sandra f.sullivan says:


      • nix says:

        Tara is in jail because of gemma she is the one who turned her in

        • Ana says:

          I think both Gemma and jax are responsible for turning Tara in. Jax is getting right in there as the president and has forgotten the original reason was to make a lot of money and take his family out of Charming, so with Tara in jail she can’t take the kids away. Gemma wants the control back as the head woman of the club and run it with her son, so the best way get Tara out of the way…………………Man I can’t wait for season 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • jnogel says:

          how do you know? that’s the logical choice but i would bank on it, has anything ever happened the way we hope or expect it to?…..Didn’t Tara tell Gemma that she was taking the kids and leaving? and then Gemma threatened to rat her out? so Gemma really didn’t really have time to follow through, Very well could be Clay sitting in jail trying to take someone down with him…. the club (tig bobby chibbs phil happy or the prospects) wouldn’t have even know or cared about the crucifix, Doesn’t really seem like Toric’s style… clay could have told juice that Tara had taken it in to Otto, but juice did just sit there and let clay get hauled off, Jax tells Tara that the kids were not going anywhere,….all it takes is one phone call to his lawyer

        • sandra f.sullivan says:

          you totally correct it was gemma n not sayin it was right but she was just tryin to keep her family together in CHARMING and as a huge fan i would like to say and im sure everyone will agree the season needs to be longer i hate waiting soooooooooooo long for the new season !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JD says:

        I Think Jax and Gemma both had something to do with Tara getting arrested and yes if u member Gemma went to police station and said Tara asked her for the Cross so Otto could use it to Kill someone.

        • Ana says:

          I’m with you on both are respobsible

        • Laura K. says:

          I agree with you, I think Jax and Gemma were both side by side on Tara being taken away to jail. It was the final scene where Gemma was standing at Jax’s shoulder….1 season back it was Tara standing at Jax’s shoulder the way Gemma had stood at John Tellers and then Clay’s. If Jax really loved Tara and the boys then he would of let Tara go with them….Washington state is not that far from northern Ca. and he could of visited them in a “healthy, normal environment.” Getting involved with Jax has destroyed Tara’s life and if it were REAL life then Tara would have her license snatched from the medical board so fast it would of made her head spin. The Tara being a doctor has played out because no way would she be keeping those license under such circumstances. If Tara looses her license she will sink and be gone forever. I think Jax is an jerk and he has played her….that high school romance thing don’t work anymore and Jax is just as bad or worse than Clay ever thought about being….John Teller is lost from him forever.

    • Adetoro Idowu says:

      Otto isn’t dead yet, are you sure paying attention??? He only bit his tongue off!

    • Dana says:


    • kimilpez says:

      Opie died…not Otto…

    • Opie died not Otto, Opie was killed in Jail while Otto killed a prison nurse then later bite his own tongue off.

    • Steve Taylor says:

      opie died not otto

    • Randie Williams says:

      It was not Otto who died, it was Opie. Otto, did, however, bite his tongue off.

      • Bo ball says:

        Does anyone watch this show you guys get over it we all know oppie jacs best friend is dead. I wonder who the next vp is

        • Sean Carroll says:

          My guess is Chibs for VP. Sergeant-at-arms is anybody’s guess.. I’ll go with Happy (or Juice if they trust him again).

          • hyedi says:

            Well, if Chibs is the current Sargent at Arms, and there’s a new one on season 6, Chibs has got to be VP. Why else would they replace him? I hope Happy’s the new Sargent at Arms!

          • Denise Reid says:

            Tig might get SGT at ARMS back but I def think Chibs for VP. Love Chibs!

          • korbermeister says:

            Never juice! Jacks can’t trust him. Chibs! Or a pint of Guinness!

          • V says:

            My guess is that Chibs is the new VP and that Tig is SAA again. Sutter has said over and over again that ‘a little Happy goes a long way’ so I can’t see him being SAA. Also, I can’t really see Juice being the SAA, he is not as ruthless as Tig or Chibs.

    • Kathy Bishop says:

      It was Opie! Do you watch the show sheesh!

    • Love this show,U all R crazy,funny,anyway just wanted to ask if anyone had a comment on Jax,s reaction to Tara,s being arrest in front of him,,Im saying he didn,t look to surprise did he,Was it because he didn,t have to chase her,to get the boys back ,if she left?

      • I agree Jax seemed like he knew what Gemma did, or he was so shocked because he found out she was getting ready to leave before he was ready and also that she had all the legal papers for him to sign. I can not wait for the 6th seasom to start

        • jnogel says:

          so if your boyfriend girlfriend husband wife brother sister whoever in the world got arrested, would you not call your mother? Remember jax was born and raised outlaw so him not being so upset to see her get taken away is what he is used to, show no weakness, and all she said to him was call the lawyer…. they don’t know how solid of a case they have against her yet so no need to get worked up yet

    • court says:

      Otto didn’t die? He just bit off his own tongue it doesn’t show him dying. Did he?

    • mallory says:

      opie died, you should actually watch the show if your gonna comment on it

    • Puti Peters says:

      Otto isnt dead he killed the nurse LMAO do u even watch the show properly geez lols

    • lee says:

      does any one know when season 6 starts

    • Carrie says:

      It was Opie who died not Otto. Otto bit his tongue off.

    • The only thing I don’t like about this show is it takes too long for the next season…..lol

    • graeme says:

      Obviouslry not a huge fan !!!! Muopet

    • Gins says:

      Otto did not die. He bite off his tongue and threw it at the window so he cant talk.

    • Neville says:

      If you ever read Othello you’ll figure out what is going to happen to SAMCRO.

    • Sammo says:

      If anyone here was a true fan you would have figured this out, but it seems that everyone here does not understand the show on a deeper level.

      So I will explain.

      The reason everyone is confused about Otto and opie is because metaphorically they are the same. They are both so important to jax and there death causes him to question his involvement in crime.

    • fran says:

      Gemma did not put tara in jail, she may be alot of things but she wouldnt do that. Lee toric the ex us marshall did, the doctor who was killed by otto is his sister, he wants justice… pay attention you so called super fans.

    • MW says:

      Ok, just clearing this up for all, Otto did not die, he killed the sister of the psycho ex-law enforcement charater Lee Toric (Donal Logue). He then bit his tongue off to evade questioning. Opie on the otherhand died in prison while locked up with Jax, Tig, and Chibs.

    • LeeAnn Ryan says:

      Get a clue! If you are such a big fan then learn the characters! Seriously! It was Opie that was killed! Don’t claim to be a big fan and then not know what you are talking about!

    • Justin Pinette says:

      You mean Opie?? Love this show…ppfffff!!!

    • soafan says:

      Did you really type OTTO? What does your boyfriend think you’re cool if you like soa? Poser. Opie died, or wait I’m sure you know that because of google.

    • tricia says:

      Otto hasn’t died, but is getting raped everyday because of Lee Toric, but Otto did murder his sister.Hard to feel sympathy for any of them right now, but Tara.Love this show.

  2. Jen says:

    Otto didn’t die Opie did.

  3. AJ says:

    So I assume Chibs will be VP?

    • Shaun says:

      And the seargent will be Happy XD

      • Ren says:

        This scenario would please me greatly!

      • Sally says:

        Or Tig. He and Jax kind of bonded a little there at the end.

        • Kricket says:

          If by bonded you mean Jax blackmailed him into being his bitch then yes. Bonded…

          • poser says:

            Tig is a great SAA, and Jax went through all those steps to make sure got to kill Pope. They definitely bonded.

        • ghost13 says:

          Maybe but he has ready never fully trusted tig, like he has chibs, knowing that clay was his stepfather, he has always looked up to chibs as a father so I would think since oppie is not by his side, i would think it would be chibs, then Tigs as sergent, becuase chibs has always been able to control tiggs, and with Happy he is still like the muscle and plus he has not been as long in senornty before tiggs, or chibs.

          • Fayn says:

            When we figure it out Gemma is in charge. She leads the guys around like puppies. Tara was ratted by Gemma because jax was following Tara and not Gemma. I think we will soon find out Clay is not a stepfather but Jax’s father. Otto is not out of the picture yet.

    • Rebecca Gill says:

      I think it will be Chiba as VP and Happy as Sargent as well. Chibs should have been all along since Opie died.

    • Kahu says:

      THANK YOU!!! Everyone was so busy going on about Otto or Opie that nobody was commenting on the fact that there is going to be a new Sargent at Arms.

      If Chibs takes the VP post, Happy HAS to be the new Sarge… You need to be able to do WHATEVER needs to be done for the club… He is already the guy they go to for that.

      • Sara Gronch says:

        Why are you going on and on about who died? Somebody made a mistake with names, it happens. Am I the only one bothered with the idea that something could happen to Chibs? I saw some comments saying he will become VP, but looking at how complex this show is and how easily they killed Opie( who was a huge character!), I’m kinda scared for Chibs.

        • trev says:

          Couldnt have said it better myself, i think we finally get it that the original poster made a mistake with the characters names. I too am thinking what is gonna happen with Chibs, ive read snippets that one of new characters are gonna become the new VP and that there will be a new sgt at arms. So im thinking what becomes of Chibs if he is no longer in that position and a new character steps in to take the VP spot!!!! Time will tell i guess.

  4. Santeria says:

    I really don’t think it was Gemma who turned in

    • Santeria says:

      Sorry ipad is acting crazy I don’t think Gemma turned in Tara. I think it was Lee Toric that did. When he seen that he could not get anything from Otto as he bit off his own tounge he moved on to Tara. Gemma would be too easy and Kurt is not a easy writing guy. I think they will get her out after they handle Lee last season was good though I think Chibs will be VP and either Happy or Gig as Sgt. Of Arms Bobby really pissed me off last season. I read that Adam Levin will play Opie’s brother hope that’s a false rumor don’t like that at all but I can’t wait! Plus I have loved Gemma since season 1 so I hope she gets a break she has been getting a lot of hats lately and she has been through a lot for this club the gang rape the murder charge getting her Ass beat so hopefully she is not the one that turned in Tara who is one of my least fave characters she is too superior acting for my taste!

      • NeNe says:

        what about Jax, is he coming back?????

      • G says:

        You summed up my thought perfectly.

      • katie says:

        may be she’d get a break if she stopped meddling in other peoples affairs. you know why don’t gemma just marry jax. then she wouldn’t have to worry about another woman “dethroning” her biker queen status. i mean no one outside of samcro has to know about the incest right.

        • SAMCROfan says:

          that would be sick!! i like Jax and tht wud ruin his character

          • Kristen says:

            Pretty sure that was sarcasm @SAMCROfan…

          • Paul Buckow says:

            you don’t think Jax’s character was ruined in season 5, am I the only 1 who doesn’t like Jax anymore? everything changed for me when he shot heroin into his ex’s arm. Hope he end’s up dead in the finale of this show.

      • emily says:

        i think that toric and lowen were working together. remember lowen’s line asking tara if she read all of the papers she was asked to sign? i really doubt that was meaningless.

      • poser says:

        Adam Levine??? That would ruin this show. Joel McHale was a big mistake too. Good point about Sutter’s writing. I just assumed it was Gemma because of her threat but it would be just like Sutter to fake us out like that.

        • Denise Reid says:

          Does Wendy know anything? It has to be somebody that isn’t so obvious but also somebody that will make us say oh yah. Maybe Bobby did it. To make amends to Otto for Luanne? Or Clay did it but he did it for Gemma because he really loves her. Just spit balling.

      • iblogreviews says:

        Adam Levine will NOT be in it. Last year he dressed as Opie for Halloween and Sutter joked about it on April Fools day of this year.

    • KD says:

      we think Gemma AND Jax turned her in. One for protection and two so they dont lose the kids.

      • frozie says:

        protection from what?

      • meli says:

        During the last episode I thought that it was Gemma amd then as I watched the season again and watched how much Jax has changed and what being at the head of the table has done to his character that maybe it was him that turned Tara in. I am not sure that Gemma knew anything about her being turned in. Who knows? I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEASON!!!!

  5. Klaus says:

    I think Gemma wanted to but didn’t turn in Tara…the woman lawyer did it…when she was in the hospital with Tara and asked her if she wanted to read over something she was signing a contract or her statement or whatever I can’t remember and Tara said no…that’s the twist…she was set up by her lawyer…

  6. ✨Don Draper says:

    I didn’t know Jimmy Smits was promoted to a series regular. He was really good in season 5. And here’s to Happy. He’s my dude! Sounds like he has razors in his mouth!

  7. salaam says:

    she would be out of jail the same day if her lawyer set her up, pius more than not she would get disbarred

  8. Beth says:

    Jax better stick by Tara through this, even of she is gonna take the boys he has said that he doesn’t want them to grow up that way. I think chibs is vp and juice is saa, after he help set up Clay.

    • Chris says:

      dude juice is going to get killed no way he makes SAA that will be happy’s role!!

    • Diane says:

      I agree with u. He was ok with it earlier when tara wanted to go so y would he change his mind n i don’t want them apart i want kurt to keep them together as a family not do like they did with Gemma kids without the father in picture they r meant to be

  9. G says:

    Oh, man, I am SO excited for the new female character. Hopefully she is a far more entertaining nemesis for Gemma than boring Tara. Because from the sounds of it, it doesn’t seem like Gemma and her will get along, hahaha. I loved Gemma vs. June because June was just as great as Gemma. While Tara is just a snoozefest. Bring it on, seaosn 6.

    • katie says:

      you didn’t think it was entertaining when gemma said she’d enjoy the idea of tara getting raped for 20+ in jail?

      • katie says:


      • G says:

        Lmao, where the hell did I say that or even implied to that? Nope. I’m a huge Gemma fan but it doesn’t mean I’m blinded to her flaws (didn’t it occur to you that some people actually LOVE her because of her flaws tho… js). I hate the Gemma vs Tara storylines. Over it, it’s the same petty fight all the time. Besides, Tara thinks she’s too good for the “outlaw” world anyway. She lost all my respect when she decided to stay after everything that happened in season 4. Bye.

        • BJ Dunlap says:

          I have to agree Tara’s role on the show is back to one foot in the door one foot out. Time for her to go and take her ‘I’m better than the club and Gemma attitude’ and go far away. Let Jax deal with anything but her BS this season it’s really old and boring now.

  10. Terrance says:

    I cant wait for this next season. I think Clay as a character is done. I do not feel there is much room for a storyline for Clay. I would not be surprised if he ends up staying in jail for the murder of Pope or dying himself

    • poser says:

      Amen! He’s a horrible actor and I’d love to see him ended.

    • Jay says:

      Clay must stay on (even if its in prison) for another big twist: the reveal of who’s Jax’s real father!

      • Jan Jelinek says:

        I agree- I have always thought that at the end of the series we would find out that Clay is really Jax’s father…Clay & Jemma go back farther than we have been led to believe.

        Anyone have any ideas about the significance of that homeless girl? She is in at least 1 episode every season and she is there for a reason. Kurt Sutter has even said she is there for a reason but I am not getting the symbolism…anyone have any ideas?

        • lolo says:

          Kurt did not say she was there for a reason, he said, and I quote, “she is who she is, you all make your assumptions to what or who she is”.

      • jnogel says:

        jax was 11 or 12 before Gemma and Clay started hooking up…after thomas got sick…they wouldnt tell us all that and backtrack later

    • Pat says:

      Pope put a bounty on the head of who ever murdered him… Jax knew this. Juice &Gemma are both trying to get back in Jax’s good books so they had to sell out Clay. Not sure who really is behind Tara’s arrest . Clay rididn off to jail in a paddy wagon with black dudes just made me think , he’s goingto die in there. Jax will be rid of him, Gemma is rid of him. Can’t wait til September o see what’s next.

  11. Brenda says:

    Can’t wait for this show to start. Can’t wait for Clay to finally leave this world. And for Pete’s sake, no “innocent woman abused/fights in prison hell” storyline for Tara please.

  12. I figure Chibs for Vp, I do think Gemma turned in Tara, and I hope Clay gets killed.

  13. AudHep says:

    Poor Tara…poor poor Tara. I feel horrible for her. She just wanted out, that was it. and then BOOM, your in jail now. And for all the people saying she is not a good nemesis or she is boring, you arent understanding what she represents, she’s not a brawler or biker, she is a doctor and for Jax she represents the other side of what life is. She is NORMAL…well at least she tried to be.

    • G says:

      I completely understand what she represents and her internal conflict is getting old to watch. Just because I find her boring does not mean I don’t “understand” her, lmao. Tara fans are extra defensive these days. She isn’t this poor angel, either. Just because she’s a doctor, she is suddenly better than everyone else? Please. Most of the things happening to her? She is partly to blame too. I do feel sympathy for her but doesn’t make her any less boring to me. *shrugs* And yes, she became Gemma’s nemesis in season 5, when Gemma and Tara should be allied by now. Their season 5 struggle came out of freaking nowhere. They both acted ridiculously out of character in season 5, that’s why I’m excited that they’re bringing in another major female character. Hopefully Gemma starts pulling focus on something else.

      • normancarrie says:

        I agree with you on the Gemma/Tara struggle. I like them much better allied. BUT, Sutter has already said Gemma and Jax will be “closer than ever” this season, so that can’t leave too much room for Tara in Jax’s life this season. I have a feeling they might write her character to be in jail for awhile. I would love a new nemesis for Gemma!!

  14. smiley says:

    I think Chibs should be VP but I think Jax will give it to Tig. Just to keep things on an even keel. Happy S@A duh! As for Clay he’s a slime ball but he will never die. He’s going to figure a way out of this like always.

  15. kay says:

    can you tell me when it is on foxtel again series 6 that is

  16. Elly says:

    I think Jax turned Tara in……

    • I think the same thing.. makes the most sense and he’s the one you’d least expect to do it!

    • J. says:

      I Agree with Elly, I think Jax turned Tara in to get her out of his hair, and protect her while he concentrates on cleaning house and dealing with clay and the other foes…

      • Jes says:

        I definitely don’t think it was Jax, leaning towards Gemma, but def not Jax. From his time in jail he knows better than to ever think there would be more protection in jail. In fact they are even more vulnerable while locked up then anywhere else (Opie?). And besides that who would take care of the boys?? Gemma?? I don’t think so, not after the accident!! Wendy? Ha!!! Jax would much rather have Tara & his sons in a different state then have Tara locked up & Gemma watching his kids!!

    • Kristy says:

      I think you maybe right in some way, after all Tara was going to take the boys and get out of samcro…maybe this is his way of keeping them in charming until he himself can get out. Theirs something far bigger than what were seeing last season. I would like to see Chibbs, Happy or Tig VP or Sgt at arms. I don’t see it being Juice in either role as hes some what a rat to the good and bad of samcro. I would love for Gemma to catch a break, but she does need to stop meddeling and I hope Wendy never gets Able!!

      • maccham.1983 says:

        Jax had nothing to do with tara getting locked up. That makes no sense what so ever. Either does the lawyer. Tig will not and cannot be SAA OR V.P. jax blames him for opies death and also Tig is the one who killed opies wife……..This isn’t a simple soap opera. Also, people on here claim to be fans and dont even know characters names and the fact that the show is loosely based on shakespear’s hamlet.. WOW

        • noahcocke says:

          Tig may be many things but he IS loyal. The only reason for the mistakes he has made was because of his loyalty to Clay. Now that Jax saved his life, he will forever be loyal to him. The way sutter makes it sound is that the new VP is a brand new character from Stockton. I like Happy but his blood lust makes him a liability as an officer. I think Chibbs would be a logical SAA because he is smart and loyal. But Sutter said there is new characters so maybe the VP and SAA are people we haven’t seen before. If they cast them right, make them popular with fans, then they will follow the formula of bumping off series regulars that we have been attached to. What about some guys from Belfast? Another trip to Ireland is what I would like to see. Mostly because the theme song done Celtic style is BA. Just my opinion. Maybe they reveal more siblings of Jax that we didn’t know about. Or maybe Clay has some children we didn’t know about. Shutter has alluded to there being some flashbacks this season from First 9 days. His ultimate goal is to spin off a first 9 series. Also, I think that Gemma had more do with JTs death than she is letting on. I don’t think she put Tara away. Most likely Toric or Jax. Jax has gone very dark since taking the gavel. There were many moments you could see that. The way he set up Pope, although genius, was like something Clay would have done. The comment I read about Wendy taking the boys is weird because only Abel is her son. Thomas is Tara’s. Although, an article I read on another website makes the same mistake. But Wendy signed away all her rights and that is very hard to reverse. But after all it is fantasy and the whole show is hyper drama. I have friends in multiple MCs and they hate this show because it portrays them in a bad light. Most of them are really good guys. They do much for our community and like to party but not like SAMCRO.

      • Laura K. says:

        Kristy, girl, Wendy is more stable since she cleaned up than anyone on the show. She is on the outside looking in now, worked her way through college, and is on the right path. Able is her son and her eyes are clear. He would be so much better off in life with a clean addict than a bunch of dirty biker killers.

    • Hazel says:

      I also think that Jax turned in Tara. He didn’t want her leaving town with the boys, and in the scene at the end of season 5, just after Tara was arrested and taken away, he was just sitting there in the chair (no emotion) with the custody papers tore up in front of him, and his mother looking all smug standing behind him.

      • Jes says:

        They have talked before about Tara taking the boys & going to set up someplace safer, & waiting for Jax to come later. They wanted to be able to go together, obviously, but Jax knew better, & he would much rather his kids be safe. So his pride hurts a bit, & he doesn’t get to see them as much, but all in all it would be much safer for them to be some place else, & ultimately Jax knows that is 1 of the most important things!!

  17. stephanie says:

    I like tara and want her on the show I honestly think gemma turned her in and wish they hadn’t killed opie off show can’t wait for nxt season love jax and. Jimmy smits charachter to

  18. emily says:

    sutter confirmed on twitter (cba to find the tweets right now but i can look if anyone wants proof) that chibs would be taking the VP patch and happy was in line for SAA. i really hope it’s happy and not tig; i can’t see tig or jax trusting each other enough to put tig back in that position.

  19. henry says:

    no one is talking about tig..aka kim coats

  20. Crystal says:

    Well it’s a tv show so clam down, everyone is going to have their own opinion as they should so there is no reason to be defensive about it. All that a side the show is great and I can’t wait for season 6.

  21. Melissa says:

    Love/Hate……LOVE the show, HATE that I have to wait till fall!

  22. Robin says:

    I think Gemma did because told Tara you try and leave and I will turn u in and she did and when jax fines out he will make her recant everything . Tara will find out who it is right away because that’s the law. We will know first few ep. I would think

  23. Tim says:

    I’m so tired of the I’m such a bad ass gimmick with Gemma. It’s so annoying. The only time it’s acceptable for clay to die. Is towards the end of the show.

    • emily says:

      i haven’t yet given up hope that clay will cut a deal with the feds to get back at jax. he’s got nothing left in the club (although i can see him maybe trying to keep bobby or juice safe, since they both tried to help him).

  24. MPRanger says:

    I wanna see how Clay winds up.

  25. erica says:

    When is the show starting back up?

  26. erica says:

    When is the show starting up again?

  27. Hope says:

    I think Clay turned in Tara. Gemma told him what happened with the cross and the parking lot. Just a little revenge move.

  28. Brandon Beeztmode says:

    I don’t care which way it goes in ssn6,…Sutter keeps me on the.edge of my seat regardless. I Love this show more than any show EVER!!! I lost alot of respect for jax’s character when he forcibly shot Wendy up with dope, being an ex-opiate junkie. Seeing that made me furious & made My skin crawl. I still love jax tho, but that was some Clay actions there. Lol

    • Kaycee says:

      I have to laugh at your comment. SOA is my favorite show and i do love Jax but to actually say you have “respect” for ANY of these characters is a bit of a stretch for me. I have no respect for anyone who can act and kill the way this clan does. You can like people but honestly…..respect? Having said that…can’t wait for the next season.

  29. Oscar says:

    I hope that stupid old, ugly, whore genma dies.

  30. donna says:

    I think Gemma gave Jax a heads up and told him Tara was planning on leaving with the kids. So she ratted her out. Jax didn’t seem upset when they took Tara away. The look Gemma gave Tara while she was in the police car says it all. Then when she walked in and put her hand on Jax shoulder like she was the head lady again.. just my 2 cents.

    • Denise Reid says:

      You may be right and Jax called in a favor from Rosevelt to scare Tara? To let her know she can only be protected with him and with the club.

    • AUS 1 says:


  31. Oscar says:

    kurt please kill gemmas character off I know shes ur old lady in real life but dam her character blows. And shes just painful to look at.

  32. samm says:

    For one, if u paid attention to the season 5 finale, its very obvious Gemma turned tara in.. how else would she know she was going to be arrested and be able to stand in their driveway and watch? Tara will not get out right away because, well its tv, how boring would that be?
    For two, tig has no chance at either open officer positions. It will be chibs VP and happy SAA.
    For three, Clay will cut a deal with the feds because overall even if they don’t specifically say it, the feds are happy pope is dead. He was one of the worse gang leaders there.

    Trust me people I’m an SOA expert.

  33. Mary says:

    Come on season 6. I can’t freaking wait no longer.

  34. Cmore says:

    They arrested Tara because when they started investigating after Otto murdered that nurse they saw Tara was married to jax giving her club affiliation. Otto knew that this would happen when he killed that chick hence “samcro lives redwood bleeds” he killed her because he knew it would come back on Tara. That was his way of getting at jax. I don’t think anyone ratted anyone out.

  35. Nancy Rollins says:

    How long are you going to make us wait for this…wouldn’t you just love to have this show run year round?????? We would.

  36. Chris reeves says:

    Out of all the comments Cmore you got it right. Otto blamed Jax for his old lady getting killed. Samcro lives was the club would be safe cause Otto bit off his tongue so he couldn’t hurt the club. Redwood bleeds is the fact that he got Tara locked up which means redwood’s prince is hurting because of the pres’s old lady being locked up. As for clay if I know Kurt clay will be wiring the Irish till the cartel deal is done from Belfast where he would go and take over the Belfast chapter

    • Kaycee says:

      A lot of people are commenting that Otto bit off his tongue so he could not testify against the club…ummmmm, being able to speak is NOT the only way to testify. The man still has hands and able to use them hence pen and paper or head nods to yes or no questions. I do realize that this is a fake TV show and the tongue biting was done for dramatics so Kurt might be hoping that we all believe and not question that this is not the only way to testify.

      While I’m at it I will also voice another gripe of mine and that is about Jax and his ultra white tennis shoes he wears. Never in my life have I seen a hardcore biker such as Jax wear anything other than biker boots and I’ve been around enough real bikers to know this. They wouldn’t be caught dead in those ultra white (never dirty) tennis shoes. Jax would be so much more believable and S E X Y if you put some kick a$$ boots on the man. Please, please, please do away with the UWTS. Okay….I feel better now and can’t wait for the next season to begin.

      • Pat says:

        Otto biting off his tongue was a symbolic message . The fact that he killed nurse Toric makes him an unreliable witness and takes the deal with the feds off the table. Tara was attending to Otto and they found out she is Jax Tellers’ wife.If it was Gemma who ratted her out Jax is going to kick her ass to the curb. Wendy and Jax may strike a deal where she move in and care for the boys, Gemma and Nero ought to be interesting to see how that goes with the new woman on the show being a madame…

      • lolo says:

        The white sneaker issue has been explained by both Kurt and Charlie Hunnam. While researching his role Charlie was hanging out with a MC from California, the vp who’s name I believe was Ray Ray, wore sneakers. Kurt said MC’s THESE days wear sneakers, not boots.

  37. Carrow says:

    Put Tig back as SAA where he belongs. After Jax saving his ass at the end of last season Tig is indebted to Jax and will have his back and he’s good at protecting his Pres.

    Tig is nothing but loyal to the club. Misguided and rash at times but he loves that club and his Brothers. Everything he’ s ever done that ended badly he was doing to protect the club or avenge someone he loves.

  38. Kay says:

    Ok. We’ve already established that Opie died and not Otto so there’s no need to repeat it so many times. Tig is the new VP and Tig or Happy is Sergeant at Arms. I think Tara’s prison time will separate the love birds even further. She’ll probably blame him for everything that’s happened.

  39. Kaykay says:

    SOA has so many twists I can never wait to see what’s going to happen next…I gave up speculation after season 2 because you never know what type of twist will be thrown into the mix! Great writers and great cast..I don’t think anyone could play Gemma better than Katy does…

  40. mlanden says:

    There needs to be twice the episodes… That is all.

  41. Beth says:

    I hope Jax and Wendy get back together!!

  42. tinad71 says:

    How do you know Otto didn’t die

  43. Tana says:

    Leave Tara alone she a great mother to boys and she loves Jax ! I think there needs to be passion between them more lust !

  44. oakley51 says:

    why a new sargeant- at- arms? Where’s Chibbs?

    • Diogo costa says:

      Bro… i dont know how to tell you this… but chibs was the SAA and Bobby the VP, since Bobby turned his patch as VP, Chibs will be VP and i think happy will be the SAA because dont forget that Jax mentions “Tigs was always clays right hand” man i wish Opie didnt died…
      He would be a good VP even tough his fear of becoming like “Jax”

  45. Renee says:

    I think someone should hurt gemma real bad

  46. lori says:

    i think that the new SAA will be Opie’s brother, a nomad who is coming back into the club at the beginning of the season. they (jax, opie & opie’s brother) all grew up together).

  47. ladeeve says:

    I think Tara’s boss might get back into the game to try again to helpTara out & she probably will b just as tough on Gemma to be dealing a very seadoned women

  48. paul francis says:

    keep up the good work with the show all us here in australia cant wait for season 6 to begin bring it on love it

  49. PJLunatic says:

    Please can we have more naked shots of Jax in the shower etc. Everything else Kurt Sutter writes is fine by me as he’s blown my mind in every season so far. So whatever he has in store for season 6 bring it on, agree or disagree we all love it…x

    • Ronini says:

      Charlie was injured making a film last year (2012) and was not able to exercise. He said he gained weight hence no bare scenes last year. I laughed when i saw that thinking the boy could use a few more pounds he was a bit light for my taste.

  50. Mav says:

    clay wont get killed for popes murder as elly will only find juice’s prints on the murder weapon……..chibs for VP SAA?????? cant se it bein tig maby filthy Phill or happy cant wait bring on season 6.

    • sincitymama says:

      i also noticed Juice was only 1 to leave prints,and maybe he & Tig are not redeemed after all…that would be a way to maybe get Clay out…

    • korbermeister says:

      Because of tig’s insistence to clay that opie’s disloyalty deserved severe punishment, tig accidently murdered Donna, which began opie’s spiral into destruction. Jax isn’t going to ask tig to be his VP. IT’S CHIBS!:!

      • Big Midz says:

        I’m ridin w/ that, Tig effed up a too much. He’s lucky Jax saved him after all that Pope crap. Tig is loyal, but he,s to impulsive and old regime to lead this evolved club.

    • Guest says:

      Juice never left prints on the gun.. When Clay handed it to him, he only held it by the holster. When he was stashing it in Jax’s saddle bag, I’m pretty sure he was wearing gloves.