Shameless' Emmy Rossum: Fiona and Jimmy's Relationship Plummets to a 'Pretty Bad Place'

Shameless Season 3 SpoilersAre Shameless lovers Fiona and Jimmy at the end of their romance?

TVLine gave you an exclusive first look at their epic fight in this Sunday’s penultimate episode (Showtime, 9/8c), and now star Emmy Rossum tells us she doesn’t know if there’s hope for the couple.

At the end of this week’s hour, Fiona and Jimmy are “in a pretty bad place,” she says. And even though Fi has a change of heart eventually, “he’s going away from her at the same time as she’s coming back.”

Below, Rossum talks about whose side she’s on in the huge clash, Fiona’s flirtation with her boss and a surprise meeting in the season finale.

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TVLINE | Before their fight, Fiona and Jimmy explore options about Michigan and medical school. What can you say about that, and how seriously she is considering them?
We see her go to her boss, who’s kind of been flirting with her at the office, and use that angle to maybe get a job in Michigan… She does want to make a life with this guy that she’s finally given her love and trust to. And they do try to work out the various different angles, but you obviously can’t have a relationship with somebody that’s not telling you who they really are or the troubles that they’re really in. I often wonder about how they could have better dealt with the situation if Fiona was in on all of his problems. These are problems the Gallaghers know how to deal with – thugs and violence and extortion. This is the Gallaghers’ bread and butter. So it almost seems like hiding all of this from her was a mistake that’ll have pretty big costs for him.

TVLINE | In the fight, do you take Fiona’s side because you’re playing her, or can you see Jimmy’s argument here, too?
I can see his argument, but I really believe that Fiona has come to him and just put all of her cards on the table. So it’s hard for me not only as the actress playing her, but just from a common sense standpoint to not take her side because there’s a difference between somebody who’s in a relationship with all of their cards on the table and somebody who’s coming it at from a place of dishonesty. So I have to take her side. I understand her side. But of course, she doesn’t know any of the stuff he’s going through. So he’s acting completely manic and secretive and crazy and, from her perspective, very unfairly and unkindly. I mean saying that she lives in a slum… She has always felt like a slum girl. Like she had that marking on her and it was obvious to everyone that she was from a bad area. Now that she’s gotten this job and is starting to feel like she could actually be a contributing member of society and actually make some kind of something of her life, he just brings her all the way back down. And it’s hard to hear that from somebody that you’ve given your love and trust to.

But I also see where he’s coming from because Fiona does have a very myopic [view] of the world. The philosophy has always been the kids first, whatever, even at the hurt of her own future. It’s such a complicated relationship in that if you followed it for three years, it’s really interesting to see how these two people who met randomly in a nightclub and fell in love ended up at this very entwined place.

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TVLINE | Were you surprised that she didn’t talk to him or consider him before she became the kids’ legal guardian?
No, they’re not married. Her responsibility is to step up and take control. That’s just who she is. She’s a martyr for her siblings, and she did the right thing and she did the moral thing. It’s one of the reasons that we love her.

TVLINE | There are a lot harsh truths that come out in this episode, particularly in that fight scene. After all of that, is there still hope for the two of them?
I don’t know. I mean they left it in a pretty bad place. At the end of the episode, Fiona has just made some pretty bad mistakes herself on a camping trip and gets drunk… She starts to make a mistake and then realizes that she loves this guy and words are words and they have a commitment to each other. She wants to make it right. And it just shows that disconnect that their relationship has been in for so long — he’s going away from her at the same time as she’s coming back.

Shameless Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | Her boss really represents this lighter contrast to Jimmy. Is Fiona attracted to that?
They have a chemistry, but he’s much more like Tony the cop. He’s a cross between Tony the cop, who was like the vanilla goody-goody, and Jimmy, who has turned into this guy who’s dishonest and gets in trouble. So I guess it’s complicated. I could see something happening there, but at the same time, her heart and the last three years of her life have been with this guy. This argument is definitely the worst argument that they have. And we did takes of it that were of various different severity levels.

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TVLINE | Is the one in the episode more severe or less severe?
I’d say it’s midway, at least for my character. It was Jimmy’s exploding point. We see the kind of stress that he’s been under for so long and the secrets that he’s been holding just exploding. When Justin [Chatwin] gets upset, he has that vein on his forehead that so looks like it’s going to explode. [Laughs] We all tease him for it, but he went so far with the scene and was so naturally emotional and connected to the character that it was really fun to play with him and be part of that.

TVLINE | Going into these last two episodes, is Fiona going to start to suspect what’s been going on with Jimmy and Estefania? Has she any awareness that there’s a car constantly parked outside their house?
We see her kind of aware of the car. In the first couple of episodes, she mentioned there’s a really nice Escalade parked across the street and it still has its tires or rims or something, and Jimmy plays it off. But she hasn’t really been aware of it. She’s been buried in her own world, and he’s been buried in his own world, so we’ve seen that disconnect only deepening between them. She will, in the 12th episode, start to understand something of what’s been happening. She and Beto, who’s been following [Jimmy], actually meet each other. So that will be interesting to see what’s revealed with that.

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  1. Brandy says:

    Such an amazing actress who gets wrongly snubbed by the emmy’s every year. I really wished you guys asked her if there will be a death in the season finale. People have been speculating, but there has been no confirmation.

    • B says:

      I’m also wondering about that. The Gallaghers have almost lost everything multiple times this season and have come through almost entirely unscathed. Even Karen now lives. Frank serves the same role he did pre-trial. Not even output has happened for all the input this far. I think 11 and 12 have to have something big happen, though I swear to god if anything happens to one of those kids, I’m going to lose it. Heck, I even hate Carl now and I used to hate that child. I love the Gallaghers and I hate to wish bad onto them, but this excellent season won’t be as worth it unless the game is changed right here and now.

      • Marian says:


  2. MJ says:

    I am kinda over their relationship. I would like to see her date her boss or someone else. The whole situation he has going on with Estefania is crazy and she deserves better. He has been sleeping with Estefania and Fiona has no clue as to the mess he is in. She has enough issues at home and she doesn’t need another one with him.

  3. Alex says:

    I REALLY hope this couple breaks up. I am DONE with Jimmy. He isn’t contributing nothing to Fiona’s life, just negativity.

    • DN says:

      Then cancel the show. At the heart of “Shameless” is Jimmy and Fiona and their chemistry. Period.

      • TeeGee says:

        I’m with you DN – I will lose interest if Jimmy and Fiona are over but after watching the season finale, I am wondering if he’s ever coming back or if her new love interest will be her boss. I hope not, though…not interested in seeing that happen at all. I think Ian will get caught lying to the Army about his age and get sent back home….everything else, who knows? And did I see on the SHO website that new episodes are in 2014? Are you freakin’ kidding me? We have to wait a year for the new season or am I reading that wrong????

  4. megan says:

    They REALLY messed up Jimmy this season. They spent 2 seasons trying to show us these two are so in love with each other and couldn’t get over each other even when he left at the end of S1. Then you have this season where he could care less about Fiona and her feelings. Really done with him. Could care less where he goes next.

    • DN says:

      Don’t blame Jimmy. Blame the writers. Weakest season.

      • alley says:

        ABSOLUTELY!!!!! They took the easy way out at every single turn and with every character. My group and watched last night when they maried Mickey off instead of having him come to terms with being Gay and loving Ian and the real insult was waking up Karen lol I think we have to find a new show this one might be kinda lost creatively

  5. Esperanza says:

    Beto and Fiona, I have wanted to see that game, I think Beto has feelings for Fiona, for all that he has been telling Jimmy.

  6. Kevin says:

    I hope Fiona/Jimmy comes to an end, and hopefully the writers get rid of Ian/Mickey while they’re at it, too. Fiona and Ian both deserve better.

  7. almost a Gallagher says:

    I’ve been over Jimmy since he agreed to “finish” estafania. Plus all the lying that isn’t even necessary. I think Beto has the best grasp of the situation, and explained it so well in his speech about how u can start out poor & get rich & stay the same, but its real hard to go the other way. I don’t think it will hurt anyone’s feelings, including the kids’, if he just goes on with his selfish little life. And YAY to Kev & V!! I’m Soo happy for them! Whatta season!

  8. DN says:

    If jimmy and Fiona end, then I’m done with the show. They are the heart and protagonist center of “Shameless”.

    If the writers’ drive to create dysfunctional story lines sends then to ending Jimmy and Fiona, then the producers don’t deserve a show to run.

    Don’t you all realize that everything you hate about Jimmy was manufactured by the writers this season. Bad writing.

    • VH says:

      I agree with you on the fact that you love and are so devoted to this pairing. But I think the writing has been brilliant this season. It was all very important. Things would have gotten boring after awhile if they were just playing house, so I think this stirs up some well needed drama in their relationship. Don’t stop watching the show though, even if they break up, they’re an end ship. They’ll get back together eventually… Unless he dies. Then I’ll be really upset.

  9. Colle says:

    Fiona is such a memorable character – Beto has been calling it all season in his remarks about how she is too good for Jimmy/Steve. I do think Jimmy is doing the long walk – his character is all about lies and being selfish. The scene when Fi and the kids were digging up the back yard looking for Aunt Ginger pretty much sealed his fate. Jimmy/Steve is no good and he will come to a fitting end. He threw Fiona’s love away and the love of the kids – as a character, he will pay for those choices. So many solid characters in Fi’s life see right through his smarmy artificial presentation – Lip, Tony the Cop, Kev and Veronica – they always have her back and they see Steve/Jimmy for who he really is. Something is going to turn Fiona’s world 180 degrees. Emmy Rossum so deserves every award they can give her for her remarkable and nuanced performance. She inhabits that role.

    • DN says:

      Are you f—ing kidding?!! Jimmy has done everything for Fiona. Are you too blind to see that? He’s mr. Mom, consistently taking care of Liam throughout the season.

      Fiona, on the other hand, has been absorbed with dealing with her dysfunctional family and not giving Jimmy the attention he deserves — and only because he’s not screwed up.

      His frustrations have boiled over — and it’s only that piping steam that she’s noticed! He is 100% right on her not talking to him about being guardian to her kids. He would’ve been on board but she didn’t even think to consider the man in her life.

      F up these two, writers, and the show’s over. They are the core protagonists.

      • Coll says:

        Jimmy is a punk, Fiona and her family are distractions – as long as they are in his life he need not face how out of control his life is. He is losing it because of the stress of his criminal activities. Fiona is caring for her family, she has always been clear about her priorities. He made her feel she can trust him, but she cannot.

      • Nice language, DN. Everyone here is trying to have a dialogue. No need to insult others for their viewpoints. Watching theatre is an individual experience.

  10. Donna says:

    jimmy and Fiona should be together in the end .They have all the makings for a happily ever after. I understand a cliffhanger letting us think hes dead but dont u dare kill Jimmy off and the love jimmy has for Fi will bring him back to her.People dont see all the risk he took to be and to better her life with he has been there for her through all she should do the same I know she has alot on her plate but give jimmy a break he hasnt had it easy!!!!***

    • DN says:

      Agreed. Every other character can be torn up by the roots. Not these two. They are the foundation of the show.

      This whole marriage storyline this season has been a weak one – and the writers appear to agree, as evidenced by the lack of screen time Estafania has had (much less Nando). The writers went from her cozying up to Lip to the marriage for a college degree. Weak.

  11. With V’s mother gaining a little more self confidence in her self image, I’m just waiting for her to confess she might not have been exclusive in the baby making act with Kevin and that the baby may or may not be Kevin’s !!!
    I’m just saying that would add a twist to the plot !

  12. 3dhouseofmagic says:

    Has Shameless been officially renewed??

  13. DN, you are not the only one who watches Shameless, although your multiple postings that essentially say the same thing, make it seem as though there is only one correct view of this terrific show . The Gallaghers are the heart and soul of this drama – not Steve/Jimmy and not Fiona , but the Gallagher family as an entity with each character contributing something of value. I hope Jimmy is killed off. It will be a terrific and not altogether unexpected game changer. Love this season!

    • DN says:

      Actually, no, the siblings are all supporting cast. Frank could be considered a lead, but he is so dysfunctional that he’s hardly a hero. Fiona is the center of the show, and how Jimmy is written each episode effects whether he’s at the center with her. It’s the nuance of writing characters for TV or movies.

  14. Michael says:

    Did anyone notice that Jimmy is going to be killed by estafania’s dad? That’s why he had to go on the boat at the end of s3e11 because her dad is going to shoot him then throw him into the water

  15. Barbie says:

    I Have A Feeling That Jimmy (A.K.A Steve) Is Going 2 Die! Estafania’s Dad Has Already Proved in this Season what Happens 2 Men in Her Life that “Screw Up!” His Daughters in INS Holding & being Deported & He’s blaming Jimmy 4-That! So I don’t know exactly how much HOPE Their is 4-Jimmy’s Charachter! I think (Although I could be Wrong!) that Jimmy’s Gonna Die! He’s Going to be killed & thrown in the Water (I think!) & In my opinion this Show just keeps getting Better & Better! The Charachters are evolving! Example: Frank took the Heat 4 The Break in! Which we ALL Know (Who watch Shameless) That this was A HUGE Step 4-Him! (THE PREVIEWS 4 The Season Finale Deff Left ALOT 2 The Imagination!) & Than What Happened 2 Karen (I don’t think we’re gonna See Much Of her either!) her, Jodi & The baby are Supposively moving 2 Arizona! They also show in the Previews that Franks Really sick (This last episodes gonna be CRAZY!!!) I wanna cry! I’m not ready 4-It 2 Be over! & Than V & Kevin (I think there’s gonna be A Crazy twist there 2!) Possibly V’s Mom decides 2 Keep the baby! I dunno! But I do know that I CAN’T WAIT FOR Season 4!!!

  16. heather says:

    Exactly ….. I think Jimmy will be killed off by his Father in Law. …… I hope not but that is the way it looks..

  17. Jessie says:

    I must be one of the very few that believes Jimmy is going go die…or is already dead. There is no way he was getting out of that sticky situation with Estafania’s father alive, short of him jumping overboard. Or turning into Rambo. And their lies the beginning of the 4th season – Fiona trying to pull herself together for so many different reasons. The man she loved, trusted, and genuinely shared with will be gone. And not out of town gone, but permanently gone. However, it will be bittersweet because this ‘man’ she truly knew nothing about which is a serious slap in the face. And kind of scary, considering the family is known for pulling apart & piecing together BS.

    • I’m with you – Jimmy is gone. Especially like your last comment about the family. There are so many issues each character is struggling with but regardless,all decisions and behaviors are rationalized to suit each person’s needs. They are all “shameless” !

  18. enid sterling says:

    I am surprised about all the posts about Jimmy anf Fiona getting back together. It is pretty clear to me that he Jimmy gets killed on the boat by his wifes Dad. I thought Jimmy’s acting was great as he showed his fear when knowing he would be killed. I miss Jimmy already.

    • lel says:

      I too am saddened at the thought of losing Jimmy/Steve. His fear was persuasive, but he stopped and listened to Beto, and “acted like a man” for once in his life. He boarded the ship well knowing his imminent doom. There is a true man for you. He knows he made a mess of his life. He was trying to rectify it nobly with med school readmission, but his criminal passion caught up with him, and he knew he had to walk the plank. My heart goes out to that character. If there is any shred of hope for Estafania’s dad to show remorse and give him one more chance, oh I would be so ever grateful. I love you Jimmy!

    • grey ghost says:

      Spot on, Jimmy sleeps with the fishes.

  19. Amanda says:

    I think Fiona and jimmy have both been very unfair to each other its not one persons fault its the two of them

  20. Pilot says:

    My guess is that you will not know if he is dead or alive till mid next season. If he is dead, Fiona will not know till later next season when somehow, a body part shows up, like a hand or foot, and investigators show up at Fiona’s door. If he is to live, which is doubtful, there will be one scene that will look like Jimmy is about to die, but will fade out before it happens. Keep everyone guessing till next January. That’s what I would do.

  21. NJfromLA says:

    For me, Jimmy and Fi are the center of the show. I think both are characters negatively influenced by their families. They are disillusioned by life – for good reason – but find love and surprisingly find real support and love with each other. He’s been a rock for her in terms of her family. He’s helped Fi. I think more than Fi supported or understood Jimmy. However, this season, the writers have jumped the shark with the Jimmy character. I have no idea what this Brazilian storyline is all about, other than being dumb and uninteresting. However, since Jimmy has had to find work – it’s all come together for me. The fact is, stealing cars was a rush and it earned good money. Working in a cesspool completely made Jimmy realize that he has to get himself together, grow up and get into a work situation that’s comfortable to him. He was embarrassed when he met up – as a Starbucks cashier – his former med school friends. He felt like the loser he’s become in terms of his own expectations. Jimmy can’t stay in his current situation. He’s not going to be happy or be able to survive in his current environment. Perhaps he and Fi were meant to be temporary because she can’t feel comfortable in his world, and while he tried in her world – it just isn’t working. There life needs are different. This is rather a real world situation. This part of the show rings true. The Brazilian thug storyline is dull and run its course. Good for Jimmy to more on. He loves Fi – and she loves him – but it can’t be in their current situation. Although, Jimmy SHOULD have been straight with Fi. But, I think he was afraid. She can be judgmental and unforgiving when she wants. He didn’t trust her to understand – and also – probably thought he could get out of it. But his only escape is to return to his own world. Love is just now always enough. We see that again and again in this show. Sad, but true to life.

  22. Don’t some of you people think you’re taking these comments a little far? It’s a frickin cable show! I’m enjoying myself with each episode. Let them take it where and how they want. Remember in the end, it’s all make-believe…. smh

  23. Christiaan says:

    Seems pretty risky to kill Jimmy with medical school expecting him, coffee job expecting him, INS case workers expecting to answer questions. Never seen a big boat just show up in chicago without some witness. Last cellphone signal will be tracked to the dock. Not sure what a murder accomplishes for anyone involved. Maybe thinking too much?

  24. Lp says:

    I don’t think Jimmy is dead. Any other death on this show had been seen by the viewer. So why wasn’t his? He’ll be back!!

  25. WBC says:

    I think jimmy wasn’t killed. He will finish med school next season but we won’t know it until the last 2 shows of season 4 when he comes back to intern in Chicago and reunite with Fiona only to find her involved with her boss she is going to torn. That will be one of next seasons cliffhangers. I’m thinking Fi will also be pregnant next season. She’ll find out she is about the time when Jimmy returns to let her know how much he loves her.

  26. WBC says:

    I think jimmy wasn’t killed. He will finish med school next season but we won’t know it until the last 2 shows of season 4 when he comes back to intern in Chicago and reunite with Fiona only to find her involved with her boss she is going to be torn! That will be one of next seasons cliffhangers. I’m thinking Fi will also be pregnant next season. She’ll find out she is, about the time when Jimmy returns to let her know how much he loves her.
    Comment by WBC — April 10, 2013 7:23 PM REPLY

  27. kelly says:


  28. Jimmy is so dead. You don’t have to “see” it to believe it.

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