Is the Mother Dead? Did Revolution's Power-Up Lack Pop? Arrow Hits Funny Bone? And More Qs

Popular TV Shows 2013We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including How I Met Your Mother, Revolution, The Voice and New Girl!

1 | Which Grimm visual made you gag harder: The Sandman’s incredibly gross tongue or his spooned-out fly eyeball?

2 | Who did “Zou Bisou Bisou” better: Mad Men‘s Megan or Degrassi‘s Zig?

3 | Do any Revenge viewers actually care what happens to Padma? (Bueller…?) And were we alone in thinking Jack hadn’t bought the story about Kenny Ryan’s boat?

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4 | Who’s having a hard time buying that The Walking Dead‘s Rick would’ve seriously considered handing Michonne over to the Governor?

5 | Any Good Wife fans think it odd that Alicia seemed to begrudgingly take that call from Grace during her emotional chat with Will at the precinct — the same daughter that just minutes earlier she feared was being targeted by a killer?

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Popular TV Shows 20136 | So, with regards to The Voice‘s judges: Christina who? And Cee Lo who? Given Shakira and Usher’s instant — and very charming — chemistry with Adam and Blake, what are the odds that the former panelists actually don’t return when their “other commitments” are finished?

7 | Are you getting the feeling that the final words of How I Met Your Mother‘s May 2014 series finale might be, “Now let’s get dressed for her funeral, kids”?

8 | Burning Dancing With the Stars question: WTF happened to Ingo Rademacher’s Aussie accent?!

| Carrie Diaries fans, are you loving Walt’s thoughtful coming out arc as much as we are?

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10 | Did The Following‘s Claire lose any of your sympathy when she willingly went with Joe’s people, for a second time? Also, what happened to Ryan’s alcoholism? And did Jacob’s hallucinations give you hope that we’ll see Paul (in some form) for the duration of the season?

11 | Shouldn’t Revolution‘s rebels — and that includes Charlie and Danny,Revolution - Season 1 who were but ankle-biters when the power went out 15 years ago — have expressed a bit more shock and awe to see a big ol’ mechanical helicopter in action?

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12 | In Sundance’s riveting Top of the Lake, isn’t Elisabeth Moss giving off a very strong Gillian Anderson vibe?

13 | Are Mike Vogel and Nestor Carbonell’s Bates Motel cops in on whatever is going down in that creepy picture book Norman found?

14 | For a second there, did you think NCIS: LA‘s “Red” trucks would unfold/transform into Optimus Prime?

Popular TV Shows 201315 | Did you experience a slight Mags Bennett flashback when New Girl guest Margo Martindale stepped into that church aisle and started channeling Elvis? And are you bummed that Dennis Farina’s legacy on the show will now, regrettably, be contained to an episode revolving around horse semen?

16 | Whodathunk that Justified‘s li’l ol’ Ellen May would play such a pivotal role in Season 4? And that unsettling rocking chair business aside, how nice was it to see Winona back before the imminent finale?

17 | On Smash, didn’t Karen’s slight gasp at finding Jimmy, not Derek, at her door render their fast-and-furious end-of-episode makeout session slightly menacing/awkward? And does Karen’s blind buzz-up mean she’d have hooked up with whichever fella got past her doorway first? Finally, two seasons’ worth of Karen-Derek sexual tension is going to pay off before the season finale, right?

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18 | Was anything funnier this week on a drama series than Arrow‘s Felicity doing her “Grr, stop being bad or I’ll arrow you!” interpretation of the boss man’s shtick? And is watching Alex Kingston not speak in her British accent one of the strangest things?

19 | Given American Idol‘s record-low ratings and the pointlessness of her interminable critiques, is Mariah Carey worth even a quarter of her eight-figure paycheck? Wouldn’t the producers be wiser to use some of her salary to clear new and Popular TV Shows 2013fresher songs going forward?

20 | Um, what do you call Scarlett’s strange lingerie/pajamas on Nashville — a bralet with slip skirt? And could it be more obvious that Juliette and her ma’s sober coach will hook up?

21 | Richard Simmons’ General Hospital return: terrific or train wreck?

22 | On Vampire Diaries, how many hundreds of years does it take to get over an ex? Never?

23 | Would a kiss from Scandal‘s Scott Foley have gotten you to stop thinking about Tony Goldwyn?

24 | Has Project Runway‘s Layana — with her inflated sense of how good she is, constant put-downs and taking credit for Daniel’s design when things didn’t go her way — stealthily become one of the most unlikable contestants in the show’s history?

25 | If Sofia Vergara fails to score a fourth straight Emmy nod this year, can we blame her performance in those diet cola commercials?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. emaegf says:

    14 | For a second there, did you think NCIS: LA‘s “Red” trucks would unfold/transform into Optimus Prime? YES. Kind of disappointed it didn’t but if it goes to series maybe they can change that ;)

  2. Rockell says:

    7. Having watched HIMYM 820 a couple of times now, I’ve started thinking that perhaps Ted is the one who is dying. He talks about his old drafting table where he sketched out his first building, going back to Lily and Marshall’s living room where they had all those good times etc. before mentioning that the main thing he’d want to do is meet the wife earlier than what happens in reality, rather than going to Robots vs Wrestlers. Seems like he wants to revisit all the things through his life that truly made him happy. And the kids have been more than happy to listen to it all.
    Just throwing around that theory around, because let’s face it, you can never have enough HIMYM theories.

    • Rockell says:

      And when I say ‘have been more than happy to listen’, I probably mean ‘have tolerated it’.

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      I’m not certain who is dying, but I also watched this past Monday’s [8.20] episode a couple of times via an old VHS tape I made, and when I rewound the tape and turned the volume up, I swear I heard the words ‘Ted is dead’, ‘Ted is dead’, ‘Ted is dead’. But don’t mind me, I also have an old Beatles Abby Road LP-album, and when I play that backwards, I’m still convinced it says ‘Paul is dead’, ‘Paul is dead’, so who knows?
      I’m hoping no one dies on HIMYM, and I’m pretty certain no one will, but if Ted’s wife turns out to be a lot like Robin [I bet she will], and she eventually runs off with Barney, that might be kind of funny. ;) That might be a good reason to explain to the kids not only ‘How I Met Your Mother’, but also the introduction to the HIMYM spin-off pilot for fall 2014 – ‘How Your Mother Ran Off With Uncle Barney.’ :)

      • Marge says:

        I think that if the mother had ran off with Barney, Ted won’t be telling the story of how he met her and he certainly won’t be referring to Barney as Uncle Barney…
        For me, Ted’s speech from last week’s episode is only a sign that he is at a very low point in his life and, looking back on it, he wished he could have met earlier the woman who made him the happiest man alive and gave him the two children he always wanted.
        There’s no way the mother is dead for me because it would be highly inappropriate for Ted to tell his kids about the women he slept with before meeting their dead mother! And he won’t be making so much jokes.
        As for Ted dying, I think the children won’t looked so bored if that was the case.
        At the beginning when Ted begins telling them the story, one of them asks “are we punished for something?” so for me no one is dead/dying or even divorced. But if it is the case it would be the WORSE ENDING EVER!

  3. Jennifer says:

    The eye gouging on Grimm was the nastiest thing I think I’ve ever seen on tv ever! I LOVE dark shows like this and I was literally covering MY eyes watching this! Kudos to the prop/special effects dept or whoever was responsible for that major gross out!
    I like Natalie Zea on The Following but not so much on Justified. That being said, the rocking chair creeped me out and other then the baby I really don’t care if she survives the season. I am not surprised so much by Ellie Mae except that she seems to have grown “a set” this season and found her backbone which Ava seemed to take too much pleasure in crushing every chance Ava got. I do like that someone finally is helping Ellie Mae without strings and oddly I’m glad it’s Drew and that he has kept his word thus far.
    As for Natalie on The Following, I get why she went but I don’t like how it happened. I’d really like Mike to recover Jack Bauer style (quick and easy) cause I think Hardy really needs his help. I love that Jacob is “seeing” Paul and hope this continues, I really liked those two. I can’t wait til Paul gets Jacob to slaughter Emma. I’m thinking maybe Joe will be pleased as he will be rid of the ickiness that is Emma.

  4. Belle says:

    3. Padma, ugh who cares…she hasn’t connected with the characters or me so adios Pad!
    6. Keep Usher and Shakira, I am pleasantly surprised by how much better the chemistry is with the current judges than it ever was with Christina and Cee Lo.
    11. AMEN!!! Nuff said…
    15. I wanted Dennis Farina to come back again, loved his character he and on-screen son, Nick, were awesome together! Very sad he is “dead” :(
    18. Arrow rocks, and having some comedic/smart alack scenes are always welcome on the more dark, dramatic shows!!
    23. Fitz who? Love Scott Foley on this show, PLEASE keep him for a long, long, time!!!
    24. I can’t believe that she claimed a 50/50 on Daniel’s design…what a crock, she is arrogant, selfish, and rude and I saw through her falseness early on – she is a cry-baby and I’m ready to see her go next…kick Layana to the curb Heidi and Company – pronto!
    25. I thought I was the only one who hated those Pepsi commercials, ugh they are so annoyingly silly they make her seem ditzy and stupid.

  5. Lucy says:

    5. I’ve given up understanding Alicia’s character long time ago.

  6. mountaineer says:

    Scarlett! Yes someone needs to nominate her for What Not to Wear. Her wardrobe is atrocious.
    Grimm’s eyeball scoopage was crazy gross!
    Love Walt to death on Carrie Diaries. I hope it gets renewed. Its so different from all the other shows I generally watch.
    Love Ellen Mae’s story on Justified. Great actress.
    Team Fitz all the way..sorry Foley.
    And that The Good Wife epi was just strange..that singing leprechaun policeman made my skin crawl.

  7. DarkDefender says:

    Not feeling the Castle love, TVLine… How about this: Did anyone think “Jordan” could have a least rated a Dana Delany/FBI agent reference? Or a Didn’t anyone think it would have been more interesting if Ryan’s Fenton UC persona had a kid with Siobhan?


    • Alan says:

      thankfully they didnt do the kid from a previous undercover job thing, it was the one black spot on an excellent season of nikita last year and i wouldnt have wanted to see history repeat itself for castle.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m grateful the show didn’t go there on either of those. Dana Delany annoys me to no end, an X-Files reference would have been preferable had it been necessary. I’m so glad it was related to his dad even though Kate doesn’t know, yet. Being an avid SVU and Castle viewer I would have been very disappointed had Kevin had a son by that lady. I’m glad they didn’t do that, it’s gotten so cliche’ for tv shows to do that. SVU very recently aired a similar type of situation (undercover cop had child he never knew about) and I would have been heartbroken for Kevin and his wife to go through same thing especially with the news his wife gave him when case was over.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Good points. I was more thinking anything that could give us more Kevin Ryan centric episodes would be good.. The idea of a kid from the UC relationship is cliche, but they wouldn’t have to make it a huge conflict (and thus cliche), but rather a happy addition to his and Jenny’s family.

        Ether way.. I am totally on board with the Jordan story they gave .. I just thought it odd that Beckett didn’t at least question if the dream was about Jordan Shaw… My best guess was because Jordan Shaw would have been about Beckett’s insecurities and the moment was more about Castles insecurities…

        • Alan says:

          there is also the fact that jordan shaw was years ago so she probably didnt even register in kates mind since she isnt a fan who watches repeats to keep things fresh in her mind like we do.

  8. Garnet074 says:

    #18 cracked me up! One of the best lines in the show that night (great episode, btw) and Felicity’s “Grrr. Stop being bad or I’ll arrow you!” was awesome. I love her addition to the team. It’s interesting to see her reaction to the work mirror Oliver’s changes on the island and mirror his troubles with who he’s becoming, how it works, where his life fits in, etc. I”m so glad they brought her into the Arrow Team and honestly… I look forward to her and Oliver every week. The case & action of the Arrow is always intense and interesting, but it’s his “every day human Oliver Queen” stuff with Felicity that I find fascinating. Love these two and hope there’s tons more coming their way in this season and #2.

  9. I really don’t think shes dead becasue in season 3 episode 5 “how it met everyone else” The last scene has Ted in the year 2020 asking “where is my wife?” when he Marshall and Lilly are at their college reunion “Eating a sandwhich” Why would a high Ted laughingly say where’s my wife 5 years after his wife had died? That would be a pretty big continuity flaw as far as I’m concerned.

    • fabmeq says:

      it’s possible the mother turn out in the year 2025 , and we can understand why the children are not sad. And Ted will marry to Robin in 2030

      • justsomegirl says:

        If the mom died in 2025, I can’t understand why the kids wouldn’t be sad. Their mother just died five years ago, that’s still fresh and it doesn’t help that their father is talking about all these women he was attached to before meeting the mother. I can’t see how the kids would be happy about Ted and Robin getting married either tbh.

        • fabmeq says:

          It’s difficult to measure sadness or happyness, they are not particularly happy either. And the mother never demonstrates her presence and her existence by a phone call. When i say in the year 2025, I don’t want to say exactly in 2025.

          • fabmeq says:

            As For Ted and Robin, when a man is widower for several years, it is natural or in any case very frequent, that he remarries after a long period of widowhood

  10. KevyB says:

    Holy crap, all through the most recent Runway I kept saying “Worst. Contestant. EVER.” Only “contestant” was replaced with only one of those syllables. She is seriously an atrocious human being. Me me me me me me me. I loved when Heidi totally read her in the critiques. Unfortunately it wasn’t to her face. Her atrociousness robbed Daniel of a win he deserved, though Stanley was a fine substitute. I so wished Daniel’s had turned out a little worse so they could have been the bottom team and that… contestant… could’ve gotten her much-delayed Auf Wiedersehen.

  11. Sierra says:

    Everyone’s saying that it’s way too depressing for the mother to die. Did you guys forgot about when Marshall’s father died? Yes, he wasn’t the biggest character in the show, but I cried myself. I think that they could easily add in one of the main characters dying. As for whether or not I think that the Mother herself dies? I’m not sure. I know that if I knew 45 days in advance that I was going to meet my significant other, I would definitely go straight to him. It could really go either way. I do hope that they tell who the mother is at the end of season 8, and move on.
    It would be cool if Ted ended up with Robin, but I don’t see it happening. In the beginning of the series, he talked about how he met “Aunt Robin” and they kids looked sort of disgusted. I don’t think they’d be disgusted if they were already used to the idea of Robin being with Ted.

    • fabmeq says:

      It´s difficult for me to answer on english about your comment. I am french and i am going to tell you in french and translate it by reverso ( by example). So sorry
      quand les enfants disent “Aunt Robin” on peut répondre de deux manières possibles
      1) the children don’t know that Ted is became with Robin
      2) lorsque les enfants réagissent ainsi avec étonnement c’est qu’ils ne comprennent pas que leur père leur ait dit qu’il allait parlé de leur mère et qu’il démarre le récit avec Robin lorsqu’elle était encore appelée Tante Robin

  12. Roni says:

    Can someone tell me why ted have a different voice as an “adult” when he’s already adult?

  13. a p garcia says:

    The Human body run on electricity, true it is very minute, but it runs on electricity. It sure makes me wonder why the reason the power went out in Revolution did not kill humans!!!