American Idol Season 12 Top 8 Results Recap: Ask a Baby Not to Cry [Updated]

American Idol season 12 Top 8 results recapPractically every second of American Idol provides juicy fodder for conspiracy theorists, paranoid superfans and hardcore cynics on their second glasses of sauvignon blanc.

Take, for example, the Season 12 Top 8 results telecast: As the five remaining ladies and three surviving guys teamed up for a performance of Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll,” I wondered to myself, who’s going to be stuck with the line, “say I’m old-fashioned, say I’m over the hill”? And will that be the tipoff as to who’s walking the plank and joining the “Eighth-Place Club” alongside Jon Peter LewisMichael Johns, Nadia Turner and Haley Scarnato. (Three out of four ain’t bad!)

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Even though we had Jimmy Iovine predicting the end of the road for underperforming Lazaro “two songs in one week is one song too many” Arbos, it was, alas, Devin Velez who got the dreaded lyric in question. Would it spell his d-e-m-i-s-e? Let’s cut to the critical shenanigans. Before we do, however, an update: Top 7 Week theme will be “Classic Rock, No Ballads.” Dare I say I’m intrigued and optimistic??? 

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SENT TO SAFETY (in no particular order)
Kree Harrison
Candice Glover
Janelle Arthur
Angie Miller
Amber Holcomb

Lazaro Arbos
Burnell Taylor
Devin Velez
CORRECT! (Based on overall body of work, anyhow.)

Burnell Taylor

Lazaro Arbos

Devin Velez: Perry Como’s “It’s Impossible” | I can’t say I was rooting for the judges to use their save — Lazaro* Devin has never really performed like a potential winner, and probably needs a good five years before his depth of feeling matches his pitch perfection — but this was a pretty flashy vocal without any technical flaws whatsoever. (* See how my subconscious takes over when it’s angry about results? Oy!)

And yet, it was not enough. “It is not unanimous,” said Randy Jackson. “We’re not gonna use [The Save].” Not surprising, really. The Season 12 save actually has this symbol carved into its visage. (Also, Nicki’s seated position as her fellow judges offered a standing ovation for “It’s Impossible” was a pretty good indicator of how it was gonna all play out.)

Colton Dixon American Idol performanceSure, it should have been Lazaro who walked the plank — he was clearly No. 9 out of the Top 9, and clearly No. 8 of the Top 8 — but fluttering eyelashes, good hair and the threat of tears can carry you pretty far in this competition. (Probably not past seventh place, though.)

A few other notes on the telecast:

keith-urban-american-idol-performance* Is there a sadist in the Idol wardrobe department, or was Lazaro’s white suspenders, gold bowtie, and white shirt with turquoise tropical scenery a fashion hell of his own making?

* True confession: I miss the “Ford Music Video” segment. But that package about the Top 8 mentoring grade school kids on how to sing Phillip Phillips’ “Home” made me a little misty-eyed. (Yes, okay, I’m a softie!)

* I have to say, Jimmy’s unwavering enthusiasm for the awesomeness of Candice Glover has improved my opinion of him in a major way. Also: Let’s hope he makes good on that promise to include “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” on Janelle Arthur’s debut disc.

* Then again, what’s up with Jimmy insisting how much help Angie Miller needs? I mean, dude, you’re her frickin’ mentor! If you’re not down with her song choices, arrangements, and staging — then maybe you ought to verbalize it!

* I’m gonna need a few more listens to figure out if I dig Colton Dixon’s “Love Has Come for Me,” but he was in great voice — and he’s got stage presence out the wazoo. Nice to see him succeeding while staying true to his authentic self!

katharine-mcphee-one-republic-idol* I had similar feelings about the One Republic** Direction-Katharine McPhee duet, “If I Lose Myself,” especially because of the weird way Ryan Tedder held Kat’s mic. I dunno. She’s the Idol alum. I feel like her voice should’ve been more front and center through the performance, right? (**It’s all the same…only the names’ll change…)

* Keith Urban: Incredible! Mariah’s “#1 Keith Fan” placard: “Hashtag: Nyet.”

* After Kree’s off-screen faceplant (while celebrating Janelle’s run to safety) I have to ask: Why are the Idol stylists so hellbent on putting female contestants in literal killer heels? We can’t get a female winner if the Season 12 ladies are all sidelined with sprained ankles!

With that, it’s your turn. What did you think of Season 12 Top 8 results night? Did the right person go home? How’d Lazaro survive (again)? And did you dig Katharine McPhee and/or Colton Freakin Dixon? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. dj says:

    I figured Devin would be going home tonight, but it’s still a shame. I thought his last song was really good. I felt emotion in it. I think he has the potential for growth. I don’t really see that in Lazaro right now. He looks scared and defensive at this point. I hope he goes home next week, for his sake as well as the show’s.

    I wish the girls would wear sneakers. I’m tired of seeing them totter around like they’re tipsy.

  2. CRC says:

    Poor Lazaro has entered the John Stevens sympathy vote segment of our show. The kid needs to go posthaste, lest we have another Jennifer Hudson-level shock elimination.

  3. LeahKittyS says:

    I love that Mike never misses a chance to criticize fashion on this show, good or bad. Speaking of which, I’ve noticed something this year. This year’s cast is quite photogenic, as Mike pointed out in a photo gallery, but they’re also quite…cartoonish.
    Think about it. All 5 women are distinct not only in physical appearance, but in voice. Not one of them looks or sounds anything like another. And they all look and sound so nice to these ears. It’s like they were hand-drawn and casted for a movie.
    And the boys may not be the most exciting singers, but they are quite the characters. We have the tall, handsome hunk with the pretty smile (Paul), the cool but dorky-looking black dude (Burnell), the big black guy from the church (Curtis), the stereotypical hipster/barista/gay best friend (Devin), and the maybe-also-gay cutie whose wardrobe comes from the 1950s (Lazaro).
    Say what you will about the talent level, but there’s one thing about this season you can’t quite say for any other (except maybe Season 10): There’s no interchanging these kids. Each one is unique, both physically and musically.

    • JASon says:

      Except they all sing nothing but ballads and lame song choices! My friend asked me while watching show if I thought anyone would do a White Stripes song (they’re from Detroit)!! I said not a chance. No one on this show is near cool enough to try a White Stripes song. They don’t realize that interesting and unusual song choices are what wins the show! This is the most unhip group they’ve had since season 3.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        As I mentioned in another post, I think the producers are tired of being contested by the finalists. So they purposefully cast people who would not try to fight the machine. Sad but true.

        • Guitar Blue says:

          That’s a big part of it, those that get in “the cast” have to be of a compliant nature and fall-in-line with TPTB for how they want to run the show. All 5 boys that went into the top 10 this year were fodder from the start, so they take what they can get from the ride.

          • JASon says:

            You mean they don’t want another Phipil Philips or Haley Reinhart on their hands because they do what they want and are still popular?

      • teatime says:

        @LeahKitty, in terms of diversity of contestants and genres in the top 10, you could say the same thing about seasons 7. 8, and 11. For season 9 with all the guitar players, I could see someone arguing that there were similarities between some of them.
        @Jason, you are right about them singing mostly ballads. I don’t know of any season that was so similar in the types of songs the contestants would sing. That is the problem with this season. The last 2 performance shows have been better than the 3-5 previous performance nights so maybe there is hope. I can’t think of any other examples of a season where there were even 2 performance nights in a row, if any at all, that had so much similarity as we’ve had for several weeks this year.

  4. Derik says:

    Hmm, after Top 10 week over I commented on another site that, once I get past the gender parity manipulation, this year has a very Season 8 Vibe for me what with Candice being the first time since Adam that I was this excited by a singer from the start and Kree playing my “I love you too, but not quite as much” Allison card. At that point I was still wavering on whether Angie would go Kris or Gokey for me, and as of now that answer is clearly Gokey with Janelle surging in the Kris “meh” to “I get it and I won’t be sad with this outcome” trajectory. So that makes Lazaro this year’s Megan Joy–and given Top 10 versus Top 13, odds are he goes away next week. And completing the story line would be Amber getting the Matt “save” and riding it an extra week to make for an all girl Top 5.

  5. hmr says:

    The results shows on AI are like getting a bad performance review from a bad boss- the boss will say stuff that is not true.
    Devin should not have gone home. Devin never received the same kind of pimping as Lazaro did in the beginning and now they are stuck with Lazaro. It would be hilarious if he made top 3.
    Thank God the Voice is on again.

  6. Kim says:

    Amber is amazing and I wish more people would vote for her. Devin is an amazing singer and it really sucks its him. Angie is overrated an Kree is rather dull

    • waterbug says:

      i am in total agreement Kim.

    • Noah Coleman says:

      You have everything correct except for Kree. “Three out of four ain’t bad!”

    • 5talentgirl says:

      @ Kim. I agree. So many TVliners don’t seem to rate Amber as highly as I think they ought. She’s somehow invisible and I don’t know why. She sings well, looks great and is a real fighter…but hardly a mention, or its “she’ll come in 6th” or something like that. It’s kinda weird. But I think she’s gonna surprise folks….hope so.

  7. JASon says:

    Wow! They really stacked the deck against men this year to ensure a female winner. THey five guys wouldn’t have cracked the top ten any other season let alone had a chance of winning. They chose five guys with no charisma whatsoever. What a fix!! I wonder what better singers they cut to ensure the female winner! I think we will definitely have an all girl top five!

  8. karenb says:

    Ahhh haaaa Slezak. You kill me with the hardcore cynic on the second glass of savignon blanc link!!😝

  9. deedee says:

    What is this new trend to save all the results for the last 5 minutes of the show with none of the usual theatrics like grouping people on different sides of the stage, or staggering the “who is in the bottom 3” over the course of the evening? Tonight it was just safe, safe, safe, safe … last 3 guys are in the bottom. Boom. Done. What is that?

    • dj says:

      Yeah, I miss the old traditions. It’s boring this year.

    • Jessica says:

      I love it! I hated all the suspense before. I think they have greatly improved their results shows on AI

      • Mary says:

        I loved the suspense. Made it exciting. Now I know all I have to watch is the last 10 minutes to see who is eliminated. I watched last night because I knew Keith was going to perform and I did not want to miss it. If he performs every week or if they have a guest star I want to see I will watch the whole result show, if not I will just tune in to the last 10 minutes.

    • Noah Coleman says:

      True, but they really don’t need a whole hour to show who went home. Here’s an idea: At 7:58, Ryan comes on and gives the results, like the lottery numbers. “Thanks for watching American Idol! Stay tuned for (insert random show here), good night!

  10. Rick says:

    That was one of the best 5 sing offs ever. And what is the point if they are not going to save him! They definitely know who they are going to save and it’s going to be either Amber or Darnell unless there is a Candice or Janelle shocker in there. You know Kree or Angie are never going to end up in the bottom 3.

    • deedee says:

      I think the save has Amber’s or Janelle’s name on it because Kree, Angie, and Candice are unlikely to see last place anytime soon. Do they have to use the save this year for scheduling purposes? If so, then if the girls continue to sail through, and either Burnell or Lazaro get tossed in top 6, then they’ll have to use it on one of the guys. Bizarre, but true, unless they can shorten the year’s schedule by a week … or extend the save into the top 5.

  11. Jenny says:

    Classic Rock and No Ballads. Just might have to watch that train wreck.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      If Lazaro doesn’t go home after CR/NB…

      (I honestly can’t finish that sentence because I don’t want to think of Lazaro sticking around past 7th place after no doubt having a trainwreck of a performance)

    • Name That Tune says:

      I’m looking forward to whatever Candice is doing. She is so ready to rock it out!

  12. PAL says:

    If you wanted to get rid of Lazaro next week, you should have use the save this week (a Machiavellian idea, I know). Having two leaving next week insures that Lazaro is almost sure gone. Now, with Devin gone, some of his fans will go for Lazaro (Devin is from Puerto Rican parents, Lazaro from Cuba, many latinos will bot now for Lazaro, plus VFTW, plus the girls voting for a cute boy). Lazro is going nowhere next week, wait and see… He will leave after the first girl leaves, and he will be 4th (I also think that he has a good performance in him left, so it may come next week and buy him 1 or 2 more weeks).

    • PAL says:

      will vote now for Lazaro…

      • MB says:

        When I was younger I lived in a city that had a lot of Puerto Ricans and Cubans and they hated each other abnd got totally insulted if you mixed them up. I don’t think Lazaro will be getting a lot of Devin’s votes.

    • deedee says:

      I don’t think the schedule allows for double elimination after the save. Pretty sure it’s like last year when Jessica was saved on top 7 night, and Colton was voted off the following week.

    • teatime says:

      IMO I don’t think Lazaro is going to pick up new voters. He would need to have either a real great performance or another incident where people are inspired to vote to support him after a harsh criticism. There might be people who were splitting votes between Devin and Lazaro, and those votes could then all go to Lazaro. Especially since Devin was harmed from the results of that group performance, I don’t think many Devin voters would now send all their votes to Lazaro.

    • Adam Fachry says:

      Or, some of the girls could come out and declare they’re half-latina. That way, the voters will be split again.

  13. Billie says:

    Goodbye Devin! You are a real talent though! :cry: :cry: :cry: Anyway, here is my weekly intellectual rankings for the remaining finalists.
    8. Lazaro Arbos (down from no. 4)
    The stutterer will hit (and should hit) the guillotine 99% next Wednesday, an unlikely 1% chance in case of: 1.) an improved effort 2.) another sympathy drama next week 3.) probably weaker effort(s) coming from his competitor(s) 4.) alarmed female fanbase. Plus, he looks like pretty much defeated (with all the scheming and underwhelming efforts) the time he hits the stage recently.
    7. Burnell Taylor (2 weeks no. 7)
    Eh. He has the same issues for weeks. :roll: :roll: :roll:
    6. Amber Holcomb (2 weeks no. 6)
    Eh. I don’t freaking care if gal is good because like Burnell, she has the same unresolved issues for weeks. Sure ballads are not allowed next week (thanks for that theme suggestion Michael ;) ), but the theme of rock music ahead, she’ll might be in danger again (despite of probably having a wind machine again, a very cute pre-performance video, and another scripted standing ovation from the judges). :roll: :roll: :roll:
    5. Angie Miller (down from no. 1)
    Eh. At the beginning, she give this inspiring singer-songwriter vibe who plays piano and sings Jessie J songs. Now…what happened? A Celine Dion track (it was good though), a way too theatrical “Yesterday”, and at-her-worst “Shop Around” were proofs that she really lost her steam in the competition (she might get it back though).
    4. Janelle Arthur (up from no. 5)
    Everyone should gotta credit her artistry for flipping an upbeat RNB to an angst-y country ballad! Well done lady! WGWG (white girl with guitar) everyone?
    3. Kree Harrison (4 weeks no. 3)
    Hmm, I appreciate that she did a song with high tempo this week to try letting her confidence improve more than doing a heartfelt ballad again which is her strength. But I won’t lie that I’m a bit deflated with her latest effort.
    2. Candice Glover (4 weeks no. 2)
    “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”? Seriously? I don’t like that brutally overdone ‘Idol’ song choice even if Nigel has eight songs for eight contestants cleared for the week including that. And same as Kree, this performance is a bit weaker from her usual powerful performances.
    None, freaking none.

    • Guitar Blue says:

      Ha ha – I think you’re right – no real #1. ———————————

      Angie seems to sparkle one week and look like a wannabe the next. ————————
      Kree stays smooth and steady, but doesn’t have the “knock-em-down star appeal” to go with her good voice —————-
      Candice is a good power singer, but is not captivating enough to say she would easily clinch the title —– ————

      Amber is coming-on stronger and possibly causing vote-splitting. ——-

      Janelle is now the Country choice and can’t be underestimated for outlasting one of the 3 early fav’s.

  14. JASon says:

    I think Idol should do a Best Of Season next year to try and stop the ratings slide. Only non finalists(top two finalists not allowed) should be allowed! My picks for a top 20 would be

    Women: Haley Reinhart, Lily Scott, Katelynn Epperly, Carly Smithson, Skyler Laine, Jesse Langseth, Alison Iraheta, Kimberly Caldwell, Nadia Turner, Alexis Grace

    Men: Jason Castro, Michael Johns, Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet, Casey Abrams, Constantine Margoulis, Bucky Covington, Blake Lewis, James Durbin, Deandre Brackenstick

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      I’d love that, but I’d replace Colton Dixon with Matt Giraud, and I’d throw Melinda Doolittle into the girls mix.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        They already tried to get people to do an “All-Stars” season. Every single Idol who was asked turned it down. I don’t know exactly who they asked to be on, but I bet it was a lot of them. An All-Star season isn’t happening. Like, ever.

        • JASon says:

          Oh I wonder why they’d turn it down! Would be another chance to promote their albums and careers! They probably didnt offer ebough cash! I forgot Blake was in second place! In that case I’d throw in PaulcDonald!

          • JASon says:

            I read some articles about the idea for an all star season and it seems to me that they shot too high! Like they wanted Lambert, underwood, clarkson, of course they would turn it down! They have careers! My choices were more the struggling Idols! No winners! Daughter also would never do it! That’s why I didn’t pick him!

          • Jenny says:

            I doubt anyone would want to compete in a full season (starting with the live shows at Top12). The only ones you would get for it would be ones that mst wouldn’t tune in for. They would maybe be able to get some of the big names for a one night competition that falls in the line of Idol Gives Back.

        • Mary says:

          I don’t blame them for turning it down. They all have careers and to be honest I think the majority of them, (although grateful for the exposure) want to separate themselves from the stigma AI has on these artist. It might help AI ratings but it would not benefit the artist themselves.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Plus having to get ‘judged’ again plus voted on, and all it depends is who has the bigger fanbase, nothing that would happen in the competition, it would be all downside.
            Only if they maybe made it so that they just did during the off-season and had them all perform for a few weeks and then at the end a vote was taken and the only result given was to the winner. So it would help the winner but not hurt anyone else. (unless the winner was already doing really well and the stigma would

    • Mich says:

      Blake was the runner-up to Jordin, so you need another guy.

    • Noah Coleman says:

      You forgot Pia Toscano and get Deandre BrackenSICK off of that list!

  15. Matt says:

    Mariah turning to the crowd to cheer even louder for Devin was such a sweet moment. That and her standing up to a voice message from Aretha Franklin. What a class act.

  16. twnkltoze says:

    The judges aren’t going to use a save until one of the girls are in danger. Probably Candice, Kree, Amber or Janelle. They’d let Angie go in a hot second before they lose the other 4 girls. I don’t think we have to worry about that though. Burnell and Devin will be gone in the next two weeks. I can’t wait til it’s Lazaro’s turn to go. He’s becoming way too smug about escaping eviction.

  17. Timmah says:

    Classic Rock? Wow, Nigel is really getting current. He’s moved all the way up to the 70’s.

  18. LeahKittyS says:

    Again, I want to point out the adorable love these guys have for each other. The way Angie and Devin held hands as they waited, the way Kree jumped up to hug everyone, the way Lazaro and Amber leaned on each other, the way everyone cheered Devin on as they sang for his life, Candice’s look of utter relief when Burnell was declared safe…it’s too much. That’s why I love this show. That and the singing are all I want to see.

  19. Lois Benton says:

    I do NOT want to hear Whole Lotta Love or Dream On (and probably a few other idol warhorses) again–although Lazaro singing Whole Lotta Love could be very amusing. Lazaro singing any rock will probably be high camp. If I can’t enjoy the music, I’ll take the entertainment where I can. Either that, or leave the room for a minute and a half.

    • Noah Coleman says:

      I would pay to see Lazaro sing Dream On. “Dream On! Dream On! Dream On! Dream On! DREAM ON! DREAM ON!! DREAM ON!!! AAAAAAAAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. MacJagger says:

    Everyone complaining about the lack of guys please stop. Every year cute, young, talent-challenged guys have lasted longer way than they’ve deserved. Who would you have put through this year? Johnny Keyser? He was just alright, dawg. You can’t deny his looks would have gotten him undeserved votes

    • teatime says:

      Almost every year boring girls who sing boring Whitney songs go home ‘too soon.’ But it is not too soon! We don’t need to hear them come out and sing just about the same song every week and prove every week that they can hit a high note. Even this year with an all-girls top-5, the girl who just sings ballads almost every week and gets praised for the high notes is not going to win.

      • waterbug says:

        I think its enough songs in the cosmos for AI to not allow duplicate songs to be sung over the seasons–unless it is a special night only for that.

  21. Scott says:

    I have to give super major props to Slezak for recognizing the foreshadowing aspect of Old Time Rock and Roll. Devin sings “I’m over the hill” — even grinning as he sings it — and then is promptly sent home. Subliminal messaging for the win!!

  22. JLC says:

    If you have been watching since the beginning of Idol and you recognize the patterns each season, the rest of the season is not too hard to predict. Here’s what I predict:

    #1 – Lazaro will probably be around a few more weeks. There are too many young girls voting for his looks and his disability. Its the sympathy vote.

    #2 – Burnell goes home next week.

    #3 – The following week, a girl gets the ax – but the judges will save her. I’m thinking it will be one of those “shocker” cuts like Candice or Kree. They’ll make a big drama of it and the judges will use their save. It will take a week like this, and a shock like this, for the tweeny-boppers to realize they have to stop voting for Lazaro.

    #4 – The week after the save, 2 people will have to go home. I predict it will finally be Lazaro and maybe Amber. She came into focus too late. The others already had their fan bases going into the top 10 and no matter how good she may be, she’s not going to take fans from the other girls. Many of you say Janelle will go home first, but I think you seriously under-estimate the country vote. Janelle and Kree are safe til at least the final 3.

    Random thought: Angie needs to get back behind her piano or she’s a goner.

    • MB says:

      The way they have the weeks lined up only one will go home the following week after the save. Same as last year when Jessica was saved and the following week only Olton was eliminated.

  23. skyking513 says:

    Nicki is so irritating. Stop giving her so much air time. Her voice is like fingernails down a chalkboard. It was obvious she wouldn’t use the save last night. She just has to go before the end of the season…that would be great…but probably won’t happen.

    • waterbug says:

      I love Nicky! She has an off-the-wall style, but she usually has good advice if you swish back the theatrics she was asked to dish out by Nigel for prime time television.

  24. MB says:

    Maybe I am missing something but I really do not like Burnell. I think he was awful this week yet got tons of praise even by Jimmy. I even put Angie above him this week and she did not do well. He does not come near any of the girls in talent.

  25. gailer says:

    Cancel this show already. Dreadful.

    • marie says:

      Oh for heaven’s sake, there are 308 comments already about this week’s RESULTS episode of this “dreadful show” – I guess there are a lot of people with tastes not as refined as your own who like it a lot, huh?
      Look, we get it, you prefer The Voice. That’s fine. I don’t care for The Voice, and so I don’t post on boards about that show. I think you’d have a lot more fun posting in Voice columns.
      In other words, please go away; you’re nothing but dreary and boring on this board, and no one here is interested in your repeatedly tearing down a show we enjoy.

  26. Deb says:

    How is it the contestants are expected (and most do) walk in those shoes but the judges gotta have help getting across the stage? \-:

  27. j. says:

    There were so many male singers in the auditions and top 20-whatever (including the little guy with red hair) who were better and riper than most of those who ended up in the top 10 — I just don’t get it. With the zillions of people who audition, was this crop the best they could do?

    • LeahKittyS says:

      And this is why I write fan fiction: to cope with things I don’t like happening on the show. For example, even though Crystal didn’t win her season, she is probably the most important character in my Season 9 story. Alex, Katelyn, Lilly and Todrick from that season are also important, even though I usually only focus on finalists. I can make my characters do whatever I want; if I really, really don’t like someone I’ll usually kill that character, make them the bad guy, or both. This year the stars of my story are the Top 10, Aubrey, Charlie, Mariah, Nicki, and Keith. And this is why, after all these years, I have just as much fun watching Idol now as I did when I first started.

  28. j. says:

    Is Janelle getting enough credit for how she changes up songs on her own? She turned “I Will” (Beatles night) into a country song and instead of being a cheesy wreck, it worked. You can’t do that with just any number — her choice was spot on and then she did her magic again this week.

    • teatime says:

      Someone else posted that there have been 3 memorable performances this season. 1) Angie’s own song in Hollywood. 2) Candice a couple weeks ago. 3) Janelle this week. I agree.
      For you, for me, that is our top 3 right now.

  29. marie says:

    I for one enjoyed how this week they left the results strictly for the end, and announced them fairly quickly, straightforwardly, and without a lot of manufactured drama (well, I never did care for all the sturm-und-drang surrounding the results in the first place). Plus, the kinder part of me prefers not putting undue stress on some contestants vs. others; the way they did it last night, everyone is on the same pins-and-needles for most of the show; but at least they’re all in it together, and no one is singled out. If you relegate one or two people to the bottom three early in the hour, that one or those two contestants are pretty much dying inside for 45 minutes, and are already isolated from the rest of the group, unable to at least take comfort in “we’re in this together.”
    Plus, the dramatics were just getting very stale after 11 previous seasons, for me, anyway.
    I do kind of miss the Ford music videos, though.

  30. Mari McGrordy says:

    Angie needs to CALM the hell down. No one wants to watch the spastic movements and the facial gestures playing off the cameras. Did anyone see the guitarist move his shoulder away when he saw her coming to lean on him during her solo…..I think that’s when she forgot her lyrics. He was like “whoa….not here, girlie.”

  31. karen says:

    I loved Kree’s live performance of “Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)” so I eagerly downloaded the iTunes studio recording, only to be dismayed by how Idol (Jimmy Iovine?) completely overproduced the track with horns, choirs and an array of bombastic overkill. They did the same thing last week to her studio version of “Friends”. What is wrong with them?

  32. Guitar Blue says:

    Next week should be interesting and may come down to the “connection” that the 4 non-fav’s can make with their song choice and delivery.

    While Angela, Kree and Candice are still odds-on favorites; the lines between the other 4 have become closer. It was easy to pick Devin as the elimination last week, this week could be a little tougher.

  33. Vice says:

    This is how American Idol will end this year…

    1. Angie (winner)
    2. Kree (runner up)
    3. Candice (basically Melinda Doolitle 2.0)
    4. Janel (only country chick left)
    5 / 6 Amber Or Burnell (Has the chops but not enough to beat the other 4 girls and Burnell is the best guy left)
    7. Lazoro…(unless a miracle happens hes gone next week

  34. AlyB says:

    I need to go on record saying Devin was WAY out of line calling Nicky sexist for having the audacity to withhold her save and say she’s saving it for one of the girls. I guess this 3 time bottom dweller just couldn’t accept the fact that he didn’t have the votes to keep him in. That the girls might actually, you know, be better than he is. No, it has to be that Nicky’s sexist for thinking they’re more talented. It couldn’t possibly be true. What a colossal ego. All I can say is good riddance. I hope he fades into the obscurity he so richly deserves.

  35. Joanna says:

    I was genuinely impressed with Janelle Arthur’s solo performance and thought the judges
    were too harsh in their critiques of her after her performance with Kree, who I think is
    overrated. She has a decent voice but performs in a very expressionless way. Whereas
    Candice over does the facial expressions and I didn’t like her performance either. I really
    believe both are overrated. I didn’t have a favorite this season because Breanna Steer,
    Bryant Tadeo and Rachel Hale were cut. Hale in particular gave a better performance
    than either Kree or Janelle. I don’t care about Burnell whose voice is so mediocre I don’t
    understand how the judges can keep heaping praise on him. Lazaro is struggling with
    English itself and sings with an accent and I think that’s why he’s being judged unfairly
    in my opinion because it’s his second language. Devin was the best of the three but was
    still dull (like all three guys). I’m now rooting for Janelle who reminds me of Hollie Cavanaugh from season 11 whom JLo too a scalpel to and Amber who I hope has a good
    song to perform next week.

  36. dj says:

    I just listened to some Devin interviews after last night’s show. He never comes right out and says Lazaro screwed up the group number and that’s why he got sent home, but he does say that his solo number was very strong, but unfortunately the group number came after that in the show, so he thinks that affected his votes. And says that he wasn’t upset about what Nicki said about the group number because he didn’t take it personally, because he knew all his lines, and he wasn’t pitchy. He said he even knew the other guy’s lines, and he tried to save the song. He said in another interview that the advice he would give Lazaro is to work harder, because American Idol is his job right now. It’s obvious if you watch it back that it was Lazaro that screwed up that group number.

  37. syb says:

    It’s American Idol. It was obvious to me that Lazaro would survive as “most improved underdog.” That left Devin, Burnell, or the week for a “shocker.” As soon as Candice was pronounced safe, I knew it was Devin, and although he deserved to outlast Lazaro, in the end, I think the difference was between 7th and 8th. He did a great “sing for your life” performance, but even if Nicki had not already made up her mind to wreak her vengeance in the name of Curtis Finch, I don’t think for a minute that Devin would have received 4 votes for the save. Randy was just lucky enough to have Nicki as cover. Not a chance he’d have voted to save Devin if Devin had 3 other votes.

    • MB says:

      it would have been wrong to save Devin because he was in the bottom 3 the two weeks before. The save is for a shock elimination Devin’s elimination was not a shock. It would have made no sense to save him because he had 0 chance of winning.

  38. jovy says:

    im team Amber.. she’s the perfect package. Candice is aLso very good i think Amber is timeless. if voting extends outside America, down to Candice and Amber.

  39. jovy says:

    Btw, Amber has shared a link with her cover on Adele’s ‘someone Like you’…she did justice to the song more than anyone else did..sorry…blame her vocals..

  40. OCE says:

    @ this point of the competition, I expected that each performance from the contestants should wow me or draw a standing ovation but it’s just not happening and this is the top 8 of idol we are talking about. Angie has a very lovely voice but she sings like she’s in a high school musical. That’s not a bad thing but this is american idol and you need to sing with real emotion not drama as jimmy put it. Only problem is she doesn’t know it’s a problem. I really love amber’s voice but she doesn’t seem to have a plan how or what to do to impress which is very important at this point. Right now its about singing in a way that will stop people dead on their tracks. The right songs, the right tone, its really about singing, don’t over perform, over reach etc. I really didn’t like candice at first but she seems to be the only one who really knows what she is doing in the competition. I think janelle is lucky she’s made it this far! People must really love her. Don’t have anything to say about the guys. About the judges, I appreciate nicky and randy’s honesty even though it seemed to me that nicky fought a little too hard to put some people through who eventually left. I also appreciate keith and mariah’s kindness although it’s beginning to look like she enjoys the applause of the fans whenever she is nice even when someone messes up. Its just not practical not to have one solid criticism throughout a whole competition. If they could take some of the advices people are giving, the show would be a 100 times greater. Great job in all!

  41. Dayrah says:

    Wow Michael did you really just say that you miss the Ford Music Videos? That was one of the worst parts of Idol.

  42. luke Vadar says:

    Devin/Lazaro same same for me,Burnells got his unique tone,Lazaros got his Devin naturally was d lesser evil.I don’t think Lazaros getting cocky.I think its quite d opposite,4rm all d negative feedback his been getting I’m pretty sure his aware why his still there.Now his just accepting and wearing his shoes imo.Candice won’t win this bcos shez bin pitched as one of d greater Vocalist along side Kree,n due 2 all her melisma and runs n riffs n vibrato n d whole fireworks collection some of d “vote 4d greater vocalist”population is going to think shez over doing it.others will also drift cos d 1st tym u saw MJ do d moonwalk will always overshadow all d oda tyms.Krees vocal is less conspicuous. Angie is fizzling out,Janelle isn’t garnering enough momentum as well as Amber.Kree seems to be d only consistent contender.I’d say tho that tho I’m not an Angie fan,I’d buy her album o’er err1 elses.Dramatics r kinda kul when heard n not seen.Dere needs 2be a How To Win Idol for dummies though,cos err comment here will go a long way 4d contestants if dey cud sit down n think.finally I’m a straight guy,but I’ve gotta say,d lack of manpower dis year is a(nonsexual) turnoff.Ppl thot Joshua Ledet was awful wit d facial expression n all.I’d trade half of him for all 3of these guys.JL had reserved spunk,Phil had rebellion,Colton was who I imagined I was wit all d gals trippin 4me.Nd none of d gals do it 4me,I’d have to take Ambers body,Krees innocent str8 face,Angies craay eyes,janelles smile nd Candices voice.yh dat wud be perfect.add a couple David cooks n Colton Dixons 2d mix,nd God wud be free 2take me after d finale for life is fulfilled.Finally,Curtis was quite annoying yeah,but I wouldn’t mind if some arrogant,non ppl pleasing/smiling all d time/being kiss ass wit d judges person wud get on AI.som1 dat dsnt say “I never dreamed I’d get dis far/this is all so overwhelming/im a humble innocent nice person 4rm a small town or big city”Chick Flicky cliche mumbo jumbo.som1 with Kanye west arrogance and Taylor Swift honesty nd sounds stupid,but most action movies are only as good as d bad guys.We need some Smiths,Lokis,U knw who,JOKER!Heath Ledger(bless his soul)on our tv screen,d world cannot be filled with so many nice ppl,its boring!thanks Michael.