Grey's Sneak Peeks: Meredith Tackles a Medical Mystery, Jackson Checks Out [Spoiler]'s Butt

Grey’s Anatomy this week features fare both heavy and light, as evidenced by this pair of clips from Thursday’s episode.

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As first reported by TVLine, Scrubs alum Sarah Chalke brought to ABC’s medical drama her own real-life medical drama, in a storyline about a mother whose young son presents with confounding, seemingly undiagnosable symptoms — ultimately determined to be the result of Kawasaki Disease. Here, Meredith pours through the research/theories Chalke’s character is armed with:

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But (butt?) on a much lighter note: When April’s beau Matthew gets banged up pretty badly in the course of some work-related derring-do, it is Jackson who finds himself patching up the EMT’s dupa.

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  1. I’m more interested in these tweets from Shonda than the sneak peeks:
    “Had very intense discussions yesterday with writers about the Grey’s season finale. We made some very bold shocking decisions. Wow.” and “any spoilers you read about GA finale or anything I said before NO LONGER STANDS. We changed everything yesterday.”. – WHAT IS THIS WOMAN PLANNING?

  2. Jess says:

    This episode looks like a good one :) whit the mystery of the symptom that boy is having :)

  3. tahina says:

    Maybe Shonda is planning to split up a dear couple? ):

  4. Amelia says:

    Hahahha Jackson/April/Matt ! The fun begins!

  5. Fido says:

    “a storyline about a mother whose young son presents with confounding, seemingly undiagnosable symptoms — ultimately determined to be the result of Kawasaki Disease.”
    ^ this is a major spoiler, right ?!

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Umm considering that this has been announced as a provider of public awareness about Kawasaki Disease, and every spoiler regarding this episode has mentioned it… no, I wouldn’t say it’s major.

    • madhatter360 says:

      Sarah Chalke asked to do a story about Kawasaki’s disease because her kid had it and they wanted to raise awareness. While normally I would agree that it’s a spoiler, they want to raise awareness so it makes sense that they would day what it is ahead of time.

  6. A says:

    I wish that Addison would return to GA for the finale to deliver Meredith’s baby. I know Kate Walsh is done and that it would be completely awkward but I think it would be really interesting. Also they seriously need to bring back Amelia and I hate how they ended Neve Campbell’s arc. She just disappeared. It’s like okay he got what he needed, a nerve, Now you can go.

    • Mary says:

      Neve Campbell barely had an arc. Wasnt she on just one episode?

      • A says:

        i think she was on like 1 and showed up at the end of another. I mean I don’t even remember them talking after the surgery. That really pissed me off. How are you going to have a sister donate a nerve to her brother and then ends things as if nothing big ever happened.

        • Ana says:

          They did speak after the surgery. Meredith stopped by on her way to Bailey’s wedding and showed Liz the ultrasound pic of the baby and Mer agreed to be more communicative.

          • A says:

            I was actually talking about Derek and Liz. I would’ve liked to have seen more of an interaction there. Meredith talking to her was a great step forward but it wasn’t enough for me.

    • Ana says:

      Addison delivering the baby of the woman that broke up her marriage would be unrealistic and painful. Especially since Addison herself was unable to get pregnant. I am all for her coming back to the show but not to deliver this baby. That would be incredibly inappropriate.

      • A says:

        I’d just like to point that I love Addison but she was the one who began the destruction of their marriage after she slept with Mark. Not saying Meredith was innocent in the situation but there are two sides to everything.
        Anyways, I know it would be an awkward/inappropriate situation. However, that’s why I think it would be interesting. It’s television. That’s how drama is created. From these awkward situations. I’d love to see the dynamic and how all parties handle such a situation if it were to happen. If Meredith was in true danger in her pregnancy with her having a hostile uterus and all, would Derek do everything he could to help even if it meant calling his super-surgeon ex-wife?
        I think Derek and Addison’s relationship has grown a lot over the years and since Addison has moved on with her life with Jake and is happily married to him with her son, I think while being awkward and hesitant at first, she would not deny Meredith help if something terrible happened with her pregnancy. I personally would find it interesting to watch seeing all the great emotional and beautiful acting that may come from it.

      • Maryse_once says:

        Actually I believe they’re moved past this. On Private Practice Addison married Jake and adopted a baby. She got her happy ending.

  7. William says:

    No, no, no!!! Why do they have to go there with April and Jackson as a couple again? Their relationship was executed terribly last season. Not to mention, I’m so over April’s sudden pact with God. Why can’t the writers take the time to actually develop Jackson and Stephanie?

    • Maryse_once says:

      I don’t agree. Stephanie isn’t a very interesting character and April is really growing. Plus she and Jackson were always very close and have great chemistry imo.

  8. forwarddad says:

    Even Shonda wouldn’t kill Meredith’s baby right? Right?

  9. mariana says:

    haven’t we already seen the whole ‘paramedic boyfriend ends up in the hospital and ex boyfriend has to treat him’ thing? ughhhh get it together shonda, why the hell are you repeating the same exact story from PP? god, can’t even imagine how the season finale will be, maybe derek is being sued and suddenly dies from heart attack while he is running xD

  10. jess says:

    Jackson/Matt/April : funny!! haha

  11. Olivia says:

    You don’t tell a patient you own the hospital!

  12. Xtina says:

    Maybe Shonda’s “bold shocking” comment for the SF is Jackson and Matthew hooking up. That would be shocking!

  13. Ana says:

    Here’s what I want to know: this is a peds case. Where are Alex or Arizona? Realistically a general surgeon would not be handling this case. It’s bad enough we haven’t had Arizona handle a peds case all season because now Alex gets them, but now a high profile peds case comes in and it goes to Meredith? Seriously! Just to make her look like the hero. This is contrived. And the “I own a hospital and can do whatever I want” line is so incredibly juvenile and lazy I’m surprised they actually left it in the script. You don’t tell a patient that just to make yourself seem more important. Good grief… I hate that I’m so attached to some of these characters because between the incessant Callie/Arizona censorship, Avery’s unqualified appointment and writing blunders like this I am sorely tempted to stop watching.

    • Nora says:

      Um, Arizona, Alex, and Meredith are SURGEONS, so realistically NONE of them would be treating a non-surgery related case. Meredith’s clearly only doing so this because she partially owns the hospital and because she relates as a mother.

      • Emma says:

        Yes they are surgeons, you are right in what you are saying there but Kawasaki Disease is predominantly seen in children so the fact that they wouldn’t have Arizona at least on the case who has years of experience working with kids and may have seen something like it before is also unrealistic. Although like Ana said, Arizona’s years of knowledge and experience suddenly don’t matter now since Alex seems to get every PEDS case around even though he’s only a fellow and technically still learning.