Glee Hot Shots: Sam Serenades Brittany While New Directions Copes With an 'Unthinkable Event'

Glee fans eagerly awaiting some long-overdue lovey-dovey goodness between Brittany and Sam — whose romance, of late, has been put on the backburner — need look no further than the dramedy’s April 11 installment (Fox, 9/8c).

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The following shots from the episode find Chord Overstreet‘s alter ego serenading his doofy cheerleader (and the rest of New Directions) and getting close to her beloved feline friend Lord Tubbington. (Whatta guy!)

Unfortunately, the hour’s official description tells a different story, one that finds the gleeks coping with “an unthinkable event” that forces each of the students to look at things from a new perspective.

Click through the shots below, then hit the comments: What major event do you think is about to rock McKinley High?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mary says:

    ”whose romance, of late, has been put on the backburner”

    Aww poor Bram being put in the backburner while they are relationships being erased for them.

  2. Ann Mack says:

    You are kidding right. Let me enlighten you if you. No one, yes, I said no one likes Brittany and Sam. They have got to the worst thing of this season (and that is saying a lot given the disappointment GLEE has been so far). What show are you watching and were are you getting such wrong information from? Fire whomever your snitch is who has his/her hands on the pulse of what GLEE fans are thinking. Sam & Brittany is like Ryan Murphy daring fans to change the channel and by the rating numbers they have. He has slapped both Brittana and SamCedes fans in the face with this offensive pairing. I see so many Brittana fans say everything that they asked for during the Brittana period he has given to Sam & Brittany. For SamCedes fans they have completely rewritten Sam’s history, heck they have rewritten everyone’s history to make this dull, incestuous looking couple happen. It is like GLEE has never heard of the concept of platonic friends, being single or that long distance couples do work. SamCedes could have been the one that lasted, especially given the love they showed for each other in S3. In S4 it’s taboo to even mention them. And the slight but oh so obvious wink wink nod nod to racism, as though all black people look alike even when one is a male has never been funny and not used for any other cast member when the other person was of an opposite gender. So the offensiveness of Brittany the dumbing down and memory loss of Sam does not make them lovey-dovey it makes them seem like toddlers (I’m insulting toddlers I know) perpetrating as incompetent human beings,seniors (let’s hope) even that are ready to enter the real world. So the next time you want to write such a laughable article as this please provide a heads up so I can prepare myself for the side-aching laughter I had while reading this farce.

    • BramIsENDGAME says:

      I like Bram. Nice post, though.

    • k says:

      Best Comment Ever. Finally someone said something about those disgusting racist jokes Brittany makes comparing Unique/Mercedes. A girl Brittany has known for over 4 years and is dating her ex. Bram doesn’t sit right with me because of that “joke” and they have zero chemistry. I don’t like brittana either, and thinks she deserves better but you hit the nail on head with both couples.

  3. Vicky says:

    What?? What Bram fans? There are probably more Puckcedes fans than there are Bram fans! I… No. I can’t even fathom Bram being together for the rest of the season.

  4. Issack says:

    Kudos to TVLine. You should make every Glee title include “Bram.” That way the crazy Brittana fandom will storm your website and spam the comments like now. You’ll make a ton of ad revenue from them constantly refreshing the pages.

    • Red says:

      I’m pretty sure everybody on the Internet has AdBlock installed by now.

      • Issack says:

        You clearly know nothing. Besides, there are probably only 15 or so people out of all 150 of these comments. The people here spamming out of rage clearly lack the mental capacity to figure out what AdBlock is. (Or how to cross the street.)

        • H says:


          • Issack says:

            “HERP DERP?” Do I really need to prove my point about your maturity level? This is seriously entertaining to read.

          • No Thanks says:

            I would also like directions… ;-)

          • H says:


    • J says:

      Oh my god. I figured it out. BRAM is still together so that Ryan Murphy and co can make money off of everyone raging against them! Genius marketing campaign!

    • LR says:

      There are people from all the fandoms here. I’m a ex-Klainer myself and I can assure you I do not like Bram at all. It’s boring, insulting and I’d rather see a mature Brittany focusing on her studies, graduating and following her dreams than this dumbed down Brittany who eats off the floor for a guy who treats her like a 5 year old and doesn’t know a thing about her. Don’t generalize saying only the Brittana fans are the only ones here, you come off as an ignorant asshole who thinks only that fandom can be upset when they’ve been treated so carelessly. Open your eyes and more importantly, your mind.

      • No Thanks says:

        Thank you.

        • LR says:

          I just don’t understand how some people can be that blinded by their ships and not see the obvious demeaning treatment Brittana has gotten. The few “storylines”, if you can call them that, they’ve been involved in include sex tapes, lesbian jokes and a coming out episode where one of them was not involved at all and they made he male hero, who outed intentionally one of them, the main character. It’s not about who you ship in the show, is about being able to tell when things they are showing are wrong and when they’re good. And since they love to self promote themselves in their inclusiveness and forwardness, I’d like for them to have a look at this storyline who means so much for a lot of people, and not only lesbians, because this is something they are doing wrong. The worse part is that I think they know it but they just don’t care.

      • Amanda says:

        You’re a genius. And thank you.

    • Lynh says:

      Kudos to you too, also spending lots of time here just to comment & reply & represent the 3 Bram shippers. RIB paid you? I figured. When Bram break up I’ll throw a hell of a party. You’re invited. You’re welcome.

      • H says:


        • Lynch says:

          You’re invited too ;) but if “Issack” decided to go then remember to be nice since I’m sure he or she will be so emotional with the break up. Poor souls that ship Bram because this ship will never reach the shore.

          • H says:



    • cote says:

      You honestly think people would just post multiple times, changing names and all that jazz? YES, there are some immature people but they exist in EVERY fandom, maybe 2 or 3 people are doing that here, not every single person, so your post makes no sense. People are posting their dislike for Bram because, hey, they’re not a good couple! Also, I bet my non-existent fortune that you’re a Blaine stan, and as Mr. Murphy loves Darren so freaking much and you get everything you want, you attack another fandom that gets treated like crap. But if that makes you happy, sir… please go ahead :)

    • Cheech says:

      Anyone getting on their high horse about maturity who watches Glee in the first place and still found themselves leaving passive aggressive butt hurt comments on here at all needs to give up. Just, give up, man.

  5. Louise says:

    I don’t like the message glee is sending out with this Bram. According to glee, you only matter if you are white and in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Lets look a Sam and Mercedes, now that Sam is with a white girl, he is given a lot more screen time, while Mercedes has disappeared. Brittany and Santana, now that Brittany is with a white boy, she is given way more screen time than before, while Santana has barely been in this season. I don’t support racism or homophobia. I also no longer watch Glee.

    • Heidi says:

      pleasee.. Amber Riley wasn’t comfortable with the Samcedes storyline. She received death threats from some crazy a$$ Sam-Quinn fans. And you only care about some ~so called colored people because Naya Rivera is hot anyway

  6. Cut the chord says:

    LOL Heather is not the best glee actress, but come on, she can pull emotional and funny scenes, Chord does nothing but ridiculous and boring impressions. I don’t see the point of his character.

  7. TL says:

    umm….let me see….the horrible thing that is Bram plus new kids plus no NY which means no Santana, Rachel or Kurt = HELL TO THE NO! Now I can skip this episode. NY is the only that makes this show even remotely interesting and there is so little of that storyline I’m about to give up all together. I’m not a hard core Brittana fan but they were interesting to watch and they definately had some chemistry but this Sam and Brittany thing is boring and awful and I now dislike both of these characters and combine that with the new kids…I can find a better way to spend an hour of my time than with this crap. Why so little focus on NY? Write an article about that.

    • Issack says:

      Please do skip the episode. One less person commenting because they are a biased crazed shipper instead of watching the show and enjoying it for what it’s worth. If you think skipping episodes affects the ratings you are wrong. Unless you have a Neilson cable box, your lack of watching means nothing. So do us a favor and… don’t.

      • Dizzy says:

        You do know Glee’s ratings have dropped, right? That usually because people skip watching it….

      • Chris says:

        Not quite sure how you got crazed shipper out of that post. Most original glee fans are saddened at the way the show is going, not just because of couple break-ups, but also declining song quality, new characters that are copies of the ones we already love and incoherent/dropped story lines, just to give some examples. And just an FYI, skipping does affect ratings. The number of live viewers is closely monitored by advertisers and networks.

      • H says:


      • Taylor says:

        lmao who the hell are you?

  8. Just give me Heather/Brittany scenes like in episode 17. Heather was on fire with her scenes with Kitty. Give me more Fondue for 2 with other characters like Blaine now.

  9. O says:

    In the words of my idol, Liz Lemon, Sam, your corner of shame looks comfy, “You stay there! You stay there ’till you die!”

  10. Red says:

    They need to focus on the New York side in Season 5. It’s so much more interesting than anything happening in McKinley.

  11. H says:

    I ship Brittany with LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD besides Sam. Put her with Marley. Put her with Kitty. Put her with Unique. Put her with freaking FINN HUDSON if it will get this BRAM off my back. (Except please don’t do that because I would projectile vomit with rage)

  12. Nicole says:

    The funniest part of Glee this season is the writers thinking that anyone cares about McKinley, ESPECIALLY the unnecessary demolition of two characters that people used to love before the show ripped Sam away from Mercedes and Britt away from Santana and stuck them in the most boring relationship in its long and twisted history. You can try to force Brittany and Sam on us, but the show’s man-worshipping is totally backfiring (lol this season’s ratings). Bring back Brittana (and Sugar!) in NYC!

  13. W says:

    Congratulations, sir Ryan Murphy, you have ruined the only male character I actually enjoyed.

  14. OW says:

    Oh no guys watch out, all the angry lesbian bloggers are spamming this article!

    • H says:


    • cote says:

      Oh look! A Klainer complaining!

    • Nic says:

      What a mature comment, and way to marginalize an entire group of people, did you take lessons from Ryan?

    • Taylor says:

      Hi Ryan. You’re so classy.

    • Lynch says:

      Oh look, another person using the “angry lesbian bloggers” to generalize all the fans. Do YOU know how offensive that line is? And I’m not even a lesbian what the hell.

      • OW says:

        Oh no now people are mad at me…. That was meant to be read as total sarcasm guys. I’m like 3000% gay. My wife can attest to that.

        • Red says:

          Well, it’s very hard to detect sarcasm in writing.

        • Andy says:

          Well it’s a very failed attemt at sarcasm from this non angry non lesbian non blog owning skinny white guy (which means not part of the ‘other’ group that allegedy hates Bram for erasing Samcedes). There’s more to life than shipping people because they look pretty together. A lot of people are put off by Bram for a lot of different reasons. I hate it because of what it’s done to Sam. He was far more intelligent in season 3 with Mercedes. Hell his hair even looked better! To go from giving Quinn a promise ring and putting Mercedes’ name in lights to feeding the girl you’ve supposedely always been into with cereal directly from the floor is character demolition. There is nothing upbuilding and mutually supportive about this relationship. Sam wished good things for Quinn despite her having cheated on him and sent Mercedes to LA and is now with a girl who can’t even look impressed when he sings her one of the most beautiful emotional songs ever!

  15. Chris says:

    Lol, everyone finds Brittany and Sam detestable. Lovey-dovey my butt. Give me more NYC goodness, less McKinley lameness.

  16. Suzi says:

    Tbh the only scene I want to see between Brittany and Sam is her singing Katy Perry’s “Thinking of You” to Santana while he sulks in the background.

  17. Bram? what? No.. no thank you. Also, can there be a full episode of only NY to make up for the 3 episodes that have had only Mckinley?

    • Scott says:

      Seriously. Why won’t they do a whole NY episode? It’s the only part of the show anymore that critics give good reviews to. I’d probably start watching again.

  18. Taylor says:

    Literally no one is looking forward to this. Brittany and Sam are awful and I’m sick of them being shoved down our throats. There are a million other character combinations that would make more sense, so why are being subjected to these two idiots who look like siblings? Seriously, enough is enough. Why can’t these characters be single?

    • H says:


  19. Katie says:

    Heather Morris is the only reason I’m still watching Glee. Please give her better story lines and actual dance features.

  20. JDHetherington says:

    I like Brittany + Sam together. Pretty sure I exist. People who are obsessed with Brittany + Santana need to stop. It ruins the whole show. They were together for a year, and hooked up on a regular basis for two years before hand…. Santana broke up with Brittany, and nobody seemed to blink at Santana even becoming a lesbian in the 1st place. Which was a weird turn of events back in Season 2, since she spent 1 1/2 seasons hooking up with Puck, Finn, Matt & Sam. That’s 4 out of 7 Glee male members by that point. Brittany dating Sam isn’t weird or unusual. It’s actually surprisingly realistic for a tv show to do. They are 2 friends who started to like each other. Sam & Brittany even hooked up back at Rachel’s party in Season 2 during Spin the Bottle, and had alot in common. Quit hating. It’s really sad.

    • Taylor says:

      Your grasp of sexuality is sad, and your taste in couples is even more sad.

    • Miranda says:

      Santana didn’t just become a lesbian though. Several people who are out lesbians have hooked up with guys in the past in order to deny their feelings, or eles they realized that they were one late in life. What I don’t like about Bram is the blatant double standards that exist between the two couples. Brittany has gotten more screen time with Sam than she has ever had when she was with Santana. she kissed sam in the first episode, when brittana kissed 9 episodes later. Brittana had 2 duets in 2 season.. Bram has had 3 duets in 1 season. Aren’t people who are fans of couples allowed to get mad when such inequality happens? Brittana fans fought for 2 years to make the ship happen, only to be broken up in less than a year. During that year, Brittana didn’t talk much, the times they did were about things like the stupid sex tape storyline. Also, in order to make this ship happen, the glee writers had to break up 2 interracial couples, and one LGBT couple that inspire many teenage girls. Also, they had to completely erase history. It doesn’t make sense based on what has happened. Sam chased mercedes for all of season 3, and then he says that he liked Brittany all along? It makes absolutely no sense.

    • OW says:

      “They are 2 friends who started to like each other”… And Brittany and Santana aren’t? Wasn’t that the whole point, best friends turned girlfriends? Also have you ever gone through gay panic? I’m pretty sure you haven’t, because anyone who HAS could tell you what it’s like. The denial, the anger, the lashing out, the convincing yourself that you’re wrong, you’re mistaken, you CAN’T be gay you just haven’t found the right guy yet… And remember Santana was written as a straight character, Brittany and Santana’s romance bloomed from chemistry between the two actresses and a throwaway joke line in Season 1. That’s why she dated boys, because she was never meant to date girls.

      • JDHetherington says:

        So it’s ok to make Santana a lesbian based in part off a joke, and partly because Naya Rivera had chemistry with Heather Morris, but it’s not ok to have Brittany (a character who has never referred to herself as gay) be in a relationship with a guy, because she likes him, and her and Chord Overstreet have chemistry as well? By the way. To all the people who decided that my opinion wasn’t to their liking, and felt the need to insult me, I will remind you that Glee is supposed to be about accepting people for who they are and accepting that you don’t have to be like everybody else or share there opinions. That’s the goal of the show. To try and make a culture where people can be themselves or share their feelings without being judged. 4 years on. You all lost the point. Fans like that are why people are frustrated to even admit that they watch Glee.

        • Maizie says:

          You are the one seem to not get the point. Of course it’s okay for Brittany to be in a relationship with a guy because she is bisexual after all, but it’s NOT okay for Glee to treat them unequally. You see, when Brittany is in a heterosexual relationship she was allowed to do so many things a couple do (most basic one is talking) while when she was in a relationship with a girl she wasn’t allowed to talk. Brittany and Santana talked to each other less than 5 minutes in the WHOLE season 3 combined. Took them 32 episodes to kiss while Bram only took 1 episode. How is that fair? THAT is what people are complaining about. The double standard when a girl is with a boy vs girl with girl. And Glee’s goal is about accepting people for who they are? No that boat sunk long time ago. They don’t care about the lesbians. Not anymore. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the Glee I used to love back in season 1 and 2. The reasons I am ashamed to even watch Glee is the double standard, not the fandom because lezbihonest every fandom has its good and bad.

    • Alex says:

      I feel so sorry for you for even wasting the time to post that ridiculous comment.

  21. Ronnie says:

    It really makes me laugh how people get so overly emotional about TV show relationships. Ryan Murphy and co. should have done an NYC spinoff that aired mid-season, but he is already spread too thin between AHS, GLee, and The New Normal. Not to mention his film projects. There are 5 episodes left for the season. Just sit back and enjoy the music and stop whining like a 8 year-old.

  22. Carolle says:

    ”Glee fans eagerly awaiting some long-overdue lovey-dovey goodness between Brittany and Sam” ??? THIS IS FREAKING GROSS OK, PASS THIS EPISODE CAUSE IT’S STUPID AND BORED ME TO HELL

  23. Fernanda says:

    The next episodes are about the end of BRAM. But I don’t want another fantasy gay storyline with BLAM. Blaine should apply to get into NYADA, Sam could return to take off his clothes in any strip club in Ohio. Brittany should reunite with Santana in NY and study in a dance academy along with Mike Chang.. remember him? he was Tina’s boyfriend. The other asian? No? Move On.

    The most important thing. Finn. The male lead of the show. Sorry Schue. But Finchel is the power couple of the show, and also Klaine, Wemma is so over.

  24. Brie says:

    Was this article actually written by the Glee writers? Because any simple internet search will show you that hardly anyone is “eagerly awaiting” any of this.

  25. Ana says:

    The best part about this announcememt is that we know the exact date that we can skip watching. It is absolutely comical that Ryan and Co. think they actually have a shot at spinning this and making people believe that Bram has a following. I have never seen such an unlikeable and mismatched pair. Brittana shippers were upset when they broke up but Santana has kept her fans who still love her and root for her, Brittany on the other hand has become almost completely inconsequential. So it is confirmed.that this will be a McKinnley only episode? Because I dont want to miss any NY parts. But if they are not going to be on, I can happily skip the whole thng.

  26. Nina says:

    I’m just meh about Brittany and Sam as a couple, but I did not hate them per se. This is a high school show for God’s sake. GROW UP BRITTANA FANDOM. Ugh.

    • Alex says:

      Seriously? You guys always blame the Brittana fandom when clearly there are others here, too. There are Klainers or Finchel fans here, too you know? It’s not just us that “hate” that so-called Bram…

  27. Giulia says:

    Glee failures: Having Sam place a trail of Cheerios on the floor for Brittany to find him like some kind of animal. Using meta to blatantly insult Brittana shippers and queer women in general. Making Brittany a mute while she was dating a girl. Brittany not saying a word during her girlfriend’s coming out story line. Showing Brittany proud of Sam’s stupid guilty pleasure while she was mute when Santana came out. Brittany talking and showing her feelings for a guy when they are dating while we didn’t see what she really feels for Santana. Never once showing Brittany’s parents and how they feel about her not graduating or for her being bi. Stop treating the Brittana fandom and the lesbian community like a joke, Glee. Stop the double standards.

  28. Heidi says:

    Brittana fandom is hilarious I can’t with them XD they hate the show but keep watching it anyway (you won’t complain if you do not watch the show duh!) and they hate the writers but keep saying that Brittana is endgame. Sisters, please, who do you think write the ending? Lord Tubbington. Dream on.

  29. Roddy says:

    Very few H.S. relationships continue into college. It’s a fact. The only endgame on this show will be Finn and Rachel. Once Santana gets in NYADA and hooks up with a hot dancer from class, all the Brittanna madness will go away. Kurt and Blaine, Sam and Brittany, and all the other relationships will just fall away, just like Mike and Tina ( a breakup that noone seemed to care about by the way), but all the characters will have some career happiness down the line. Just watch and see.

    • Red says:

      I don’t think the writers will ever introduce another romantic interest for Santana. She seems to be the only lesbian on the planet. So far we have at least 10 important gay male characters (Kurt, Blaine, Karofsky, Unique, LeRoy, Hiram, Adam, Eli, Sebastian, Sandy, probably a few more), but only 1 lesbian. They’ll probably throw Santana and Brittany together in the last episode of the show to appease fans and to avoid having to introduce another gay woman. Ryan Murphy just doesn’t seem that interested in exploring female homosexuality on his shows like he is in exploring male homosexuality.

      • Maizie says:

        lol you’re right about this. In season 1 when people said “The gay one” you know it’s Kurt. Now when people said “The gay one” you’ll be asking back “Which one?” because they have like 10 gay male characters now. They screwed up with Santana’s coming out storyline and clearly do not care about the lesbians (or girls in general. Glee love ’em boys) So I wouldn’t be surprise at all if one day Ryan Murphy decides to “turn” Santana straight. It’s Glee!

        • Red says:

          He did that to the character of Liz in Nip/Tuck. She was a lesbian who then fell in love with a man in a later season after Ryan Murphy couldn’t figure out what to do with her. I don’t think he would do that to Santana though. Or at least I hope he wouldn’t.

  30. AJ says:

    I guess I’ll be skipping this episode too. Someone wake me when Glee gets good again? Oh and when they stop trying to force people into liking things that are boring and, at times, offensive. I am so tired of the high school setting this year. Last year the hero worship with Finn was a bit much… but this year, the same thing is going on with Blaine and Sam and it’s just ridiculous. Enough already. 5 million solos and duets and superficial storylines are not going to make them any less bland. Their characters lack depth and I really can’t get into these cookie-cutter, “perfect” representations of people. It’s unrealistic, impossible to relate to and inspires no emotion whatsoever. And I don’t even really care about ‘ships’ or whatever but damn, Brittany/Sam are an awful pairing. They’re too similar! Their relationship is childish and shallow and they don’t seem to really care about each other at all. I don’t mind who else you put them with, but just keep them away from each other. I want more NY. That was really just starting to get good. I love me some Hummelberry and adding “Santana sass” to the mix made their dynamic way more awesome and funny. I’m praying more than anything that the whole high school thing disappears at the end of this year, they move a few more people to NYC and then the show can be all about the originals who we actually care about. That MIGHT make the show salvageable. But it’s still a pretty big MIGHT. This season is a disaster.

  31. Brad says:

    SUGAR MOTTA DIES from a terrible sickness, explaining why she hasn’t been to school that much this year.

  32. Heya says:

    Ok another episode to skip.. Thats make it 4 weeks without glee! Aaaagghhhh! And i think that it is veyr clear that No one likes this couple but Ryan murphy! Not just the brittana fandom thank you very much!and i want the original glee club more!!!!!!

  33. Jeni says:

    Eagerly awaiting Bram? Who and where are these people?? From what rock did they crawl out from? Not even being funny they have ZERO chemistry. Chord just looks checked out and it comes over as they’re trying to sell the unsellable. Just ridiculous. End it already. Not watching or I’d have to bleach my eyes.

  34. Andy says:

    It amuses me to no end how even a short mension of Sam and Brittany together causes immediately a hateful bombardment of crazy comments.
    I am sure that the writers are laughing at how they were correct with predicting the reactions of a certain fan base as well as at the fact that their breaking the fourth wall “angry lesbian bloggers” stuff appeares to be true.
    It is also funny that people who are indifferent to Brittany/Sam or like them together are mature enough to not get into that fight which leaves the haters looking like nothing but pathetic.

    • Red says:

      But a lot of the posters angry at the show for the way they’re treating this couple aren’t lesbians, so they writers weren’t correct with that line. I’m not a lesbian or a blogger and I still dislike Bram. And people who are indifferent to Brittany/Sam aren’t mature enough to not get into that fight, as you can see on this very comment section.

    • AJ says:

      The negative reaction to this pairing might be a bit excessive from some, but I feel that parts of the Glee fandom are just lashing out because they are hurt. I hope that the writers are not laughing at the pain of others. Yes, this is just a television show. But the disrespectful behavior of the writers towards a lot of fans is just not on. Please don’t perpetuate a stereotype about a certain (marginalized) group of people. It is not true. A fandom may get angry or upset about something but that does not mean that they are all “lesbians” or all “angry and violent”. That line was inappropriate and mean-spirited. I’d assume that a lot of individuals posting here, while they may not all be brilliant at articulating why they are mad and fighting, are just offended by the double-standards when it comes to how the lesbian relationship was treated in comparison to this straight relationship, both of which included Brittany and therefore should have been represented with equal amounts of dignity and respect. And it’s a legitimate argument. I feel for them. You should try not to generalize so much.

  35. Daniela says:

    ahahah my god gleeks are too funny, i agree with everybody Bram fans don’t exist and i completly skip this episode

  36. Snixx says:

    Glee fans eagerly awaiting some long-overdue lovey-dovey goodness between Brittany and Sam??? What a lie lol Every Glee Fan hates the Couple ha so stop trying to make them happen. And Sam serenades Brittany WTF lol she looks boring in that Photo when he sings to her! But with Matt Hodgson aka Flopson being the Writer, the Episode is another Glee Flop!

  37. Monica says:

    Bram…No thanks! Gosh these filler episodes are killing Glee. I think everyone could have done without Fued Guilty Pleasuresand now Shooting Star. They really should have done Regionals in place of Fued then a college ep for the seniors then a prom ep then nationals then graduation. there has been too much nothing since the wedding ep. its sad if the rumors are true that they plan on extending this “year” into next season cuz if they do itll be damn upsetting considering most of the fandom would have liked more time with the original cast than extend the new glee kids longer! The only good thing about Fued and GP was the Santana parts lets be real.

  38. Lisa says:

    Wow, everyone is making such a big deal about the Sam/Brittany thing, and they are skipping over something bigger. I’m kinda wondering who is going to be shot, and if one of the characters will die. Since it has already been spoiled that there will be a shooting.

    • Louisa says:

      Glee’s spoiler factory already confirmed that no one is going to be hurt.

    • Cheech says:

      It’s been spoiled already that it isn’t a shooting, no one dies, and it isn’t a big deal. Just one gunshot is heard and it freaks people out.

  39. C. L. says:

    Gunshot (classy!), Brittany and Sam (barf), an all McKinley episode written by the worst writer available, no New York side (which is the only tolerable and entertaining part at the moment). Sounds like something to skip, as most episodes of this season.

  40. Alex says:

    An episode without Kurt/Rachel/Santana? Nope, not worth watching! And Bram? Ain’t nobody got time for that…

  41. Louisa says:

    In the future, Bram will be used as the textbook definition of “Spite Ship”. Ryan Murphy clearly hates the Brittana fandom and the more they complain, the worse it gets. The show isn’t for LGBT viewers anymore. Accept it and move on.

  42. Alynna says:

    i rewatched season 1,2 and 3 of glee…and now i think of what happened to season 4. It makes me cry and laugh at the same times..cry because this season is so horrible and it makes me laugh cause its so funny thinking this show once saved my life and now look at it..its like the writers have been replaced by monkeys.. no offense to them. But seriously fanfiction writers are much more better than them..and they dare call Brittany doofy,stupid and dumb when they’re the ones who are the idiots around seriously..since Bram started we all made it clear that nobody likes it..nobody gives a damn about them..cause first of all it doesn’t make any sense and second of all its stupid..its boring..its offensive…To sum it all up it freaking sucks..bad. And now that in this episode there’s no NY scenes your ratings is seriously going down down…and its already so down that its going straight to hell..If you want your show to have higher ratings to have great should give your audience what they have the most loyal group of fans here and you’re just treating them like a piece of sh!t. I used to love glee..i still watch it i admit..cause it makes me happy seeing the old puts me into a happy place. But everytime i see a bram scene i throw my cheetos and pillows at it..heck my mom even hates it even my cat who hisses at them everytime they’re on screen..Im sorry if i offended anyone..but im just stating my opinions…but im not sorry about what i said to bram.

  43. Marty says:

    How much did Ryan Murphy pay you for write this?

  44. FrenchKiss says:

    Bram suck…

  45. ela says:

    That third pic tho! Brittany is SO BORED! There’s more chemistry between Jarley in the background! And people are surprised nobody ships this!

  46. UsedToLoveGlee says:

    I thing congratulations are in order. Somehow the writers have taken two of the most popular characters and put them together to make the most hated couple! That’s pretty impressive? The worst part it, it could have worked if they did it right. Two broken hearted friends, both with exes graduated and gone grow closer over the series and end up together. Nobody bats an eyelid. It happens. But nooooooo. This is set up from episode 1. For this to happen Sam has ‘always been into Brittany’. (Look up Glee Wiki and see just how much character interraction there was between these two before season 4. It’s like 2 paragraphs) Sam has gone completely Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind over Mercedes. Remember her? That awesome emotional relationship which was the perfect Glee plotline of an interracial and unconventionally sized relationship got ERASED. There was no break up like all the other couples, there was literally just NOTHING after so much focus in the laast series. Now Sam can’t even tell the difference between Mercedes and Wade (because if he did he would call Britts out on her REPEATED offensive jokes about them.) He’s gone from a nice guy with goofy quirks to a complete goof who thinks feeding a girl cereal of a filthy school floor is romantic – and yes he did mean for her to eat them because he had a GLASS of milk at the end not a bowl. Brittany was always quirky but the jokes aren’t funny anymore. Suddenly she’s a school genius who has nothing helpful or supportive to say when Sam is failing? And why is Sam failing when he should be getting help for his dyslexia? (Oh yeah that got erased along with his previous relationships). Brittany was supportive when it came to Santana but she always seems disinterested when it comes to Sam. Even the ‘wedding’ didn’t feel special between them. I’ll leave the Brittana fans to argue their case but I think Britts should have been given her dancing on her own solo and been given the chance of actual character development. This series has been a fail. The show has lost the viewers it had from the beginning and it’s sickening that they use the graduates in the trailers to pull them in then give nothing (yes I am referring to Mercedes in the wedding episode. Who flies all the way from LA to sing one song at a wedding and not even be invited to the reception?) Then to have a school shooting and call it a dramedy. That’s just sickening!

  47. Sofia says:

    Thanks for the warning.. “long-overdue lovey-dovey goodness between Brittany and Sam” Now I know that I definitely WON’T watch this episode. I’m so tired of Bram. They’re boring, look like brothers and have zero chesmitry. I’m not on the Brittana fandom, I can’t imagine how they must feel right now. I used to be a huge Sam , but Bram just ruined his character.

  48. Marco says:

    The ‘unthinkable’ event is a freaking gunshot. And down with Bram! This relationship has made BOTH those characters dumb and pretty annoying.

  49. Tina says:

    It’s embarassing that writers can be so childish as to put a couple together out of spite for one particular fanbase then insist on persisting even when they’re called out for it. It’s not just Britanna shippers who hate this (for what it’s worth I’ve never been a Britanna shipper although I do concede the poor writing for the couple is probably a large reason for this), it’s original Glee fans in general who see it as one of the glaring inconsistencies.

  50. Kay says:

    I don’t normally comment on these things or go for conspiracy theories but my friend said something interesting. She said “Sam’s had 4 relationships on this show (including Santana). The only two out of those who were given decent plot, romanic scenes and meaningful interraction were the girls with blonde hair and blue eyes.” I wanted to argue and tell her she was wrong but I couldn’t because she is right. (She also has blonde hair and blue eyes by the way.)