Glee Hot Shots: Sam Serenades Brittany While New Directions Copes With an 'Unthinkable Event'

Glee fans eagerly awaiting some long-overdue lovey-dovey goodness between Brittany and Sam — whose romance, of late, has been put on the backburner — need look no further than the dramedy’s April 11 installment (Fox, 9/8c).

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The following shots from the episode find Chord Overstreet‘s alter ego serenading his doofy cheerleader (and the rest of New Directions) and getting close to her beloved feline friend Lord Tubbington. (Whatta guy!)

Unfortunately, the hour’s official description tells a different story, one that finds the gleeks coping with “an unthinkable event” that forces each of the students to look at things from a new perspective.

Click through the shots below, then hit the comments: What major event do you think is about to rock McKinley High?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Leslie says:

    Sam used to be my favorite male character. But ever since he got with Brittany he’s just been turned into a dumber version of himself. And I don’t even think their relationship is cute. It was so out of no where. What happened to his last season of pining after Mercedes and now he doesn’t even remember it. They were cute and the writers completely dropped them. And what happened to Brittana too? Just because Santana graduated doesn’t mean dumbing down Sam to replace her and give them scenes and duets more than the lesbian relationship is fair. The only lesbian representation on the show and they not only undermined that relationship but also slowly erased it all for this new random couple that is no where even close to being liked among Glee fans.

    I honestly don’t get how the writers can think this badly written relationship is worth the destruction of 2 popular ships and two once individual loved characters that have now been thrown together because these writers aren’t original.

    • Iya says:

      Sam used to be my favorite male character too, but personally I started disliking him at the beginning of season 4 when they turned him into the white straight male hero of the show who can do no wrong. The same thing happened with Finn.

    • Heath47 says:


    • Cheech says:

      Sam was amazing in season 2 and when he was with Mercedes. Mature, sweet, driven, “pretty but not dumb”, sometimes even suave. It’s really startling to see the difference between Sam in that relationship vs the Sam who has been made stupid and given ADHD or something to fit with his new 4-year-old girlfriend.

  2. Sara says:

    I was really looking forward to seeing the NY side.

  3. Alejandra says:

    Sam and Brittany are what Joey and Phoebe would have been like had they dated. Did that happen? No because the ‘Friends’ writers knew that would be a horrible idea! Please separate these characters so they can be funny and enjoyable as friends again. Also, no more PSA in Glee and more NYC please!

  4. Tina says:

    What fans? The only people who really want them are the writers and the ones who hate Brittana. Which is like 5 fans.

    • OW says:

      Because Brittana is literally God, only with more followers and fewer people starting wars over it. I’m just kidding. Only the followers part is true.

  5. please. says:

    I think what you meant to say what “long over-due lovey, dovey goodness from Brittany and SaN** as in Santana. come on, we all know Bram will never last – the pair do not have an ounce of chemistry. i would rather ship Sam with Chapstick, and Brittany with any other thing in the living world than watch these two bore me to death on screen.

  6. Tom says:

    I really don’t understand why Sam and Brittany are still together when they have no fans in the Glee fanbase. I don’t like that Sam was “dumbed down” to be with Brittany and Brittany is a great character that is written child-like sometimes with him and I don’t like that.
    It was doomed from the start. I actually preferred the relationship of Santana and Brittany because they were so different but great together.

    Also this shooting thing I’m reading, I hope this is handled respectfully in light of recent events.

  7. Liz says:

    So no Rachel, no Kurt, no Santana?? No thanks. I like some of the Ohio characters but Blake’ storyline bores me, I’m tired of Sam (more overused character this season) and I don’t like him with Brittany (too dumb to be together).

    • JC says:

      Same! I love the NY side. But they rarely get focus and I have no idea why.

      I also agree about Sam being overused. Same with Blaine and Jarley. It’s gotten past old.

  8. Owen says:

    So Glee decided to go with the school shooting? They couldn’t even handle the lesbian storyline yet they decided to touch the gun shooting? Also no NYC but more Bram (why the hell they’re still together?) I’ll pass this episode.

  9. Brittany are Sam better as friends, they are too much a like.

  10. Jessica says:

    Stop the double standards, Glee. It’s wrong! Bram is getting everything people asked for Brittana: dialogues, romantic duets, slow dance, kisses. Bram had two romantic duets in 4×09 to 4×18 while Brittana never had one. Bram had all those things in few episodes while people have been fighting for equality for Brittana. Brittany and Santana need some respect as a couple.

    • Adam says:

      Wait, Bram have a duet next episode? Here says he serenades her. If it’s really a duet, GREAT, just what I wanted, more Heather Morris singing! Not that a Chord solo is any better, but apparently those are inevitable since he’s being shoved down our throats. SMH

  11. Pink says:

    Put Brittany in NYC and dissolve the whole McKinley side and you’ll have a perfect show! Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Brittany are the only ones interesting on this show.

  12. S says:

    i hope whoever wrote this article is being sarcastic… just no. i used to kind of like sam but jesus, give it a rest! he’s a pretty one note character that is being constantly shoved in our faces and he and brittany have a brother-sister type chemistry and it disturbs me that they’re dating, haha.

  13. Beth says:

    What fans do Bram have? They’re the most hated couple on this show. So if the writers think its a good idea to promote their relationship, then they are bigger idiots than I thought. Chord Overstreet and Heather Morris have the worse romantic chemistry I’ve ever seen. All I see is friendship or sibling-love. It’s so uncomfortable to watch them be anything else. And Sam needs to leave the serenading Brittany to Santana. Santana is the only one who can serenade Brittany and do it well. I’m not watching this episode for sure because there is no Naya, there is going to be Bram and Matt Hodgson wrote the episode. Don’t be surprise that this episode have the lowest ratings ever

  14. Lara says:

    “eagerly awaiting some long-overdue lovey-dovey goodness between Brittany and Sam” LOL this couldn’t be further from the truth.

  15. LJ says:

    I miss Samcedes and Brittana.

    • Sheila says:

      I never got Sam & Mercedes. Didn’t see any chemistry, always felt forced.

      • BonnieFan1986 says:

        Samcedes is a helluva lot more popular than Bram. Even the media saw great chemistry b/n them! They were the only reason I even started to watch Glee. Now w/ Bram I just shut my tv off! I would prefer to have Fabrevans again over Bram!

  16. Lexie says:

    Who cares about McKinley? An episode without NYC is an episode to skip.

  17. dude says:

    So it’s gonna be like the suicide episode. A gunshot goes off in the first act and then they spend 40 minutes talking about their feelings? Fun.

  18. JD says:

    Brittany is my favorite character – and the only reason I’m still watching glee – but I’m really disappointed that she keeps getting weighed down in scenes with Sam. The writing for that couple is atrocious and Sam has been completely overused this season. I’d much rather watch Brittany’s Dancing On My Own solo that was cut or more Fondue For 2. What about her school and graduation problems? So many more interesting ways to develop her, I wish the writers would do better by her.

  19. Sarah says:

    I have to say I’m only a casual viewer of Glee these days but I have seen a few episodes of this season and I really think they are overusing the characters of Sam and Blaine in lot’s of storylines. Particularly Sam who is some sort of “hero figure” this season, the problem with that is that he’s way too bland for that role in my opinion. And I don’t have any interest in his relationship with Brittany.

  20. SJL says:

    More BRAM? YAY!! I can’t wait to see what wonderful, romantic scenes these talented writers have in store for us this time. I’m still swooning over that beautiful scene where Sam had Brittany eating off of the floor like a dog. Kill this couple with fire.

  21. Heath47 says:

    Hahaha you made me laugh so hard Michael! Seriously who wants lovey dovey scenes between bro & sis??? I swear if they don’t break up in this ep….the school gunshot should wake her the f up and realize her priorities are to graduate go to my & get her girl back!!! Brittana forever

  22. Ali says:

    “Glee fans eagerly awaiting some long-overdue lovey-dovey goodness between Brittany and Sam” Hahahahahahaha. The only thing glee fans are waiting for on this couple is a breakup. Seems there is no NY side on this episode and anything Brittany and Sam with a side of the noobs is about as enjoyable as a root canal so I’ll be skipping this episode.

  23. No Thanks says:

    I hate Brittany and Sam together. Not sure who is eagerly awaiting anything other than Brittany & Sam’s impending break up. TV Line is just as out of touch with Glee fans as the writers themselves. Not watching this episode. Also, Glee has a tendency to handle sensitive issues with as much nuance as a brick, so I am not going to watch them mangle a sensitive subject like a school shooting. Without the NYC side of the show (Santana, Rachel & Kurt), this show is no longer tolerable at all. Carry on with your double standards, terrible couples, inconsistent writing and boring high school re-run plots Glee & TV Line. I’ll be elsewhere.

  24. Joe says:

    This entire article was really gross. It’s “Long-over due” because no one wants to see that. It’s an offensive and dumb relationship. And “whatta guy”? are you watching the same show I am? He left food on they ground for her to eat like she was his pet dog.

  25. What happen to Samcedes??? Didn’t Sam spend a whole season chasing after her. I’m miss Samcedes and Fabevans.

    • I just stick with brittana fanfiction says:

      Yes I like fabevans more but Samcedes was cute too. I mean they are basically erasing the Brittana relationship and then to top it all off they have Quinntana another pairing I don’t like as anything more then friends.

      • Cindy says:

        The thing is that its not just Brittana who’s being erased. I liked Samcedes and they were quite featured last season. Sam pursued, serenaded, cried over Mercedes. He helped her realized her dream. They were acting like a couple at the end of the season.

        Fastforward season 4, Mercedes is written off the show, not a single word has been said about Samcedes and we learn that Sam always had a thing for Brittany.

        Its a total mess.

  26. Scoob says:

    Bram is awful and Heather and Chord are ugly.

  27. val says:

    So, to sum up: no New York (= no Rachel, Kurt and Santana), all McKinley, Brittany/Sam, a gunshot and written by Matthew Hodgson? lol, not touching this episode with a ten foot pole.

  28. karenb says:

    You kids kill me. Isn’t it a bit odd that you all post the same thing under different names so that appears that all glee watchers hate Bram, AKA anything that doesn’t include “Naya” or “Heather,” as you call them? It’s obvious and yet very sad that the one or two people who are doing this obviously have no lives and spend their time hating on a tv show.

    Here’s a tip: Life is short. Don’t spend your time watching a show that you can’t stand.

    I happen to enjoy all aspects, story lines and characters of the show. Besides those few episodes in season 3 that went off the rails, I’ve enjoyed the show completely.

    You guys DO realize its just a show…right?

    • Tyler says:

      It’s just a show when it’s convenient to the writers – just s few days ago, they said, again, that it’s something that saves lives. Pick a lane. Also, I’m not watching this episode because it simply doesn’t interest me, as I did with many others this season. No NYC, no watching.

    • Alejandra says:

      I think it’s more likely that people just don’t like that couple lol. Look around online. Being blonde is not all it takes to make a good couple. They way they’ve been written was so forced and rushed. The actors have chemistry like relatives and they don’t even sing well together. I love Sam and I like Brittany just fine, but them together is one of the worst things to happen this season. They belong in the background like Mike and Tina until the writers can find a girl that really helps to push Sam forward.

    • brad says:

      wow, condescending much? also, this whole season has been “off the rails”. i hope it ends with rachel waking up from this nightmare of a season.

    • Dee says:

      One or two people? Ha, you must not know much about Glee fans. This is a universally despised pairing, among almost all fans. I’ve never seen anything like it in any other TV show fandom. It’s like everything that’s worst about Glee’s writing and handling of characters and relationships is distilled down to its essence in this one couple.

    • Hailey says:

      Excuse me, ain’t nobody got time to pretend to be other people. We don’t like Bram and just want to say our opinions??? and yes I don’t even watch the show anymore. It has become offensive and full of male worshipping. I still care about the original cast and characters so I hate to see them in bad storyline. Glee went down the black hole ever since season 3 when they wrote a story about hero Finn who flung Santana out of her closet then got praised for that.

    • Issack says:

      LOL. Karen posts 1 reasonable and mature comment only to get blasted by the crazies. Actually, probably only one person. This is why no one takes you people seriously, because you take this show WAYYYYYY too seriously.

      • OW says:

        Oh… It’s you again. Look man I know this is a show, and I know it’s not real. As a lesbian, I’ve faced a fair deal of not so nice stuff over the years from TV. Death, cancer, characters being erased, characters being shot, sweeps week kisses, lady-love interests disappearing, going gay for 2 weeks and then going back to boys forever. Dude, I’ve seen it all. What I can’t stand is a show that claims to be for me, the show that proudly calls itself “the gayest show on TV” that is completely unrepresentative of a giant portion of their fanbase. I hate that they erased 2 interracial couples, that they did away with their only lesbian pairing, just to add this nonsense. I don’t need it, and I won’t be watching.

      • karenb says:

        I’m glad there is at least one other sane voice on this board, Issack. We can only hope that they others will eventually chill.

        • murley says:

          can I join your party? apparently as a fan of glee I can’t enjoy brittany and sam and if I do it is only because I have a spiteful vendetta against fans of Santana and brittany. As if I really give a crap what total strangers like and dislike about this show (which apparently is nothing and everything respectively). I have got to stop reading the comments. It is exhausting and a little depressing!

    • Cheech says:

      This post is sad lol. Is it that hard to think this article is going around tumblr and twitter and people are somehow finding themselves here to voice their genuine confusion that anyone would think Bram are somehow being eagerly awaited for by any significant number of Glee watchers?

  29. Spence says:

    Ugh,…. ANOTHER episode with Sam. I used to like his character and was happy when he came back last year but this season I’ve seen enough of his bland character and heard enough of his mediocre singing to last AT LEAST 5 years. And as for the Brittany and Sam pairing, pls kill it with fire. I wish the show was just NY; I’m so over McKinley at this point.

  30. Em says:

    Is it bad that I kinda thought the first sentence was serious sarcasm? Can’t wait for their break up.

    • Em says:

      THAT SAID,
      I’m USUALLY impressed with the way Glee handles sensitive issues (but Hodgson, lol), but last season with Beiste and then with Beiste supporting Puck… That was well done.

  31. Chris says:

    Chord Chord Chord. You can’t even list Heather Morris’ name? The coverage on this site is as biased as the show’s writing.

  32. JD says:

    More Brittany, less Sam please. Where is her Dancing on My Own solo?

  33. Jackie says:

    Just for this article Megan Masters should be fired, she couldn’t be anymore wrong. Brittany and Sam are nothing! And they will proceed to be nothing in the eyes of the viewers. Once they break us, they will readily be forgotten. Glee needs to give us back Brittana who is my ONLY reason for watching this stupid show anymore.

  34. C says:

    You’d think that a (previously) popular show on a giant main network like FOX would have interns or something whose job it is to remain vigilante on social media sites to gauge the successes and failures of the show. However, glee apparently doesn’t care about the viewers’ reactions to anything nor do they care to alter their story lines based on those responses. They seemingly don’t care about the concerned efforts of their devoted viewers, of all the different ships and such, begging them to reunite favorite couples or urging writers to avoid terrible, hotbed issues like guns and schools. In fact, the writers and producers of this show seem so incredibly detached from their fan bases that they think that they can shove new knock-off versions of existing characters, rebooting tired archetypes and story lines, and plot devices down the viewers throats and that we’ll swallow them. What they don’t seem to get is that they are suffocating the viewers with overexposure to characters they don’t like, or forcing them with scene of awful relationships like Bram and isolating their LGBT viewers because of it. This show went from the quirky underdog to a cesspool of misery. I’m actually mad that I’m so invested in characters like Brittany and Santana because I’m now sure that they’ll always be kept apart, Santana will become desexualized and single forever, and Brittany will continue to be infantilized by the writing. The double standards on this show are disgusting and make me hate myself for watching. For shame.

  35. Travis says:

    No New York… that means one episode with no Kurt, Santana and Rachel and full of newbies, Sam the hero and the crayon twins (Sam and Brittany, what a joy), plus a gunshot that will be SURELY handled carefully? This episode has “SKIP ME” tattooed on it.

  36. Freckles says:

    When you had relationships like Britanna and Samcedes, how can you possibly believe in BS. I’m going back to a time where things were beautiful. *runs to watch ‘Heart’*

  37. yesica arana says:

    iiiwwwcc BRAM is disgusting, not exist the people who love BRA., when you understand it. Please end it.

  38. Jennifer says:

    How ignorant can you be to post something like that? long awaited? the only thing long awaited in this show is a decent Brittana dialogue scene!

  39. Bram again?
    McKinley only episode …?
    another episode that I will not see
    thanks TVline!

  40. Trouty Mouth says:

    The only thing that we’re waiting for with this offensive and moronic pairing is for them to break up. Hate to break it to you, but pretty much everyone hates Bram.

  41. Sandy says:

    Meanwhile I’m still wondering what the heck happened to Samcedes? They were lovey-dovey in the finale and then you never heard about what happened on the show after that. What the hell?

  42. Nic says:

    What a waste of a such an important LGBT storyline. Brittany and Sam have literally no chemistry, their relationship has been forced on us from the start and their scenes fall flat. No one is waiting for scenes from Bram unless it’s scenes where they break up. To take a biracial, lesbian relationship and break it up for the sake of a duo of blond haired blue eyed athletes, wow, groundbreaking glee. Good job. That sends a great message to the legions of your young LGBT fans. How disappointing.

    • Shar says:

      Not only that but it what about curvy African American women? I hate that they broke up the interracial couples for Bram? What message are you sending glee?

      • Tess says:

        Exactly. I still don’t see the purpose of Bram together (beside making people stop watching). They have Sam & Mercedes (interracial) and Santana & Brittany (also interracial) yet they broke those couples up and make Bram happened (and they couldn’t be more blonde, blue eyes, and…white). Glee used to be so good and now it’s just disgusting.

      • Issack says:

        What about the CURRENT interracial couple they have with Jake and Marley? Another idiot rambling untrue crazy statements. Go away.

        • Tess says:

          Wtf? Reading comprehension fail. No one is talking about Jake & Marley. We’re talking about the interracial couples that they broke up to make Bram happened. Learn to read.

      • Cheech says:

        They’re sending the message that even though it seemed like an attractive, muscular white kid could be into a big, beautiful, black girl who for two seasons didn’t get any romantic interest, he was really secretly into the skinny white cheerleader that whole time. And also, who are Samcedes? Sam wouldn’t be able to tell you. He’s had his memory wiped of the last two years. His family? No clue who they are either lol

  43. L o l says:

    Who the f cares about bram tho?

  44. Caro says:

    No Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Finn or NY = No watching.

  45. HM says:

    “Glee fans eagerly awaiting some long-overdue lovey-dovey goodness between Brittany and Sam.” Lol, who? The only thing we’re waiting is for them to break-up.
    I don’t know why the writers keep forcing the audience with this Bram crap. NOBODY likes them. They are the most disliked couple in the history of television.

    I’m definitely not watching this episode. Ain’t nobody got time for Bram or McKinnley. Give me Santana and NYC side!

  46. Lizard says:


    And ps tv line…. Everyone hates bram. Wake up RIB and flops on and change this BS before your show gets cancelled.

  47. MC says:

    Looks like the idiot fans who trend Brittana is Forever everyday as if that’s going to impact the writers have all focused their attention here.

    You’re wasting your time. Find something else to obsess about.

    I’m looking forward to this episode. Hopefully the write Brittany out of the show so these 14 year olds will stop spamming trash about actors who are doing nothing but their jobs.

    • H says:



      NOW GO AWAY.

      • MC says:

        Hahahahaha. The 10 Brittana crazies spamming here are so obvious. Seriously, you guys have problems. Perhaps you SHOULD stop watching the show and stop polluting the comments with your idiotic statements. Nice caps btw, internet shouting makes you look far more serious.

        • H says:


          • MC says:

            The fact that are implying GLEE out of any other show on television is a bigotted show is literally insane. Like… please go see a doctor insane. I am genuinely concerned for you people.

        • No Thanks says:

          I don’t think you understand the Glee fandom… There are WAY more than 10 Brittana fans, and not all of these comments are from just Brittana fans. Not to mention, much of the issue has to do with double standards. Brittany and Sam, as long as they are together, are a representation of the double standards Glee continues to shove at its LGBT fan base, particularly the female ones. If equality isn’t important to you, well then, carry on. P.S. I’m older than 14. I care, and we all care, because Brittana saves lives and is important to the LGBT community. There are thousands of Brittana fans making intelligent comments and trending because there is a problem here that the writers refuse to address. (Note writers, not actors). Staying silent about shows like Glee only perpetuates poor representation in the future for the LGBT community. That’s not the world I want to live in. So, if fighting for equality is idiotic, I’m so sorry friend, but that’s not the way the world is turning.

          • Shar says:

            Well said, not only am I a Brittana fan I’m a Samcedes fan also and it pisses me off that the writers took the two interracial couples to make Bram.

        • Tess says:

          “The 10 Brittana crazies spamming here are so obvious” LOL here’s an “update y’all” for you: Most people don’t like Bram. The Glee fandom is big. This article is spread on social media sites. Now you do the math.

    • LW says:

      Most of the Brittana fans are adults and are the most diverse fan base in this show. You should check your facts before spouting off. The Brittana fandom has more adult fans and more sexually diverse fans than any other ship on Glee. To assume that Brittana shippers are all teenage lesbians is a big mistake, most are over the age of 18. I’m 32 and I’m not a lesbian and I’m a hard core Brittana shipper. And the passion of these fans who trend is admirable.

      • Issack says:

        No. The maturity level of the people posting here is absurd. It’s a TELEVISION show. Also, the character they are crying about has stated she’s BI-SEXUAL. How terrible of these writers to show that bi-sexual people can date both sexes… Seriously, please take your unhealthy obsessions with degrading a show that has spread knowledge of social equality elsewhere. Perhaps a cartoon would be more suitable for your level of maturity.

        • Fran says:

          You obviously don’t get what the issue is here if you think it is over something as banal as a bisexual chick dating a guy.

        • No Thanks says:

          Again, and for the millionth time… Brittany IS bi-sexual, and there is no problem with her dating a guy. The problem is the double standards. This means, when Brittany dates a guy, she gets more screen time, intimate conversations with her partner, more PDA in less episodes then when Brittany was dating a girl. This is a double standard, which reflects the inequalities the LGBT community deals with in their real lives on a daily basis. Television shows are important because they become a lifeline to vulnerable audiences, like the LGBT community. Glee has a double standard problem, which is damaging to its audiences. Like it or not, the minute Glee starting calling themselves revolutionary and accepting their awards for their portrayal of the LGBT community, they defined their purpose, and now they are falling way short.

          • Issack says:

            Then perhaps instead of spamming an online entertainment website with garbage and derogatory comments regarding actors who don’t deserve that sort of treatment you should try using reasonable statements like this? You’d probably get WAY farther.

          • H says:


        • Tess says:

          No. Of course we know Brittany is bisexual. What we’re complaining about is the double standards between her relationship with a girl vs her relationship with a boy. She got to do EVERYTHING when she’s in a relationship with a boy but when she was dating a girl, she was MUTED. She got to do NOTHING. You see the problems there? Glee is a male worshiping show. “a show that has spread knowledge of social equality” lol are you living under a rock? a 5 years old can tell you that Glee doesn’t do equality.

        • Jerry says:

          No Issack, run! Run while you still can! Do not get pulled into the bisexuality debate you will get torn apart!

    • Dee says:

      Too bad that for many of those 14 year old gay girls (or 15 or 16 or 17 year old) there aren’t many other couples to obsess about. See, unlike straight girls, they don’t have hundreds to choose from. That’s why Glee meant so much, and why it’s so hard to comprehend why they’ve turned on this devoted fanbase which consists of many isolated, vulnerable, confused kids who looked to this storyline as a kind of lifeline, something which helped them believe they weren’t alone and that someone cared about telling their story.

    • Please... says:

      Chord, get out of here, go do your job. I’m sure you have a solo coming up, go practise.

    • SJ says:

      Hi Matthew!

  48. CJ says:



  49. Lisbeth says:

    Can we get rid of Bram altogether? Like, what the hell do fans have to do for the writers to just end this misery. It’s quite embarrassing

    • Shar says:

      In all honesty write the sponsors of the show and tell them you will not buy their products. $$$$ talks

      • No Thanks says:

        Write to T-Mobile… They have a lot of adds on Glee’s website, sponsor the Glee-Caps and have air time when the show is on live. Here’s their address… T-Mobile Customer Relations, P.O. Box 37380, Albuquerque, NM 87176

  50. Jen says:

    Brittana is boring. Heather Morris is probably the worst actress on TV. Chord Overstreet deserves way better.

    Also, thank god for no New York. I can’t wait for next season to be Lima only! YAY

    • H says:


    • Taylor says:

      Chord Overstreet doesn’t deserve anything. He is hardly an actor himself.

    • Adam says:

      He’s just as bad as her, they deserve each other. But I didn’t do anything to deserve their scenes together. As if the concept of this couple – two dumb blonds – wasn’t bad and unappealing enough, they chose two of Glee’s worst actors and I’m left forced to watch them trying and failing to emote in a scene together. I can’t wait for a Lima only season too, so I can finally quit this show altogether.

    • Cheech says:

      I agree. No one deserves to have to act opposite a cardboard cutout of a person. #FREECHORD

      You’re in for a rude awakening next season, though. Think more along the lines of half a season of Lima and then no more Lima again, ever.