CBS Renews 14 Shows, Including Good Wife, Mentalist and Hawaii Five-0; What's Missing?

CBS Renewed ShowsCBS handed out early renewals to an additional 14 series on Wednesday, including The Good Wife, The Mentalist and Hawaii Five-0.

Also getting the green light for the 2013-14 season are NCIS: Los Angeles, Blue Bloods, Elementary, Person of Interest, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Undercover Boss, 60 Minutes and 48 Hours.

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Those shows join previously renewed Eye staples Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS and CSI.

Noticeably MIA: Criminal Minds (which is expected to return once new deals with the cast are hammered out), rookie drama Golden Boy, Two and a Half Men (see below), CSI: NY (which is now considered a long-shot for renewal), Friday-bound freshman drama Vegas (which had already been deemed a long-shot) and the death-defying Rules of Engagement (which you should never count out).

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Regarding Men, CBS is currently in talks with Warner Bros. on an 11th season of the comedy. All indications are that the show will be back — with Ashton Kutcher.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated with today’s pickups!

Thoughts? Which renewal are you most relieved about? Which non-renewal has you most concerned? Hit the comments!

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  1. Kat says:

    So happy about Blue Bloods, but disappointed Vegas isn’t on the list. I love that show!!!

  2. Chris H says:

    Goodbye CSI: NY.

  3. Jim says:

    It’s amazing how much lowest-common-denominator trash fits on one network.

    • KoshN says:

      You MUST be talking about FOX, NBC, ABC or The CW.

      For lowest common denominator trash, CBS only has The Amazing Race, 2 Broke Girls, Survivor, and Undercover Boss in Fall-Spring Primetime.

  4. Pam says:


    • KoshN says:

      Overall, for scripted shows (i.e. non Reality TV), CBS is the BEST channel on TV.

      • Andrew says:


        • Leah says:

          Of the Big 4, maybe. Of all of TV? Disagree.

          • KoshN says:

            What other network can match or surpass CBS for the number of hours of good scripted (non Reality TV) shows? Outside of the Big 4, the rest just have a few shows each.

          • Leah says:

            It is not about quantity, it’s about quality. The main thing CBS has going for it is consistency. It knows what its viewers like, and keeps it coming in a comforting but predictable way. If I had to choose between having CBS vs. a channel like AMC/FX/HBO/SHO (or even BBCA/PBS, they’re doing a great job importing across the pond these days), I would never pick CBS. If that means I have to watch less TV, then so be it. These other channels have shows that I feel have something unique to say, and I leave with the feeling that I am better for having watched them. The shows on CBS, while enjoyable, never do that for me.

          • KoshN says:

            Leah, it’s about quality AND quantity. FYI, I watch Justified (FX), Burn Notice (USA), True Blood (HBO), The Walking Dead (AMC), Top Gear US & UK and Doctor Who (BBCA), via DVD. I classify The Walking Dead as a guilty pleasure, and barely a pleasure sometimes, not “high quality.”

          • Leah says:

            I don’t watch anything on your list besides Justified and Doctor Who, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I personally would take the few best shows on TV over a lot of good ones, so it is quality over quantity for me, not the highest average of both. CBS is fine, I used to watch their shows all the time a few years back. I just think that in this day and age, CBS is being safe while others are taking risks, and the ones that are doing so successfully — changing and adding to what it means to be a great drama — are the ones capturing my attention. These shows transport me. I respect that CBS has an established brand to uphold and they are obviously very good at what they do, but their brand of show doesn’t do that for me. As the saying goes, television is a medium because anything truly well-done is rare.

  5. Mark says:

    Really sorry to hear Vegas may be dropped…It was starting to develop some great twists and situations….Thought the era of early Las Vegas would lend itself to some great TV..

  6. sarah says:

    So happy about H50 and POI, and Blue Bloods.
    I am nervous about CSI NY (would love at least one final FULL sesaon and Golden Boy, which is doing very well in ratings.

  7. Jackie says:

    Golden Boy is a very promising new series. Certainly hope it is renewed.

  8. Carol says:

    Renew VEGAS CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Toni says:

    I am super excited about the shows that will return, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Golden Boy!! Please renew this show!! CBS, you rock….but re-think Golden Boy….it’s great!

  10. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    Interesting that CBS announced so many pick-ups this early – still late March. I wonder if that is an indication of what CBS/Nina/Les think of the fall 2013 pilot list? Regarding the dramas, I figured there were six shows in varying degrees of ‘bubble’ status, and three slots for those six shows: TGW, Vegas, Golden Boy, CSI:NY, Mentalist and Five-0, with Sunday 9pm, 10pm and Friday 9pm in play. It appears they have selected their three returning shows (TGW, Mentalist, Five-0) and will have open slots at 10pm Tuesday (CSI:Red?) and Friday 9pm for new shows this fall?
    I’m still of the belief that it is better to not place a new series on Friday unless absolutely necessary, so we may still see one the three (TGW, Mentalist, Five-0) move to Friday 9pm. But the announcement by CBS today may be an indication that CBS does not plan to make sweeping changes in their fall schedule. We’ll see if that turns out to be true.
    I guess the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but in all honesty, I think that will be a mistake by CBS if they go that route this fall with minimal changes. In Broadcast TV, the best time to make changes is from a position of strength, and one year early is better than a year too late. I’ll be very (very) disappointed if CBS does not make strong changes to their fall lineup. I think they need to – CBS is not one to ‘rest on their laurels’, so we’ll see if that holds up this time around.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i think, you meant NCIS:RED….not CSI:RED…..i’m not so sure about the NCIS:RED at the moment…..i think, we’ll have to wait and see how they are on their own….and see if it FAILS like the spin-off for CRIMINAL MINDS……that didn’t even make it a full season , it was so bad.


      • KoshN says:

        “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” looked bad (to me) from the beginning (i.e. it’s “Criminal Minds” episodes. OTOH, I *liked* the NCIS:LA “Red” episodes.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i have to agree with ya about CRIMINAL MIND:CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR….it was bad even in the eppy to interoduce it….to be honest; i think it was the lead actor…..i guess as for NCIS:RED ; i’ll have to wait and see, if it’s better…if it totally picked up….they may have to make some changes, like they did with NCIS:LA.

          • KoshN says:

            Tuesday could be.NCIS night:
            NCIS:Red Team.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i agree… be honest; they are going to NEED a GOOD lead-in……i still wish we could have gotten a team in hawaii……i don’t mind slightly different…..but, this just might be “too different”….i think that’s why NCIS:LA has worked…..because there’s just enough reg. ncis to make it work…..they still do undercover work, and deal with military……it’s truely hard to know, what RED will be.

      • Nero theTVFiddler says:

        Thank you for the correction Alisa – yep, I meant to type NCIS:RED. Will CBS go a full night next of NCIS this fall on Tuesdays? They may have to – not many open time slots. I thought they might give Survivor a half year off – give it a rest. Perhaps they still might and that will open up another slot at 8pm/Wed. CBS really doesn’t have that many open time slots this coming fall.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          your welcome…..i think, they are gonna HAVE to put NCIS:RED behind the other 2… give it a GOOD lead-in…….as for surivvor: i thought they had PULLED it, after the recent death?…but, who knows.

  11. VegasLover says:

    As someone who calls Las Vegas home I would be very disappointed for Vegas not to get renewed but with the way CBS has treated this show it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t. I’m not real sure that any “big networks” care about the viewers at all anymore – it’s all about the money and the money only. : (

  12. Todd says:

    Person of Intrest and The Mentalist. POI one of my top faves. And TM: I saw before how it was a toss up for cancelling or renewing. Smart move renewing TM. I was given a number which I left at least 4 or 5 messages telling them not to cancell.

  13. Lena says:

    Hawaii Five-O renewed YES!!!! I am so Happy it’s my fav show Thanks CBS!

  14. Cici says:

    Love Golden Boy. Hope they reconsider.

  15. lll says:

    YAY FOR PERSON OF INTEREST!!! Its the show I watch along with Hawaii 5-0. There’s a reason why CBS is AMERICA’s most watched network.

  16. Beate says:

    Do they really want to renew Two and a half Men? It seems pretty certain that Angus T. Jones won’t be back for another season, right? So an almost-reboot of this show so soon after the introduction of Ashton Kutcher seems like a bad idea to me. I guess the ratings would eventually decline because there will be even less left of the original show.

    • KoshN says:

      Two and a Half Men has gotten much better. I had my doubts about Kutcher, too, but he’s good now. Alan has gotten less trashy and funnier. The less Jake, the better. They can keep him on skype. Please, no more Cyrus kid!!!

  17. Loz says:

    YAY for more Good Wife!!!!
    Now if only Hart of Dixie & Bunheads can be renewed please??

  18. Vinicius says:

    The Good Wife! Yes!
    I’m not ready to leave Alicia.

  19. kirads09 says:

    I am very happy about Mentalist. I would prefer they keep Vegas over Golden Boy.

  20. Leah says:

    Yay, Good Wife! TGW and HIMYM are all I watch on CBS.

    • KoshN says:

      Then, you’re missing a helluva lot of good.shows (I’m *not* referring to 2 Broke Girls or Reality TV, though.)

  21. MBL says:

    Love both Golden Boy and Vegas. I hope that they get picked up. Both were just getting interesting. Common CBS give new shows a chance. There are a few that need to go to make room for the new shows. The hiatus for Vegas did not help. People lose interest. Although I have enjoyed Golden Boy as a replacement.

    • KoshN says:

      People lose interest UNLESS they’re heavily invested in and LOVE the show (e.g. NBC’s 4 MONTH hiatus for Grimm).

  22. Denise Knoop says:

    I will be disappointed if CSI:NY doesn’t come back! It’s a great show with really good actors! Didn’t they hold their own on Friday nights? Give them a break! And I agree with others that a great deal of the reality TV is SO unnecessary! Some of it is often the same show each week with different faces. Renew the good ones!

  23. Zorkel567 says:

    We all knew NCIS: Los Angeles would be renewed, but I was not as certain for Hawaii Five-0. Glad to see both get an early renewal.

  24. Para says:

    Yay for amazing race!

  25. LOLOLOL says:


    • KoshN says:

      Non-Braindead People Shows. Non A.D.D. people shows. …except for the Reality TV and 2 Broke Girls.

      • Emily says:

        Non-brain dead? What are you, 12? We get it, you worship CBS except for 2 Broke Girls and its reality programming. Give it a rest, you’ve said it like 10 different times already.

        • KoshN says:

          “Non-brain dead? What are you, 12?” Please try to make sense.

          • Emily says:

            Sure, I’ll spell it out. Name-calling people that don’t appreciate CBS shows like you do is immature. LOLOLOL could’ve been more tactful, but they weren’t attacking your intelligence, and they weren’t wrong. CBS viewership does often skew old.

        • KoshN says:

          “OLD PEOPLE SHOWS” (shouting) is meant to be derogatory. Any show that draws viewers over 49 years old is viewed negatively and made fun of. OTOH, a lot of shows that cater to the sub-50 crowd tend to be mindless fluff, the trashiest Reality TV and sitcoms. It’d be torture for me to watch stuff like Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Apprentice, American Idol, The Voice, The Biggest Loser, Big Brother, Jersey Shore, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Fashion Star, 2 Broke Girls, The Office (Boring. Never saw the attraction to this, and I LIKE Steve Carell), etc..

          • Emily says:

            God, you are like a broken record. I said that LOL lacked tact. They may have implied negativity — based on facts, of all things — but you outright called everyone not like you stupid with a behavior condition. And frankly, your continual beating of a dead horse all over this forum is not doing wonders for your argument.

            And thank you for enlightening me. I had no idea caps lock meant shouting.

  26. rachelle says:

    Yay for Elementary, The Good Wife, and 2 Broke Girls. Especially Elementary because that show is stellar!

  27. Eric says:

    I just realized that HIMYM is the only CBS series that I watch regularly (though I do catch up on Mike & Molly, CSI, The Mentalist and 2.5 Men on DVD).. Once that wraps up next year, I don’t think I’ll ever tune in to the Eye Network, unless they pick up some particularly interesting pilots

  28. mindi says:

    Guess Scott Caan will be in Hawaii for at least another year!! I’m glad – thank you CBS!!!

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i totally agree with you…..i LOVE scott caan as danny williams….the show would NOT be the same without him as danny or alex as steve….my favorite is MCDANNO….we need MORE of them and chin and kono….and LESS of catherine and doris.


      • KoshN says:

        Noooo, not less Catherine (Michelle Borth)!

        • Alisa Neely says:

          sorry, MAJORLY LESS of catherine…..i’ve read she’s NOT very nice to fans who don’t like or her character or McRoll……and i honestly don’t think she adds ANYTHING to the show….she takes away from the CORE 4…..which HIGHLY includes grace park’s “kono”……catherine can give information IF really needed OVER the phone.

      • JC says:

        Less of Doris maybe, but I’m just fine with Catherine.

      • MaryAnn says:

        Love having Catherine on the show, would be much happier without the dorky Danny, or the boring, cringeworthy “banter” between Steve and Danny.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          SORRY, but i LOVE scott caan and i LOVE danny…..and i and MANY others LOVE McDanno…..those 2 have KILLER chemistry on and OFF camera…..and H 5-0 would NOT be the same without this combo…..and just WHAT does catherine add, any how?……she’s TERRIBLE at undercover work…..and she is NOT all thost sexy imo…..and she LIED to her so-called boyfriend, about his LYING MOTHER…..imo, she CAN’T be trusted…..while the truth MIGHT hurt, it’s better to KNOW……WO FAT has TORTURED steve in the past to get informtion about HIS MOTHER….a.k.a. SHELBURN….and doris HONESTLY believes, she protecting him by NOT telling him the truth…..she’s gonna get him KILLED…..i say, send catherine OUT TO SEA FOR LIFE.

          • KoshN says:

            To view Catherine as sexy, I guess you’ve got to be a GUY. Trust me, she’s sexy.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            in less your into girls….and i’m NOT…..some of us; believe that’s WHY they keep having catherine walk around in bathing suits and such….is to draw in the MEN…….if they intend to use catherine for undercover work in the future ( which i PRAY THEY DON’T); they need to send her for MORE training…..because she’s gonna get either herself or someone else KILLED….like she nearly did, with the roller derby thing.

        • KoshN says:

          The banter between McGarrett and Danno is one of the best parts of the show. Perhaps I’m not tired of it because I only occasionally watch H50v2.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i soooooooooo agree….and that’s that wonderful KILLER chemistry that alex & scott have….both on and off screen….i just don’t feel, that “true” easy chemistry between alex & KB (catherine)…..and let’s face it: i DON’T think the show would be as good without THIS danny…..i honestly believe, it would KILL the show….if scott or even alex left it…..i LOVED it, when steve picked danny OVER catherine, to go to the PRO BOWL…..even though, they didn’t actually get to go….but, even still……i’ll give catherine 4 points for getting the signed football for danny….that’s it.

    • Grace says:

      R u kidding? Scott C. is wasting his talent in this awful show. This is a show for someone as Alex O’Loughin, whose only talent is to take his shirt off and look constipated. Scott is a real actor, with real skills . I cannot wait for this crap to end so he can get a real acting job. But seems that because of syndication CBS will keep producing episodes , even if the show is getting bad numbers . This remake is just a show for old people. Just see the demo numbers,

      • Alisa Neely says:

        alex is a DAMN good actor….he wouldn’t have gotten as MUCH work as he did, if he wasn’t….i DO agree with you about SCOTT though…..i LOVE this show and LOVE their chemistry….they have what i call “KILLER CHEMISTRY”….it’s NOT fake.

  29. Bellaz says:

    Happy about Hawaii 5.0, The Mentalist. Criminal Minds is too creepy for me to watch. I was hoping CSI NY would be renewed it was my favourite of them CSI’s.

  30. Liza says:

    Love Golden Boy!!!!!!!

  31. rony says:

    I wish that they give Vegas another shot. I feel sad for CSI NY but i feel with CSI miami gone it feels odd for it to still be on. And I think that maybe it’s time for two and a half men to go.

  32. Mary Morris says:

    Happy the above shows were renewed. I love Golden Boy and hope CBS gives it another season. The acting and writing are fantastic

  33. Barbara Kuterbach says:

    I am very happy to hear thar The Mentalist is renewed. It is the only TV show i watch on a regular basis. I do not get to watch TV very often as I have many duties, but I make sure to watch The Mentalist. Thank you, CBS.

  34. Katie says:

    NCIS FOREVER!!!!!!

  35. Rob says:

    I wish they would move The Amazing Race from Sundays to Fridays or Saturdays!!!

  36. Jacob says:

    Wouldnt it be cool if Gary Sinise joined the csi vegas team?

  37. Amy says:

    Only reason Hawaii 50 has been renewed is the syndication deal. The show sucks because the acting is the worst on TV , Alex O’ Loughin is a show killer with his lack of facial expression, he should thank TNT big time or this show would had been canceled in the first season. So glad that Revolution and Castle are crashing this remake each Monday. HaHaHa

    • Alisa Neely says:

      what and the HECK are watching?….alex has some of the most FUN facial expressions going…..he wouldn’t have done so many shows and movies…..had he NOT been very good at acting…..and 5-0 is a DAMN GOOD SHOW…could do with catherine, of course….but, the chemistry between the CORE 4 is great….and especially between ALEX & SCOTT.

      • Amy says:

        R u serious? He only has ONE facial expression., no matter what scene he plays…why do u think he is known as Wooden O’ Loughlin?…So many shows and movies? Do u mean the 2 canceled shows and the movie that bombed in the Box Office? That only proves he is a weak actor. The show is not even getting 9 million viewers and it is losing the time slot because there is no chemistry. A 2 demo last Monday, only a few oldies are watching it, and they can thanks TNT for the syndication deal for the no deserved renewal.

    • KoshN says:

      Castle is orders of magnitude better than H50v2.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        that’s your opinion…and that’s your right……but, MANY would DISAGREE with ya.

        HAWAII FIVE 0 is 10x BETTER then some of the crap on……it’s a FUN show….with a GREAT cast….starting with ALEX & SCOTT….and i DON’T feel alex is wooden in ANY way….and scott is all kinds of fun….and they have KILLER CHEMISTRY….something you DON’T often find between 2 MALE LEADS…..then you have GRACE & DDK…..BOTH wonderful…..and they have GREAT chemistry with the other 2….i LOVE the guy that plays kamekona and even max ( the me)…and of course the little girl that plays danny’s daughter…..she and scott are great together….along with alex…..they have a family feel, without it feeling forced….the ONLY problem they have; is when they through MB/CATHERINE into the mix….she just has 0 chemistry with anyone….but, especially with alex…..and in ALOT of fans opinion; she takes away from the CORE 4….especially GP’s kono…….and i DON’T care WHY it was RENEWED…..i’m just THRILLED it has been.

  38. Phyllis says:

    Too bad CBS is considering renewing Two and a Half Men.

  39. Mercedes Jones says:

    I’m delighted that the Mentalist has so many followers! It’s one of my favorite shows. What about Rizzoli and Isles and Chicago Fire?

    • KoshN says:

      “What about Rizzoli and Isles…”

      TNT [spit!] I’d watch it if it wasn’t on TNT. Miss Sasha from her NCIS days.

      ” and Chicago Fire?”

      Looks like it’s on across from CSI (LV) and I always watch CSI (LV).

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i too want to know about CHICAGO FIRE…..i LOVE that show….and the same with R&I , though, i’m not sure that it will be on at the same time as CSI:VEGAS……they’ve moved R&I a few times (timeslot wise), since it started.

  40. allison says:

    I will miss Vegas greatly :(

  41. Gio says:

    NCIS baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Tania says:

    Let’s see, my favorites Person of Interest, Elementary and The Good Wife are coming back. If CSI:NY comes back, the writers need to shake it up and make it more interesting. The series has lost its pizzaz(?).

  43. Angela Geralds says:

    I’m really enjoying Golden Boy. Hope it gets a chance for another season. Really like the story line. Good choice of actors.

  44. Pennagirl says:

    I just wish that CBS would give CSI NY a decent send off; and not how they did CSI:Miami without a send off. I know we were fortunate to keep CSI:NY and I HOPE that the don’t cancel it. CBS should put Two and Half Men out of its misery…not a half man anymore with Jake out of high school and seriously and sick of Ashton Kutcher’s and Jon Cryer’s characters. Fix Hawaii Five-O and CSI:LA — the constant terrorist themes and being judge and jury on suspects (ala CSI:Miami’s last seasons) is turning these shows into laughable and not believable.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i agree with the send off, that happened with CSI:MIAMI……but, you know…..i blame the writers of that show…..they KNEW their season was ending sooner, then the rest of the show that year…..HELL even CSI:NY, wrote their season final to possibly be the FINAL period that year…….i HATED the send off that WITHOUT A TRACE got…..i know, it seemed to come a shock the actors….and it messed them up for piolit (sp?) season…..HELL, i can’t even remember what type of send of COLD CASE got…..the networks NEED to do a better job, of giving head’s up to show power that be’s…..give them some SORT of WARNING.

  45. Angela Geralds says:


  46. I certainly hope Criminal Minds and CSI: NY both come back!! Love both of them!!

  47. JeZo says:

    Two and a Half Men jumped the shark 2 years ago. It is pathetic. Berta is the only quality character on the show. I am shocked – shocked! that it is most likely going to be renewed. It needs to be put out of its misery.

  48. Glenn Portwood says:

    Love CSI-NY. Hope it makes it. Didn’t think Vegas would be so good, but it has grown on me. My two biggest complaints are Sunday when I can’t dvr the Mentalist because time is always disrupted and the background noise on certain shows (Hawaii-50, CSI, NCIS-LA, etc) are usually overpowering dialog when actors are speaking to each other. Cut the background noise – it’s not necessary to the plot.

    • KoshN says:

      To me, the LOUD backround music is most obtrusive in CSI:NY. In CSI (Las Vegas), it seems to be ~not quite~ as loud. This is during the evidence collection and analysis scenes when there’s usually no dialogue, but it’s just TOO LOUD, to the point where it is a distraction.

  49. June Andersen says:

    I have never cared for the Good Wife myself. I watch the Mentalist off and on. We love Vegas and so excited it is going to come back on Friday, April 5 as well as do so hope that stays. We watch the Golden Boy and enjoy that too. So very glad that Blue Bloods, both NCIS’s are staying as well as Hawaii Five-0. Don’t care for CSI Las Vegas but love CSI NY and CSI Miami. These are just my opinions.

  50. Auntie Ralph says:

    Be interesting to see if Hawaii once again recycles the same season-long plot it did this year…

    • Alisa Neely says:

      GOD i HOPE NOT….i’m sick of doris lying to her children….especially steve…..all she’s doing is putting him in further danger by NOT telling him the truth….and then she has the NERVE to ask “sorta” girlfriend to LIE to steve….not caring, that it could BREAK whatever TRUST he has in her…..i HOPE, they get rid of her and catherine to be honest….NEITHER is adding anything….especially catherine.