Exclusive Bones Video: Booth Delivers Shocking News to Brennan About Little Christine

Bones Season 8 Video Booth Brennan ChristineChristine is coming down with an early case of the Terrible Twos.

On Monday’s Bones (8/7c, Fox), Booth returns home from picking Lil’ C up from pre-school and hands Brennan the Best. Gift. Ever.: an impressive piece of artwork created by their up-and-coming artist daughter.

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But Mama B quickly learns that Papa B is burying the proverbial lede. Turns out, it wasn’t just creative muscles their pride and joy was flexing in class.

Press PLAY below and watch Booth break the shocking news to Brennan (and try not to laugh when see how she ultimately responds).

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  1. “This content is currently unavailable”

  2. Gina says:

    Precious!! I loved this! Brennan is the best! Lol

  3. Kwapple says:

    “Figures. She cries when they sing ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

    Snarky Brennan is the best

  4. caprigirl60 says:

    Of course Brennan would think Christine’s fingerpaint smears were a creative work of genius, although I do wish the writers would stop having Brennan say “my daughter” when she’s talking to Booth about Christine. She’s his daughter too.

    • Mary says:

      Yes, would it kill Brennan to say “our daughter”?? sometimes the writers treat Brennan like she is a single parent. Grumble…. Plus it would be nice if they would also remember that Booth is the more experienced parent. Grumble…

    • Bridget says:

      Irritating that she calls Christine “my daughter,” and for her dad, “I’ll call Max,” which she doesn’t usually do. Even back in Season 2 when she had issues with him she would say ‘my dad’ when she talked to Booth. Come on, writers.

    • Me says:

      you guys arn’t parents. everybody does that. “my daugter”, “my son”! grow up

      • JLK says:

        That’s what I was just going to say. That’s very true to the way parents talk about their children. Whenever they do something great, the children are “mine.” Whenever they do something irritating, then they become “your” daughter/son. And it’s mostly in jest…mostly. :)

      • Bridget says:

        Actually, I am a parent. Learn to spell.

  5. AJ says:

    Anyone else having issues watching it?

  6. Kate Garner says:

    Brennan made me snort.

  7. Katie says:

    Bren needs to let Booth take the lead here, he is the experienced parent, she is not and I agree, it is his child too. Enough of the “my daughter” theme. She does need to stick up for Christine, but also open her eyes that Christine might not be the perfect child she sees. At least we know who babysits Christine now.

    • Jess says:

      Brennan saying her daughter has really rubbed me the wrong way too. Selfish much? “Our daughter, OUR daughter” say it after me Bones writers. The child has TWO parents. Two.

    • Mandy says:

      Booth hasn’t acted like an interested father so why should Brennan act like he is?

      • Catherine. says:

        Booth is an experienced dad, no matter what, it is still his daughter too. She isn’t a single mum, he was more than her sperm donor. She needs to give up some of her control issues. She, of course, needs to stick up for Christine, but also recognize Christine is just a child, she will do childish things.

      • jess says:

        I must imagined all the times that Booth played with Christine, fed her and talked/interacted with her *serious eyeroll*

        • Catherine. says:

          Yes, and did I imagine the times Booth kissed Brennan’s belly before Christine was born and talked to her even then. I commend Brennan for sticking up for her child, we all have to do that, but Booth in NOT an uninterested father.

    • Rae says:

      This is being taken way too seriously. Like someone above said, a lot of parents claim their shared child as just their own when they are talking, especially when it’s something good. Then when something bad happens, it’s the other parent’s child. Some of you are acting like she says it because she thinks she’s a single parent when it’s obvious she knows she’s not.

  8. Lois says:

    I agree ‘our’ daughter would be perfect……but Brennan is just too funny gushing over Christine’s artistic ability one minute and then not believing she would bite another. THEN wanting to know which Emma she bit!! I soooo love Brennan! Little Christine looks adorable sleeping in the stroller.

  9. Mar says:

    Oh jeez….Brennan has said “Our daughter” many times before, she’s not excluding Booth, obviously.

    Can’t people just enjoy the funny and cute without finding something to gripe about?

    • Mary says:

      Oh dear…. Fans are *allowed* to comment on the sneak peak, that is what the comment section is for whether or not it is a preceived gripe in your eyes so it.

    • caprigirl60 says:

      I did enjoy it and I wasn’t actually griping. I was just making an observation. IMO Brennan says “my daughter” far more often than she says “our daughter.” That’s on the writers-not the character.

      • Catherine. says:

        But the writers are the character, they need to get it right, they are professionals, if they didn’t mean “my” they need to say “our.” Why wind us up for no reason? jeez.

        • D. G. Speirs says:

          Actually, you’re missing a nuance of the character as it’s played. As Brennan becomes defensive about the herdaughter, she tends to draw the shell in – thus, they emotional sharing our “our” dughter becomes a shift to “my” daughter. If she feels moe expansive emotionally, booth again becomes part of the circle, and thus, “our” daughter.

          Watch Booth – the character, as written, notices these shifts and his next lines are usually ones that attempt to disarm or defuse tension on the part of Dr. Brennan. It is, after all, her insecurities that fuel the changes in the first place. He just sort of plays a verbal version of hurt locker, looking to defuse, or if that fails, to bail out (“we got a body”).

          As much as you might be unhappy with the fact that the character of Brennan doesn’t use the preferred pronoun as often as you wish, the fact is, these characters are on a psychological journey – a long one. Dr. Brennan is a brilliant woman but a incomplete human being, and watching the long, slow process of her learning to become one has made for great television.

          • suzi says:

            OMG–I love how you used your Shrinky Mojo there…and it all made perfect sense.
            Also, Booth is a very interested father, IMO.

          • ltb says:

            couldn’t have said it any better myself!!

          • caprigirl60 says:

            i understand the “nuances” perfectly. Brennan considers any perceived imperfection in Christine as a direct reflection on her. It reinforces the insecurities she has about herself. I understand all of that and yet I still don’t care for the phrase “my daughter” when she is speaking to Booth about Christine. Since it doesn’t seem to bother Booth I’m not going to let it interfere with my enjoyment of the show. It really was just an observation and nothing I was particularly worked up over.

          • D. G. Speirs says:

            Apologies if offense was made. As a novelist and performer, I appreciate the subtlety of the development of the character. It’s a richly played, and nuanced performance… and yeah, it may strike some people as off-putting, but I think Dr. Brennan’s behavior, if in real life, would do the same. And it has made for multiple seasons of great TV. It’s why we’ve been along for the ride, and hope to do so for many more seasons.

  10. Katie says:

    Funny, it’s funny to bite another child, guess it is as long as it’s not your child getting bitten.

    • JLK says:

      Oy…way to miss the point. No one’s laughing at a child getting bitten. It’s coming from Brennan’s very Brennan-like, inappropriate response to the situation, which, frankly, I’ll admit to reacting like that a few times with my own daughter. “Yeah, I know what you did is technically wrong. The school did need to tell me about it and we do need to talk about it. But I understand where you’re coming from. That kid is really irritating! Next time, try and shrug it off a little better. You’re going to run across irksome people your whole life, and you can’t lash out at all of them. You might as well start practicing how to ignore them now. But I’m not going to punish you at home too. Enjoy one of the very rare instances in which you don’t lose privileges at home for breaking a school rule.”

      • caprigirl60 says:

        Christine is 14 months old. I don’t think Brennan is going to have that type of in-depth conversation with her just yet at least not with any understanding on Christine’s part.

  11. Dawn Mcgregor says:

    whats up with the video, arrgh!!!

  12. gina says:

    Brennan is not excluding Booth! LOL Its just her reaction. “How can my daughter do this?” She thinks she is some sort of prodigy lol She does not exclude Booth. Its not a big deal.

  13. Emily says:

    They should not know who Christine bit.Total violation of ECE ethics.

    And yes, this is a big deal to me because I spend my entire day with kids Christine’s age and have gone through a big deal with biting.

    But then I also do love interpreting the works of ‘genius’ that is the artwork in our classroom.

    • definitely shouldn’t have share that information!

    • JLK says:

      These things get around…fairly easily. The teachers/daycare providers don’t say who the victim was, but then you’re leaving the room and overhear another parent complaining/telling another parent about how their child was bit. It doesn’t exactly take a rocket science to connect those dots.

    • Rae says:

      I also worked with kids a while back and i know it is wrong to give out the name of the biter to the parents of the bitten, so i assume it is wrong to give out the name of the bitten to the parents of the biter.

  14. O'Brien says:

    Ugh. Emily C. She’s the worst.

    Really, how freaking cute is this? Such a great payoff for years of waiting for these two to get it together. And I love the number of scenes where they both get the call at the same times…adorbs.

  15. Heather D says:

    My niece got bit at daycare. And she doesn’t cry…ever.

  16. That is hilarious! I promise I had the same attitude when my kids would ultimately take a bite,lol. Figure out what kid it was so you can determine if they deserved the crunch. I know it’s wrong but those are the secret thoughts and conversations that REALLY happen… Please forgive us,lol.

  17. As a formal preschool teacher, I can’t imagine being Christine’s teacher with Brennan as a mom. She is what we called a, “High Maintenance Mom”! LOL However, having Booth pick up daily wouldn’t ruin my day!!!!!!

  18. Jane Robson says:

    This content is currently unavailable is all I got! :(

  19. SoFla says:

    My daughter is my daughter until she does something wrong, then she is her father’s daughter. We are together, not separated, but she is still my daughter when I talk about her….her father is fine with that as he says she is his daughter too when he talks of her with others – unless she does something wrong at which time she becomes my daughter. Honestly, the mother-child bond is really strong for the mother IMO, I mean – we carry the child in our bodies, they are a part of us – the fathers don’t have that type of bond, just the bond they form after they are born and attend to their needs. I feel more possessive of my daughter than my husband for that very reason – she is/was an integral part of my very being for almost a year … why wouldn’t I or any mother refer to their child as “MY” child for that very reason? JMO

  20. Van says:

    Lol “which kid” that cracked me up

  21. julianne says:

    Usually I would agree with most of you that it is not a big deal when Brennan calls Christine “my daughter” instead of “our daughter” however we have to remember that Brennan took the baby and left Booth behind. No matter what he says that still has to hurt. Then he was supposed to stay behind and work in the system to get her back. The only problem was that as soon as she ran he became left out of the case. Then he has to bring her back to save the day and solve the case. I really wished that they could have had Booth solve the case so that his sacrifice meant something, but the powers that be (writers) decided to make Bones the magician who saved the day. I know that the squints are a real asset to Booth in his investigations, but what happened to season one where he explained that cops like him solved cases by using interrogations to elicit confessions. Now what we get is the FBI can’t conduct a case or arrest without the Jeffersonian providing vital evidence to either solve the case, or a key fact to allow whoever is conducting the interrogation to get the confession. Another beef I have is that many of the interrogations are conducted by Sweets. After Booth’s coma he has been depicted as lacking his insane questioning skills. I mean he can still conduct an interrogation but his instinct for whether a person is telling the truth or not is gone. Don’t get me wrong I still love Bones especially when we get some action scenes involving the main characters.Let Booth get some of his mojo back please!

    • Mel Weller says:

      I think a lot of people completely disregard how difficult that whole situation was for Brennan. IMO it was actually her that was making the bigger sacrifice there. Booth’s hands were tied because of the FBI not Brennan, she did the right thing who knows what could have happened to her if she’d stayed, and she had to take Christine with her, she would never have been able to abandon her own child.

      Also there have been plenty of times that Brennan has told Booth that he won’t solve a case without her. The Jeffersonian is an extension of Brennan. Brennan told him that she didn’t agree and I think the premise of Bones is to actually disprove that Cops solve murders.

  22. Andrea Johnson says:

    I love BONES but you all do realize it is a TV show. People seem to break this down Dr. Phil style. Only a TV show people.

    • D. G. Speirs says:

      Andrea: Yes, it’s a TV show. And a well-written one, with nuanced characters on multi-year arcs. As a writer myself, I find it interesting trying to discern the motivations behind the choices. I know in plotting out my novels, I’ll spend hours sometimes going back and forth over what to a reader will seem a simple point, because I know the underlying significance of the moment.

      That’s the advantages of a layered show like Bones – you can skim the surface, or delve deeper – your choice as a viewer.

  23. 4momma says:

    This happened to my kid in elementary school except it went down like this. Another kid threatened to bite my child if he didn’t get his way. My child must have thought this was a good suggestion so he bit the kid who had initially suggested it.

  24. Charlie says:

    I think bones and booth should get married because they were perfect from the begining. Even if its just for Christine’s sake.

  25. Rawena says:

    The content is not available…

  26. N506 says:

    I’m surprised that nobody accused Christine of bullying, since she bit another little girl. The scene is funny, but everybody here is taking it so seriously, as though it isn’t a TV show, but a real life scenario that happened.

  27. alyssa says:

    Why won’t it play? is it because I’m not in the US??:(

  28. alyssa says:

    Can anyone please tell me what happens in the video, other than that Brennan called Christine “my daughter”? I cannot get it to play and I can’t wait to watch it..so spill the beans will you please..^^.

  29. man says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing.