Ratings: Once Dips to New Low, Red Widow Rises, Celebrity Apprentice Drops

Ratings Once Upon Time Red WidowIt was good news/sad news for ABC this Sunday night, as the freshman drama Red Widow showed signs of life while Once Upon a Time slipped to another series low.

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Once this week drew 7.3 million total viewers while scoring a 2.1 rating, down two tenths to below its previous nadir of 2.2. Revenge matched last week’s 6.13 mil/1.8, while Red Widow (4.5 mil/1.2) added a handful of viewers and ticked up a tenth in the demo.

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* Fox’s Family Guy (5.14 mil/2.6) again topped all of Sunday’s entertainment programming in the demo, ticking up two tenths. Bob’s Burgers (3.75 mil/1.7) was flat, while American Dad (4.5 mil/2.3) was up 21 percent from its last fresh outing.

* NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, averaging 5.1 mil/1.5 across its two-hour run, dropped 17 percent in the demo to a season low.

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* All told, CBS won the night, with NCAA basketball coverage spilling over into primetime; as such, the numbers for The Amazing Race, The Good Wife and The Mentalist are all scrambled. But if I may hazard a completely reckless guess, TAR was steady, Good Wife up and Mentalist down slightly. But really, that’s sloppy spitballing by a bored guy prone to rabblerousing.

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  1. prish says:

    Once Upon a Time means happily ever after. They’ve got to lighten up and get back to the humor, dropping so much unhappy horror.

    • mia says:

      I disagree. The banal ‘good-trumphs-evil/love-saves-the-day’ stuff of last season was really boring. And while some of those elements still exist (like really, more greyzone characters please), this season has been better thematically. Been worse for showcasing all the characters though. I’m sick of the Charming family.

    • David says:

      The quality of Once Upon A Time has dipped significantly. Although it has always been a “drama,” the drama was focused on the core characters. Also, have you noticed the decline in flashback sequences. The flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest were the best because they set up or explained the present. Get rid of the “affairs” and the “skull dugery” from the real world (there’s too much of that in the real world). It’s obvious to me the writers and producers have no cluse what they’re doing or what direction they want to series to take.

  2. ollie says:

    stinks about the revenge#s. not surprised once was down again ( I dont if we should be worried about them bc they higher than alot of shows) with the back and forth new ep and then repeats, now we have another 3 week break before new eps again. I dont see revenge #s being any better next week on easter.

    • iMember says:

      Revenge deserves to go back up after knocking it out of the parks for quite a few weeks now. I’m just glad that even though Once Upon A Time fell, Revenge managed to stay steady. That shows its stability. I can’t wait for next week’s episode to see what Emily will do with this new found leverage against Victoria.

  3. Jon says:

    There are so many characters and so many storylines and so much time flipping on Once that I’ve stopped caring. I still watch it, but if I skip an episode here or there, I don’t bother to go back and see what I’ve missed.

  4. Belle says:

    Once’s “big” curse was broken too soon…wish they had been able to keep the momentum going from such a solid first season. Too often the second year sags a bit, but I am sure it will find it’s footing again – just as Revenge has finally done :)

    • iMember says:

      Yes! The Revenge writers have really paid attention and are fixing all that was wrong with the earlier half of the season and wrapping up the Initiative storyline while putting Emily back on focus against the Graysons. It’s really nice. I hope Once can make a turn around like that, but they’re still falling in some Season 1 problems which is fillers and introducing too many new characters.

      Next week will be stiff competition for Revenge though, so I hope it can stay strong!

    • Patrick says:

      Yep, the curse was broken too soon. They should have doled out that knowledge. S1 should have ended with Jen Morrison’s character realizing the truth. Next should have been her mom OR her dad, not both, and letting them pine for a while. Then some of the big bads should have realized that some of the good’s know the truth.

      This current season should have been what happened in s4 or s5.

      OUAT is one of those shows that had a great premise, and a fantastic pilot. But they had no long term idea of where it was going. They probably only expected 1 season. S1 was like a great mini-series leading up to the reveal. Only that final kiss was supposed to transport every one back OVER THERE, to live happily ever after.

      But, unexpectedly, OUAT was a hit, and it needed more seasons. And the PTB on the show had no idea what to do next.

      • taran63 says:

        The problem is that in general I think audience’s attention span has shrunk over the years. Maybe it’s a side effect of people now having almost constant connection to the internet, social media, and what not. But I think fewer people have the patience to wait 4 or 5 years to see big plot resolutions than they did in the past.

      • K says:

        No no the curse was broken the right time, it was getting stale, Emma going about with her sheriff life like everything was “normal” and everyone not knowing who they are. Once it was broken, it opened so many doors for the show to go.

        I think this season has been fantastic and refreshing, true they say the first season is always the best, but I think ouat s2 is the best it could be, its damn close. Yes they are lots of stories taking place, its quick paced, and I couldn’t love it more, this is great. The show is called once upon a time, its not about one person or a few people, its about all kinds of legends and stories. And that what makes it so great, its timeless and endless. Those who are not watching right now well shame on you but mostly feel sorry for you. you are missing out on incredible stories and an incredible season.

        Season 3 is going to bring even more sparks, so please guys lets watch, this is one of the few best shows on air, even if you think it is not at its best now, its still loads better than a lot of crap out there getting better ratings. We have an incredible cast of characters and actors, and we need to see them again, and again.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Once is just not interesting me to anymore. I’m watching out of habit more than anything else. Last season was so good but season two is just meh :-(

  6. Sepiya says:

    Once did 6.85 millions not 7.3

  7. Chloe says:

    It’s annoying that CBS won the night, with the way that they treat their viewers. Having to sit and wait for 45 minutes for The Mentalist to come on [at close to 11, CBS. Really??] is a gigantic pain. I would rather they just postpone the episode until another time. I thought this nonsense was over for the year when football ended but thanks to golf and basketball, the annoyance continues. Grrrrr

    • Chicago Dan says:

      And all those sports make CBS a ton more money than TM, which they don’t own. Those sport bring in better demos and more upscale viewers than TM ever will. (CSI:M, Cold Case, and others have all suffered the same Sunday 10p.m. fate.) Plus, with DVR, CBS.com, there is no need to wait to catch a show live. Can watch at own leisure.

      • Marc says:

        CBS.com and on demand work, but it took me all kinds of machinations to get The Good Wife and The Mentalist on my two-tuner Time Warner Cable DVR, which was also recording Revenge and Red Widow. Even when I knew the 45+ minute overrun, I still had to cancel The Good Wife recording, start The Mentalist 15 minutes early and run it an hour long. Sports overruns may help the live numbers but they kill DVR users.CBS needs to realize that most folks under retirement age use DVRs and same-day DVR viewers have value to advertisers, as opposed to their on-demand and CBS.com offerings that, more often than not, have nothing but network promos or no ads at all.

  8. Marina says:

    Once has to get rid of the new and boring characters and storylines. I can’t stand Neal and Tamara.

    • tonya says:

      I so agree with this!!

    • luli says:

      Tamara is the new villain, they can’t get rid of her that soon; and as for Neal he is Rumple’s son, Henry’s father and Emma’s first love/possible love interest in the future… so my friend, you are stuck with them…

      • Marina says:

        Stuck with them? Not me. I’m done with Once Upon a Time. In fact, I stop watching after Manhattan. Fortunately for me, Revenge and The Good Wife are back on track.

    • Thanh says:

      I hate ‘the outsider’ storyline. And now that they’ve added that to the ‘evil fiance’ cliche, I’m even more turned off. I actually felt dread a lot while watching yesterday’s episode online today, because it was predictable, boring, and felt unsatisfying. In fact, I haven’t watched live for most of this season. ‘Once’ needs to make the storylines have more oomph and recapture that feeling of wonder and ‘must-see-tv’ that I had when watching the first season eps. Stop letting Rumple corner the market on being every ‘bad/evil FTL character’. Stop dropping storylines and letting plotholes persist. I want to feel excited again!

  9. Thilia says:

    OUAT was great in Season 1. Season 2 is suffering from conflicting back stories and trying to use the same characters for multiple fairy tale characters and then having everyone interconnect.

    • James says:

      This! I think it worked well with Rumple being Rumple and the Beast, but I hate to see now that everyone is like a thousand characters in the show. It worked once fine, but it lost credibility the second time with Neal/Bae and Cora/Queen of Hearts.

  10. Jonathan Lighthill says:

    OUAT is fine and good fun. At least ABC tries to do something else with its programming and this is much harder to do with ongoing shows like OUAT and Revenge. People like to tape these shows. CBS knows that most people like the samey detective shows like NCIS and CSI where they can rehash the same plots week after week and have zero character development (the only exception is the brilliant Good Wife). It’s your choice America.

  11. Jessica says:

    I liked the first season of OUAT but this one not so much. Too many characters and too much going on that it doesn’t give time to focus on any one story. And with more characters about to be introduced it starting to feel like the song that doesn’t end. I never did like Lost and lately Once feels too much like Lost to me.

  12. Shaun says:

    Once was heading towards something interesting with Cora,but then it ended too soon.I think they need to ship the whole town back to Fairytale land in the finale.

    • Louise says:

      I agree, they killed Cora off too soon. She was a great character and villain and after her backstory episode I would have wanted to see much more of her than of most of the other new characters they have this season.

  13. Louise says:

    Once has too many new characters with Hook, Neal, Greg, and Tamara and too many stories with lose endings this season. It’s too much and too soon. Focusing more on their core characters and patiently telling a story through from beginning to middle and end without skipping one of those steps or abandoning it halfway through it would help. I also miss the flashbacks to classic fairytales. Their take on the classic Rumplestiltskin and the miller’s daughter story was great. They need to get back to having more of that on the show again. And not every guest star that appears in one episode or even only a flashback needs his own episode centered around his character.

    • Thanh says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. The new characters this season are boring, and generally suck. They’re taking up too much airtime from characters I actually care about. The writers aren’t giving the core characters any real character development. The good guys are too one-dimensional, and actually seem dumb and unrootable at times, which is such a far cry from how I felt about them in season one. I liked the FTL flashbacks, but not all of them were put to good use this season, with some being completely unnecessary imo (since they didn’t add anything to current plot).

      • A fan says:

        Could not have said it better myself. I fully agree.

        I love ‘Once’ and hope we get a Season 3 but they really need to bring it back to that season 1 feeling.

        The first half of season 2 felt like a different show then the second half of the season.

        Like what most have said cut back on the number of characters we have. There are far too many of them.
        I want the main 5. The core characters. That’s Regina, Rumple, Snow, Charming and Emma. I miss the interactions between them.

        How many stories do we need at once? Too much is happening, its really dark, lighten up and add some humor, bring back the family feeling. I really don’t feel the ‘hope and happiness’ anymore (Regina and Henry’s story anyone). Also the ‘good guys’ are coming across as hypocrites and its becoming annoying.

        Its more plot driven and no emotional/character development.
        How about a Emma and Charming moment?
        A Regina and Henry moment? (Those two really need a talk.)
        Emma no longer in her red leather jacket where’s a comment on that.
        Were is Emma’s season 1 spunk? (She’s not doing much saving I might add.)
        Or Emma even asking Henry about his Mom?
        Snow and Charming asking Emma about her life… The list goes on and on..

        They need to get it back on track, I really hope they do.

  14. Happy for Red Widow, even though it’s still in danger for cancellation.
    But I really like that show.

  15. Tom says:

    I agree with many of the comments about Once Upon a Time, There are WAY too many characters and stories — and they’re all boring. The show has become too dark and too disconnected. All these crazy story lines might someday come together into something that resembles a plot, but right now the show doesn’t seem to have much continuity. It just seems like a new character is manufactured to suit each guest actor, then tossed aside. Perhaps, like Lost, they’re thinking they can tie all these stories together in one blockbuster ratings finale of episodes, but honestly right now I doubt that I’ll stick around that long. Last season, the show was a fun idea with stories that progressed with the season. This season has been tedious and confusing.

    • Thanh says:

      I agree with everything you commented on. Too many new characters & storylines, that are all boring. I hate that the show is so dark and seems all over the place too. FTL is looking really whacked now. I can’t understand how all the FTL characters were mad at Regina for putting them under the curse, since it seems like she gave them a better life than they had in their other ‘land’. Are the writers purposefully trying for something here? Or is this the biggest plothole there is about ‘the curse’? The show needs to lighten up and show more instances of happiness in FTL, and also show that there’s hope and happiness in the new-found Storybrooke lives. I really wish there is more continuity and reason for the disparate storylines and character arcs/plots. And, like you, the show has become more of a tedious chore for me to keep up with online, when I have time, then must-see-tv (watching live), like it was in season one. I hope the writers fix this show soon, or at least in season 3, or this will become another of my dropped (after their 1st season) shows.

    • WhyohWhy says:

      I agree that they are veering into Lost territory in a negative way. My thought from the start of this show was that it would have been better as an extended mini-series. Maybe 13 episodes. I think, with that kind of restriction in time, we might have actually had more character and emotional development because the writers would have had to focus on a small group of characters and one central plot (still allowing for enchanted forest flashbacks).

      26 episodes a year on a 5 year planned arc just invites unnecessary characters and side-plots.

  16. RichCD says:

    You’d think that it would be impossible for a show about real life fairly tale characters to strain credibility. Buy last night’s episode did. Tamara is a ‘magic hunter?’ What happened to Belle? Or Grumpy? Or heck, even Hook? And now August is gone? This reeks of a show that doesn’t understand why its audience embraced it during the first season.

    • ej says:

      I agree. The Tamara/Greg storyline is just too much additional crap on top of an already disjointed season. While I understand each episode in the latter part of this season seems to be covering a very short period of time, each one a day or two leading into the next, it’s getting tedious. I’m also unsure if the creators have a real idea of what’s going on, since they said at PaleyFest that each season covers about a year realtime, which is clearly not the case; by the end of season 2 it won’t even be a year since the pilot unless Emma (and Henry would be 12, not 11)! Obviously, things got a little thrown off track when Colin (Hook) broke his leg and had to be MIA for a number of episodes, but that’s no excuse for the state the show is in, considering Hook has been rather poorly written anyway. I totally agree with those who’ve said the curse was broken too soon, that the show needs to get back to the classic fairy tale flashbacks as in “The Miller’s Daughter”, and that it has been too much like LOST this season. The creators need to realize that they are not writing for the same audience as LOST. And the ABC programming department needs to realize that having just a few episodes and then a month hiatus repeatedly throughout the season is going to lead to people either DVRing and not watching at all until summer or just giving up!

  17. David4 says:

    They broke the curse at the right time, the show was fine for the first half then completely lost their way.

    Having Cora die was smart, but having Regina care so much is stupid. Her mom killed the love of her life, yet she just continues to blame a young Snow. It’s silly.

    It’s now just too large, too many characters and just seems out of touch and completely lost, treading water. Then last night’s episode was just stupid. “Hey my leg is wooden” and you think the docs won’t think you are nuts? Telling your girlfriend, who we didn’t know who be evil, that you are from fairy tale land and thinking you will understand? It’s just stupid.

    Now the only black character is evil, and wants all the magic to her self in a land that most didn’t know about. It feels too much like LOST now.

    • Louise says:

      No matter what she did, Cora still was Regina’s mother and she was the only person Regina still had left in Storybrooke. After what Snow did to her this time, manipulating her into killing her own mother, Regina has every right to be furious with her. Doesn’t mean she is justified in trying to kill her, but it’s understandable she’s not giving Snow a pass on that one.

  18. tamara says:

    Do you guys not realize that the guys behind OUAT are the same guys from Lost? Of course, its going to be complicated, of course its going to thought provoking. Just have to go along for the ride and see where they take you cause it is sure to be interesting. As for the curse ending too soon, I know for a fact that it was planned that way regardless of length of show. All series are written as if they have a 5 year shelf life. You’re stupid if you don’t. Not many showrunners go in saying “Okay, I got this amazing sahow, but it’s only has a life of one season. Otherwise, that’s called a mini-series…

    • Amanda says:

      Completely agree. TV writing does have to have a plan of multiple seasons and Eddie and Adam have both stated they have the whole series mapped out so the curse being broken was supposed to happen. As for the newer character they all serve a purprose. I am a Lostie and I love that the show resembles it. I’ve always joked that “OUAT” is LOST’s little sister. This season has been amazing to me and better in my opinion than season 1. Also Hook for example was supposed to be in the first season but they couldn’t get the rights till last spring. Eddie and Adam have mentioned this in multiple interviews so he was always planned to be there. Tamara and Greg trying to exploit magic is a great twist and I love the way they add in other characters. I can’t wait to see Robin Hood and hopefully Neverland based off the Paley Fest info.

    • xaverie says:

      That would be the problem. They’re so obsessed with being clever that they keep repeating all the Lost’s mistakes.

    • WhyohWhy says:

      Yes, I realize it’s from the creators of Lost. That was actually a major reason why I considered NOT watching the show. I stopped watching Lost after a couple seasons, and the same may happen for OUAT. The reason I started to watch OUAT, in spite of the Lost connection, was my love Snow White. I still watch it now, but I find very little emotional truth in the show. It’s popcorn to me, not complicated or thought-provoking.

      I actually think this show would have been much better as a mini-series. Focus on the main characters, make the plot complex and interesting, and have a tight show. The need to drag the story out for 5 years creates many of the things I don’t like about it. The need for Emma to not discover the truth for almost a season is why we didn’t get to keep the savvy truth-super-powered Emma of the pilot. Otherwise she would’ve figured everything out much more quickly.

  19. Addie says:

    Good! Maybe the OUaT writers will realize that viewers are interested in characters we already know and love (or love to hate). They dropped the ball so much this season- you wouldn’t know the Charming were just reunited after 28 years and Emma has to suddenly deal with having parents because there’s been zero emotional follow-up on that front. Charming and Emma have barely spoken! And as for the wardrobe reveal and August being turned into a kid again? Snow and Charming apparently aren’t allowed to be upset about that nor about the fact that they’ll never get a second chance with their kid. Nope, let’s instead spend a season watching Regina cry and play the victim and pretend to give a crap about a bunch of new insanely boring “villains.” While killing the one who actually was interesting.

    • M&M says:

      Blaming a single character for all you want but did not got from the show is easy, but does not make much sense in reality.

      • Addie says:

        I’m sorry? Where did I blame a character for not getting what I want? My second sentence clearly stated the “the writers”

  20. Catherine says:

    Just to add to the littany of grievances for OUAT… Kitsis & Horowtz seem hellbent on having a plot-driven season, which has forced character development to the back seat and caused characters to behave in ways they normally wouldn’t all for the sake of action, action, action. They’ve taken a bulldozer to the show with all the plot they are shoving forward. I really hope they will slow things down a bit next season and get back to basics, flashbacks to FTL and focus on Emma as savior. It’s a shame that they have such a talented cast that doesn’t really get to showcase their craft with any depth because they’re too busy supporting all the new characters we don’t care about because they won’t be here two episodes from now.

    • Addie says:

      Putting Emma on the backburner and not letting her have any real reactions/emotions to things is one of the biggest mistakes this season. IA about them wasting the cast they have, there are so many stories they could be telling but refuse to

  21. Mekisha Hale says:

    I’m glad to hear that there were some up tick to the ratings on this newly show on ABC “Red Widow”. By any chance it’s not out of the woods yet as far if it’s going to survive the “Prime Time” line-up. But it’s on Sunday Nights with “Revenge” and it does have a good lean in for the end of the “Prime Time” viewing. Hopefully it will continue to make some waves then only if the fans stick to the show and make it to be the show to watch on Sunday. Just hang in there!!!

  22. MaryAnn says:

    I like this season a great deal. My only complaint was that Regina’s character was plot-driven rather than character-driven in continuing to hate Snow. Now all that is moot, since Regina has a good reason to hate Snow. Ironically, she has once again become more three dimensional, deciding to let Snow’s guilt eat away at her rather than kill her.
    Now my biggest hope is that there will be another major change in everything about the setup of the show at the end of the season, equivalent to the total change at the end of Season 1.

  23. Mikael says:

    I think the biggest problem with this season of Once is that it felt like it was cramming too many plots into one season. Emma and Snow going back to FTL for half the season, Cora being the enemy, Tamara/Owen being the enemy, Hook being the enemy, there’s alot of villain shuffling. I think this season should have been about Regina struggling to be good for Henry’s sake, and Cora manipulating her. Save the other villains for next season. But since I have no idea how this season will end, maybe it’ll all make sense. I do agree that while Hook is VERY nice to look at, he’s not as evil as I was expecting.

  24. jojo says:

    So… OUAT… i gotta say I’m really disappointed by the lack of direction of this season… and by the fact that’s almost becoming a soap opera with everyone related to everyone… and also by the fact that minor characters keep being used as mere plot devices by making them do things that doesn’t fit their personality so that a certain situation can happen in a very convenient way. What’s bother me the most is that they tend to listen too much to the fanbase but NOT in an objective way… they try to make the fans -or at least the online fanbase – happy instead of doing what’s best for the plot… and this is going on from the second half of season one more or less… and it just became more and more evident in season 2… They admitted too in an interview that the curse wasn’t supposed to be broken so soon which explains why 1×22 felt so rushed to me(not only the break of the curse but also the choice of freeing Belle so soon while it’d been more interesting to see Rumple on a mission to rescue her). Season 2 started out with a lack of real continuity with the first one (with too much action compared to s1!) and it soon started adding new characters on new characters without trying to tie in too many of those who were part of season one -which is really odd considerinfg that it’s a small town – who were actually important in season 1… I didn’t see anyone deal with the PROBLEM OF HAVING TOO COLLIDING REALITIES IN THEIR HEADS wich the writers had talked much about during the summer. I expected more attention to the relationship between Emma and both of her parents while we mostly got the Emma/Snow side. The choice of making Bae Henry’s father was a bit obvious and too sloppy was also the choice of showing that he and Emma separated cause someone else got in the way while it would have given more strenght and depth to Neal’s character making him leave for his own reasons… it just cut all the possible angst of the couple imo. Coming to Hook… clearly his character is remarkably fascinating.He’s one hell of “villain” (though this label isn’t has a complicated past too like Regina but seeing Emma trying to trust someone all over again like she did first with Graham than with August is starting to sound a bit repetitive and it’s some sort of a step back in her character development from season one. Though I totally enjoyed the Hook/Cora/Regina (and Rumple) dynamics. A bit let down by the choice of killing CORA that fast after revealing a new and really captivating side of her personality. Anyway what shocked me the most was sunday’s episode 2.18 were I saw fully destroyed and cannibalized one of the best male characters of the show, whose return I was expecting since episode 2: August. They stereotyped him in order to make him look more… killable? to the viewers… and than roughly brushed him off of the rug with a wrap up/redemption that didn’t look like one at all. They killed his character without killing him… which makes me wonder why they bothered bringing him back in the first place at the beginning of the season… it looks like it wasn’t part of their plans while for example Graham’s death was but didn’t want to risk a too strong by directly murdering him…and in the SAME episode they introduced Tamara as the new villain… in a too convinient way since it looks like another sad plot device to make Emma and Neal’s “predestined” (how could they make Neal actually SAY IT!? especially since they had JUST met after 10 years? that’s totally one of those thing you don’t make a character bluntly say since it’s really lame) reletionship sprint forward . And so with August’s death…they cut one of the last few ties to s1(along with his relationship with Emma – which represented her growth in s1 – and his incredible potential) without even a decent reason. Finally Regina, the only character who NEVER let me down… not even this season despite the huge mess the show has become. She’s the only one who seems to have kept his identity and the development done in season one… the only one who’s going through a real tough redemption path sprinkled with some old dear Evil Queen here and there (like she’s doing now with Snow and Greg). She only character I’d watch the show for that’d remind me why I got hooked to OUAT in 2011. But I can’t honestly keep watching since everything else sounds to me foreign and illogical. One last thing is how fast Belle and Red became like last year’s Archie: a regular character who’s become a simple background one since they didn’t know what to make him do. I still think that it was a not-so-wise choice.
    What bothers me the most is that the cast is amazing… but both Eddie and Adam seem to have totally lost control of their own creature. Unless they come up with a real, well-thought plan for next season (like re-thinking some of s2 choices, trying to bring back some of those elements that made s1 so special, or – at least partially – going back to the original plan and stick up to defend it with pride in front of the fans instead of bowing to every irrational request) OUAT will finally turn into a FANFICTION (if it hasn’t already).
    Plus just cause a character isn’t hugely popular doesn’t mean it’s not still important for the plot… so I really hope they stop chopping people out of fear of NOT BEING APPROVED by the fans… it’s a too insecure behaviour from two grown men… and I get they got scared as hell by the reaction after Graham’s death but… come on… I mean… some started caring about him only during his episode so… get over it writers! If they don’t regaign some self-esteem and go back to doing what’s best for the plot… they’re going to destroy the show.
    ps: How’s that they have not yet explained the basic rules of magic? Being still general about it so far is too covenient (like why did Rumple lost his powers when he crosssed the town line while August could do it without becoming a LIFELESS puppet?)
    So… I’m done with s2…though might come back for s3! I’m still holding some hope.

  25. anna says:

    Not surprised that OUAT’s ratings have dropped so much! I really wish that the show hadn’t changed so much from s1! The finale was already totally different from the previous 21…and S2 just went on following the style of 1×22 but almost radically changing all the characters and leaving behind some of the old ones (even IMPORTANT ones like August)… IDK ….it’s like that, aside from the actors and the name of the characters, it’s a total different show from the one I fell for… It’s like disconnected and more focused on the plot than the characters… To me 2×18 sucked cause they screwed a charcter I totally loved and not even in a reasonable way… I mean why the hell would wooden August return as young Pinocchio??? I really hope they AGE HIM BACK AGAIN cause that was a stupid choice! Anyway OUAT is becoming a bunch of more and more new characters I have a hard time caring for… like Greg,Tamara… even Neal cause he’s so boring! And as much as I think Aurora, Mulan, Hook were awesome… in the end they just crowded the scene too. S2 has been a real mess so far and the elements I liked of the show have long gone!

  26. debra Mobley says:

    The problem is they put to many new people on the show and forget about the old ones. Which is why some left the show. And went to other projects. And then there are times when the story makes no sense at all . How many times do we here Henry wine about good will always win. Or mr. Gold. Try to get bel back. And Regina cry about how she will get Henry back and revenge on snow only to be disapointed when Henry picks his real mother. Leaving her all alone. And don’t get me started on the rest of the people which we don’t see any more. Hook needs to go away he is nothing but face value. And now we have robin hood!?!. Who nexts. We don’t see the old. Charters. Muln. Sleeping beautie. Red. Her grandma Sydney glass. The other so called six drfew. You know happy. Sleepiny. Happy. Doc .so far in season two all we see is grumpy. I. Guess dopey is in rehab. And they could at lease stop trying to put new villain in the show they suck sad but true. What makes me mad is they. Start of good then. The story line get to be broing and be for you know it the show gets cancel. That what happen to a show called heroes. If you are from old school heroes was great I love it season one Great . Season too good season three poor season four just by it to have all season of. The series. Once apond a time is. Getting the same way. You. Go back in time. Then come back to the real world. You kill off good charters. Forget about the old ones. Bring in new pople that makes no sense. The stroy just. Stop making sense I hope season three is a lot better

  27. Jpc says:

    We absolutely Adore Red Widow… We need to keep this show. Abc is too quick to dismiss shows. How does Wife Swap have more ratings than REd Widow.

    Love this show it keeps you glued to your seat great Sunday night show.

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