General Hospital Photo Album: 13 Spoilery Takeaways from the Nostalgia-Filled Nurses' Ball!

General Hospital Nurses' Ball SpoilersBy this time next week, General Hospital‘s hotly-anticipated Nurses’ Ball will be gracing the small screen (beginning Monday, April 1) — but why wait until then for a glimpse into the revived fan-fave festivities?

Timed to the ABC soap’s 50th anniversary, the big event will feature familiar faces from GH past and present — and, based on the following sneak peek pics, will also alter countless storylines along the way.

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Scroll on for our spoilery takeaways from the fancy schmancy Nurses’ Ball, then peruse the photos and hit the comments with your observations and snappy judgements!

1 | There’s a step and repeat (!) at the Nurses’ Ball, providing a place for Port Charles’ finest to walk the red carpet (!!) and do interviews (!!!) about the charitable event.

2 | Sabrina has finally undergone her ugly duckling-to-swan makeover — and the results are epic! (To be fair, we thought the adorkable nurse was perfectly lovely as is. But still…)

3 | Brenda is back in town and, as always, looks to be butting heads with her ex Sonny and his ex Carly.

4 | Ellie may very well be overhearing Maxie’s bombshell of a baby secret. Too bad her boyfriend is at the center of it all…

5 | As it should be, the Nurses’ Ball is honoring the “late” Robin Scorpio Drake in a major way.

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6 | AJ and Elizabeth are (still) making seriously googly eyes at each other.

7 | Sam’s date to the festivities (now that John McBain is gone and not coming back…?): Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy aka brother of Val, Kelly Monaco‘s former partner on the competition series.

8 | Richard Simmons is on hand to whip hostess with the mostess Lucy Coe into tip-top shape! (Is the campus disco still open?)

9 | Duke is donning a kilt — and sharing a romantic dance with his ladylove Anna. Might they be recreating their memorable tango from so many years ago?

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10 | In-laws Monica and Tracy are putting aside their differences long enough to perform a number with alpha-nurse Epiphany.

11 | Felicia is still playing the field when it comes to the two loves of her life, Mac and Frisco.

12 | Look at you go, Rick Springfield — er, Dr. Noah Drake.

13 | Not all of the ladies’ gowns will land them on the Best Dressed list. (We’re looking at you, Lucy — but only in that big-bowed black thingamajig.)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I am amazed on today’s episode (4-15-2013) that Britt looks like she is five or six months pregnant and a month more pregnant than on Fridays episode. Get real GH! And I agree with you Patty, we really haven’t gotten to know Sabrina. I like her and I think there can be much more to her character over time. The way Britt treats people (although I feel sorry for her with a mother like hers) and the way she treats children is despicable! If she is pregnant and its Patricks I say sue for full custody and kick her ass back too Switzerland!

  2. Shay says:

    I think given Britt’s newly-discovered intriguing background, that she may end up being a far more complex and redeemable character than previously thought….she definitely is not just a one-dimensional evil villain. If she decides to keep this baby and it truly is Patrick’s(?) she may surprise even her harshest critics when it comes to her until-now buried maternal instincts…I for one am looking forward to seeing how this storyline develops. (I do believe her accelerated pregnancy schedule may simply be a device to move this plot along more rapidly…I would not necessarily read anything more into it….) Whatever means is necessary to bring the pathetic Sabrina/Drake Jr. pairing to an end is preferable to enduring much more of this insufferable fairytale. And for all those with children who think “Nurse Santiago” is just the bomb because she bonded with Emma, let me ask you this, ladies: Suppose you were suddenly taken from your family and there was a young, insipid babysitter who happened to be lurking in the picture who had it bad for your older hubby? Would it be perfectly alright with you for him to just take up with her because the kids may love hanging with her? I do see a huge age and maturity gap with this student nurse/doctor relationship, and it doesn’t seem right to me….and that is on top of simply despising the silly Sabrina character! There are many reasons that viewers are displeased with this budding romance…it rubs people the wrong way on a lot of levels, and these issues have been aired on a number of GH discussion boards. I have just chosen to be more vocal here, since I do not take the time to participate on any other website…but I do read them, and there are quite a few very valid arguments against this particular coupling. The GH ptb’s that seem so intent on pushing this inappropriate pair are really ruining the show for many of us….I was glad to hear mention of Robin’s name today by Dr. O. to Patrick…I hope there will be many more references to her in the near future, along with some clues to all her loved ones that she may be/is still alive. It would be a welcome way to put the kibosh on this stupid little storyline!!!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    I like Patrick with Sabrina she makes him happy and if Robin doesnt wann come back we all should give Sabrina a try at least she loves Emma unlike the Britch Sabrina has stolen my heart sorry Robin but I dont want you back at leasy not anytime soon

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  6. anne says:

    i am trying to find the name of the tango music in genera hospital that was on 06-11-13 where duke danced with emma can anyone tell me what it is called.
    thank you very much