Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Elijah Returns! Plus, Klaus Gets Shirtless With Caroline!

The Vampire Diaries‘ Elena and Rebekah will run into an unexpected face in their search for the cure during next Thursday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), and we’ve got your first look at the much anticipated Original return.

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Rejoice, fans, because Elijah is finally back! While he looks like he’s in good shape, his brother Klaus is in plenty of (shirtless) pain in Mystic Falls. At least he’s not all alone; Caroline offers some reluctant help.

Check out the gallery below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. AcE says:

    Good thing we only have to tolerate Klaroline for like 4 more episodes, it is unbreakable.

    • AcE says:


      • mac says:

        it’s totally unbearble. The show has really lost lots of its original appeal when they started this.
        Glad that Elijah’s back tough, the only character that keeps me watching ^^

        • Temperence says:

          Yeah…. Klaus should have been a scarier, tougher, more dangerous version of Elijah, not… well, what we got. It will be good to have the Originals away from TVD.

          • Lizzie says:

            urgh I hate that damn woobie Klaus. Hopefully they don’t destroy Elijah too with this spin off :/

      • Rrrrrr says:

        100% agree ever since Julie Plec started pandering to the Klaroline fandom the show has been a mess. Although I hate this spinoff (Klaus should die, you know, because that’s only been the point of the past three seasons), but at least I won’t have to deal with him on a weekly basis anymore

        • Sparky says:

          Always felt that Julie Plec ruined this show. Sometimes a baddie should die. This obsession with making the bad guys good and them getting together with someone good is stupid. If only Kevin Williamson would come back and take the reins for a while, put things back on track

        • cat says:

          If Klaus dies…Then who would save our favorite vampires if they get bit by a worewolf?

        • kris says:

          They can’t kill Klaus because the main vampires are of his bloodline so Klaus dies, they die end of the vampire diaries. But they should have just left him frozen in the casket like his father.

    • Betty says:

      Not even your phone agrees with what you want to say..please look closer and you will see why caroline is important in klaus character …and why this ship has a huge fanbase..

  2. Maki says:

    Could it be that Silas posesed Caroline!? And that he is over powering Klaus!?

    • Chelisa says:

      That’s a good idea! Silas could be taking on the form of Caroline. You know, I’ve never been sure if he possesses the power to take on someone else’s bodily shape/looks AND get into people’s minds and possess THEM. Like what he did with Professor Shane (btw, did he die?) and his dead wife; he was just seeing the illusion of her. And now, based off of the last episode, I’m thinking Silas can READ minds, too… Hmm. I’m a little more interested in this Silas character than I was before. And I hope they have an exciting reveal for what he really looks like…otherwise this mystery would be stupid.

      • lll says:

        The last of what we saw of Shane was from Rebecca. Shane’s leg was broken and he needed help. He looked like he was about to die, but we never saw proof.

    • Stayce says:

      That’s what I was thinking, but when he took over Shane’s body Shane ended up dying. So, is that the only way he can take someone over? I can’t imagine they would kill off Caroline, but then again you never know.

    • n says:

      i think no. the situation is Stefan goes to help Damon but not in MF. So you see, Damon, Stefan, Elena, Rebecca, Tyler are all gone. the only person (supernatural creature) who’s still in MF is Caroline! ofcoz he can’t trust Bonnie and Matt. And I think wolf girl is gone to NO or Louisiana. So Klaus can only seek Caroline’s help to get rid of the white oak stick.

      And the spolier also hints that Klaus will get reluctant help from Caroline, so it probably is Caroline herself. She is just dissing Klaus, so that’s y she said “I will give you nothing but misery”, well, 50 shades of Caroline i think. :P the little knife is a tool to help getting the stick out from his back.

      I really like Klaorline and hope they finally will be together! It’s epic!

  3. Josh says:

    Ergh this is too much…Klaus freaking nearly killed…He killed her boyfriend’s mom, is the big reason the boy she loved had to leave town…This show really puts out a disturbing message sometimes..

    • EL says:

      TRUTH! Up until last season, this was by far my favorite show (tied with The Good Wife) but now, its such a disaster. I have no idea what happened, but the writing has deeply gone downhill. Its such a let down as I was really looking forward to this season and now its actually hard to watch!

    • Grrrrp says:

      If that’s the case then Damon and Elena shouldn’t happen either. Nor Stefan and Elena. This show should just be cancelled according to your logic.

      • Meredith says:

        <3 this. People love to overlook how many people those two have killed (and the fact that Damon tried killing Jeremy). I love Klaus and Caroline together (so much good chemistry!!) but know it's not the most realistic storyline. At least in this last episode they tried to show her inner struggle over her feelings.

        • meredith says:

          Thank you! Gosh everyone on here hates Klaus, and he’s my favorite charactor! If he dies, I may not continue watching the show. You all are nuts! I agree with you, I love Caroline and Klaus together. Period. :)

    • AT says:

      And Tyler tried to kill him. Not to mention Caroline participated in genocide TWICE with Kol and Finn (killing thousands of vamps good or bad). TWO brothers who Klaus LOVED. Kind of like how Tyler loved his own Mom. Then Caroline killed 12 witches so Bonnie could live. TWELVE!!!! Oh, and that hybrid death she orchestrated so he would die instead of Elena (and he was a good person who was friends with Tyler). But hey…he wasn’t her friend. Klaus was right about the “less terrible” comment. Just saying

      Anyway, I’m sorry, but there are no moral characters on this show so I don’t think it’s about sending out disturbing messages. Look at Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff was horrible! But you still rooted for him and Cathy because of their deep love. I’m not saying TVD belongs in the same literary greatness of WH, BUT the idea remains the same. TVD is about vampires and other various supernatural creatures who belong on the outskirts of society. And yet they try to fit in with normal humans. In many ways they try to find their own humanity even though it’s not always there. Every main character in this story has done reprehensible things, but still this is their story whether or not you agree with the actions of the characters. Caroline has been fighting her attraction to Klaus because if she admits it then she admits that she herself is also a creature with darkness inside of her. In many ways they are alike. So no matter how bad Klaus is, all of the other characters are also bad. To see otherwise is to continue to see through the lens of the characters like Caroline and Elena who have not quite realized the “sins” they have committed. I guarantee the consequences of committing genocide against two lines of vampires will eventually haunt them. One day they will realize what they have done. And what have they done? They’ve killed all in the name of protecting their own clique. What has Klaus done? He’s killed in the name of love. Love for his family, albeit in a misguided way. And love for the want of family and friends.

      Klaus, Damon, Stefan, Elijah, etc…all Byronic Heroes. They are not supposed to be “moral.” They are supposed to be disturbing. I think people in today’s society have begun judging characters too much based on “moralizing” them. Or whether or not it’s politically correct for a CHARACTER to fall in love with a Byronic Hero anymore because it “might” send a bad message to the youth or society. Well guess what? Men were telling women the same thing in the 18th century. Reading gothic novels was unhealthy and bad for them sending disturbing messages to the frail minds of women. Hmmm. Sound familiar? Sorry for the long rant, but it’s become a pet peeve of mine.

      These are characters in a story telling a story. And most of them are “monsters.” There’s nothing normal about them. And I don’t think there’s anything in this story to tell me that the writers are trying to tell the audience that dating psychopathic serial killers is a good idea. What a laugh.

      • Cassandra_Elise says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more, AT. Of course, most people who read your comment probably don’t even know what a “Byronic Hero” is. After all, that would require reading classic literature…

        • AT says:

          Sad but true. Most people don’t know literary archetypes or even read classic books anymore. And based on many of the comments I’m reading on here, it just reiterates that many people have taken on the perspective of men from the 18th and 19th centuries who wanted to control what “silly” women read (in this case…watch). Ironic in a post feminist society. Even more so when its some of the feminists (and I consider myself to be one) screaming the loudest. It’s amazing how people only see Klaus’ crimes (and perhaps Damon’s) and still refuse to see the rest of the characters’. Let’s all say it together…ELENA, CAROLINE, STEFAN, BONNIE, etc…COMMITTED GENOCIDE AGAINST TWO BLOODLINES. Not to mention all the other crimes they’ve committed in the name of preserving their own group and loved ones. It’s only THEIR loved ones who matter. You know the characters have psychotic tendencies when they don’t even recognize genocide as wrong (somehow I don’t see the Doctor picking up the characters as potential companions. :)) Elena only cried over the first “human” death she caused. It’s amazing how “disturbed” people are by the Caroline and Klaus relationship but aren’t “disturbed” by genocide or a teenage girl having a relationship with the “Ripper”. That all said, there is nothing wrong with writing the characters this way because it fits within the logic of the story. I honestly don’t get why people are upset that the writers aren’t writing the characters to be “moral.” Or are these the reactions of upset Tyler/Caroline shippers?

          • Josh says:

            OH my God…they are not Byronic heroes! You can try throwing out recent vocabulary words to make your point stronger but they don’t fit. Byronic heroes are moody bastards but they aren’t murderers. Plus, you seem to assume that making them Byronic characters is an excuse to like them? Why? I thought Heathcliff too, and Heathcliff never killed anyone’s family. The problem with Modern Byronic characters are that they are a product of their time. Female characters weren’t as strong back then, because they couldn’t be. Seeing a strong willed girl like Caroline end up with Klaus is disturbing.

            I love how AT brings up sexism as a reason to be against these characters. You’re kidding me right? You realize how little sense that makes? Almost everyone who is against Klaus and Caroline don’t want her in that relationship but they like her, because they don’t want her going that down someone who TRIED TO KILL HER(which, some might view as dangerous and abusive). But yeah, we’re just trying to save the frail mind of women and put them in their place.

            What a second, controlling women? You mean like Damon and Stefan try to do to Elena? Or Klaus wants to do to Caroline? My main issue with this show is that the female characters are NOT strong enough. Look at Elena. She was great in the first two seasons but starting in season, she became NOTHING but a point in a love triangle. She wasn’t even a character. Caroline, who was going through this amazing journey of self-discovery with her mom and her dad, is now regulated to yet another love triangle storyline. Bonnie basically went crazy due to a guy.

            Vampire Elena is FINALLY growing a backbone and doing things her way, and people are calling foul and calling her a “bitch”…She’s acting like the male characters, save for the non-stop slaughtering and trying to destroy everyone’s lives.

            And I love the people who point out “But the others committed genocide!”…God, all that time I was watching Buffy, I was watching a genocidal maniac! People seem to love using the excuse, “They’re vampires, of course they’re murderers!”…so how is killing a bunch of murderers who can’t be changed a bad thing? How is that comparable to Klaus, Damon, or Stefan killing INNOCENT people.

            But the killing of 12 innocents was wrong. I said in the other thread, these people are HORRIBLE. They are the most selfish human beings on the planet. They constantly sacrifice innocent people to save each other. These has practically become a show about villains at this point. They’re not even anti-heroes. Anti-heroes at least help people, but who do these people help? Elena mostly. And somehow it results in the death of a lot of people ALL THE TIME.

            So yeah, again you’re barking up the wrong tree there. You’re assuming a lot of things about the people who don’t want Klaus with Caroline and you’re pretty much wrong on all counts. And the fact is Klaus is the worst of them. He’s the King of the Horrible People and Caroline is probably the least(even after killing 12 innocent people…that’s how horrible these people are haha)

            As for who I want Elena with…Well I’ve never wanted her with Damon because he’s dangerous and controlling. And after the Ripper Episodes, I never wanted her with Stefan. So wrong again :). I would like if these female characters can just be by themselves for a while, play the field, have some fun…have some normal things in their life. I don’t want Elena, Bonnie or Caroline with any of the vampires. Yes, it’s called the Vampire Diaries…but I just want a break from it. Elena’s character has been swallowed whole by the love triangle, Caroline lost so much of her spark and Bonnie, who use to be the group’s sane person has gone CRAZY.

            There is a large difference between having immoral characters and having characters who are just downright horrible and impossible to root for. And again, don’t assume that I don’t like my immoral characters. Both in TV, movies and books I’ve read plenty of not so great people and loved them just the same. It’s all in the writing and these writers aren’t doing a very good job.

      • Cathy O. says:

        Well put, agree totally.

  4. June says:

    I want the spin-off to come quicky so I can stop watching this show… I can’t stand anyone anymore. I thought I hated only Elelna, but god, now it’s everyone… I only keep watching for Klaus.

    Unpopular opinion, I know. Idgaf.

    • Judi says:

      I agree with you. Elena is more than annoying. Watched this show from the start. Not liking it too much now. Kinda sad. I like Jeremy, he’s gone, liked Tyler, he’s gone, hardly ever see Matt anymore. Have to say Vincent and Katherineon BATB are way hotter together than anyone on TVD ever was.

      • Bo says:

        Damon and Elena could be like Vincent and Kat if the writers wanted that sort of thing
        their love scene in my brothers keeper was ruinred the moment that started showing Stefan and Caroline and the dreadful sirebond
        l was literally screaming and angry

    • Lena says:

      I’m glad the spin-off is in the works. Then all the fans who complain nonstop about Klaus and the originals can enjoy the TVD triangle of doom and the next Elena crisis in peace. I’m also dropping this show as soon as the Originals happen.

    • sherry says:

      Not really that unpopular.
      People usually come to TVLine to complain about The Originals, but they’re very popular in general and a lot of people watch TVD for them.

      • totally agree. this handful of people come here to complain but most fans who are still watching TVD, LOVE The Originals, just like the majority of fans of the show at the moment are the Klaroline fans because most Delena+Stelena shippers, also support Klaus&Caroline. So yeah, The Originals will be picked up and will be super successful because a huge amount of fans are only still watching TVD either for Klaus, or for Klaroline, or for any of the other Originals and their dynamics. and then you can all be happy with your main love triangle on TVD and stop complaining with everything that is done of interesting in this show.

    • Bo says:

      Julie Plec ruined TVD by focusing too much on the originals now Caroline is relegated to a love interest , Matt where is he , Bonnie what is up with her development , Stefan feels like a supporting character ,Damon only good thing about the original cast ,Elena l don’t find annoying shes just acting like a petrova
      l liked Elena before but at least this may help her character become better we all know she won’t be a vamp forever
      -The originals leaving is exactly why l’m defiantly going to be watching because the show is going to go back to being like it was in season 1
      next year plus in regards to Tyler after last season l got the feeling they didn’t know where to go with him anymore

  5. Hyde says:

    what the hell is up with Stefan’s hair here? He looks like one of the Backstreet Boys from the first album!

  6. isablle says:

    I love the originals, cant wait for this episode and the spin off. Klaus keeps me watching tvd, yeah he does bad evil things but thats why I love him and jm plays it so interesting. If we only watched and rooted for good people on this show there’d be no one and no couples to support.

  7. Amber says:

    I only watch for Klaus anymore. As much as I love Damon, its getting hard to watch. Can’t wait for The Originals!

    And Klaus can’t die. If he dies, the all die. Remember? :D

  8. Serina says:

    Ahhh i’m so excited for Elijah’s return. The Originals keep this show going. When the spin off airs, am not really sure if TVD will be as popular but I will most likely still continue watching it.

  9. Jonas says:

    Dude…. The notion of Caroline and Klaus is repulsing. He needlessly killed her best friend’s family and her friends and her boyfriend. I know it’s a show about murderous vampires, but at least Stefan and Damon show some humanity/remorse. Klaus is the Vampire world equivalent of Chris Brown.

    Done w/ this show.

    • EL says:

      could’t agree more!

    • Daisy says:

      I completely agree. Then again, I can’t really understand all the love for Elena and Damon as a couple because Damon killed Jeremy. It was lucky that Jeremy was wearing his ring, but nonetheless, Damon killed him, yet everybody loves Elena and Damon together. That’s kind of what I don’t understand. Also, Damon made Bonnie’s mom into a vampire, fed off of Caroline (and used her) and has done so many horrible things to the people Elena loves. I kind of can’t believe that Elena could forgive him for all these things. I know they kind of chalk it up to ‘everybody has done bad things’, but seriously? killing someone’s brother can’t be a forgiveable thing can it? I guess it is according to this world.

      • Jonas says:

        To be honest, I have the same issues with Damon.. but they’ve gone to “great lengths” to “redeem” him. Klaus’ characterization is just lazy and pandering. I just wish people would be accountable for their actions, even vampires. Angel never stopped paying for the things he did and never pretended otherwise. OK rant over

        • AT says:

          I’m pretty sure writers hate to be called lazy. Pandering to who? Someone other than you? It seems to me they have been consistently portraying the Klaus character the way they want to. His character has been very consistent and is actually a well developed Byronic Hero. His “focus” on Caroline makes sense. It’s not lazy to do research and create a well known literary archetype, albeit in a paranormal romance setting meant to be more “sensational” than great art. The Byronic Hero seeking redemption is a familiar story. Nowadays you take the literary horror monster (ie: The Vampyre) combine it with the Byronic Hero of the Bronte persuasion (see Rochester and Heathcliff) which then ultimately presents a romantic monster struggling with the beast within. That said, a character doesn’t need to be repentant to be well developed.

          • Elisa says:

            LOL Since when is Klaus “struggling with the beast within”? Last I checked he was reveling in it. He only shows vulnerability to get Caroline to like him, not for redemption. He’s irredeemable. Please AT, give us a break on your latest literary class lessons.

          • Lizzie says:

            They are pandering to his fanbase with lazy and sloppy writing. I liked Klaus at first but the handling of his character at this point is beyond annoying… I wouldn’t classify him as a Byronic Hero. Klaus is not a woobie. He is a manipulative son of a bitch who revels in what he is. If any of the originals were to be classified as that it would be Elijah.

            All of this because Julie Plec has a hard-on for Joseph Morgan… -_-;

      • n says:

        freakly, Damon loving Elena doesn’t mean he also loving her brother. he only needs to be good to Elena, he doesn’t need to be good to her brother or to everyone. and that’s y Elena can’t help but fall in love wiht him, becoz he really treats her good.

        Besides, Jeremy couldn’t be dead when Damon killed him becoz he’s wearing the ring. In this crazy supernatural world, people is killed and then alive which is quite a normal thing. So I dont think Damon will take it serious, um.. kind of used to, i think. But ofcoz it can only be okay in TV or fiction! You can’t find vampire in the real world, right?

    • AT says:

      Remorse fixes all…LOL. Funny how you compare Klaus to Chris Brown but say Damon and Stefan are better because they apologize. That sounds like the epitome of someone rationalizing an abusive relationship. But he said he was sorry…That said, you said it yourself. It’s a show about murderous vampires. Excuses are made for the “group” but not for Klaus. Was his killing as needless as you say it is in Klaus’ eyes? Did they not kill his two brothers and their entire bloodlines? Yes or no? Did they not continuously try to kill him when he tried to make peace? Also, has Klaus never shown remorse? No. That is not the case. Anyway, just pointing out a little hypocrisy.

  10. WhyohWhy says:

    I miss Elijah. I really wish he had been on the show more. I’m not sure if I’ll watch The Originals. I’m not a huge Klaus or Rebecca fan. But I love Elijah. I think it will all depend on the execution of the show. I’m ready for TVD to be less about the Originals.

  11. ollie says:

    about time elijah is back( yes iI know the actor has been busy which is great).

  12. Cathy O. says:

    Glad Elijah is back. It looks like Elena may try to manipulate Elijah by coming on to him in order to get the cure. I am ready for the sire bond, Silas and humanity thing to come to an end. I have to admit the writing for Seasons 1 and 2 was much better than now. This has been the worst season so far because nothing is really making sense to me especially how the sire bond works. I am still hoping for some type of logical closure by the end of the season.

  13. Krista says:

    I will go against the majority as well. Klaus has been a great addition to show. I think we need to remember that when it all comes down to it that this is a soap opera, and I just go with it. At least they haven’t had incest yet!

    • Alex says:

      Yeah, Klaus is cool. Nearly all the other main male characters on the show are poorly developed (Matt), awful characters played by awful actors (Tyler and Stefan), or wasted (Jeremy). I like Damon, but it’s hard to get past some of the crap he’s pulled. At least with Klaus, his motives tend to make sense based on his viewpoints.

  14. chelsey bennick says:

    season 4 has the show going down hill. ruined elena as we all knew her..we only need one katherine.damon and elena are never going to get a real chance…but i love.klaus and caroline just wish they would give us more! and killing off jeremy ruined the show.

  15. Tisha says:

    I think the only reason Caroline is helping Klause is because if he dies, then all those he sired and they sired will die. There really is no choice but to help him. He looks really good shirtless and I’m so excited to see that Elijah is back!

  16. Meerna says:

    I’m also a big fan of the Orginals and look forward to the show. And as TVD is just a TV show meant to entertain, I’m not really concerned about morality issues and just enjoy the Klaus and Caroline scenes and the chemistry of the actors. More please – maybe in New Orleans…

  17. n says:

    There is one thing i dont understand, isn’t it the white oak stick unbreakable? When Esther combined the magical ring with the white oak stick, she said it’s an ultimate weapon, it couldn’t be distroied so that it could kill five original vampires. But now, Salis broke it off. How? Is that we have 2 ultimate weapons now? i am confused

  18. vannesa180 says:

    i dont like katherine and elijah together.but honestly this episode it wasnt as good as i thought..i feel like they are draging this cure story line on longer than it needs to be..cause they dont really know where to go with the story