Scandal Recap: Smile! You're on Candid Camera

Scandal Season 2 SpoilersAfter leaving us with a rare “meh” outing, ABC’s Scandal returned strong on Thursday, serving an episode that revisited the wounds Olivia and Fitz both are nursing, shed further light on Jake Ballard’s agenda/capabilities, gave the White House a big “W” in the wake of a loss, and ended with a gladiator in the crosshairs.

CHEATERS NEVER WIN | The Case of the Week — involving CEO Sarah’s long-ago affair with Fitz’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Randall — offered no massive twists, save for the fact that the indiscretion wasn’t as “long ago” as originally seemed, but it was well-cast with House‘s Lisa Edelstein and The Shield‘s Jay Karnes (last seen making waves on Last Resort). The main conflict here came from the fact that it put Liv on the opposite side of Cyrus and the White House, in that she was laboring to spin her client’s tale as a brief lapse in judgement while Cy’s mission was to paint Sarah a crazed stalker.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s employer angled to sack her by citing a morality clause, setting the stage for a fun face-off between Harrison and their in-house counsel. In the end, Harrison and Abby bluffed the company’s board of directors into submission (brandishing an empty box “full” of dirt on every one of them).

EXPLORING THE RUINS | The damage done to Sarah’s marriage was not so easily squelched, however, as husband Phil went from understanding to betrayed, as more details about the affair — including how it cast aspersion on their daughter’s paternity — played out in the public arena. The sad saga played out, literally at one point, against Liv’s unexpected “reconnection” with Fitz, when he rang her one night to express his disappointment over (among other things) her torpedoing his nominee.

“You didn’t think I was good enough [to be president],” the slightly buzzed Commander-in-Chief started. Then: “I trusted you, you know…. You were all I had. You ruined me. I’m ruined.” Olivia retorted, “I’m ruined,” only to get back a dismissive, “I don’t care.”

Hey, at least they’re talking…?

‘DRINK THE DAMN WINE’ | After that sobering confab, Olivia found herself sharing with Sarah a $300 bottle of wine — OK, two, one for each of them, no glasses — as they commiserated over issues each could relate to. “How do you fix betrayal?” Sarah wondered. Olivia was cold comfort, saying, “Betrayal always has a price…. You did what you thought was best at the time.”

Elsewhere in the hour….

TO THE RESCUE | Olivia delivered to Jake the intel her team dug up on the CIA mole — namely, a damning fax that would ultimately lead to the rescue of the three American hostages in Kashfar. A huge win for Fitz, at Olivia’s doing — though he doesn’t know it. Along the way, Jake got snapped by a pap while with Liv, so at episode’s end he invaded the shutterbug’s home, pinched the memory card, and when confronted beat the photog to a pulp. Afterward, he showed up at Liv’s to celebrate the hostage rescue, smiling at his own hidden cameras as she fetched the “mugging” vic some ice.

STARCH ENEMY Huck and Quinn had a not merely enjoyable but relatively significant B-story, as he taught her the art of stalking, all Jedi/padawan-like. (Rule No. 1: Don’t go to a dry cleaner if you don’t have a shirt to offer up!) Though their efforts paid off — CIA boss Osborne is using said dry cleaner as his drop — at hour’s end we saw that Quinn is now on the stone-faced mole’s radar. Ruh-roh.

THIS ‘N’ THAT | Mellie grew curious about Fitz’s mysterious thrice-weekly late-night meeting, assuming he had started snogging Liv again. In the end, she ID’d Jake as the person her husband was confabbing with, suggesting to a newly insecure Cyrus that it’s he who is being “cheated” on…. Prior to their bluffing of the board, Harrison and Abby had a heart-to-heart about how things are different between them ever since she learned that he can be “a gladiator first, and a person second.” For her, it’s not so easy.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Top of the Hour”?

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  1. Jess says:

    Lisa Edelstein absolutely and totally nailed it!!! Best guest star ever!!! :D Own show for Lisa please!

  2. KCC says:

    I hope that Jake doesn’t turn out to be creepy. I like him!

    • Pam says:

      I like him too! Can’t wait for next week

    • susela says:

      Too late! He’s already creepy.

    • Whatever says:

      Mugging for his own hidden cameras. I think he has already arrived at the creepy place.
      Although I was kinda hoping he wouldn’t be…

    • I never trusted him. Remember the show is call Scandal. He’s too smooth, he’s cute, charming, he’s like an officer & agentlment everything you would want in a suitor . As a friend of mind said, “Snake In The Grass” No one thought it was weird he knew where she was at the clients house and where she lived at? How did he know where she lived that haven’t gotten that far in their relationship? The part that really turned me off from him is the fact he stills watches Olivia. If is intentions are noble, just stop watching, he’s lying to Fitz about her anyway so, whats the purpose? If you wants to date her then date her like anyone else on your own merits, not the ones you learn about her by watching her.

    • bad romance says:

      He started off dating a woman he was hired to spy on. He STARTED at creepy. The only place left to go was criminal and he’s there.
      Next stop dangerous.

  3. TVPeong says:

    What did Harrison expect? He used her abuse to get her to believe a lie.

  4. Alichat says:

    I found the phone conversation between Fitz and Olivia to be disappointing. I thought it would be meatier…..more revealing….and that Olivia would be more on the defensive.

    • theOtherMonique says:


    • Cheyenne says:

      Why should she be on the defensive? Fitz needs to stop whining and grow the hell up. Would he have rather lost the election? Because he damn well would have, if they hadn’t rigged it for him.

      • Alichat says:

        Why should she be on the defensive? Because Fitz is attacking her. As Garret said (below), Fitz has had a year to deal with this. I was expecting their phone conversation to be his drunken declarations that she betrayed him, and then Olivia going on the defensive. I thought it was going to be a conversation where she points out that she never would have done it if she didn’t love him….that having him talk of not being able to take the failure was too heartbreaking for her, and that’s what put her over the edge. That’s what I expected to hear after she says “I’m ruined.” The conversation was disappointing….on both sides.

        • Cheyenne says:

          She’s probably sick and tired of feeling guilty over hurting him, and I don’t blame her. He needs to man up and get over it.

        • bad romance says:

          The conversation was disappointing because the writers are dragging out a conflict that would have been over by now for effect.

      • Bjohns says:

        Guess he forgot he sent Verna to an early funeral. Talk about disappointment.

      • bad romance says:

        Maybe he WOULD rather have lost. They should have asked him.

    • Garret says:

      I agree. Right now the show is on the border between making Fitz unlikeable or a person you’re suppose to have compassion for. I’m leaning towards the former. I know Olivia betrayed him and blah blah blah but months (in the shows time) have passed and I’m starting to be over the drunk declarations of betrayal he is spitting at Olivia. I’m starting to not care if Olivia and Fitz end up together or not. But on another note, Lisa E was awesome.

      • Maybe I read it wrong – but Fitz is destroyed because he thinks the love of his life didn’t think he was good enough to win the White House on his own. He doesn’t want to give it up – which is why he killed Verna – she was going to tell. He just is so hurt that the one person who he thought thought that he was invincible – didn’t, and it has devastated him.

        And Jake is ooky and a total creep – haven’t you figured that out yet.

        • Yari1565 says:

          Agree he’s shattered not because of the rigging but because the one person he trusted the most lied to him.
          Olivia lied to him for over two years. She had plenty of time to tell him the truth. Yes Fitz is being a jerk but he’s being human. People react to betrayal in different forms. Olivia in the other hand has not apologized to him. She should apologize, not for the rigging since she did that for love, but for not being honest with him.
          I think some people are confusing one with the other.

      • Olea says:

        Whatever the writers intended, Fitz is unlikeable and a murderer. I hope the show is now about how Olivia extricates herself from any connection to him, not about how they get back together.

        • DreamRose311 says:

          I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one that found him unlikable before all that happened. Like from the first time she said ‘no it’s over’ and he pressed until she finally caved.

          Also this thinking he wasn’t good enough to be president, he wouldn’t be president if she didn’t think he was good enough. He’s such a fool

          • GeekGirl13 says:

            You are not alone, DreamRose311. I’ve disliked the relationship almost from the start, and Fitz since that same point you reference. I sincerely hope them together isn’t Shonda’s endgame. Jake, on the other hand, while creepy, I would like to see redeemed.

        • Truth says:

          @Olea- I SO agree with you. The relationship is just not the same and I don’t feel the same about fitz like I use to but maybe that was intentional by the writers.

        • bad romance says:

          Olivia has covered up Hollis’s mass murder and sent Huck out to save Hollis’ life, besides covering up Reston’s murder of a handyman in season 1 AND rigging an election.
          She’s still associating with Cyrus,who murdered Amanda Tanner, and you’re upset about Fitz killing a woman who murdered his employee and shot him in the head?
          If anyone ought to extricate themseles it’s Fitz, who she keeps lying to and dumping as the mood strikes her.
          But he won’t extricate himself and neither will she because if they split that couple up the ratings will suffer and the show wll be canned in less than 2 seasons.
          They should just end this contrived drama between them.
          In reality they would have made up long before now.

  5. Truth says:

    Hey ladies and gents! It’s been awhile since we all met to discuss our favorite show. I actually missed talking to you all LOL. Here are my thoughts from tonight’s episode:

    OPA- I just watched season 1 all over again so I’m really happy to see the show return back to the case of the week. That’s one of the reasons I feel in love with the show to begin with. The case was just scandalous all around! Gotta LOVE Harrison. He’s just too smooth and sexy all at the same time lol. I’m liking this new Quinn and abby is getting back to being a gladiator. I hope she really is over the Harrison betrayal because they work well together. You just gotta love the whole Quinn and huck dynamic. They work so well together. She’s gonna get quite the education maybe even start drinking that “whiskey” lol. I knew that guy was onto Quinn because she was too obvious. Now it’s about to get real and huck may have to drink more whiskey to save Quinn and you know he will.

    Cyrus- It’s good to see cyrus get back to the monster we all know him to be lol. He was pretty much doing his version of fixing things if you think about it. I think it’s crazy that when fitz is shutting him out he’s running back to Olivia to complain but when things are good between him and fitz he throws Olivia to the wolves. I wonder how he’s gonna handle all of this jake ballard stuff. He shouldn’t have gotten too comfortable thinking fitz had really let him back in.

    Mellie- It’s time for her to hang it up. The man don’t want you mellie and your starting to lose all credibility and respect as the first lady. Did y’all see how when she walked in the room and said “What are we celebrating” and everybody just looked at her and didn’t answer? If that doesn’t say “no respect for the first lady” I don’t know what does. Is it me or does mellie know Jake Ballard? When she saw him leave the office she had a look on her face like she knew him. I wasn’t surprised that she did her digging on him.

    Fitz- UGH!!! I’m getting pretty sick of fitz to be honest. I’m so tired of him whining. So what she rigged the election. She did it because she loved him. And just when I think he can’t go any lower he calls her just to whine and complain about he’s ruined. Last time I checked you were still the president and none of the American people know that the election was rigged. I think he should just suck it up and turn that negative into a positive and use that platform to be the best president he can and if anything prove everybody else wrong who doubted him and thought he wouldn’t make a good president. Anywho I’m on the fence with fitz right now. He has to work hard to get back into my good graces.

    Jake- You know on one end I’m really liking this dude! He really seems like he’s into Olivia and not to mention he’s nice to look at LOL. I knew he was gonna track that guy down and get that camera chip so fitz wouldn’t find out. That alone shows me that he really likes her and wants to be with her. However maybe I missed something but was he suppose to give fitz that information and did he pass it off as his own? I don’t think so because he said it was an anonymous source. I do have to say I loved when he sat down and then winked at the camera. I said to myself this man got balls. It’s good to know that he’s not afraid of fitz and is willing to fight for liv. I think this is gonna blow up in fitz face as well it should because he shouldn’t have been spying on her in the first place. Jake is looking good to me right now and they are suppose to kiss on the next episode so that should surely spark something.

    Olivia- Again I’m glad to see she’s back to fixing things and doing what she’s good at. I don’t know for some reason it felt like we didn’t see enough of her in the episode though but that could just be me. The whole phone call thing was B.S. I don’t think she should be pining after him. I like how firm she was with him when he first called but then her voice started cracking. He was rude as usual but she still held her own. At this point if he don’t wanna listen then so be it. She can’t keep running herself into the ground over it. Like she said to her client it he can’t forgive you then you have to forgive yourself. That to me meant forgive yourself and move on with your life! I want her to go further with jake but I just know there’s gonna be a twist with him but I’m hoping that’s not the case.
    All in all another great episode!!!!!

    • Damn you know need to have your own blog or tumblr, I loved reading what you had to say. You seem like a true gladiator and I totally with what you had to say.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Olivia wanted Jake to get the information to the president, but he couldn’t know the info came from her. Jake did what she asked him to.

      Totally agree with you about Fitz. I want to slap him upside the head. He’s acting like a spoiled brat. I hope Olivia and Jake really get it on. Teach Fitz a lesson about throwing away a good thing.

      Best scene of the night: Fitz takes the baby and slams the door in Mellie’s face. OUCH!

      • Truth says:

        @Cheyenne- Thanks for clarifying that for me. Yes Fitz is starting to aggravate me seriously. Get over it already. I know some fitz lovers are gonna blame it on the writing of his character but I don’t care about that LOL he needs to get a huge grip and be a MAN. The drinking is starting to become dull too.

      • JT says:

        I am in total agreement with you. Fitz is working my last nerve. He needs to grow and stop feeling sorry for himself.

    • What? says:

      “So what she rigged the election” <————– Say whaaaaat? That election rigging got him a bullet to the head. He almost DIED b/c Verna thought she needed to rid the American people of an illegitimate president. How do you expect him to just get over that?

      • liz says:

        Good point. I was leaning toward him being a whiner as well until you reminded me about the assassination attempt which was a direct result of the rigging. Interesting. I’m sure he will get over it soon. I see a showdown by fitz and Jake on the horizon..

      • obviously honey you werent paying attention like all the other people who seem to be fed up with Fitz. Im not. The man can behave any how he wants to behave to these people especially Liv. When they were campaigning. Fitz clearly stated he wantd to run a clean campaign. He said ‘Everything above board, win or lose’ I remember him saying that in Season 1 epsidoe 6 ‘The Trail’ . Something tells me he wouldnt have minded losing as long as everything was done above board. So they ALL disregarded this and decided what was best for him. Did anybody ask Fitz?

        • Cheyenne says:

          He had no problem murdering a dying old lady in her bed, so do you really suppose he would have preferred to lose the election rather than win by any means? He’s no saint. He’s as corrupt as the rest of them and he’s too big a hypocrite to admit it.

          • False says:

            Verna was dying and she was old, but I don’t know that I would call her a lady. She was as complicit in the election rigging as the rest of them. She tried to have the POTUS assassinated and had an innocent press secretary killed in the crossfire (anyone shedding tears for her kids that are now left without a mother?). Verna had it coming. Shonda said in an interview that the writers’ original idea was for Huck to kill Verna (to protect Liv). Would people be more forgiving of Huck than they are with Fitz?

          • pfruit says:

            I totally agree with false. They decided to rig the election not fitz, he was going to walk away from the presidency because he knew his affair & his love for liv made him lie and they plotted to keep him in office. He has a right to be pissed. Liv has not apologized or explained herself. & the fact that everyone keeps calling fitz a murderer. Verna was dying and going to leak the truth and be dead while he who had no clue and everyone else suffered for it. not to mention she had the man shot in the head!!! how about we all his murdering tendencies a side effect of a bullet to the brain! Liv and fitz need to have a face to face convo to clear the air.
            I also think that even though Jake is creepy I kinda like him but that CIA director is going to go after Liv since he now knows about quinn and will soon find out she works for liv. My prediction is that liv is going to be in danger and fitz is going to send jake to protect her and this whole creepy threesome is going to blow up!

        • Deinara says:

          Fitz said win or loose for the primary against Sally… then he got to spot to run for Pres and if you remember in the wood chopping scene he confessed how badly he wanted the job, cried in her arms and that is when she decided to do it!

          I am a bit tired of his whining, but they writers will not let them “get over” or “resolve it”. That cannot happen until they actually have a heart to heart or shout to shout about the facts of the whole plot. Fitz needs to understand that she was the Last person, on the Last day, to do it & why she did it. His reasons for her thinking she did it are not the true ones and they really need to have that conversation.

          IMO that chat cannot happen until Hollis (he is the only one outside the “crazy triad (Fitz, Liv, Mellie) with no personal agenda related to them who could tell the true story of the conspiracy and have Fitz believe it. I have been hoping they would bring Hollis back, & have him do that. I have my fingers crossed.

          I think Jake may turn out to be the mole. I think the CIA guy is a double agent, & his through enemy contacts found out about a mole and has been trying to find out who it is. I think he may be using Liv, but is coming to have feeling for her as well. Jake beating the crap out of the photog to get the camera make me think he is the mole. He did not have to use that much trauma on the other guy (his training I’m sure should have taught him simple ways to put people to sleep for a while without smacking them all over a room). I’m thinking that Shonda wanted us to see that side of him for a reason (I have learned my lesson from re-watching old episodes).

    • jerzygirl45 says:

      Jake WAS supposed to give Fitz the info. Remember Olivia said he couldn’t let anyone know it came from her, because she knew Fitz would never trust it, if he knew.

    • DianaDT says:

      I agree with your recap, I agree you also really get the show! I have to say I love to hate Fitz, I always have. I agree with a few post above about Fitz. He was always a brat if you ask me, he was just riding high being the Knight in Shining Armour but after finding out about the rigging and Olivia..I personally think yes he is disappointed in her…but in reality he had to face who He really is. All these characters are complicated….and that is exactly how I love the show!
      Great recap!!

    • Mary says:

      Totally agree truth!!! I too am loving me some Jake and am pulling for something to happen between him and Liv!

    • bad romance says:

      It’s interesting how everyone is sick of Fitz not knowing Olivia did it out of love.
      You do know he’s not watching the show, right?
      He only knows what she tells him and all she’s told him is she made a mistake.
      She’s NEVER said why( which in my opinion is contrived writing).
      All Fitz knows is she left him within a month of entering the white house without explanation.
      Rejected his offer to resign to be with her and arranged for his wife to take credit for the tape of their first night together AND have another baby.
      Stopped taking his calls a few months later to move on with Edison.
      Just before she finally arees to wait for him while he risks his political career to be with her, he finds out she rigged an election and her explanation takes 10 months and amounts to ‘I made a mistake’
      Which part of that screams ‘I love you?’
      I don’t doubt Olivia DOES love Fitz, but we see her crying in closets and restaurants, Fitz DOESN’T.
      She’s going to ‘take her relationship to the next level’ with Jake in the next episode and so she WILL start sleeping with a man who is spying on her, lying to his friend and beating up photographers.

  6. Margaret says:

    So exciting…every week’s a winner! Glad to see Olivia branching out to other clientele, but still inexorably connected to Fitz and the WH! Brilliant drama, and writing!

  7. Pete says:

    Lisa Edelstein was my favorite guest ever so far. She completely stole the show tonight and she is right there with Kerry Washington. The heartfelt scenes they both shared were some of the best female performances I’ve seen in a while. Well done show!

  8. Scandalite says:

    Lisa Edelstein killed it. I loved her on House but this was just an Emmy worthy performance. Her scene with Olivia drinking wine from the bottle is one of the best scenes between two female characters i´ve seen on TV

  9. theOtherMonique says:

    “After leaving us with a rare “meh” outing…” I don’t understand. Are you referring to episode 2.15, Matt?

  10. valentina says:

    Lisa Edelstein was amazing!!! She delivered a great performance as always!!! No wonder why shows like Scandal trust in her. The episode was so intense!!! Bravo!!!

  11. juan says:

    I agree that Lisa Edelstein was great, I didn’t watch House but she was great playing off of Kerry, I thought this was a great episode. Love the Huck and Quinn thing but she better watch her back now that she has been discovered. Also Jake smiling at the camera was super creepy, and was pretty surprised about the whole beating thing. Fitz is just mean, when he said I don’t care it pissed me off, and am glad she hung up after. Get with Jake so he knows what he missed out.

  12. Taryn says:

    I agree that Fitz was being really whiny, but I think he’s acting like that because he’s blaming Olivia for the fact that he killed Verna. Like the election rigging sort of forced him into killing her. I think that’s partly what he meant when he said you ruined me.

    • Truth says:

      @Taryn- I understand what you’re saying but that just gives him more of an excuse to whine. Fitz didn’t just kill verna on a whelm. Remember he was about to walk out of her room but then he stopped, took a breath and went back so that makes it pre-meditated in my book. Fitz just needs to bring olivia down to feel as low as he does and that’s not acceptable especially since he was just saying a few episodes back that they belonged together. I know the saying is “you always hurt the one you love” but I’ve NEVER agreed with that.

    • theOtherMonique says:

      @Truth – Olivia conspired in an event that forever changed Fitz. He would have never been placed in that position if not for Olivia (and the rest of them), but Olivia was the one person he thought he could trust to protect him from such a heinous future. It’s not whining. What Olivia did was big… very big.

      • Carm says:

        Life is full of situations. No matter who put him in the situation, he made the decision to kill. That was his choice and he needs to own it and stop whining. He could have and should have handled the Verna situation differently. Murder was not the answer.

        • Truth says:

          @Carm- I agree 100%. Fitz needs to hold his own responsibility. Sometimes it seems like people want to blame everybody and everything else for fitz behavior and actions instead of him. It’s the writers, it’s olivia, it’s cyrus etc etc. FITZ is a grown man who has made his own decisions that he thought was best at the time so how can he be upset with olivia when she made a decision she thought was best at the time?

          • Deinara says:

            “Well, actually it is the writers….Shonda does not allow the actors to make up lines & behaviors or I suspect Tony would be doing something else. I get the sense that he would really prefer Fitz and Liv were in a much different place.

        • Cheyenne says:

          @Carm: Thank you!! He has nobody but himself to blame for killing Verna. Nobody told him to do it, he was “protecting his legacy”, remember? If he’s trying to blame Olivia that makes him even more contemptible than he already is.

          • bad romance says:

            I don’t understand all this sympathy for Verna.
            Did y’all forget she KILLED Britta Kagan and had Fitz shot FOUR times?
            I don’t really CARE why he killed Verna.
            What I want to know is why Liv was ready to report Hollis for the same crime she forgave Verna. Do you suppose Fitz would have let someone who tried to kill Liv off the hook?
            And why did Liv save Hollis’ life? Have we forgotten he murdered SEVEN people?

      • Truth says:

        @theotherMonique- I understand that what olivia did was very big and a bad thing however fitz has to own up to his actions as well. It won’t do him any good by continuing to lash out at olivia. It’s starting to border on whining because everytime he and olivia speak it’s always him saying something rude to her or cutting her off and never giving her the chance to speak. It’s getting a bit redundant and annoying.

        • theOtherMonique says:

          @Truth – He has a weakness for Olivia. Although he is trying to break away from her emotionally, I think he wants her to be able to explain everything away so they could be together again. I think he is drowning in his actions. The election rigging led him to do things he never thought he would do including killing another human being. I think it is closer to reality than his simply moving on since his dependency on Olivia seems to stem from his horrible relationship with his father and his competitive wife.

  13. ABC says:

    I’m over Fitz. Please kill that character.

    • then the show ends. Scandal is about Olitz, they are end game just like Shonda have said before.

      • Olea says:

        No the show is about Olivia and how she deals with having had an affair with the President. The show is not MerDer II. Thank God! . . . at least, that’s what I hope.

      • Truth says:

        @fernanda rodriguez- I have to disagree with you there buddy. This show is about Olivia Pope who is based off a real person. She just so happens to be in a complicated relationship with the president and now shonda seems to be catering to more of that storyline about their relationship because the fans seem to really love it but their relationship does not make the show. Olivia alone is an amazing character so I believe the show could stand on it’s own if the whole affair with the president was never brought to light.

        • False says:

          Don’t think so. Betsey Beers, Shonda’s producing partner, has said that the Fitz/Olivia relationship is the emotional core of the show. Their amazing chemistry is mentioned in every single article that is written about the show. The Oscar promo that they shot was all about their relationship. Scandal’s very first magazine cover featured guess who? Fitz and Olivia. This show would not be what it is with them.

          • Yari1565 says:

            CO-SIGN Olitz is the core of Scandal. Hence the Olitz press tour, TV Guide cover, and the ABC promo

          • Truth says:

            @False- But see that’s what I’m saying. In the first season of scandal fitz was sort of a background character but because he and olivia have such great chemistry it intrigued a lot of viewers and now their relationship is being pushed to the forefront of the series. All of that promo is just that. Promo to garner new viewers and keep people watching the show. I personally feel like it takes away from who olivia pope is and that some fans are now thinking that her name is synonmous with fitz and that they have to be endgame. I will watch the show regardless because I love olivia’s character so she alone will always keep me watching regardless of if fitz is in the picture or not. I just feel like some people would rather see a woman in a complicated relationship with a man instead of a woman who is strong and independent and can hold her own because to them that can be considered boring. Some fans are living vicariously throught fitz and olivia’s relationship which is a little crazy to me but to each their own I guess.

      • bad romance says:

        I agree with you. The death of that couple will be the death of the ratings and the death of the show. Even tampering with the pairing to this extent has been dangerous and extremely unwise.

    • ooooooh!!!! Watch it honey! Dont u dare!

  14. Give Lisa Edelstein her own show! we need this every week!!!!!

  15. Onimu says:

    Fitz is actually beginning to work through it. He has started to open up to Liv where his head is at. Liv thinks he’s angry because of Defiance but it’s not really Defiance is it? She built him up and made him believe in the presidency. It’s exactly the opposite of what Fitz’s father did. His father put him down all the time but Liv built him up and he believed and TRUSTED in her – COMPLETELY. She is his right hand man and then he finds out that she rigged the election. He is wondering why she bothered with all the sweet talk. He will eventually understand because this is the first time Fitz has actually been in love and trusted someone totally. You do whatever you can for the people you love.

    Olivia is Fitz’s key to success. With them being apart, she was the one that resolved the hostage situation while Cy and Mellie where running around in circles and she wasn’t even in the picture. Can you imagine what they can achieve together?

    The resolution of the case with the husband forgiving the wife gives a bit of hope that things will be better.

    Really don’t like Jake. I don’t find him cute or handsome and he is creepy – winking at the screens – oh no!

    • Denise says:

      I agree with your assessment about Fitz. Olivia was the one person who believed in him and he trusted their relationship. To find that she was involved in Defiance; pulled the rug out from under him.
      I’m waiting for Olivia to fight back. Right now she’s just letting him spout off his anger; I’m waiting for him to get tired of it and confront him about it.
      It’s obvious Mellie and Cyrus aren’t getting a pass either.

    • bad romance says:

      I agree.

  16. Shuayb. says:

    Fitz is a frakking idiot. He didn’t deserve to be president. He only got as far as he did because of Olivia and he got the White House because of Defiance. Yes it was a betrayal but it’s not like she wanted to do it. Cyrus practically used emotional torture to get her to agree to their plan. She could have been selfish and said no, he would have lost then probably divorced Mellie and moved in with him. But she didn’t. She thought he would make a good President. He is an entitled brat who needs to snap back into reality and realize that what is done is done he needs to get over it and move on. Betrayal or not. He is where he is because the people who put him there wanted him there. And he wanted to be there and he likes it there. Simple.
    Jake is getting creepy too. What does he get by smiling at himself in the camera? CREEPY! Also Huck is being such an idiot. He should know better then to send Quinn without a disguise. Seriously?
    Abby is right, what Harrison did was put their relationship second to work. I get he had to do it. And so does Abby it will only take time for it to be right. And they’ll get there.

  17. Daniella Gonzalez says:

    Lisa Edelstein the best guest star :D , She should had her own show !

  18. Fido says:

    As soon as “paternity test” was mentioned I knew he would rip up the results, because that’s what ALWAYS happens when this happens on tv and in the movies, and it bugs the heck out of me. What do they have against showing the man receiving the “nope you aint..” news then continuing being the father-figure to the child, why does it always have to be that they chose to live in ignorance ?

    • theOtherMonique says:

      It is actually NOT the right thing to do. He has to come to terms with the result like an adult and not deny his daughter a relationship with her biological father and his extended family. I didn’t like that part either.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Is her biological father looking for a relationship? If not, it could be devastating to start one. Don’t forget that the biological father has his own family and they may not know he may have a daughter out of wedlock by a married woman. And we don’t even know if he is the biological father. This is one instance where it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.

        • Fido says:

          ^ let dogs lie ? – Completely disagree. If a baby comes from a coupling of a woman and a non-bad man then it should be law that the man be informed of his fatherhood. A woman’s right to the pro-choice thing should go arm-in-arm with a (non-bad) man’s right to know if he has become a father, or is going to become a father, irreguardless of what the woman thinks his reaction might be, irreguardless if she thinks she’s “doing him a favor by not telling him” 0 the man deserves the right to make the decision himself.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Aren’t you forgetting something? HE MADE HIS DECISION. HE DECIDED HE DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW. He could have opened the envelope. Instead, he tore it up. Because whatever was in that envelope would make no difference about how he feels about the child he loved and raised from the day she was born.

          • Fido says:

            Not forgetting it, it’s just his decision was inevitable because in movieland and tvland whenever such an envelope appears the guy ALWAYS rips it up, he always does. So there was never any suspense there, no nail-biting at home as we watch him going through the various emotions, trying to work out what he should do, there’s none of that because it was a given that he wouldn’t look. In a show that surprises me many times every ep it just would have been nice if the writers had given us something new, not something that we’ve seen time-n-time again.
            (btw: everything else in the ep was great :) )
            (btw2, apologies for using “that” so many times :D)

          • Mary Morris says:

            Who benefits if the mother tells? Certainly not the daughter up to this point. But now the cat is out of the bag. It will take this girl lots of therapy to get through this. THEN if she wishes she can take the paternity test. Only in a case of a health emergency should she be told before the therapeutic intervention.
            The whole family will need family therapy as well as individual. Mom needs to deal with her narcisstic behavior and reallize the hurt her actions caused, then ask both her husband and daughter forgiveness.That was the only part of the story that left me wondering why no one asked the daughter what she wanted. . That was glossed over and appeared to to trivialize her feelings.
            The actress that played the mom was great.

          • Fido says:

            Who benefits if the mother tells??? While I can appreciate the news that “she ain’t your daughter” and “I’m not your biological father” can be devastating and lead to the recipiants(?) requiring many-many months of therapy, that should NEVER be the excuse used to NOT tell them the truth.

  19. Morisot says:

    The scary thing is that I think that politicians and many of those around them are this dysfunctional!

    Jake is creepy — and I thought he killed that photographer.

    Nobody would not look at the results! (Even though it was an empty envelope.)

  20. Mary Morris says:

    Fitz is a wuss. Totally narcissistic. He practically rapes Olivia in a closet, kills a Supreme Court justice, and HE blames Olivia for being ‘ruined”?? I hope Olivia won’t feel too betrayed when she finds out that the sailor boy has been spying on her

    • theOtherMonique says:

      Whoa. That wasn’t rape in the closet. Sorry. That’s not cool. Rape is real.

      • Apple Annie says:


      • Apple Annie says:

        Let me digress. He was brutal. And I say again thinking only of himself. There is no excuse for his actions. His intent was to service hhinself. Wham bam thank you mam. You are correct she did not say no. I withdraw the practiclally raped her, but do not condone his actions or attitude.

    • bad romance says:

      She unzipped his flies and was kissing him throughout. To call that rape is EXTREMELY irresponsible and DEEPLY insensitive to ACTUAL rape victims.
      Is that the supreme cour justice who rigged an election, murdered someone else and had him shot?
      That one?

  21. sonya says:

    First …Jake uber creepy ! Clearly boy has more issues than just being on Fitz’s payroll.
    Fitz a whole other issue..dang it man grow some balls do your job and stop whining really enogh already. Give liv a breakk she did what she did for you. So honor her act by just getting o it.

  22. GeekGirl13 says:

    Just a thought, re Jake and the camera thing, maybe what he was really doing there, was a mental/pyschological dig at Fitz. A sorta ‘Hah, I’m here, you’re not.” thing, even though Fitz isn’t likely to see the vid, or so Jake thinks now. It really wouldn’t surprise me if at some point Fitz demands/takes the footage. Do we know if there’s a connection between Fitz and Jake besides Jake’s position? Did they perhaps go to school together? Could there be a rivalry there, at least on Jake’s part that has it’s basis in something other than Olivia, but where Olivia has become a factor/prize to be won?

    Also, have to say, I’m loving Huck mentoring Quinn in the arts of ‘spy-craft’ and the way Abby and Harrison play off of one another. AND that first scene between Harrison and the corporate lawyer and her telling him he was ‘pretty’. I seriously love Columbus Short’s portrayal of Harrison.

    • Jane Lane says:

      I could be wrong, but I thought they said they were old friends. I thought that it was implied at some point that they have known each other for a while. Although, I thought it was weird that Mellie didn’t seem to know who he was. I don’t think Fitz would trust just anyone to be spying on Olivia. If the job was given to the wrong person, it is very likely that their relationship could be exposed.

      • Grace Asa says:

        My question is why when Jake was reporting Olivia’s activities to Fitz, he (Jake) said Olivia might be getting involved with something dangerous at work and Fitz didn’t probe him Also,. I wonder if Fitz will recall the conversation once he finds out Jake and Olivia are dating/collaborating? Perhaps then he might put two and two together to conclude that Olivia was behind the classified info Jake passed on to him that ultimately boosted his Presidency. This might thaw their relationship a bit more. It seems he’s opening up to her a bit, but she wants and knows its best she move on. After “Stolen moments don’t make (or add up to) a life” ( OP in Boom Goes the,,,,,”)

  23. Roses C says:

    Scandal is now Really, Really my favorite show. The sight of 2 beautful women drinking direcly out of wine bottles is hilarious . As far as Fitz is concerned, the show would suffer if the relationship with Olivia and POTUS ends. I like Cyrus, I don’t know why, but I do. I don’t like Mellie, what is her problem, other than her husband cheats on her, and can’t stand her. Lisa Edelstein should definitely become a regular. Olivia is confident enough to play with such a beauty. Lisa is about the only actor who cound face down House, and Hugh Lurie is a great actor. I find Huck and Quinn endearing, even though he is a cold blooded murderer. All in all, I have enjoyed each and every Scandal episode. I hope it stays around a long time.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Mellie’s problem is she is a power-hungry.back-stabbing bitch who would do anything to get into the White House.

  24. Larc says:

    Terrific episode last night. I felt a tinge of disappointment when it ended.

  25. so135790 says:

    Huck & Quinn r becoming a great dynamic duo! They work so well together. I hope Harrison & Abby can let what happened go and get back to being friends again.
    Fitz needs to get over it & do his job! I hope Jake & Olivia get together just to spite Fitz! & for Liv to move on with her life as well.

  26. Brandi says:

    Jake & Fitz are old Navy buddies. Given their age difference (per Scott Foley on the Scandal podcast), Fitz was likely Jake’s commanding officer.

  27. adultshavemorefun says:

    As a counselor that works with rape and abuse victims, Fitz did not rape Olivia in the electric closet. They had consensual, adult (albeit) rough sex. Yes, he grabbed her in the hallway to pull her in. But even this is not abuse. Abused women everywhere would be appalled at the thought that this is now what some people are calling abuse. I’ve seen women shot and killed, beaten within an inch of their lives, kids stabbed…..the worst of human behavior. Should he have yanked her – no – but is this abuse? NO. But back to the rape – Olivia was not threatened, intimidated, harassed or forced to have sex with him. In fact, she slapped him out of anger and proceeded to kiss him (passionately) and have sex with him. She was scared or coerced. She wasn’t under duress. ANd she was no unwilling. She wanted him and he wanted her.

    What about the slap – was that abuse too? But since we’re all so concerned, she shouldn’t have hit him either (well, until he mentioned that stuff afterwards about her and erections!) I do know that if he had slapped her, we would be all up in arms. Double standard.

    Anyway, the closet scene was not and is NOT rape. It undermines every person who has been raped to throw around that word so casually.

    Love the show by the way…Jake is creepy but I kinda like him. The stalking is not good though and I smell a Shondaland rat!!

    Has anybody thought that maybe Fitz killed Verna and pretty much saved everybody from going to jail – including Liv, Cy, Mellie – the mother of his children who was very preganat at the time, Hollis… Maybe his motives were not so selfish? He saved OPA from being investigated (which they most certainly would have been) and everybody in the U.S. from going nuts (remember the dreaded Bush Florida election debacle – we still haven’t recovered.) Verna was going to bring down the whole country to save her selfish soul. He did what he thought was best at the time. He just can’t live with it. To me, that makes him more human, not less. Since he is not an everyday killer – like Huck – he is ruined. That’s why he’s drinking. The man can barely live with himself. He’s clinging to that baby for the innocence of childhood. He was better off ignorant. Cy said if Fitz found out it woud ruin him…he was right. Saying “move on and get over it” is not so easy for a person who would never have thought of himself as a killer…or as someone who would compromise his integrity. He’s guilty and angry….and mad at himself, Mad a Cy. Mad at Liv. Mad at Mellie..just mad at all the compromises he’s had to make with his integrity. I feel sorry for him – he’s trapped..looking down at himself and wondering “how did he get here” – all you true gladiators would remember that line from Season 1!!!

    And Liv is not a great relationship person. Sharp in business – bad at relationships. Terrible communicator…great business woman. I know a LOT of women like that. She’s not so far off from normal people.

    • Mary Morris says:

      Consensual ? Maybe, but it was done to demean her. She loves him, so was willing to put up with it, his me me me attitude is nauseating

      • theOtherMonique says:

        It wasn’t done to demean. What he said afterwards was meant to demean her. It is highly unlikely he was thinking about his “erection” when he chased after her. He is in love with her and hadn’t communicated with her in 10 months. He had been thinking about her constantly… for 10 months. It was only after he “connected with her” that he likely felt his anger at their not being able to be together due to her actions and his not believing in him hence the harsh statements made afterwards.

    • theOtherMonique says:

      “Has anybody thought that maybe Fitz killed Verna and pretty much saved everybody from going to jail – including Liv, Cy, Mellie – the mother of his children who was very preganat at the time, Hollis… Maybe his motives were not so selfish?” – THANK YOU FOR STATING THAT!!! I’m glad someone else is putting that out there.

      Also, thank you very much for your thoughts on the rape claim. I just mentioned something on another post above. These words cannot be used lightly. They really mean something.

      • Cheyenne says:

        OMG I have heard it all now. Fitz killed Verna out of pure altruism. Yeah, right. *eyeroll*

        He said straight up he was protecting his legacy. Meaning he didn’t want to go down in the history books as the president who won by fraud and ended up getting impeached and removed from office. THAT’s why he killed Verna. He wasn’t thinking about anybody else but himself.

        • theOtherMonique says:

          ? – Verna tried to have Fitz killed. Almost succeeded. Verna, although she claimed her motive was to save the country by offing Fitz (again, which she almost did), planned to take everyone down and send the country into a tailspin on her deathbed. She had no remorse and even chided him in their final meeting (stating she was going to disgrace Fitz’s legacy for Jerry, Fitz’s father).

          In killing Verna, Fitz saved Millie, Cyrus, Olivia and Hollis. He also saved his legacy (I don’t see why the reasons must be mutually exclusive). He also saved a country that has had numerous questionable elections that were never rehashed. It was as if Verna was trying to kill Fitz again.

          I am quite certain about my thesis, but based on the tone of your original sentiment, I don’t think we’ll have a productive conversation so let’s just agree to disagree and move on.

    • bad romance says:

      Very perceptive.

  28. adultshavemorefun says:

    Oops I meant she was not scared or coerced or unwilling! She had sex with that man willingly! I would have too. He is fine. Sorry I was typing to fast at work!!

  29. PhyllisD says:

    Hello Scandal White House, I am pleased that we caught up with each other after almost a month. In response to your greeting, I am fine. In fact I am a whole lot better that you guys.

    Cyrus, I am glad to see you working at full throttle and that you have chosen (even though I don’t how long this will last) to stay out of the President’s personal life. That is a huge step forward for you. But Cy, that gloating you did with Mellie was un-necessarily adolescent, and look it back-fired on you. Mellie should be left (just like the President ordered) in a quiet corner, to stew in her own acid juices. I remember Liv telling you that. Yes, she is the Flotus and you have to treat her with respect, but you need to leave the petty, tit-for-tat, childish, one-upmanship games to her, share no information with her but pump her for intel, she’ll share because (let’s face it) you are her only girlfriend!!. I know you can do this!! Now, you know you deserve everything that you are getting from Fitz and more, so don’t pout It is a singularly un-attractive look on you. Remember when last we spoke that I told you that you need to get the resolve that you are being justly chastized. You know what you did is UNFORGIVEABLE (and I am not even including Amanda Tanner, the stuff with Olivia at the State dinner or Hollis or James). Just settle in for the long haul, stay making Fitz great and in any battle pick Liv before Mellie (for the obvious reasons… Mellie is the Spawn of Satan).

    Jake. We are here! You have revealed yourself and it is this; your mental health is very precarious and questionalbe. Additonally, you too have issues with Fitz which you are choosing to enact by going after his most cherished ‘possession’ (yes do we have to go over again, why she is his possession? I hope not.) What ever this thing you have with him, yu feel justified to get very ‘dark & dirty’ and involve Olivia to settle it…. I can’t tell (and I don’t think even you can tell) if you’re really attracted to her or it is just because you see how much she affects Fitz and you want to sample the ‘goodies’ (her brain, her body & her life) just to see what all the fuss is about, and to ‘get’ him. You attacked that reporter, that is horrific (since this is not war that is so not excuseable). Then that sick smirk at the cameras when you were in the inner sanctum (Liv’s apt)… Smarmy. While I cannot get you to re-chart your chosen course with her, I am calmed by the fact that in the end (and there will be an end) you will be in copious, unspeakable pain from either a ‘Huck’ special or the weight of the Commander in Chief… Now the latter option should be very interesting if you do work your self into an intimate encounter with her. I am sure that your pain will be exponentially related to your betrayal and violation of Olivia. BTW no pretty speeches about ‘good guy or bad guy’ and removal of the cameras will clean up your karma – Buddy you crossed the line and stopped being an operative to being an ‘operator’, now the Universal Jungle Laws have been set in motion. You will remember the day that you made a decision to set ‘things’ in motion and … I wonder whether you will think it was all worth it…

    Mellie, Mellie, Mellie. Here we are again and as per usual your playbook has not changed, lies, manipulation, fake postured gestures and.. Oh no I am wrong! You have added a new element to your repertoire, you have lost all pride! Imagine the President has told the entire White House staff not to give you an iota of information, to shut down whenever you are in a room; every little clerical staff person knows that you are persona non grata and what do you do? You go begging, wheelding, with clasped hand at your breast with your (obviously fake) eager, willful, eyes and saccharine smile. Girl, why do you have no self-esteem, self worth or shame in your pursuit for power and influence? It is sick and sickening to see you sink this low. Even if you were fighting for your man, I would be advising you thus… Melody Grant, you know that you cannot regain people’s (the staff’s) respect after this, right? You do know that even though they will bow and do your bidding, that everyone will always talk & think about you as a flake whose husband does not trust her.Hell, he slammed a door in your face in front of the new AA!!! Now even though you will not listen to me, I wil tell you that you chose the incorrect persona to adopt as Flotus. You should have gone with a Hillary Clinton persona, have a real job in your husband’s administration and then you would have been a real player/at some body’s ‘adult’ table. But no, you chose the model of the doting house-wife (which is so not who you are), and thought that you could pull your meal-ticklet’s, oops I meant puppet’s, no I really meant husband’s strings and actually play a major role in running the country. I guess you made that decision based on your revelation that ‘you & Fitz were never in love, but you were always partners and were always friends’, and your believe that your ‘hold’ on him (his being beholden to you for his family and past help) would mean that you could manipulate him to give you his ‘ear’. Well, it does work/has worked intermittantly, but now look at you. You are almost fighting with shadows for his attention and ‘ear,’ and you are left to play ‘slap-face’ with your ‘girl friend’/Cyrus. Mellie, just between you and me, I wish you would share what you did that Fitz has to forgive you for. Did you betray him with his father? Did you sign his name to a document that he did not support when he was governor? Or did your thinly veiled disdain of his competency,(erroneous as your perspective is) go too far on occasion and left you all in a dead marriage prior to the run for the presidency? Do tell! But since you won’t, I just am wondering & tickled at the thought if your pursuit of Fitz’ attention leads you to have Jake investigated. And then armed with this info you confront Fitz and unwittingly lead him back to Olivia. That would be just desserts!!! BTW, are you still doing this humiliating groveling sexually also? How does that resonate for you? Here you are FLOTUS, Yalie and Harvard grad, getting on your knees, and such for a man who is struggling to like/respect you. I use the verb ‘like’ because there are many people having sex with each other who do not love each other, have little in common with each other, but unless there is a pre-arranged bartar system in place, most (not all) people have a modicum of warm feelings for each other when they engage in sexual release. But there you are Mellie, with all your grand thoughts of yourself, your position, your intellect, your political future and YOU are repeatedly sexually offering yourself, to be tolerated and/or used by a man that you admit you do not love, and does not really see you. That one befuddles me, and I wish one day you would explain your thinking on that. Also I am curious, would you encourage your daughter, Karen to go this route? Hmmm…

    Hey Lauren. Ms. New Secretary/Administrative Assistant, you do not have sufficient cunning to meet the requirements for the job. Why did you not have a mock schedule of the President’s events ready for the Flotus? Tsk, tsk tsk. And you were so easily flustered by her ‘title’ and bullish approach. Buck up or I will report you, and who wants to be fired from a job in the West Wing.

    Now, Fitz… I’ll call you Fitz today because you seemed to have listened to our last conversation and are working on increasing your currency with me. I love how you listened to my suggestion and you are ‘managing’ Cy (even though it was purely coincidental that you got that hostage intel. BTW, I can hardly wait for you to discover wh’O’ was the anonymous source for that intel. Just a hint.. it is your Imperfect Guardian Angel). Your instructions to the staff for Mellie, GOLD! Finally you are setting boundaries for her and are maintaining them. I hope you can sustain this level of managing her insiduous, pretensive, manipulative, disdain; but listen up. I know that you feel that you owe her for your children (even though your family was all part of her plot for the WH) and yes, you all were partners (selectively) in your personal & professional past. But remember you have to grow in this area, putting boundaries on people is not a bad thing, it indicates an internalizing of one’s self-worth. But before I leave ‘Mellie’, you need to find a way to shape a ‘relaitonship’ with her, because she is the mother of your poor children and you cannot be this openly harsh with her in their presence. If you do, she is going to respond by blowing up and involving them in your marriage (you heard it hear first). She knows your kids are another part of your Achilles Heel, and she will cheerfully use them to needle/guilt you. Create an aquaintance type persona, with a steely gaze, cool smile, loose controled physical contact, and firm boundary statements. Your kids lived with you both before the presidential run, they know that you had a ‘dead’ marriage, and will not expect anything more. Now onto other matters, you are coming in to your own, & leading less with your heart. I also know that this level of defence and manipulation does not come easy to you, however I am pleased that you are rising to the occasion; desperate times require desperate measures, and you are living ‘a desperate life’. Also just a heads-up, the situation with the mole is going to get really ‘incendiary’ before long, and I trust that you will have your wits about you to come out of this well. Now we come to Ms. Pope; you were great! I applaud your reaching out and being emotionally naked (even though you have gone really dark with that surveillance thing). That took real guts and I know that it came out of your need and love for her. BUT…do you really ‘know’ your Olivia? Have you noticed that for your entire relationship you have had to make all the first ’emotional’ assertions, especially the verbal ones? (Well except for at the Constitution & after the assassination attempt). Maybe you thought it was because you were married and so you had to go the extra-mile to make her secure… but in reality your love/lover is pretty damaged/handicapped in this area (yep, I don’t know the details yet. Maybe you already do).She is like this with everyone for whom she cares; she will easily fight or debate before she professes her loving/caring feeling towards anyone, and/or even apologize. Liv will also tell anyone who gets too verbally sentimental around her, that she is only ‘doing’ her job or the right thing to re-frame their offering of loving feelings towards her. Now you know when she is most comfortable, articulate and expansive with you about her feeling about you.. it is when she can show you (when you all make love/kiss… She is a woman of action, not words, which is a real role reversal as most women talk and talk and get mad because their men won’t, they’ll just ‘act’. However if you already know this about her, I am sure that in your current situation (with her) you cannot even begin to cater to her issues while you are reeling in a psychological, spiritual, emotional & physical vortex of pain at what has become of you, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant,III (a fradulent presidency & a murderer). I agree, you are ruined!!!! Say ‘Adios & Sayonara’ to the old Fitz that you knew for 50 yrs.! And yes, all of this was dealt to you from the hands/decision of your love/lover! But I also see that you remember who she is at her core as well as what you all were to each other, and you are trying to find out if it was ‘ALL’ just smoke & mirrors. You really tried in that phone call, I heard you pause repeatedly to give her a chance to ‘reach’ you. But she was far below par and did not meet you even an inch…. Look I have to tell you that I (unlike many others) think that you would have won the election if there were a few more days/weeks to the campaign. I also think if Liv was there before the 282 days, you would have done better. I also think that if you guys were not involved she may have been more effective, and …I think, had you told her (what I believe you only came to know while working on the State of the Union address) that you wanted a life with her more than the presidency, history would have been muddy in a whole different way than it now is. But at some future date we will talk about whether you and Liv really can make it..I think you all have never really related about what a ‘life with the woman you love’ would look like, and I don’t know that you all really share the same vision for a life together.Ok, White House I am off to OP& A. Relax Fitz, I’ll do my best for you with Liv.

    (I have arrived at OP&A)
    Hey guys, nice to see you. It has been quite a long time, glad to see everyone is well… as well as can be expected.

    Quinn, looking good and I am proud of your application to your new skills & respect for Huck. This ‘case’ is going to get dicey and has the potential for some real fireworks. Stay as close to Huck as possible. Your safety & your life maybe of concern.

    Huck, I am glad that the rains have past, You look cooler and more relaxed; But don’t over do that relaxation thing. You are needed on HIGH ALERT on several fronts.

    Harrison, you always gladiate with flair. By-the-way… what recreational activities so you have on tap? I think you should look at asking David about his ex-assistant Alyssa. She is a real pistol and a bundle of irreverance that I think would be quite, explosive when put with your ‘energy’… I am not saying a relationship, if you don’t do that sort of commitment thing, but from what I remember she would be open to an ‘arrangement’. And why not? All work and no play makes Harrison a ‘edgy’ man… and why waste all that ‘gorgeous’?

    Abby, we have to talk plainly. I see that you were more matured/reserved and less scattered this week, even though your interaction with Harrison revealed thinly veiled contempt. I guess his decision struck you as a deep affront and you want to ‘punish’ him, I understand, the emotion…. to a point. But let us take a closer look at you and your actions… It is ok for you to ‘take on/belittle Quinn’ for her past (which she did not orchestrate) even though Olivia told you she was innocent – but when you get put in a ‘hot seat’… it is not acceptable, huh? Well let us closely examine your relationship with David, shall we? Do you remember I talked with you about that love/admiration/jealousy/competition thing you have towards Olivia? Now do you remember what cemented your relationship with David? It was your joint ‘GET OLIVIA campaign’, now don’t try to pretty it up!!! You know very well if that was Harrison or Stephen they would not have ‘played’ Liv , because while they know she is just a phenomenal, HUMAN person they are not in competition with her so they would not have tried to bring her down or ‘expose’ her mistakes to judge her or to make themselves feel superior. But you were ‘all in’ with your man, because you were getting the validation (from the relationship) that made you feel centered and so you were all prepared to ‘walk a fine line’ with Olivia’s business & secrets. Hey… don’t despair, she is not you and she does not hold grudges. She still appreciates your talents, and still cares for you in spite of your ‘adolescent jockeying’ with her. But I just had to put that out there to let you know I see you clearly. BTW I fully expect at some future date you and David may open another ‘fixer’ type firm with your joint premise that Olivia is ‘not a good person’. Here is how I see that, you are both lying to yourselves about who you all really are… he lied to the police and did not go to the ‘authorities’ with other issues. Nope he came to OP&A…. hmmmm. And you, you do have your skill set but you are not as connected as she is and so… I wish you well. I trust at some point you will acknowledge to yourself that she is truly good at what she does, and while you do not ‘get’ her fully, you will give her credit without the judgement & just admire her without the envy. It is OK if you don’t say it out loud – I know that might be too much for you.

    NOW, Ms Pope. Can we speak, woman to woman? I know you don’t have girl friends, and don’t share easily, but girl I am going to have to insist. I respect you and like you, and I even understand that need to protect your heart. I am guessing one day it will be revealed why you have to stay ‘fixing’/working and maintaining a controled emotional perimeter around yourself. I don’t need the details for this conversation … You MESSED UP ROYALLY with Ftiz in this conversation. You ran scared!!!! You were a coward, you were stingy, and you kept him at a distance when he was ‘pleading for you’, for you to explain, for your love and for your ear!!!! WHAT THE HELL? I never thought you would put yourself before him, especially when he was so emotionally and verbally transparent with you. I know you have no idea of the depths of hell (It is not my secret to share) in which his soul now resides, but you do know of the length and the width of it … You always knew that he would be devastated if he knew about Defiance, and I know that you could not face him & be the instrument of his destruction. And since I don’t know how else you could have done it, I really don’t have another option for how you would have told him without the same emotional bloodbath that exists currently. In addition, I must give you credit, I remember that you went to tell him what the others were planning (since he wanted to win or lose on his own merit) and then he got the news that his dad died and so you were de-railed, as it were. I also know that when you make your cold, calculated decisions to be ‘grey’ for your clients, you do so under the umbrella of ‘representing your client’s interest’ and are not emotionally conflicted/invested. That in itself makes what you did for Fitz (Defiance) a smear on your own self-image/value system… which is partly why you are ruined. And while your past has made you somewhat comfortable with a cloak of loneliness, careful relationships (e.g.Edison) & busy work, I see that you did not settle completely and kept an eye out for your painful, extra-ordinary love….On the other hand, Fitz lived in a state of yearning for love and acceptance his whole life, he did not really go seeking it even though he knew his ‘partnership’ with Mellie was flawed, it was less damaging (than his childhood) and he had love from/with his kids. Then…. one day on a presidential campaign… You know that man, you love that man. How could you not take another walk on the gang-plank for him when he called? Even if you decided that you were not going to see him ever again, why couldn’t you give him what he needed? I know the words are boulders in your soul, but … I’ll share this with you. When I have difficult things to say, I wirte them out, choosing my words carefully so as to shed as little blood and guts as possible (on my part), but also to give the hard truths (apologize) when I know it would be a karmic-cleansing for me to do so. I then keep the notes with me for the ‘best’ time and try to stay on point. Often, the other person shares or flares, but the discussion is started at least. I know you feel that all that you have given to him has wounded/drained your soul, but as we have discussed you are stronger than he, AND YOU ARE THE CATALYST for his hurt … so take some of that advice that you so easily dole out to your clients (a bitter pill, I’m sure), and do the right thing. If after that you are content to remain his Imperfect Guardian Angel, that is fine. You can choose to punish yourself however you want, but he is a good guy who does not deserve being left in a cauldron of pain (that you initiated). I am not going to encourage you to resume a relationship with him – that is all your choice (if that can even happen after all this), but you know how rare a love like this is DO NOT DISHONOR IT!!!! In the name of that love, tell him how you know & knew that he is good enough to be the president. Tell him that your ‘mistake’ was wanting to help him heal from his father & Mellie by doing a horrible thing when the chips were down. Tell him how sorry you are, and how you knew in your core that you altered everything about who you (he & you) were with that vote, but at the time it seemed like the only way to save him (like amputating a limb to save the man), Tell him that you will never be the same for the devastation that you brought to him & Tell him how every time in the 3yrs that he offered himself to you, you ran because you know there was a lie/a horrible secret that would taint your lives. — And then take a deep breath, and carry on… You have all that it takes for you to carry on… your shield, your gladiator armor, and a stiff upper lip… and since you are planning to suffer through and cope (with other relationships) anyway, why not give him a bandage for his pain? (Because that is all it will be a tiny, puny bandage for the excavation of his heart and soul. And he unlike you does not have armor, a safe haven, or any possiblity to avoid this tsumani you unleased… except alcohol.

    Now folks, my work here is done… until

    • Eliza D says:

      Hey PhyllisD, a great read as usual! But I don’t think that a Fitz & Olivia conversation will make them much better (the way the fans want them to be – back together). I think it will be worse because I think that Fitz will push Olivia away when she explains that her ‘horrible decision’ was an act of love and he understands how much she gave up to ‘heal’ him. Because then he will feel that he is not worthy of that kind of love since he is a murderer. A murdered who did not contract out, but did it with his own hands…. I think that will be the next hurdle for the lovers…. Oh damn!!! I also hope that they do not kill off Quinn…. Do you think that ear is hers? Loved the layers in this episode again…

      As usual thanks to the Shondaland creative staff for really great entertainment!!

    • Cheyenne says:

      Sorry to check your rant, but the team had crunched the numbers ten ways from Sunday. Fitz was narrowing his opponent’s lead but he couldn’t erase it. If they hadn’t rigged the election for him, he would have lost. Period.

      As to that phone call… It sounded more like he wanted another opportunity to whine and justify his own rotten behavior, and Olivia didn’t indulge him because she is sick and tired of listening to it. How much longer is she supposed to beat herself up over him? She already told him she made a mistake. Why should she go crawling back to him after he kicked her to the curb? It sounds like she’s reached the point where she’s ready to move on, no matter how painful it is, and he still can’t let her go. So he needs to make up his mind once and for all: either piss or get off the pot. And if he wants her back, it’s up to him to win her back after he threw her away. If not, then let her alone, stop calling her and above all, stop spying on her. Just man up and let her go.

      • bad romance says:

        She made a mistake?
        She participated in rigging an election and one of her co-conspirator SHOT HIM!
        I realise that you’re supposed to root for the hero, but this blindness to any fault in Olivia has gotten out of hand.
        And maybe Jake the guy who is actually DATING her should stop watching her??
        Cus that’s super creepy.
        Date, her, spy on her, don’t do both.
        As for having her watched, Kerry Washington herself pointed out that Fitz is doing to Olivia what Olivia did to Abby.
        Olivia may be acing the innocent here, but she isn’t
        Girl’s got some explaining to do.

        You get shot in the head by the conspirator of the person who keeps dumping you and get back to me about how well you behave. Especially after Liv KNEW what Verna did and basically let her off the hook.
        She was ready to take down Hollis, so why not Verna?
        Why was it okay for Verna to shoot Fitz?
        And why did she send the cavalry out to save Hollis Grant, her other co-conspirator and a MASS MURDERER?
        BTW We actually don’t know who won that election, what they had was a prediction. But now all Fitz’ work, for the last 2 years is meaningless and to him, every time she called him Mr President must feel like she was mocking him.

        It’s a lot to deal with.

    • RC says:

      Hey Iyanla, (I swear I can just see hear Iyanla when you write). @PhyllisD I wish you did a yotube recap like @tangela since this week’s recap was grreeaat as usual!!! My friends & I watch Scandal together (and we are ladies in our late 40s & 50s, so we have some experience..) and sometimes our daughters, staff, or once even my tenant watched with us. Here is what we notice, age and experience definitely makes a difference in how the Scandal male and female characters are viewed. (BTW, we turned them on to your recaps – and they love them too!) The 20+ & 30+ single ladies are usually very judgemental (but don’t worry as we know their lives/mess we ‘school’ them), but the ‘married’ ones are so harsh on the topic of fidelity. It is interesting how they have romanticized or sanitized their lives & relationships; but we (48 yr+) remember when we were there & let them be. They need to believe the fairy tale, we did too, until…
      I agree the character Mellie seems to have lost her self respect but I do know many a wife/baby mama using their children to try to reel back in their man; it does not often work and it always looks pathetic. My favorite line from you this week was the ‘buh bye’ that Fitz has to say to his old self – yep that is true. He can’t seem to escape his father’s legacy; & now his childhood may be the ‘better’ part of his life, since he now has to live with getting the presidency by fraud, an attempted assination, and killing someone. Some of the 20+ seem to think that Ftiz is weak, because they say when you are 50 yrs+ old that you have worked out your issues of self doubt, fears, & other issues. No worries we are working to try to point out if that was true you wouldn’t see people using drugs & alcohol (to name a few thngs) to numb pain.
      But what is most evident, when you watch this show with that age group is how much they are stuck in a fairy tale ending for Olivia. So many of them think about the love that is shown in Scandal as the thing that they are waiting for, but we talk to them about the concept of sub–optimization. (Yes we, 50+-ers all want Fitz & Olivia to be together in the SHOW) but when we talk with these young’er’ ladies we try to point out how in real life the odds of that is slim to none; & also (because we know their lives) we get to show them that what they say the character Olivia should do, they themselves struggle with living/doing 100% if at all. I won’t spill their secrets here (it will cause too much friction), but in work, family, and especially with men these young ladies are still wonderful works in progress, we are often proud to be thier mothers/aunts/god-mothers/mentors, and we too want the best for them (and for that matter ourselves). Funny I started to write to you about the show & the recap and it morphed into an observation of cross-generational, experiental perpective of the show…

  30. ThatTVGirl says:

    People need to back off Fitz. Let the man whine and heal. He took a bullet to the head and he KILLED somebody. Those are major events that can darken a person. So he is gearing towards he’s steps of grieving and I don’t think it is right that the Scandal community think they can put a time on a person’s grieving period. So, whether or not your a fan of the man, back off and let me whine and grief.

  31. bad romance says:

    Fitz is practically BEGGING Liv to give him an explanation so he can forgive her and all she keeps saying is ‘I made a mistake’.
    He’s been lied to, dumped twice, shot, and people are surprised he’s upset?
    Wouldn’t YOU be?

  32. H.Houston says:

    Okay so many completely missed the amazing piece of editing, directing and scripting…. the dual scenes with Liv and Fitz fighting on the phone superimposed with the fight between Sarah and her husband. Close your eyes and LISTEN to the scene. Sarah and her husband are saying what Liv and Fitz are leaving out of their conversation and Liv and Fitz are saying what Sarah and her husband are leaving out. It was amazingly done… I was super impressed with this wonderful scene.

  33. KEW1224 says:

    Verna hired an assassin to kill Fitz,she killed Brenda Kegan,she shot a secret service man,and people have the nerve to be mad at Fitz? He didn’t murder no one except a murderer who was dying anyway. I felt no pity for her.

  34. Kate says: