Pretty Little Liars Boss Previews 'Juicy' Season 4, a Major Mon'A' Twist, Ezria's Sad Fate and More!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 SpoilersIf Pretty Little LiarsSeason 3 finale left you with a slew of burning questions, you’re in luck: TVLine tracked down the ABC Family drama’s exec producer Oliver Goldstick and got to the bottom of all things “Red Coat,” “Spoby,” “Ezria,” “Mon’A'” and much more!

Read on to learn what fates await your favorite Rosewoodians in Season 4, which bows June 11 at 8/7c:

TVLINE | I’ve got a bit of a bone to pick with you about this Toby revelation: Over the past year, you’d convinced me that he had good reasons for hating all of the girls — and that those reasons were very real.
I’ve got a job to do here, Meg! [Laughs] I’m supposed to be titillating and playing with you as well, to some degree. Now, you will see a flashback early on in Season 4 between Toby and Alison, and you will know that he had strong feelings about her — and he assumed the girls were the same way. Things have changed because he got to know Emily and then Spencer very well, but I don’t regret saying that because he had a lot of residual anger and animosity toward these girls for what happened to him.

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TVLINE | Will his working with Spencer in the finale impact his covert role within the “A” team moving forward?
The thing that really is cool in Season 4 is that Toby has a storyline where “A” — the “A” team and “Red Coat” — lures him back in. It’s a very emotional and interesting storyline for him. I won’t give away too much, but he deals with some very personal stuff that “A” knows about him.

TVLINE | The tables have been turned on Mona. Is she now part of the group and also on “A”‘s hit list?
Yes, Mona is. She’s still a vicious little dumpling, we know that, and she will remain that. But it is very cool to come into Season 4 with five PLLs, and that’s what we’re doing — which is what it was when Allison was still “alive.” We come into Season 4 exploring what it means when you get an adjunct PLL, which is now Mona, their former tormentor. You want to keep her close, because God knows she has more insight than anybody into who’s been doing this to them.

TVLINE | But does anybody actually trust her?
As far as trusting her, I always think of it as a spectrum; Hanna may trust her most, only because they shared a year of close friendship, but Spencer sees her as an attention whore who she’d never trust.

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TVLINE | We’ve seen many sides of Mona over the seasons. Will this development create another new version?
Because of some other events and what happens with [Wilden’s car’s] trunk, and how game-changing what they find in there is, it shifts the relationship to where Mona might be needed. She becomes more necessary to them, and they can’t necessarily ostracize or antagonize her. Mona may have a three-hour time limit on being good, but you’ve got to take advantage of those three hours! [Laughs] Because of what happens in the trunk, they might need to have her around.

TVLINE | Speaking of that trunk, what can you say about its contents?
You’ll know what’s in there in the Season 4 premiere. And we pick up the season really moments after where we left off in the finale… I don’t know if you realize this, Meg, but we’re in senior year now and it’s going to move very slowly. [Laughs] It’s like, will high school ever end?!

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TVLINE | We may have seen the face of Red Coat, though we can’t really trust it because they girls were so out of it…
We’ve also introduced masks, as you know. There was an Alison mask that we saw last week.

TVLINE | Why reveal it in that way?
For us, we felt like the girls had to catch up with an audience that strongly suspects that Alison is pulling the strings and is alive. We felt that it was time our girls were on the same page as viewers.

TVLINE | Where does the start of Season 4 find the newly split Aria and Ezra?
She’s got to move on. It’s gonna be tough, as he’s going to be her teacher, standing in front of that classroom. But she’s got to move on.

TVLINE | But the show’s EPs have said over the years that “Ezria” is endgame. So, is this just something they’re going through for the time being?
Yes. There’s some shocking developments with Ezra Fitz in Season 4. I cannot tease them, but your eyebrows are going to fall off! Hold onto them! [Laughs]

TVLINE | You raved earlier this year about Troian Bellisario’s arc in Season 3 — and rightfully so. Does anyone new have a standout storyline like that in Season 4?
Several, actually. Hanna’s got something that’s very juicy — juicy, juicy, juicy, juicy, juicy. [Laughs] And Emily and Aria have personal arcs that are really interesting, as well.

TVLINE | And lastly, just because you’re always so good at this, sum up Season 4 in a few words.
Is she or isn’t she? Only air traffic control knows for sure… [Laughs]

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  1. Elyse says:

    I’m not sure why I’m bothering to read this since its probably all lies. they lied and said Toby was 100% bad and they lied and made us think the original A wouldn’t be Mona.

    • qeee says:

      Exactly what’s the point if they lie all the time in interviews.

      • Elyse says:

        I’m torn. I still love the show. i guess i just won’t take anything the writers and producers say serious!

      • dude says:

        Agreed. Trusting anything the people of PLL say is like trusting anything Ryan Murphy says. The only difference is that the people behind PLL willingly lie to the public while Ryan just jumps the gun and promises stuff they’re “planning on doing” before it’s been confirmed and written.

    • Elyse says:

      ok after reading this article I GUESS I feel a little better about the disappointment I felt after the finale. still my favorite show. can’t wait for June 11th.

    • kelly says:

      I completely agree with you. Not sure why I even took time to read this interview. Im just brushing it aside and not believing it. I love this show, but have been disappointed because they keep saying we will be so shocked!!, well I havent been that shocked. They talk up the upcoming episode and then it doesnt live up to what they make it out to be. Still a great show, and I will def keep watching, but will not listen to anything the writers or directors or whoever say about future shows. Ill believe it when I see it.

    • Rachel says:

      my thoughts exactly! couldn’t have said it any better myself. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    • DKJ says:

      marlene never confirmed toby was 100% bad and she never said mona wasnt A.

      • ER says:

        Go back and read the original interviews. She never said the words “100 percent true”, but she repeatedly said “Toby is really bad. He is not a triple agent” and “A is not the A in the books”. SEVERAL TIMES. SHe could have easily said “You have to figure that Toby has anger towards the girls. It’s up to the audience to determine whether his anger or love for Spencer is stronger”, and people would still be guessing!

        • dude says:

          Exactly. She doesn’t know the rules of being coy. You don’t have to confirm things, you can talk around them like most TV people do. She just lies to throw people off because her show is too painfully predictable that most people have figured out the twist the moment it’s hinted at.

      • Elyse says:

        she definitely did. they keep trying to throw us off the scent by outright lying.

      • Sara says:

        Yea she did! She said that Toby was definitely evil!

    • DKJ says:

      i stick to watching her twitter and video interviews. more trustworthy lol

    • Lindsey says:

      Agreed. I actually haven’t read the books because I don’t want to have any idea what’s going to happen in the distant future. I read these interviews more out of enjoyment and to see what ends up being true and what doesn’t. I take everything they say with a grain of salt. The producers are the real pretty little liars!

    • Amber P says:

      Actually, Lucy Hale did an interview with Ryan Secreast and she said that Mona was A in the books but they were going a whole other direction for the show.

    • Sara says:

      Exactly….they flat out lie about what is going on, so why should we trust what they say now. They could completely go back on everything. I mean….are they not smart enough to ‘tease’ things but not give them away. Do they have to just lie?!I It’s pretty insulting.

    • Tosh says:

      I am mega confused here ! When is season 4 and what the hell was in the trunk of the car? And how comes Jenna hasn’t been on there so much ? And I don’t care Toby isn’t to be trusted

    • Julia says:

      Toby is not guilty whatsoever he was trying to protect Spencer. Mona is now on the liars side so it is only RED COAT left. The 4th season will be a shocker

  2. Kari says:

    Really excited for season 4! This finale was awesome! :D

  3. Brandon says:

    I’m along for this ridiculous ride until it ends. It’s frustrating with constant questions, but that’s kind of what makes it fun.

  4. N says:

    Should have asked why they waste so much time on crap no one cares about like Caleb’s dad when they probably wasted Jason’s character and killed him off.

    • Helena says:

      That is the most true thing to summarise my feelings of this season. I hate it. Like did they just FORGET about Jason and how he ran away from a hospital bed and their super concerned about a church bell? C’mon.

      • Setwet says:

        So true! They didn’t even explain the reason for Jason’s escape. :/

        • kat says:


  5. Kira says:

    And that right there is why I gave up this show and started watching The Lying Game!!! TLG has a good pace, interesting characters, and actually gives answers. So much better than this mess of a show!!!

    • Elyse says:

      I love PLL but LGs story has been better lately. I hope LG gets picked up for the back half of season 2!!

    • Greg says:

      i agree, lying game answers enough to keep you on track and moves forward. it never gets overly convoluted and they have followed through with their storylines.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, TLG is head-and-shoulders better than PLL’s been this season. Not only does it move at a much better clip, but reveals on that show are actually REVEALED and fairly shocking. In comparison, PLL has become one long, drawn out tease which rarely results in any real or shocking payoff and weaves way too many peripheral characters in and out of story simply for the sake of using them as red herrings(again, nearly every character–no matter how minor they may be–outside of most of the girls’ parents has been used by the writers to allude to some connection with “A” and the “A” team, only to be written out for months on end and then dropped back onto the canvas at a moment’s notice with no explanation).

      • Kendall says:

        Oh stop. PLL is an amazing show! It just keeps you watching if they have to take forever to revel the truth I’m okay with it. Plus there going based off 4 book not 1. So of course it’s going to go by faster. No matter how slow PLL goes I will always love it.

  6. Azerty says:

    So basically, she confirms they did’nt reveal Red Coat and Hanna seeing Ali might just be the smoke+hallucination+the mask. And that it will take another season to confirm who RC really is. I have nothing against a good cliffhanger (or even several) but they seriously need to start giving answer before this show turns into Lost, they have already messed up with continuity (Mona said she met Red Coat for the first time in Radley, having a partner only since Radley: Mona lied or just bad writing? Even worse when we know Toby is supposed to be in the A team since the prom in S1, so way before Radley…).
    Plus, stop with the Ezria lame stories. The only way to get me interested in Ezra now is to make him “the beach hottie” and get him involved with the real plot, he is one of the only character who hasn’t been a real red herring (except for that weird look in the Halloween train).

    Anyway like someone said earlier what the point of reading these interviews and speculating about it if everything is probably a lie…

    • ATB says:

      Marlene King answered the question about Mona on twitter last night. “if mona isn’t lying about not knowing who red coat is then who visited her in Radley with a red coat on in the season 2 finale?” Marlene King replied with: “S4 premiere will answer this question”

      • Azerty says:

        Thank you I did’nt know that. I might be super frustrated about the finale, I still can’t wait to see season 4!

    • daniella says:

      it is actually hilarious that you made that comment saying how it is all lies and that you shouldn’t read it and you are here and made comments on the actual interview…meaning you read it…

  7. ATB says:

    I like that they lie to us. Some shows shouldn’t be spoiled. They pay tribute to the books, but nothing is ever exactly as it was in the books. Endgame is probably that Alison is still alive or her twin is or some strange mixture of both (like the books), but the journey to get to that will be a lot of fun and I’m sure there will be a crazy twist thrown in there. Maybe there really are 2 Alisons (both twins alive) and the dead girl believed to be Alison is someone else entirely that was misidentified. Also, I think Cece is dead in that trunk and was already in the trunk when Hanna and Aria pushed it into the lake. Jason was probably the dead guy in the woods. I am confused about how many A’s there actually are. It could be that Melissa/Jenna have their own version of A, just like Mona had. I’m sure Mona knows more than anyone else and it will be interesting to see what she shares now that A is after her too.

    • A says:

      I’d actually prefer them not doing interviews at all than lying to us. When they lie to us it just gives us an expectation going into the episode and when it turns out that it was a lie its just plain annoying. Toby actually being a double agent and helping the girls felt like such a cop out after they told us that he was truly bad. Its like they had no direction or reason for him being really bad so they decided oh well lets make him good and undercover and go back on what we said. They need to leave the lying to the real liars, the PLLs.
      I should actually applaud at how long they can drag out this plot but it in fact is the most annoying thing ever. I’ll even go as far as saying its more annoying then the 8 years of dragging out the mother reveal on HIMYM. It feels like they barely move the plot forward and each and every episode is one big question-fest. Why did this happen? Who did it? What did they do? Why are these people meeting together? What are they planning? Why are they back in town? Who’s A? and on and on without no answers. Honestly, I’d quit the show right now if it weren’t for the amount of time invested into it and my need to know all the answers no matter how ridiculous or annoying they may be. But they definitely need to step up their game cause Troian Bellasario’s performance was the only thing that saved this season for me and of course Hanna’s presence.

    • Jess says:

      THANK YOU ATB. I’m glad someone FINALLY said this. I love that they lie to us. I read the interviews and try to determine what I think they’re saying and then that becomes kind of what I expect and then they completely go somewhere else and I’m like Woah! That’s how they get me every time.

      I’m really excited to see where the Toby storyline goes. I think he’s one of the more interesting characters because at the beginning he seemed so forgiving and it just never made sense until he was revealed as an A. Now I can’t wait to see his motivations.

      I’m also really interested to see where the RC/Mona storyline goes. She must have known some version of RC before the S2 finale where she ends up in Radley because she says “I did everything you told me to do.” That means she had orders before then. Plus, she said in the S3 finale “It was fun to have a partner” or something like that, but we know that in the S2 finale she was already on a team, because she invited Spencer to join. So I think she knew RC at least a bit before Radley. Or, she knew an RC stand-in. Since she says she never met RC.

  8. sadie says:

    Ezria better get back together, that’s all I’m saying. The writers ruined their storyline in season 3, season 1 and 2 were amazing. I’m okay with them being a part for a while, but if they’re not endgame I will be so heartbroken.

    • Brooke says:

      Ugh I began to hate Ezria sometime in season two. They were cute in season one, but their relationship quickly got ruined. I really hope the writers just separate them; find Aria a love interest who’s her age and she can have fun with. When she dated Holden, she was radiant! She always looks depressed and bored with Ezra. I hate hate hate them now!

  9. Jade says:

    The Lying Game was so much better than PLL this season. I like that TLG pace is much faster and you actually get answers to questions and not have to wait multiple episodes. Has there been any news about a renewal yet?

  10. if yall would read the books yall would know and have all your answers! :D

  11. Jess says:

    I completely agree! There are so many questions that have not been answered since season 1! I’m starting to forget characters and interactions between everyone. None of the liars seemed too worried about Jason’s disappearance from the hospital even though it’s Spencer’s half-brother… they haven’t said one word.
    I found the finale very disappointing, I was expecting to get answers instead of more questions. The cliff hanger was pretty rubbish and stuff that was “shocking” most people had already suspected. I’m learning not to bother guessing/looking for clues cos the storyline is just getting so messed up.. I mean at the end of the day these girls are just normal teenagers in high school, for a whole group of people to hate them this much is odd. I’m just going to watch to get the answers when they eventually come
    On another note, I love The Lying Game and can’t believe renewal is not a given! The story line is great and moves fast! I have definitely found that I enjoy it more than PLL and just don’t understand why it doesn’t have more fans/credit!

    • tak says:

      “There are so many questions that have not been answered since season 1! I’m starting to forget characters and interactions between everyone.” I think that is what they are hoping for. For us to forget so they can give a lazy, half ass answer. Of course every season can’t be top notch but this second half was extremely weak to me. I no longer have any expectations, but I just can’t give up on it!

  12. --A says:

    I will be back on June 11th!

  13. Natty says:

    i have another question. why do the girls have to suffer all the time??and why someone wants to hurt them?they haven’t said anything about this. I don’t know who “A” is, but he has wasted so much time planning how to make the girls suffer and put them into trouble. there must be a reason. or what?

    • JaneDoe says:

      I’m with you, there must be a reason – but at the moment we have no idea what the girls did wrong to deserve this… I hope in S4 we’ll learn about that!

  14. A says:

    okay……first off, they didn’t LIE!!! Toby said that he was going to protect Spencer and yes, in one of the episodes, it shows Alison visiting Toby and how he hated all of them including the PLL’s. And frankly this all makes sense, why wouldn’t someone change their ways after getting to know people for who they really were? And yes, even if he DID hate them cause he went to jail for something he didn’t do, they were there for him and in some manners started to trust him and get to know him better and apologized for wronging him. Don’t get me wrong payback’s a bitch and you saw at the ending that Alison is still ALIVE!!! And yes, she really is alive. That wasn’t a hallucination. WE all know that she’s alive, at the end when you saw the hand taking the one in the graveyard out and pulling her out, that means that Allie’s alive. There is no question or doubt in my mind. As for what’s in the trunk, I have no clue, all I know is that this is going to be good! PERFECT Cliffhanger in my opinion. And remember, Alison was still trying to figure out who this “A” person was herself that was going after her without putting the girls in danger. And she probably knew and probably set it up to fake her death to figure out the full story. So for all we know there are probably 2 A’s, 1- that is trying to destroy the liars life because they were with Alison, etc. And Alison herself who is trying to get them away from lies and protect them in her own way. Everything is done for a reason. I definitely suspect Melissa as one of those people that want to get back against not only Alison but her own sister and her sister’s friends, the same thing goes for Jenna and I have no idea who that black girl is, but we all now know that she’s a part of it. So basically, they are another separate group of the 2nd “A” whomever that person may be. As for Hannah and Caleb, for some reason I have an feeling that Caleb is a part of the 1st “A” team with Mona. I could be dead wrong about it, but it ‘s my feeling. Yes he hates Mona more than anyone for hurting Hannah. It’s going to be interesting how HE deals with Mona being in the PLL group. There are so many clues in these episodes that answer some questions and ask more questions but that’s the fun of it all. If you actually pay attention, you may actually learn some new things from them. Lol. Oh yeah. One last thing. IF they said that Toby was good, and still alive and they were going to give the background on him, then you would KNOW that he was still alive and not dead. And definitely NOT be foolish to think that he’d die so easily. And you forget the geeky guy that is now getting home schooled cause he’s afraid of not only Mona but “A”. For all we know he could be the 2nd one dead or the third one for all we know. So we will get ALL the background for why Toby hated the liars and stuff in the 4th season, that will answer all your pretty little questions. :-D

    • Jackie says:

      Exactly lets not forget Alli wasn’t the one who started the fire she was still n the plane and there were those two people who jumped Toby. We need to figure out who the hell that was.

    • akya says:

      OK I am confused as much as all y’all out
      There I watched the finale like 1,000,000,000 times and found some stuff out and got some comments about alot if stuff like when Hannah and Emily went to go see “Toby’s body ” aria saw red coat in the elavator I’m not stupid I saw her look at her then they switched scenes I ain’t crazy I saw wat I saw and I have glasses so I know wat I’m talking bout too anyway I think Toby I still on the -A team he don’t convince me reallly the first time she caught him then ran off a little bit suspicious don’t u think and I know Allison is alive and she is trying to get to wat happened behind all those other stories like Melissas , tht nerd Hannah usted to hang out wit ( can’t spell srry) and Jenna and tht lesbian gurl she black and she a freak btw u can tell anyway and tht one dude at the crazy place tht Spencer and Mona was at ummm…idk but the man tht works there he white got brown hair kinda got a British axcient well I think he has something to do with the -A team and he a flirt okay and wat ever happens to Jenna and Lucas for a while I think I missed a episode but ima check I can tx alot of people who would know but I’m confused I don’t get wats in the trunk or enything I have no clue once so ever but I will in 3 months tht is a long time something could happens to me in 3months then ill never no wat happends next

  15. Sarah says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the answers she gave in the interview. I want to believe what was said, but at the same time who knows. I did not read the books and I won’t but I am not going to believe everyone that says “just read the books”. I HATE the whole “twin” possibility. There is no way the girls never knew about Ali’s twin. Jason would have known about Courtney and would have eventually said something to the girls even if Ali never did before she died. I also do NOT want Ali to still be alive, it would be stupid and why would you hurt your friends like this?! I also don’t understand why Jason went missing and has yet to be talked about since (he is a main character) and all of a sudden this Shawna girl is an important role?! I love Ezria but I have to admit their story line was bland, it would be interesting if Ezra has a secret that we will eventually discover. There has been a few times when he’s had an odd look or been a little mysterious. I want there to be a great reveal when the show finally ends, but I would laugh if in the end all the girls either end up in jail *think about it they’ve done some pretty illegal stuff) or if one of them wakes up from a nightmare and all of this was fake!

    • Nick says:

      They mentioned, very briefly in the episode after Jason disappeared that he had called one of them (I think it was Emily) and said he was hiding out…why? Who knows but they did actually out a pin in that story

      • Jess says:

        Actually, they said that he TEXTED Emily. You’d think these girls would be smart enough by now to confirm a text with a real phone call before just believing it…

    • Jessica says:

      Whoo totally agree with you there! The whole twin speculation thing is getting annoying, and plainly would be stupid. Ali being alive would also be quite stupid. The writers bring in and then just drop characters from the phase of the earth for no reason. I am glad that they followed through on Nate’s aka “Lyndon” story, even if it did end up with him dead. Atleast they showed him actually having a purpose to the story instead of dropping him off and/or popping him in and out, like Holden, Lucas, Noel, Duncan, Jason, Toby, Jenna…

  16. Redcoat says:

    The answers are in the red coat. Red Coat unscrambled makes the words Code Rat. Clearly next season will be about the rats and we will finally find out the secret of Nimh.

  17. Kirah says:

    Is Ali really red coat or is still alive?

  18. name* says:

    I say chill people, they don’t lie, they are cryptic. Just because what they said did not reveal itself when YOU expected it too, doesn’t mean she is lying, maybe it dropped a hint about what she said to connect on later And reveal more. You watch the show and enjoy it then stop complaining. If you don’t like it then stop watching, if it wasn’t for all the cryptic messages, unanswered questions and length of secret you’d all be bored and would have stopped watching, its frustrating yes! But thats what is keeping y’all interested. You want to know etat happens next. If you knew straight away it wouldn’t be mysterious… Just boring. Just chill. Errbody

    • Dee says:

      I think the problem is the deliberate deception. They can misdirect and be secretive, but no one tolerates out right lying especially when people are investing their time and have a genuine interest. Nothing feels resolved and it’s getting so complex and the plot holes are gaping at this point. I don’t like feeling completely lost and out of sorts at the end of a finale. A little dramatic irony would be nice and not the obvious stuff like Toby as a double agent and Red Coat being Ali or a twin or someone in a mask (really??) or whatever they decide to land on. It’s fine. I’ll sit here and watch this show and be invested in these characters but I don’t want to be toyed with or mislead because the writers and producers are trying to keep something so secret they have to make us turn our backs so they can run away.

  19. nia says:

    what happened to noel kahn, jason, lucas, ? how is the person underground still living? who is that? i’m really starting to believe that Ali is alive & in hiding

  20. Vivian says:

    Why are so many people hating? Let’s be honest… Pll is the best show on television. I thought the finale was amazing and that they told us a lot. Leaves me on the edge of my seat every time I watch. I don’t want all the answers because I don’t want this show to ever end!

    • A says:

      I’m sorry but clearly you have very limited taste if you think this is the “best” show on television. Granted it can be entertaining and the mystery is sometimes interesting but its nowhere near quality television.

  21. Dan says:

    This show could use a good explosion….get rid of the 6,243 people they’ve introduced as being mixed up with all the mysteries. I mean, seriously, did every single person within a 100 mile radius of Rosewood have a hand in Ali’s death??

  22. ashley says:

    Personally I thought the finale was good. However my main issue with this whole story line at this point is the fact that they keep taking away all these good characters for no reason and introducing there new people who weren’t ever around! What’s the point? You take away lucas, mike, holden, jason who could have potentally been great in some story lines to add new people?! Especially when it comes to jason, there are a lot of questions I still have about him so if he winds up being the one dead in the trunk the writers made a poor decision. If you keep adding these new people and taking away people who actually have something to do with the story your not going to have anyone left! Just my opinion….

  23. Vanix says:

    Soon evn d writers wld get confused nd no1 wld get ansaz coz dere wld b 2 many loose ends 2 tie up! Imagine d haloween train ride! No1 gt any ansaz 4rm dere! Its all muddled up! SMH! Gettn tired! Coz ds season 3 didn’t rili go anywhr close 2 gettn ansas!! Its bn ?z nd more ?z!

  24. Tripple A says:

    Im getting so sick and tired of the back and forth!! seriously it’s like you take 1 step forward then 20 steps backwards without ever allowing us to catch up in the first place. This show is called pretty little LIARS, sooo shouldn’t that whole group ( Hannah, Spencer, Emily, Aria) be ones who are misleading us?? IDK I dont trust any of them! I cant wait for this show to be over so i can have some peace of mind…

  25. ReinaRoja says:

    I love pll, i really do, but questions keep piling up (esp. in season 3) and the thing that i loved the most about this show from the beginning (and probably was one of the main reasons i kept watching), was that they would always answer every single one of them in a short time. I honestly, can understand why they are doing this and why now, but i simply don’t know how long it will be until i don’t care anymore, since everyone looks and probably is(?) involved.. I would have wanted Spencer to be on the A team for a bit longer, even though i knew it would last that much.. Lets hope Ezra and Aria are finally over! It used to be cute, but now it has started to become really frustrating..
    I don’t like the theory about a twin at all, because it has been done sooo many times before and i have better expectations for pll.. (ok, mostly in movies, like “I Know Who Killed Me” but you know what i mean..). The sure thing is that there are 2 A teams, as i believed since the episode, where someone carries Emily out of that garage.. They just wanted to know if Ali would make an appearance and save her friend. Maybe? I just really hope that in the end we will find out, that there was a really! good reason for all this, and not just some psycho -pardon my French, asshole or something.. That would be really disappointing.. Like Lost.. haha!

    P.s. Question: If Ali was steering that plane (even though it didn’t seem to me as if she were getting off that thing when Spencer saw her, but just checking the doors instead) and was the one on the phone with Mona, why didn’t she recognise her voice? I mean.. she was obsessed with being her friend.. couldn’t she tell if was Ali on the other line? It’s just strange to me.. Let’s hope it really was her!

  26. cas says:

    If they told us every single thing we wanted to know, they would have no show because nobody would watch because we would already know what was going to happen. I think people should calm down a little. I was super stoked Toby wasn’t bad. The reunion between Spencer and him was definitely worth waiting for but that is just my opinion.

  27. kate says:

    I hate the idea of Ezria being endgame. I hate it. From the beginning, that has always been the most ridiculous part of this show, and I LIKE this show. No 24-25 year old falls in love with a 15-16 year old. I mean, I’m 25 and I’ve met some 16 year olds, and they’re awful. I mean, they’re teenagers, they’re supposed to be awful, but no 24-25 year old thinks, “Yeah, that 15-16 year old is THE ONE.”

    • yahaida says:

      Actually she was a junior in high school ( 16) and Ezra had just graduated from Hollis (21 or 22) so its not that impossible im sure most of our.parents probably have the same age difference

  28. Mike says:

    You people are seriously stupid if your going to sit here and whine about them lying in interviews. Did you want them to be like “yes mona is A” “no toby is still good” “yes ali is still alive” there isnt even anything here for them to lie about so quit your bellyaching my god.

  29. aheavens0angel says:

    Well I guess everyone that has to do with the show are Pretty Little Liars!

  30. Claudia H says:

    It’s not that they are like, “Okay guys, it’s time to go back on what we said in that last interview, oops”
    The storyline will change from season to season, the characters are going to develop from good to bad and back to good again. I mean why watch a show that’s going to have the characters be constantly good and constantly bad? That’s when it gets boring and very predictable. I mean if you’re gonna complain about the obvious in storyline’s then don’t watch tv shows.

  31. Maria says:

    *Interview with TV Line*

    TVLINE | I’ve asked you before and I’ll ask you again: Are you absolutely, positively certain that Toby is really that bad of a guy?
    Oh yes! You got it! Very much. We’re going down a path [with Toby] and you need to know that [he] has a lot of strong motivation for wanting to take down these girls. It’s the price [they have] to pay for him taking the fall for a crime he didn’t do. This has always been present, but he’s been very good at hiding it.

    IS TOBY AS EVIL AS HE NOW SEEMS? | “Yes. Yes. You’re going to see things in 3b and understand where he’s coming from. You’re going to realize that Toby’s axe to grind is not a small hatchet — it might actually be quite large. You know why he hated Alison, but he may have a reason to dislike her entire posse.”

    When asked if Toby might still have good intentions, Marlene answered with a flat “No.”

    What the Hell happened to all this??? -_-

  32. sadie says:

    I love how the writer just confirmed Ezria is endgame. Ha ha, yay!

  33. Biyancé says:

    I’m sooooooo HAPPY that Spencer and Toby are back together but, I’m also sad that Aria and Ezra aren’t together anymore. And if red coat is Allison I’m going to be so mad because this whole time she was “somehow” alive and doing all these terrible things to the girls. And not only that I thought that was the main part of the story:Allison being dead and the girls getting these bad text messages or whatever.

  34. Biyancé says:

    At first when I found out Toby was on the A-team I was very surprised and pissed. I was hopping to god that he’s only doing it for Spencer and the girls.And thank god I was right. I was a little mad at Toby because he should have at least explained everything to Spencer. After she found out she was really hurt.but at least their together again. I’m still wondering who we’re those people who hit Toby from behind in the season final. And on the season final I was sooooo HAPPY when I found out Toby was alive I actually screamed out loud! If Toby and Spencer break up again I will be terribly sad and pissed off! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE PLL season 4 ep1 on June 11,2013!!!!

  35. Jules says:

    I thought it was a nice change of pace to see the girls ahead of A. i was kinda getting sick of the same old plots from a against the girls. I feel as if Ezria is just a childish distraction from the actual serious concept o the show. I mean, they address a girl who has been suppossedley dead, and then all of a sudden babysitting some kid? I think PLL just needs to stick with the important stuff and stop abandoning storylines. Im also glad to see Tobys stance cleared up (maybe..) it gets kind of annoying when they just keep centering around the simple, redundant, and childish plot of is he good? is he bad? no wait, hes good! or is he? So in conclusion, heavily mixed feelings with the finale.

  36. jackie says:

    I don’t understand why every one in earlier comments is saying they lie all the time about the show news flash we just got over a season but there are more seasons to go and we have seen many changes in all the characters as well as characters who don’t show their true selves on the show until seasons later.

  37. Tae says:

    ok you know what I don’t get in the past episodes it shows Redcoat visiting Mona while she was in Radley and in the season finale she is saying that she does not even know who red coat is

  38. Kaylee says:

    i really really really hope Ezra and Aria arent done! They are my favorite couple! Yes, i know that their realtionship was etting a little boring but maybe thats why they made him her teacher again! I think Aria and Ezra will have a ocuple awkward moments and schol and this will last a couple episodes ut when they talk things over they will realize they are perfect for each other! let me know what you thinnk!

  39. They do lie. I mean how can mona not know who redcoat is when she spoke to her at radelyi and said I did everything you asked. Come on now they want us to believe mona just did those things for someone she didnt know

  40. Heather says:

    If there is an Allison mask, Mona could easily have no idea who the girl in the red coat is. And Mona isn’t the only A. Melissa, Wildon and CiCi are in on it. And maybe Toby is trying to find out more secrets from Spencer, so he can use them against them.? And Jena, she plays a role like Mona. There is no way Jena can forgive those girls, and A is her only way of revenge. The whole point of the show is to keep you guessing. Why would you challenge that by saying all the spoilers are lies.? Just watch the show.. It’s not that hard to make predictions..

  41. chloe says:

    I think it’s fantastic they lie in interviews keeps everyone guessing even more, I’m dying to find out if Alison is alive though

  42. chloe says:

    Oh and Mona said that red coat wore a mask when she visited so that clears that up, I’m still not convinced though if red coat was Alison shouldn’t she of recognised her voice

  43. yahaida says:

    I don’t think Ali is Red Coat but I do believe she is alive especially since we see someone pulling someone out of the dirt….who helped whom and who was really in the hole? I believe A is after the PLL’s AND Ali! And A definitely has a helper ! For the sake of the show I hope that she doesnt have a twin in the tv series, i have read the books, I am currently waiting for the last book which comes out Dec 2013 , and the twin was well worked in but it doesnt fit in with the tv series as naomi and riley werent friends with Ali , it shows Ali making fun of them in a flashback in season 2 i think …whatever i have been reading the various interviews and it seems like all the characters are about to get fleshed out and get more dynamic! That at least has been the overall goal, and with the addition of Ravenswood, I think PLL is about to get awesome!

  44. kjhhb says:

    Hi, I just love Pretty Little liars, by the way I’m a french girl so if U don’t really understand or if U find that the way I’m writting is strange then it’s normal. So I was saying that I LOVE PLL, however I think that there are two many secrets, and too many things that are not explain yet and sometimes I’m just lost in the details. Something that I really don’t understand is: Why does Melissa has a relationship with Jenna and Shanna, same thing for Shanna and Jenna. I hope they will stop making intrigues and I only wish Noel and Jason’s back. Would U please tell me what U think about my English: BAD or GOOD, I can also accept CATASTROPHY or EXELLENT. Bye everyone and I hope u’ll have a good time watching the PLL’s season 4 !

  45. Tatiana says:

    Hi everyone, I’m a PLL fan and I just Love this serie. I just hope that at the last episode there still are so many questions that haven’t been answered and that we have to imagine the answers. Bye !!