Exclusive Sneak Peek Video: Grimm Pals Share Dinner, Serve Up Suspicions About Renard

Dinner time doubles as deliberation time for Grimm‘s Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee this week as they use a cozy meal to figure out how to handle the latest twist in their tale.

In this exclusive clip from this Friday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c), the friends pass the pasta as they come to terms with the fact that Capt. Renard is at least part Hexenbiest — and what that might mean for his newfound interest in an alliance.

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Press PLAY on the video below, then hit the comments: Why do you think Renard wants to work with the Grimm?

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  1. kirads09 says:

    The enigma that is Capt Renard – “How many sides does he have”?
    This show continues to just get better and better.
    So love Silas and Sasha. Rosalee has certainly brought her own
    thing to their inner circle.
    So Renard may just using Nick as personal revenge tool against
    his family (for not being accepted), or is he really trying to prevent something more evil
    from happening? How will Adalind use the pregnancy – either to manipulate the captain or Eric (I think she has slept with Eric as well,
    if I am not mistaken – she certainly could claim he is the father). All TBD.

    • trina says:

      Did she sleep with Hank too? I don’t think it they made it clear.

      • Jo says:

        Yes, she slept with Hank. That’s why Hank was passed out, and would have died if Nick hadn’t “killed” Adalind. She was using Hank as a barganing chip for the key, she promised to save him as an exchange (but instead… well, you know)

    • Yes, she did. I quote: “So you’ve seen Eric.” “All of him” “Not much of an accomplishment really.”
      For his (Renard’s) personal revenge? Maybe But in “Face Off” I recall one of Renard’s men talking about “maybe we shouldn’t have allied with the resistance.” It gives me hope. Personal revenge is too simple. A psychological need to be accepted by the Family, maybe.

      Grimm life just got much more interesting.

  2. I love this. They’re all so great together.

  3. Georgia Madman says:

    So happy to have Rosalee back! She’s my favorite Grimm babe with honorable mention to Nick’s mom and her butt-kicking skills.

    • Me Too, I really missed Rosalee!

      • Ashley says:

        rosalee is cool and w/ monroe they make a nice wesen couple lol. so with all of them knowing that renard is part hexenbiest i think he could be a good allie for nick. But the 1 question is what if his ROAYL FAMILY finds out that he’s helping him? And when is nick going to let sgt. wu into the fold w/ all of this…… he’s the only one in the dark.

  4. wordsmith says:

    These are the kinds of questions I think we’ve all been dying for them to start asking. Excited that they’re finally getting into the larger story.

  5. Bella says:

    I keep going back to the fact that Captain Renard didn’t have to save Juliette. He had to go through the purifying ritual, then sneak in and give her the kiss that awakened her from her coma. Unless we learn something else down the road, it seems like a selfless act. And he always supported Nick and Hank on the job. This show is even better this season than it was the first.

    • Jo says:

      I believe Renard stated last season that Juliette was the reason Nick was tied to Seattle. If Juliette didn’t make it, then Nick wouldn’t have a reason for staying, and Renard couldn’t keep tabs on Nick or have any control over him.

      • Lime says:

        Portland. Not Seattle. They’re in totally different states!

      • Dreamrose says:

        Renard may have *said* that, but I’m not sure how much I’m buying it. Who was he talking to at the time, after all?

        One of the big problems with trying to analyze Renard is that so many of his actions and statements are ambiguous and have multiple interpretations. One thing, however, is clear: he has tied his own fate to that of Nick, and told Nick as much last week. Renard has had to tread carefully his entire life; now that Nick knows who and what he is, he’s in even greater danger. The next question is what will be the Royals’ next move, now that they believe that Renard has defied them by not acquiring the key within their time frame as instructed by Adalind? We shall see.

  6. Renee says:

    I love this show.

  7. Christina says:

    Renard certainly needs Nick on his good side no matter the case. He is a Grimm, and a great one at that. My family looks forward to Friday night and each new episode of Grimm, it is a well written, great show!

  8. w.r.printz says:

    While Renard may not be lilly white- and not many folks are- the purification ritual, and his actions show he is on the white side of Grey so far. Look at the world from his eyes- he had no idea if Nick’s Aunt and Mom were working for the Royals, as Grimms often do.

    Further, though we know the Royals have some kind of additional power (I am assuming kick butt fighting- as Renard has messed people up, and kept up in a fight with Nick), we don’t know what his Hexenbeast side does…if anything at all, other than give him a half weird face to flash at people, or that if Hexenbeast males are the same as the females.

    There have been just as many stories about “Good Wizards” as bad. It may be that Renard is the only thing standing in the way of the rest of the Royals showing up and kicking folks around.

  9. Paige says:

    I love how this scene. Hank, Monroe, Rosalie, and Nick sitting together over dinner discussing evil like someone else would discuss the new neighbors. I think the way that they had Hank find out about this world and not have it drag on and on about what is Nick hiding is genius.

  10. Sahnorah says:

    Captain Renard saved Juliette at great personal expense, I think he knows the Royals would just as soon see him dead, but they can’t kill him because he’s also part Royal, is it some code or law they are not allowed to break? Or do they just think they have him under control? If somehow his brother dies, is he next in line? He was raised by ??? Mom/Dad relations? If it was those on the Hexenbiest side he may be against what the Royals stand for and do? Maybe he feels there would be some protection or advantage to having a Grimm on his team? I think much more is to be revealed, we will just need to reserve judgement and keep watching. Who/what is the voice attached to Juliette’s sink hole, the spell is not really broken, or just partially broken. What is THAT force attached to? Good? Bad? Hmmmmm like I said, I’ll be watching. Adalind is going to use this baby to what end? Who will she claim is the father? Is there a DNA test that’s accurate? Will being PG bring her powers back? You can bet her “end game” is not pretty or kind or in the child’s best interest. Will Renard figure it out and try to get his child? Is it really his? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh what fun we are going to have. I want to know if Adalind has brother/s or sister/s or both who are as just good as she is bad, we met her Mom, where is her Dad? …Can I get a job writing?

    • Jennifer says:

      I think it is possible that that voice maybe a bizarre side effect. Renard being part Hexenbeast probably wouldn’t be effected by the “cure” the same way. It will be interesting to see where the show takes this Juliet thing.

    • Dreamrose says:

      Renard sure isn’t hesitant about killing his own family members – he killed his cousin and the longtime family servitor, after all, in episode 1.17. From what Eric told Adalind in episode 2.08, there really is not much love lost between Sean and the rest of the family; Sean’s mother was forced to flee Europe after it was revealed that she was a Hexenbiest. It would be nice to know how old Sean was at the time. The distorted voice Juliette heard was Nick’s; the words were, if I recall correctly, the last thing he said to her before she fell into her evil-cat-induced coma. This is her brain at work, restoring her memories. As to the paternity of Adalind’s baby, I’m leaning towards Eric rather than Sean, which is not to say she might not claim that Sean’s the father in order to manipulate him. Then again, it could also be Hank’s, or someone else’s entirely. Poor kid.

  11. dallyser says:

    Reynard saved Juliette to keep Nick nearby. It wasn’t a noble act, it was self-serving to preserve whatever his plan is for the Grimm.


  13. Charlotte says:

    I love this show so much!!! Can’t wait til Friday.

  14. Linlighthouse says:

    Wait–if Renard drank Nick’s blood, does he lose his hexen (zauber, sorry Rosalee) powers?

    • Dreamrose says:

      I doubt it. When it happened to Adalind, it happened quickly and dramatically. Not a peep from Renard. Also, I suspect that since Nick’s blood was a part of a potion, it might not have that reaction anyway. Things react completely differently when they’re part of a solution. It would be kinda need to see Renard mix up a zaubertrank some day! Though, given that he needed to go to Adalind and her mom (and later Rosalee/Monroe) for his potion needs, I’m guessing Renard’s mother didn’t pass on that particular racial affinity to our beloved police captain. Alas.

  15. champmav says:

    Thank you, Grimm, for having the confidence to have the characters not be stupid. Having them ask the same questions the audience does pulls us into the story. When writers drag out plots with characters knowing less than we do it becomes frustrating to watch. Unquestioning characters take me right out of the plots it just isn’t normal human behavior. And if the discussion can be kept intelligent & insightful, even better. Keep it up, writers!!

    • arial2 says:

      Definitely agree. These writers show respect for their viewers’ intelligence, such a rarity in television.

    • Beth says:

      Totally with you there!!! Keeps pulling me in every time! I love the unpredictability of this show! Especially this episode, it felt to me like a total adrenaline rush!!!

  16. Beth says:

    Wow this is getting deep! Of course the reason I LOVE it!!!

    Captain – I’m thinking that he wants more royal standing, yet he likely also wants to dispute wrong-doings of his family. The question here becomes which parent was the royal vs. the Hexenbeast (spelling? -please don’t knit pick). “Peasants” have always been taken “advantage of” by stronger or higher-standing persons. Maybe the Hexenbeast side wasn’t in love but forced, therefore perhaps revenge on the Captains side to the royals. OR his parents were truly in love, then might you have a Romeo/Juliet situation?

    Juliet – in reading the week-by-week on demand description, it seems Juliet has quite the journey ahead of her in remembering Nick & their relationship. I predict that eventually she will recall everything, I mean literally “everything.” Nick is a Grimm, Monroe is really not human…

    Juliet & Captain – Both are in for a long-haul, Nick is caught in the middle as he was “Purified” too. However, did our lovely herbalists do all that was absolutely necessary – remember “It’s the second part that gets really complicated.”

    Adalind -This chic is a major B*tch! She & her mom have been trying to get the captain in their grasp. I have to partly wonder if they were part of the bloodline that brought the Captain into this world of Grimm!!! NOW she has no powers & no mother to help pull strings for her. This child, she may feel is her key. Whether it is this royalty’s or that one’s child can be played either way for her. Her mom was close to her & had high hopes for her I have to imagine, not matter who precisely the father is, she will find the best way to play the cards. Perhaps it is the Captains child & if he becomes a greater power with the Grimm on his side she will sway that way & play against the full royal brother. Otherwise, if it is, other than her blood, of pure royal blood, then she will find a way to promote her child there.

    Overall, too much has yet to occur! I look forward to following this show for many seasons. It has great potential on many of currently existing story lines!!!