Exclusive Glee Video: Will Blaine and Sam's '80s Flashback Be All Guilt and No Pleasure?

Glee Season 3 Sam Blaine Wake Me Up Before You Go-GoBlaine and Sam’s complicated bromance takes center stage this Thursday on Glee (9/8c, Fox) when the gay-straight BFFs take over New Directions and assign each member to perform their guiltiest musical pleasure.

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Blaine quickly comes out as a Wham!-oholic, and convinces straight crush Sam to partner with him on the English pop duo’s 1984 classic, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” — a collaboration that sets the stage for Blaine to finally (maybe) tell Sam how he really feels about him.

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Press PLAY below to watch the cheesetastic spectacle, and see how many classic ’80s music video tropes you can spot. And also answer this question: Do you think Glee is on the verge of Quinntana-ing Sam and Blaine?

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  1. Ali says:


    I doubt they put Sam & Blaine together… just because Quinn & Santana was kind of unexpected. It would seem too easy to try it with another pair.

  2. Don says:

    After watching that Sam and Artie make more sense than Sam and Blaine.

  3. Juan says:

    Am I the only one sick of Blaine’s personality-less.. everything?

    Let’s get some more Emma and Santana, easily the best parts of the last few episodes.
    and Kurt.
    I do very much like the absence of Rachel numbers too.

    • James says:

      It’s pretty dumb to claim Blaine is personality-less.

      • Why does Ausiello get paid? says:

        I am so sick of Blaine and Sam. “Blam” is the most overexposed thing on Glee right now, and I’m so tired of getting them shoved down our throat. They are so boring, and their voices are mediocre. Can these two ever sit in a corner and shut up? I am sick of them being the “heroes.”

        And Ausiello, could you be any more useless? Blaine’s “feelings” for Sam are that he thinks of him as a friend, but Sam thinks Blaine still has a crush on him because he’s as dumb as a box of rocks.

        • jamie says:

          So stupid. This happens whenever Glee does a storyline for more than one episode. People start whining about overexposure and things being shoved down one’s throat. It’s pathetic. They are clearly not boring, considering the positive fan reaction is why they get so much air time, as per Ryan’s “People really do like Blam” tweet earlier in the season. They can be heroes, and you’re just a bitter old bat.

          • T says:

            But no one likes Blam because they both suck.

          • Jeremiah says:

            What positive fan reaction? The reaction of their Heroes duet being one of the lowest selling songs of the season? Get a life, jamie. These two are singing three songs EACH in ONE episode. People are tired of them.

          • stop says:


          • Anna says:

            What positive reaction? The organized tweets to Murphs by blainers? TBH I’d give anything to keep Blam if that left Kurt free from the whining of klainers but they’ve already said it’s not going to happen. This is most likely gonna be that “a staright man and a gay man can be friends” crap, and I say crap not because it is not possible, but because of course it has to be the right kind of gay and Blaine will always win at everything Kurt lost because Kurt is considered the wrong kind. Way progressive.

          • Jen says:

            Contrary to what some people are claiming, there are tons o’ peeps who love Blam. Keep it coming.

          • Blasto says:

            @Jeremiah, I would love to see the actual sales figures that you’re quoting in regards to Heroes. As far as low-selling songs, there were only 3 eps this season with “brisk” sales: 1, 4, and 12. Two of those eps had a recent high-charting song propelling sales (1,12) and ep 4 had major song promotion (which is great since I liked that week’s slate of songs). The trend this season is for the only high-sellers to be songs which were released within the past three years. Also that week’s ep (Dynamic Duets) hit a series low because it aired on the major American holiday of Thanksgiving.

            Let Aus continue to goad you. He enjoys getting the bills paid with click-bait.

        • James says:

          I think Jarley is much more overexposed, as well as Ryder.

          • bore says:

            They are both used to much and they are both boring.

          • Anna says:

            Newbies and Blaine are equally overexposed on my list. Sam was way better if not by much in previous seasons. Idk why they made him so stupid on this one and transferred all his characteristics to Ryder.

        • Josh says:

          Back off the Ausiello bashing, okay? This oversight, if there is one(is Glee still a thing?), has no effect on the world as we know it.

          • Blasto says:

            It’s a shame that he has to resort to trolling to get the pageviews, but for some reason he’s not getting as many spoilers and exclusives as he used to.

        • DT says:

          And yet, you come to this site that is FOUNDED by Ausiello, and is eating everything up on this site.

        • Your username gave me a good laugh, but since I’ve followed Michael Ausiello’s columns from TV Guide to EW to TV Line, I think I have to take offense to it. Consequently, doesn’t your taking the time to visit the site, read his columns, or comment on them answer that question?

      • T says:

        Uh, no it’s not. It’s accurate. What show are you watching?

    • Kit says:

      At least Rachel’s number mean something to the plot most of the time. Blaine just sings on everything no matter what. Plus Blaine is mediocre singer while Rachel is a good singer.

    • Anna says:

      No, you are not alone. And everytime they try to give him some sort of meaningful storyline they crash against a wall for two reasons. 1) Blaine can do no wrong, not even assault in a car or cheating register in the minds of his fan. Either it didn’t happen, it was hot (how could Kurt say no) or he was character assassinated. 2) Darren Criss is a terrible actor and can’t do anything but heart eyes. Even scenes with anger will leave him looking ridiculous (angry!blaine in Sue’s office). That doesn’t give much space to develope Blaine. That and that we have the most uninspired set of writting ever in all seasons of Glee.

      • Em says:

        You’re not very bright, are you? He didn’t assault Kurt in the car, and no one thinks that scene is hot anyway. And angry!Blaine in Sue’s office was Blaine acting angry, as a part of him tricking Sue. Did you even watch the episode, of course you didn’t.

        • Anna says:

          Being called ‘not very bright’ by you is quite a compliment if you hear the numerous no’s in that scene and still think that wasn’t assault. Good luck with your life.

          And you must be part of the ones who say Darrren is snubbed by everyone, hence he has no true award nominations. omg, lol

        • Butters says:

          Way to go Em you just proved Anna’s point

  4. Not Sorry 2 Say says:

    Sam and Blaine are the most over-exposed characters on Glee right now. I just want them to shut up and sit in the corner for two or more episodes. Then I wouldn’t have to be FFWding all their songs, which are starting to get blurred in my mind due to their mediocre similarity.

    • Tom says:

      Sam barely had a single line in the previous episode…

    • Blasto says:

      Blaine was sidelined in eps 2, 5, 6, and 8. Additionally he was in jukebox mode in ep 15, so a lot of singing but little to no plot.

    • cassie says:

      almost every storyline as to so with sam and blaine. its getting old. they get way too many songs. sure they go one ep without talking then the next 3 ep they get 3 songs and the main storyline for that ep. its either a jarley love song or sam and blaine. i hate that they broke up all the couples. im loving that santana is back. she makes the show so much better. naya is incredible. if anyone should be getting all these songs and storylines its her. they made sam stupid this season. he had his dumb moments in other seasons but now hes like brain dead. ENOUGH WITH THE IMPRESSIONS!!! what i want for next season is for the main couples to be in NY brittana klaine and finchel. i only care if brittana get back together cuz finchel bores me now and kurt needs to be with someone who wont cheat on him. i hope they drop the lima part or barely show it cuz the newbies r just wannabe mini versions of the originals. i dont think there are anymore high school storylines that they can do. they already repeat stuff like crazy. if i worked for glee i be pissed cuz u can clearly tell who is favored and its not because they r the most talented. i honestly think its just cuz ryan thinks there hot or something. idk. please can we see a brittany ep that is focussed on her and not doing britney spears? i also think bram is the dumbest thing to happen to glee. hey were never gonna talk before this season but sams had a crush on her for the longest time. while he was going after quinn and mercedes? they need to end they look like brother and sister and they just dumbed sam down to be with brittany. i hope there are some big changes coming up on glee!

  5. James says:

    Ausiello, you’re behind again, We know Sam and Blaine have already discussed the crush and it’s Sam who brings it up, probably in the past tense, since Blaine is hopelessly in love with Kurt. Keep trying tho.

  6. Ironically, the character Sam was (originally) meant to be with Kurt, so I’d probably enjoy him getting with Blaine for the lols. The amount of trolling that goes on in the writers room is by far hilarious.

  7. Tom says:

    Blam is the best thing that has happened on Glee! Brilliant performance by Chord and Darren, with great vocals and stage presence. Can’t wait for the episode!

    • blah not blam says:

      Please they are basic. I guess they had to linked them together cause nether is interesting on tier won. Oops that didn’t work still boring.

      • Tom says:

        Each to their own. Personally I think it’s quite obvious that it’s not just arbitrary that they’re getting so much focus together this season. Dynamic Duets is one of this season’s best reviewed and received episodes (in fandom, anyway) and it was all about them. They are front and center because fans like them, the writers like them, and Chord and Darren clearly enjoys working together. Being hateful is just pointless. If y’all don’t have anything nice to say, sometimes it’s actually better just not to. That you’re so easily bored is – sorry to say – your problem to deal with. So perhaps you should?

        • izzy says:

          This is the text I by far most agree with. Blaine and Sam both have interesting characters, and if you don’t agree why are you watching this?

        • Anna says:

          LOL. I love that these hard facts come from “fandom” and not even from the whole fandom, but from Blaine fans. That speaks for itself. btw, DD was one of the most boring, senseless and worst rated episodes by numbers.Continue to believe everyone loves Blam, but specially Blaine while raitings collapse. Long live McKinley! (not)

          • Blasto says:

            The ratings this season are dependent on competition (whether Grey’s Anatomy is new or a rerun) and airing time (eps aired on Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day). There is no way for us fans to know how much or what content is the magical ratings savior. The fad bubble burst in season 3, so many season 2 viewers won’t come back ever. As for myself, I’ll watch until they stop making new eps, even with characters/plots I don’t like.

          • Anna says:

            I actually do agree with a lot of this, not in the way it excuses the choice in content but yeah the fact that it depends what is showing on other channels indeed affects whatever raitings glee gets tells us how little what’s left of the GA cares about the show itself. This was clear the week where every other show had a rerun episode showing (two weeks ago if I recall) so it had better ratings than usual which were adjusted later and still showed more than a million had turned off before the first half hour. I don’t excuse the holiday episodes a lot either. FOX’s choice to do DD on thanksgiving shows what a waste of time they considered it in the first place. Not the same thing happened with I do, which was an ‘important’ episode and still was thrown to Valentines. All of this in general could be held on what you say, the fad bubble burst, but it did burst while they were following this path to become what we have today. Bad choices are tracked back to the beginning of s3 when they believed keeping Blaine would keep the now mostly young audience, something that was wrong in two sides, first because the audience did care about the original cast enough to stop watching if they had gone through with Murphy’s tantrum of not doing a NY spinoff or any NY and second because they overused Blaine in a way that people who previously moderately liked him or didn’t mind him turned and can now be ranged from haters to do not care about him to he annoys me so much. Then let’s add the decrease in quality on every front and we have this sad looking glee.

            And what’s the point of all that. If the ga doesn’t really care anymore for the show itself and ocasionally leaves the tv on while it’s airing and turns off when they realize it’s that show that doesn’t make sense any more and Lima has been given it’s chance, because no one can debate the ratio NY-Lima is 50-50, then by all means it still shows that Lima has no special pull and it is drowning the audience. So let us compare, but to do that we need complete NY episodes and full fledged universe in there too. Not lazy attempts of rehashing the overused romance triangles and 2 episode guest stars.

  8. C. says:

    Whenever this show decides to stop force feeding Sam every damn week maybe I’ll sit through an entire episode again.

    • Robert Taylor says:

      So how’d you like the last episode then? You know, the one where he didn’t have a line.

      • Jude says:

        I’m personally really hating Sam this season so I might start watching again if he takes a backseat.

        • John says:

          You’re preposterous. It’s impossible to hate Sam. He’s just kind and good and friendly and all kinds of adorable. Hating him is like hating puppies. It makes no sense.

          • Jude says:

            It makes sense to a lot of people, actually.

          • Cam says:

            Lol, it is possible to hate Sam. It’s possible to hate any of the characters on Glee if you’ve been watching long enough. Sam isn’t exempt from criticism because you think he’s cute.

          • Vero says:

            People only really hate him now because of Brittana, but Sam’s a douche and has always been a douche. Between imaging Beiste to kill his boner, reducing Quinn’s real issues to “rich white girl problems,” calling Blaine his first real gay bro when Kurt literally gave Sam the clothes off of his back and opened his home to him, etc. Keep up.

          • adsds says:

            I can’t even believe there are people who think Sam is a “douche”. REALLY?! You’re being ridiculous and grasping at straws. Your reasons are complete bull.

          • Anna says:

            These profound reasons.

          • Blasto says:

            So do all of you keep long, detailed lists of every single transgression rendered by every single character on Glee or is this to justify your focus on a character in particular?

          • Andy says:

            Yes, I completely agree “it’s impossible to hate Sam” unless you are an “angry lesbian blogger”….

  9. Heather says:

    Is Glee the only fandom this guy trolls incessantly or are there others? I’m curious.

    • Blasto says:

      He might troll SPN and TVD, but I don’t watch those. This fandom is very easily trolled because we hold grudges and we skew young.

  10. Lisa says:

    I wish they would stop giving all this attention to Blaine, I think he is way too plain and boring. Miss the times when the focus was on the original kids. I hope we get the focus back on those people, meaning Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Finn!

    • James says:

      “plain and boring” hahaha if you’re going to insult him at least pick something accurate. And then you go on to say you want more Finn. True, he’s less plain and boring and more creepy and violent now, but still.

      • trudie says:

        Haha at least he did something interesting last episode than just moping around being whiny! And I never thought I’d say something this, but Cory was hot in that scene. First time I ever found Finn interesting.

        • James says:

          Yes, a change for Finn, as he has been rather mopey and whiny. Now he’s possessive and scary! At least Blaine stood up to Sue and is trying to end her bullying of students. That con was interesting.

          • go away Blaine says:

            Ha yeah like bringing Sue down hasn’t been done 100 times. Plus Sue hasn’t even been doing much to be annoyed at. I am tired of the ass kissing of Blaine and his blanddom.

          • Anna says:

            Blaine also force himself on Kurt a season ago and is disregards every time Kurt says thay are not together anymore? Anyone? Perfect little Blaine.

    • Kem says:

      It’s not gonna happen. Blaine is the only reason I’m still watching Glee, and I’m not the only one. Sorry :(.

    • Laure says:

      Agree. Blaine is basic and the more they give him the more we see the more we see how bad the actor actually is, those scene with Sue last week were SO bad.

    • Blasto says:

      Way to leave fans of Quinn out in the cold. Yeah, they’ve stopped watching but she’s an original kid too. And let’s not forget the massive fandom of Matt Rutherford…

  11. Nicole G says:

    Not Sam and Blaine again, so tired of those two singing and getting so much screentime.

  12. Ally says:

    Blaine makes me hate Glee. So much.

  13. crazylady says:


  14. Jen says:

    Blaine, your hair! I love it. Blam 4ever. <3

  15. Andy says:

    I’m always up for more Blaine, but I’d rather he be singing duets with Kurt! Tired of the break up Murphy! And put Sam back with Mercedes!

    • Long live the 80s says:

      I second this. Other than this opinion, I do believe some more 80s is necessary. What happened to Shuester’s crazy ideas? I thought they were great.

  16. heather says:

    AU when Glee used to be good with smart choices and songs were not sung by Sam and Blaine. Cheesy, boring. Newbies please leave. FOX please cancel this mess or move all vets to NY so we can have a semblance of normalcy. Thank you , good bye

    • Sophie says:

      NY is dreadful altogether. Too dark and moody, and NYADA is a joke. So is Brody. And Adam. Blandest, least likable characters ever. The NYC scenes are trite and repetitive.

      • Andy says:

        Agreed. I want the focus to move to NY next season, but only if they brighten it up. I think Santana was a good addition, and moving Blaine there will help a lot too. Need to get rid of the “grown up” theme, and with it Brody and Adam.

      • Sofia says:

        The NYC scenes are trite and repetitive? They are the only scenes with a spark anymore. Everything they did in Lima is a retread of plots already done in previous scenes with better actors and characters.

        • Andy says:

          The same applies to NYADA. Rachel competes with a bitchy blond to win over a bland hunk. Hello season 1 and 2! Kurt has bad stuff happen to him over and over and has people at school bully him but he stays strong. Wow how original. Rachel is a brat but still wins everything, and the one time she loses it’s all about her sadness and not the winner’s triumph. Slut-shaming, sex-work shaming, Finn running Rachel’s life, Santana calling Kurt effemiphobic slurs, it’s all nothing new. The only spark NYC has seen is Santana.

          • "James" says:

            Okay, “Andy.”

          • Sam says:

            Couldn’t agree more. It’s okay to like Kurt, Santana, and Rachel, and still think that the NY side of things is boring and bland. I wanted to see Rachel go there and realize that she’s just a small fish in a big sea, but lol nope! Kurt and Rachel have lost all of their spark this season, and it makes me sad – and it’s pretty bad when a high school in Lima is more fun and lively than NYC.

          • NY is better even with its problems says:

            NY has potential if they gave it a chance and gave it some more humor. Lima please lets get Sue again, lets make up new love triangles, lets keep ignoring Artie and Tina. Lets have the ND kids run around the stage to a song , boring. Give NY a real chance.

      • Anna says:

        Radiography of a blainer stating that they don’t want anything that doesn’t involve Blaine as the star even if that kills the show and he is such a bland star. Because clearly all their blainer friends are the true audience and no one else. Raitings gods know why the show is doing bad with the audiences with such amount of wonderful McKinley and Blaine.

        Really, is Darren able to do drama? no. is he able to play angry (without the audience dying in a fit of laughter at his angry faces)? no. Actually Chrod is better at this than Darren. is Darren able to do contained and sutile acting? lol, never. He can do heart eyes and and puppy on sugar high but that’s a one trick dog and people have gotten tired of it.

        • Blasto says:

          Anna, if you dislike Blaine so much, why can’t you move on to another show that doesn’t vex you as much? Try Smash.

          • Anna says:

            lol, this is what I always get when I don’t join the party. No. I invested on this show, I will make use of my opinion as long as it leaves. Which I hope is not much if they continue like they are doing now.

      • Blasto says:

        I’ve come to the conclusion that the writers don’t know how to write for NY. Biggest disappointment of the entire season for me.

    • Kelly says:

      Yes MORE NY.

    • Blasto says:

      Glee was never good. It’s been entertaining, more or less, though. I prefer to laugh during a musical comedy rather than cringe when a guy pounds the snot out of another guy.

      I will say this – what the hell are they doing with Kurt? It’s like they only know how to write him when he’s being “resilient” against external factors like discrimination and bullying. He’s a talented, attractive young guy in NYC. Have him do something fun that isn’t shadowing Rachel!

  17. Nola says:

    I miss the days when the music meant something on Glee and it wasn’t solely an excuse to run around the stage wearing costumes. The only characters who sing meaningful numbers anymore are Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Santana and Finn and Kurt have been mostly silenced. Blaine the human jukebox can go away already.

    • Jason says:

      You should send a letter to FOX and demand an apology from Glee for being great fun instead of meaningful aka depressing and preachy with a stick up their ass. If I have to hear one more teary, sleep-inducing Broadway solo from Kurt, I will self-destruct.

      • Lima is lame says:

        I’d rather hear a good solid song in context by a decent singer than a dozen pop songs sung by the same basic people while the same kids run around in circles on the stage.

        • Blasto says:

          That’s not what sells on iTunes. They want as many recent pop songs as possible to get that extra money stream (which has been dwindling like the TV ratings).

      • Anna says:

        Useless/hollow/boring blaine solos ftw! /sarcasm

    • Andy says:

      Lol Right. Blaine hasn’t had any meaningful numbers this season, which is why he keeps getting media praise. It’s Time, Teenage Dream, Hopelessly Devoted To You, Heroes, Come What May, and Against All Odds in the upcoming episode. Keep dreaming.

      • Tim says:

        I don’t think you know what media praise is. The only performance he was highlighted for was Teenage Dream. One out of eight? Odds I wouldn’t be too thrilled with. Maybe if the other characters got a shot…

        • Anna says:

          which just made it’s way through the heart of fan media and the non-prevously subjected to the ‘flawlessness’ of Darren’s wailing acoustic version of the song. Let’s also mention that TD acoustic flopped HARD in sales. People have taste after all.

          • Blasto says:

            I disagree with the “flop” charge. The Break Up had the highest song sales of the season and TD sold ~30k in its first week, just behind Mine’s 32k. Even in season 2 this wouldn’t be horrible sales figures.

      • Tom says:

        Hear, hear. Right on, Andy.

      • lol blaine stans says:

        lol what media praise.

      • Jeremiah says:

        He keeps getting media praise? You mean the same way the media talks about every performance that happens in an episode? That kind of praise?

      • Anna says:

        Here’s a list of many songs I’ve skipped. Wasn’t that wise about others and will forever be WTF at what was Come what may.

  18. Heather is the best thing on this song just dancing around. They need to give her a solo asap…

  19. Jude says:

    Sam again? Stop it Glee, he’s blander than bland. Wham! is weeping.

  20. dsdsdd says:

    I love Blam so much! Best thing about season 4 and best friendship on the show

  21. Linda says:

    I love it – so much fun! It’s great to see ND bopping around to one of my faves from my youth. This is my favorite BLAM duet – I’m really enjoying their friendship this season. They need to de-gel Blaine’s hair more often too.

  22. Justin says:

    I’m baffled by the complete lack of charisma in this performance. How did Glee manage to suck the life out of Wham! of all things?

  23. Travis says:

    I really can’t stand Sam anymore. Force-fed in every single episode, it’s ridiculous.

    • sdhskjfhsf says:

      Force fed? Oh my god. We’re lucky if we get one line out of him every episode! If anyone’s being force fed it’s BLAINE!

  24. Jeannie says:

    Another bland performance from a bromance that should be called Bland! not Blam!

  25. Maria says:

    lol what a mess

  26. Hayden says:

    Glee is making me hate Sam with the fire of a thousand suns. So sick of him. And what’s up with the crazy cameras?

    • Kath says:

      For me it’s the Blaine overkill. I’m hating Blaine with the fire of a millions suns. Whose rage is hotter?

      • Melissa says:

        I’ve seen more Blaine hate across the fandoms than Sam hate. Sam hate is limited to Brittana shippers, while Blaine hate is universal.

        • Val says:

          Sam hate is universal too.

          • Anja says:

            Completely not true! Sam hate started the same time Bram started.
            And while I`m indifferent to Bram, I`m really happy that R. Murphy is keeping the Brittana fans from getting what they want because of all the insanely hateful ways in which they are trying to achieve their goals. And I am also sure that hating on every performance, episode or article including Sam will only lead them nowhere – just where they are now…

        • Lee says:

          I don’t care about Brittana, but hate Sam anyway. Then again, I like Blaine, so my opinion probably doesn’t count.

          • sjd says:

            I just want to know… What reasons do you have to hate Sam? It makes no sense. You definitely don’t have to like him, but he’s never done anything for him to be hated.

          • Blasto says:

            I’m not entirely sure that you exist… :P

  27. Please Glee says:


  28. Greg says:

    I don’t watch “Glee” but I was naturally lured into watching this as an 80s baby. Are the performances always this lifeless and boring? And are all of the singers this flat and charismaless?

  29. Chris says:

    I wish this had been a Brittany/Sugar duet. Way more fun.

  30. crazylady says:

    I see the people who b*tch about EVERYTHING GLEE are in here.
    Why are you still watching if you hate it so much?
    Dont reply saying you have stopped watching because you have to be watching or caring to some degree or you wouldn’t even be on here posting your grips about the show.

    • sanelady says:

      People aren’t complaining about everything with Glee. Just Sam and Blaine. Learn to tell the difference.

    • Cam says:

      Umm because two of my favorite characters are still on the show. Not that I need an explanation or anything. Lots of people hate Glee so, you really should get used to it.

  31. Cam says:

    This Blam nonsense is getting tired.

    Can we get a Kurt/Rachel/Santana number in NY? McKinley is dominating the show and I don’t understand why they get 90% of the musical performances and storylines.

  32. Jade says:

    I would Love for Glee to explore some type of romantic relationship between Sam and Blaine. It would be kind of unexpected but those two have some kind of chemistry that’s hard not to notice. Sam also seems cool and open-minded to atleast kiss Blaine to see what happens.

    • Mike says:

      No way, they do have chemistry but as friends. Kissing and turning it into something that’s separate from friendship would ruin their dynamic.

  33. Kara says:

    Such a fun performance! BLAM is the best thing that happened in season 4, keep it up!

    • Vero says:

      If Blam is the best thing to happen in season 4 then why is it that Naya and Santana in New York is getting all of the praise for that? Hmm.

      • Kara says:

        Of course Santana gets ALL the praise, every article and recap only talks about her…except not. Santana is great and brought (finally) in episode 15 some life to NY, but she’s not new. BLAM is the best friendship that happened in season 4. They support each other and are fun to watch, I enjoy it a lot!

        • Vero says:

          Find me one recap from the last couple of episodes that doesn’t highlight her. I’ll wait. Check out Vulture while you’re at it. :)

          • Or says:

            I’m not really sure why Santana being awesome (which she is) proves that Blaine and Sam sucks. You can like more than one thing at a time.

          • Vero says:

            Keep up with the thread. OP said that Blam is the best part of this season when widespread opinion proves otherwise.

          • Kara says:

            Ahm, you must have a very selective vision. There are a few things that are highlighted almost every episode, but it seems you have Santana tunnel vision. Blam is very positive received and believe me, you truly can like more than one thing at the same time.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Blam and the New New Directions’ group performances are two of the best things to happen to Season 4 – they are fun, cute, and entertaining. And as much as I want the focus to shift to NY next season (with Blaine, Finn and Sam making the move to NY), I’ve gotta say, I much prefer this to whatever it is that’s happening in NY right now – other than Santana, and occasionally Kurt when he is allowed to talk, that side is bland, boring and trying too hard to be “adult”. I hope they’re able to infuse it with a bit more fun next year.

  35. Paige says:

    I love Blam! I hope they are roomies next year (in NY)!! Also, once again Ausiello, thanks for playing, but your trolling is getting old.

  36. Tess says:

    I hate Blaine Anderson so much. Glee sucks with him.

  37. Christian says:

    Can Blaine just dies now? pretty, pretty please?

  38. Cam says:

    Can we get more of Artie singing? He’s the best male singer, by far, and he’s taking a backseat to Sam and Blaine this season. I don’t understand it at all.

    • Renee says:

      Agreed. I’ve really enjoyed the small bits of his singing, he outsang the heck out of Sam in Footloose.

    • Gomez says:

      Agreed. Furthermore, I’ve been more entertained by the film stuff from the Movie episode Artie had than by all of the season-long Blam stuff combined.

    • Nicole G says:

      Totally agree with this. I mean he is the only original ND guy left plus he can actually sing unlike this two. I have no idea why he doesnt sing more and we are stuck with bland singing so much

    • Kitty says:

      I’m really hoping they do more with the film he talked about and that he sings more going into the final stretch of episodes. I’ve also heard rumblings of an extended senior year, so they have more time to use him if that’s true. It wouldn’t hurt for Blaine and Sam to take a backseat for a bit.

    • andre says:

      he sings better than these two boring bozos combined. next.

    • Blasto says:

      It is ridiculous that Artie’s only solo this year was Feliz Navidad. I miss his voice (and Joe’s and Kurt’s too).

  39. Suz says:

    How have the two blandest characters managed to take over this show? Genuinely baffled.

  40. Lucy says:

    Hope the nostalgia factor helps this Blam song sell more than 10,000 measly copies, since the last one didn’t even hit that figure. As much as this show tries to make them lead material, they don’t sell copies.

    • DM says:

      Pop quiz – what was the fastest selling single in Glee’s history?

      • Lucy says:

        Teenage Dream, Darren Criss’s first song that was propped up by its tie to Kurt (a main)’s happiness and was bolstered by a new arrangement. Pop quiz: out of 9 solos, how many of Darren Criss’s songs have actually sold decently? Bonus question: have any of his solos enjoyed even a comparable success after the first fluke?

        • DM says:

          Many of Blaine’s songs with the Warblers sold well. It’s Time was one of the highest-selling songs of this season so far, although sales are down across the board. Has anyone had what you would consider “decent sales” this season?

      • Blasto says:

        TD (original recipe) and Holly Holiday’s Forget You both did extremely well, but Loser Like Me had the highest first week sales of all Glee songs.

    • Lisa says:

      Well, it’s the best-selling song of this episode so far, followed by a D. Criss solo. Oh, and you remember ‘It’s Time’? Yeah, it was the third best selling song of this season (following a group song he was also in, and a Jacob solo). iTunes sales have been pretty dismal for glee in general for a while now, but his songs have still done really well comparatively speaking. (lol bitter Blaine haters who like to use the fact that Darren hasn’t had a #1 song again, when NO ONE ELSE HAS EITHER.)

      • John says:

        They actually haven’t done really well comparatively speaking though. Look up the numbers. They sell at either average or below average.

        • Lisa says:

          I have looked up the numbers, thanks. Compared to the other songs on glee? Yeah, he has been successful. Who has done better overall this season, or last for that matter??

          • John says:

            It’s kind of obvious that you actually haven’t if this is your reply. Come back when you’ve actually read them.

      • Blasto says:

        Lisa, I appreciate you.

  41. Giovanna says:

    Can Blaine just dies now? pretty please! he ruindes glee’s spirit.

  42. Kris says:

    This was really fun! Blaine is really well suited to this kind of cheesiness, I like when Glee doesn’t depress me.

  43. Luce says:

    Hope the nostalgia factor helps this Blam song sell more than 10,000 measly copies, since the last one didn’t even hit that figure. As much as this show tries to make them lead material, they don’t sell copies!

    • adghj says:

      This song is currently the best-charting of the songs in this episode on iTunes, so I don’t think you need to worry about it not doing well. :)

      • Luce says:

        Lol Come What May was the best-charting song of its episode (as in, it actually cracked the top 100 prior to the episode) and it didn’t even hit 18k. This song is floundering somewhere in the 100-200s. It’s not selling.

        • adghj says:

          At any rate, it’s selling better than all the other songs. Hence its placement above them on the chart and all. It’s not rocket science, you know.

        • Blasto says:

          CWM had 1072 in “last” week sales (it’s a quirk of the chart), so it sold 19k in its first week. Not wonderful but slightly higher that what you stated.

  44. Para says:

    Why is everyone in this website hating Blaine……

    • DM says:

      Don’t worry about it, there are a lot more fans than there are haters.

      • Patty says:

        It’s just that the haters get here first, because they’re so insistent on spewing their vitriol, even though nobody can be bothered to take them seriously. A small vocal group spending all their time hating him won’t change the fact that he’s now the main player on Glee, both in terms of musical numbers and time on screen. He’s a breakout character and he’s great!

    • Kitty says:

      Because that’s an effect of oversaturation. Too much of one thing? People get bored and sick of it.

      • Patty says:

        That’s nonsense and only idiots conform to this. I’ve had pizza on a more-than-weekly basis for as long as I can remember and I’m still not bored or sick of it. I’ve seen Blaine on my screen plenty this past season, and I’m nowhere near satisfied. Keep it coming! Both the pizzas and Blaine focus, please.

    • Cam says:

      Because we’re not tone-deaf, straight teenage girls. Or Ryan Murphy.

    • TR says:

      Backlash. He’s had a lot of screentime this season, which annoys people who dislike him. Angry and annoyed people are more likely to comment than people who like it or are neutral.

    • Kole says:

      Because he can’t act and he is overused.

    • Blasto says:

      Because Aus panders to them for pageviews. And they feel that SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET when it’s a subjective matter where it’s difficult to determine wrongness.

  45. DM says:

    Sigh – so many non-gleeful people out there. I’m loving the Blaine and Sam friendship!

  46. elsa says:

    oh joy more blam from the show that should be named BLEE.

  47. Linas says:

    No, thank you.

  48. A says:

    Based on the fact that 20 or so people are making the the same exact hateful comments, all worded in the same way, and using the same “facts”, I’d say there are one or two Blam-haters on here who keep commenting on everything.

    This duet is great fun, I LOVE Blam, and I think they’re one of the best parts of the season. It’s also nice to see Glee focus on something that isn’t a romantic relationship, but a friendship (even though Blaine did have a crush).

  49. RUCookie says:

    Oh wow… for the love of the arts and all that which is sparkly, please stop bickering people. These comment boards read like a high school temper tantrum. We like who we like, we don’t like others, but that does not make anyone here or on the TV SHOW any better or worse. Enough already.

    • Alia says:


    • Emily says:

      I don’t even know why I bother glancing at the comments on anything Glee-related anymore. It’s like everyone is getting force-fed bitter pills or something.

      • murley says:

        agree with everything being said here. why can’t there be more people like this in the vocal online part of the fanbase?

    • Blasto says:

      Airing out their grievances against the show by spamming comments sections is the only control that they have over the show. Admittedly, I am also spamming a bit, but I’m keeping my wits about me. I have no control over the content of Glee, nor can I change the behavior of fans, so all I can do is not let it bother me. :)

      • Leslie says:

        I, too, abhor the malicious attacks on the actors. But if you don’t defend the recipients (such as Darren, Chord, newbies, etc.) of those vile comments from obnoxious fans with the same spears and spades, then it just promotes and escalates those fans vile behaviors and actually influence the impressionable ones (esp. teenagers and kids in their 20s) out there. Believe me, it is so easy to be influenced by the toxicity and negativity of the entire thing (it’s a glutton for punishment, I guess). It did to me at first but I realized how caustic those haters are and how unhealthy it was to be influenced by these unhappy people.

  50. lolglee says: