Arrow Upgrades Manu Bennett to Series Regular

Arrow_Deathstroke_ManuArrow‘s roster of full-time friends and foes continues to expand.

Manu Bennett, who plays Slade Wilson on the CW hit, has been promoted to series regular for Season 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Bennett’s Slade currently appears during the island flashbacks as Oliver’s ally. In the DC Comics, the character eventually becomes Arrow’s nemesis Deathstroke.

The Spartacus actor joins recently upgraded cast members Colton Haynes and Emily Bett Rickards.

Arrow returns with an all-new episode tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

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    • Bryan Salton says:

      can you bring former cw star Tom welling the cast of arrow and on contract with the show and new opening with the faces and other news can you put supernatural up at eight on Tuesdays and can you put the new star crossed on eight . and on Monday can you put fox bones on the cw at nine and soap opera general hospital with the cw at nine and Friday can you put Melissa and Joey on the. cw at eight and from nick at night can you put see dad run at nine. Thank you so much

  1. Best news of the day! Manu deserves it!!!!

  2. Martin says:

    Love the show but really worried it will suffer the same fate once upon a time did, too much too soon.

    3 people know his secret already, tommy was too soon.

    And 3 additional series regulars, get felicity, but the other two, as much as I love slade, flashbacks can only get so much screentime.

    So, to sum up, love it, one of my favourite shows, but worried about where it is going to go.

    • Drew says:

      I’m not as worried. In the comics, Oliver has a circle of allies around him. It’s always been a part of how that character works… Red Arrow, Speedy, Black Canary, Connor Hawke… not to mention Hal Jordan and other JLA members. While Arrow doesn’t follow comic book continuity, the people who know his secret thus far have filled important roles in his mission. Tommy is really the first person to know who isn’t an active part of the team, but he still provides Oliver’s cover story.

      Considering the fact that some of these allies could go away, according to the comics books, either by turning bad, by dying, or by getting sent away, I think there is plenty of story to tell with them. Once/If they’re not needed anymore, they could always be written off.

    • JC says:

      Actually….to be honest I’ve found it refreshing that they’re bringing people in on the secret so early. Maybe it comes from being burned by shows like Smallville and Merlin that dragged the whole secret thing out beyond the point of absurdity (seriously, how many times can people get oh so conveniently knocked out?). In any case, I’m enjoying it. And in Diggle and Felicity’s cases, there really wasn’t any good way to stretch that out any longer without making them look like complete idiots. Tommy’s a different story though – I admit. I wasn’t expecting that quite yet. But I’m looking forward to seeing what happens now (haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet).

      • Scott Revels says:

        I worried about them revealing Oliver’s secret to Tommy because I assumed that Tommy was the Merlyn of Green Arrow lore. If so then Tommy is destined to be Oliver’s greatest enemy (ala Lex in Smallville). I’ve seen interviews where the crew say that Malcolm is Merlyn. If so then that not only guarantees a long and very enjoyable stint for John Barrowman, but it doesn’t reveal Oliver’s secret to an enemy. I think though that we’ll eventually see Malcolm die at the hands of Oliver/Arrow when Malcolm just reaches the farthest he can go as a villain. At that point (ala the Spiderman movies) we’ll see Tommy take up the Merlyn mantle.

        As for Manu and Slade, I for one am happy. The flashbacks were kind of hard to watch until Manu and Slade appeared. It’s kind of a “buddy cop” feel when those two are together. Of course, five years go by and a lot can happen. I fully expect that when Slade shows up in Star.. I mean Starling City, he’ll be full on bad guy, Deathstroke. This will make the flashbacks worth watching even after a few seasons of them because now you want to find out how they became enemies of each other.

  3. TheDude says:

    Say what you will about the cast being too large, but at least they’re definitely picking the right people.

    • Mike says:

      Well, besides Colton Haynes…:/

      • Jason says:


      • Loke says:

        Colton Haynes is a good addition. Way better than this Manu guy.

        Some people can Hate colton all u want but the fact is he and his character are an important asset to the show. Him being a regular in season 2 was always a done deal and he will be here for seasons to come.

        • Sg. Grant says:

          You obviously have never read any of the comic books, nor seen Spartacus. Manu is a much better addition than Colton, at least in terms of acting chops. Also, the character of Deathstroke is just as important as Red Arrow to the mythology.

        • Dan says:

          Until he decides he isn’t in enough episodes in season 2 as a series regular and books it in Season 3 for the next hottest, newest show on television. I mean the guy hasn’t show any character/show/network loyalty so why bother getting invested in this Red guy when he has a legit shot at leaving after next season? I know I won’t be…

  4. rachelle says:

    Great news!! I love Manu. He’s so hot.

  5. Wrstlgirl says:


  6. Alamoh says:

    I mean they probably need to bump people up to series regulars to keep them on the show, especially during pilot season. I wanna know if this means that Slade will be need in the present as well as the flashbacks because that would make things interesting. The cast is getting pretty large, but one they may start killing people off because it is that kind of show and two they have been creating great characters that they want to keep around.

  7. Geo says:

    Great news. I vote that in episode one of Season Two a new super-villain unleashes a secret weapon that forever banishes all men’s shirts from Starling City.

  8. King says:

    awesome! He’s amazing on Spartacus!

  9. Do it. says:

    The show really needs Huntress fulltime to be Arrow’s Catwoman, as well.

    I’m glad to hear this news, the show has really made progress toward emphasizing what works and downplaying what doesn’t. I just hope they’re not tempted to show Slade in the present too soon, there’s still a lot of cool backstory on the island to explore and it will be diminished if we know too much about how it all turns out before they show it.

    Guess it’s time to make room in the budget by killing off Tommy? Best thing they could do, he’s useless but his death would make for a really great storyline.

    • Eye says:

      Considering the fact that Tommy will probably slowly transition into Oliver’s top foe, I would hardly call him useless. If you think about it, how it will begin to happen is pretty obvious

      • Cynd says:

        Malcom dies at the hands of Oliver, Tommy (closer to his father after the recent episode) is no longer cut off and is rich, then uses that money to do the typical corporate villian thing as he slowly trains to take his father’s place as Dark Archer?

    • mia says:

      Lol Tommy is pretty boring. And he makes Laurel boring because the writers only seem to want to write her scenes with him. Need to change it up.

      • Loke says:

        True, Tommy is a boring character. Ironically enough I always thought he would be the most interesting character before the show started, not so. Katie Cassidy’s acting make me bored of the character, so do deserve each other. Easy to skip their scenes.

      • Alan says:

        tommy is a nice guy torn between trying to do whats right or live up to his fathers reputation as a ruthless, conniving businessman; ive found it really interesting to watch him develop so far this season.

  10. Eve says:

    Hell yes!!

  11. TJCrinc says:

    your description of slades character is incorrect. In the comics, the deathstroke enemy of the teen titans and green arrow is the “one-eyed deathstroke”. slade took the eye of his partner, wintergreen, who, in the comics also took the name deathstroke. also, the photo of deathstroke with slade above is 2 different characters. slade has yet to wear the mask on the island yet. the producers have already said that the “true deathstroke” is the one that has only one eye. that, is wintergreen. he obviously survived taking a sword to the eye, just like deadshot. using the same ploy twice is funny, because now i wont be surprised when wintergreen pops up again.

  12. dude says:

    cool cool cool

  13. Ella says:

    I liked him and his character a lot but Arrow sure seems to be adding a LOT of regulars to its list.

  14. Chicago Dan says:

    Definitely like Manu and Slade. Glad he’s sticking around and, yes, it makes sense to have him in “present” for S2.

  15. Lena says:

    In CW fashion I expect them to get rid of Diggle soon. It’s obvious from the disappearance of Laurel’s friend and Walter what they are trying to do. This network disgusts me.

    • K says:

      Black folks dont stay on this network, if any. Even if he were to stay they have reduced his role by making Felicity and Roy regulars, likely Roy will join the team soon. Digs will be the token black for a while I guess, cant have people thinking they are not “diverse”.

    • 900Ksold says:

      “Agreed 100%” to you both. It’s crazy how they use brown people to get on and then suddenly its an all white world. And as far as that Colton dude I can’t take him serious at all.. I stopped watching teen wolf because they gave him too much time in season 2. He’s way too polished to be a tough street guy.. looks like a Madonna backup dancer

  16. TVDIVA says:

    Awesome news! Manu has been fantastic on the show so far – looking forward to seeing more of him in Season 2.

  17. Lia says:

    awesomey fantastic news!

  18. sarah says:

    Great news!
    As for Tommy I really like him!

  19. Mikael says:

    I think they should’ve saved Tommy finding out the secret until the finale or maybe next season.

  20. Teresa says:

    Manu is delicious. Glad to hear he’s going to be a series regular. He’s the highlight of the show for me.

  21. Alan says:

    man this cast is expanding rapidly, which is suppose is not a problem when you are adding guys like deathstroke to the cast but it does worry me that there are too many people, i guess the spectre of death will be hanging over the show now.

  22. Traceyyy says:

    Wise choice, love his character and he’s a great actor.

  23. Athena says:

    So when do you predict Slade will show up in Starling City? I for one thought it was him that Oliver’s mother met up with to hire him to kill Malcolm and then it was revealed that it was Kelly Wu.

  24. 900Ksold says:

    Crixous lives on!!!

  25. Marcos says:

    I can’t wait for the new season of Arrow. I just saw the comic-con trailer of Arrow and it was impressive