Pretty Little Liars Finale Recap: The Red Coat (Kinda) Comes Off -- Plus: [Spoiler] Lives!

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale SpoilersWarning: If you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars finale, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Pretty Little Liars‘ third season went out with a (literal) fiery bang Tuesday. The hour bubbled over with juicy developments, including the return of several familiar faces, the second coming of at least two presumed dead characters, the breakup of a fan fave couple and a cliffhanger that no one saw coming.

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A TRIUMPHANT RETURN | Toby lives, y’all! And for those who predicted he was part of Team ‘A’ as a means of taking down the nefarious organization from within, you were right. But let’s backtrack a bit… Fresh out of Radley, a stoic, makeup-wearing Spencer reconnects with her gal pals — though something is still a little off. Flash forward to a diner, in which a hooded figure sits waiting for someone, and then — bam! Toby “Pretty Eyes” Cavanaugh walks in. “Everything I’ve done is so I can protect you,” he attempts to explain to his scorned love, who’d secretly lured him there. The two go on to discuss Mona and their respective deals with her: Spencer would “deliver” the girls to an event (aka a setup) and abduct Malcolm for a few hours (!!!) in exchange for a reunion with a living, breathing Toby, while Toby would work with Mona as a way to keep Spence safe. After some tears and reluctance, the estranged duo reunite — and enjoy a little sexytime — before heading back to Rosewood to undress “Red Coat” — whose identity is still unknown to both.

A PUZZLING REAPPEARANCE | Jenna, meanwhile, pops back up in town — and reunites with her girlfriend (?), Paige’s ex Shana. It seems her eyesight is on its way out (again), as she relays to her undercover lover that her doctor says, “I’ll have good days and bad days. Eventually they’ll all be bad.” Later, Emily comes across Spencer’s sis Melissa heading into Toby’s abandoned house — with Jenna and Shana!

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A SAD SPLIT | Marking the end of an ‘Ezria,’ Aria and her longtime love Ezra decide to part ways. The choice to break up — an outcome that’s lingered over the couple all season — comes about after Aria learns that Ezra has lied to her about being offered a teaching job at her high school. “Things aren’t easy,” Ezra says, “but they can still be good.” However, in a moment of maturity far beyond her years, Aria can see the writing on the wall. “It shouldn’t be this hard,” she states, leaving her now-ex-beau a bit stunned. Later, the two meet once more, this time to lay out the terms of a possible future together. While Ezra is optimistic that their love can live on (on hold) during the seven months between now and graduation, Aria isn’t convinced. “I need to move on and so do you.” And with one passionate — albeit extremely risky — kiss in the school hallway, the two part ways for good — that is until the next day when he begins his gig as her new substitute teacher!

A SHOCKING TWIST | After learning from Ezra’s son Malcolm that Spencer is in fact the lady who brought him to the carnival, Hanna and Co. set a trap for their ‘A’-esque pal — who gladly spills all to the girls. Once in the loop — and thrilled to hear Toby is alive and well and on their side — a plan to turn the tables on “Red Coat” and Mona is put in motion. Spencer continues to “work for” the ‘A’ team — Toby, too — while the other Liars infiltrate Mona’s lair and await the arrival of the coat-wearer (much to her dismay). Unfortunately, just as Toby and Spence sneak out to catch a glimpse of the team’s leader, someone sets the dwelling on fire. “She can do anything,” a panicked Mona exclaims to the girls, referring to “Red Coat.” “She’s everywhere and she’s nowhere!” Before becoming unconscious like the rest of the Liars, Mona admits to not really knowing who her leader is. Rather, she just got sucked into a game that has now taken some turns not even she expected. Outside, Toby is knocked out, while Spencer gets a glimpse of “Red Coat,” who rescues the out-of-it girls from the fire. But Hanna and Mona later believe that they’ve seen the face of the red one, and it’s none other than Alison — and Spencer concurs. Driving home with Mona in tow, the girls attempt to process the idea that their presumed-dead friend — and tormenter — could still be among the living. However, their conversation is cut short when they encounter Wilden’s cop car, which was thought to be buried. Playing on a loop in the surveillance footage inside? The image of Jenna and Shauna moving his body after Ashley ran him over.

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A CLUTTERED CAR | Something — or someone? — is in the trunk of Wilden’s vehicle, and based on the Liars’ responses upon opening it, the contents are not pretty.

A FRESH FLASHBACK | Building on several previously-glimpsed flashbacks, this episode’s tag once again finds a hand bursting out of Ali’s dirt grave — only this time someone is there to grab it and pull the buried one to safety.

LINE OF THE NIGHT | As always, Hanna and her biting wit supplied most of the episode’s lighter moments. Her standout zinger this time around: “And when were you going to clue us in on your double agent status, Nikita?!”

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  1. kavyn says:

    I loved the Hannah’s Nikita line in the bathroom lol.

    What an intense finale. Way too excited for season 4, I feel like the first episode of season 4 will be just as intense as the season 3 finale. Also really stoked about Mona’s situation!

  2. Jenn says:

    June 11 can’t come fast enough! I waited weeks to see Toby alive and was thrilled to see him!!! I kept saying to everyone he wasn’t dead, he’s not dead and there he was! This show manages to answer questions every week but then also gives us new twists and turns! I’m beyond addicted.

  3. luke says:

    I found it to be kind of a letdown… no new team A people were revealed, Redcoat’s identity wasn’t really a surprise, and no game changing twist, the whole try-to-kill-them-then-save-them was confusing (are there two A’s or something?)

    was I the only one who wanted something unexpected to happen like Ezra being team A, or Mona dying. A real game changer

    • Marie says:

      I don’t think Ali set the fire, her plane hadn’t landed yet. My guess was on Jenna and Shawna, but I’m equally confused about the ending.

      • luke says:

        It’s like the time Emily was locked in the shed and was nearly gassed then Alli (?) pulled her out… i never got why A would lure her there (or someone posing as A) to try to kill her only to save her.
        This seems like the same situation.

        • Meredith says:

          I *think* in that instant Mona tried killing Em and Red Coat was not part of the team yet? Mona made it sound like Red Coat took over at the beginning of this season. At any rate, I’m so confused :/

          • Ashley says:

            Ugh don’t you guys get it ?! ALI and the fours girls never knew each other! Ali had a twin with a mental illness causing her to claim she was ALI ,because the REAL Ali told her mom she was ALI while curtney was outside pretending to be ALI ,ALI’s mom took the REAL ALI to the asylum ! While COURTNEY kept pretending to be ALI . MYA was cleaning out ALI’s room and the boxes were put outside inside one box was secrets of the four girls FAKE ALI (befriended) mya read the diary she knew everything and “FAKE ALI(Courtney)” was scared mya would tell the girls so she killed MYA .okay also MONA finds the diary
            Too, she knows the girls secrets she blackmails them
            Also ,she is part of the A team …fast forward “FAKE ALI” is having a slumber party with the four girls when real ALI escapes the asylum she then stalks the girls from outside the barn …FAKE ALI then tells the girls that she is “Courtney ALI’s twin”and the girls dot believe her so she tries to hypnotize them she fails and spencer gets mad and tells her to leave .FAKE ALI goes outside but is not alone because the real ALI is there…she is jealous that Courtney made friends and claims to be her and she is vengeful that she was in the asylum so she kills FAKE ALI by burying her ALIVEfrom that point on REAL ALI harasses the girls but not only her …TOBY. He is not a double AGENT he truly HATES THE GIRLS because he got pinned on for the MURDER remember the dream spencer has about Toby choking her? It’s a premonition because Toby really did try to kill her SHAUNA and Jenna are also A team

    • B says:

      in my head Ezra killed Alison. That would be so cool.

      • cassie says:

        i dont think ezra would have anything to do with alisons death or the a team. from our pov, he never met alison and he didnt even know much about her so why would he go through that much for no reason,
        but i guess we will just have to wait!

        • ER says:

          We don’t know that. Until recently, we didn’t know that Wilden and Byron had had a relation with Alison. It’s very possible that Ezra had a relationship with her, and then to town to build a fake relationship with one of the girls so he could serve as a double agent for the A team.

      • Sophie says:

        We all know that ally isn’t dead!!! And they never really confermed that it was ally’s body in the cooler at the train party in the Halloween special!! In the 4th pretty little liars book it says that ally’s twin comes to town and confused everyone!! But in the last chapter it says that it was really ally and the one that died was Dakota her twin!!

    • Zorkel567 says:

      I agree. I was let down too. Woukd have liked some real answers, like who the body from last week is.

    • Oh I agree with you 110%. After all the hype that was garnered and the cast making such a big deal about the finale and how awesome it was, this was such a let down -_- The only thing we really learn is that Toby is alive (Which is great) and that Shana, Melissa, and Jenna are working together… Im not surprised, they all seemed suspicious to me from the first episode. Last seasons finale was epic.

    • dude says:

      Yeah I don’t understand why they would say “every member of the A team will be revealed in this episode” when none of them were. If anything, we know less about the A team now that Mona and Toby have joined the girls and we did not find out who red coat was.

    • Max says:

      I totally agree with you, to me it felt like it should have been in the middle of the season, nothing new happened. Another thing that annoyed me was that there was this huge build up for Spencer’s party and it never even took place. Well I guess that’s because of the fire, but Melissa and Jenna never appeared again. This was a huge letdown and not nearly the finale I was expecting.

  4. Rob says:

    I want to know if it was Melissa, Jenna and Shana in the woods who attacked Toby and set the house on fire. whicj was the impression I got. Why would Red Coat set the house on fire and then save them?

    • dizzylie says:

      This is what I’m thinking. Although Melissa trying to kill her sister is pretty cruel lol. Maybe that’s why she was yelling at Jenna?

  5. iMember says:

    I also felt this was a disappointing finale to an already disappointing second half of a season. The only saving grace was Troian’s spectacular performance. There were some reveals, but nothing shocking or surprising. Probably my favorite two moments were in the bathroom with the four girls and then later in the when house Aria, Emily, and Hanna cornered Mona. The ending was just frustrating though.

    I’ll be back for Season 4. I’m too heavily invested to ever give up, but I hope Season 4 turns out to be a lot more fun and exciting than this season.

    I was also disappointed Toby was just playing double agent. I really wanted him to be bad. It made his character interesting and it pushed Spencer’s character to another level.

  6. lara says:

    Didn’t the writers STRONGLY suggest/state that Toby was not a double agent? The only real surprise for me was that Spencer had kidnapped Malcolm, although I had guessed that she would pretend to be part of A.

    • Nikki says:

      Yeah, I thought about it too during the finale.
      Maybe he’s just setting all of the girls up.

      Felt like this episode was a setup within a setup within a setup, but there were no suprises with the A team.

    • kavyn says:

      Yeah, the Toby reveal felt like a cop out. I was hoping he was dead for story purposes (nothing against the character himself, but Spencer without Toby >>>> Spencer with Toby).

    • Elyse says:

      thats what i thought too! but then again they made it sound like Mona wasn’t going to be the first A so they apparently like to lie to confuse us. my first thought when we found out Toby was on the A Team was that he was doing it to help the girls but the writers were the ones who made me think that wasn’t true.

  7. lara says:

    TVLINE | I’ve asked you before and I’ll ask you again: Are you absolutely, positively certain that Toby is really that bad of a guy?
    Oh yes! You got it! Very much. We’re going down a path [with Toby] and you need to know that [he] has a lot of strong motivation for wanting to take down these girls. It’s the price [they have] to pay for him taking the fall for a crime he didn’t do. This has always been present, but he’s been very good at hiding it.

    • Lauren says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking! As soon as Toby said he was playing double agent, this popped right into my head. It makes no sense. Especially that whole Juvie scene with Toby and Ali, and Toby saying that he would like to help A if he could.

    • Elena says:

      To everyone who is saying that the writers have lied about toby being bad and made him back into a good guy, i dont think thats true.
      In the finale the woman at the diner where toby met spencer said something that really shocked me, he called Toby ‘Pretty eyes’.
      At first i didnt think much of it, but then i realised, people have been calling A ‘Pretty eyes’ since season 2 maybe even season 1!!! Remember the lady at the shop where A went to buy the bracelets with the liars names on them called A ‘Pretty eyes’ too!
      Its all adding up, he’s not a double agent, he hates them. He’s been against them from the start, gaining their trust. ‘Pretty eyes’ has done some pretty creepy stuff from the start.
      The only thing that doesnt make sense, is that Mona was A for the first two seasons, not Toby. Unless they were working together?? That would make sense because he went and visited her whilst she was in Radley!

  8. Greg says:

    I dont think they could have made a more confusing ridiculous finale. And I was really hoping for Allison to be redcoat, but somehow they made it so anti climatic. They have started and abandoned so many story lines and characters with no resolution that its become very frustrating to watch this show.

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. Nothing was revealed that most hadn’t already guessed, or at least assumed. Would have prefered that Toby was actually dead. Would have made for better story telling. This double agent, not double agent Toby is getting old. This show has really gotta start tighening up a bit. As someone commented above, they’ve started and seemingly abandoned so many things, while still adding to the mystery, within a mystery, within who the hell knows. Come on, give us something tangible for once.

    • Hana says:

      I dont about u guys but ali is red coat. Ooooh not exciting, i know about her twin courtney. But i REALLY wana know who was in that trunk!!!!!

  9. me says:

    I think that the person who brought the car out of the lake and set the fire are the same and are NOT Jenna, Melissa, or Shauna. I think it’s someone who’s trying to get revenge on behalf of Ali – maybe, Jason? And, red coat is Ali’s twin? #confused

  10. ha says:

    Why in the world is Shana so randomly important now? We have barely, if any, background on her, and all of a sudden she is with Jenna and Melissa scheming.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, this show has developed an increasingly bad habit of dropping characters(in this case Shauna) in out of nowhere with little to no backstory and then using them to prop up major story points. Gotta say this episode was a monumental letdown for me; absolutely nothing new revealed–did anyone REALLY think Toby was dead?–and then of course Jenna shows up after being away for a good minute. And there in itself is another bad habit of this show–characters drop in after being gone for weeks/months with no explanation; Jenna, Wren, Melissa, Paige, Lucas, Jason and Noel pop in and out with no rhyme or reason. Well, unless of course they’re being used as the writers’ current red herring for “A”(is there a person on this canvas that they haven’t tried to tie to “A” at some point other than the girls’ parents? It’s gotten beyond ridiculous).
      All in all, another huge letdown; at this point I think the only real answers viewers will get regarding “A” will be when the series ends it’s run.

    • Mich says:

      Shana was a big part of the webseries Pretty Dirty Secrets that aired between the 3A finale and the Halloween ep. She’s connected to A somehow, but they didn’t do a good job of making that clear on the regular show.

      • twilight123 says:

        I agree with Mich! I watched the webseries this fall, where they make it clear that is somehow connected to A, so I hadn’t thought about it. But if you DIDN’T watch the webseries, Shauna probably feels like she dropped in out of nowhere. That’s got to be hard for fans.

  11. Nikki says:

    I feel like there are 2 A-Teams.
    Mona, Toby and some unrevealed persons. Maybe Aria? Maybe Ezra? Like those theories.
    And yet there’s another one. Shana, Melissa and Jenna. And maybe Walden.
    And “Allison” or “Courtney” or both are playing them against each other. For psychopathic fun.

    But in all honesty. This series makes no sense.
    Why is a girl in charge of something for no purpose?
    Like all started with Alis death. Now we’re at the Alive/Twin theory.
    If both are true, what is going on?
    Maybe Ali’s A was her twin, and she faked her death so she could join.
    But WHY… I really need some answers asap.

    And what was in the car at the end. Why couldn’t they show that.
    Just imagine is a dead Alison was in that car. Now that would have been an epic plot twist.
    But the series lost their suprises. It’s just a seek for questions. Bet it was Jason in the car.

    • a person says:

      I also think there are two A teams, but I think Alison/Courtney/whoever is in the red coat is only in charge of the one containing Mona and Toby. My theory is that the other team (Melissa, Shana, Jenna, Wilden) caused the fire, since Mona didn’t have a clue what was going on and Red Coat’s plane hadn’t landed yet. Plus Red Coat saved the girls.
      Other questions:
      Who did Toby see at the end before he got knocked out?
      Whose body was in the morgue at the end of last episode? (I’m thinking Jason.)
      Is Mona done tormenting the girls?

      • Azerty says:

        I may even consider 3 teams and 2 red coats (yeah…): the first A team with Mona and Toby and the scary Red Coat/evil twin who is nowhere and everywhere, who just want to torture the girls, drive them crazy (but for what? Ali’s behalf or maybe because of the twin story?) , the second A team (Jenna, Shana and Melissa? And Garett who dated Jenna AND Melissa?) who wants the videos of the NAT club and are ready to murder for that and finally good Red Coat/Ali/Courtney who saved the girl on multiple occasions (the fire in this episode, when Emily was in the barn in season 2, etc.). If there is only one red coat, why would she lead the first A team to torture the girl but save them? just to keep torturing them? What is Wilden’s deal, maybe he is in some of the videos? And in all of that who buried Ali? The second A team for the videos? What are in these videos to want them so much? And who help Ali to get up in the last second of the episode? so many questions!

        But IMO even the writers don’t even know the answers since they said Toby was pure evil and finally is a double agent, so they can change their stories according to how react the fans (come on, it’s obvious they wanted to make Toby a real villain but made him a double agent just because of Spencer/Toby fanbase).

    • Kathryn says:

      totally agree. Its a slew of questions and never any answers – we keep wondering and coming up with theories but nothing is ever actually answered. and then some characters randomly disappear and fall back in with no explanation. it is frustrating – but im watching with the hope of getting some answers someday. Troian really has been amazing though, through this second half of the season. I prefer watching the lying game.. although its a bit predictable, at least they give us clues and hints and then give us answers to our hearts’ delight! PLL’s writers need to take note!

  12. S says:

    Terrible Finale. Toby is good and on the girls side after all WHAT?! PREDICTABLE. They didn’t even really answer anything either but instead just made it all more confusing with more questions.

  13. ER says:

    WHAT HAPPENED TO JASON? Seriously, he’s all I care about.

    • Meredith says:

      I <3 this.

    • Luna Ezk says:

      Moral of the story: whatever the writers say it absolutely won’t happen, take it for granted that’s exactly what will.
      ^haha, I’m with you, where is my Jason? I want him to be with Aria…. Get on it

    • Dyanna says:

      Yea where it’s Jason cause he just disappeared I, wish the people that are making the show would just put him back with this thing because it’s getting to my head and I want to know who is red coat people might say it ally our her twin sister but they can trick you and red coat could have had a mask on while pulling them or and she couldn’t gab done it alone some one had to be helping her pull them out

  14. cara says:

    Toby’s a double agent. The writers went all over the place practically yelling at us that Toby is super bad and hates the girls. He only with back for Mona and A to find out if Spencer was on the a team for real or not. She’s not and the know that now. That’s why the writers left Toby when the girls drove off. They’re going to make him a double agent and INFILTRATE AGAIN. He’ll be careful but hell get caught again and push Spencer over the edge. Its all predictable but so fantastic. He has to be a double agent. There’s nothing else for him to do anymore.

    • Jenny says:

      Honestly, I think the writers kept pushing the point of Toby being bad, but the Spencer/Toby fans pushed it so hard that the show would lose a lot of viewers if they killed it off and made him pure evil. I see your point as him going to break Spencer and infilitrate for both sides, but I don’t think the writers can afford to do that. I love your ideas, but I’m not sure how it’ll turn out.

  15. I have a hunch it might be Jason’s body inside the police car’s trunk. (GASPS)

  16. julie serrano says:

    why wasn’t it 2 hours like it said it was going to be!? So DISAPPOINTED!!!

  17. alisonfaith297 says:

    the producers just lied to all of us, everything was predictable like i thought it would played out. the only thing shocking was that jenna was with shana ( cause well given that we haven’t seen jenna in a while). but seriously!!! none of my questions were answered at all.
    though i was heartbroken to see ezra and aria break up.

    • Maria says:

      You know, I really REALLY hope the writers will pay attention to all of our DISAPPOINTED reactions to this fine. Maybe then they will try and make season 4 a bit more interesting, and NOT give us so much FALSE information… Toby really is evil and he’s not playing double agent, and his motives were supposed to be given to us this season. Red coat is going to be revealed. We will get answers to some of our questions during the finale. The finale will be epic. New A team members will be revealed, along with if they were recruited or blackmailed to join the A team. Psh, yeah, right. None of this was answered at all. The only question that was really answered is that Toby is alive, which is great, but it was still a disappointing finale..

  18. TayMads says:

    This show answered NO questions. We don’t know for sure who Red Coat is, we don’t know who attacked Toby in the woods and why, we don’t know what the deal is with Melissa, Shana, and Jenna and we don’t know who killed Alison STILL. I am getting so tired of this show trying to be twisty and unpredictable when it is becoming the exact opposite. It is becoming way too predictable. They need to focus on just one storyline and stop turning everyone against these girls. I’m ready to get to the point. I’m ready to know who killed Alison and who is behind the A team. So disappointed.

    • Luna Ezk says:

      It sucks but you know the show will become like any other show a way to make money (lots of it) so that’s why the writers keep adding things because the more seasons the more money. I just hope they don’t so this :(

  19. Brittish says:

    In the books, Alison had a twin sister… if that helps you all out any ;)

    • tripoli says:

      I think at this point everyone knows that. Even those of us who haven’t read the books. Still doesn’t provide any real answers since its still unclear if they have introduced the twin storyline or if Alison is actually dead or not, etc. No snark intended to you, nice of you to offer some info.

  20. Joe says:

    I feel like maybe red coat “Ali” wanted to meet the girls? Then shauna and Jenna set the house on fire now she doesn’t feel safe? Idk so confused! Hurry June 11

  21. Chelsea says:

    I think it was Melissa shauna and Jenna who caught the house on fire thinking it was going to have all the girls in it plus red coat (Allison). Allison had all the girls met up secretly in the woods so she could safely come see then and talk to then but it was obivously not safe and that’s why she saved then and disappeared. And I believe it was shauna Melissa or Jenna who knocked Toby out.

  22. A says:

    Seriously, this show is becoming so annoying. They specifically said that Toby was not going to be a double agent and then they do exactly just that. I’m so sick of their snail’s pace plot development. Already 3 seasons in we have to still keep waiting to get the whole truth. Why do they have to keep dragging everything out and tiptoeing around everything and yet come finale time we barely get anything about A. All we get is some stupid Spencer and Toby hookup and a boring Aria breakup. I mean come on, its the finale can’t they devote one whole episode purely toward the A plot development. Why does there always have to be some ridiculous subplot? I might not have had a problem with Shona if what they showed about her and Jenna/Melissa/Wilden had any foundation. I mean it was completely ridiculous. Why were they the ones to take him after he was run over? And this Shona girl is useless and completely random. Jenna’s return was stupid. and again with that hand in the grave? We already saw it before. Are we supposed to be surprised and happy that they revealed that someone pulled the person out? Maybe if they showed who pulled it out and who the person in the grave was and how they got in there that would be satisfying part of the finale but no we’re gonna have to wait for another season till we find out. Such a letdown of a finale. Rant over!

  23. CharlieS says:

    Weren’t we supposed to find out who the girl was in the heart costume??? I think It’s heart haven’t really been paying attention at all I’ve lost all interest in the show….

  24. alexia says:

    so Marlene King lied about Toby…..ugh….The finale revealed nothing important. I am done…My love for Hanna can’t keep me interested in the show.

  25. ER says:

    I think the main lesson to be learned is that the producers and writers of PLL lie and make up stuff as they go. I bet THEY don’t even know whether Toby’s a double agent or a triple agent or Ali after a sex change.

  26. April says:

    I def think it was Shana, Melissa, and Jenna who set the place on fire. They were the only other people who saw the invitation. I think they were trying to burn the place thinking everyone was gonna be in their. Toby saw someone turning around, but it wasn’t red coat cause the person did not have a coat on. It was probably one of the three girls (shana, Melissa, Jenna) and then also one of the three knocked him out. Ali (red coat) was trying to get the girls out the house. And setting the house on fire clearly wasn’t her idea because she looked upset and worried when Hannah saw her.

  27. kaylala says:

    ok can someone fill me in on where jason went? I totally forgot… i get more and more confused every episode haha i dont like how characters will disappear without notice and then pop back up randomly…jenna for example. also, i agree that red coat (safe to say is ali) wouldnt have set the fire just to save the girls cause that wouldnt make sense. i just want this all to be over so we can figure it out already im starting to get annoyed. Did anyone read the books? i didn’t but someone told me ali is a secret twin…

    • Scott says:

      Jason disappeared from his hospital bed after the elevator “accident” with Emily. Jenna transfered schools after the whole Garrett/Landon (Maya’s killer) thing because she thought she was in danger because she saw him the night he killed Maya.

      I’m so annoyed that we were lied to about Toby, it feels like such a cop-out to have him be a double agent. I have no idea why Shauna is suddenly important? And why did they make Wren seem like such a threat and then not have him even be in the finale? This finale was so disappointing.

      The only thing I really enjoyed was Mona talking about redcoat, and her sort of being grouped with the other girls at the end.

      Also – one thing I’m more confused about now. Who pushed Ian off the belltower? Mona wouldn’t be strong enough to, so when they revealed Toby was on the A-team I just thought it was him, but now he’s a double agent. So who was it?

      • Scott says:

        I would love for redcoat to be Ashley, just because she’s basically the last person you’d expect (along with Ella). When you think about everyone possibly involved, she was one of the only people out of town, so she could’ve caught a plane in from NY.

  28. Nicole_Bree says:

    I honestly dont think that the finale was that bad. I mean some things were pretty predictable. Like Spencer being the one who kidnapped Malcolm.(If you hadn’t noticed at the end of the last epsiode she DID have the puppet show ticketa with her.) But, like Melissa, Shana, and Jenna being together was one thing I did NOT expect. Also the whole helping-Wilden-out part. Like Wow! But I seriously do NOT want Jason to be dead. I’ve always liked him amd thought that Aria should choose him instead of Ezra. I don’t have any guess to who the hand coming out of the grave was, but I’m gonna assume that the body in the trunk of the car was probably…Jason. :”( </3 (moment of silence please) as for Toby going back to trying to attack te girls and being secretly evil..ABSOLUTELY NOT! Are you serious?! Did anybody NOT see his and Spencers reunion?? Toby is good. End of discussion. Mona being on the girls side(sorta)was a big shocker. But what I believe is that Ali had a twin sister that was living with her Grandma and that thats who died. So Ali is playing with the girls heads, for unknown reasons. And Melissa, Shana, and Jenna are just part of that club thing that Garret and Ian were in. And..I don't really have anymore hypothesis because I dont have enough information from the show. But, in all sincerety I love the show and I think that they're doing evrything right.<3

    • kavyn says:

      Mona wasn’t on the girl’s side, she was still A for the first two seasons. Season 3 she got a chance to “continue” being A but was then manipulated by the real A to do things she didn’t want to. So now she technically is on the girls’ side since they’re in the same situation, but I highly doubt the girls are going to care about Mona at all aside from Hannah.

    • Alex says:

      I agree with you up to Ali. I don’t think that Ali ever died. The writers keep making her out to be some sort of sneaky genius and I am starting to think that she successfully faked her own death. They also keep foreshadowing (through flashbacks- confusing) that Ali knew that her diary would be important and that she wasn’t always going to be around. Did Ali know she was going to “die” because I think she did. In addition, a detail of the series that I think was missed by a lot of people was when Spencer said she wanted to read Ali’s diary after mass. Ali said over her dead body and she talked about the diaries being important and full of information. I also think that Cece was in the trunk, not Jason.

    • Livy says:

      Ok, so what I think is that the guy in the morgue was Jason, maybe he just got the exact same tattoo as toby? anyway, I ABSOLUTLEY luv your post Nicole, because I believe they are doing everything right, because it is sooo much fun trying to figure these things out, and if they made everything too predictable then it wouldn’t be as much fun to watch. I do not agree with you about Jason though, I don’t trust him after seeing MONA CLEANING UP HIS WOUND FROM A STAB WITH A SCREW DRIVER!!! HELLOOO, ARIA STABBED THE PERSON WHO WAS TRYING TO PUSH HER OFF THE TRAIN WITH A SCREW DRIVER!!! Why would she ever be with the man she stabbed for trying to kill her? just wondering. I absolutely luv this show though, and secretly hope that Jason is dead, though I cannot get my hopes up. As for red coat, I think that a lot of people wear red coats, but this person may just be CeCe, she did visit Mona in the sanitarium right? I liked the finale because it made me want to watch the next season! Isn’t that what you would go for if you were making a T.V show? Isn’t wanting to watch the next episode an important thing for the viewers?

  29. vickaykay says:

    i think that cece was the one in the trunk of the car. in the episode where ashley hit wilden, we saw earlier in that day (when hannah and her mum were on the street) that wilden was forcing cece into his car. He could’ve a) kidnapped her and then killed her and put her in the back of the car or b) kidnapped her and had her in the trunk. when hannah pushed the car in the lake, she could’ve drowned cece (although she was probably already dead after being in there for a couple of days)

    ALSO that could be why wilden was so anxious to get the car back and kept on asking hannah, because he knew that cece was in there.

  30. kristen says:

    So they told us from the beginning that they weren’t following the book. Although Mona being A was the same, what I really didn’t want to happen was the whole, Allison’s twin sister thing. That is actually a great twist, but the fact that my season 2 pretty little liar internet browsing spoiled me for it, I was hoping to do something I didn’t know. I really just want it to be Allison to not have died. I mean that is very predictable, but not the book route.

    • kavyn says:

      I think Ali does have a twin, but they’re both alive. The Ali that “died” is with the girls, while the Ali that leads the A team is against them.

      It seems to me that the “dead” Ali still cares for the girls. Either that or maybe they made Ali bipolar after going to Radley.

  31. Elyse says:

    so this weird Shana chick Jenna, Melissa and Wilden are all on the A Team? what is Shanas issue with the girls? are Mona and Toby now off the A Team? can we trust Mona and Toby? was that really Ali? i was disappointed only because they made it seem like we would know 100% who all was on the A Team but i didn’t think it was very obvious! i can’t wait until June 11th!

    • Elyse says:

      also kinda mad because when i saw Toby was on the A Team i assumed he was doing it to help Spencer and the girls but then everyone on the show said Toby was really bad and he had a reason to hate the girls so which one is it? he flips between cray cray Toby and sweet innocent Toby so easily i can’t tell!

      • kavyn says:

        The WRITERS told TVLine in an interview right after the Toby twist that Toby was 100% bad with his own agenda to go after the girls, despite everyone saying Toby was acting as a double agent. They copped out and decided to make Toby “good” like everyone originally assumed.

      • Jenny says:

        Plus, after the finale the whole show was like, “LOL JK TOBY IS GENIUNE AND A DOUBLE AGENT TRYING TO HELP SPENCER.” I love Spoby, but I feel like that weird hookup was totally random and why did the show lie to us then give us them back? It’s so confusing.

  32. Kathy says:

    If this show has taught us anything is that all you have to do is read the books to find out the finales endings. Just like in the books….It was Ali in redcoat. Why was this shocking?
    The writers try and build everyone up when they know they are just so full of it and are trying to cover the fact that they can’t come up with a different ending from the books.

  33. Stephanie says:

    Hope PLL isn’t jumping the shark. Though I was hit with a few surprises I still have so many questions. For starters who did Toby think he was meeting with at the diner? And why did he tell who ever he thought it was that Hannah got the babysitting job? Who is flying the plane? I feel like there is an “adult” or parent involved in this. For some reason I sometimes feel like its a man in the red coat with a wig on. I also think there is more then one red coat or more involved in the black hoodie gang.

  34. Stacey says:

    Peeeeps. Redcoat is Alli because Alli never died! Alli killed her twin Courtney who had taken over her life while she had Alli sent to the mental hospital in her place. That is why Radley is such a huge part of the show.

  35. Azerty says:

    Seriously why everybody hates the PLL so much? Ok for Jenna and Toby it’s because of the Jenna Thing, Mona we can say that’s because she has never been accepted in the gang when Ali was around (I say around instead of alive because I am so confused about almost everything right now). But why would Melissa and Shana who poped up from nowhere like 3 episodes ago call them “those bitches” and hate them so much that they would set up the building on fire?
    And do you think there could be 2 red coats: one nice red coat who saved everybody from the fire and one who scares the s*** out of Mona, like maybe good twin/evil twin?

    • kavyn says:

      I’m 100% confident there’s two red coats. I think one of them is Jenna and the other is Ali. If not, then I think it’s the twist from the book.

      If not then I think there’s two Alis. The one that’s been giving the girls hints while they were “delusional,” who is the same one that started the fire. The second one is the one that flew in, aka the real Ali that “died”.

      I don’t think they’ll reveal that until mid-season 4 or the season 4 finale. They’ll play around with there only being one Ali so that the girls aren’t sure if they can trust her, and then they’ll reveal there’s two of them.

      My other theory is that Jenna and Ali are related somehow, and that they’re playing the game with each other. There’s definitely two red coats though, there has to be.

  36. Mona is blind,she would not know what ‘red coat’ actually looks like ._.

  37. Belle says:

    Have ANY of you even read the books??? I mean really, it stays semi on point for the major reveals…so the red coat person is not a big mystery; I won’t spoil it but I think the writers of the show are going to remain true to the book in the grand scheme of things :) pick up a book, you’ll thank me!!!

    • This. Writers should stop telling people that the show will be different from the book if they will remain loyal to the core of the book series. Sure they changed some things with the series, but bottom line is they are staying loyal to the book. I have no problem with this TBH, but I hate it when they keep on saying “It will be different to the book…” Just don’t say that and maybe half of the people would not be as annoyed with the writers.

  38. ggny says:

    either Cece/Jason or Wren are in that trunk.

    • Luna Ezk says:

      Keep JASON ALIVE!!

    • kavyn says:

      I doubt it’s Cece. She’s still got a lot of story to tell, especially with Ally back in the picture. Similar deal with Jason, although I do think Jason’s a big possibility. I hope it isn’t him though, but at the same time they were targeting him so it wouldn’t be a huge shock.

      A’s text said that “She owned them now,” so I don’t see how Wren relates to it. Jason feels like the most likely person to be in the trunk.

      • Alex says:

        Even if Cece is dead that doesn’t mean you won’t get information from her. When Maya died, they found her website. I think Cece being in the trunk is very plausible especially because she said she thought Wildon got Ali pregnant.

  39. Bri says:

    I’m thinking they are still playing the twin angle from the books, but instead of one twin killing the other someone we know was with the twin in Radley, set the fire, killed the twin and Garrett. Red Coat, presumably Ally, is really trying to protect the girls with all the double crossing.

  40. Adrienne says:

    I think I need to rewatch. I missed the hand coming up.

  41. tori says:

    Ok. So my theory is that there are twins and they are BOTH alive. Doesn’t explain whose body was buried and eventually found and claimed as Alisons BUT I’m going with it for now. Everytime we have seen Ali she has been helping out the Liars..saved Emily from the barn, checking on Hanna in the hospital, telling Aria to stop drinking the tea, directing Spencer to the truth. I think one of the twins tried to kill and bury the other one and bury them but that person was saved. Both twins would then have to disappear…I think the NIT club must have been doing some bad stuff that we don’t know about since Jenna and Melissa are still freaking out over the tapes. Didn’t Hannas mom say SHE was featured in the clip that the pastor found? So I think either the NIT group or the bad twin were the ones originally bullying Ali. I think she knew she was in danger and that is why she learned how to fly, dressed in the wig, and wrote everything down in her diaries. I think the Mona and Toby were the original A group. I don’t see how they could be involved with Jenna, Melissa, and Wilden. I think Toby and Mona each had their issues with the Liars (Tobys we haven’t completely scratched). I do think Toby is still bad…his reconciling with Spencer was a way to see if she was really with Mona and him or not and maybe to even find out who redcoat is. I think that Red Coat Ali was coming to reveal herself to the Liars. BUT then “B” team Jenna, Melissa, Shawna, and Wilden set the house on fire hoping to trap all of the Liars (and maybe red coat too) inside. But Red Coat Ali saved them but had to hide again since she knows its not safe for her. The fact that “B” team is revealed to the Liars makes me think that Evil twin is out to control and torment all of them. I think Cece was probably in the trunk..and Jason is in the state morgue.

    • BearDogg-X says:

      It makes sense to me. To explain the body found that’s believed to be Alison’s, maybe Alison was a part of triplets/or another long-lost sister never mentioned before if DNA tests were done to confirm it was Alison’s body found in the pilot episode or if it’s just twins, maybe an unknown runaway girl if DNA tests weren’t done.

  42. Shassy says:

    Who texted Jenna, “32 Rte 6. Be there at 9 tonight. – A”. Melissa came by & gave Shawna an invitation so neither of them texted Jenna that. Red coat Ali wouldn’t have texted them to show up if she was trying to reveal herself to the liars. So someone else is also on team A. While Jenna & Shawna are meeting you could hear a plane fly over them & Jenna looked up!!! I didn’t notice that the first time, but just rewatched & saw that part. If Ali was on the plane (which I think it was her because that guy taught her to fly. Or maybe he’s flying her & helping her remain in hiding) & Toby & Spencer were together & Hanna, Aria, Emily & Mona were in the building, then who set the fire?!?! My guess, Melissa, Jenna & Shawna. Suspects of the REAL A Team or NAT (on my list): Wilden, Wren, Melissa, Jenna, Shawna, CeCe. I think Ali really came to reveal herself to the liars & show them their hallucinations were really her when she appeared to them, but everything got messed up with someone setting the fire. If she wanted them dead, she would have left Hanna, Aria & Emily in the building with Mona to burn. If Mona & Toby have been working for Red Coat (if red coat really Ali????), then why has Ali been torchering the PLL?! So maybe she wanted to kill them on her own terms? Unless Ali isn’t Red Coat & there is someone else who is also in a red coat!! And if it’s Ali, who’s in Ali’s grave in the mausoleum?! Unless she’s in the witness protection program, so the police lied… or shes in hiding somewhere as maybe Vivian Darkbloom. What was the deal with the lighter saying NW on it that was thrown by Toby & he saw when he woke up? There was also an – A before Ali died because that’s who was after her, so I don’t think Ali is A. Mona said Red coat was wearing a mask & wig that looked like Ali. Its more than likely the same mask that everyone else has seen! Hence, It is still possible that red coat is not Ali. The trunk, in my opinion is Jason. He hasn’t showed up since the hospital. He ticked Wilden off, it is Wilden’s Car! Cece doesn’t make sense because she was in an episode after the car was sunk. Maybe CeCe is redcoat, since Ali got her kicked out if school. Lots of questions, still! My conclusion: 3 teams, 1. A team: Wren, Wilden, Melissa, Paige, Jenna & Shawna. 2. Mona & Toby & a masked look alike of Ali. 3. Ali herself, who is protecting the liars

  43. Charlotte says:


  44. Pamela says:

    What are the girls even lying about? I mean, what did they do that is worth going through all of this instead of just telling the truth?

  45. Alison or Maya’s body is in Wildon’s truck

  46. Brooke5515 says:

    Does anyone else feel like Alison might have been being molested/raped by her brother???

  47. cas says:

    I don’t understand why you guys are so sad that Toby is not evil. I love Toby and Spencer together and am so happy he is not evil.

  48. HUN says:

    If anyone remembers, Ali was being tormented by A before anyone else so she is not A. Ali was A’s target to begin with.Remember the Halloween party and the attack in the house that was supposed to be Noel and wasn’t, and the pumpkin attack on her front porch? That was A and or an A team member. I agree mostly with Tori’s hypothosis. Ali left and then A had to focus on her friends and now she is trying to keep them safe, however Ali was not a very nice person or is a very nice person to them in the first place unless it was her twin and they were trading places every now and then. There are so many questions left unanswered, however if you answer them and reveal redcoat then what’s the point of the show? That would be the series end! It does get confusing, and I agree people just disappear and reappear. Where is Lucas? I think it would be cool if he were redcoat. Who ever these people are they have way above average computer skills, (caleb), money, (melissa), drug availability (wren), and cunning (Jenna). I can’t stand that wren guy!

  49. Jessy says:


    • Alexia says:

      NO YOUR STUPIED BECAUSE ALLY IS STILL ALIVE DUMB ASS THE TWIN IS DEAD BECAUSE ALLY KILLED HER AND LOOK WHOS STUPIED NOT THATS RIGHT I READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!