Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Will Neal Tell Tamara His Story? Plus: August's Flashback

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Neal sends for his fiancée — but what exactly will he tell Tamara once she arrives in Storybrooke?

As seen in these photos from the episode “Selfless, Brave and True,” Neal does in fact bust out ye olde “Once Upon a Time” tome, and from the look on Tamara’s (Sonequa Martin Green) face, he’s spinning quite a tale. But who out there suspects this mysterious New York City gal wouldn’t be 100 percent surprised by his confession…? (And should she in turn share her wild zombie-fighting stories?)

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Elsewhere in the episode: When a despondent Mary Margaret stumbles upon a re-petrified Pinocchio (Eion Bailey) hiding in the woods, we flash back to a time after August’s arrival in our realm, wherein he meets a man of magic (played by Tzi Ma) who may be able to prevent him from turning back into wood — but at a steep price.

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  1. Kat says:

    No! I want Neal & Emma to be together!

    • angela says:

      me to i love the chemistry between them.

    • Leigh says:


      • Joey says:

        Wow, how pleasant. Why don’t you just state what your issue is with Neal or the pairing so that an intelligent discussion can be had rather than pointless, immature comments?

        • Kay says:

          Not the op but yawn sums it up for me too. They’re utterly drowsy together.

          • Joey says:

            I think that’s more to do with the complete lack of character-driven dialogue the past few episodes. There are so many things that Neal and Emma could be saying to each other (as well as plenty of other characters), but it seems as if a lot of character interactions are being thrown away in pursuit of a more plot-driven story, which to me makes it a bit weaker.

      • Chris says:

        Yes I agree with the yawn. So far he’s been a hugely disappointing. Can’t even bother to offer an “I’m sorry to Emma.” He’s Rumpel’s son so at some point they are going to have to delve into this issue much further than they have so far. There is so much character exploration that needs to be done with all the characters and I find that lack of it very disappointing.

    • chococat143 says:

      Neal & Tamara are to be married. Making Emma a dirty disgusting sleazy whore…. Swanfire or Swanthief fans need to get over it!

  2. I will not judge Tamara by pictures. But I will not hate her just like I dont hate Hook. Just wanna Neal, with Emma

  3. Spoiler Alert says:

    This is the episode Hook returns, finally. Bring on the Hook/Emma!

    Thank God Jane confirmed it.

  4. Neal sucks says:

    Ugh no one cares for the coward Neal. When is Hook going to appear, the man who will always fight for what he loves instead of running away which is what Neal does best.

    • Kat says:

      When did Neal run like a coward? He ran from Emma because Graham told him the story and that she needs to go back to Storybrook. He ran away to save his world.

      • Leslie says:

        Um he literally ran because August knew whom he was. WTH Graham, do you even watch the show? He ran because August told him that he knew he was Baelfire. He IS a coward, hell running is what he does best. They even referenced that in this past episode. “He’s your son” “He’s running”. He’s a runner, and a coward.

        • lauren says:

          Knock-konck, it’s some facts: “He’s your son” meant “He’s sneaky/wily.” But go on believing what you wish, LMAO.

          • Leslie says:

            You need to watch the show again. That was Emma burning Neal because even HE knew what that meant. It was basically saying Henry runs just like Neal. Not good at all, Neal is and always will be a coward.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Sorry, not the biggest Neal fan (or Hook for that matter), but that comment was referring to Henry being sneaky/wily like his dad – and really, also like his mother, who lest we all forget was a con woman herself.

        • Kat says:

          In one episode it eluded to him having to leave Emma alone to help her fulfill her duty. I forget the episode. And I corrected my Grahm/August mistake right away.

          • xaverie says:

            Nothing says “I respect you as a person” like taking away all agency from a woman.

          • Joey says:

            @xaverie: I’d say that’s blowing things completely out of proportion. Sometimes people make choices that in hindsight aren’t very good based on the information they have in front of them. Do I think Neal made a bad choice? Maybe, maybe not. I haven’t made up my mind yet. You seem to. But that’s okay. Does that mean that Neal is horrible person and can never be redeemed? Yeah, I’d go with no.

          • sara says:

            I guess. As long as he stays far away from Henry.

      • kelride says:

        Neal is a coward because he let August tell him what to do. And he did it because August knew who he was. He caved so quickly and didn’t even fight for Emma, just went along with August’s plan because he said it was the right thing. Neal didn’t even know August before then, how could he believe anything he said at face value? He didn’t do it so Emma could realize her destiny, he did it so his father wouldn’t find him. August even sent him a postcard saying the curse was broken. So Neal at one point did care about Emma and that she got out of the whole magic mess, but not enough to hold on for her and gets together with Tamara.

        And another question, why couldn’t he have turned himself in and taken Emma’s place? Wouldn’t that have effectively kept them apart? Or was August worried Emma would hold on to Neal? I have a feeling August knew about the pregnancy and used Henry to get her back to Storybrooke. Otherwise why would he have Emma stay in prison unless he knew Henry would have to be given away for adoption? I hope this is not the case as I like August right now, so I hope he doesn’t turn out to be manipulative.

        • topoopon says:

          He’s a coward, because he’s a Stiltskin!

        • Chris says:

          I don’t get the love for Neal that some viewers seem to have so far. He knocked up his gf (granted he didn’t know at the time) then let his friend convince him it was okay for her to go to jail for something he did, then when his friend told him the curse was lifted, never bothered to contact gf and see if she was okay and offer an apology. Granted his childhood was pretty screwed up by two selfish parents but one would think he would at least feel some empathy for the girl he once dated especially after what he did to her.

          • Shannon says:

            Curious notion: Didn’t the tree that transported Emma and August into our world have to been linked or be magically in itself on our end in order to enable the wardrobe in fairytale land to work? Hence there have to be two magical and connected trees one on our end and one from the other. Just a thought I have been having and how would they know the wardrobe would come here and not a different place?

    • Kat says:

      derp I mean August

    • bigby_wolf says:

      Yes, what a coward Neal is running from an evil father that chose him over magic and power. What a terribly AWFUL person. Get a clue and start thinking with your brain.

      • Joey says:

        Seriously I wonder if these people even think about stuff at all or if they just take whatever’s been said on the show at face value. There are multiple meanings to everything, on this show in particular.

      • Lynyrd says:

        He’s a coward because he let Emma take the fall for his crime and go to prison just so he could keep running from his father and not have to tell Emma the truth. He knew about magic, almost better than anyone. He could have helped Emma discover her calling. Instead he turned tail ran and left Emma in prison with a boat load of trust issues and a positive pregnancy test. When she was eighteen.

    • Kat says:

      Season 2, Episode 14: August tells Neal that he grew up with Emma as a fellow orphan, and they were in the same group home at one point. He also tells Neal how he knows that Emma has a very specific fate: to break an evil curse someday. August warns Neal not to get involved with her, because he could distract her from her larger purpose.

      So we can assume he ran because he was a coward or he was in fact helping Emma

    • Josh says:

      Ooh im so sick of POS hook getting a pass for Punching belle shooting Belle trying to kill Belle and Rumple you know Henry’s grandpa! Just because hes Hot! Hook is a POS and yet Neal is worse what kind of f’s up standard do you have? How the hell do women want Emma with that Scumbag Hook?

      • mm says:

        Thank you, finally someone with some sense.

      • rocio says:

        EXACTLY not a neal fan, but Emma x Hook makes no sense to me. People only like him because he is hot.

      • Christine says:

        What? This show is all about how darkness can invade one’s heart and how love can free it. I love Hook and Rumpel and Regina – they are the darkest they are interesting, they battle light and dark constantly in their hearts.

        Hook is a great character and will be even better once he’s fleshed out more but I don’t deny that he doesn’t have flaws. He is charming, but also arrogant, conceited – and he fell in love with someone else’s wife who begged him to take her away. Only to have his love brutally killed in front of him, then maimed by a jealous husband who couldn’t handle his love saying she never loved him.

        I felt for Rumpel when he begged Hook to let Milah go, and I HATE that Hook lied and implied Milah was taken against her will (as we find out later that was Milah’s lie). I would have understood Rumpel later wanting to kill Hook in retribution but once he found out that it was a lie and Milah apologized for her actions and admitted she went willingly – why let jealousy blacken his heart in such a horrific brutal way? I wonder if Bae/Neal knows what Rumpel did? Henry certainly doesn’t know his grandfather brutally murdered his grandmother.

        His own actions regarding Bae were awful – he chose power over love but he has been trying to fix that ever since.

        What Hook did to Belle was in his revenge filled heart collateral damage – was it right? Do I support it…no of course not. Does it make me enjoy him any less? Not at all.

        You seem like one of those who worships Rumpel – excuses his every flaw, refuses to see them then in the same breath berates people who love the pirate. Hook IMO is far more justified in wanting to kill the man that brutally murdered his love and maimed him for life. Hook was an arrogant a%% to rumpel but he didn’t kill Milah nor did he maim Rumpel.

        The villains are the most flawed and have darkness in their souls. The journey to love and light is what makes this show interesting. If you want to compare villains with the most murders to their name I’m betting Hook is at the bottom of the list.

        IMO Hook and Emma have fabulous chemistry, hilarious banter, and their scenes on the beanstalk spoke of a connection that goes deep with Emma confiding in him about her first love. IMO They look great together, the actors act great together and if given a chance once Emma temporarily reunites with Neal and realizes that immature love isn’t necessarily adult love and Hook realizes that revenge is empty and hollow and that he wasted a big portion of his life trying to fulfill it, will be exciting together.
        all characters on this show have a journey to follow and it’s the journey that keeps us enthralled as long as it’s interesting.

        • Shannon says:

          Rumple was still Rumple when he first went to Hook and begged for Milah back and Hook basically laughed in his face and ridiculed him. When he saw them again he had become the dark one and his heart had already hardened and more so when he found out that not only did Milah leave him she left Bae w/o a mother etc.. Milah if you recall the episode did not apologize for her actions and also ridiculed him. She wanted adventurer etc.. Rumple still loving Milah and angry at both took what Hook loved most and Milah for betraying him. Remember Rumple when he became a dark one had a lot of issues especially since being labeled a coward and people ridiculing him. I also think the Seer had something to do with him becoming the dark one etc..As she wanted relief from her curse and she stated the future is a puzzle and there is stuff that will be and stuff that can be which is a big difference meaning a lot had to change for Rumple to even be able to get to our world and just to enact the curse look at how many lives/destinies he had to alter to do things?

        • Shannon says:

          I am re-watching season 1 and loving when Prince Charming is holding his daughter and sword wielding at the same time. that is a father being able to defend and still protect his daughter.

    • Sam Haincat says:

      I totally agree, Neal sucks. What a sleezebag, he leaves Emma in jail and then to top it off, when he runs into her again, doesn’t offer an appology, finds out she had his son, in jail no less thanks so him and still the douchebag doesn’t offer an appology. What a creep.

  5. Zorkel567 says:

    Excited to see August back! Tamara may be interesting, but in the end, I am hoping for Emma and Neal.

  6. Mayra says:

    Can’t wait for Neal to leave since he’s a guest star and all and he will be filming a movie in late Summer which is when Once returns filming for S3 and he’s even said that it all depends on scheduling if he will return for S3.

    Spoiler alert, all actors say that even though they know they most likely won’t return.

    Goodbye Neal, take your sissy running ass back to NYC.

    • lauren says:

      Wow, that was quite the (kinda scary) information download. Agenda much?

    • ej says:

      Ouch. Even if MRJ has a film commitment doesn’t mean he’ll be off the show. An actor being a guest star one season doesn’t mean they won’t become a regular the following season just as regulars go back to being guest stars depending on their other work and what the show requires of them. It’s people who start posting mean-spirited comments like this that lead to rumors like the one about Sebastian Stan getting fired from the show because of his Broadway commitments.

  7. Lennie says:

    Can’t wait for Hook to finally return in this episode, bring on the Captain Swan! The only reason we haven’t had Hook in the past 2 episodes is because Colin needed time to recoup from his broken leg. :( Poor dear, oh well it’s gone and past and Hook is back.

    • Josh says:

      Oh yeah women beaters are so hot! Hook is a POS and he is trying to kill Rumple Henry’s Grandpa and has a thing for trying to kill Belle Emma would be insane to like him hes a scumbag and not a good model for Henry he would hate his mother

      • sara says:

        Well, then again, Rumple’s a woman beater too. So if Hook killed him, no loss.

      • Tessa says:

        Excuse me – so men who rip the heart out of their childs mother just because they say they don’t love them and are in love with someone else is a prime example of what a man should be? And a man who lets his girlfriend go to jail for his crime and THEN finds out his girlfriend had to give birth to his son while in jail because of him and can’t even muster a simple appology is also a prime model of a man? That is sick.
        The one who has been a real slimebag to emma and has messed with her trust is no one other then Neal, he is the real scum.

        • Mike says:

          Neither of them are good for Emma, but It should be a rule if you hate on Neal you can’t ship Emma with Hook either, because Hook is in no way a better guy than Neal, he is worse.

  8. More Spoilers says:

    Alright well, they’re going to Neverland that’s been confirmed.

    They’re going to do another Beast/Rumple, Red/Wolf thing in the season finale. My sources tell me Hook is also the adult Peter Pan, Neal was a lost boy under his watch.

    Predictable, thy name is OUAT.

    • ej says:

      How does Hook being Peter when Neal was in Neverland make sense? Hook was a pirate and Milah ran off with Killian when Bae was little. Bae left FTL and ended up in Neverland after Rumple became the Dark One. Rumple heard about Smee having a magic bean and ran into Jones, killed Miliah, and cut off Killian’s hand, turning him into Hook. Hook took the bean and set sail for Neverland. Do you and your “sources” even watch this show?

    • Mike says:

      Sorry, their are a lot of story twist that the creators have done some I have liked Red/wolf, and some I have not liked Beast/Rumple, but Hook being Peter is too far of a stretch for even them, since he has a hook before he goes to Neverland, so no Hook is not Peter.

      • Danyelle says:

        But More Spoilers has _SOURCES_!!!!!!!

        • Shannon says:

          Here is an interesting thought that makes me perplex.. Regina had hook go to Wonderland to kill her mother, but she had no heart so brought her back presumed dead but in reality made a deal with Cora. Regina in one episode stated she chose who to bring over and if that is the case she could have prevented her mom from coming over, but int he episode where she thinks her Mom is dead she stated she could not risk her mom coming because of the curse she is enacting and her mom was her weakness and she loved her but she could not risk have any weaknesses over there. I thought Regina’s weakness and greatest love was her father because in order to enact the curse she must murder the one thing she loved most: her father. So why would her mother be a weakness? That is also why I think Regina can never give up magic and never redeem herself because she has never taken responsibility for her own actions. She does not know how and cannot probably love because she murdered her father who was innocent. If she has magic to hide behind than she does not have to really face what she has done and can deflect blame onto others.

        • Shannon says:

          Here is another tidbit I thought of: Prince Henry and Cora married, but why would the king sell his son for a fortune if his son was not the next in line for the throne? Cora stated prince Henry was 5th. Anyways PRINCE Henry and Cora had Regina. Princess Eva (prince Henry’s sister) had Snow white so would Regina and Snow be cousins? Hence wouldn’t Snow’s father have married his niece by marriage?

        • Shannon says:

          Correction: Eva was a princess from a Northern kingdom and not Prince Henry’s Sister as I have thought.

  9. xaverie says:

    I hope we can get rid of Neal and keep Tamara.

    • Kay says:

      I like Sonequa Martin-Green. I hope they don’t waste her on a stupid triangle drama story with Neal, Tamara, and Emma. If OUAT becomes a soap opera about Emma’s love life, I’m out.

      • Lena120 says:

        I agree. I really like Sonequa Martin-Green, and I don’t want them making her the “other” woman. I personally don’t feel the heat between Neal and Emma. They’re both unlikeable in their own ways and when they’re together *ugh*. I don’t know but for some reason Emma’s been very annoying this season. I haven’t been able to get behind her.

        • Shannon says:

          I am thinking Tamara has an ulterior motive. I am hoping she is not Wendy then everything will be too confusing especially of whose true love is whose. Remember Peter Pan’s true love is Wendy and I would hate if Neal was Peter. Didn’t the Creators state we will be meeting a character towards the end of the season and that she will be around next season. maybe this is Tamara. We still do not know who wrote the book, how Henry got it and even How Regina was able to adopt Henry. We know Gold brought Henry to Regina. Do we think the heart that was found in the box last season was the stranger’s heart? Remember the heart did not belong to Kathryn and it did not belong to Graham since his heart was crushed. We know it was a human heart and not one of the glowing heart like the ones Regina has. So the most logical conclusion would be it is the father’s heart of the stranger. The stranger keeps recording proof of magic in town and I am surprised people have not noticed yet. What is the purpose of that and who does he keep sending it to? maybe Tamara? I read a spoiler stating that August made a deal with someone to stay human here in our world who was a magic man. If our world does not have magic than how can the guy be magical unless he transported here from yet another realm? I am assuming August or someone told him stuff and hence in order from him to stay human the curse must remain unbroken. then again that would not make sense because the blue fairy sent him over here because his father feared the same if he were to be transported with the curse, but the blue fairy stated as long as he was honest good etc he would remain a real boy. However, our world is very tempting and he chose the wrong path leaving Emma in the foster care and living a life of luxury. Which brings me to my next point. August told Bae/Neal who Emma was and after Bae caught up with August again he gave August money for Emma, and the key to her car which we have not seen much of. However, we know the money was taken by August, but why i am not sure. I am thinking Emma and August were able to enter the town and see it because they were from there which the little boy stranger cannot see. I had a point I was trying to make regarding the episode where August finds Bae and why Bae ran away thinking it was the best for Emma. I will have to re-watch that episode. August tried to use Gold’s dagger to make him a real boy, but if the spoilers were correct than before the curse was broken he already made a deal with another, so why last season did he go to Gold for the same thing?

  10. Mike says:

    After reading the comments, I will no longer support Captain Swan, ships are bad for a fanbase. Can’t we all get along.

    • Kay says:

      Emma ships are the worst in this fandom. People get so… obsessive. It’s ridiculous how the Captain Swan fans always feel the need to spam articles that mention Neal, but many of the Neal/Emma fans are not much better.
      My only hope is that the writers are not influenced by any of this and they don’t start catering to shippers. It’ll ruin the show if it becomes another silly little show that’s all about who the heroine takes to bed.

      • Mike says:

        I was talking about all ships( Captain Swan fans just seem especially bad in this article), there is no edit button, and I agree completely.

      • Susi says:

        I also completely agree. Some of the stuff I heard (from almost all of the ships at one point or another) is revolting. Personally slagging off shippers on their blogs, attacking the creators on twitter, slagging off the actors who play the characters, starting rumors about characters in the way of their ship to taunt others etc. It’s incredibly childish and downright mean at times. I’m glad I’m still enjoying the show but sometimes the fandom saddens me. :(

  11. spotteddog says:

    Bets on Tamara being Pocahontas?

  12. angela says:

    geez why do some people watch a show if yall hate the characters so much. I for one hope neal sticks around for a long while because there is still so much to his story especially with emma and henry, plus this show goes on so much of giving you your best chance and that is what neal did he knew emma wanted to find her parents and he helped her to find them by letting her go. I think michael raymond-james does a great job as him. I have loved him as an actor since true blood and i loved terriers wish there was more of that show.

    • Joey says:

      I actually just started watching Terriers on Netflix, and it’s great! MRJ and Donal Logue together have great acting chemistry, and they’re both hilarious.

  13. Katy says:

    Who cares about Borefire? Pinnocchio is back!!!!

  14. Bree Turner says:

    I heard Hook is coming back. Cant’ wait for that. Looking forward to Pinnochio also. I don’t want Emma and Borefire(LOL) together either. Tamara seems interesting

  15. A says:

    So far Neal has been pretty boring to me. idk maybe they’re taking their time expanding on his back story. though, I kinda hope this fiancee of his is actually from FTL rather than actually human. We’ll see.
    I can’t wait for Hook to get back because I’m excited to find out how Neal met Hook and what their interaction was like. I hope they also show how Hook returns to Storybrook. I can just picture him walking around NYC with his hook with everyone staring at him lol

  16. Joey says:

    The hate for Neal here is completely unwarranted. He is quite possibly one of the best parts of the show right now, in no small part to MRJ’s great acting.

    Also, being a guest-star/recurring character on a show really means nothing. Look at Tara on Buffy, for example. Guest star in almost every episode from mid-S4 up until the end of S6. Still an enormous part of the show.

    • Kay says:

      I agree that the hate is unnecessary. But it’s debatable if Neal really adds so much to the show. Personally I find him pretty boring so far and and liked some of their other new additions and guest stars more interesting as characters and more valuable to the show.

      • sara says:

        His involvement with Henry is probably one of the worst additions, but him being Bae isn’t that bad.

      • Joey says:

        I’d agree with you right now that at this minute, he’s not adding all that much. Like I said in an earlier comment though, I feel that this is the show’s fault for making this part of the season more plot-driven than character-driven, and in that case, almost all of the characters suffer.

        There needs to be an episode with almost no action at all, but rather an episode where all the characters just talk to each other, because I think we can all agree that there’s a lot going on unsaid.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          That’s why “Manhattan” was so, so good. Just characters sitting/standing around talking, addressing issues, relating. No chases, no hocus pocus… but communicating.

          • Susi says:

            Voice of reason there, Matt! I completely agree and I think it must be incredibly hard for the writers and showrunners to maintain a balance. Yes, epic is good, but I’m personally left wanting some more character interaction at the moment. It looks likely that we’ll get it in this episode.

        • Kay says:

          I agree, plot over character is a big problem this season. But I also think they simply have too many characters. People handle one or two additions to the core cast well, but OUAT is throwing new characters at us left and right and then they either just disappear again before we can really get to know them (like Aurora and Mulan) or they eat up screentime, but have little depth like Hook and Neal so far. On top of that there’s also Greg who not got a backstory, but no one knows where they’re going with his story and Tamara will come on board too. It’s just too much. I think I would be more interested in Neal, Hook or Greg if at least one or two of them had been season 3 material and not something that’s squeezed into an already way too crowded second season.

  17. bigby_wolf says:

    Good lord, these shippers, fanships, whatever the hell you call them are down right frightening and INSANE! These people lack something mentally, they almost have to to come up with these ridiculous connections and alternate realities and then take the so personally and strongly. Good grief!
    Not to mention, why does a lead female character on a popular television show always HAVE to be partnered with some male character? As if for some reason she can’t exist on her own outside of being connected to some male counterpart. Not only Emma but Sookie from True Blood is another big one that comes to mind. Why can’t they just be good, female characters and not broken down into simply female characters meant to have some sort of connection or relationship with a “popular” male character.

    • Joey says:

      It’s not only that, but they have a very big Veruca Salt attitude that just turns me off.

    • Kay says:

      I agree with you so much. I’m so disappointed that they made Emma’s story this all about men. As if she’s nothing without a relationship. She was so much stronger, independent, and interesting last season.

  18. JO! says:

    Can I just say, that scene between Snow and Regina… So good. Having them face to face is always a good clip. Lana Parilla and Ginny Goodwin are really giving it all, their characters are so believable, I love it. The actors and the music are basically the reason why I fell in love with this show. The writing is so good too. Everything is good, my goodness I wish for at least 7 seasons.

  19. od says:

    So let me get this straight, Neal is a coward, because he left Emma go to jail, yeah i get it, it was wrong, but Hook gets a free pass for hitting Belle, taking Aurora’s heart, taking other man’s wife, and pushing Emma to try to kill Gold.

    • Mike says:

      In a Captain Swan shippers mind, yes. That is why I can’t take them seriously, if they were supporting say August, I would understand, but in no way is neal being a coward( which is debatable) worse than shooting Belle.

    • sara says:

      I’m sorry but “taking another man’s wife”? WOW. That is not actually something bad. Milah was NOT a possession. But you can add statutory rape to Neal’s list too.

      • Kat says:

        1. Emma was 18 when she got pregnant with Henry.
        2. Most states (including OR) age of consent is 16, so if she was 17 it wouldn’t be statutory.

        • Louise says:

          Minor correction: Emma must have been under 18 when she got pregnant. In season 1 she was shocked Regina found about her time in prison, etc. because it was a sealed juvenile record.

        • xaverie says:

          Sorry to break it to you but there is no way a woman on her 28th birthday can have a 10 year old son without having been under 18 when she had the child. And the more the show goes on, Henry saying he’s 11 but without enough time for a full year to have passed, it means she had to be 16. And the age of consent in Oregon and Arizona, the states they were in, is 18.

          • Shannon says:

            For all those debating Emma’s age etc.. Emma was found by Henry on her 28th Birthday and hence if Henry is 11 now she is 29 and some change. hence she actually gave birth to him when she was around 18 ..19 or something. Therefore she probably conceived him around 17/18. She had to be charged as an adult for grand larceny hence the reason why she was in prison and juvenile hall. I believe to be tried as an adult for that crime one has to be at least 17/18.

      • Mike says:

        Really, are you that desperate? I’ll agree Milah was not stolen, she left Rumple.

  20. John DeMayo says:

    Wow… I really can’t stand all you “shippers”. Why must every show devolve into pairing characters together just because fans want them to? Why can’t you enjoy the show for other reasons than the romance? A Hook/Emma hook up makes absolutely zero sense for the plot. It won’t take the story anywhere interesting, not to mention the thought of it is downright revolting. Hook is quite possibly the mos two-dimensional and evil character on the show. He hasn’t once demonstrated a willingness to change, unlike both Regina and Rumpelstiltskin.

    • Joey says:

      I’m still wondering how people even see romance in this. Most of the time they were together, it was tons of skeevy pick-up lines that he was throwing at her, and it just got worse once everyone got back to Storybrooke.

      • Mike says:

        People will ship characters with anyone, they’re are even Jackson/Emma shippers even though practically the only scenes they had together were when Emma was held at gunpoint or being drugged. At this point, I’m so sick of shippers, I’d prefer shipping Emma with her car, than any of the guys.

    • Maya Gepana says:

      I’ve heard the producers talked about “redemption” for the characters in QUAT…I see some hope for Hook based upon the Tallahasee episode and especially in Lady of the Lake when he saved Aurora’s heart. Recently, he has been two-dimensional. I’d be interested to see if we get more info on his backstory.

  21. Sammy says:

    Love Neal. Can’t wait for them to make him a series regular. So happy for all the Neal and Emma scenes we’ve been getting.

  22. Jj says:

    I have a feeling the fiancée is the little girl from Neverland that Peter Pan saved. What was her name again? I am sure she is someone from a fairytale land!!

  23. Grace says:

    If you people want the show to run certain way, just create your own damn show and do whatever the hell you want. If all you do is complain about the things you don’t like, then STOP watching. And Hook is an ass and does not deserve Emma.

  24. Shannon says:

    I think there is more to Neal’s finacee then she is letting on. I am assuming she too is from another world or has something to hide and she could be in cahoots with someone else. I am not sure why August went to someone to prevent him from turning back into wood in our realm. Then he did abandon Emma etc. The blue fairy stated as long as he was a good boy, truthful etc that he would remain a true boy so wouldn’t it be the same for him in our world?

  25. Deion says:

    Forget this shipping noise, I’m here for the return of August! Eion Bailey never stays long enough on any of the shows he recurs on.

  26. Shannon says:

    I am surprised at how in the past August was manipulating things and then came back when it started affecting him. Was/Is he working for someone or did him not being a real boy and succumbing to the temptations of our world too much? In Tallahassee it is stated that he had been following Emma to see how she is doing so if he was following her why not go to her and explain things? Why not help her or have her find a nice home? Why keep in the shadows and let her go to jail?

  27. Si says:

    So far, Neal is the best thing that happened in season 2, mostly because of MRJ’s acting. And yup, I’m a Emma/Neal shipper too. But it’s a question of taste I guess.
    Also happy for the return of August!

  28. luvpups says:

    Personally, I’m disappointed with most of the men in Storybrooke. I’m glad that the writers have made the female characters so strong. I applaud that. However, I’d like to see strong male characters too. Charming is the only strong male, and even he gets beaten up pretty easily. Graham was an honorable male, but he was controlled by Regina having his heart. When he did fight against it, she killed him. Hook gets beaten up and outsmarted all the time. Neal seems to have more bad qualities than good. August left baby Emma alone at the orphanage and ran away, and didn’t return until she was an adult able to break the curse. Everyone doesn’t have to be perfect; flaws make people more interesting. However, the men on this show need some work!

    • Katherine215 says:

      I think this might be the only sane (and accurate) comment on this entire page. Bravo. All the men need work.

    • Louise says:

      Depends on the definition of strong. I guess.I don’t consider Charming a strong male character at all for example. He’s more like a walking cliché to me and I can barely take him serious. But I thought August was a great, relatable male character and I miss him or someone with his qualities on the show.
      Hook’s major problem is that his backstory was a dud. They took the Regina-Snow feud and rewrote it with two male characters right down to the details like the death of a lover. His whole attitude doesn’t appeal to me either, but some obviously like it and if they give him a better story and DON’T make his purpose on the show all about Emma maybe he could be saved as a character.
      Neal, I don’t know. He bores me and I have no interest in seeing him with Emma or Henry, but I see some potential in his role as Rumple’s son.
      They need to put some work into the male characters, but for me making Charming the role model for what a good male character should be like would be the wrong way to go.

    • xaverie says:

      What does being beaten up have to do with being a strong male character? Also, Graham’s background of murder kind of makes him lacking honour. He flat out stated he thought humans didn’t have honour like animals and that’s why it was easy to kill them.

      • Shannon says:

        yes, but Graham aka the Huntsman redeemed himself and sacrificed his heart from Snow White when he could not kill her and let her go and hence Regina took his heart. He was at her mercy for everything, but he still had his mind and was able to help Prince Charming later on. hence He did have honor in himself. I wish he would come back because he was a great character and if you want to talk about Chemistry with Emma they had the most of what I seemed and it must have been true feelings because the kiss he gave Emma broke the curse for him and he was struggling with it. Remember Regina stated any curse can be broken with a true love kiss so maybe they did have true love..

  29. A.B. says:

    The only relationship Emma and Hook have is that Emma will probably end up killing him.

  30. Chris says:

    Neal is one of the lamest characters so far to ever grace Storybrooke. OUAT is turning into Teen Mom – and its demand that they have to be with their baby daddy no matter if he’s a douchebag. He obviously knocked up a 17 year old Emma, left her to rot in jail – not true love by any means. Emma has been alone for some time and I think she needs to play the field for awhile. She’s not a little girl anymore she’s a grown woman and she needs to choose who is her best match to go through life with.

    • Shannon says:

      Considering all the men we have seen the one I was most rooting for was killed by Regina and that was Graham. He and Emma had the best chemistry and it was probably true love or true feelings because the kiss he planted on her broke the curse. Any curse can be broken with a kiss and so it could be seen when he started remembering things. If he can be resurrected I would love that all the others have not been very good nor has the chemistry sizzled on screen like these 2. I do wish that the costumes can be better this season as they were last season especially in fairytale land.

  31. Shannon says:

    I am beginning to see continuity problems from season one and season 2 especially in fairytale past. Regina showed up at Snow’s and Charming’s wedding but regina was imprisoned before or after they were married? Regina was let go? I am a little confused of some sequence issues

  32. Shannon says:

    What is also amusing is that we do not know who is in storybrooke and from how many worlds people are from because we know there are at least a few not from fairytale land. there is one thing that is different between Regina’s heart and blackening than Mary.. Regina grew out of revenge and was never remorseful or took blame for her part in things. Where as Mary has deep regret and feels sorry hence that is why her black heart hole can be healed and repaired. All what she has to do is find her light again and restore that small blackness in her heart.

  33. Shannon says:

    Mary Margaret is the one who gave Henry the book, so how did Mary Margaret get it? Have you noticed that pretty much the same day was repeated aside from Regina who was able to go about and change things but everyone else did the same thing each day. I do not think Rumple did as he made a deal with Regina that he would still remember and be able to go and she would have to grant everything he asked as long as he said please. I noticed in the flashback episode Mary Margaret was teaching the same lesson with the bluebird as seen in season one. Man that must get boring to teach the same lesson everyday for years. Which brings me to my next curiosity, one is how did Henry get to storybrooke? We know Rumple gave Henry to Regina but we have yet to learn how Rumple got Henry and such. If people in storybrooke never aged for 28 years and the day keeps being the same how was Henry able to grow up in Storybrook if everyone else stayed the same age?

  34. Shannon says:

    I wonder if Owen came back every year to the place where his father was lost and on the anniversary happened to be able to “see” the town again. What is he doing with the recordings? Who is he sending the images to? Is his father dead or still alive?