NBC Announces Season Finale Dates for Revolution, Chicago Fire, Community & More!

Parks and Recreation - Season 5NBC is the fourth broadcast net (following CBS, Fox and the CW) to unveil its season finale timetable, and first up is bubble comedy Whitney on March 27 and bringing up the rear is Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal on June 27.

Among those Peacock shows getting super-sized sendoffs: Law & Order: SVU, the aforementioned Whitney, and, as previously reported, The Office.

(Note: The May sweeps ratings period runs April 25 through May 22.)

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The semi-complete (where’s Saturday-bound Smash?!) rundown is as follows…

Wednesday, March 27
8/7c Whitney (one hour)

Thursday, March 28
8:30/7:30c and 9:30/8:30c 1600 Penn

Tuesday, April 2
9/8c The New Normal

Thursday, April 11
9:30/8:30c Go On

Thursday, May 2
9:30/8:30c Parks and Recreation

Thursday, May 9
8/7c Community

Friday, May 10
8/7c Fashion Star

Wednesday, May 15
10/9c Chicago Fire

Thursday, May 16
9/8c The Office (one-hour series finale)

Friday, May 17
9/8c Grimm

Sunday, May 19
9/8c The Celebrity Apprentice (two hours)

Wednesday, May 22
9/8c Law & Order: SVU (two hours)

Monday, May 27
10/9c Revolution

Tuesday, June 18
9/8c The Voice (two hours)

Thursday, June 27
10/9c Hannibal

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  1. George says:

    Wow! NBC is gonna air 4 episodes of “The Office” to cap things off!?!

  2. Really exciting that the season finale of Revolution is going to air on Memorial Day. Can’t wait on how Season One is going to an end and if NBC is going to renew the show for a second season. :-)

  3. Ana says:

    Will miss Parks and Rec. Good Riddance to the atrocity that is 1600 Penn. I had such high expectations and all for naught. Glad Revolution will finish later. Hope Hannibal works out and we can get a nice, long showing going into the middle of summer.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Why is Parks concluding at 9:30? They still have six episodes to air and no word yet when the next new one will be. Does that mean we get a week with more than one? Are they changing its time slot?

    And worst of all…is this an indication that bad news is on the horizon?

    • SJ says:

      It’s their highest-rated comedy not called The Office (which is wrapping anyway). Parks and Rec will be renewed, no doubt about it. The show returns April 4, with six new episodes. I’m assuming they’ll air two episodes on May 2 – one at 8:30, one at 9:30, since there are six episodes left but only five weeks.

    • Nick says:

      Parks & Rec is NBC’s highest rated comedy’s that can still be renewed, no way will it be canceled

      • Jeff B says:

        With the Office and 30 Rock ending, P&R is the crown jewel of NBC comedies and if it isn’t renewed, they have to at least have a Ron Swanson spin-off. I hope Community and Go On get renewed although I doubt NBC have much love for Community.

  5. Jaime says:

    I beg of NBC to let SVU be the series finale. Bury that mess.

  6. Zachary says:

    I really don’t understand why people hated 1600 Penn do much. Maybe they didn’t get Josh Gad’s sense of humor. All I know is that I’ve laughed in every episode, and Bill Pullman fighting Bruce Campbell has been one of my favorite moments of the season.

    • Alienate says:

      Some people need a bit more. You prolly laugh at Two Broke Girls.

      • Ana says:

        Good analogy! I also wanted to like 2BG. And last season I watched it for a while, but like 1600 Penn, I just couldn’t do it anymore. It wasn’t as funny or witty as it was intended to be. I actually found some of the humor to be crass, when the intent was to be provocative, IMO.

      • Jason says:

        2 Broke Girls Humor Flow Chart:

        Girl 1 (usually the blonde): say or do something ridiculous
        Girl 2 (usually the brunette): state the obvious that previous statement or action was ridiculous

        Comedy Gold!

    • Ana says:

      “Maybe they didn’t get Josh Gad’s sense of humor.” That is exactly it… It’s just not for everyone. I find his over-the-top juvenile antics to be ridiculous. He’s talented and has a certain charm that it’s fitted more for teenage movies, IMO. I just don’t find him endearing in this type of setting. But it’s not just him, the overall tone of the show is completely over the top which is great for a specific demographic but doesn’t really have broad appeal, as the ratings reflect. But again, this is just an opinion…

      • cassey says:

        I agree. Teenage movies or CBS. And putting it on the same night Parks and Rec and The Office really highlighted just how (for lack of a better word) unsophisticated 1600 Penn is.

    • Teag says:

      Josh Gad is the only good part. The rest is bleeeh

  7. Josh says:

    Are they trying out Go On for next season’s Thursday night block?

  8. Don’t know why NBC left out on when the season finale of Saturday Night Live is set to air.

  9. I wish NBC at least renews Deception and bring it back as a summer show, they left us with a cliff hanger and a way the show can keep going, plus season 2 will be about trying to prove who vivian murder is. But I know it wont be back with its ratings but i wish at least it could for summer 2014

  10. Becca says:

    SVU is getting 2 ours why??????? Gtfo. Something else is more worthy of extra time for a finale.

  11. 2 hours of SVU! Love it!
    It will be even more awesomelicious once they announce another season though ;)

  12. Alyssa says:

    Keeping Penn, Normal and Go On out of sweeps is very telling. Go on could make it. I think Community is going to get renewed.

  13. Angie says:

    Can they please cancel SVU after this finale? What a waste of space. If NBC decides to keep it can they move it to 1 in the afternoon after Days of Our Lives where it belongs.

  14. dude says:

    all i care about is Revolution and Community and I hope they both return even though Community’s heart has been removed this season

  15. Dr. Opossum says:

    Why on earth is this godforsaken network airing finales for The Voice and Hannibal well into June? Do they want Hannibal to fail?

  16. dude says:

    its because they want to remain last in place. i will not watch Hannibal because if they were serious about it they wouldnt be airing it this late. smells to me like they are just intending on burning them off. NBC stop being the joke you are. It isnt funny anymore and move from reality a little.

  17. AAA says:

    So basically NBC premiered Smash too early and the Voice too late killing one and squashing ad revenue for the other. Is there some sort of idiot certification you have to get before you can run a network?

  18. NBC should really just cancel SVU after this two hour season (hopefully series) finale, if show runner/executive producer Warren Leight isn’t going anywhere. If Leight leaves at the end of the season, renew SVU. I was so hoping Chicago Fire would have had the two-hour finale instead — Dick Wolf needs to bring that same ‘fire’/fresh writing to the Law & Order franchise (like Chicago Fire has), or what’s left of the L&O brand, that’s partially why LOLA and LOCI were canceled in 2011. I feel like someone is going to leave the SVU cast though anyway.

  19. Frank G says:

    Is Chicago Fire Coming Back?

    • bluefairy says:

      Yes, most likely. An official announcement hasn’t been made yet, but it’s got good ratings and this site lists its renewal chances as ”a sure thing”, so I guess it’s just a matter of time.

    • Armando says:

      i like chicago fire

  20. Mikael says:

    NBC is danger of getting beat by the CW on certain nights. That’s very telling. I wish they’d treat New Normal better. I feel like it should be on ABC after Modern Family though.

  21. Zoe says:

    Two hours of SVU?! Oooh, I smell a big return!

  22. Kat says:

    I hope that NBC will bring Deception back for the summer. I can’t get enough of the show. Deception along with Smash make my week!!

  23. Racheal says:

    I really hope Chicago Fire comes back, love that show! Two hours for SVU?? Love the show but I’m hesitant about a two hour finale

  24. Loretta says:


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