The All My Children/One Life to Live Relaunch: Your First Teaser Promo, Plus New Logos

As All My Children and One Life to Live inch closer to their April 29 resurrection date — via Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes — producer Prospect Park has released a first teaser promo, shiny new show logos and a smidgen of widely known storyline intel.

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On the “scoop” front, Prospect Park is confirming that which Julia Barr told us last week: Five years will have elapsed in AMC’s Pine Valley since J.R. Chandler fired a gun into a crowded party room. Over on OLTL, however, time has passed in real-time, likely because some of its characters have been living in Port Charles during the serial’s broadcast hiatus.

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Here now, the logos:


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And the teaser promo, featuring many familiar (David Canary!) and pretty (Melissa Archer!!) faces:

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  1. kd8604 says:


    • CJ says:

      I agree! I have watched OLTL since 1977 when I graduated from college and got a TV for a graduation gift! (Believe it or not, that was a BIG DEAL back in 1977!) I am so excited to see my old friends from Llanview. I am counting the days.

    • Diana says:

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been so depressed since they took ALL MY CHILDREN off the air I can’t even tell you how much. I grew up watching it and looked forward to watching it again. YEAH! I’m so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES!

      • CAROL says:

        Oh Yes,I was sooo Happy I jumped up and down like a Kid.I was soo Happy, had been watching those soaps for over Thirty years,they become apart of you!!

      • Beth says:

        I couldn’t be MORE HAPPIER!!!!! I have been watching this show since it started in 1970 and it was like a death to me……NOW I feel like I can live again!!! Craaaazy, I know, but when you see these characters every day for that length of time, you would understand….I even took my lunch breaks around this story and watched on the college campus in-between classes and there was NO WAY I would miss an episode. THANK GOODNESS IT IS BACK!!! I’ll join you…I’m jumping up and down too like a big ol’ kid!!! Christmas came early this year!!!

    • Pam says:

      started watching All My Children when I was in third grade, stuck at home with pneumonia. I watched the first show and every one to the last. In grade and high school it was on during hour lunch hour and I lived a few houses away, I am thrilled it is coming back. YEAH YEAH YEAH.


  2. Margie Conner says:

    Given that American soaps have large international audiences, it makes no sense that PP has chosen to use Hulu. They’ve cut off everyone outside of the US.

    • Mary says:

      They have to put it somewhere to start and they can always add more places.And isn’t iTunes accessible outside the US?

      • dude says:

        iTunes usually have international sites. It’ll be available on iTunes USA but I doubt it’ll be accessible on iTunes Canada or internationally. This was most likely a legal thing and I think it’ll be quite some time before they have international distributing rights.

        • TV Gord says:

          I think it might be available on iTunes outside the USA, but the cold reality is that not everyone is going to pay to watch soaps they used to watch for free, and iTunes is only available if you pay for it.

        • Bellaz says:

          I looked on Itunes as someone said DOOL was on there but obviously not here on the Aussie side of Itunes but I guess that could be due to it being aired here on Free to air tv, though it’s so far behind the USA episodes it’s not worth watching. So I can only assume that OLTL won’t be available on Itunes here.

    • Alex says:

      They could be hoping that international TV stations will actually PAY to air the shows. Why do some people feel entitled to see the programming of other countries for free, I wonder? IMO, international viewers should have to pay to watch.

      • TV Gord says:

        That’s absurd. You watch shows in America and presumably watching the commercials is your way of “paying” for the show. That’s the same thing we do in Canada. Your networks buy the shows from production companies and show them. That’s what we do, too. And if you considered how many of your American hits are actually made in Canada, you would start to realize how ridiculous your argument is. You are one of those people who needs to step outside your border from time to time, I think, to see how the rest of the world lives.

    • Janice says:

      Well, it’s a shame that international audiences have been cut off, but also it’s a shame that so many actual Americans won’t be able to watch. They’ve basically alienated a good portion of the American audience; whether or not they want the elderly to part of the audience, the elderly are fans and longtime viewers who would definitely be watching had Prospect Park decided to air these shows on TV, on a cable network. And there seems to be a whole lot of people who do have computers and the internet, but have internet connection problems which make it impossible to watch videos on the internet. And even though some people don’t believe it, I’m sure there are a small bunch of people who either don’t have internet or computers, or simply are not active online. For the sake of these many many people, loyal fans, I hope Prospect Park is looking into airing AMC and OLTL on a cable network and trying their best to make it happen.

      • Helen says:

        I disagree of our soaps going online some of us have computers and some of us don’t I do not see this as fair & I hope they do not go on cable many of us (old timers) that have been watching these soaps do not have cable I have been watching OLTL & GH since 1970 & on & now the old stars are coming back which is good to see them back 50 Yrs for GH hope to keep them on pls do not put these soaps online

      • beanlynch says:

        The reality is that this is the only way the shows exist.

        I wouldn’t pay to watch these shows. If Hulu Plus or Netflix caries them, I’ll watch as I subscribe to both. The reason I pay for those is because it’s a drop in the bucket compared to cable and there is very little on cable I want to see that isn’t on these. Streaming is opening up the world and giving us more options. In the case of these two shows, it’s allowing shows that would have been cancelled to continue to exist.

      • Carolyn says:

        I agree with you, however if this works out expect the other tv soaps to join in not! Happy I have Internet but won’t pay to watch.

      • Wendy palmer says:

        I really agree with you. I think that it should be aired on cable again.

      • Evelina says:

        I totally agree

    • Bellaz says:

      I can’t even view the video above. I really wanted to see OLTL but as an Aussie it’s not available here so far. I watched online the last few years and loved it but now the message boards will be my only source.

    • Diane Hannigan says:

      It was just announced a few days ago that people who live in Canada can watch the show on tv. It will be on FX Canada. If you live outside of Canada then I’m sorry that this was any help :(

  3. lara says:

    Wow, the cast group pics look NICE! Does anyone know what’s happening with the now-GH stars? Are they going to be doing both or are they just going to be recast?

    • Rrrrrr says:

      Hey were forced to leave GH (I think they stopped filming around late February), but supposedly PP is working out a way to have the characters take turns off and on each soap

    • Gillian says:

      Roger is filming OLTL for four weeks then returns to GH. Michael Easton & Kristen Alserson still aren’t working at GH and there has been no word when they can resume with GH or whether they will rejoin OLTL.

  4. Peppy says:

    I can’t wait!

  5. jeremiah says:

    For a plan to take the soaps into the future, they sure went 80s with those tacky logos.

    • april-ann says:

      Well, the 80’s really were soaps’ major heyday. Logos I can live with; here’s hoping they don’t try to recapture too much of the 80’s with hideous hair, clothes and makeup!

    • TV Gord says:

      Good point. The AMC logo looks okay (although, it’s just as though they chose it from a Windows drop-down menu), but that OLTL logo looks particularly cluttered. I don’t think much of that one at all.

  6. The Pit says:

    Very excited.

  7. Sherry says:

    These are the BEST soaps! I missed them. Can’t wait:)

  8. Teeny Bikini says:

    This is a pretty cool thing! Wow. I don’t even watch, but I might start… Good luck!

  9. Chicago Dan says:

    Logo-smogo – It’s all about the writing and compelling storytelling. If the dialogue is weak and the stories are lame, chances of success harmed. Here’s hoping that the new format works!

  10. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    I’m woman enough to admit I bawled like a baby when I first saw the promo.

    • Trisha says:

      I was so excited too!!! I first started watching “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” when they were only 30 minute shows back in the early 70’s. I can’t wait till I can watch both shows. I didn’t see Erica’s name on the cast list? Is she coming back, does any know?

  11. Leigh says:

    Matt – Because I am just curious – Are these soap operas eligible for Daytime Emmys?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      OK, per Tom O’Neil at, OLTL-ABC has 9 episodes eligible for this year’s Emmys, AMC-ABC none. I am hearing (though not confirmed) that in 2014, the online soaps will compete in same categories as GH, B&B, Y&R and DAYS — the delivery system doesn’t matter.

  12. Sunshine says:

    Looking forward to watching OLTL again!! :) How come they were able to quickly make a deal with Roger H but not with Micheal E & Kristen A?! I was really hoping they would be around for the Nurses Ball. It would’ve been great to see Starr & Michael perform an act together.

  13. Klaw says:

    LOL, this is so going to be a big failure, why bother.

    PP is just a money milking machine, they dont care of these shows, soon will cancel when they realise they arent making money from this

  14. terithecook says:

    I cannot wait for OLTL! I’ll even sign up for hulu for it!

    • Trisha says:

      I did too, it they flop, I’ll cancel Hulu. I have Netflix already, but I want to see this soaps so much, I went for the Hulu Plus…

  15. Kelly missal fan!! says:

    Kelly missal is looking all grown up and fine!!!

  16. shann says:

    yay ayayayayayhh!!!

  17. JASon says:

    So when are they bringing back Edge Of Night and Dark Shadows?

  18. DavidSask says:

    I hope these soaps end up getting torrented big time or will be fail outside the USA, no one has HULU outside of there and lots esp. younger don’t buy product from Itunes!!!!

  19. Patty says:

    I love this!!!! I can’t wait…

  20. Jj says:

    I just went to the hulu website, and it says they are in the process of making it international. So let’s hope it will be done soon enough that noone will miss much!

  21. I am so happy, ya’ll are comming back.

  22. Cynthia says:

    I don’t think anything has ever made me this excited!!!!!! Will it be free????

  23. sharon says:

    FLike everyone else I am so so excited that AMC & OLTL are finally back. I just hated it when they were taken off. I can hardly wait.
    I also agree that by limiting the shows to internet access only is a huge huge mistake. Many of us aren’t that computer savvy or don’t have one. So it seems like to me the success of AMC & OLTL is compromised.
    They could take the show Right
    This Minute off and put them there for starters or find another cable channel that would pick them up. Like the SOAP channel.
    I don’t have the chance to get on the internet all that often so I know I will miss some. I hope HULU is free. I have to say I haven’t checked into it yet.
    But however it goes I wish them well and much success.

  24. sharon says:

    Like everyone else I am so so excited that AMC & OLTL are finally back. I just hated it when they were taken off. I can hardly wait.
    I also agree that by limiting the shows to internet access only is a huge huge mistake. Many of us aren’t that computer savvy or don’t have one. So it seems like to me the success of AMC & OLTL is compromised.
    They could take the show Right
    This Minute off and put them there for starters or find another cable channel that would pick them up. Like the SOAP channel.
    I don’t have the chance to get on the internet all that often so I know I will miss some. I hope HULU is free. I have to say I haven’t checked into it yet.
    But however it goes I wish them well and much success.
    The comment by JASon is funny. I had forgotten all about The Edge of night. But…. Dark Shadows…… Was huge in the 60’s. I would get off the school bus run to the house. I would get in at 5 min to 4. Turn tv to DS,throw my stuff on my bed and have my school clothes changed then in front of the tv I sat just as it started. Looking back at the old shows, it was really pretty corny and the acting was questionable. But I loved it none the lest. Quentin…… The music Quentin’s Theme came out in a 45 record. I still have it . Lol lol

    • Carol says:

      Isn’t Right This Minute ridiculous?? I can’t believe people actually watch a show that does nothing but look at you tube videos!!!

  25. sharon says:

    Oh my I am so sorry for the dbl post. :(

  26. Carol says:

    AMC and OLTL have been part of my life since I was little watching with my mother when episodes were 15 min long! I was heart broken when they were cancelled, as networks are putting shows on that don’t succeed and removing shows that have been successful for decades! I am a very busy person, always on the go. Taking time to sit and watch my soaps was MY TIME, and I was lost when they were cancelled. Thanks for hanging in there for us fans! I will be a loyal supporter!

  27. Joseph Valenza says:

    This looks like it has the potential to be better than ever before, I hope a lot of expectations are met & abc gets a big knot in their throat.

  28. Joan says:

    It’s wonderful that these shows are finally back. I have been a hardcore fan of both since the 70s, but as ecstatic as I am that they are back, I will not be watching them. I will not be paying for something I used to watch for free, well I paid the cable company, but that’s all I will concede to. I am not paying for these shows. I love you Pine Valley and Llanview, but I have to let you go until there’s a way to watch for free like you originally were.

    • Lori says:

      I’m right there with you Joan, not paying either. I have watched since a little girl, AMC was my fav but oh well….

  29. Lori says:

    I love both of these shows and was so disappointed when they were cancelled, however, I won’t pay to watch….

  30. Vicki says:

    Please bring AMC back to regular TV/or Soapnet channel! PLZ!!

  31. Msrenee102 says:

    Hell Yeah…I have been saying for the last 2 years “I’ll take Erica K. over Kim K. everyday”… I can hardly wait…

  32. Chris says:

    I am full support of this new format, no censors! Bring it.

  33. bridget says:

    This may sound silly however
    I thank God
    All my children is back
    I can’t wait

  34. Shandah says:

    Imagine watching amc and oltl since you were 12years old, everywhere u lived you made sure you could see it or record then dvr’s came out. The Best altho I worked the evening shift I always was able2catch. I fell Ill over a year ago and was so happy that I had the soaps2look4ward to and b4 u know it,they were being tooken off the Air,if I had the money id do what I could2have kept it on t.v. I’m jus so estatic its back on,I will take it any how I can get it YAAAAAAAY! 2DAYS LEFT B4 PREMIER

    • Beth says:

      You got that right!! I can certainly afford Hula for about $8.00 a month, give or take a few cents….these characters were apart of our lives for 40 years and I’m counting the days to welcome them back!!!.Yahooooo!!!!

  35. Hannah says:

    Please put Oltl and Amc new episodes on youtube for those who cannot get a Hulu, and please tv people bring these shows back on the television please.

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  38. Jane says:

    Big disappointment that it is not free to watch…it advertised as though it would be…only to learn that it is a week free for trial then a charge afterwards that period is up,.
    No thanks….as time went on I got over the soaps…my guess is so did other former fans.

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