The Following Recap: 'It's a Freakin' Metaphor!'

following s1ep9 300The title of this week’s episode of The Following is “Love Hurts;” as the hour progresses, the emotion also impales, garrotes and smothers with a pillow.

Elsewhere, Natalie Zea’s absence is so marked that it takes three Claire Matthews to replace her (you’ll understand later), the series introduces my favorite follower so far and there’s a major death. Let’s review the big, bloody developments that take place in the installment.

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WHO’S THE NEW GIRL? | While Ryan and Debra get dressed down via FBI teleconference – and the show handily recaps the story so far for new viewers – we see Joe gather his acolytes at the mansion. The way Carroll works the room is part Harold Hill, part sexy professor and part Tony Robbins. He’s all wink-smile-smolder, hand touch-knowing glance-lingering gaze. His charisma in the group setting is so palpable that by the time he says, “And so we begin,” I’m about to do anything he suggests. (Good thing my days at the Recappers’ Academy gave me the training and internal fortitude to resist charming-yet-murderous, fictional rogues.)

Joe soon reconnects with Amanda Porter (Revenge shout-out? Now that I think about it, Emily’s dearly departed juvie pal is precisely the kind of person who would’ve sucked up Joe’s brand of insanity with a straw). Amanda’s a flibbertigibbet of a follower, a double murderer who’s super nervous as she tells Joe she wants her chapter to have a happy ending for him and Claire. Long, crazy story short: Amanda goes around killing women whose only connection to Joe’s ex-wife is that they share her pretty generic name. Amanda shoots one with a spear in a diner (I’m sure there’s a disco fries joke to be made here, and I welcome yours in the comments), then strangles another before tossing her through her apartment window. With them comes a message for Ryan: “Love hurts.”

ANOTHER CLAIRE SNARED | Ryan is assured that the Claire we know is safe in protective custody, but he’s worried about her nonetheless. So when Amanda hunts down a college-student Claire and holds a nail gun to her head, he’s even worse for wear than usual. He tries to reason with the screwball, telling her that she’s not actually dealing with the real Claire Matthews – prompting her to roll her crazy eyes and utter this fantastic reply: “It’s a freakin’ metaphor, Ryan!” (Ha!) Even though he’s playing along and saying anything Amanda wants to hear, he tells the truth when she asks why he “cheated” with Joe’s wife: “Because I love her,” Ryan says, thisclose to crying, and I am reminded again that even when this show is a little less whizbang than I’d like, Kevin Bacon is the man.

Hardy’s not so caught up in the moment, though, that he can’t creep close enough to disarm Amanda and free college-student Claire. With follower Louise dead (he shot her) and Mike still unconscious at the hospital, Debra and Ryan return to the command center. They share a moment of something close to friendship when he tells her she’s not a failure… despite the fact that she’s lost control of the investigation to FBI headquarters and her main purpose now is to keep track of Ryan’s “wildcard” tendencies. Then he sits in his dark, grungy, not-at-all private office and stares at his Claire’s picture on the evening news. Aww.

PILLOW TALK | Jacob and Paul turn up (hi guys! We’ve missed you!) at Jacob’s parents’ vacation home. Unfortunately, so does Jacob’s mom – who knows her son is wanted for murder but doesn’t have it in her to call the cops. So she patches up Paul as best she can but warns Jacob that his pal has sepsis and needs a hospital, or he’s going to die. (She also drops “Your father is on his way and you’d better get out of here before he arrives” a few times, and Jacob’s strongly adverse reaction makes me wonder what that relationship is like.)

When Paul is lucid, he reminds Jacob that he never trusted Emma – who has cruelly left them to fend for themselves. And when Jacob finally is able to set up a rendezvous with Roderick, it’s too late for Paul. Spouting sentiment similar to what Charlie said at the end of last week’s episode, Paul begs Jacob to help his live have meaning – then adds that he “owes” him one. Via flashback, we see Jacob having a gigantic freakout in 2008; it’s unclear whether he’s more upset by the fact that he couldn’t stab a woman, that Paul had no problem slicing her up like a sashimi special or that Emma’s going to know he’s never really offed someone. Paul promises he won’t tell, but that Jacob will be in his debt. So in the present, Paul smiles and tells a crying Jacob that he loves him, then demands that the debt be paid. So Jacob reluctantly holds a pillow over his fellow gaybor’s face until Paul stops breathing. I’m guessing that this method works so quickly because Paul was already doing so poorly? Whatever the reason, Paul’s gone (though I’m sure he’ll keep showing up in flashbacks), and Jacob is sad. So am I. I loved that creepy little triangle they had and wanted to see how it was going to play out once they got to the big house.

AN UNSTABLE WOMAN SCORNED… | Speaking of which, Joe makes it clear to Emma that he doesn’t want everyone at Casa Crazy to know about their “indiscretion.” (Did you see her face when she realized she was getting the brush-off? Scary. Who wants to place a bet now that Emma ultimately nevermores Joe out of existence?) Roderick lets on that he knows exactly what’s happening, including the fact that Emma has abandoned her farmhouse family. So when he says he has a surprise for her at the end of the episode, guess who it is? Jacob, looking royally cheesed off.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of Amanda? How about Roderick’s reaction to Louise’s death? How are you feeling about Paul’s end? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Para says:

    I can’t believe Paul is gone….
    Still in shock …

    • say what?! says:

      just finished reading this review and…………..PAUL IS DEAD? HAHAHA FINALLY! NEVERED LIKED HIM………he was annoying as hell ….damn…….. can’t belived i missed it.

  2. Adria says:

    Very sad that Paul is gone. Must confess I fast forward through all the scenes that don’t involve Jacob, Paul, or Emma. I think this show is awful, but found the trio to be hilariously entertaining. Now I can only hope that Jacob gets revenege on Emma and finds another hot guy to make out with.

    • David4 says:

      I agree. This show is one of the dumbest I have ever seen, it’s just too stupid to be anything close to realistic. But I somehow love the gay/bi guys.

      Maybe now he can screw the cult’s cop.

    • Maybe you think the show is awful b/c you FFWD through 90% of it. Why bother to watch at all?

      • Drew says:

        I watch the whole thing. Really, all they’re missing is the opportunity to yell at the writers for some of the stupid things they put in the scripts.

  3. James says:

    I’m sorry for this comment but it can’t be helped. I got through about 5 minutes of this episode and turned the chanel. came her to get the rest of it. all I can say is this has got to be the lamest show I’ve ever seen, sorry to those who love it I mean no offense but come on. after parker said Carroll encrypted his internet access i burried my face in my hands. seriously a convicted serial killer has open access to the internet, um ok… I mean Kevin Bacon can carry a show only so far, and know that I see the Creepy yet entertaining love triangle is done, I am done with this show, and will be wary of anything Kevin Williamson does in the future. Sorry but its my opinion, aweful show.

    • Sarah E. says:

      I do agree it’s a bit ridiculous a serial killer got unbridled internet access and free reign when it comes to visitors. Knowing that makes it hard for me to watch, but it is peaking my interest a little more with each episode especially now that Joe is out of jail.

    • EMO says:

      I definitely sympathize with you, and I think that if they do anything more to Agent Weston I will swear off this show. This episode was a little better in my opinion, as the FBI wasn’t totally incompetent — they did save one of the Claire’s and kill Louise and capture this week’s crazy follower Amanda. But then at the very end (or was it the preview?) Camp Carroll has intercepted a cell phone call to the agent responsible for protecting the real Claire! So again we have the followers being more competent than law enforcement…

    • Jerry says:

      Awful, not aweful.

      • Tony says:

        If you try to jump down the rabbit’s hole that is this OP’s grammatical/spelling mistakes, you’ll be lost and gone forever.

    • Ana says:

      Wait, what am I missing? Because when they say ‘Carroll’ in my mind they were referring to those acting as his proxy, those on the outside. To me, that was self-evident, but maybe I missed something…

    • Alichat says:

      I totally understand your frustration. I was just saying to someone yesterday that as over-analytical as I am of a show, if everything else is compelling, well formed, and engaging, I can overlook the inaccuracies….plot holes, continuity issues, reaches in reality. But as you said, Kevin Bacon can only sell this show so much. I love the characters of Ryan, Mike Weston, and Jacob. Right now they are the most compelling three. But there is a point where the crap outweighs their strength, and the longer the show goes on, the bigger the crap pile. I am glad that this episode finally had the FBI winning at the game, but then that was all shattered by the sudden magical ability of Roderick to not only find the encrypted signal of a call made about Claire, but to also decrypt it and suddenly know exactly where she is. And Joe’s all access allowances while in prison. Seriously? And his visitor log? Why were they not filming everyone who came to see him? And Ryan’s a loose cannon, yet the only one who has figured out the end game in just about every episode….figured it out but was ignored. At some point that has to mean something. Right now the only thing compelling me to watch next week is Jacob’s reaction to having finally killed, being abandoned by Emma, and Emma’s romp with Joe.

      • Kristen says:

        I don’t understand why so many people say they hate this show, this show is terrible etc and then not only do they continue to watch the show, but they come here afterward, read the review AND take the time to comment! Everyone likes different things, has different opinions and to each their own but I personally don’t watch shows that bore me/drive me crazy with inaccuracies/I feel the need to FF through. And I definitely don’t waste my time reading/commenting about them online. That’s just me, though. As I said, to each their own.

        That being said, the whole prisoner with unrestricted access to the internet angle was explained in the first couple episodes. Carroll was DID have a guard with him while going online. Unfortunately that guard ended up being a follower and thus doing less restricting and more enabling. Maybe Carroll turning a guard to a follower is a stretch, maybe not but either way that is the explanation to the internet complaint.

        They haven’t said too much about the followers visiting the prison. When they were initially looking for Emma, Jacob and Paul the FBI did find them on the prison tapes and said they had signed in with fake names. I assume that’s what the others did, too. I’m sure there’s a follower who can provide fake ID believable enough to get them into the prison. As far as I know prisoners communication is monitored so I’m not sure how the followers were able to get away with talking to Joe about killing people etc. I’ve always assumed those visits were being monitored by the same guard/follower as Joe’s internet time.

        • Alichat says:

          Kristen, in answer to your question about why watch/read/comment, I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me it’s a number of reasons. I like to talk about tv shows and movies. Analyze a scene, theorize a plot point, debate a character’s actions, and question a continuity moment or scene that asks a viewer to suspend disbelief. Just because I dislike aspects of a show doesn’t mean I hate it. I will give a show a longer leash, so to speak, before I give up on it because I know that it can take a few episodes before a show finds its rhythm. But there are things that bother me about The Following. And with the pedigree it has (the cast, creator, producers,) it really shouldn’t have these aspects, at least, not with the consistency it does. With the growth of shows on non-network television (HBO, Showtime, Starz, TNT, USA,) the quality of television has risen and with that viewers’ expectations. I think it has made us more critical viewers. So we see things that bug us. In those instances, I read a review to see if perhaps my interpretation of a moment, something I see as a disbelief aspect, was wrong. Perhaps there was something I missed. I comment because I wonder if anyone else had that same interpretation. Is anyone else frustrated as I am? Have they hit their breaking point? Was some aspect as annoying to them as it was to me? Maybe I’m overanalyzing, maybe I’m not. Camaraderie in frustration so to speak. LOL! I keep watching because I hope it will improve. Perhaps the story is compelling….I like the actors….am a fan of the creator/executive producer, etc, so I keep watching. Do I do this for all shows that frustrate me? No. Sometimes you hit your frustration level and stop watching. Anyway, hope that explains things.

          • Kristen says:

            @Alichat Thank you for your explanation. I completely understand what you’re saying and where you’re coming from. I know what I wrote before was a response to what you had said, but I didn’t mean to direct it to you in particular. Since this show started I’ve seen a lot of people complaining on reviews, message boards etc and ignored them. I try not to speak if I don’t have anything nice to say, I guess I just finally had to say something. To be clear, you are well spoken and clearly think about what you say before you say it. Whether our opinions are the same or different, I can always respect that. What bothers me is more specifically the people who have nothing to add, just negativity to spew and keep coming back week after week blathering about how they’re going to stop watching and adding nothing to the conversation.

    • John says:

      If you paid attention to the show, they already told how that happened (encrypted internet access). Charlie helped Joe set that up.

    • Mamacita says:

      Really… you turned the chanel? How exactly do you do that? Came her to get the rest of it? What?? And know that I see the creepy yet entertaining love triangle is done??? Spell check much or at all? No wonder you can’t follow the show.

  4. Meredith says:

    I find it absolutely, utterly and completely unbelievable that no one in that diner stopped Amanda after she killed that lady, I’m pretty sure she was out of harpoon guns. Who has the over/under on when Emma actually flips?

    • Pat D. says:

      I dunno, I think that most people we be too stunned in real life to do anything immediately, and she got out of there pretty quickly. For once, I thought the writers gave us a believable scene there.

    • The by-stander effect. No one else will do anything, because they assume someone else will. Classic psychology maneuver.

    • chistosa says:

      I believe that most people would have been in shock and out of fear for their own lives would have been slow to react. It was not unbelievable at all.

  5. Fabe says:

    The “It’s a freakin’ metaphor!” line had me laughing too haha!

  6. Max says:

    I can’t believe Paul is dead…!!! My favorite part of the whole show from the beginning was the crazy love triangle, specially the relationship between Jacob and Paul, but now… Although I loved that Jacob looks very broken with Paul; and then, at the end with Emma he looks so angry and ready to jump on her.
    I think that he really loved Paul, and maybe now he is going to blame Emma for his lover fate. If this happen I think is going to be fascinating because he was the weakest link of the three, and now Emma without Joe’s trust or Jacob’s love is going to be the weakest one.
    And I really hope to see Paul in flashbacks, because I miss him already!!!

  7. uh huh says:

    So you mean to tell me there’s a massive manhunt for Paul and Jacob, has been since the very first episode, and NO ONE CHECKED THE PARENTS’ VACATION HOME?!??!

    I know, I know, suspend disbelief. But there’s just so MANY stupid things in this show.

    And yet, I’m hooked.

    • Tamim says:

      I wonder if the family home was perhaps something kept off the books? Maybe an asset of a company that the company didn’t use because it was really a tax shelter for the family’s other residence. That would also make the place harder to trace, especially if the family has multiple companies and holdings and wanted a place where they could disappear when they didn’t want to be followed by press or lawyers or if they wanted to hold business meetings without any eavesdroppers. That’s what I thought anyway. I knew Jacob was probably from an upper middle class family, now I think he’s from seriously upper crust. His mom used to be a nurse, so his dad may be a doctor? It’s a common cliche, and the show seems to like using cliches when they can…

      • Adria says:

        Still doesn’t make sense. The FBI has a massive manhunt ongoing for Jacob and is watching his parents all the time, even following his dad at work, yet Mom can just take a vaction from THE FBI WATCHING HER 24/7? “Oh, it was just too much with the FBI watching me all the time. So I just drove away.”

        • Lola says:

          Based on our experience with the FBI thus far, I’d guess their surveillance of her isn’t that great anyway.

      • Jake says:

        My thought was that maybe they checked it before and saw it empty, so focused on his parents in case he contacted them.

        • Tamim says:

          That’s not a bad assumption, actually. Keep in mind it’s not like these people (FBI) have unlimited resources to pay enough people to watch every door or even put a camera every place. If it was empty, maybe ppl just assumed that Jacob and co wouldn’t think to return to a potentially watched place.

          • A follower says:

            I am not sure about the limited resources. This cult has got the attention of the CIA, homeland security, NSA etc and yet they are not working with or providing FBI with enough resources to do something as simple trail Jacobs mother? SMH.

      • Suz says:

        The FBI may not know that those 2 were not with Emma, or that there is a large group now meeting together. We are still one a day or two after the escape and not knowing who is part of what group.

        As the FBI reported, they are just making assumptions about the group’s size (43 fake names on visitor logs, etc.). Now with a killer from OK who dumped bodies in FL, the FBI will widen their search vs stay within a smaller area.

    • chet says:

      Not only that but will Jacob’s mother do with Paul’s body now that he’s dead? And where was she when Jacob was smothering him?

  8. David4 says:

    This show is one of the most unrealistic shows I have ever seen. Always only one cop in a cruiser, Kevin Bacon always there, it’s just so stupid every week.

    But I still love it. There is something wrong with me.

    • 24fan says:

      You’ve never watched 24 have you? That show was as unrealistic as The Following is That’s why i laugh at all the “it’s so unrealistic” posts…I’ve seen them over 8 seasons of 24

  9. Mo says:

    I don’t even try to make sense of this show because if I think about it logically it just makes me angry. I’m as upset about Paul as Jacob is & I hope he doesn’t fall for whatever crap Emma is sure to pull. I actually loved Roderick’s reaction to Louise’s death. Almost as much as the “metaphor” line.

  10. kavyn says:

    It’s amazing how little I care for the characters on the show except for Jacob/Paul/Emma. I’m genuinely shocked that Jacob is my favourite character on the show. I hope we see more of him and I really hope they continue on his journey about whether or not he wants to kill (and whether or not he wants to be a part of this cult) into next season.

  11. Pat D. says:

    I think the beginning of this episode was very apt—-the “talking head” bureau chiefs expressing their OWN disbeliefs on how inept the team had been at tracking Carroll. It was almost like they were expressing the viewers’ on this site’s complaints about implausibility, LOL.

    Still, this episode was better than last weeks, and one can only hope they continue making steps for the rest of the season, distancing themselves from the disaster that was the entire farmhouse writing.

  12. Will says:

    Tonight is the final push, after 10 mins, I changed channel and watched Storage War. I will not watch it again, enough is enough, the plot has become more and more laughable, I started to watch the show because of Kevin Bacon, but the writers killed it. I guess today they just expect viewers follow their thoughts and never think about it. from the show’s rating and renewed for season 2, I guess most viewers just follow and never think.

    I guess the rest of season 1 and season 2 will be the same: each episode, more followers will pop out, kill somebody, FBI people are running around like headless chicken, then the designated killer Kevin Bacon will come to save the day, kill some bad guys, but he is not very smart either, he need time with his deep thoughts, some bad guys will get away, otherwise, where the next episode will come from.

    I love a cat and mouse crime drama, bad guys can get away, as long as good guys do their job and being smart with it. this show gets under my skin is that good guys are just so stupid, what they do doesn’t make any sense. it’s like they don’t know what they are doing, and they let bad guys get away simply to continue the show. well, that’s it for me.

  13. Diz says:

    I had the first 8 episodes of this show on DVR and finally watched them over the weekend to get caught up. Thought it was a good start, then got really good, and now it is pretty bad. It becomes more and more like the dying days of Jack Bauer on 24 just nonsense.

  14. Alex says:

    I’m glad that creepy Paul is dead! Good riddance. I liked the actor, though.

    Lots of interesting twists as always.

  15. Have to say they have landed some really good guest stars, even for small parts!! Very ironic choice on Jacobs mum too lol, what would Hutch and the team have to say about that that’d be an interesting storyline for Criminal Minds, if the killer they track ends up being a family member of someone in the team!

    • Suz says:

      I too wanted mom to work for FBI…real story there is the dad. I hope we return there as this seemingly normal kid, who cannot kill, gets sucked into Joe’s group. Has he every visited Joe in jail or this was all because of the girlfriend?

  16. Please, TVLine, try not to spoil unrelated shows in your reviews. There are people who’re a couple of episodes behind. Case and point: what happened two weeks ago on “Revenge”. That really wasn’t necessary. Thanks.

    • Sonia says:

      It happened over a month ago, not two weeks ago on Revenge. I think that’s more than enough time.

    • drhenning says:

      Rules of recaps is once a show airs and maybe for one more day, spoilers are null and void.. It’s not fair to viewers who keep up not to use references that may spoil plot points on other shows.. I understand people fall behind because of busy schedules.. Heck.. I’m one of those who still hasn’t watched all of “The Wire”… One of these days….

    • Alex says:

      If it’s already aired, it’s NOT A SPOILER. If you (or others) choose not to watch shows when they air, that’s your problem. Avoid entertainment sites until you catch up, and don’t blame others for the fact that you are, in this case, weeks behind in viewing. Also, it’s just a TV show. Chill out.

  17. N says:

    I like it, but I’m not sure why…..Kevin Bacon?

    • meem says:

      Yes, I’m blaming him for stealing one hour of my life with his silly show. It’s all his fault. He’s too compelling, damn him.

  18. Poppy says:

    Nooooo! Paul being dead is horrible. The Paul/Emma/Jacob-Triangle was my favourite part of the show.

  19. iMember says:

    I’m taking the “Amanda Porter” name as a Revenge shout-out. I couldn’t stop thinking about her every time they said her name last night.

  20. Key says:

    The Jacob Paul and Emma storyline was my least favourite, I do wish that Emma had died instead of pul tho. I love the relationship between Kevin bacon bacon and Shawn ashmore and I was sad that he is still in the hospital.
    Also for everyone who says this show is unrealistic, get a grip it’s a tv show no cop or FBI show are remotely believable, it’s okay to suspende dis belief for an hour in your day and just enjoy the twists

    • EMO says:

      I don’t agree that we have to suspend disbelief — for this show to scare me, the situations have to be realistic and I have to think, “that could happen.” But these FBI agents and police officers are so incompetent, it’s just laughable. And there are other things that just don’t add up — for example, when Emma asks Roderick how he can be sheriff, his answer might sound okay, but I would think in as small a town as this seems to be, his underlings would question why he’s not around all the time and get some kind of clue that he’s up to no good…

  21. T says:

    I only got really interested in “The Following” because of the Paul/Jacob storyline. They killed Paul way too soon. Now I don’t have any desire to watch the future episodes.

    • Adria says:

      I’m right there with you. But I’ll be watching next week to see if Jacob will pull a knife on Emma or something for killing his ‘lovaaaah’. Then hopefully, he’ll get over his grief in the arms of some new mancandy.

    • Mikael says:

      Same here. I really wanted to see their relationship develop. I thought there’d be a point when Jacob would stop being in denial about his feelings for Paul and it would create major tension with Emma, but I guess not. I still can’t believe they killed Paul.

  22. kirads09 says:

    “Carroll works the room is part Harold Hill, part sexy professor and part Tony Robbins. He’s all wink-smile-smolder, hand touch-knowing glance-lingering gaze. His charisma in the group setting is so palpable that by the time he says, “And so we begin,” I’m about to do anything he suggests.”

    Spot on description and he is amazing. I began watching for Bacon but staying for Purefoy. Joe was back to his sure self as opposed to seeming a little uncomfortable and unsettled with his new surroundings and adoring fans last week.
    Creepy thought: Perhaps he had to do BOTH what he did to Emma AND Charlie in the prior episode to get his bearings again.

    The “I need my life to mean something” please off me/suicide thing. I think it is very significant to the Poe cult mentality but we don’t know exactly how or why yet. I have to wonder if Joe has somehow programmed ALL followers to do that evenutally.
    – should they get caught/their “chapter” go south
    – if they fail him or simply have already served their purpose and are no longer useful to him.
    Two have gone that way already. Also that one guy in custody took the cyanide capsule.
    Joe never seems very broken up when he is told a follower is dead. He considers them expendable apparently.

    How intense was it when Ryan kept trying to convince Amanda to kill him instead and his heartbreaking confession of love for Claire. “I can’t unlove her”.

    Loved Roderick’s complete dressing down (figuratively) of Emma. Her personal agenda certainly doesn’t seem to be going according to plan and she is NOT happy. Scared of what she might do. A woman scorned is bad – A woman sociopath scorned – terrifying.

    • linds says:

      Yes, the unraveling of Emma should be epic. Last night, as I watched Emma slither herself closer and closer to Joe, and began to wonder how weird/sick/nuts is was that I felt like warning Joe to watch his back with Emma, I did feel highly appreciative of Roderick. In an odd way, Joe almost seems more of an innocent, cloaking even his most despicable actions in a quest for truth, love, passion, justice, etc. I’m not saying that ‘higher purpose’ has any merit, or that he even believes it himself – I’m just saying that’s part of his messiah complex/scam, etc. Roderick, on the other hand, just likes to cause pain, and messing with Emma is going to be the most fun he’s had since having to give up the ‘top dog’ spot for Joe.

      I also came up with a theory, which might be ridiculous but I’d be interested in feedback:
      Maybe the true leader is Claire…. and all that Joe has done, and is now doing, is to please her. Of course, the perfect time for that reveal would be when she praises Joe for following all her instructions so perfectly, including bedding the little mouse, and now she wants to watch him kill Emma. After that bonding moment, they set off together to torture, torment and finally kill Ryan, who destroyed their perfect life. (But Ryan wins, of course!)

  23. kirads09 says:

    Oh, and more convinced than ever new FBI head guy IS a follower or under Joe’s control somehow (Olivia like maybe) Saying Ryan was “sick” for loving Claire and having Amanda transferred away immediately. Very suspicious.

  24. katzen says:

    Do you know what really impresses me? People who totally hate this show and does not watch it or stops watching it, yet, they still have time to comment on it. Total waste of time, because actual fans find it funny and really no one cares! ha ha

    • Adria says:

      It’s what they call ‘hate watching’. It’s a thing. Get used to it.

      Personally, I haven’t watched any of the scenes of the FBI stuff since the pilot. I laughed all the way through the pilot because it was so dumb. Can’t believe some people have taken’ til episode 9 to figure out that this show is stupid. I only watch for my favorite sexy-times, serial killer trio and their hilarious love drama. Now Paul is gone. *sad face* Hopefully, there’ll be more flashbacks.

  25. Matt says:

    Horrendous show. So we are supposed to believe that a convicted serial killer is allowed random visitors and that those conversations are not recorded or observed in any way? Awful.

  26. kirads09 says:

    I’ll bet many people commenting & bashing The Following are more than happy to accept the even more ridiculous storylines of other shows (Scandal, Glee and Greys just to name a few). I don’t go on threads about those shows and trash them because I don’t care for them. I just don’t watch and leave it alone. As for those “mourning” Paul and saying they are done now that he is gone. Sorry I never got that he was that major of a presence or player in the scope of things.

    • MC says:

      True. Emma, for example, is one of the main characters and should be around at least into season two. Also, Amanda is too efficient and cold-blooded to stay in custody very long. We will probably see more of her serving Joe because some other followers will help her escape.

  27. scorpiosue1102 says:

    I really like this show even though it is completely illogical ALL the time. I think it shows what good actors Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy are. How is it these cult members can hack into every government site? They’re better than the Chinese. If these Followers are so prevalent and killing so many people you would think that every agency and military unit would be involved somehow. Ah, fiction.

  28. Tinzel says:

    Loved when Louise was saying “you’re not going to shoot me”, then Ryan shot her mid sentence. He doesn’t have time for that nonsense. LOL

    • Pat D. says:

      ROFL….yeah, that was almost ‘Raylan Givens’ or ‘Jack Bauer’ level badassery right there. I was worried for a second the writers were going to the cliche of her faking surrender then wounding Ryan as he attempted to subdue her, but thankfully, they went the ‘Justified’ route instead.

    • CS07 says:

      I thought she would be a major player in the cult, helping during the escape, being in all of the ‘major’ cult scenes then he just goes and shoots her.

  29. Dave says:

    Complaints, complaints, complaints. STFU and go watch Dancing With The Stars then.

    • Drew says:

      If you don’t like the complaints, why do you read them? Why comment?

      • Dave says:

        Because I enjoy the show and if all people are going to do is nitpick, simply don’t watch and shut up. That goes for you too and your sanctimonious reply. We can only hope Joe’s acolytes come after people like you.

        • tripoli says:

          Chill out and don’t be such a douche. People can complain all they want. It’s the joy of the internet and free speech. Can’t handle it, read a book.

  30. Drew says:

    The more they tried to make the cult make sense at the beginning of the episode, the less sense it made. There’s no logic behind it, there’s no clever psychology, there’s no charismatic leader casting his spell. The people in the cult are really just there because the show needs them to be. In real life, it takes a little bit more work than that.

    And then by the end of the episode, Roderick is saying “Ryan Hardy is proving to be more of a challenge than I thought” or whatever the line was, and I couldn’t help but laugh. He sucks at his job! The bad guys keep letting him go! All he has to do in order to stop the master plan is not show up for work, because Joe’s entire plot revolves around Ryan.

    The only interesting part of this show is seeing just how bad the writing will get. It’s like the TV version of “Plan 9 From Outer Space”

    • chistosa says:

      Actually Drew I disagree with you on almost each of your points. Joe is quite charismatic, almost mesmorizing. And people who join cults do so because they feel a total lack of belonging. Cult leaders like Joe welcome these people with open arms. Not unbelievable at all. Ryan Hardy does not suck at his job. He is the one who is always spot on and the FBI ignores him or does not provide the support that he needs. He is not terrible at his job, quite the contrary. But he has no clout as he is a consultant and not actually an agent,

  31. Sam says:

    Can I just say I actually kind of love Roderick? I was dying when he was mocking Emma with Jacob’s voicemails. I’m just waiting for him to go rogue on Joe.

  32. J says:

    The only reason to watch this show is Bacon and Purefoy. This has to be some of the most dumbed-down writing in the history of television.

    The CW’s Cult is a thousand times better than this ridiculous show. Cult is actually a good show. Too bad the show with the good writing will probably be the one that gets cancelled.

  33. Deion says:

    R.I.P. Paul, you were the looniest of the crazies and you were loved. I figured that once Jacob got blood on his hands that he would be unleashed. I never thought that the person he would kill would be Paul. Emma should be afraid. Very afraid.

    • MC says:

      The plan all along was for Jacob and Emma to be a couple of the main characters because they are so conflicted emotionally. I must have missed the good parts with Paul because he just seemed like a brutal killer to me, aka a garden-variety psychopath.

  34. Para says:

    BTW, It’s about the characters not the plot, if you think following is illogical, how are you going to feel when you watch hero or lost or even glee??

  35. Cody says:

    Kinda late to this but for people saying how ‘dumb’ the show is… I think they are trying to play that he has followers everywhere so it wouldn’t be that difficult for him to encrypt Internet access, etc. It’s not a serial killer running with a bunch of hillbillies. He’s got people at his disposal who have the ability to keep him under the radar, do what he wants and communicate with his people.

  36. This show is actually interesting, think about it, Carroll (a prisoner) has all these people following him and visiting him, he is able to work this entire plan and make it plausible. He seems to know human nature or else his whole plan would have gone into shambles by now. I watch this show because even when you think you know whats coming you don’t actually know why these people have joined him in his “CRUSADE”.
    There is a sense of a “Spider-web” interface almost. When you think the web has ended you find a section that you had no idea even existed. Like all those cops who were in Carroll’s control, the lawyer, and how he got to warden.
    Some may see this show as dumb and stereotypical. But maybe those of you who think that haven’t actually thought about the detailed planning and research this man has put into his “Journey for the perfect book”. Or maybe you have and just ignore the fact that this guy is an expert in human-nature, human-survival and how he uses a person’s “HEART”(real or battery operated, metaphorical or beating) to deceive its owner.

  37. kate says:

    the premise of this show is so good but the execution is so bad. I’m seriously upset about Paul. Paul and Jacob were my two favorites – their relationship was the only one that seemed genuine. I like the Emma, Ryan Hardy, and Mike Weston (and even Joe Carroll is interesting as a character), but they’re not enough to pull this off. If this show lasts more than this season, I don’t know how much more I can watch. you always suspend your expectations of reality when you watch TV, but the idea that Carroll was able to pull off this kind organization and the manipulation of this many people from a jail cell is just too much. I mean, we’re at season 7 of ’24’ caliber ridiculous and we’re 9 episodes in.

  38. Mikael says:

    I don’t understand how Joe had so much internet access, and that it wasn’t even monitored.