Exclusive Bones Q&A Part 2: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Confirm Spring Wedding, Name- Check Buffy and Castle, Preview 'Live' Finale

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Video Interview Bones Season 8This Just In: Bones may be staging two weddings before the end of the season!

As I previously blabbed to you, in this, the second part of my on-set interview with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, the co-stars confirm that a marriage ceremony will take place in the show’s April 15 episode (which also marks the debut of Joanna Cassidy as Booth’s ma).

VIDEO | Part 1 of Q&A: Boreanaz-Deschanel on Setting a Bones End Date

But they also sorta-maybe-kinda-jokingly confirm yet another wedding, this second one in the Boreanaz-directed April 29 season finale (which may or may not be entirely improvised and broadcast live)!

Not only that, but DB gives shout-outs to both his alma mater Buffy the Vampire Slayer and longtime “rival” Castle, and Deschanel — while discussing her working relationship with Boreanaz — cheerfully admits she recently tried to “kick him in the face.”

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Wanna see just how much they sound like an old married couple? Press PLAY below, and you can!

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  1. Emmas says:

    Hee hee I do love these two goofballs!

  2. Bamm! says:

    And please Bones remember that David and Emily like to tease, so don’t take them that seriously. Now please continue…

  3. Deb says:

    Fabulous interview!!! And Oooh all my Buffy feels LOL!!!!!

    • Jess. says:

      I would love for SMG or Charisma to guest star on Bones. Now where is my petition… XD

      • Liz says:

        Yeah, except I would want Booth to end up with Sarah’s character… I’m sorry, but as much as I love Booth & Brennan, Angel & Buffy’s love… that’s true love/soulmates/sacred stuff, you just can’t top that.
        Charisma? I never really liked her acting, so…

        • Jillian says:

          I highly doubt Booth will end up anyone but Brennan. Sarah would only be a guest star and she and David will play totally different characters because it’s Bones and not Buffy and Angel.

      • Jillian says:

        I would love either James Marster or Christian Kane though.

    • Pete says:

      David said that he wanted Charisma to guest on Bones via a tweet last year. But apparently it is the studio or TPTB that are dragging their feet on it.

      • Bridget says:

        David’s in the middle of the food chain as far as casting requests would go. The network execs would ultimately have the final say, and that’s after it first goes through the casting director, the other executive producers, the showrunners, and the studio.

  4. Liz says:

    “In the swimming pool?”
    “No! The Hellmouth!’

  5. Gloria says:

    I love and adore the friendship between David and Emily. They are BFF that just shines through. Thanks Ausiello :)

  6. geraghtyvl says:

    How could you not love these two?

  7. Lucy says:

    Booth’s mum is getting married

  8. Sky. says:

    What a nice interview and I too, love, love the friendship between David and Emily. They are equals on and off camera. The mom plot line is extremely interesting now, even better than the Pelant plot line.

  9. bryceradick says:

    Boreanaz and Ausiello are wearing the ugliest shirts omg

    • Catherine. says:

      Really, that’s what you come up with, ugly shirts? umm, ok, but it was a great interview and I love how they both seem to really still enjoy working together and making this show after 8 years.

      • Danyelle says:

        Welcome to the forever nasty internet, where nameless jerks (undoubtedly wearing Sears jeans and a stained wife beater) can be fashion critics.

      • Kat. says:

        The interview with David and Emily was so captivating, adorable and fun that I didn’t even notice the shirts. Ohhh picky picky people…

      • Bears says:

        Haaaa. IKR. Who could notice the shirts when David and Emily are being their uber adorable selves?! Oh c’mon.

      • Debs says:

        David and Emily are dressed as Booth and Brennan ( I’ve seen Brennan’s outfit before ) Obviously this interview was scheduled on a day they were filming a “home” scene

        • Kim says:

          True. They were working that day. It was Booth and Brennan attire. Now I want to know what they were filming in the Mighty Hut set :)

          • Linda. says:

            Since Sweets is moving out, and they invited Ausiello to move it, maybe that is the new hook, a revolving door of roommates for B & B. Maybe mama moves in until the wedding. haa

  10. james says:

    Possible fake wedding turning into a real wedding? Stepping aside from the more likely Booth’s mom getting married, anyone else think that maybe Booth and Bones throw a fake wedding to draw out Pelant? Then maybe Brennan starts to like the idea of having a wedding, and they get hitched on the finale for real? Or one of the weddings is for Angela and Hodgins since, to my recollection, they never got a real ceremony? Just some thoughts. I’d be kinda upset if Cam and Aristu (sp?) Got married so quickly.

    • Linda. says:

      hmmm, interesting, but I think it’s a year too soon. Please, don’t even joke about a Cam/Arastoo wedding. ugh

      • Amber.B. says:

        Ikr! Just say NO to Cam and Arastoo!!….Maybe Caroline and her new beau get wed? I would love for Booth to give her away, so to speak. And Booth to do a background check on said new beau. You know the Boothie usual. :)

        • Catherine. says:

          yes, that sounds like fun and even maybe a background check on mama. what’s she been up to so quietly for the last 20 plus years. Make sure she is not a threat to Brennan, Christine and Parker, people do change in 20 years and she took off, we think, with no explanation that we know of. Bring it on writers, make it good.

        • madbengalsfan85 says:

          I can hear Caroline’s “Slow your roll, SeeleyBooth” now

  11. gina says:

    These two are a delight! LOVED the interview. They are the sweetest together. LOVED the scoop too. Looking forward to the back end of the season! Thanks!

  12. Bongo says:

    Emily looks Hot with those tight pants!!!~

    • Liza says:

      haha she does doesn’t she?

      It’s amazing that they both seem to get better looking with age. They are one smoking hot onscreen couple :)

  13. onlyakb says:

    dork me, but I loved the Hellmouth reference, hahahah

  14. kayla says:

    Oh so the first wedding is going to be Booth’s mom’s wedding? I thought it was going to be Cam and Arastoo’s wedding (and maybe that is the second wedding they were joking about?)

  15. I believe Booth needs to settle the Hannah question since he wanted to marry her and would have, Bones must think about this just like any woman would. It needs to be put to rest

    • Elle says:

      I agree but it will never happen. TPTB do not think it is necessary. They do not believe Brennan would have these normal feelings because of how she st. For me personally, it has stopped me caring about them as a couple.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Frankly, I’m fine if we never hear about Hannah again

  16. I think the wedding could involve Caroline- looking at the released synopsis for a future episode

  17. PatG says:

    I would be happy to see a little more affection between the two. watching them in some of the episodes is like watching grass grow.

  18. Nicole says:

    I love Demily. They’re the best. I love that they still do press together after eight years and still have fun in their friendship (cough! Castle cough!). I definetly think DB was being Trolleanaz about them not getting married. He’s just messing with the fans. Both of them have always been B/B shippers and I think we will see a wedding sometime next season.

  19. I was recommended this website by my cousin.
    I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. You’re wonderful!

  20. I bet it is Caroline getting married. They were so cute last night. I don’t get B&B. He could not wait for Bones to be his all she wanted was a very nice kiss in her office he only had food on his mind. To me if she is kissing on the job something is lacking at home for her to be so insecure.

  21. Ken says:

    While I wouldn’t mind a guest appearance by any of the Buffy or Angel cast members, Buffy and Angel are in the past and I prefer to look forward. I love this show and here’s to as many more seasons as we can get!!!

  22. Dee Chapman says:

    Booth and Brennen are amazing, I also would like to see a little more affection between them, we waited so long for them to get together……