Castle Sneak Peek: Why Does a Sleepover at Kate's Frighten Rick?

This Monday on ABC’s Castle, the Case of the Week has Rick treading carefully… and not necessarily in the direction of Kate’s bedroom.

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In the Ring-like episode “Scared to Death,” a young woman appears to have literally been [see episode title] three days after watching a “haunted” DVD. As Kate and Rick delve into the dark mystery, everyone’s favorite novelist becomes convinced that he too is marked for death when he accidentally watches the same “cursed” video.

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In this clip from the episode, Kate aims to ease Rick’s tension with a sleepover at her place, yet all he can do is suspect that it’s some sort of death trap.

Silly, silly boy.

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  1. Rida says:

    Hilarious. Kate’s having a blast teasing him haha
    Cant wait to have Castle back finally XD

  2. Kourt says:

    I don;t understand why they can’t go home together. They can sleep in the same bed just not have sex. I don’t get what Marlowe is trying to do here.

    • Hammy says:

      The impression you get this season is that they never go home together AT ALL. Not surprising since the physical intimacy is practically non-existent in general. No casual hand-holding, no hugging just because they can, nothing that really sets them apart from two best friends. The kisses that happen every 5-6 episodes are so chaste they should leave them out altogether. And that’s so tragic because we’re talking about a two characters that had the best sexual tension in TV history in earlier seasons.

      • Gemma says:

        Right? Most episode, you can’t even tell that they’re together. Barely any phsical or emotional intimacy. I’m SO disappointed with how Andrew Marlowe has gone about it all.

      • Kourt says:

        I don’t think fans need to see an HBO type of sex scene. In Season 1 we saw a bed scene between Meredith/Castle and then in Season 2 a bed scene between Ellie/Castle. Like I just want to see that type of scene between Castle/Beckett. This season one might think Castle/Beckett aren’t even in a relationship they only throw in kisses/hugs to make it look like they are indeed in a relationship. The sneak peek implies that majority of the time Castle/Beckett don’t even go home together or sleep in the same bed. I just don’t understand what Marlowe is trying to do if he is trying to drive away viewers he is doing a heck of a job. I think Castle seems to be happy all the time but in reality is a unhappy clown who is so depressed. I think it is pretty obvious that he is so insecure and suffers from abandonment issues. I honestly think that once Castle/Beckett talk about all their issues we will see the passion/romance that has been lacking this season. If Castle/Beckett move in together by the end of Season 5 the writers won’t be able to not have Caskett spend time together

        • Rida says:

          I think the whole season has been set up to work through the issues of insecurities that they both have. I believe it will definitely pay off in the finale (might be a little late for some ppl…but ohh well)
          I still expect good things coming for Caskett. Lets just take wht we get and enjoy the (excruciatingly) slow ride ;)

          • Kourt says:

            You just restored my faith in Castle. No matter what happens I would never stop watching Castle. I still believe Marlowe knows what he is doing.

        • Kim says:

          That’s not the impression I got from the sneak peek at all. Kate says they could go back to her place to “take more photos”. To me, that’s an indication that they spend their nights together. They may not spend every single night together (he does have to write, she might have to prep for court, plans with Alexis, book related events, she might have dinner with her dad, etc.). Some couple’s don’t. Most of their scenes together (as someone else has already stated) are spent in the precinct or at a crime scene. KInd of hard to have intimate moments with your significant other with that many people around. I wouldn’t mind a bit more in that department, either. But it’s not always the right place or time for Kate or Castle to jump each other. Is it possible Marlowe is being too subtle at times? Yeah. But I’ve enjoyed the deeper moments more than the physical (though those are nice and I wouldn’t say no to more of them). Kate telling Castle the story of the stick figure in her desk. Castle reassuring Kate when they were in the Hamptons. The two parter on the whole. I think, and this is just my opinion, those moments are more important. Those moments will build to something great and strengthen their relationship. The physical is easy. The emotional is hard work. But that’s just my opinion.

          • DarkDefender says:

            I totally agree. “Taking photos” = code for sex, like the handshake is their workplace substitute for kissing. I am okay with the pacing, my only beef is with the poor lighting during their kissing scenes. I am ready for an “I love you” from Beckett.. Hopefully by the season finale.

          • Lauren says:

            Yes, yes! Thanks, Kim. I completely agree. I, too, do not understand the outcry by many that if Castle and Beckett do not spend every night together, they’re either (a) not in a relationship or (b) in a relationship, but a passionless one. Lest we forget, they do not (yet) live together. It is NOT strange for them not to spend every single moment together. And frankly, I think that if they *do* make it to the moving-in stage, we will be all the more grateful for the slow development in that direction, because then we can truly enjoy the shift and the new experiences that come with it!

          • Amber1 says:

            I agree:). It would be unrealistc for these two people with seperate lives to suddenly be ‘living together’ but they are certainly shown to be in a an ongoing sexual relationship. I think Marlowe and the other writers are subscribing to the principle that “less is more”. If they give us, the viewers, too much too soon then the theory is that our interest will drop off too quickly. There are also some questions in Beckett’s mind about her and Castle’s compatability long term and the lack of visible passion could subtly parallel that caution in her mind. In one sense I don’t mind this as often the power behind any good story is that someone wants something but it is hard to get. However, I think the writers are giving us a little too little at times. Some episodes show no affection at all. So I’d like to see a little more spark and a lot more emotional intimacy. That’s the stuff that has the real power.

          • SallyW says:

            Thank you! I don’t get why people are so outraged. The show has managed to do something that no other show has done: show a relationship where the woman seems more excited/happy to finally be with the guy & not one where the guy is the person going out of his way to keep the girl. I absolutely LOVE how genuine their relationship is! Sure, having fewer completely cold episodes would be nice. But then again, what real relationship doesn’t have it’s down & cold moments, right? ;) Caskett is the best couple I’ve seen on tv in a long time =)

        • Jenna says:

          Since the two of them have major relationship issues, it makes perfect sense that they would take it slow. The relationship between the two is obvious in a more subtle way. To me that makes it all the more special. There are plenty of fans who get what AM is doing with their relationship and love that he hasn’t changed the tone of the show to please some fans. Just my opinion.

      • Jim says:

        You do realize that most of their interaction is at the police station trying to solve a murder or at a crime scene with plenty of other cops and witnesses, right? They are trying to keep their relationship a secret because if Gates or other higher ups found out, they wouldn’t be able to be partners anymore.

        • Kim says:

          Thank you saying this. :)

        • Hammy says:

          No one is talking about them doing anything at the precinct. But at the beginning/end of an episode where they could be shown at home together? Yes. In earlier seasons we saw Castle at home so much. This season we barely do and WHEN we do, Beckett isn’t there with him. They’re deliberately keeping Castle and Beckett apart and it’s become exhausting to watch.

        • Chloe says:

          I haven’t been a fan of the whole ‘hiding their relationship’ storyline at all. It just seems cheap and childish and has really affected the portrayal of their relationship onscreen in a bad way.

        • Tracey says:

          Even if they were’t hiding their relationship, I wouldn’t expect them to do anything overly couple like at work. The issue is that we barely get to see their personal lives together as a couple. I don’t even care about seeing kisses/sex, I just want to see emotional intimacy which has been severely lacking this season.

          • Jenna says:

            You’re certainly free to have your own opinion, but I am astounded that you don’t see emotional intimacy between the two.

      • Mike says:

        Really in the 2nd episode they are at the same apartment the morning before work

        • A. Sarah says:

          Can we all just stop complaining and watch the damn show for what it is? AWM has been really good at keeping the show solid and I don’t think anything needs to change. Learn to appreciate the story you are seeing. Create your own head-canons, fine. Read your stories. But one day the show will be gone and you’ll have to accept it for what it is and you’ll wish you didn’t have such expectations that put little chips on your shoulders, so just enjoy it while it’s happening kids!

        • Emmakingg says:

          They also go home together after work in the Valentines ep..

    • Ashley says:

      I think the idea here is that Castle doesn’t want to be tempted so he won’t go to Beckett”s.

  3. martina says:

    Castle, you are a fool! How can you deny goddess Beckett a night of good and rough sex?

  4. Laura says:

    Are they a couple? I don’t think so!

    • Auntie Ralph says:

      That’s because you’re an idiot. We see a genuine realistic relationship for once on TV (IE one that isn’t afraid to NOT slip in a sex scene or kiss every episode) and while, yes, TV is escapism, its also got this thing called variety. Everybody’s trying to keep their relationships ‘steamy’ and the show dies out when that becomes boring. They’re trying to circumvent that problem while simultaneously keeping it pretty realistic. I mean dating, for all the fun you have, can still be about the quiet, simple moments, not giant kiss after giant kiss.

      • Lisa says:

        Realistic? yeah your gf wants to be with you, and i’m not talking about some chick we are talking about Kate freaking Beckett and he acts like some jackass..very sexist of the wirters!

  5. Lisa says:

    Where is the chemistry this season, Marlowe?

  6. Mike says:

    Oh come on the subtle gestures are still there the hand holding and such. They done an excellent job with them as a couple and I am sure will build on it.

    • Alexis says:

      I agree it’s good everything doesn’t have to be sex sex sex there is more to a relationship they have the passion or one another its plain to see it is fine I think if the job finds out they won’t be able to work together and that is the show.

  7. Dave Lowe says:

    Disappointed with how things are turning. Something is missing between these two, but I can’t tell what it is.

  8. Astrid says:

    Love the flirty banter! I’ ve really been enjoying the Castle and Beckett relationship this season. Sure I wouldn’t mind seeing more of their relationship but I’m very happy with what we got so far.

  9. Stephen says:

    It is a short clip!!! All they talked about is their relationship! What’s to say what will happen in the rest of the episode. The clip was about photos. sex, and where they would spend the night. I would bet that if they played a endless lop of Castle and Beckett saying “I love you” to each other while in bed, people would still post that there is not enough about the relationship. Castle is not a soap opera, it is a balance between cases, relationships and mystery.

    • Astrid says:

      Well said!
      There will always be something to complain about. I think they are handeling the combo between the cases and relationship well.

    • Lisa says:

      The problem is that the relationship part is not part of the game this season!

    • Barb says:

      Geez Louise. If it ain’t one thing it’s another. You can’t please everyone. I for one am content with how things are proceeding. The dynamics would be different if Montgomery was still around but with Gates they need to be more discreet. Plus they are still in the early stages of being a couple and have to get through Castle’s so-called walls (though really, what’s the big deal to just ask the guy about his past, I don’t really see him as clamming up with Beckett after all this time). Anyway, it’s one of a very few shows I still look forward to weekly. Can’t say the same for other shows I’ve lost interest in or FF mostly.

  10. Lil says:

    I think Marlowe is trying to keep us craving for moments of intimacy between Castle and Beckett….just like we have been for five seasons. If they showed affection all the time, viewers might tire of the relationship. It’s like an extra special treat when Castle and Beckett show any physical affection.

    • Lauren says:

      YES. Agreed. I think the fact that the fans still *want* to see more Caskett is testament to the fact that Marlowe and co. are going about this in exactly the right way! The other alternative is boredom. I love that the writers don’t show too much Castle-Beckett love stuff, because then, when it does happen, it is all the more special.

  11. Shelly says:

    Classic Castle teaser. What do you want to bet that this conversation is re-visited at the end of the episode when Castle decides that it’s now “safe” to have sex.

    I have been enjoying this season immensely. The relationship development and the emotional growth of Beckett and Castle, both as individuals and as a couple has been wonderful to watch. I think that Andrew Marlowe has a real juggling act here, to keep the balance and keep it fresh and interesting. What he’s doing is working for me.

    And really, I can’t think of a single episode this season where we haven’t gotten something, whether it’s actually shown or implied with a look or a comment, that Beckett and Castle are a couple. Is it overt? No, I just don’t think that that’s Andrew Marlowe’s style of storytelling. That hasn’t changed and I don’t think it will. So when I read comments that viewers can’t even tell that they’re a couple, I can’t relate. Because for me they ooze “couple in love”. It’s all over their faces, in their eyes, in their voices, the way they are with each other.

    The only thing that I’m having a credibility problem with, is that Gates doesn’t know. It’s written all over them, how can she not? But, maybe she does and we just haven’t found out that she knows yet.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you-could not agree more with you. You expressed it very well.

    • Guadalupe says:

      Totally agree with you Shelly!

    • Krithika says:

      Thank you Shelly!! Happy to see atleast a few mature Castle fans here :-)

      • Mary says:

        Join me to the club! Those mature fans make me restore, at least a little, the faith in humanity:) I don´t understand how can someone say there is no emotional intimacy between them! I hope the show keeps this way…its premise has never been a soap opera with lots of sex and I sure hope it never turns that way…if I wanted to see that, I wouldn´t be watching Castle:)

    • Lauren says:

      YES. Excellent comment!

  12. Kate says:

    You could always just cuddle, Castle! ;-)

  13. skrable2 says:

    For those complaining about the lack of physical intimacy … can you point out series that you think strike the right balance between that and their professional relationship? And, remember, this is a network procedural … not a cable drama or a soap opera (GA, for instance) masquerading as a drama

  14. april-ann says:

    They are maintaining the premise and the integrity of the show (gee, how DARE they, lol). That is very hard to do I’m sure especially with constant fan pressure. They knew they couldn’t keep them away any longer, but also knew they couldn’t put them out there groping each other constantly or this would be the last season; ie. nothing more to look forward to. They know (hope, and so do we) that there’ll be many more seasons. So I think that having to hide their relationship from certain highers-up makes it sweeter and sexier. We should be sophisticated enough so as not to need to be shown “everything”. I like it, just like old movies, where there is at least something left to the imagination. Just because we don’t see them being together every night doesn’t mean they’re not. Just because we aren’t privy to their hot sex doesn’t mean they’re not having it. I think the many cute, sweet scenes we see of them together strongly suggest they are. We shouldn’t have to see it all the time as proof of it. In this day and age of sleaze, reality shows and too much information, I’m sure it is hard for the show to resist but as the show and their relationship progresses, I am happy to see them happy together, and solving interesting and fun cases for our viewing entertainment.

    • Shelly says:

      Thank you, I agree.

      • april-ann says:

        Thanks Shelly! Not to mention, all those first years when I hated and I mean hated the character of Kate Beckett and everyone else just kept on singing her praises. And now, I get her. I totally get her. It’s just wrong that now all those fans want to see her out of character. The Kate Beckett I knew and loathed, but now I love, would never EVER exhibit the PDAs her so-called fans are now calling for.

    • Kourt says:

      I agree.

  15. DarkDefender says:


  16. Mari says:

    LMAO. That clip was hilarious.

  17. onlyakb says:

    yeah silly silly boy!!

  18. c-mo says:

    That’s what Castle needs…perspective…heeheehee!

  19. Leo says:

    she seems more in love with him than he is with her!

  20. Teri says:

    While I like the humor from Castle being Castle, I don’t like when he looks like a bumbling idiot. He is a 40 something year old man who has the most beautiful woman of his dreams in his grasp and he is barely acknowledging his lust for her. Where is the lust?

    • Krithika says:

      Dude if you want lust, then you always have HBO. Though I argue about the lack of romantic moments, I prefer them to be tasteful,sweet and maybe even hot. But not filled with lust- that’s not what Castle is.

  21. Lena says:

    Can’t wait for Monday! Looks like a fun episode :)

  22. Kourt says:

    I think it says a lot about Rick’s character that he did turn down sex. I know people were frustrated but Rick Castle was the guy that always craved sex. With Kate it is so very different. He is not with Kate to just “have sex” with her. Just saying. The whole thing about no sex in the face of a murder is an example of the monster of the unknown that he fears. So many people make the argument “oh how could Rick refuse to have sex with her, no guy would have been able to say no” Rick said no to having sex with Natalie Rhodes

  23. megshells says:

    I won’t stoop to condemn those who want more physical interaction; it’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it. However, I can tell you, after watching a LOT of TV over the years (and I’m old enough that I can say that), too much of a good thing is not good for a TV show. A favorite show of mine in the mid-90s made that disastrous mistake. Not only did they get the couple together too quickly (and trust me, they had great chemistry too), but they were kinda all over each other, in most every episode. I know this is going to sound crazy, but it was too much, too soon. The show ended up limping (barely) through another season, and then it petered out and died.

    Castle and Beckett have always thrived on subtext, from the very beginning of the series. They still do. The difference now is that they know, and we as the audience know, what’s behind that subtext. They still tease and they still flirt and they still have fun. They’re in a committed adult relationship, and while sex is important, this doesn’t make them a couple of juvenile rabbits. They spend most of their days together and don’t need to spend every night together as well (people really DO need breathing room). They have personal baggage and relationship issues that they’re still working through, together. I personally like the pacing, because it makes the moments of intimacy that we do see all that much more special. It also keeps people tuning in in anticipation of these moments (unlike that mid-90s show I mentioned earlier). And let’s face it folks, if you REALLY need sex between your two favorite characters to feel fulfilled, there’s plenty of excellent (and steamy) fan fiction out there. I’d be happy to recommend a few titles to you.

    Oh, and Gates knows. We all know she knows. And as long as they aren’t blatant and keep it on the DL, she’s fine with it. End of story.

    • Shelly says:

      Wonderfully said, thank you.

    • Julie says:

      Absolutely 100% agree with you. I’m so glad there are others that get the tone of the show and appreciate the subtlety of an adult relationship.

    • Kourt says:

      Castle and Beckett are not horny teenagers who always have to be sucking face, they are two grown adults who are trying hard not to screw up their relationship with each other

    • Guadalupe says:

      Completely agree with you!:)

      • Kelly says:

        Ditto to Kourt, Julie, Shelly and Megshells. Keep it at this type of adult relationship. Plenty of other crap to watch with adults ripping off clothes and rollin’ in the hay with obvious sexual built up tension and not tender, appropriate love.

    • Guppy says:

      What show was that? Can you hint? Not S-crow & Mrs K, is it? Cause there leading lady had cancer diagnosis. Some great shows end because of behind the scenes issues. Even JAG, my all time personal favorite before Castle, ended up ending because DJE decided to not extend his contract. That is my biggest concern for Castle. So, when I see things such as great effort made to adjust schedule for Molly Quinn so she could go back east for a few weeks in July/Aug 2012 to film a movie, I applaud the execs of Castle. I want them to keep their very creative cast happy happy happy for many years to come so the cast want to continue doing Castle. Because, let’s face it, producing a weekly television show can be grueling, and the lead actors (the ones in most every scene) do sometimes look like sleep is a long lost friend.

      • megshells says:

        Oh sure, I don’t mind sharing at all. It was Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. You know, I recently caught a couple of episodes in syndication, and whoa…it was SO corny. I was shaking my head, thinking “This was must see for me? Wow.” Tastes change, I guess. But my point remains unchanged: too much, too soon, show over.

        I do think that some of the push from viewers to see sex on TV (as opposed to using their imagination as to what goes on behind closed doors) is oftentimes age-related. I realize this is a gross generalization (and as such, it doesn’t apply to everyone), but as for myself, when I was 20, love = sex, and lots of it. Years of marriage, divorce, and parenthood later, and believe me, love has taken on a very different meaning for me. It’s not that sex isn’t important…it is, truly. But it is only one facet of a much bigger story. I, for one, love the way things have played out this year on Castle, but I suppose they can’t please everyone.

  24. Guppy says:

    Megshells, can you mention (or at least hint at) the name of that mid 90’s show? Inquiring minds want to check it out for ourselves.

  25. well i have something to say why is it presumed that every time they have a romance on a tv series that the first thing they think is jump in get it done i think it is the look in thier eye when they look at each other the holding the secret thoughts of love and care for each other and just holding each other can say a lot use to be love was more than a bedroom seen love was a whole lot more mutual respect for each other and caring for each other there is a whole lot than just a dirty seen would be nice to have one series that leaves it wondering about each other the kiss and looking at the other person with deep love in their eyes say it all in stead of making something dirty out of it.just leave it alone with the way it is kiss hug holding each other when possible i am old fashion sorry about that. sincerely virginia