7 Shows That Should Follow Veronica Mars' Kickstarter Lead (and 3 That Shouldn't)

TV-related prayers really do get answered, or else God just happens to have great taste in brilliant-but-canceled programming.

Yes indeed, hot on the heels of Arrested Development‘s new life on Netflix — and a Friday Night Lights movie script reportedly in existence — Veronica Mars fans on Wednesday took Kickstarter by storm and pledged the $3 million necessary to start production on a film version of the dearly departed CW series.

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With so much good TV mojo in the air, we thought we’d brainstorm a list of seven more shows that could (and should) go the Veronica Mars route — thanks to their cult followings and relatively low budgets — and three that wouldn’t really fit that particular model, mostly because their special-effects and stunt budgets would make the costs unfeasible.

Click through the gallery below, then hit the comments and tell us which TV-show-to-big-screen adaptations you’d support through a grassroots fundraising campaign!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam S. says:

    Awake should! That show would make such an awesome movie!

  2. Kate says:

    My votes are for “Pushing Daisies” and “Homicide.”

  3. tara says:

    Gilmore Girls!!!!

    • zaza says:

      They should definitely do a “where are they now” movie and I’m betting Melissa McCarthy would come back for it.

      • scooby says:

        If anything, Melissa McCarthy’s involvement could make it more likely to happen. They’d totally put her name on the poster. Sookie’d need a great subplot to keep Melissa’s non-GG fans from feeling played. The real question is whether the la-las would be played in the background of a GG movie.

    • Molly says:

      I bet Melissa McCarthy would come back. And even if she wouldn’t/couldn’t, I don’t think it would stop fans from seeing it!

  4. celine says:

    What about Jericho? I loved that show!

  5. Amy says:

    I would actually say YES to a Buffy and Chuck movie more so than some listed.

  6. LIE TO ME* LOVE says:


  7. steveo says:

    CARNIVALE belongs on the yes list, in my opinion.

    • Jason C says:

      I think this falls under the too much for $2 mil category. It definitely needs a follow-up movie (it is one of the greatest TV shows of all time) but it won’t work on a shoestring budget. Period pieces are expensive enough as it is…

    • Carter says:

      I agree with Steveo about Carnival. Buffy was has a season 8 & 9 already in the comic book form but a movie wouldn’t screw that up I don’t think. Tru Calling needed a proper ending. That show was really good.

      • Mikael says:

        YES, Tru Calling really needed an ending! They were building up to such a great climax and it just ended with a regular episode. No resolution. I love how most of the shows people want brought back were on Fox.

      • onlyakb says:

        ow yes a Tru Calling movie would be awesome, specially cos we were totally left hanging!! and it was such a good show!! I’d like a Buffy movie as long as the original cast and JW were involved, Chuck too but in a couple of years not now, the same goes to Fringe in a couple of years from now would be nice to see where the characters are now, but for that a bigger budget is required that’s for sure!!

    • Brooke says:

      Carnivale would be great, but Nick Stahl’s been a little troubled these days.

  8. Mark says:

    How could you leave out Firefly?

    • Alan says:

      already had a wrap up movie, there is nothing left to do with the universe. im a browncoat through and through but no story could have as much impact and importance as serenity had.

      • Lauren says:

        Seriously, did the collective Firefly fan base get some sort of Jedi mind wipe?

        • Steph says:

          What was up with the Blue Hand guys? More about the war. And Inara’s secret. What could have happened if Wash never died? Would River ever get her head fixed? Tons of stuff. Tons!

          • Emily says:

            Film-wise, I consider the story closed. The questions you pose call for a revival of the series itself, but I think it’s done and I’m grateful we got closure.

          • Alan says:

            not to mention the questions posed have already been answered either in the comics or by joss himself. the hands of blue had an entire comic where they were the main bad guys and their story was finished, inara was intended to be dying from cancer or something like that, and from what i can tell at the end of serenity river is in a much better place now that she has gotten that huge weight out of her mind. on top of that we also know shepherd books past thanks to another comic. all the ongoing plots have been resolved one way or another.

          • John DeMayo says:

            The Blue Hand guys were just guys working for the Alliance. The Operative essentially took over their role in the movie.

      • Kate M. says:

        Whoa, just because you can’t imagine a follow-up to the BDM, doesn’t mean Joss couldn’t. He’s better than us. I think Alan needs to dust off his Browncoat and have a little faith.

    • keja says:

      Agree with Alan. Plus, the aforementioned scheduling conflicts with Joss, not to mention Nathan. And the biggest… the special effects budget alone would be prohibitory and would not work with this model. Sadly, this would be the case for most late lamented genre shows like Buffy, Chuck, Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe (and, IMO, all these shows (except TSCC) at least had decent closure…including Firefly. YMMV)

      • Tater says:

        It’s hysterical you think these shows were working with large budgets in the first place… If you was talking about sat Terra Nova I would be in clined to agree with you… Chuck infact had it’s budget cut every season it was on the air, last time I checked, and managed to continue working just fine in my opinion. That was one of the main reasons NBC allowed it to stick around for 5 seasons.

        • keja says:

          Hysterical? I didn’t say the shows I mentioned were working with HUGE budgets, I was merely pointing out the fact that budgets required to make them would be prohibitory for the kickstarter model. A new Chuck or Firefly or (insert your favorite genre show here) could not be made for 2M unless you wanted to cut out all the stunt work and effects that helped make them great.

          • Tater says:

            Just because Veronica Mars only asked for 2 million don’t mean the other would would have to cut off there… I mean VM got to t mill within 24 hours.. If CHUCK, Firefly, ect.. wanted to ask for five millionI could see that being do-able in a week. All I am saying is these writers and directors have done a lot more for less. But if it takes a little more, I’m sure the fan bases are rabid enough to get them the money.

          • Alan says:

            you realise that a big part of why veronica mars got the money was because of the novelty factor, if many more shows started to do this people wouldnt be as likely to give money to something like this

          • keja says:

            Look, whatever. I’m not trying to be a debbie downer, but IMO these projects would just be too expensive to go this route and the stars would really have to align just right to make it feasible. Not saying it could never happen, just that the budget would be prohibitory. But, as you say, if the fan base is rabid enough… Truth is we won’t know until somebody tries it. I would be happy to be proved wrong.

        • Movies and episodic television are different animals. Even so, the cost of Chuck in it’s third season was approximately $2 million an episode (that’s not including WB/NBC licensing fees), that’s for 45 minutes of television. Already you’re looking at doubling that budget, so you’re up to $4 million. Now you also have to take into account that a movie already announces that you’re planning on doing something grand, and you have to pay more attention to detail, which means you have to pay for that detail. For a show like Chuck to work as a movie, you need at least $8-10 million. There’s also the question of who retains the rights to Chuck. If they were to do a Kickstarter project, they would need to know for sure that they can gain the rights, and how much those rights would cost. That could add a few million to the budget.

          • Tom L says:

            Chuck is owned by Warner Bros, as is Veronica Mars, so at least they know what they’re dealing with. So let’s see how the VM thing will go down. If it’s gonna succeed I’m sure others will follow.

            I also read somewhere stating that fans everywhere are going to cry for a movie now for their cancelled show, and I would like to ask: what’s wrong with that? At the end of the day it’s a business decision. If things like kickstarter projects will turn out to be successfull, why not net others follow? That way everyone gets happy.

    • ali says:

      Def Firefly

    • Naazneen says:

      Yes to Serenity 2. A thousand times yes!

    • Molly says:

      Joss Whedon has already commented and said that a Firefly movie is basically out of the question for the forseeable future as he’s contracted to Marvel for the next three years.

  9. Angela says:

    LOL it’d be weird to have two Buffy movies out there in existance ;)

  10. anik says:

    Yes for Wonderfalls & Pushing Daisies

    • Marie says:

      Would love these also. But wouldn’t PD be too expensive? I think one of the reasons the show didn’t last longer is was its cost (the sets and cinematography on that show were amazing but not cheap).

  11. Lucy says:

    I give a jumping-up-and-down YES to Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies, but I’m torn on Freaks and Geeks. I love the show, but I also kind of liked where it ended. The open-ended storylines added to the mixed up and confused high school coming-of-age-ness to me.
    I’d still totally be on board if it happened, though.
    As for Gilmore Girls, I’d have to know the storyline first… if it involved Dean or Jess coming back, nope. Dean was a whiny, clingy cheater and Jess has too much angst, even after he matured. But I’d take more Luke and Lorelai, definitely.

    • Jenn says:

      I agree with you on Gilmore Girls. I adored the show but by the time they moved on from Dean & Jess I was rolling my eyes whenever they came on screen. Now bringing Logan back (even though the actor is now on The Good Wife) I would be thrilled about. I don’t know anyone who liked how that relationship ended. Definitely more Luke & Lorelai!

  12. TrickyGreyArea says:

    Thank you for mentioning “Deadwood”. I don’t know that Kickstart would be able to make a dent in the amount that would be needed for new sets and costumes, let alone the potentially pricey cast, but I thought all 3 seasons were stellar and followed the news of the planned movies with bated breath until…nothing happened.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Definitely DEADWOOD. There was supposed to be one more season. All the story lines were just left hanging. It needs to finish up with a miniseries. This is the only title on the list that I would support, but it really does need to happen.

    • Emily says:

      Deadwood. The actors. The dialogue. The scenery. All so incredibly top-notch. Can’t get any more worthy than that!

    • EF says:

      This is the only one listed that I would donate to. It’s a perfect candidate for a movie even without the loose ends. But I would LOVE this.

  13. Irena Gallo says:

    Pushing Daisies—-YES. Please. Terriers. YEEEESSSSSS

    • Stephanieee says:

      Totally agree to do Ugly Betty! It left us just as Betty and Daniel were getting together and it left the perfect open ending for them to explore the switch in their career/romantic relationships.

    • zaza says:

      Yes, I always wanted to know what Daniel was going to do for a career at that point and would have loved to see the Betty/Daniel romance progress.

    • JC says:

      Yes to this one!!! but its a long shot because their fanbase is not as out there as Vmars :)

  14. Lyrica says:

    I disagree with the Chuck conclusion – and firmly believe that fans would be willing to raise whatever it takes to get a decent Chuck movie made. We proved our devotion before, shelling out tons to Subway to keep the show going, whose to say we couldn’t do it again? And as for the closure business, we could ALWAYS use more closure ;)

    • Kat says:

      I agree with you. I would pay good money to have a Chuck movie made.

    • GVR says:

      agreed! I didn’t like the Chuck ending!

      • Agreed 100% — in fact, I’d be willing to spend a silly amount of money just to have an “alternative ending” style movie shot. I hated the last two episodes. I actively hated them.

        • Christina says:

          I still actively hate them. All I would need is an alternate ending!

          • Tom L says:

            I know that feel, still depresses me. Never would have thought that my favorite TV show which could always make me laugh and cheer me up could do this.

            So yeah, I do hope that we might get a movie with an ending that can give everyone closure and I’m glad that several actors of the crew stand behind the idea, especially Zac.

          • Beth says:

            Just thinking about the series ending to “Chuck” still makes me angry. “Closure,” my foot. I would shell out for a movie that gives us a better ending than the one the show gave us.

    • I seem to be one of the few that actually liked the Chuck ending, but I think they could easily do a Chuck movie that would allow fans to come to terms with the series finale. Actually, they probably should do a movie at some point for the fans to come to terms with it.

      • Teag says:

        I liked the ending too.

      • Alan says:

        i liked the ending too, i love the idea that the entire run of the show was chuck telling their story to sarah, just seemed like a perfectly beautiful way to sign off on a great couple by having them reminisce about all the twists and turns that led to them becoming the couple they are.

    • Matt H says:

      I’m not sure a decent Chuck movie would get made. The writing the last year or so was uneven. And it did have five years to use up plotlines.

      • Tater says:

        That was only because they only gave them part of a season (13 episodes) to wrap up everything.. CHUCK was a complex show and deserved better than that..And that is exactly why CHUCK deserves a movie to add some closure to the closure.

      • Rick says:

        Of course it was uneven and you know why? Because it was in the constant threat of cancelation, The writers had to build arks that could work as series finale every 13 episodes, how are you supposed to build up proper storylines like that?

    • Kris says:

      Chuck, yes, absolutely. Don’t underestimate Team Bartowski fans. That is all.

    • phil says:

      I thought the ending to Chuck was awesome, but it could easily be an open door to an extended story instead of an ending. I’m also a firm believer that the writers for any of these shows lucky enough to get a movie will make sure it doesn’t disappoint.

  15. marge says:

    Gilmore Girls!!! And Melissa would totally come back for Sookie St. James – the movie wouldn’t work without the whole of Stars Hollow.

  16. Alan says:

    while my first thought (ok second after spending about twenty minutes fanboying about veronica mars getting a movie) was could they do this with chuck but what was stated above makes complete sense, if they couldnt do it properly i wouldnt want to see it. terriers sounds like its made for this sort of thing though, i really need to get around to watching it.

    • just saying says:

      Terriers= Awesomeness. If you haven’t watched, do so STAT. I think it’d be great to do a project with this. If the stars were affordable and willing, the show itself doesn’t have a whole bunch of CGI etc. to up the cost. Great characters and chemistry between the actors in a show that ended way too soon due to bad promotion. (I just happened to find it one day while going onDemand to find the latest Archer that season. And i’m an avid tv watcher and entertainment news buff. So if I didn’t know….) Also, from a Producer point of view, Michael Raymond-James has upped his visibility on the more popular (yet less quality) Once Upon A Time, and many viewers still remember him from True Blood S1. That might bring some ready made viewers. And I’ve always loved Donal Logue….

  17. Sheryl says:

    Yes Wonderfalls & Deadwood!

  18. Vikki says:

    Twin Peaks! I will never get over that final scene that crushed me and had me screaming noooooooo as I literally slumped to the floor

  19. Caroline says:

    I’m dying for a LEVERAGE movie…please!!!

  20. KS says:

    Nah. Veronica Mars makes sense b/c of the fan base and the type of show it was (Veronica is only at the beginning of her career and it’s noir), but I don’t think anything else will improve upon its experience. Deadwood if it happened right after maybe. Gilmore Girls outlived itself. I don’t want to know what kind of bad decisions they made in the future. Freaks could not improve upon itself unless maybe Feig had total control. Pushing Daisies would be too expensive for its fan base size. Etc. Etc.

  21. Jake says:

    What about Smallville. I’d kill to see Welling, Rosenbaum and Durance on my screen again.

  22. LukeandLorelaiforever says:

    I love to see a Gilmore Girls movie, set in the in the present day, maybe with Rory as an up and coming journalist coming home for a 5th year Harvard Reunion or something and Luke and Lorelai being married with kids and maybe the whole story played in flashbacks, like how they all got there.

    • Daisy says:

      Rory went to Yale, not Harvard :) But I like your thinking. It would definitely have to be set in Stars Hollow and feature all the quirky characters.

    • Allyson says:

      I agree 100 percent with this! Except Rory went to Yale not Harvard. I want a Luke/Lorelai wedding and seeing them becomming parents together with twins perhaps.

      • Paula says:

        Yes. I would love to watch a GG movie with that plot. But maybe Luke and Lorelai are no married yet and they want to have a wedding now. And with Jess back, I just love Jess. And please leave the april storyline away… maybe she is in Alaska or something.

        • Lola says:

          That would be amazing! I also love Jess…maybe he could be Luke’s best man at the wedding with Lorelai and meet Rory there?

  23. GVR says:

    I think there should be a movie for Charmed!! Also a good movie would be The Secret Circle because there wasn’t much closure with the season finale.

  24. kavyn says:

    How could you say no to Chuck??

  25. Bre says:

    What about Ugly Betty?

    • just saying says:

      What about it. This show (which was fun fluff even in its heyday) really fell off creatively the last couple seasons it was on. Especially the last one. Don’t beat a dead horse. If you could go back and pretend like a bunch of episodes didn’t happen, that would be one thing. But you can’t. Once they ruin main plot lines in a show, it’s ridiculous to go back. Unless you’re one of those people who don’t care about continuity and quality and just want more of your fave show on the air, just cause. But most artists don’t like to revisit stories and characters unless they feel there’s a real story to tell- an interesting and organic one. Unless they just need to pay the mortgage on their home of for their kids’ college fund, of course!

  26. Prue says:

    Gilmore Girls and Charmed!!

  27. Babybop says:

    Yes times 1000 for Pushing Daises. I would kick in! Plus, I think Dead Like Me deserves a better send off movie. No Mandy Pantinkin and changing Daisy? Booo.

    I would watch a Gilmore Girls movie, though I love the way it ended, but the words, “recast Sookie” should never be spoken…

    • sara says:

      OMG that Dead Like Me movie was terrible! I agree they should ‘re-do it and do it right this time.

    • Lucy says:

      UGH, the Dead Like Me movie doesn’t exist in our house. Seriously, we have owned the series on DVD since it came out, but the movie? Watched it once on Netflix and couldn’t mail it back fast enough.

  28. Bre says:

    Oh, and YES to Pushing Daisies!

  29. Katrin says:

    Kyle XY is missing, and it’s because probably no one remembers it, but that show ended “in the middle of the story” and it definitely SHOULD have a movie to “finish” the whole story… I’M still sad about that one…
    Same goes for “Mutant X”.. .this show – too – didn’t get a proper end… I seriously hate shows that “just end” because they don’t get renewed, but end on a Cliffhanger… that always sucks…

  30. Nathy says:

    I realize it’s gonna be too expensive, but Stargate Atlantis deserves a closure.

    • Alia says:

      Totally agree with Stargate Atlantis.

    • JC says:

      Yeah, I admit that was my first thought too….I still want the movie that we were promised before everything fell through. :( I’m not under any delusions that it’s even remotely likely however.

    • just saying says:

      I’d love to know what happened to the Stargate: Universe crew. The best of the Stargate series by far in writing, tone, and acting. That being said, it was a pretty amazing series finale- leaving the viewer to use their own imagination in what happened and anything they actually came up with might be anticlimactic to what the fans have come up with…

  31. lolo says:

    I don’t get the Chuck one, I mean they’ve been mentioning now and again since the day the finale aired. Plus Zachary Levi and Ryan McPartlin’s twitter comments yesterday.

    • I would love to see a Chuck movie. I would pay money to make that happen.

    • Shelley says:

      I think Chuck would be awesome!

    • JC says:

      Yeah, I don’t get that either. I’m sure there are dozens of movies the fans (including myself) would like to get made, but Chuck is one of the few that seems like it might actually have a shot at getting it done….although I acknowledge the point about it being more expensive. Even so…..

  32. Something I’d love to see, but never will, is like a next-generation Everwood, where Ephram’s son, now a teenager, goes searching for him. When he finds Ephram (now married to Amy with a family of their own, duh!), they strain to have a good relationship, similar to the relationship Ephram had with Andy, but for a whole different reason.

    None of this will ever happen, but damn if it’s not a great story in my head.

  33. Alia says:


  34. Sandy says:

    I’d take Fringe no matter what just to see Olivia, Walter and Peter again

    • dsm says:

      This! Fringe would NEVER run out of story lines. It would be better just to bring it back on FOX. The rating were better than the shows they are currently showing.

    • hana says:

      However, the article is right about it not being an appropriate time for another Fringe project. The show just ended. It ended well… although there’s plenty of room for elaboration. The actors are getting on with the next phase of their careers. It’s time to let Fringe alone for a while and let it become whatever it is going to become, if anything. It’s FAR too soon to even think about returning to it.

      But IF Fringe ever came back in some form, I am not so sure I want to see JUST the further adventures of Peter/Olivia (though it definitely must have some Walter). Fringe is a big universe. There are so many opportunities for new characters, or even a prequel. To be honest, I do not ever need to see Peter and Olivia having domestic bliss with baby Etta. That’s boring. In the future, it would be cool if they could have new characters (with a logical relationship to our characters) but of course, with some role for the old ones and/or special appearances.

  35. mia says:


    • Alex says:

      Oh my God yes! I loved this show. I remember not liking where the story went in the first part of the second season but it really picked up towards the end and then it got cancelled for Dollhouse. Which was decent in my opinion but I would have saved TSCC over Dollhouse, especially because of the part they left it at. Too bad Lena is busy doing Game of Thrones (which she’s doing a fantastic job anyway). I think everyone else has moved to other projects too right?

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        There had been a lot of talk about trying make a three hour+ extended movie version trying to cover a lot of what S3 was to be about. Everyone said they had the most amazing plans for S3 or the movie. I recall there was even talk about fans trying to set up funds in this sort of fashion and that WB might (it was a WB property despite being shown on FOX) at least let a straight to DVD/blu-ray movie be made. It seemed like it was gaining steam but fizzed out. Maybe this is what was needed? It’s WB too.

    • Amelie says:

      YES!! I can’t believe it was cancelled for Dollhouse. And it would make a great movie. Though I think that with all the other terminator movies out there, the SCC wouldn’t stand a chance among non-fans.

  36. Beth says:

    Chuck, Gilmore Girls and Pushing Daisies….PLEASE!!!!

  37. greysfan says:


    I was really angry with ABC cancelling it and left it like that. Would love to see it return.

  38. Tater says:

    Terrible List… The 3 you actually said no to are more than likely the only ones with enough of a social media backing to actually capitalize on a campaign like KickStarter….The one I dissagree with more than any though is you dissapproval of CHUCK getting a movie. Chuck has the perfect fan base to make this work, And with the way they left the season finale they have a real Arc for bringing it back…Not to mention the cance of finally fringing Orion back so Finally the entire Bartowski family can be together atleast once. Gilmore Girls had more seasons than most, Still didn’t wrap loose ends? Wonderfalls & Pushing Daisies just got one season, How many loose ends could it possibly tie up in an hour and a half movie?? Chuck, Fringe, and especially Buffy are shows that embody everything a “cult” following stands for.. And could more than capitalize on a campaign such as KickStarter… Just feel to me like this “list maker” is pulling for their own favorite shows to get a movie while trying to throw other much suitable shows under the bus. But hey I guess that is my opinion.

    • James says:

      It’s not necessarily about tying up loose ends, but rather about revisiting these characters that we love so much and want to see how they’re doing and what they’re up to. In the case of Wonderfalls, they had plans for two more seasons (which they talk about on the DVDs), so there’s already ideas there. Pushing Daisies got two seasons though, not one, and I do think they had more plans there too. Gilmore Girls got canceled abruptly and the ending was disappointing to a lot of people; it deserves to have a much better ending and send-off.

      • Tater says:

        HeyI understand that.. I agree with that, That is also the reason I think CHUCK deserves this as well. Since it never got the proper respect it deserved during it’s entire run on NBC. I don’t think TVLine should have shot down any of these possibilities especially since it will be up to the shows own fan base to get it made in the first place. Also I would just like to say that I would like to add My Name Is Earl to the list of shows that needs a movie for true closure.

  39. Megan says:

    …Or they could just leave Sookie out of a GG movie. Totally annoying, useless character. Oh, and it was 4 final words, which had to have been either ‘I love you, mom’ or a myth that she came up with to F with people.

  40. Amber says:

    Girlfriends. The CW was so wrong for cancelling it without giving fans a proper goodbye.

    • twilight123 says:

      THIS! I have been saying forever that BET (even though I hate them) would tap into this base and make a Girlfriends reunion movie if they were smart. They already “saved” the Girlfriends spin off “The Game” (which is barely a shell of it’s former self, but still) and they have Girlfriends created/writer Mara Brock-Akil and Girlfriends director Salim Akil on contract for developing new shows. It seems like a no brainer.

  41. Emma says:

    At least this article displays a modicum of common sense. I loved Chuck, and I loved Buffy, but they ENDED. We got closure. It was final. Since this VM Kickstarter thing erupted, everyone is suddenly screeching that every show they ever loved that was cancelled should be bought back, without thinking logically. Veronica Mars works because it ended without finality, and it has themes other than “high school angst”. Shows like Freaks and Geeks or My So Called Life wouldn’t work because they were shows about the pain of being a teenager.. and now all the characters are simply too damn old.

    My vote for a show to be resurrected: Grosse Pointe. Man, that show was hilarious.

    • Tater says:

      CHUCK ended with an open ended ending for just this occasion… Their are still a ton of stories left to tell with it… It did not end, NBC just gave them a season to “close” the show..Whis a story arc like CHUCK’s their could always be an interesting story to tell.

    • Casey Rae Jeffers says:

      If we can get GP, Why not Popular or Maybe It’s me or Roswell too?

    • Rick says:

      YOU may have gotten closure. I haven’t and so do a lot of other people. Fact is the Chuck fanbase is smitten about the way things went down. I can accept that it ended, but if there’s even a tiny chance that my all-time favorite TV show may have a shot of getting an ending that I actually like, I’m in.

  42. Uncle Ralph says:

    Decent amount of closure to Chuck my fat ass (there, free insult for people who disagree). I’m still pissed about the crock of an ending that was…

  43. Taryn says:

    yeah chuck didn’t get decent closure the ending was disappointing and i still want to see a movie happen more then most of the ones you listed that I don’t even care about except gilmore girls and terriers both of which i loved dearly and would like to see happen

  44. Sh says:

    Tru Calling was a great show, so was The Class. Emily Owens Md was also a very feel good show.

    • Diva says:

      The Class was the s*** and funny and underrated at the time, but I wouldn’t want a movie. I rather they bring the show back from the dead.

      • Spencer says:

        Same here. I would rather see that show resurrected than made into a movie. That show was freaking hilarious.

  45. Zachary Levi tweeted yesterday that he wants to follow in Veronica Mars’ footsteps for Chuck. So, I think Chuck being a NO needs to be altered.

  46. Eric says:

    I definitely agree with you on Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies. But I have mixed feelings regarding Chuck. While I didn’t really like the way it ended, I feel as though it would kind of ruin things if we found out whether or not Sarah regained her memories. The open-endedness of it all is kind of the point.

    • Alan says:

      i didnt think it was that open ended, she clearly regained her memories in my opinion; people dont react that emotionally to a story unless its personal to them and she would need the memories for it to be personal. i really dont want them to make any more because it would ruin the subtle genius of the ending to me.

  47. S. from E. now says:

    yes yes yes to wonderfalls and terriers! i am still not over it that those two shows got canceled so soon and i can totally see them pulling it off properly (=

  48. Leslie says:

    West wing!!!

  49. Heather0808 says:

    Why do you hate Chuck. I agree the budget is a bit higher, but you are underestimating these fans. These Loyal Loyal Loyal fans

    • I agree. The fans were an important part to make possible the five seasons of Chuck. And i want a CHUCK movie as a Gilmore Girls one too.

    • Alan says:

      the fact that they took the time to think through the fact that the budget is too much to do it well proves that they love it, fans wouldnt want a substandard continuation which would be a stain on the legacy of the show.