Vampire Diaries Recap: Elena Cheers Up

Bring it OnWith Jeremy’s death in her rearview mirror, a humanity-free Elena stepped back into her old cheerleader outfit in Thursday’s Vampire Diaries and not only went to town on the helpless competition, she almost killed one of her friends!

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GIMME A ‘B’ FOR BLOOD | Elena’s new life begins with Stefan and Caroline deciding a return to school is a good idea. Damon tells her to study and not eat anyone, but from her slightly bemused look, it’s clear that the sire bond no longer works now that she doesn’t feel anything. Elena gets herself back on the cheerleading squad so she can feast on the vervain-free competition. Caroline catches on to what she’s doing and confronts her. Then, in the first sign that we’re truly seeing a new Elena, she lets Caroline fall to the floor during the middle of a routine. Of course, she survives, but still, way harsh! And it only get worse from there.

At Elena’s rager, it seems like things are finally turning around. Elena’s having fun, and Caroline’s OK with it, even urging Stefan to let loose on the dance floor. Elena practically offers the Stefan/Caroline ‘shippers her blessing, telling Care to take him out for a spin. But then the little vamp attacks Sheriff Forbes, leading to a full-on girl fight – “Under any other circumstance, this would be a major turn-on,” says Damon – that almost ends with Elena killing her best friend! In spite of this, Stefan tries to convince Caroline that the girl they know and love could someday come back to them. “Even when I was at my worst, Elena wouldn’t give up on me,” he says. “So we can’t give up on her.”

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DESPERATELY SEEKING KATHERINE | While his brother is babysitting Elena, Damon takes off to find Katherine. He needs to locate a vampire with some intel, but there’s just one problem: The guy is dying of a werewolf bite. But hey, Rebekah is here with some of Klaus’ blood! So the two team up and eventually track down Will, whom Damon recognizes from his past. Instead of catching up, Damon rips out his heart and tells Rebekah “losing this cure is the best damn thing that ever happened to you” because now she won’t suffer some miserable, boring human life. But there’s obviously more to the Will/Damon story (in next week’s flashbacks), so the episode ends with Damon taking Elena to the one place every newbie vamp should go: New York City!

THE ART OF SEX | On top of all of Elena’s sex talk this week – To Stefan: “You look good. I remember our sex. And it was good sex. But I don’t feel anything about it anymore” – there’s an actual sex scene, too, between Klaus and the mischievous Hayley! After much back and forth over his art and a lot of drinking on her part – was there a scene where she wasn’t holding a glass of alcohol? – the werewolf lets the hybrid have “control” on top of a table. Afterward, Klaus reveals that he recognizes the mark on her back as one belonging to a lineage of werewolves from Louisiana. Cue the forthcoming spin-off.

AND EVERYTHING ELSE… | Bonnie’s MIA in this episode, but her cohort Silas gets a mention when Stefan suspects that he’s the one stealing all of the blood supply from nearby hospitals. … As if almost getting killed by her pal isn’t enough, Caroline is dealt another major blow when Matt gives her a letter from Tyler that basically says he’s never coming back and he gave Matt the deed to his house.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the new Elena? Was Klaus and Hayley’s hook-up steamy? And who do you think are Katherine’s “allies” that have helped her escape Klaus?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ollie says:

    love this take on elena and I didnt see the klaus/ haley hookup coming at all. next week ep looks like it should be awesome.

  2. Diva says:

    I see myself rolling my eyes when I watch this show now especially with Klaus scenes. I keep thinking to myself, “And your character is still around because…?”
    But I have to give it up to Nina Dobrev, I can tell the distinct difference between Katherine, Elena, and dead inside Elena. BTW when is Katherine coming back?
    Hopefully Caroline trains in the future so she can actually back up her threats and I also hope that Stefan takes dead inside Elena’s advice and not revolve his life around hers.
    One question though, is Tyler really never coming back? Did they just give the pink slip to the actor?
    P.S. Still not fond of Elena even though her personality completely changed.
    P.S.S. Why does it take a 180 of Elena’s personality for her to be with Damon? Because if that’s true than what Elizabeth said was true and feelings Elena (without the Sire) would never be with Damon.

  3. Alice says:

    Didn’t Bonnie talk about killing 12 people last episode?
    How are they all OK leaving her on her own?

  4. S says:

    Go Elena! I loved the fighting scenes with her and Caroline. She was so right in everything she said to her LOL. However next weeks episode looks like it will be even better.

  5. All I can say is thank goodness for Stefan and Caroline. I’m finding it hard to feel anything for Elena besides anger and disappointment.

    • Sara says:

      Agreed. The Stefan and Caroline scenes were the only that made me smile. I really like these two together a lot.

  6. steve says:

    Worst episode of Vampire Diaries and they some home continue to make Elena worst and worst every week.

    • MAS says:

      I agree. It also seems like all the storyines are starting to repeat. Didn’t we already go through Elena being unmanable as a vampire?

  7. MaryAnn says:

    Can’t stand the new Elena. This used to be my favorite show. Now I watch it, but I’m not in a hurry to see it when it airs. Elena has turned off her emotions, and I’ve turned off mine to the show.

    • Adrienne says:

      Pretty much feel the same. The best part about this show was her struggle and how deeply she cared for those around her.

  8. Delenafan26 says:

    If you don’t like the main characters then don’t watch they aren’t going anywhere. Another point I like Elena this way she is more free without her humanity and its the way that the shows writers and producers and directors want the characters to be like they are fictional and not real. I like everything that they are doing some things I don’t agree on but other things I do like all the delena scenes because I love them together. You could say I am a fan of both Stelena and Delena. I read the books and I like her with both but more of Damon with Elena but another pairing too and I don’t want to say for respect of people who didn’t read the book. So I think tonight’s episode was great and I can’t wait until next weeks!!!! This is my opinion if you don’t like it too bad

    • Nahuel says:

      Bravo! Finally someone analyzing the show without a stupid teen view as it is a soap opera. Looks like people don’t get that characters have to have development and many thing around them have to change in order to grow.

  9. For as steamy as the sex scene was, the whole thing didn’t make any sense.
    First of all, Klaus should be wanting to kill Hayley and not “protect” her after everything she did to him. She was basically the cause of the killing of all of his hybrids and he could very well get the information about Katherine from that friend of Damon’s or someone else.
    Secondly, their interations came out of nowhere, the sex scene was rushed to, forced on us because of the spinoff and the storyline was just so cheap, I mean, Klaus likes Caroline and Hayley likes Tyler so you know, let’s just put them banging together… ?! Cliché.
    Plus (and this was what irritated and saddened me the most), they used the “painting card” to connect Klaus and Hayley and that was just low. We knew that talking about paintings with Caroline didn’t necessarily mean it was something that Klaus only did with her, but so far, for what the writting of the show had been giving us (3×14, 3×20, 4×09…) it was kind of one of “their things”. And then they put Hayley sleeping with Klaus because she could “relate” to one of his pictures?…
    Seriously… It was so stupid. In a way it also destroyed the meaning of many of Klaus&Caroline’s interations, because they only made it seem like Klaus would do that to every other woman he’d come across with.
    This far in the show and just before Klaus leaves TVD, it was just a bad move. The sex scene was pointless and useless. Not complaining about half naked Joseph Morgan at all, but we could wait 4 more episodes, you know. It was just senseless and forced.

    • Josh says:

      You know what else destroyed the Klaus and Caroline interactions? Not wanting to see Caroline hook up with an evil psycho who tried killing her when she made him made angry.

      • Elisa says:

        Agreed Josh, but a twisted side of me finds them hot and I’m totally peeking between my fingers to see if they hook up. It would be hot but not long term. Ideally, I’d love to see Tyler come back something fierce. So much potential there, its a shame this show keeps killing off or sending away such amazing characters. Still miffed about Alaric :(

    • Nic says:

      Yeah, the whole Klaus-and-Haley hook up made no sense and seemed forced and kind of stupid. Not to mention that the two actors have zero chemistry together, no matter what the writers try to relay. I have a feeling that those same writers never thought that the whole Klaus and Caroline pairing would catch on as well as it did and now they’re trying to push that part of the story in another direction and it’s as someone else stated, “yawn inducing”.
      On the other side of stuff, it’s good to see Elena go bonkers for a bit while the Salvatore bros are the ones watching on the sidelines, wringing their hands. That’s some golden stuff right there. I hope it last a little longer.

  10. Meredith says:

    Klaus and Hayley were yawn-inducing. He should’ve waited for Caroline, she’s right at the tipping point now that Tyler told her they are never ever getting back together.

    • Sara says:

      I don’t agree. I think it would be so out of character for Caroline to just throw her hands up and run and jump on Klaus. Come on!

    • Josh says:

      I know right! Tyler broke up with her, so she should be like “Hey sociopath! I know you murdered tons of people, almost killed me, killed my boyfriend’s mom but let’s get together! LOVE YOU!! Promise not to kill me if I break up with kay? XOXO!”

      • Meredith says:

        So then clearly the only male lead you root for is Matt, correct? Because your logic just ruled out Stefan and Damon too.

        • Nat says:

          Honestly? Yeah, kinda. Jere’s dead, Tyler’s gone, Bonnie’s either mind-controlled or psycho, Elena’s definitely psycho, Klaus and Damon are sociopaths with Silas looking to be much the same, Stefan is a murderer too, and Caroline hasn’t had any storylines or agency since Season 2. Matt is pretty much the only thing keeping me around.

  11. S says:

    Does anyone still think Damon will be the one who gets the cure? I mean he’s already said how he couldn’t think of anything more miserable to Elena and then tonight to Rebekah how you’d be ordinary and a nothing… He is so against this cure so it makes one wonder if he will end up getting it after all.

    • Alice says:

      They are going to have to use it to kill Silas the uber-vamp. No one is going to take it.

      • sls says:

        Unless Silas is the big threat for next season too. Now that the Originals may be off in their own show there is going to need to be a villain for next season. Besides they can always come up with another way to kill or entomb or whatever Silas. That one dose of the cure probably won’t be it.
        It would be more suspenseful and make Silas more of a threat if that dose was destroyed or used on someone else.
        I’m guessing Damon will still end of taking it for some important plot reason and sacrificing himself, as he has no desire to be human, or someone will force him to take it.

    • Josh says:

      Obviously he’s going to get it. They’re not being very subtle at it. Next episode he’ll scream, “I hate the cure! Boo cure! Cure smells. I’d rather die! I’ll never take the cure. NEVER! EVER!” Cut to Damon getting cured :p

  12. Delenafan26 says:

    That would be amazingly awesome to see I would love Damon to become human it would be a great twist.!!!! Don’t worry I still think and hope that may happen!

  13. Stamanah says:

    Didn’t Damon turn human in the books? As if the writers ever follow the books…

    • sara says:

      Yes he did, he accidentally messed with the cure that was meant for Stefan, so he goes back to the dark side or whatever they call it and hooks up with a vampire princes and is turned back. He doesn’t stay human for long.

  14. Celine says:

    I enjoyed this episode although i wasnt totally convinced by the hayley/klaus hookup. It annoyed a little as the klaroline scenes didnt seem as special anymore, But now that Tyler is out of the picture, it could mean ore Klaroline scenes and potential romance.

  15. Wrstlgirl says:

    Sadly I realized something tonight. This show hasn’t been on for what two, three weeks, I don’t even know because I didn’t miss it. About 10 minutes into tonights episode I was like “why am I watching this”. I think it’s time for me to move on. I’m just not into it anymore. Enjoy everyone! I hope it turns out how you want it too :-)

  16. Bre says:

    I missed why Tyler can’t come back, can someone fill me in? I hope it’s not for good, Caroline and Tyler are two of my favourites on the show. The amount of times Elena mentioned she had turned off her emotions made her more annoying than ever..

  17. Dennis says:

    for some reason i think Katherine is hoter then Elena.

  18. nikki says:

    I miss Jeremy

    • Elisa says:

      Me too. I never used to like him but he slowly grew on me to the point that I started looking forward to him. There was so much story to be told about him being a hunter. He was one of the true good people left on this sinking ship. I’ll especially miss rooting for him and Bonnie. Sad sad.

  19. Leah says:

    I miss Stefan and Elena. The whole reason I started watching the show was because of this epic love they had for each other.

  20. sls says:

    I like all versions of Elena. Whatever it is about her that annoys so many people I don’t see it. I look forward to this new version of her and her upcoming makeover!
    I think the Klaus/Hayley hook-up was hot though I do like him with Caroline. I think it was good to show him as the dominant/sexual creature he is. Dude hasn’t gotten any, that we were aware of anyway, in years. If he’s about to get his own show it’s about time we get to see some steamy Klaus action.
    I don’t think he should have “saved himself” for Caroline. We have seen her have plenty of sex with other guys. Klaus has been clearly non-sexual the entire time he has been on the show, unless I forgot something. I guess it could be assumed that some of the girls he had as servants or his hybrids fulfilled that role for him but we didn’t get to see it. So, now that we have, more please :)
    I’m a Delena fan but am glad they are not focusing on that at this point. Just let Elena kick ass and evolve.
    Um, on another note…how the heck is Matt going to pay the bills and taxes and insurance for that mansion. lol I’m betting that at some point down the road, when Elena needs a Salvatore break, she and Matt become mansion roomies.

    • Cathy O. says:

      I agree with you sis. I loved last night’s episode. I like the new Elena who is straightforward and honest unlike the old Elena who was worried about everyone else’s feelings. She is a female version of Damon for sure.

      I enjoyed the fight scene with Caroline and loved when she told Stefan basically to get a life. LOL!

      I see chemistry between Caroline and Stefan and hopefully they will get together at some point since Klaus is moving on to the Originals.

      I am also a huge Delena fan also but liked that their relationship wasn’t the focus this week.

      Does anyone else think that the season will end with Damon getting the cure and becoming human?

  21. Erin says:

    Stefan and Caroline were cute as in this episode

    • Elle says:

      Jeez Candice and Paul really do have great chemistry

      • Tee says:

        Candice seems to have great chemistry no matter who she’s bouncing off of. She’s really enjoyable to watch.

        • valeriel40 says:

          She really is! The best thing that ever happened to that character was being turned! I love Vampire Caroline. I just wish she had her own storyline this season instead of either running around behind Tyler (he had a great storyline!) or helping Stefan with Elena. And NOBODY better mess with Liz! :-)

    • Steroline says:

      I love Stefan and Caroline, to cute. it’s a toss up for me between them two and Caroline and Klaus

  22. Delenafan26 says:

    I like all versions of Elena too I don’t care what other people say that she is annoying or anything else she is nothing like Katherine and I am looking forward to seeing more of this side of Elena and I like her with Damon cuz I think her love for Damon is true and the other way around because he would do anything including sacrificing himself for her even if he had to. But anyways I think this season is going great and I can’t wait until Elijah comes back. That should be interesting. I am so happy that there will be a season 5. I don’t like character bashing the characters are fictional and they actually kind of fit close to the books I think just added to the characters which I like. So try to read the books you may or may not understand a little better from the storylines or the characters but I love both the show and the books!!!

  23. Kelly says:

    I think that Elena is just a bit too annoying. She’s like a bratty 3yr old. She thinks that she has nothing to be afraid of, but I think that will be proven to be untrue.
    I have to say that I loved Caroline and Stefan in this epsiode. When he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder….I’m not ashamed to admit I might have squealed a bit. And she didn’t have to beg him to dance! Elena always had to beg him. I think that’s saying something.

    • Josh says:

      I do love Caroline and Stefan. They’re a good pair. She challenges him in a way Elena does not. I sort of want them to get together ASAP. I also want Damon and Elena to have some much needed me least in Elena’s case.

      And to be fair, Elena acting like a bratty 3 year old is sort of her acting like Damon when he’s humanity-less(or not…I can never tell the difference with these characters unless the show states it…bad writing!) And of course she thinks she has nothing to be afraid of…she can’t feel fear(or she can…again bad writing and the ill-defined “emotions turned off” plot points make very little sense)

  24. Josh says:

    Yay for new Elena…I mean I want her to get her humanity back eventually but at least this one is in control. I’d like to see a human(or human emotions) Elena with more of this spark, more of this “I’m in control here” mentality instead of basically always giving up that control to the men in her life.

    Sadly, the writers always need some girl to look like a moron and they picked Haley this week. Not that I care about Haley. Go to the spin-off so I don’t have to see you or Klaus anymore, thanks!

  25. GS says:

    I hated Caroline as a human but love her as a vampire and it’s just the opposite with Elena. She was great as a human touchstone for the brothers to keep their humanity in line but now she’s just a flat out biatch. She is the mean girl of vampires and I just don’t like her character right now. That was Katherine’s point to being on the show and Elena is still whiny not tough. I hope she gets a little control over her crappy attitude. I can’t believe she is so far gone that she’d kill Caroline. That was a little much.

  26. Tee says:

    I didn’t think Phoebe Tonkin was a great actress on TSC (though she’s very pretty!) and I am likewise meh about her here. It didn’t help that I really didn’t feel the connection, it felt very writer-forced. I just fast-forwarded when the hookup was impending. I couldn’t care less. Hope the spinoff will have more to offer than those eye-rolling scenes.

  27. Cathy O. says:

    What I am not clear about is this, the sire bond is not working now that Elena has no humanity BUT it still appears that Damon is her preference over Stefan (from the looks of next week’s episode). Doesn’t that mean that her feelings for Damon are still there without the sire bond, I am confused????

    • GS says:

      I don’t think she “loves” Damon but prefers him because he will let her cut loose whereas Stefan only loves perfect Elena.

    • sara says:

      I think right now, b/c her feelings are off, she is leaning towards Damon b/c he is letting her be who she is right now whereas Stefan is still wanting her to be who she normally is and right now that is not what she wants so she is gonna be more inclined to Damon b/c he will just go along with whatever she wants whether it’s good for her or not

    • Julie says:

      That’s my main problem with the show and why it’s keeping me from enjoying it like I used to. The transistion from Stefan to Damon didn’t make any sense no matter how hard they try to explain it- the “sire bond”, her heightened feelings, etc… it just didn’t flow. I’ve always been a Stelena fan but even I think the time for her to pick Damon would have been at the end of last season.

      • Cathy O. says:

        Julie, I totally agree with you on the time for her to pick Damon was the end of last season. I think the writers really messed up with that ending and are somehow trying to rectify it now but as we can all see, it’s not going so well. The “sire bond” story is ridiculous but I am hoping everything will come together and make sense in the end. I really think Elena wanted to choose Damon last season but felt like Stefan was the “safest” choice since everyone is down on Damon. The whole thing has totally backfired that’s for sure.

        • Little Scarf Girl says:

          Agreed. She should have chosen Damon last season, with all the build up to it. Instead, it just made her look like she led him on, and then ran back to Stefan.

  28. Gerald says:

    OMG Klaus and Heley scenes were painful…… If that is a preview of the potential spin off then I will not be watching. I’m happy if there is a spin off so we can get them off Vampire Diaries but that is the only reason.
    Elena was more bratty than anything else. Fun to watch briefly but really need her to get her humanity back. Loving Caroline even more, and liked that her and Stefan could let loose at the party and not be the parents of the teenagers.

  29. Have watched VAMPIRE DIARIES since the beginning but last night was the first time I have wanted to NOT watch VAMPIRE DIARIES. It’s getting very boring and predictable. I hate the “no emotion” Elena because it’s the same old story rehashed since Buffy TVS, good guy goes bad.

    If the rest of the season is like last night’s episode, I’m finished.

  30. Babybop says:

    I personally prefer Elena and Stefan (though I wish she wouldn’t end up with either brother) to Elena and Damon, so I thought it was nice seeing her get jealous when Stefan was dancing with Caroline even though she isn’t supposed to have feelings.
    That being said, I hope she gets her humanity back. There are too many evil people on the show for her to be another one.
    Also, I’m not a fan of this Stefan/Caroline thing… Seriously, does everyone have to have sex with everyone on this show??

    • sls says:

      Personally, I enjoy everyone hooking up with everyone else :) I love Stefan/Caroline, Stefan/Rebekah, Caroline/Klaus, Damon/Anyone, Damon/Elena. I’m even rooting for an Elena/Caroline or a Stefan/Klaus romance, but I’m not holding my breath! lol

      • Cathy O. says:

        I have to agree that I love Damon/Elena, Stefan/Caroline, Stefan/Rebekah and Caroline /Klaus. I would even like to see Elena/Elijah because there is some chemistry there too.

  31. I feel like the Damon/ Elena relationship is so stupid! Especially with Elena’s “emotions turned off”. Even without the sire bound it is essentially like Damon is sleeping with a blow up doll. Gross, I know but thats what its like. He is putting all this effort into this relationship and is getting nothing “emotionally”, no love, no happiness, NOTHING in return, EXCEPT for a depressed, emotionless girlfriend, which is pretty sad.
    Sigh, it was so much more simple with Elena/Stefan but I understand that they have to change things up, but I CANT TAKE THIS MUCH MORE! LOL

    Klaus is hot!
    Lexi is back next week! YAH! someone with a personality that I can enjoy lol
    Tyler is not gone gone right? We would have heard something about the actor leaving the show or joining another right?
    Can the Spin off hurry up already?

    • Cathy O. says:

      Tyler is gone. He supposedly moved back to Los Angeles (in real life) so Julie Plec said there is no chance of him returning anytime soon, if at all. I like Lexi too so it will be nice to see her return.

      I too am disappointed at how the Damon/Elena relationship is going but I am hopeful everything will work out okay in the end (keeping my fingers crossed at least).

      I am getting a little restless with the sire bond and Silas so I am hoping the story wraps up by the end of the season and doesn’t continue into Season 5.

  32. Fabe says:

    I thought this episode was excellent. I think the last three episodes have just been awesome. If the rest of the season continues this way, I will be one happy camper! I’m glad that Klaus will be getting his own show, it’s time for him to move on. I’ll be watching. I enjoyed his scenes with Hayley, although I’m still not sure what her game is. Love No Humanity Elena. I wish everybody would stop fawning over her though. It’s like, “Get your own lives!”

    • Cathy O. says:

      That is why I loved what the new Elena said to Stefan about him revolving his life around her and that maybe he should loss his humanity. That was hilarious to me!

  33. Krista says:

    I am just not a fan of the Hayley character, I predicted this hookup with Klaus as soon as it came out that she was helping Katherine. But the scene felt forced, not a lot of chemistry, which pains me to say because I love Joseph Morgan as an actor. Didn’t see the previews for next week, but looking forward to it. Otherwise it was nice to see Stephan lighten up a bit at the party. And interesting when Elena pointed out Caroline’s dirty thoughts about Klaus… I guess Caroline hasn’t been that good at hiding her feelings.

  34. MAS says:

    I just had to scour the internet to make sure I didn’t miss an episode. It seems like they dropped so many pieces from the last new episode. The only thing I might have missed if I hadn’t seen this episode was the sire bond explanation, but that was so weak I feel like I missed it anyway. They better pull it together or they are going to lose me entirely.

  35. Emma says:

    Blerg at the completely forced and unnecessary Klaus/Hayley hook up. Hayley has been completely useless since she was first introduced, and knowing she’ll be a lead in the spin off is enough to put me off. Terrible way to begin writing Klaus off the show, too. Ugh.

  36. charissa29 says:

    Send Caroline to the Originals spin-off! She will whip Klaus into shape and watching her with Haley and Rebecca would be so choice! Plus if she moves to the Originals everything I currently love about Vampire Diaries( plus Elijah, yay!) would be there and I wouldn’t have to watch VD.

  37. vannesa180 says:

    caroline and stefan..not a good just wouldnt seem right

  38. Skadi says:

    Klaroline Fans: A kiss? A smile? A kind word… a crumb? Anything?
    Julie Plec: Next episode: Klaus & Hayley, Kama Sutra. Please go away now, Klaroline fans.
    Klaroline Fans: Message received. Over and out.

  39. vannesa180 says:

    i think caroline should be with klaus..she might as well..since tyler isnt coming back…i also hate how she always told elena not to be damon ..yet you have feelings for klaus..maybe elena should have killed her

  40. Danielle H. says:

    Finalllllllly got to watch this since it was preempted for Big 12 bball in my area. Best episode in a long while!! I loved every minute of it. I want to go on record as saying I am sorry for doubting you; I didn’t miss Jeremy at all and think it will actually kick off Elena in a completely different direction. I still just am in disbelief that her mom, aunt, dad, brother, adopted dad and mom, and caretaker have all died. That’s what I really have issue with because it’s so insane, but I actually now see the purpose in Jeremy’s death.
    So happy we had no Silas crap and were able to get back to basics with a super fun Elena. Props to Nina for playing the characters she plays with so many shades. Screw the big Bads for awhile and just let us experience a show with Elena learning to be a vampire and all the wonderful relationships. I think it will be a good thing when Klaus leaves though.. it will open the show back up a bit. Gaah, I just liked this episode much better then I’ve liked a few lately. BTW.. sorry but I don’t ship Car and Stefan. They are friends, nothing more. I don’t’ know who Car shouldreally be with, maybe we haven’t met him yet? I also wonder how the actor who plays Tyler feels about being written out for awhile?
    Can’t wait for NYC next week!

  41. Cathy O. says:

    Is it me or does this show have a ton of hiatuses? After next week’s episode with Elijah’s return there will be another hiatus until 4/18th. Come on now!!!

  42. vannesa180 says:

    i really like elena like this..finally she does what she wants without caring…no more crying and always helping other people..

    • Cathy O. says:

      I like her like this too but not permanently because I want her to feel again. But it is nice to have an Elena who speaks her mind and doesn’t care about who’s feelings she hurts. LOL!

  43. j.m. says:

    I hate Elena Gilbert because of the way that she’s been, since she turned off her humanity. She has done some terrible things to all the friends that’s been with her since grade school. When stefan had turned off his emotion, he stil helped Damon, Jeremy, elena and everyone else. But Elena, look what she did to Caroline, causing her to fall during the chearleading competition. Last night, she had no problems about killing Bonnie, Her best friend in the whole world. Stefan didn’t do anything like that to anybody, but shie did. I also hate how casual he is about Jeremy. After everything that Jeremy went through because of her, he deserve better than a casual mention from his sister. Even if she turns her emotion back on, I still won’t like. The damage is done. I also hate what she did to Damon and also Stefan. Frankly, I think the both of them deserve someone better then her.

  44. David Nancy says:

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  45. Lunazen says:

    Elena without her humanity is annoying…working as intended I’m sure.

    As for Klaus, I LOVE him. Excellent actor, self-tormented character. I hope he never leaves, both him and Elijah.