Once Upon a Time First Look: Regina Tests Snow White in 1983, Rumple Warns the Charmings

Once Upon a Time SpoilersThis Sunday’s Once Upon a Time has two provocative story threads to pick up — and we’ve got a sneak peek from each.

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In “Welcome to Storybrooke,” as the episode title suggests, the ABC drama will flash back to 1983, just as the Evil Queen’s Dark Curse plucked scores of fairytale land VIPs out of the Enchanted Forest to populate a sleepy town in Maine. In this first clip, we see Regina seemingly “test” Snow White (now known as mild-mannered schoolmarm Mary Margaret) to see what, if anything, she remembers — in part by gauging her reaction to a certain “John Doe” in the hospital.

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In the present day, meanwhile, Regina vows to make Mary Margaret pay — with her life — for her role in Cora’s death. Rumplestilstkin thus visits the Charmings to share that grim news, to which David has a pretty spot-on retort à la You owe us, imp!

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  1. xaverie says:

    What a bollocks curse. Nobody was even aware of time passing and Snow had no feelings about seeing Charming on the bed. She should have been cursed to at least be his girlfriend or something so that she would spend every repetitive day being sad about it. Rather than going “Oh, poor guy I don’t know.”

    • If she had been his girlfriend, she would likely kiss him at some point if she loved him, and that would have broken the curse (true loves kiss).

    • Grace says:

      i also really like specifically that no one was able to notice henry getting older while none of the other kids did. all the kids he was in class with last year are still in his old class while he’s moving up. every year.

      • xaverie says:

        Nobody also noticed that Ashley was 9 months pregnant the entire time either. So without Emma as a post-curse measuring stick, they would probably have no way of knowing whether the curse lasting two weeks or 1000 years.

        • The only reason there is a measuring stick is Jefferson “The Mad Hatter”. He was cursed to know all along that his daughter was happy with some other family. He knew that it was 28 years he was stuck there. That’s how we got the figure.

          • xaverie says:

            …what? The time is based on Emma’s age. SHE’S the measuring stick.

          • K. says:

            Jefferson was stuck in a house until Emma came to Storybrooke. Without Emma, Jefferson would still be in the house, spying on his daughter. And Emma is the Savior who would break the curse when she turned 28.

      • Kimberley says:

        I was also thinking that. What did Regina tell Henry, to explain how he was growing up every day and his friends weren’t. That he was living the same day every day over and over. Or was he experiencing something different?

        • the girl says:

          Obviously whatever she told him was inadequate. Once he got old enough to realize that her story was straight craziness, he started seeking out the truth, decided they were fairy tale characters, and went to find his mother (Emma).

    • Me says:

      I agree on the curse not causing super pain, but remember when he woke up the curse to keep them apart would no longer be in effect. That’s why he had a wife to go back to when he woke.

      The creators have said that everyone was walking around in a curse fog and not noticing that Henry was getting older, or that Ashley was eternally pregnant.

    • Name That Tune says:

      With all the history of Regina & Snow’s relationship before us, we know the last thing Regina wants is for Snow to be happy. She lost Daniel because of Snow. Retaliation motivates Regina to keep Snow & Charming apart. That falls apart when Emma returns & Charming starts having muddled memories of FTL.

  2. Maki says:

    I missed devious Regina. She was an essential part of the show a lot has changed from S1.
    Poor Mary Margaret, but Ginnifer is playing her so amazingly. *-*

  3. Olivia says:

    So, they don’t realise that 28 years have passed and that they haven’t aged a bit since 1983?

  4. Rachel says:

    I think part of the “curse” would have to be some part of you being aware and being tormented by that knowledge while the rest of you is so muddled that you can’t do anything about it. At least that’s how I’d interpret the look on MM’s face when Regina tells her she doubts anyone that loves him will ever find him or that he’ll wake up. Some part of her remembers but not enough to do anything about it. Although I do agree that the whole Groundhog Day scenario would be quite obvious to Henry as he grew up. Everyone wearing the same clothes, saying the same things, learning the same thing in school every day, etc. If the curse didn’t change a little to adapt to Henry I’d be astonished it took him until age 10 to actually do something about it.

    • Dark Defender says:

      I totally agree. I also think Henry was aware, and it is why he eventually sought out Emma to break the curse.

      • Dark Defender says:

        and maybe it took him until 10 yo, to finally feel safe enough to travel to Boston to find her.

        • Jersey Jeff says:

          Also keep in mind that Henry was adopted as a baby, and was raised his whole life in Storybrooke. Without any reference points in the outside world to compare to, as a youngster, he’d have no way of knowing just how odd the world in which he was living actually was.

    • jc says:

      To be honest, I don’t think the curse created a “Groundhog Day” scenario. The fact that Regina and Henry weren’t cursed and could interact with everyone differently, and alter daily scenarios should prove it’s not exactly a repetitive day for 28 years. Because I doubt Regina would play along and do the same thing every single day. Besides, in the preview of the Sheriff that we got, clearly he is courting Regina… whereas in early season 1 episodes, they’re shacking it up. So the days don’t appear to repeat.

      Also, the curse was to take away their fairytale personas and memories, which in turn, left many of the more major players that we know about without their happy endings. That is a curse. They remain unfulfilled in the happily ever after department, while Regina backs in that knowledge. Granted, having the FTL characters partially remember parts of their lives and not be able to understand them or do anything about it may have been one more level of the curse that could have been added. But such it was not.

      Anyways, looking forward to this Storybrooke origin story!

    • Gail says:

      We have not gotten Henry’s story yet. I am there must be a story about how mary Margaret got the Fairy Story book that she gave to Henry. Probably whoever wrote it, whether it was Rumple or August decided it was time to break the curse and put the action in motion that would result in Emma coming to Storybrooke. Looking forward to that future episode and another piece of the puzzle.

      • Gail says:

        Sorry should have said ‘ I am sure there must be a story about how Mary Margaret got the fairy Story Book that she gave to Henry. I am sure that person who gave Mary Margaret the book also gave her the idea to give the book to Henry.”

    • Name That Tune says:

      We have no reason to believe that Henry was aware of anything. According to the mythology of the show, Henry became aware of the curse (and therefore aware of the adults in his world), when he was given a book about FTL. Who gave him the book? Mary Margaret. Who wrote the book? It’s never explicitly stated, but we are led to believe that the historian for FTL is August. Given the isolation of Storybrook, it would strain credulity to believe a child younger than 10 would see a bigger world than the one in front of him. I mean, do these kids even watch TV? Is there even a movie theater in Storybrook? ‘Cuz if they did, they would have seen all this stuff on TV.

  5. Tine says:

    Ha, I always knew Rumple was a Lannister.

  6. Debra mobley says:

    Thank God the bi### is back I can’t wait to se her get sweet revgen on the whole town. And what she will do if rumple gets in her way.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Exactly. My favorite character is Regina when she is wicked. That’s largely disappeared this season.

  7. cutie pie says:

    well……………. it was an overall good story……. despite the fact that i didn’t like sherrifs death . he didn’t deserve to die in season 1