Glee Recap: He's Been Telling Lies [Updated]

glee-season-4-feud-bye-bye-bye-schueGlee never ceases to surprise me with its ability to go from the ridiculous to the sublime, then back to the ridiculous with a couple more pitstops at sublime, in the course of a single hour.

You can knock its occasionally inconsistent character behaviors or complain that it should be giving more airtime to its New York City story arcs (while moving us away from Lima, OH) (and, yeah, it should), but how many shows can deliver a TKO Mommie Dearest reference, an inarguably guffaw-inducing Nicki Minaj sendup, a compelling Manti Te’o-esque subplot and a genuinely stirring salute to the transgender community all in a single episode? (Okay, probably The Real Housewives of Somewhere at Sometime Somehow, but I’m talking scripted programming, okay?)

If you were too busy stealing your friends’ pillows and comforters tonight to tune in, here’s what you missed on Glee:

* The kids of New Directions gave Schue and Finn an assignment — to perform songs by dueling artists — to defuse the tension caused by the latter advisor kissing the former’s runaway bride. The guys seemed to work it out in an N’Sync-BSB faceoff, but in the end, Will just couldn’t forgive his former student/erstwhile best man/forever protégé. (Not a very good example to his students, bee tee dubs! And anyway, it was just a quick kiss — and hardly the reason Emma didn’t go through with her vows!) Is it wrong for me to be Team Finn? I think not, especially when Schue continues to say things like, “You broke the code of a brother, Finn!” and “In the 1990s, the media pitted two of America’s hottest music groups against each other in an epic clash for pop-culture supremacy.” Um, way to talk like a 10th grader’s C- English paper.

* Later, as Finn cleared out his belongings from McKinley, Marley told him he needed to sack up, stop looking for Finn’s approval, and continue his path to being a great teacher. It proved an a-ha moment for the guy (even though said lightbulb should’ve gone off about three months ago) — now look for him to go get his teaching degree.

* After accompanying Rachel to the doctor’s — Ms. Berry’s home test was a false positive, whew! — Sanatana continued to pry into Brody’s shady activities. After La Lopez gave him the business at his place of work — Kurt: “Did you confront him at NYADA with a Paula Abdul song?!” — Rachel and Kurt asked her to move out. But Santana’s “psychic Mexican third eye” is never wrong! After stealing Brody’s pager, she “hired” him as an escort, confronted him upon arrival, and then produced an angry hidden Finn from inside the bathroom. Rachel’s former and current beauxs wound up having a fist fight — and trashing what had to be a fairly pricey hotel room — but we won’t get resolution on the blowout till next week. Up for debate: Was Finn’s exclamation — “Stay away from my future wife!” — hot, creepy or a little of both?

* Sue managed to coerce Blaine back on to the Cheerios squad with a forged contract, but it turns out Blaine’s a double agent, and his cheerleading stint is part of his and Sam’s plan to bring down the evil Cheerios coach. I don’t think I care about this story arc much, but if it gives us more opportunities to see Jane Lynch channeling her inner Nicki Minaj (or other OTT divas), I say bring it on! I haven’t laughed so hard during a Glee episode in 2013!

* Elsewhere at McKinley High, Marley convinced Jake that she was faithful to him — and that Ryder kissing her meant nothing. (Kudos to the show’s writers for not making her grovel — and for being honest that both she and Jake, as teenagers, are allowed to occasionally be flirty.) Unique and Ryder fueded when he wouldn’t refer to her as a girl. And Ryder eventually came around when his new online girlfriend told him he needed to respect Unique’s truth. Anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? That it’s actually Unique who’s been posing as saucy blonde internet paramour Katie?

Grades for this week’s musical numbers…
Brody & Rachel: Marina & The Diamonds’ “How To Be A Heartbreaker” | Grade: A- (loved those stairway shots!)
Ryder vs Unique: Elton John’s “The Bitch Is Back”/Madonna’s “Dress You Up” | Grade: B
Santana: Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted” | Grade: A- (Santana kind of wins always, yes?)
Will vs Finn: N’Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye”/Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” | Grade: C+ (I’m all for JT/JC puppetry, but the vocals lacked oomph, and I felt like the songs could’ve been meshed better)
Blaine vs Sue: Mariah Carey’s “I Still Believe”/Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” | Grade: A
Ryder and Jake: Tegan and Sarah’s “Closer” | Grade: B+

Episode’s best zingers…
Santana complaining about Rachel being torn between “your flop high-school ex and that terrifying waiter with a pager.”

“In fact, your wide-eyed, Keane-painting approach to life makes my teeth hurt and my breasts ache with rage.” –Santana, leveling with Kurt and Rachel

This exchange!
Rachel (commenting on Santana’s dramatic exit): I’m pretty sure she stole my comforter.
Kurt: Bitch took my pillow.

Nobody ever said life was fair, Tina.” –Sue, after Tina agreed with Kurt that Sue cheated in their sing-off by using dancers, props and special lighting

Unintentional double-entendre: “I fumbled the ball this time, but you know I have good hands.” –Ryder, apologizing to Jake

“The real world is nothing like glee club, where you can join and rejoin, quit and requit, when you’re not crying or throwing confetti at each other.” –Sue dropping life lessons on Blaine

And with that, I turn it over to you. What did you think of “Feud”? Which story arcs worked best? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AJ says:

    I think it is Jake that was pretending to be Ryder’s online “friend”. That suspicion was slightly confirmed when you see Marley yelling at him in the preview for next week saying “Tell me it’s not true!”.

  2. Callum says:

    Finn is a psycho. He kisses Will’s wife, then expects him to automatically forgive him? Then he ATTACKS Brody and messes with a relationship he is not any part of. Rachel deserves better than both Brody and Finn. Then Finn acts like he has absolutely no life without Will’s approval and needs a freshman to convince him he’s even worth something.
    I am betting that Ryder’s little chat buddy is Kitty or Unique.
    What’s wrong with Sam? If he does have relationship type feelings for Blaine, then why the heck was he fighting with Santana over Britney?! Blaine deserves much better than a teen heartthrob.

  3. Para says:

    I love Finn!!!!! and THERE IS GLEE CLUB IN COLLEGE!!!!!

  4. sam says:

    What has happened to glee? Even this reviewer has his biases and the only thing that people do is take sides in greater battles and no one is watching this show and asking is this entertaining me anymore. First off I must say that the pacing of the show is off and the musical numbers seem rushed and way more polished and musical variety show type numbers instead of the raw and stripped down numbers that dominated the first season of glee. The fantasy elements of the show and the dialogue that seems to be direct has left the show empty and void of the sarcastic nature of season one with its more sophisticated approach. I see a lot of hate directed at the character of Finn and that is a direct result of both the shabby writing and the absolute rabid fan bullying mantra of blame finn and finchel for all the problems associated with their characters on glee. They do not like the way their character is written so blame finn lets get him off the show and everything will be fine. These people have gotten their way this year and really look at the ratings of this show and the critical response to this season and ask yourself why is that so. You do realize that by having finn say those two phrases point blank that ryan murphy is telling you finchel is not going to be happening at all and that the teacher storyline is pretty much a death knell for both his character and corys time on glee. Can you imagine your saint blaine or even kirk forgoing a performance storyline in order to become teachers to help gay students succeed? Finn represents the best of what people who are not the greatest students and did not get a passion for performing till later in life and these people have a right to succeed even more than the so called a type personalities Based on the vile comments and clear bias in these comments i wonder if anyone remembers what this show was really about. The fracturing of the original glee club members has created a civil war that is disgusting and I blame the writers for all of it. The reason Finn and Rachel resonated with viewers is the fact they both have a passion for performing and yet they are two distinctively different personalities. Their screentime has not been anymore or less than the other characters since mid season two yet because they are good actors every scene they have resonates emotionally and that makes certain people upset. I felt the Finn scene in new york was unnecessary because santana could have handled brody all by herself so the real purpose for him being there was to explain why he will not be having any scenes with rachel till possible the end of the series and that is just sad. . Glee needs to stretch out the acting scenes with the best actors and cory and lea need screentime together again in order to solidify the show. The other characters can feed off that because cory is a more inclusive actor when he sang a lot in season one they were group numbers and everyone felt a part of the show and that is his personality which glee in new york is missing.

  5. Ana says:

    A comment that I know falls on deaf ears because Ryan and Co love the weird and bizarre, but every episode I can stand Wade and his over the top diva attitude less and less. He is ridiculous. The opening number with Brody felt inappropriate, like a celebration of his antics. But he seems to be soon gone so I’m happy. Thank you for more Santana. Boy was she badly needed in NY. I didn’t expect to enjoy the Finn/Shue number but it was so fun I had to watch twice. Santana tricking Brody was genius! Finn cleaning his clock was amazeballs!!! Overall, I enjoyed the episode, especially since I don’t watch live so I can fast forward through the Lima parts. Whatever Sue was doing with that wig looked ridiculous. But, whatever…I’m just going to pretend that Glee is NY only. As far as I’m concerned, Lima is done and over with.

  6. SB says:

    I think “Katie” is Marley

  7. Carmen says:

    Maybe i’m way off here but it seemed to me that tonight’s episode brought back the themes of being willing,even as we strugle awith and hurt each other

  8. Becca says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks “Katie” might be Unique. A part of me hopes not, because I like Unique and I’d hate to see her and Ryder wrapped up in a Manti Teo thing, plus I don’t see how whatever friendship they might be building towards could overcome a huge deception like that. But the girl signing off lickity split says she’s not all that she seems, and her deep insight in getting Ryder to be more open minded just gave me a feeling this might be Unique.

    I’m having a huge problem with how Will has handled Finn’s confession. At the end of last week’s episode when Finn was feeling so upset and guilty as he told Will the truth, I kept hoping we’d see the Schue from seasons past, reassuring a student (even former) who was clearly floundering emotionally and needing help. Where was the Will who hugged Finn when he was panicking over Quinn’s pregnancy? I was disappointed we didn’t see that Will again. But, I let it go since okay, the shock of it was too much to process at that moment. But this episode just made it worse. Was I the only one who thought Will coldly saying having Finn run glee club was due to pity, unreasonably callous? I get it, you’re pissed he kissed your bride to be, but c’mon. Taking someone who you know has, and still is, dealing with feelings of inadequacies and who feeling like you trusted and believed in him enough to run glee clearly gave a sense of pride, and saying the one thing that could wreck him emotionally (oh hey, bee tee dubs, it wasn’t because I believed in you) is going way too far. It was just a kiss. It’s not like Finn and Emma were carrying on a months long affair behind Wills back or something like that.

    I haven’t liked Marley too much so far, not that she’s a bad character, I just haven’t really become a fan. That being said, I liked her giving Finn that pep talk. He was there for her post sectionals fall out, in a sense being the teacher (or mentor since technically not a teacher) Will had been for him and the other first generation of glee kids. (Which makes Will turning his back on Finn all the more sad….like, hey where do you think Finn learned it? And now his role model can’t bare to look at him) and Marley was there for Finn with some honest advice when Finn was about to be lost yet again.

    Moving onto the hotel room fight, I was okay with Finn tossing some fisticuffs Brody’s way. Sure, violence was a pretty massive escalation to Brody grabbing him—kinda think a “don’t grab me” toned shove and walking away could’ve sufficed–but Finn was pissed. As others have commented, Brody’s job could’ve opened himself and Rachel (Finn’s main concern of course) to a whole slew of STIs. I think Finn was not just upset that Rachel could’ve gotten something from Brody, but also upset that Brody the guy Rachel chose to be with over him, wasn’t thinking of Rachel enough to be worried about something like that and putting a stop to giggaloo-ing for her sake.

    But, that whole “oh yeah, go Finn” feeling took a nosedive when he said “stay away from my future wife”. Wayyyyyyy too creepy and possessive. I would’ve been okay with “stay away from Rachel” or “the girl I love” or something less……that. Future wife just….I don’t know, seemed stalkerish. And, it felt like it had become less about Rachel, and more reclaiming what he’d lost, which again, creepy and possessive like he just views Rachel as an extension of something “belonging” to him. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention, but that’s how the end of that scene came off; Finn the possibly stalkerish possessive ex boyfriend.

  9. Carmen says:

    Maybe i’m way off here but it seemed to me that tonight’s episode highlighted the themes of being willing to see the other person’s point of view, to try to step into his or her shoes and attempt to understand and forgive when there has been a wrong. Forgiveness is the high road that brings people together and fosters true happiness. The struggle between Kurt and Blaone seems to jave started thos conversation.

  10. James says:

    It seems the moral of the story is not to tell the truth about kissing someone. It is absolutely ridiculous that will would be upset with Finn for innocently kissing his fiancé. He has no feelings for her. On the flip side, marley telling jake about her kiss is sending the wrong message because she does have feelings for Ryder.

  11. James says:

    Why didnt Santana just bring Rachel to the hotel room?

  12. Trouty Mouth says:

    Rachel didn’t seem all that concerned about Brody making Kurt feel uncomfortable, just saying. She’s a pretty crappy friend (seriously, who was the one who comforted her and came with her to the doctor so she could get a pregnancy test?), and people might say Santana’s a terrible person or whatever, but whenever she’s nice to anyone or acts out of concern for someone, it’s never acknowledged by anyone, and Rachel and Kurt just chucking her out like that after she admitted that she loves them both and considers them her family just made me pissed off at both of them (and I love Kurt).

    Side note: How is Sam “definitely” graduating and Brittany only “probably” graduating? Brittany’s SAT score was the best in the school’s history, meanwhile Sam’s was one bested by monkeys. (I suppose it’s because he’s a guy)

    • taylor says:

      I’ve never really liked Santana, but you’re right about her efforts to help her friends always being ignored. Like when she got Sebastian’s confession about hurting Blaine on tape or when she helped Kurt and Blaine with Karofsky. She didn’t even get a thank you. And she told Kurt and Rachel that she considers them family and cares for them and they just throw her out. I actually felt bad for her.

      And you’re right on that side note. If Sam is failing school, his “bros” will all get together to help him out to make sure he graduates because he’s a guy.

  13. Angel says:

    The best part of the episode for me was Santana’s number, and her calling Brody out for being a whore. Seriously, I don’t like the guy, and if he admits to having shame in doing what he’s doing, he should stop, and get a real honest job! Am I the only one who thinks Sue’s number was ridiculous? I fast forwarded half it on my DVR, it was way too over the top, and the actress is too old to do that campy crap. Now, Sue doing Vogue a few years back, was awesome, and classy, this number, not so much. Marley telling Finn to grow a pair was great, and he needed to hear it. Finn has been pathenic this season, and needs to man up and do something with himself. He would make a great teacher, he should pursue it. Mr. Shue needs to face the fact that he messed up his relationship by being a selfish dbag, and that what Finn did was a mistake, and it didn’t mean anything to him or Emma. Two men fighting over a woman is the oldest story plot in the book. Finn and Brody fighting over Rachel could happen anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t make either one of them possessive, it makes them rivals for the same love. Rachel isn’t over Finn, she proved that by hooking up with him at the wedding. They will get back together, I think Rachel is just trying to reinvent herself since she is in NYC, and she picked the wrong behaviors to try to do that. I hope the writers fix her character stat, because she is getting unbearable, and I was glad Santana called her out on it.

  14. Alex says:

    I miss Britney…

  15. Amanda Mauer says:

    Tina agreed with Blaine, not Kurt. :)

  16. Brad says:

    I’m just going to say this. I skipped a lot, Glee is just my time filler when I’m bored and I can barely watch the whole episode. I’m not here to diss it at all. But I never skip the New York parts and I have to admit that when Finn walked out of the bathroom I literally yelled oh my f$c:en God. Epic. Sorry God.

  17. Patrick says:

    Santana’s performace was way sexier than Rachel’s Oops I did it again. Isn’t Santana just amazing??? (and HOT)

  18. Carmen says:

    My tablet posted my comment before i had finished or even checked for typos. Sorry. The moment was brief but the reference to Kurt’s dilema was clear: Will has a momentary vision of how he truly feels about Finn (a short version of Kurt’s recognition of his love for Blaine as he watches Moulin Rouge). Like Kurt, he has a choice to either embrace the knowledge of his heart or give in to anger or pride or even fear. Kurt’s loneliness is echoed in Will’s awareness that he is standing alone while his more forgiving students are gathered together sharing happily with one another. Just so that we don’t think that we can behave irresponsibly and expect to be simply forgiven without consequences, Sue reminds Blaine that we are as good as our word. He has suffered and continues to suffer for betraying the trust of a loved one with his poor judgement and unintentional but nonetheless hurtful actions. Brody is in a similar predicament; he evidently cares for Rachel and is not a “bad” person but choices he’s made are likely to bring suffering to her and to himself for a very long time. Will Rachel be able to forgive him?

  19. Paul says:

    “Stay away from my future wife!” — hot, creepy or a little of both?
    Creepy, hella creepy. But then it’s consistent for Finn to treat Rachel like she’s property rather than a grown woman capable of making decisions for herself.

  20. Dennis says:

    Unique is why i stoped watching this season it was too much on a show that was already too gay and i was a fan of Will & Grace. BTW Unique is a male do a DNA test he may act, feel and even think like a female but he is male a DNA test doesn’t lie

  21. Ren says:

    Are we forgetting that Finn is supposed to be 19 years old and, like most 19 year olds, is still immature and doesn’t exactly have everything figured out yet? I didn’t get “volatile woman beater” from his performance, but, it seems like several of the commenters on here are looking to get offended by some aspect of Finn’s character regardless of what he says or does.

  22. Trista says:

    Personally, for the first time in a long time I thought the story was better than the music. I LOVED Finn’s “manning up” at the end. Kudos to Marley for pointing out the obvious and thumbs down to Will for being a complete douche bag to a 19 year old who made a mistake.

  23. Jaime04 says:

    Best Line was: Kurt: “Bitch stole by pillow” I laughed out loud!

    The whole Brody/Finn fight was ridiculous. Finn flies out to NY to kick his ass and then goes back to Lima? So unbelieveable. They are turning Finn into an unlikeable character. And the line about ‘stay away from my future wife?” – very lame.

    The whole double-agent Blaine – BLAM – storyline looks cracky good, can’t wait! It also doesn’t hurt seeing Darren Criss in the form fitting Cherrios uniform either.

    Since Regionals was mentioned 3 times during the episode, it best happen in Ep 21 or 22!

  24. Ugo says:

    I actually dont mind the idea of finn finally moving nyc and defend rachel without her knowing, however the ‘stay away from my future wife’ line was kinda creepy and possessive to refer a girl who he doesn’t even date at the moment. That said, what brody did was way worse and unacceptable. Rachel definitely don’t deserve that and smh at anyone of you who defended brody just for the sake of bringing finn down. Hopefully what lea said about the upcoming episodes are right and rachel could focus on her broadway ambition without any men interfering her at least for a while

  25. KBF says:

    Best screencap: Blaine’s Ass in Cheerios uniform.

    Best Feud: Blaine / Sue

    Best Physical Fight: (Why did both involve Finn O_o?) Finn / Brody

    Best Song: Cold Hearted Snake

    Best: NO ADAM \o/

    Will’s voice was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too weak for Bye Bye Bye, he didn’t sound angry enough. The best thing about that performance was Blaine dancing to one of my favourites <333

    Also, BLAM is awesome.

  26. Shawn says:

    kinda surprised that there wasn’t more discussion about Rachel simply not being pregnant. It was pretty anti climatic. I def think that Katie could possibly be Jake. I think that he was pissed at Ryder and was getting him to open up about things to use it against him until they kinda made up. Why else would “Katie” be done talking as soon as Ryder said he was over Marley.

  27. Malia says:

    I’ve been a little bit sketched out lately by the blatant over-sexualization of Darren Criss as Blaine. Between the Vaseline massage-rape, Becky’s crotch thrust and butt smack, and the *ahem* interesting close-up shots of Criss in the Cheerios outfit, it seems that he is the new Sam, who was the original victim of this (gold short shorts, ab shots, shirtless workout scenes in every episode). Not that I mind an occasional view, but it seems like they’re overdoing it a bit with Criss of late, especially since the things done to him by other characters have generally been super creepy.

  28. Igo says:

    I’m not denying that ‘stay away from my future wife’ line was a bit possessive but to say that finn become abusive person especially towards rachel are exaggarated much imo. i just hope the graduates become the focus for the rest of the season watching them in scenes together are really interested me the most now. Even tho i dont think finchel should reunite as a couple now(let the individual storylines start first), i miss lea and cory in a scene together tbh, their scenes are often delighted to watch

  29. DreamRose311 says:

    I said in the first episodes of the season, that the dance studio and the scaffolding at the side of the room reminded me so much of the Cold Hearted Snake Video, and I was convinced we were going to see it. For it to be Santana doing it? ALL THE WIN. ALL OF IT.

  30. Mareesa says:

    All I gotta say is bring back Quinn so she and Santana can get back together

  31. karenb says:

    I’ve seen Mommie Dearest a thousand times, but I can’t place the reference in last nights episode… What did I miss?

  32. david says:

    (keeping in mind that this is a show)brody was wayyyy to likable so they had to destroy that. Finn is still unlikable to me and came off a little creepy. I actually thought it was jake messing on the computer

  33. R says:

    wouldn’t it be intersting if Ryder’s Katie turned out to be Aiylen (sp?) from the glee project and she catfished him cause she doesn’t think muslim girls are pretty… :)

  34. Finchel/Brody :) says:

    I loved Finn in this episode! The Finn/Brody fight scene was epic!

  35. Fernanda says:

    Sue to Tina: “Hag for Life”… LOL

  36. Gerald says:

    I liked the New Direction number that they were singing when Will walked in on them on stage. That was my favorite number and it didn’t make the list.
    Hate that they made Blaine a male hooker. really liked him with Rachel. Can’t stand Finn.

  37. Eva says:

    Does nobody else notice what Marley was wearing during Closer? Was it a costume, or is her style rapidly deteriorating?

  38. MW says:

    Glee should take over Smash’s storylines!

  39. alex says:

    I thought this episode was awful. I was actually starting to like Finn this season but that hotel scene with Brody ruined it for me. “Stay away from my future wife!” Does Finn think he owns Rachel or something? That was just really disturbing. I hate how he’s deciding that Brody needs to be out of Rachel’s life without her even knowing what’s going on or getting a say in it. Rachel is not his girlfriend anymore and he had no right to do that. And all that violence was unnecessary.

  40. alex says:

    I thought the whole Sue/Blaine feud was stupid and unnecessary.
    I’m glad that Jake/Marley/Ryder were able to resolve their issues maturely by the end of the episode, unlike Finn/Will, the supposed adults.

  41. Shauna says:

    that scene with Finn and Brody….FINCHEL <3

  42. LoveFinn says:

    Stay away from my future wife…I just fainted….I love Finn!! Thank god Brody can go away now.

  43. Princess Adora says:

    Great episode! I haven’t enjoyed Glee this much in a long time. And yeah, Michael, that “future wife” comment by Finn was both creepy AND hot – scary how that’s possible.
    But what I really want to say is how happy I was with all of the song choices (especially after JUST watching Wed’s American Idol – bleh!) – Cold Hearted Snake! Closer! Blaine’s version of “I Still Believe”! Superbass! Anything by BSB is always welcome in my life! Here’s hoping the rest of the season will be as kick-ass.

  44. mallory says:

    um, Finn feels like he needs Schue’s approval, not Finn’s approval (second asterisk) and it’s beaux or beaus not beauxs….sorry to be picky. :)

  45. Taylor says:

    I was actually liking Finn this season and then they just had to go and ruin it with that hotel scene. Now I’m back to disliking both him and Finchel. And I’m all for getting rid of Brody, but I wish they would have gone about it in a better way than making him a prostitute and bringing Finn in to “rescue” Rachel from his whorish ways.

  46. Joanna says:

    At this point, it’s far too late into the season for New Directions to win at Regionals. This is a huge problem with the whole structure of the seasons, because each mid-season or season finale is a competition, and the result is usually predictable. They should have just done one season per competition. That way, one school year would be two or three seasons of the show, allowing for character development and retention of well-liked cast members for a longer period of time.

  47. ggny says:

    Santana needs her own spinoff. Only good thing about Glee now

  48. onlyakb says:

    agreed, the stairs scene was my favorite + snoopy Santana was so funny and refreshing, and so well played the bit with her ,Finn and Brody at the hotel!!

  49. Cam says:

    What a terrible episode. I’m so sick of those new kids. The Lima stuff is boring and completely ridiculous. The NY stuff is ridiculous too (this pregnancy, gigolo, drug dealer stuff needs to go) but at least Santana is entertaining. Glee really needs more Santana and less Lima.

  50. The truth says:

    Correction it wasn’t Mariah Carey’s I still believe. It was Brenda k Starr version. Mariah is the most famous person to sing that song as an honor to Brenda who help Mariah get into the business when Mariah was a back up singer for her. Mariah version arrangement is different then Brenda and more current.