American Idol Top 10 Results Recap: Dude, Where's My Star? [Updated]

CURTIS FINCH JR DEVIN VELEZ IDOLThe early results are in for American Idol‘s Great Gender Experiment of 2013!

Conducted by Mad Scientist Nigel Lythgoe, the controversial study was built around the following premise: If we stack the deck for the nation’s most popular singing competition with first-rate female vocalists and a quintet of guys with the charisma of empty tomato cans, will the speed-dialing hordes finally hand a win to a woman?

Some might argue the whole hypothesis is really nothing more than Idol shooting itself in the junk in the name of gender parity, but in a world that gives us Rihanna’s goat bleat and Ke$ha’s battery-acid gargle and calls them music, I can’t be too angry over any effort — no matter how transparent — to foist a chica with actual talent onto the charts.

Anyhow, tonight’s Top 10 results telecast — the first elimination based on viewer votes in which the Season 12 guys and gals were competing together — was a crucial signpost as to whether voters were hopping aboard the Girl Power train. If Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller or Amber Holcomb landed in the Bottom 3, then the show might as well change its name to American Boy Heartthrob. And if Janelle Arthur was sent packing before the likes of Curtis Finch Jr. or Lazaro Arbos, then the message would be similar — if not quite as dire.

Oh, and speaking of dire…poor Ryan Seacrest spent much of the hour sharing demographic info — Devin got 25% of the vote from Puerto Rico! Janelle placed first in the state of Tennessee! The Croods is coming to theaters on March 22! — that won’t make a blind bit of difference to anyone anywhere ever. On the flip side, however, the show doled out usually closely guarded intel on which contestants had landed in the Top 3, and the ranking of contestants Nos. 4-10. But before we get to those stats, let’s check in on the Season 12 Special Twist (TM): A singoff between the No. 6 vote-getter among the men and the women (aka the two contestants who fell just short of the Top 10) for a spot on the Idols Live! Summer Tour.

Charlie Askew: An original tune called “Sky Blue Diamond” | Charlie’s piano ballad was no “Azure Sky,” and I’ll admit I grimaced when he told Ryan he’d written it about having to choose between the show and “a two-and-a-half year relationship” (child, please!), but his vocal sounded less terrified than during the Top 40 or Top 20 rounds. Still, after last week’s emotional breakdown, are his parents really going to let him spend his summer in the national spotlight? If I was his dad, Charlie’s “Idol journey” would’ve ended last Thursday. #RealTalkMmmmkay Grade: C

Aubrey Cleland: Irene Cara’s “Out Here on My Own” | She’s got a pretty voice, but I’m not sure I could’ve been more bored if she’d taught three minutes’ worth of high-school trigonometry. Grade: C

Verdict: Give the 11th tour slot to BREANNA FREAKIN STEER! (Or maybe even Kez Ban.) That is all. Okay,

Okay, okay let’s cut to the critical shenanigans.

TOP 3 VOTE-GETTERS (in no particular order)
Candice Glover
Kree Harrison
Angie Miller

Wait, America got it right? Srsly? Okay, I’ll drop my incredulity and give the nation’s speed-dialing hordes a tip of the hat!

4. Lazaro Arbos (okay, there’s the absurdity we all know and love!)
5. Amber Holcomb (she shoulda been 4th!)
6. Janelle Arthur
7. Burnell Taylor
8. Paul Jolley

Curtis Finch Jr.
Devin Velez

Curtis Finch, Jr.: R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” | I still can’t deal with R.Kelly’s OTT inspirational anthem, but if I’m being honest, Curtis seemed far more emotionally connected, far less ridiculous, and far more in tune than he did during last week’s Top 10 guys performance show. Still, methinks Nicki’s threat to quit the show if Curtis went home was too dramatic by half. I’d give him a B+, but (brace for subtle Kree shoutout) that ain’t evidence he deserved the sole Judges’ Save of Season 12. Not by any stretch of the imagination. And not considering how DREADFUL he was on “I Believe” Wednesday night. In fact, the only acceptable choices for elimination this week were Curtis and/or Lazaro, right?

Oh, and before I turn things over to you, a few more points of discussion:

* Phillip Phillips showed up and gave a very fine rendition of his latest single “Gone Gone Gone” (although I have to admit I wish somebody had powdered his forehead a bit before he took the stage) (I know, I’m a nightmare).

* Side note: Phillip showing up at the top of the show with the Top 10 contestants was a moment of unexpected hilarity.

* Bon Jovi sang, too, as their portraits in the attic continued to age. Can’t really say the song made an impact on me, though.

* If we have to endure group numbers, could they maybe not be an extended advertisement for a movie I don’t have any interest in seeing? Sheesh.

* How in the hell was Jimmy Iovine “completely sold” on Janelle after her lackluster Wednesday-night vocal? As long as the main mentor (and the judges) continue to drop utterly ridiculous comments like that, I’ll always hold my suspicions that none of ’em are anything more than producer mouthpieces.

Okay, I’ve yapped enough for this week. What did you think of Top 10 results night? Did the right people end up in the bottom three? Did the right singer go home? And what did you make of the Sing-Off? Sound off below, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Shamar says:

    Never seen someone who looks like Slezak be so critical of others. Must be all that self hatred.

  2. dj says:

    That group number was the worst. The sound wasn’t right, the song was rambling and boring, those clips were awkwardly intertwined into the performance. It was just bad and way too long.

  3. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Anyway, Thia Megia slayed that Irene Cara song in Season 10. Aubrey pales in comparison.

  4. syb says:

    Top 3 was a bit of good news. Bad news is we didn’t hear about how many millions of votes they divided. I’m going to guess it was an unimpressive total.

    Bad news, the fourth largest voting contingent preferred Lazaro over Amber, Janell, Burnell? Somebody deserving is going to hit the bricks soon in favor of a young man who sings like Gomer Pyle. I admire the kid’s courage and tenacity, But don’t we all know in our hearts we’d have never seen him on TV without the back story?

  5. Erin C says:

    lol Michael….glad I wasn’t the only one completely distracted by Phillip’s super shiny face. I was wondering whether he refused to let them powder him up!!

  6. Lois Benton says:

    Oh, no. Lazaro at four? Is that just the “worsters,” whose influence will dissipate as the numbers decrease, or are we looking at several weeks of off-key, sub-par singing from Lazaro–at at the lovely Amber Holcomb’s expense? I agree with Jimmy: This week Amber should have been in the Top three, with Angela at the Fourth position. But. I like that the Top Four women are pretty close to where they should be. You go, Girls. My fondest wish is that Lazaro and Paul Jolley go home soon. I really don’t care who leaves in the fifth position, so long as the girls hold it down. And may I say: I don’t find Phil Phillip particularly cute. “Home” is a really good song. Give it to Jessica Sanchez, and she’s will win retroactively. I so wish that the hormonal ladies who vote would get themselves under control. I mean, I know it’s only a TV show, and shame on me for watching it, but, when exposed to it, the show is like Oreo cookies, when I use to deign to eat Oreo cookies; that is, addictive. (At least it’s not waffles.) You go, Girls.

    • deedee says:

      I agree Lois – Amber should have been #3, and Angela #4, with the rest in whatever order. For Lazaro’s own good, I hope he gets voted off soon because if he starts knocking of much better singers (like Amber), then a large segment of the viewers will turn on him, and he will no longer be the cute, cuddly, stuttering Ricky Ricardo kid. He will be the enemy. Fair game. All bets off. I’m not sure he could handle that reaction (I know I couldn’t). I predict the Lazaro de-pimping will start next week … no more coddling with the “you’re such an inspiration” spin by the judges.

    • Marianne says:

      Lois – did you know Jessica will be singing next Thursday? I agree with pretty much all of your points.

      • lemon says:

        Yes, Amber should have been in the top 3. She is in Jimmy Iovine’s top 3, though. Everyone forgets that Amber wasn’t shown in the audition phase, as Candice, Kree, Lazaro, and Angie were. Angie, especially, was pushed hard by the judges, and she has had time to build a large fan base. Considering that Amber was not pushed at all, (they realized their mistake, and gave her two weeks of the pimp spot to make up for it) she’s doing very well. I will be a contrarian, and say that the songs we think are cheesy/boring may have actually helped her. The show is about mass appeal after all. That’s why it’s called American Idol, and not American Quirky Niche Artist.

  7. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Shockingly the results for the girls seemed to be pretty much spot on, although it felt like Amber was down way closer to Janelle than she should have been and her below Lazaro, gimme a freakin break holy cow! But other than that one oddity, wow, it seemed to make sense and they were basically all up in the top 5 just about so at least with a totally stacked deck it’s not a 100% lost cause after all. But it shows they did need it to be stacked.
    Not shockingly the results for the guys pretty much made absolutely ZERO sense and them seemed to be closer to in reverse than in order. Whoa. And how Lazaro ended up above Amber??? Damn that does show the power the XY on these shows, if anything does. Maybe the girls were more split in voting at this point explains it.
    Since none of the guys seems as good as the top four girls I suppose it’s not something to go crazy over, their ordering, since maybe it doesn’t matter in the end (although perhaps once we get near top few it might) but I’m not sure what was up with that and yeah you know it did seem all kinds of wrong. (Granted I will say I did skip big chunks of the season so far and maybe I’ve missed too much, but from what I’ve seen it seemed all kinds of wrong.) (It is true that votes do sometimes become very week to weekish and Devin did have his most boring week and Curtis was off this week but it’s not like they were alone.
    Also if Curtis is such a jerk as everyone posts here and one other forum, then why did all those who have actually spent a lot of time with him and not just seem to TV cuts (and I missed the weeks were supposedly he was personally bad) seemed totally touched in a very sincere way by him? Is everyone sure it’s not just jumping to conclusion as has happened in past seasons at times?

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Amber was definitely low though, she arguably could’be even been third never mind 5th, especially with who was ahead of her in fourth.

  8. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Charlie did way this time than the last time I saw him. So that was nice to see. Went out on a high.
    That said I think Aubrey was definitely in another class at this moment. I’d so take her over basically any of the guys and even one of the girls.

  9. irishgirl says:

    Wow sooo happy Devin made it through! I look forward every week to hearing him.(and he’s not boring, thank-you). He will definitely need to choose a real crowd pleaser for next week, however. I was so pleasantly surprised by Charlie tonight…he’s got a beautiful voice!

  10. Dayrah says:

    LMAO at “Rihanna’s goat bleat and Ke$ha’s battery-acid gargle”
    Thanks Michael

  11. jason says:

    Loved Charlie!! Better then even of Wednesday performances!! Slezak stop being so dramatic about Charlie! The guy cried! Stop saying he had a melt down! Its not true! Don’t be an asa and make him feel worse then he does! You’re a bully!

    • jason says:

      I meant better the seven wed. Performances!

    • waterbug says:

      is this Charlies’s mom or dad?

      • JASon says:

        No. I just think it’s total BS that Slezak and all his disciples on the board are acting like the guy was about to grab a gun and go postal. All he did was cry when he was criticized and they say he had an emotional breakdown! F-ing riddiculous! The guy was a little green but he’s obviously a great singer. I hope he gets his chance at the tour because he deserves it for all the bullying he gets from internet idiots who lov sppy love ballads and can’t handle a little originality and being a little imperfect. SLEZAK is an idiot people!!! He’s Perez Hilton with horrible music taste!!!

        • Meme says:

          Wow … you couldn’t be more wrong about Slezak. He calls it the way he sees it, and a lot of people see it the same way. He’s not an idiot. Although Charlie can sing, I don’t agree that he’s a “great singer.” And anyone would have to be pretty solid emotionally to withstand the kind of public scrutiny and criticism from the judges to handle a contest like this week after week. Charlie doesn’t seem ready to tackle that job.

  12. Delon says:

    Nothing really matters as long as these clueless, devoid of any authentic character contestants keep choosing these beyond stale songs to sing. It’s the year 2013. Is anyone aware of that? I think i’m just gonna catch Candice, Amber and Kree’s performances on YouTube or other sites and instead spend my time watching something of real quality.

  13. darcy the slutty twin says:

    So after doing multiple handsprings and somersaults to celebrate Curtis’ exit, I grabbed my hairbrush and started howling back to back performances of “I Believe I Can Fly” and “I Believe.” My neighbor called the cops.

  14. ET says:

    LOVED Slezak’s comments about Rihanna and Kesha (sorry, can’t make myself use that sill dollar sign). I don’t think too many people are shedding tears for Curtis. Hopefully, next week either Paul or Janelle gets the boot; they are EASILY the most irritating of the remaining contestants!!

  15. Amy says:

    And to Michael’s “few more points”:

    * I too wondered if Phil was ok…sweating and with his “fragile health” last year. Yes, where was make-up?
    * I must have missed this “hilarious” moment–top of show?..I missed like the first minute only..will have to see rewind On Demand.
    * I too was underwhelmed with BJ last night. Usually I like them alright (not like crazy mad love for them), but last night seemed a bit like late-career pop drivel…with a catchy melody.
    * Omg…the dreaded group numbers! (Will we have FORD commercials?) With all Idol’s many constant & new (and some bad) tweaks, I’d wondered if they’d finally come up with something else there (but what?) You know it’s bad when I switched channels and got stuck on watching them sell “french terry shorts” on QVC and was grateful for that when I tuned back into Idol in time to wonder WTH is a freakin’ Crood?!! Please, Idol…the cross-promotion stuff gets cheesy and takes something away from the show.

    • deedee says:

      I adore the cheesy group numbers and intolerable cross promotions. That’s the Idol I love! When it comes to group numbers – the cheesier, the better! I want awkward choreography, bad mic levels, missed lyrics, messed up harmonies … seriously! That’s why when they prerecord the song (like last night), it’s not nearly as much fun.
      As for the cross promotions – it makes it feel like Idol is still commercially relevant, and advertisers still want in on the action. When the cross promos stop, I’ll start worrying.

  16. PattyWilla says:

    Great recap, Michael, as usual. Can’t wait to read what you said – usually spot on!

  17. Amy says:

    * Oh yea…and Jimmy freakin’ Iovine?!! I agree Michael. His authenticity and sincerity there gets questioned by me with reactions like that to Janelle. But I felt that way all year about Scotty…and see what happened. Not only did he win, but he’s been successful! I thought Pickler was a joke and she went on to have a successful career. And I like country. There might (miiight) be something JI and TPTB know about marketing and money-making aspects of people like Janelle that I’m missing. Or…Jimmy’s a tool. You pick. ;-)

    • ET says:

      I absolutely cannot STAND Janelle!!! UGH!!!!!!!!

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      But are they judging on what style is easy to market despite whatever or trying fairly judge it as a singing contest? Well I guess the answer is obvious though heh.

  18. Tommyo2000 says:

    MS …I can agree with bringing in breanna, especially after the ballad fest … a sultry singer would be a nice break … but Kez?? I suspect that he/she tanked it on purpose …

  19. Jessica says:

    The Voters got it right! Besides Lazaro. So happy Curtis is gone! I liked the show tonight with them changing it up. Also to show them where they are placed. Hands down the girls are better than the guys. I was happy to see Amber-only because it meant that it wasn’t crazy “Circle of Life” chick (forgot her name already) Both of them don’t need to be on the tour. My thoughts on Devin is he doesn’t appeal to me b/c I’m not into Spanish music. I never understood the judges telling him to incorporate spanish more. That’s just me. He also sings better when he sings in spanish so not quite for sure why he didn’t just stick with that. I loved the way Jimmy called out Paul for not being country. The guy needs to hear it b/c Keith is being too nice. I doubt Janelle got anything in her mind besides what Jimmy said. When she sang “Gone” on proved she doesn’t know what singer she will be-she had just mentioned before singing that she didn’t want to sing “watered down country”/pop country. “Gone” is pop country. Anyway I think we already have our top 3 locked and hope it stays that way. I don’t know about Amber yet and Burnell has an opportunity to really step it up.

  20. JoniC says:

    Devin is the only guy I would put into the top 5 or 6, and I fear he’ll be gone next week. At least I get to hear his gorgeous voice at least one more time.

  21. Lusky Stankowitz says:

    None of these contestants on this season have any personality. I know exactly what I’m going to get, there’s no element of unpredictability and it looks like it is going to be a dull season ahead, wading through the waters of dire ballads from personality free performers and bored judges who are thinking more about their pay cheque than finding original talent. For the first time in years, it is becoming a real chore to watch this show.

  22. Ron says:

    agree with you Michael on Breanna Steer…she should still be there. I thought she had
    a great voice and the stage presence.

  23. Guitar Blue says:

    Breanna may be stashed for next year. ………………….It seems to some of us visiting at breakfast today, that this season is reminiscent of the old amateur singing shows our parents or grandparents took us to years ago in school gym’s and community centers ………….

    The audience was mostly parents, grandparents, multi -generational aunts, uncles -friends and neighbors. ………. the judges were retired music teachers, the Mayors wife, etc., mostly in their 50’s and 60’s. ……………….. Old, overdone songs and a smile was the only thing that might get you through; as newer, popular songs would be absurd and unfamiliar to the judges………………. good, compliant girls and boys would do well. Kids like Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Adam Levine, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ke$ha, Toby Keith, Buddy Guy, etc … would not do well with such raucous music.

  24. Leticia Prado says:

    “Bon Jovi sang, too, as their portraits in the attic continued to age.”
    Dude, I’m soooooo with you there.

  25. Jess says:

    Curtis Finch ‏@CurtisAI12

    Already the second contestant to say that.

  26. Paula says:

    Altough I partly agree on your comment about Janelle’s vocals, I do think her performance was energetic and she was joy to watch. In the midst of boring ballads she was wonderful and fresh. And I think she only in the latter part of the song.
    The best formance by far had Candice. I don’t like that particular song that much, but at least she had life in her. I wish the contestants would choose something more upbeat or songs that have some originality in them or drasticly change them up more. And by changing a song I don’t mean making popsongs to ballads, I mean making a madonna song sound country or turn a pop song to a rock song. Most of these contestants seem so pageant and bland they could record an elevator hit mix.
    My clear favorites are Candice and Kree and after them it gets unclear for me.
    1. Candice 2. Kree 3. Angie 4. Janelle/ Burnell/ Amber/Devon 8. Curtis 9. Lazaro

  27. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Phillip was the best thing about the results show. Shiny forehead or not, I’d hit that!

    • MB says:

      :) I feel the same way.

      • darcy the slutty twin says:

        Get in line, sister. When Phillip was mugging to the camera during the opening of the show, I suddenly missed Heejun. Nothing can be more erotic than a threesome with those two.

        • MB says:

          I remember you wanted to be a sandwich with them. I miss season 11 big time. They were such a great group and I love Phillip. He makes me smile. It was such a joy to see him on Idol again.

  28. Tom22 says:

    I didn’t see any comments on the Mayor from TEXAS didn’t you guys get that?

    They’re doing all they can to give Kree country credentials. Mark my words they’ll have her in a skirt with cowboy boots in no time. They want to keep that audience if Janell can’t cut it long enough to have country fans still vote for her. (or they just want to be sure Kree stays longer than Laz or something ?

    Still.. common .. that was 100% un precedented flying in a mayor from your hometown week of 10 !

    Nothing about that had anythign accidental in anyway.

    (and it sure looked like they selectively picked up the tab for Candaces family.. sometimes it is local fund raisers but didn’t Ryan use some wording implying Idol had something to do with getting them there?

  29. Shel says:

    The country’s top 3 were the same as mine. I recognize that Amber has a beautiful voice, but I was really shocked when the judges were giving standing O’s for it, and I think it was Nikki who said it was the best of the night. Uh, no. I just felt no power or real feeling in it. Certainly didn’t come close to Kelly C. I was surprised when Jimmy picked her for Top 3 also – so felt ridiculously vindicated when the country agreed with me. lol lol

    I would have ranked the rest like this: 4 Amber, 5 Janelle, 6 Burnell (tho I thought he had some trouble in the middle of the song that no one mentioned) 7 Devin 8 Paul 9 Curtis 10 Lazaro (last two were basically a toss-up so, yah, I agree with you Michael about who the bottom 2 should have been).

    Thought Curtis’ sing for his life was awesome. Glad I got to hear it, since I didn’t watch the early rounds this year and I really didn’t understand why he was so highly thought of until his last chance song. Of course, no way did he deserve the save.

    Will they be doing this “top 3” all the time? If so, I think you should add your predictions to your performance show recap, Michael. Perhaps even two versions: who you believe should be Top 3, who you think the country will vote in.

    Hated the sing-off. If they truly wanted to pick an 11th person, then perhaps they should have let us pick from the full bottom 10. Who knows how that list might shake up with the top 10 out of the running. I finally saw the potential of Charley’s voice, but am praying he doesn’t get in for all the reasons you mentioned this week and last, Michael. So, that leaves Aubrey, who was decidedly unimpressive. Ah well, I’m sure she has fans who would love to see her on tour.

  30. Gale says:

    I wonder if Lithgoe and Co. have been suffering from buyer’s remorse after Miss Minaj’s recent unprofessional stunts (x-rated video, late for show, pouting about Curtis).

  31. danimal12 says:

    Curtis Finch Jr. was sort of insufferable. And Lazaro Arbos can sometimes sing really beautifully, but let’s get real, he’s no rock star. Neither of them was as bad as poor deluded Charlie Askew in the sing-off that left me cross-eyed all night. “My Big Blue Diamond” (or whatever) needed some more lyrics. I feel for the kid — he’s like a stray puppy — but I don’t think I could take another performance from him.

  32. withgoddess says:

    To me the best singer is Burnell. His phrasing, enunciation, tone, tempo, timing and pitch are perfect. There is something so sweet about him. I can see him doing Broadway. I haven’t wanted to purchase music for 10 years or so…but I will if he gets a chance to record. With continued vocal coaching he would come along a lot farther. To me has the greatest potential. Of course Candice will win. That was her very own version of “I who have nothing” and it was the first time min my life that I could hear it without throwing up. She’s a pro. Lastly the week Burnell is removed is the last time I will watch the show. I just don’t care what happens with the others.

    ope he doesn’t disappear. With more coaching he could be amazing. T:-) hat said I think Candice will let

  33. withgoddess says:

    Friggin’ little keyboards I’m not used to them and can’t seem to be able to edit here.o

  34. Meme says:

    No one should remain on Idol just because of their back story. This is a “singing contest” … so shouldn’t the best “singers” always be at the top of the ranking?! I was shocked to see Amber listed below Lazro. She should have been in the top 4, and even Janelle deserved a higher slot I felt.

  35. Billie says:


    Fave Kree, amazing as always, but why not another bad***, Evidence-like performance this week? Again, loved Burnell’s tone but he’s in clear jeopardy to me. I love the whimsical vibe of Amber’s performance, but her pitch issue and underrated comments from judges this week might do hurt her. Gosh, I can’t believe for saying this but Randy thank you for saying the truth about Lazaro’s performance, it was bad. I hate that it was a last-minute song choice to him though (Nigel!!!). I mean how can he be better without a real criticism? But seeing him at the brink of really tearing up…oh dear…he might escape the chopping block again this week. Sorry Michael, he’ll not be in the Bottom 3, he has an established fanbase. For me, this is not one of Candice’s super strong weeks (sorry my favorite, Crystal was better), I mean ballads and midtempos (her favorites) are her strengths, but I’m glad she switched it up this week. I’m having a feeling Paul might be a real dark horse for the next coming weeks just in case he made it. And uh oh…I don’t get Angie Miller, but I think she is so winning this. Mariah seems to like Devin, so do I. But why Devin? You’re kind of plateauing right now. Keith astutely pointed it out, more emotional dig from him is needed while maintaining his tradition of being a technically amazing, superiorly light vocalist. And of course, an improved country Janelle is safe for another week.

    My ‘Bottom 3′ bet: Kree (crazy, I know), Burnell, Amber
    My ‘going home’ bet: Amber (she might be saved though)

    *** BTW can’t wait for Jessica’s new single (feat. Ne-Yo) and her performance tomorrow! Please don’t disappoint, your fans have waited pretty long for this!

  36. Jose says:

    I am only posting to let you all know I have stopped watching this mindless dribble. I now have more nights off to play with my …… Self.