Lying Game Finale Recap: A Killer Revealed, a Bittersweet Twin Swap... and a Shocking Death?

The Lying Game Season 2 SpoilersEmotions were running higher than ever in the Lying Game finale Tuesday night, as each and every devious character was forced to face their respective demons.

The hour also answered several burning questions — some two seasons in the making — including who killed Teresa (and Derek?), which guy Emma would choose and what Alec has really been hiding all this time.

Here’s what went down in what was hopefully not the series finale of the addictive ABC Family drama:

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As Dan mourns the loss of his bride-to-be Teresa, Alec finally sees fit to fill him in on the secret that is Emma and Sutton’s twin-dom. This revelation, of course, only makes Dan feel even more betrayed by all of those in the know around him — namely, his trusted baby bro Ethan.

Battling some pretty severe grief and a bit of rage, Dan gives Ethan an ultimatum: From here on out, the lovelorn biker needs to choose his family (aka him) or whichever twin he’s loving that week. Unfortunately, this all comes about at the exact moment Emma has finally made her choice between the latter and Thayer. (She chooses Ethan.) However, E’s made his own choice and, living up to his brotherly duties, breaks both of their hearts and walks away from Emma for what she thinks is for good.

Over in Thayer Land, the adopted Ryback boy becomes increasingly angry and aggressive, forcing Emma to pick between her beaus. Much later in the installment, when Emma comes to his place to end things, a jaw-clenched, hands-fisted Thayer “listens” to the break-up speech, but only for a second. Fuming, he demands Emma leave his place immediately — but more on that in a bit.

Rebecca finally approaches Emma and tries to explain everything to her — even going so far as to describe the moment she reluctantly gave her daughters away. The scorned twin will have none of it, though. Instead, she reunites with Sutton and vows to stick around as part of the family. It soon becomes clear, however, as Ted repeatedly insists on bringing Kristen in on the baby secret, that Sutton is terrified to have Emma reveal her true identity to their adopted mom. “She might want you instead,” the normally guarded twin shares with her sister. An understanding Emma empathizes, ultimately agreeing to go back into hiding until Sutton is OK with her officially coming out into the open.

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Elsewhere in the installment, Dan continues the search for Teresa’s killer and finally — with the help of Sutton and one half of that much-talked about silver friendship necklace — is able to pin the crime on Rebecca.

Now a fugitive, Rebecca decides that skipping town is her only option and sends the girls with a quick, tearful goodbye via Skype. But her evil streak isn’t done just yet. Rebecca attempts to blackmail Jordan into leaving with her by threatening to reveal “what [he] did to [his] brother in Los Angeles.” Nonetheless, he decides to stay with Mads — only it’s too late and he’s quickly arrested for murdering his aforementioned sibling. What’s more, Rebecca later reappears at Teresa’s memorial and, in a top-secret meeting with Alec on the roof, reveals that she knows he’s been setting her up, noting that it’s crazy “how far we’ll go to protect our loved ones.” (In case you missed it, she’s referring to an allegedly murderous Thayer!)

Without warning or explanation, Alec then falls many a story through the roof’s glass ceiling, landing bloodied and unconscious (and dead?) on a table in the middle of the event — and just as Ted is about to come clean to his estranged wife.

Oh, and then there’s Thayer, who’s now alone in his room and losing it. After retrieving Teresa’s murder weapon from under his couch (!!), his proceeds to destroy said dwelling, pausing for only a moment to stare at a framed photo of Emma that he’s just smashed.

So, Lying Game fans, what did you think of the game-changing finale? Hit the comments!

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  1. joannah says:

    i love the lying game,cant wait 4 the season 3,coz its realy chocking dat tyher might be the killer.

  2. Jakie says:

    Please please ABCF,renew the show,too many stones left unturned.

  3. Jakie says:

    Hope ABCF will renew tha show.

  4. Jim says:

    Help us keep this great show on the air. Sign this petition:

  5. aaaanny says:

    what has alec to do with all of it ??

  6. Alaia-Mai says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Kristen isn’t as innocent as everybody thinks? ‘How far we go for people we love’ – Alec hasn’t kept his love for Kristen secret in the past few episodes. Personally I think Thayer is innocent – if he cant fight off Ethan no way is he capable of murder!!

  7. Aimee says:

    I love the lying game. My fav tv show:D and use thought of canceling it. There’s so many questions to be answered… Does kristen no aboot the twins? Did alec die? What did jordan do to his brother? Is thayer the killer of theresa? Who’s the killer for derik? Is there still someone out there? Do alec and kristen get together or does ted get kristen back??? So many questions need to be answerd soo… Bring back the lying gamee nowww!!

  8. Alana says:

    I’m team thayer.. No matter what he does:(, I don’t think he’s the killer though.. He can bearly stand up too eathan never mind drown and kill someone& tbqh I think thayer&emma suit. Then ethan and sutton:) bcoz thayerr and emma are cute. But the thing is wee need to reveal annother season or annother 2 seasons bcoz there’s 2 many questions and stuff 2 find out? Did alec jump off to make ot rebbecah was the killer to protect thayer?? But what ever happenssss were team thema :)))), and does sutton die:o???

  9. Helen says:

    when will we know if the lying game is coming back???? Matt??

  10. betty says:

    well the thing is thayer is the killer of both and t seems he waz sent by his dad alec all in all they were waking together

  11. Jen says:

    It actually looked like a female who stole the necklace out of the draw, So i actually think it was Char. She was back to try & get revenge on Rebecca because she thinks she killed her boyfriend Derek. Also for driving her mother away. Rebecca is Char’s aunty so that means the Mercer twins are blood related to Char.

  12. Jasmin Kaur says:

    i think there needs to be another episode. they can’t just end it this way!!! this isn’t the ending!!!

  13. Oluwaseyi Falegbe says:

    I still think it’s kristen; she’s too innocent for the show

  14. Lulu says:

    I think Mads is involved somehow I think she was trying to protect Thyer because she knows about his anger problem and had suspicions that it could have been him so she told him about the necklace. Therefore he could pin it on Rebecca seeing as pinning everything on his stepfather hasn’t worked I also believe that something happened to Thyers mom and Alec is somehow involved and that’s why Thyer hates Alec so much. I don’t believe Alec killed her hes not a killer if he wanted someone dead he would have someone else do it for him. I also suspect Thyer has been obsessed with Emma long before they got together using her as a substitute for Sutton (he said it himself he had been in love with Sutton sense like the 2nd grade). I also do believe Kristen figured out that that Sutton and Emma were twins and has conveniently staged a lot of her finding due to her being angry with Ted and wanting out of the marriage. Plus she is/was in love with Alec probably going all the way back to high school like Rebecca with Ted. I don’t think shes a killer though just a woman in a loveless marriage that’s been lied far too many times.

  15. Kamar says:

    Emma being that is funny and crazy…thayer why thayer i guess it’s for the best and kristen should get of her high horse she is no saint,alec can’t die he should be in a comma or something.

  16. Tessa says:

    Interesting theories. :) I am beginning to think it is Thayer. Hated the idea in the beginning. But I can see both getting his chance with Derek, trying to find out what happened and getting a little haywire or even seeing the opportunity to frame his dad although that seems a little farfetched that someone would intentionally take someone’s life just to frame their dad.

    I can also see Alec putting the pieces together and trying to protect Thayer and framing Rebecca.

    I like the possiblity that Alec jumped to further incriminate Rebecca and also to escape her possible murder. I also agree: He better live through it!

    I can see perhaps there is a whole other person that has story spin we can’t see. Someone outside of what we know or could perceive with a story beyond what we know.

    I very much dislike the whole Kristen evil theory.There has to be someone who does what is right or reasonable otherwise there is no point to watch the show. We want some hero, not all villans. Same thought for the twins, Mads and Laural. They are not killers. And if they are, I’ll wish I had never watched a single show.

    Ethen and Emma are meant for each other. Anything else is truly disheartening. Sutton should get a new boyfriend. One like someone else says that keeps her in line and is stronger than she is but a little more bent toward good than she is. And of course matches her looks and is a pull for her.

    Ok, my thoughts, theories and wishes for the next and hopefully upcoming episodes. :)

  17. Linda says:

    I love Ethan and Emma! Bring back The Lying game!!!!!

  18. Mikala says:

    -_- I have no words I haven’t seen the episode cause I can only watch it on Netflix and season two isn’t on there but I liked Thayer sad and when did teresa die seriously I’m freaking out I need to find a website so I can watch the entire season two

  19. JessLouBell says:

    The Lying Game is such an addictive and clever show it would be cruel to deprive the current and future fans of another season! Especially just as the plot thickens with this new information about Thayer!

  20. krystle says:

    why is it they abc cut short always even with secret circle?? how could that just end like that??
    not good at all!! we need more we need proper endings!

  21. krystle says:

    wait sorry i see it wasnt abc that cut secret circle short! but still series need to end properly

  22. KIM says:

    ABC should at least finish the whole season 2. The series deserves a closure.

  23. l creel says:

    I believe that Rebecca lost her baby and Alec and Rebecca took Annie Potts twins. Gave Sutton to Ted and sold for black market Emma which the adoptee said,. Also, they convinced Annie Potts that she had killed Emma. Alec was keeping her institutionalized, paying for it. Annie Potts called Alec and told him he lied to her about Emma dying, Next Rebecca went to the hospital and said “Annie, what have you done, Annie Potts was afraid of Rebecca. Rebecca called to check and see if Annie Potts was back in institution. So Rebecca plays mother to try and get Ted who she had been obsessed with. Rebecca clearly wanted to get rid of Alec because he knew Rebecca was not the twins mother.

  24. Alex says:

    Sucks abc chose to can yet another great show!!! I do think they should have at LEAST come out with something topping up those loose ends.

  25. Jaime says:

    I hope abc family comes out with an episode tying the loose ends together especially cause the series didn’t follow the books at all!

  26. Djena says:

    Pleeeease finish season 2 and give us a real ending!!! :-(

  27. Rach says:

    okay. they really need to bring back the lying game, season 3! the loose ends were not tied up at the end.. it just ended so quickly and looked rushed. it was definitely not a finale of a series… what happened to kristen? does she ever find out the truth? how does she take it? where does emma and sutton live after that? do they live happily ever after? shame on abc family for cancelling the show, it’s stupid dor cancelling. they HAVE to bring back the lying game and give us more answers, i hate how it ended and everyone else is upset about it too. i’m still upset about how gilmore girls ended years ago! it’s upsetting. so with this show, they still have a chance to bring it back. please.

  28. mona says:

    we SOOOOOOOOOO need this show to go on!

  29. MS says:

    pliz ABCF continue the TLG, we are part of it we need to find out the truth as well

  30. Jessie Tuan says:

    I want to know the truth!!!!
    No more lying game plz.
    just gives the audience the truth so they can sleep well.
    Season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anushka says:

    Tie the loose ends turn the stones abcfam.Bring TLG seaseon 3 otherwise i am failing my SATs!!!!

  32. Anushka says:

    We’ve been generated a curoosity against Thayer (our cutie pie) that he might have killed Theresa.They probably weren’t even related.If Jordan killed Derek (he might be Jordan’s bro) then Rebecca said that he did something awful to his brother in Los Angeles,California but Derek was killed in Phoenix,Arizona.Why would Jordan kill Derek? Well even if Thayer is Theresa’s killer he will not kill Theresa b’coz of any personal issue .We’ve had a glimpse of Thayer’s mentality that is somewhat psychologically disturbed because at tge club he involved Ethan ( his long lost kind of competition) in a converstion about Emma not trusting him due to which they end in fight.Thayer pulled the convo w/o any reason and he gets angry and furious at Emma for no reason.I think Mads knows abt Thayer’s psychological problem and so she’s helping Thayer by attracting Jordan towards her and getting all secrets from Rebecca (in which Alec is also helping) so that they all can pin it up on Rebecca. With Thayer’s psychological unstabilities it may be possible that years back he did something awful to his mom and holding Alec responsible for it!!!!

  33. Anushka says:

    But what did Rebecca mean when she said to Alec Rybak that how long is he gonna protect the ones he loves??Did she mean Kristin or did she mean Thayer…because both have done something awful in their past and Alec loves them both!!!!No matter what i like the Rybak’s much more than the Mercer’s…but the Mercer house is bttr than Rybaks!!!

  34. Anushka says:

    But what did Rebecca mean when she said to Alec Rybak that how long is he gonna protect the ones he love??Did she mean Kristin or did she mean Thayer…because both have done something awful in their past and Alec loves them both!!!!No matter what i like the Rybak’s much more than the Mercer’s…but the Mercer house is bttr than Rybaks!!!

  35. subha says:

    If it’s any consolation even we in India love da show,it just ended here n we are really pissed abt der being no s3…i mean c’mon…is it really abt da TRPs?!!

  36. In the books series Ethan was the murder. I don’t under stand the closeness between Sutton and Rebecca. I can under stand Emma’s feelings towards her though. Why wasn’t Emma ever brought into Rebecca’s confidence and friendship. She was her mom to! Wasn’t she?

  37. Carissa Lane says:

    I am soo upset they canceled TLG!!!!😣 I really want to know who from abc i can email about this because if they want to end it they should at LEAST give us answers out of respect for the fans! Just make one more episode and have everything come out. Anything is better than leaving things the way they did. Abc really disappointed a lot of their followers :/ i really love PLL but i was even enjoying TLG more :/ i miss TLG :( COME ON ABC! D:

  38. Livi says:

    Anyone ever think about char I’m not 100% sure but nobody’s been talking about her on the show or her mother char and her mom have a motive on Rebecca and they could easily get away with it because they have the Florida coverup. I doubt it Thayer even though I wish it was Kristen is always in the scene while people are dying but it could be a coverup you never know any way I keep rewatching looking for forshadowing but find nothing so i hope they come out with like a one hours thirty minute episode or another season because now i have all these thoughts and nowere to go with them

  39. Livi says:

    Plus char might of killed theresa because she was mad the nobody knew who killed her boyfriend

  40. Consolata says:

    Am really so mad at Abc..somewhere in easten africa i was starting to recomend. Abc and now am so dissapointed about TLG. .That i cant even know how to stop using it myself..i cant believe they would sispend if that way

  41. Wendy says:

    I think it was Kristen. Remember when the black and white package showed up at that party later it was Kristen who found the package initially and came to the room and gave it to Emma. Of course Theyer wanted her to open it open that package in a real hurry. … The journal saying how she did not want sutton. I think she knew there was twins, and they were her husbands kids from the get go. Thatvus why aleck split them up. … I also think
    Annie hobbs could be alecs first wife.

  42. Mary says:

    why would you get us addicted and leave it hanging out there in the blue? if you were gonna cancel it why start it from the beginning?

  43. pou hack says:

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    without having side effect , people could take a signal.
    Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  44. mary says:

    it is really an awesome tv drama
    just try to have it an end

    • James says:

      I just watched all episodes in the last 2 days just to be left hanging like this. This is really so BS. Im very pissed! If your going to end the season then give answers on the last episode. Dont string us along, get us involved and engaged with this show to have us wondering. Treat your customers right!

  45. erin silver says:

    I am team thayer…but i began suspectin some odds wen he always avoided his father by taking off each and everytime to LA ….2.wen team find the truth were busy figuring out a plan in the cabin every1 else was there except him….the midnight runs i connected to the person who might have broken into the drawer or cud be mads saw him but bcoz she ought to be the 1 beinh protected dint say anything….nd this story turns out to be another Hapers island all the murders nd killings only to find all along the killer was the angel that they dont know HENRY nd henry was also cute nd sweet nd helpful only in the end to find out that his intentions was to drag every1 to this island in the name of a weding jus to reconnect with his 1 true love…turns out he also had anger issuues…so my suspects is all the Good guys

  46. Kylie Bergheger says:

    Why did they make Ethan and Emma in love. Why couldn’t they make it to when a cheater cheats there’s no going back. I think Thayer and Emma should of stayed together. You seen how mad he was. That was true love.

  47. deegirl says:

    This is so….. annoying would have love to know how series ended..

  48. Tiovania says:

    Can you PLEASSEEEEEE do another season or MORE with The Lying Game Its a good show and that’s not fair how yhu teased us at the end . There’s ALOT of questions need to be answer

  49. Prospera says:

    OMG.. please bring it back! It shouldn’t end like this… i really love it.. The Lying game is great..

  50. Prospera says:

    Please please continue with the lying game.. At least give it a well deserved end