Lying Game Finale Recap: A Killer Revealed, a Bittersweet Twin Swap... and a Shocking Death?

The Lying Game Season 2 SpoilersEmotions were running higher than ever in the Lying Game finale Tuesday night, as each and every devious character was forced to face their respective demons.

The hour also answered several burning questions — some two seasons in the making — including who killed Teresa (and Derek?), which guy Emma would choose and what Alec has really been hiding all this time.

Here’s what went down in what was hopefully not the series finale of the addictive ABC Family drama:

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As Dan mourns the loss of his bride-to-be Teresa, Alec finally sees fit to fill him in on the secret that is Emma and Sutton’s twin-dom. This revelation, of course, only makes Dan feel even more betrayed by all of those in the know around him — namely, his trusted baby bro Ethan.

Battling some pretty severe grief and a bit of rage, Dan gives Ethan an ultimatum: From here on out, the lovelorn biker needs to choose his family (aka him) or whichever twin he’s loving that week. Unfortunately, this all comes about at the exact moment Emma has finally made her choice between the latter and Thayer. (She chooses Ethan.) However, E’s made his own choice and, living up to his brotherly duties, breaks both of their hearts and walks away from Emma for what she thinks is for good.

Over in Thayer Land, the adopted Ryback boy becomes increasingly angry and aggressive, forcing Emma to pick between her beaus. Much later in the installment, when Emma comes to his place to end things, a jaw-clenched, hands-fisted Thayer “listens” to the break-up speech, but only for a second. Fuming, he demands Emma leave his place immediately — but more on that in a bit.

Rebecca finally approaches Emma and tries to explain everything to her — even going so far as to describe the moment she reluctantly gave her daughters away. The scorned twin will have none of it, though. Instead, she reunites with Sutton and vows to stick around as part of the family. It soon becomes clear, however, as Ted repeatedly insists on bringing Kristen in on the baby secret, that Sutton is terrified to have Emma reveal her true identity to their adopted mom. “She might want you instead,” the normally guarded twin shares with her sister. An understanding Emma empathizes, ultimately agreeing to go back into hiding until Sutton is OK with her officially coming out into the open.

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Elsewhere in the installment, Dan continues the search for Teresa’s killer and finally — with the help of Sutton and one half of that much-talked about silver friendship necklace — is able to pin the crime on Rebecca.

Now a fugitive, Rebecca decides that skipping town is her only option and sends the girls with a quick, tearful goodbye via Skype. But her evil streak isn’t done just yet. Rebecca attempts to blackmail Jordan into leaving with her by threatening to reveal “what [he] did to [his] brother in Los Angeles.” Nonetheless, he decides to stay with Mads — only it’s too late and he’s quickly arrested for murdering his aforementioned sibling. What’s more, Rebecca later reappears at Teresa’s memorial and, in a top-secret meeting with Alec on the roof, reveals that she knows he’s been setting her up, noting that it’s crazy “how far we’ll go to protect our loved ones.” (In case you missed it, she’s referring to an allegedly murderous Thayer!)

Without warning or explanation, Alec then falls many a story through the roof’s glass ceiling, landing bloodied and unconscious (and dead?) on a table in the middle of the event — and just as Ted is about to come clean to his estranged wife.

Oh, and then there’s Thayer, who’s now alone in his room and losing it. After retrieving Teresa’s murder weapon from under his couch (!!), his proceeds to destroy said dwelling, pausing for only a moment to stare at a framed photo of Emma that he’s just smashed.

So, Lying Game fans, what did you think of the game-changing finale? Hit the comments!

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  1. Brandon says:

    If Abc family doesn’t renew I’ll be pissed! One of the best shows on the network and Abc family treats it like crap… never promotes it.

    • Huckleberry says:


      • texmac12 says:

        They even had a PLL promotion in the middle of TLG as they they were airing PLL! Second week in a row abcfamily has treeted TLG with no respect. Shame on abcfamily. Shame.

        • KenBud says:

          AGREE!!! … I’ve heard it called a “midseason” finale. so is it coming back this summer?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            I checked just this morning, and there is no word yet on any further episodes. — Mgmt.

          • ChrisGa says:

            Don’t know what the ratings are, but ABCFam touted this ep to high heaven as the “spring finale” which implies they have some intention of at least giving it a season 2B to at least tie up loose ends. Either way, the show’s been on fire and is the best thing on the network right now(and it moves at a much better clip that PLL, a show that drags out EVERYTHING and makes every character that ever set foot on the canvas a red herring for “A” or the “A Team”).

          • Danie Wesson says:

            They can’t just cancel after an episode like that. It’s a great show and just as good as pll

          • Marie says:

            Please bring this series back ! I am so interested I got together with so many people to watch it ! It’s different from the book and I am dying to know th outcome ! ABC you just teased us with a good show and created a fan base and then took it away! So unfair! Please bring it back please !

    • Danie Wesson says:

      I agree, I mean it’s obviously a great show and series because the well aclaimed sara shephard wrote it.

    • Maya says:

      Exactly, I looked for it several times. As well as, Switched At Birth. ABC sucks and I’m not using it or telling my friends to use it again!

    • Adam says:

      I agree SOOOOO much..

    • Emma&EthanFan says:

      it was great and i will be mad if they don’t renew it i have to see what happens, if they figure out its thayer, if dan lets ethan be with the one he loves(emma), if kristin ever finds out about the twins, and if we find out what jordan did to his brother i hope there will be a season 3 i have so many questions that im itching to be answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ivy says:

      lying game was NOT renewed and I want to see more…..they cant leave the story like that we need to know everything and we need to know the truth about everything……

      • Zarin Anzoom says:

        I completely agree with you…. I think they should renew it!!!! They can’t just leave it like this!! It’s completely rediculous!!

    • Sam says:

      I agree, they should renew it.

  2. Elyse says:

    GIVE US AT LEAST 10 MORE EPISODES ABC FAMILY!!!! with that said… ohhhhh emmmmm geeeeee. i can’t believe i was ever team Thayer… he used to be so sweet! but he went super psycho at the end of the episode. i thought he was going to kill Emma!

    • Sara says:

      I KNOW! I wanted her and thayer to be together (up until the last couple of episodes when he started acting all weird) I’m crossing my fingers for another season or even just one more episode! They cannot end it like that, it would be pure torture

      • Zarin Anzoom says:

        Yeah!! I’m a big fan of Thayer!!! He is so cute!! And He and Emma make a beautiful couple!! I wanted them to reunite!! I want more episodes!!! They can’t just end up like this!!!

    • Ali says:

      I was so surprised Thayer did it.i thought he was always nice.i thought at the end of the season that when emma went to see him.i thought Thayer was going to kill her

    • hhhharely says:

      yes I was freaking out as soon as she stepped into his room! I wanna know his motive so bad!! Why Thayer?

    • awesome says:

      for real. I thot he was gone kill her when she sat down and then how he told her to leave I was sooo shocked but I still love him, not in a lovey dovey way.

  3. Katrin says:

    I might be in the minority here, but I love Alec to pieces… and I would be devastated if he’s dead and if that’s it… but I mean, he fell from very high… we can all agree that this one is on Rebecca, right? SHE pushed him. There was no one else that could have been on that roof, right? So that’s at least one thing we know now… But what about the necklace? Did Thayer also steal the things in the box? I mean, he killed Theresa (and possibily Derek), that’s for sure (I suspected him for a couple of episodes now), but did he also try to frame Rebecca for it?

    God, I hope, this show comes back… if that’s the last we’ve seen of it, I will be pissed… I at least want a “real” end without the “shocking cliffhanger” that one was…

    • HanLin says:

      I also suspected Thayer about midway through the season. He seemed to want to pin it on Alec a little too much, and spent a considerable amount of time trying to convince everyone. It became suspicious! Also, I think that Thayer wanted Alec to take the fall, but since Alec knew that it was Thayer, he arranged it to look as if Rebecca was setting him up, letting both he and Thayer off the hook. This also managed to get rid of Rebecca and her schemes as well. Though it looks like Thayer is the killer, I think that he may suffer from some sort of rage blackout, to where he didn’t realize what he did until later. Alec made allusions to his temper in previous episodes… Anyway, those are just my thoughts on the matter!

      • Katrin says:

        No, I agree with you… I think he definitely has some kind of “anger issues” and can’t control himself, and only notices what he has done afterwards… so I’m “with you” in this… And I also think Alec knew and tried to protect Thayer… and that’s what got him probably killed… Poor Mads… I mean seriously… her brother a killer, her father probably dead, her boyfriend in jail, her stepmother the one that killed her father? Her life is falling apart. A lot more than Emma’s or Sutton’s in my eyes…

      • Gianna says:

        What about Annie Hobbs? They seemed to all try to hide her, but now she doesn’t mean anything? They should at least give us like 10 more episodes of season 2 to finish it. Too many unanswered questions! We all deserve to know what happens at least when the twins are uncovered to the public. It’s not fair! I love this show. I also like Pretty Little Liars, but I think this show is better in a lot of ways. How could they just cancel it?

    • Tina says:

      You’re not alone. I’m an Alec fan as well. He’s one of the most complex and interesting characters on the show.

      • Katrin says:

        Yeah, definitely… seriously, I would be devastated if they got rid of him that easy… and just think of poor Mads… the girl has it way worse than any other right now, I think… Her brother is a killer, her boyfriend too (and will be in jail), her father is at least badly hurt… I mean, she basically has no one left…

    • Sandrine says:

      You’re not alone. I love Alec too, well it’s mostly Adrian Pasdar that I love. I don’t know how many more Adrian Pasdar deaths I can take.

    • Chester says:

      I have also come to really like Alec and hope he is not dead. I wonder what happened to Thayer’s mother. She left and never came back, right? How old was Thayer? Did she really leave, or does Thayer have some rage problem and did he kill her? Or maybe Alec killed her and that’s why Thayer hates him. That last one does not make as much sense. Maybe something else having to do with some kind of resentment that Thayer felt toward Alec and his mother. Strangely, it seems that Alec is the strongest parent in the series. He is protecting his son no matter what, and he never endangered his family by having them live with Rebecca because he knew that she did not commit the murders. She only tried to set him up.

      Regarding the necklace, do you remember when Jordan said that she had a secret box in her room? I think that Thayer was the one who went and broke into it before Jordan and Mads could get there.

      Also, what’s up with Rebecca? I am beginning to think that she really does love the twins, but she still does not seem like a good person.

      The weapon that Thayer has is neither the crowbar that killed Derek nor the weapon that killed Theresa. The police have the crowbar, and the weapon that killed Theresa has green residue on it like those weapons that they showed down by the quarry. If it is not the weapon that killed Theresa, there is still the possibility that someone other than Thayer killed Theresa.

      That brings us to Kristen, one of the three people (Mads, Jordan, and Kristen) that Alec loves. Kristen’s sudden bursts of awareness or confrontations with new evidence are always fortuitously timed. From early on in the switch, she has appeared aware that the girls act like two different people. What if she realized what had happened at some point and plotted to inspire Sutton to search for their mother or plotted to bring herself and Alec back together. For example, how did Rebecca get a copy of Kristen’s diary? If Kristen is mad at Sutton for betraying her by looking for Rebecca or if she just does not like her, then the revelations in the diary allowed her to punish Sutton and get word out to Alec that she really loved him. With that knowledge, Alec could pursue her. How long has she known about the $20,000? She may have been aware of it earlier and staged her announcement to Sutton/Emma about the missing money. She could have also staged the confrontation at the lawyer’s office. She just wants everyone to tell the truth, and if she knows about the twins, she must feel rage, real rage at the way her husband cheated on her and then made her raise his child. That’s the only way that I could explain her being involved in the murders. Even if she did not commit the murders, she may be more involved than she is letting on.

      • texmac12 says:

        I too don’t think Thayer has the murder weapon. I still think the double murderer is Sutton.

      • texmac12 says:

        I think Kristen was the one that told Alec to seperate the twins at birth. What will the twins think of Kristen when they find that out? And that Alec never told Kristen who the parents were, and all this time she has been raisin, as her own, the child of her husband and his mistress.

      • Jess says:

        The weapon Thayer pulled out from the couch DOES have the green residue on it, it looks just like the ones at the quarry or wherever the crime scene was. I believe he got to Rebecca’s box, took the half heart necklace & placed it at the scene so it would connect the crime to Rebecca. But I believe he did it, Im not sure about Derek’s murder though, but it would make sense considering he was framing Alec SO much. Alec always telling him he loved Thayer no matter what was b/c Alec knew all along what Thayer did & was doing, he loves him & wanted to protect him. Alec called Rebecca & warned her about the cops coming so she wouldn’t figure it out and also, so everyone could be free of Rebecca, including Alec. I feel like Thayer killed Theresa for two reasons, 1. B/c she was investigating Derek’s murder & was not giving up and if Thayer is the one that killed him, he needed to protect himself. 2. Thayer is clearly angry & bitter that Emma loves Ethan instead of him so by killing Theresa he hurt Ethan and Ethan’s family (his bro) out of spite. Idk just my thoughts!

        • EM says:

          Okay guys, Thayer Couldn’t of been the one to murder Derrick… Remember when Thayer first started thinking it was Alec who killed him, and then Alec confronted Thayer asking him why he thought it was him? That would make no sense… If Alec knew, why would Thayer continue to blame his dad? I don’t think Thayer is the killer. I feel as if there is someone else, framing them all – Rebecca possibly. She obviously pushed Alec.. Who else would of? Not Thayer, he was talking to Emma, so he couldnt of killed her or put her body in the water. On the show, it showed them with the murder weapon walking around lwhere Teresa was killed. For all we know, Thayer might keep a bat for protection and the thing with Emma just made him go ape.
          Kristen obviously is hiding something too, how oblivious can one get? She always refuses to talk to Ted, and is always in la la land and never knowing what’s going on. Every single person in the show has a huge role besides her. But, I don’t think she’s the killer, she’s too sweet.
          This show is crazy, I hope the next season make things clear.

          • Chester says:

            Or Thayer pretended to accuse his father, but was really trying to set him up.

          • Watches too much TV says:

            The green residue on the weapons down by the late is neon-moss like. Thayer’s weapon, sword, whatever it is, definitely does not have that on it. Once in a while, it looks dark, forest greenish, but the shot is dark and Thayer’s sweatshirt is also green. . . Okay, so I went back and looked.

          • Ella says:

            I think it would be awesome if, after all this, Kristen turned out to be the killer.

        • MG says:

          Yes I agree with your summary after just finishing watching this series on Netflix, which is also probably why ABC felt they could go ahead and cancel it because what you imply here must have seemed ‘sufficient’ to them as an explanation to the series bigger questions rather than go through the expense of having to do another series. However, I have to say it’s mighty frustrating to get involved with these television series on Netflix about the “good twin/bad twin” – did that last summer with Ringer, only to find that series was cancelled without an ending, then got involved with this one, also to find out that the series was cancelled without an ending. What’s the deal with that? Guess I will have to read the books to actually figure out what the author wanted to have happen with the characters.

          Thayer had good motives as far as (a) wanting revenge on the stepfather he felt never really loved him (and with Alex telling him to his face that he should have never taken his ‘bastard ass’ in, that confirmed his rage at him, and his motive to have him ‘punished’) and (b) wanting to get revenge on Sutton AND Ethan – and I agree, killing Theresa would have been punishing both the twins for choosing Ethan over him and punishing Ethan’s family. But still, it is quite a humongous change of character for Thayer from the way he was portrayed – and the person running away from the bureau in Rebecca’s bedroom looked like a gal rather than a guy. So many unanswered questions. It’s too bad the writers for both this series and Ringer, since they both don’t appear to ever be being considered for renewal, don’t give the fans a simple synopsis of what they had planned for the resolution of the story.

          Now if Netflix will only post the ending of the spanish miniseries Grand Hotel with Amaia Salamanca with the English subtitles, I could at least know the ending to one addictive series.

      • Sara says:

        They’ve been dropping hints all season about Kristen, the diary somehow finding its way to Rebecca? I cant quite remember but I’m pretty sure that Kristen was looking at old pictures and that’s how Emma and Sutton found Rebecca. This last episode they said that ‘Kristen is so innocent’. I don’t think anyone is innocent in this series. The weapon Thayer was hiding underneath the cushion looked like the murder weapon! It was rounded (blunt) and it had green on it. I think there is something wrong with his psychologically. I just really hope the series doesnt end now, I love everyones theories but I really want to know the truth :(

        • Angel says:

          If Rebecca is the mother… then what was all that krap about “Annie Hobbs”??? She was showing her agony through paintings… with the stars… going over and over the sky. Clearly this woman was drugged, and clearly something was taken from her. Like Emma! Then notice Alec calling the warden, and said don’t let this girl see Annie Hobbs? Then he faxed over a picture? Oh Alec has a hidden agenda foe every move he makes in this show

      • Cbad says:

        Completely agree about Kristen being involved with the murders. I mean how many times are the characters gonna keep saying how “innocent” she is and only a victim in everyone else’s lies. Seems like the characters are trying almost too hard to convince viewers of her innocents, only to fool us in the end. Seems to all fit greatly.

      • claire says:

        No it haf green on it just like the others in the quary, I just dont understand thayers motive

    • Candace says:

      I actually wouldn’t be the least but surprised I’d Alec jumped in yet another attempt to pin it all on Rebecca.

    • Bobbi says:

      No I love Alec too! Buuut…I’m pretty sure he threw himself through the glass, to protect Thayer and frame Rebecca even more!

    • Jen says:

      Actually. I think Alec threw himself off the roof to make it look more like Rebecca is the killer. After all he is trying to frame her and in tv land I doubt he is dead. As for Thayer, when he started getti g clingy a few episodes back I had enough of him. Girls hate clingy guys who act all sappy. I knew Thayer was the one who stole the locket. If u hit it in slow motion u can see it was him. And he may have killed Derek because way In the beginning he had a thing for Char when she started dating Derek. I love the show more the. PLL but with so many secrets out, they don’t have much more the. Another season left without dragging out the story line till we are bored with the show like PLL has done

    • mariam says:

      so i have a theory. I think Alec killed himself, hoping to further frame Rebecca and keep people from looking for the real murderer (Thayer). Still so pissed that we’re not getting answers to anything

  4. Justin says:

    This NEEDS to come back for more episodes or another season.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Any idea when ratings will be released?

    • texmac12 says:

      Check this afternoon. TLG does not make the top 100, ever, cable shows, so their ratings appear around 3pm EDT.

  6. leilah says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO ALEC WHY?!! :( HE WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS!! If Alec dies this show wont be as good! And Thayer as well?! This cant get any worse :( Im happy Ethan didnt choose Emma however teem THEMMA all the way but if hes a murderer…

  7. Kira says:

    Fantastic finale!!! Glad Sutton and Emma are getting closer!! But my heart broke for Ethan and Emma :( I’m ready for those two love birds to work out their issues!!! And bring on a new man for Sutton, preferably someone who can keep her on her toes (in a non-murderous way). Finally we get to see Christian Alexander play up Thayer’s dark side!!! He’s such a good actor and I can’t wait to see where this goes!!! Not many people do dark and twisted as well as he does. Fingers crossed we’ll get double the creepy with Thayer and Alec!!! Who I’m sure will be fine. There’s too much story left with his character. He definitely has some splaining to do!!! Now all I can do is hope ABCFamily realises how great of a show this is and renews it!!

    • texmac12 says:

      I’m going to rate this last episode my least favorite of season 2A. Jordan’s story line was flat all season long, Laurel has no boy toy, Emma can’t get the number of foster familys right (6 for Rebecca and 12 for Thayer), And other than Alec falling through the glass, just sort of flat. Still need a season 2B to answer all the questions….. and start a new chapter. Next up, book #6 in August where we’ll find out who murdered Sutton. I think it will be Ethan, or Dective Larkin, or maybe it’s a Murder on the Orient Express ending….

      • Anushka says:

        Thayer might be Theresa’s killer and Derek might be Jordan’s sibling whom Jordan killed.But till now we’ve hinted about the thing that Derek might be killed because he knew about the twins secret.
        Why would Jordan kill Derek??? Remenber Rebecca saying that Jordan killed his bro in Los Angeles but Derek was killed in Phoenix.But if Thayer is Theresa’s killer then would have killed Theresa because of some psychological issues because we’ve seen Thayer getting all angry and furious for no reason.He pushed Ethan into a conversation about Emma trusting him no more without any reason which depicts his odd mentality.He has a odd unretialiting thing abt ppl going against his will or if he sees the one he likes with someone else……OMG i am getting all crazy with this .Plz abcfam bring a season 2B where the loose ends get tied up otherwise i am failing SATs…

    • jessika says:

      i agree .. i hate how they don’t realize when they have a really good show and then don’t air it anymore. They do that alot.

  8. Amanda M. says:

    I LOVE Adrian Pasdar (Alec)… if this show is renewed (which it better be, it is amazing) they NEED to keep Alec alive.

    • texmac12 says:

      The studio has until the end of April to order more episodes, otherwise the actors are free to go to other projects and are no longer commited by their contracts. Was in an interview Carpenter gave this week.

  9. arianeb says:

    With all the twists in this episode, one of my theories seems to be proving true: Derek and Theresa’s murder never had anything to do with the twins. Assuming Thayer killed Derek, was his motive the entire time to frame Alec for the crime? Maybe he witnessed and photographed an encounter between Alec and Derek. He knew Derek tried to kill Sutton (the real love of his life), and now he had an opportunity to help out Sutton by killing Derek and help himself by framing Alec. But things didn’t go as planned. First, he tried to give the incriminating photo to Rebecca to keep her away from Alec, and she would turn it over to the police,,, but she didn’t. Theresa was probably at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  10. Jared says:

    This mid season finale was perfect in everyway. Although I hope for more episodes because I’ve really grown to love this show,that sure seemed like a series finale to me.

    • texmac12 says:

      Felt more like the Sutton into the lake episode where question were left in the wind. The double reveal at the end of 1B was a season finish by telling us jaw dropping information. Thayer a killer? Still don’t think so. I still think it’s Sutton.

  11. Oliver says:

    I’ve probably leaped into a very thoughtless conclusion but does anyone else think that Derek is the “brother” that Jordan killed? We also need to be asking who took Emma’s necklace from that draw and how did it end up at the murder scene? I don’t know why, but I’m placing my bets on Char – loyalty (maybe to her aunt Rebecca) is important to her and who better to break into that house (where she lived) and easily navigate her way out!

    • Helene says:

      No, Jordan has said several times that Rebecca has something on him from way back in California when she was married to his father.

    • Ashley says:

      I don’t think Derek is Jordan’s brother. When the police arrested him, Mads said “He had nothing to do with Derek and Theresa’s murders!” And Jordan said “not them! My brother.”

    • Sam says:

      Mads went into a drawer and then locked it. Jordan saw her.

  12. Jade says:

    The Lying Game has been consistently better than PLL this season. Last nights finale was epic and answered most questions about the twins,Derek and Theresa’s murder, what part Thayer played etc. I really hope ABCF realizes that this could be a strong series as long as it’s not on hiatus for another 10 months.

  13. megan says:

    I can honestly say I never suspected Thayer. I thought he was just too infatuated with Emma and never gave him a second thought. Oy vey. GREAT finale though.

  14. Mandy says:

    That episode was awesome!!!! I will be very upset if it doesn’t get another season. It funny though because the actor that plays Thayer played an abusive boyfriend on General Hospital. He does a great job at being in an angry rage! :)

  15. K. says:

    Hope Alec’s not dead he’s one of the best on the show, for minute there I thought Emma was a goner. I thought Thayer was losing it a long time ago, of course has anyone thought that Alec and Thayer could be covering up for Mads. and she might be the killer? I’m beginning to think anything could happen on this show, so hoping there’s another season…

    • Ashley says:

      Alec and Thayer protecting Mads makes sense. She has been very up and down this season.

      • Sam says:

        Could be. Why did they show her taking something out of a nightstand drawer and then locking it. Didn’t seem important at the time but she could have been getting the necklace Rebecca got for Emma.

  16. dani says:

    The scene with Emma and Rebecca in the locker room broke my heart. That reunion has been a long time coming. The finale was AWESOME! PLEASE let ABCFAMILY do the right thing and pickup more episodes.

  17. Abcgirl says:

    I knew Rebekah hadn’t murdered anyone after the “super villian” was revealed. I love Alec because he’s controling much more than we think. Once he gave that phone call to Rebekah I knew that he was playing a lying game with them all. It makes NO since that Thayer, T, is the killer super sad right now. They must renew. We need to start a petition immediately!!! Just in case the sooner the better because too many good shows have been canceled by abc and abc family Harry’s Law, 9 Lives of chloe king, and more!!! I also want more on Mad’s murder beau! Total hottie bad boy. Ethan needs to get together with Sutton! Ted and Kristen 4eva and Emma need’s a special new guy. Also something interesting with Laurel should happen too. This is really different from the book series bc Sutton’s dead in that lol and some twins killed her!!! Anyway what do you guys think. R.I.P Teresa almost Whitehorse

  18. Love this show, and i’m still on the Kristan as the guilty one train. I would hate to think that ABCF would not bring this show back! Alexandra Chando, Tyler Christopher, & Blair Redford brought me to tears last night! Great actors!

  19. Zole says:

    No one want it to end like this ! We All hope we get word soon that the second half of the season is coming but people in ABC Family are just cruel and keep us w8! I said we fight back and we just don’t watch “Twisted” next week in protest and show them that its not cool to tell us a half of story, make us love character, even cry for them, and then all stop in middle of story. What would be a point to get into “Twisted” character now and to risk of having its story also cut in half

    And I really think I know who is a killer and wont to share with you all, its no one of main character, not Rebeca, Alex or even Thayer, the killer is that cop that was always there: he was one to stop Ethan and Suton in car after fight with Derek, he found Teresa car and body…. and he was probably working with Derek on selling drugs. Alex was probably thinking that Thayer was a killer because he know his anger management issues and tried to protect him by framing Rebeca while Rebreca did the same trying to protect Ted I think there is still a lots of story that needs to be told here so lets help get it…


  20. Rissa says:

    I am team Thayer! I always liked Thayer, but i knew he was the killer. But, Emma has always had that thing for Ethan. They really messed up not telling Dan. Theresa just got too involved, and for Alec to specifically hand pick her as his lawyer, knowing Thayer was the killer, is beyond me. I think Alec has been playing games with everyone. All of these actors/actresses are awesome! They really have an awesome crew together and if ABC Family would promote the show better, more people would watch it!!!! They HAVE GOT TO RENEW. This is my FAVORITE show of all time!

  21. sara says:

    What the heck was up with the way Ethan treated Emma and then Sutton? He basically blamed Emma for everything when it was Sutton’s lies that started the whole thing yet he forgives Sutton?! I am not buying Sutton being a good person

  22. astrid says:

    … umm…. I am supposed NOT to understand Thayer’s motive, or am I?
    Because I really didn’t get why Thayer should have wanted to kill Derek???
    Assuming the reason he should have killed Theresa for is her coming too close to indentifying him as a killer?
    did I miss a major plot point or is this something we will find out eventually?

    • sara says:

      Other than him maybe protecting his dad from Derek for whatever reason I don’t get why he would kill him either

    • Katrin says:

      Basically, I think Thayer never planned on killing ANYONE… I think – and that’s what Alec was hinting at a couple of times – that he REALLY has some anger issues… I mean, we saw it in the end of the mid-season finale, that he totally lost it when Emma broke up with him… And I don’t think this is something he had “planned” either… He might have gone to Derek to talk to him, things got out of control, they fought and Thayer LOST IT… that’s how I can imagine it… if it’s really something “inside him”… something he can’t control, he might not even count as “guilty” in front of a judge… he might have some REAL anger issues… if you hit someone hard enough he can die without you wanting it… but then it happened and when Theresa came too close he had to kill her too to protect his secret, or maybe there was a fight there too!

      • wednesday says:

        Derek was the one who had Sutton in the car when she went into the lake. At the time Thayer was obsessed with her so he did have somewhat of a motive. Maybe not to kill him, but to at least confront him & things got out of hand because of his temper. As far as Teresa, he also could have been angry that she was the one that helped get Alec out of jail.

    • yac says:

      Thayer can not control anger. He was probabely the guy with the hoody that was in the visinity of the lake waching sattons car drowning. before, he was furious to find out she used him only to get back on Eathan. if it was indeed so; he had a motive to kill Derrick. Derrick was a blackmailer (he blackmailed Ted). Derrick admitted to sutton (Sutton revealed it to Thayer and Eatan), he was in the back of the car at the lake (so maybe he saw the killrer). It fits the theory that Allec covvered up for Tyayer (his stepsun), and pinned everithing on Rebbecca.

  23. KenBud says:

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Kristen was like Kevin Spacey’s character in The Usual Suspects? Fooling everyone this whole time with her innocent, sweet character. Would totally love this angle.

  24. Melissa says:

    They better renew! I love lying game so much more than PLL. We actually get answers and progress in the storyline and I love Emma and Ethan! Please renew!!

  25. Christieeee says:

    ive been wondering this for awhile now but whatever happened to Chalotte & Rebecca’s sister.( Charlotte’s mom ) . Obviously, Rebecca must have done something really bad in order to chase them away. MAYBE theres more past and more secrets about Rebecca being hid & it probably had Jordan involved.

  26. kavyn says:

    I am so glad Thayer is behind all of the murders. He’s been such a control freak and psychopath these past few episodes, it’s nice to know he and Emma aren’t going to be together.

    I also hope Emma doesn’t end up with Ethan. I’d like to see someone that can better relate to Emma.

    • Kylie Bergheger says:

      They were good together. And Thayer and Emma. Were good together than Ethan came back. STAY GONE EARTHAN

  27. Lissette says:

    The finale totally freaked me out but maybe its not what a seems. I love all the comments.
    so many possiblilites. Question, whatever happend to Annie Hobs?( I think she was the other sister of char’s mom and Rebecca) In the begining she was supposed to be the mother of the twins. I am still confused about that.

    • arianeb says:

      Alec is connected somehow to Annie Hobbs, after all he is paying for her stay in the psych hospital. My guess is that he was the father of Annie Hobbs’ still born baby, and he was responsible for splitting the twins up and arranging Annie to get Emma.

    • Lize22 says:

      Found this on a website: Emma and Sutton are finally able to meet Annie Hobbs together for a brief moment in the hospital, where Annie reveals that she is not, in fact, their birth mother. Her own baby had died at birth and when she heard that a woman was giving up twins (Sutton and Emma) at the same hospital, she wanted one of them and ended up taking Emma. When they mention Alec, Annie gets panicked and says that they are in danger, and that she had said too much.

      So I think she pretended to be the birth mother, got the Emma from adoptive parents and raised he for a little while up until the fire that burned down the house. Somehow Alec got wind of all this and had her committed and told her Emma died. Why he would allow her to go into foster system makes no sense to me. All so odd. So many holes.

  28. Ella says:

    I hated the finale. Hate that Jordan got sent away, hate that they made Thayer the bad guy when he has been nothing but lovely, hate that Emma came off as a selfish, horrible b i t c h for jerking the boys around (and where the hell did the whole, I love Ethan and only Ethan thing come from anyway?) and generally hated that there wasn’t more Rebecca interacting with the twins.

    • Lexi says:

      I agree!! I almost believed that although she was sick and twisted for wanting to break up Ted and Kristen, Rebecca did really love her daughters…. I wish they would have shown more of them talking.

  29. bilbo says:

    didn’t Ethan try to tell Dan early on about the twins; only not to be believed, Dan should eventually remember that.

  30. Lexi says:

    I saw someone mentioned Char… I MISS CHAR!!!
    And also, I found it crazy that Thayer had the murder weapon, I think he may be hiding it for Alec. This episode was so suspenseful! If this show doesn’t come back, I vote for a boycott on AbcFamily.

  31. Kate says:

    What if Alec realized that his plan to protect thayer had come to an end and he pushed himself off the roof to frame rebecca even further???

  32. Lauren says:

    I feel like there may have been another person on the roof with Rebecca & Alec. When she was talking tohim, she kept looking past him, like she was waiting for someone else to appear. I don’t think she did it.

  33. Ashley says:

    What if innocent little Emma is the killer and Thayer found out, and out of love for her, decided to protect her? It would explain his freak out when she broke up with him. He could be conflicted. And has anyone considered that Derek and Theresa’s murders may not actually be connected? Just some food for thought. Thayer was so sweet that I just don’t want to believe he could be a murderer.

  34. Jess says:

    If they don’t renew i’ll be so upset. I like TLG better than PLL. :(

  35. chibarbie says:

    cnt wait a 2 watch it….itz so intrigin,complicated nd awesummmmmmmm…..

  36. TLGLover says:

    Nothing ever happens the way you think it will on ABC Family shows… I think that Rebecca is referring to Kristen when she talks of how far you will go for a loved one… Call me crazy but I think Kristin knows EVERYTHING and is to blame for BOTH murders!

  37. amanda says:

    u ppl r silly the weapon Thayer had ws one of the exact same tools they seen down at the quarry saying could be the murder weapon and of course Thayer doesn’t have the murder weapon for derricks murder do u not recall that he brought the police into his house and they found it in his dads golf bag he framed his dad Thayer is def guilty

  38. Hannah Sampson says:

    Most people are thinking Thayer is the bad guy here. While I’ve always had my doubts about Thayer being a good person, I suspect Kristin has something to do with it. Alec has clearly always had feelings for her, so she qualifies as one of his “loved ones” and it was Sutton or Emma who said that Kristin is the only one who is completely innocent. This leads me to believe that she’s not innocent at all. Wouldn’t that be a twist? The only “innocent” on being just as suspicious as all the rest? I can see it happening.

  39. Sandra says:

    Lying game better come back. I look forward to this series

  40. Cheryl says:

    Dudes, thayer is so NOT the killer, way too obvious. I don’t know if any of u watch Pll, but its always the character you never ever suspect. Also, it cant be Sutton (because shes dead in the books) or ethan or Emma (main characters and btw they will get together) its probably not Alec or Rebekah (don’t think that’s how u spell her name) definitely not Dan, Rebecca kind of cleared Ted, which only leaves laurel or Kristen. I think it would be epic if the killer turned out to be laurel, burning don’t know for sure. Romance wise, Ethan and Emma, Ted and Kristen, mads and Jordan, laurel needs a new boyfriend, Alec alone or with Rebecca, and thayer with Sutton or laurel. And I’m 100% positive they will renew the show.

  41. Did any one notice that Alec told Kristen he had something on Rebecca that was gonna put her away for a long time right after the necklace was stole….and Kristen didn’t even question it….she didn’t act surprised at all when Alec said he was gonna have Rebecca put away for a long time

  42. Christina says:

    They better not cancel this show!!! They haven’t even given it a chance and it’s the best show they have going right now!!! If they do I will block ABC Family from my televisions. They never do advertising for the good shows they bring out only the trash. All I can say is this better not be the end or I know several people that will be very upset!!!

  43. laura says:

    Well now we need to tie up loose ends and to further the show…lets get into, Thayer and ‘his’ adoption. Glad to see others felt the same way about ABC Family’s lack of endorsement. I had to go online to find out date of premiere.

  44. Ashley Harris says:

    A well thought, psychological POV: Thayer didn’t have anyone in his life. He was desperate for Sutton in the beginning, wanted Ethan to know so bad. Then he was desperate for Emma, her “twin sister.” Investigating the adoptive parents was what was keeping Thayer & Emma close. Emma found Rebecca was her mom. So next the flowers & grave, If the girl solved it, then Thayer wouldn’t have a excuse to always be with Emma. He know she love Ethan, he was desperate! The only conversation the 2 had & bond was investigating Emma & Sutton’s situation.

  45. Sarah Brown says:

    I think that when Rebecca was talking to Jordan about how she was going to get him locked up for what he did to his brother in LA, she was talking about Derek so I think Jordan killed Derek and Thayer killed Teresa

    • Consolata says:

      yea & the guy that got to the drawer looks so like thayer…no one else could know the house better to escape so easily… he is obsessed with pinning his dad down… y else if he is not coveribg up sth

      • Diane says:

        I thought that the person who broke into Rebecca’s file cabinet and box looked to be of such a small stature, like a girl.

  46. pou says:

    omg i’m frm nz livn n nz alwuyys…anyway i lone ds program.

  47. I am hooked!! It’s the curse of netflix. This is a great show and they must produce more episodes and seasons….better than PLL…I had to drop off PLL for a bit….this is just as good as Vampire Diaries on the CW.

  48. Viky says:

    I’m from the UK and have literally watched all of the episodes online now in less than about a week – obsessed much?! I’m horrified to think that it might not be coming back though. This is by far one of my favorite shows now and blows PLL (which has dragged on faaaaaar too long) out of the water! The story line is much more believable and I really hope that they make more. On the Thayer being the murderer situation, I honestly don’t believe it. Its similar to PLL and earlier episodes where everything points to someone making you believe that you are positive it’s them, only for a twist to disprove the theory. The writing is clever, keeps you on the edge of your seat and it really deserves to be finished properly!! Will be gutted if there are no further episodes, there are too many secrets left uncovered.

  49. Kat says:

    I think the show is much too ‘shocking’ to make it actually be Thayer. By the time Theresa disappeared he had no reason to kill her, because he was already with Emma and they weren’t together solely for the investigation. Killing her did nothing for him. I THINK, he had that metal thing that killed Theresa cause Alec gave it to him or something. If Alec was protecting Thayer he would have told him – seeing as the kid always hated Alec, and that would be plus points. Even if he had a ‘blackout’ then he wouldn’t so consciously know where the weapon was. And Alec did ask Thayer for help to ‘end this’. So… idk. I hope there’s more eps soon so we find out.

  50. Elpin Onsare says:

    At times i think Thayer is not the Killer…..Remember wen they were scheming on hw they cld get what was hidden in Rebecca’s drawer Thayer wasn’t there…if he’s the one how did he know…then it means someone in the midst is a betrayer…!!