Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, True Blood, Grey's, NCIS, Castle, Glee, Dead and More!

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Question: Can’t wait to read/watch your interview with Bones‘ David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. When will it post? Until then, what can you tease about what they told you on the set? —Amelia
Ausiello: Those two blessed souls gave me such a blockbuster interview that I’ll be splitting it up into two parts, the first of which is slated to debut Wednesday. Here’s your appetite-whetter: Before the season is over, there will be a wedding. But who’s getting hitched?!

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Question: How will this season’s Bones finale compare to all of the previous ones? —@xBajanQueenRiRi via Twitter
Ausiello: David Boreanaz will be calling the shots behind-the-scenes, so rest assured major stuff will go down. “David likes to direct big episodes, and this will be big,” previews exec producer Stephen Nathan, adding that the hour will “feature a bit of action” and, quite possibly, a casualty or two. “We’re not going to be altogether sure how everybody is at the end of the season finale,” he teases, cryptically. “Lives will hang in the balance.”

Question: Be your awesome self and please help sort out some Bones fandom confusion: What ep does Booth’s mom appear in and will she be in more than one episode this season and/or next? —Denise 
Ausiello: First off, Joanna Cassidy turns up in the April 15 episode and not the April 29 season finale, as was reported. Secondly, although she’s only booked for one episode, Nathan says he “would like to continue that story” in Season 9. Lastly, and this doesn’t pertain to your question but I thought you should know: The show will once again stay in production after the finale wraps to shoot a few standalone “bonus” episodes (two, to be precise) to air sometime next fall.

Question: What does the Parks and Recreation finale have in store for Ben and Leslie? —Ronnie
Ausiello: Not sure about Ben, but Leslie is going to have a run-in with these guys.

Question: Any Meredith/Derek/baby-related Grey’s Anatomy scoops? —Tia
Ausiello: The unsettling news: Mer goes into full-tilt-panic mode about the health of her oven bun in the March 21 episode. The better news: Derek does some incredibly sweet things to calm her fears.

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Question: I long for hot weather when vampires and werewolves take their clothes off! Any True Blood scoop? —Jenilee
Ausiello: Yep — I can tell you with whom those vampires and werewolves will be stripping down! She’s Violet, a hot-as-hell, tough-as-nails blood-sucker in, give or take, her 600s (though she’ll look about 25). Not only do I hear that she’ll be mixed up in a major love triangle, the role will go from recurring this season to series regular the next. Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

Question: Break it to me gently — what’s the fate of Bunheads? Will it live or die? —Audrey
Ausiello: Contrary to rumors, it has not been picked up for a second season by ABC Family. That said, I firmly believe it will be.

Question: Any news yet on whether Cote de Pablo has/or will sign her contract to remain on NCIS? —Linda
Ausiello: Only that her castmates “hope that’s the case,” Brian Dietzen tells TVLine. “I’m optimistic,” he added. “But who knows? All I know is that everyone has been pretty close for a long time, and [no one] is unhappy on the show. If the cast doesn’t stay intact, I don’t think it’ll be because, ‘Oh, we don’t want to be here.’ It’ll be because of other opportunities or something. But hopefully we don’t discuss that for a while because the show is going really, really well, and people enjoy working on it. I know I’ll be there next year!”

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Question: I need scoop on NCIS: LA‘s Deeks/Kensi. Anything would be awesome! —Christy
Ausiello: Oh, I’ve got much more than “anything.” Daniela Ruah shared with TVLine this sexy scoop at Monday’s TV Academy Hall of Fame event: “Considering how fun it was to see Kensi and Deeks go undercover as a married couple, they’re doing it again” — not long before the season ends. “I just found out today,” she added, “so that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge.”

Question: I noticed you have Axl from The Middle listed as graduating in your May Sweeps Scorecard. Do we know if he actually graduates? —Carla
Ausiello: Well, I know at least that there will be a graduation episode. (Given that it’s Axl, though, anything is possible.) In that same episode, which also happens to be the season finale, Sue takes her driving test again. And by “again,” I mean “for the sixth time.” Oh, and did you hear about this?!

Question: Any scoop on Castle‘s Lanie/Esposito? Will they be getting more airtime? —Katherine
Ausiello: At minimum, they’ll get some sexy-loooking-time. Tamala Jones confirms that, as hinted in the Valentine’s Day episode, the 12th precinct’s M.E. and detective “are seeing each other, and have been secretly seeing each other.” Moving forward, she teased, “I think possibly you’ll see a little bit more action between them [in Episode 100, airing April 1]. Everybody’s going to be looking spectacular, I can tell you that.”

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Question: A while ago, Nashville kind of made it sound like Deacon had caused an accident back when he wasn’t sober. Any details on that? —Makenna
Ausiello: I can’t tell you exactly what happened when Deacon was on the sauce/pills/whatever, but I can tell you that Nashville creator and EP Callie Khouri promises a big reveal. “It’ll come up later,” she says. “We’ll find out more about that time in his life.” Bonus Scoop: Look for Liam to ask Rayna to go away with him for a long weekend. And look for her to say yes.

Question: You guys got any good Grimm scoop? —Ron
Ausiello:  If you’re a fan of Monroe and Rosalee as a couple, Ron, you won’t like this: I’m hearing that because of the bigger stories going on (like Adalind’s Wesen bun in the oven and the Juliette-Renard-Nick triangle), the Spice Shop proprietress and her suitor will be backburnered for a while. “I think that Monroe and Rosalee are more in the service of a bigger story right now,” notes Silas Weir Mitchell.

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Question: Will there be any major deaths in The Walking Dead finale? —Soso
Ausiello: I’d much rather discuss Sunday’s antepenultimate Season 3 episode, in which you’ll get a flashback to “simpler times” between Andrea and Michonne (and the latter’s “pets”); you’ll see Andrea train a gun on the Governor (but what, if anything, could stop her from pulling the trigger?); and you’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout a 10-minute cat-and-mouse sequence, ultimately uttering an expletive at your TV as it comes to an end.

Question: Scandal fan here with an urgent question: Who is Jake? —Nancy
Ausiello: A new woman’s about to come between the POTUS and the first lady, and her name is Lauren. She’s Fitz’s new assistant, and her primary job responsibility is to keep Mellie at bay (no small task). Oh, and to answer your question: No clue who Jake is. But I have my theories.

Question: We know that Schmidt loses his virginity to Nurse Jackie‘s Merritt Wever in New Girl‘s big flashback episode, but do do you have any intel on who Jess’ first time was with? —Donna
Ausiello: Without giving too much away, he’s smokin’ hot and carries a big hose. And he’s someone we’ve never, ahem, laid eyes on. Sex puns, FTW!

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Question: What’s going to be happening with Adam and Kurt on Glee? –Chris
Ausiello: They’re going Greek! Maybe! Rumor has it that one of NYADA’s most popular fraternities will invite Kurt (and maybe Adam) to become members — bypassing the dreaded pledge process and all — after they “put out” (and save the day) at their big spring rager.

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  1. Diane says:

    No Liam. He is slimy. Love the Deeks and Kensi spoiler. I wanted a little more Monroe Rosalee action.

  2. hmm says:

    why are glee fans such smug jerks?

    • Lauren says:

      OK, so its not just me. Quoting script numbers and page numbers, who’s in which and isn’t…. Downright. Scary. Most insufferable self rightous fan base now that Gossip Girls ended.

      • Elizabeth says:

        The only reason we’re bringing attention to the scripts and who’s in what episode is because Ausiello is trying to pass this information off as legitimate “spoilers” – it’s well known within the fandom that he likes to get a rise out of people, and expressly making stuff up is ridiculous. (In case you didn’t see, the original post was quite different, but was changed once he realized he’d been “caught”).

    • melly says:

      It’s mostly the fans of one particular Glee ship that feel the need to shout down anything that may possibly threaten their status.

      • Lol, except Ausiello is actually posting WRONG information and passing it off as a legitimate spoiler. He can post all he want about the onscreen progress of Kadam’s relationship (or lack thereof) as long as it’s true. Otherwise, he’s just being a troll.

      • mani says:

        LOL, what threat? There is no Kurt & Adam spoiler. Ausiello’s got it completely wrong again – the frat party is Finn & Puck.

      • H says:

        We don’t really feel the need to shout anything down – Ausiello is doing a pretty good job of disappointing Kadam fans on his own :)

    • H says:

      I’m sorry for the fact that we know things :)

  3. H says:

    Regarding the Glee ‘spoiler’, Ausiello also said that Kurt was bringing Adam to the wedding, Brody was the reason why Rachel and Santana looked so surprised in the stills from 4×16, Chandler was going to be an important character, and that a new gay jock would arrive at McKinley.

    Adam has been confirmed not to be in episodes 4×16-4×19, and the scripts for 4×20 onwards don’t exist yet. It’s nothing for Klainers to freak out about :)

  4. Cece says:

    Bunheads….BUNHEADS!!!! The “is it or isn’t it” question of whether it’s being renewed is toying with my eager and fragile heart. Ausiello, I hope you can get the good word of its renewal soon, otherwise I may well expire

  5. mel says:

    I love NCIS and even though I like all of the actors/characters, I really do not think I could watch if CDP left. I hope she renews her contract.

  6. jonathon says:

    all these comments and nothing about one of the greatest shows on t.v., the walking dead? this description of what is going to happen is very vague but i’m already ready to get to sunday night again. cannot wait to see what happens next!!

  7. AngelMoon Girl says:

    Thanks so much for the Bones scoop! My favorite show on TV! Also I’m pretty sure Cote de Pablo will be back, but I think they’ll want her character’s fate to hang in the balance so they’ll draw this out ;P

  8. melly says:

    Adam positively stole my heart last week. I’ll be so excited if he returns, and I’m always excited when Kurt gets a story.

  9. mary:) says:

    DENSIIIIIIIIII <3we need an amazing deeks and
    kensi kiss in saeason 4XD….w ncis la :)xxx

  10. Nina says:

    Deeks-Kensi as married couple again! Squee! Be still my heart! :D Last season was so funny and their chemistry is amaaaazing.
    I’m okay with Monroe-Rosalee being a backburner, but wtf with the Hexenbaby and are we still gonna see more Juliette-Renard-Nick??? I thought I’ve seen the last of it. facepalm.
    I’m okay with all this Adam-Kurt thing as long as it will give me Blaine-Sam :D love those guys together! They’re having fun and singing crazy songs together, love their mash-up last episode!

  11. Columbus says:

    I hope that Bunheads gets renewed.

    Am in love with Nashville — and Scandal.

  12. adambramble says:

    No Doctor Who or Supernatural 3 weeks straight :(

  13. Heather says:

    The fraternity story is about Finn and Puck in episode 19. There are casting sides up about it. You can roll your eyes at what the fans know all you want but apparently they know more than a media critic at a large website. That’s saying something. ;)

    • KBF says:

      As much as I want there to be no Kurt and Adam, how is it that Puck and Finn would be invited to join a fraternity? They aren’t even in college. I really hope what you’re saying is true but I have to ask this so I don’t get my hopes up for no K/A

      • Heather says:

        There are casting sides spoiling Finn & Puck’s college storyline, including the frat party. Adam isn’t even in the next four episodes.

  14. Gina says:

    If its not a B&B wedding on Bones, I am sure it’s not, I hope they don’t actually show it. It would be a waste of time, IMO. A mention that it happened would be enough.

  15. So apparently, not only was Ausiello wrong about the GLEE spoiler pertaining to Kadam – because Adam is NOT in episodes 16 to 19. But he’s even wrong about it being about Kurt! It’s actually Puck and Finn who are going to be invited to join a fraternity. LMAO. Come on, man. If you want to troll the Klaine fandom, you might as well try to check your facts first – you just end up looking like an asshat =)

  16. since you were completely wrong about the kurt spoiler you should give us another one that’s actually true

  17. Tony says:

    Here’s hoping Cote walks away from NCIS.

  18. Naomi says:

    They seriously need to get some more Adam on Glee, i actually like him. It’s a shame he’ll most likely be tossed aside before the end of the series, because he seems like a likable character xx

    • Kem says:

      Hon, your prediction is very true. The amount of likeliness of Adam is not enough to sustain his tendency on Glee. Sorry. :(

  19. Melinda says:

    Glee has really just become bad Tumblr Fanfiction writing.

  20. KBF says:

    The more Adam hangs around on Glee the less interest I have with what’s going on with Kurt. :( Can’t stand Adam. The guy that plays him is horrible and has been disrespectful to fans, can’t wait for his time on the show to be done. Kurt should be single for a while, or with Blaine, this guy isn’t right for him.

  21. erin says:

    For true blood casting pick Jule Marie berman

  22. PV says:

    Please let Andrea do something awesome on TWD. She’s the worst, and I want a reason to root for her to live. Looking forward to the flashbacks though; Michonne needs more development to humanize her.

  23. SS says:

    If by “rumor has it” you mean “casting sides and videos I misinterpreted” and by “NYADA” you mean “a school that definitely isn’t NYADA” and when you refer to “Kurt (and maybe Adam” you really mean “Finn and Puck” you’ve got that spoiler 100% right dude.

  24. adambramble says:

    My comment was deleted wtf!

  25. Luis says:

    A. I’m betting Sweets and Daisy get back together and get hitched.
    B. Rosalee gets back and she and Monroe are getting backburnered? Sucky!
    C. Going Greek? Really?

  26. Johanna says:

    AMEN FOR SOME LANIE ESPO ACTION!!! These two are amazing in Castle….

    • Dory says:

      Everyone is amazing on Castle. Newly discovered I watch the eps and reruns. Thankfully getting a little used up with summer show the Glades.