Grimm Post Mortem: David Giuntoli on Why the Juliette-Renard Infatuation Is 'My Fault'

Grimm - Season 2Warning: If you haven’t watched Grimm‘s midseason premiere, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, proceed…

Grimm‘s big return Friday night was enough to put hair on your face paws chest.

Nick knows that Renard woke Juliette up! Nick knows that Renard is half Wesen! Renard had the key and then gave it back to Nick because… now they’re kinda on the same side? And don’t even get us started on Juliette and Renard’s pistol-whipping make-out session and Adalind’s creepily crafty comfort sex – and its shocking result.

TVLine chatted with Grimm star David Giuntoli about the NBC drama’s return – which ended with Nick writhing and turning fuchsia on the Spice Shop floor – and what’s ahead for his gang of Grimmsters.

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TVLINE | That was quite an action-packed return.
It’s a good episode to come back with. It’s probably one of our most revealing episodes.

TVLINE | Nick deals with a lot in this episode. When he sees Juliette and Renard kissing in the doorway and then moving inside, what’s going through his head?
Guys do this thing – I don’t know if women do it – where it’s way easier to be angry than really broken and sad. It’s probably healthier. So that’s what he’s doing. That’s what’s going on in Nick’s head right there.

TVLINE | And what’s going on inside the house is actually probably crazier than what he’s imagining. There’s gunplay!
Yeah. He didn’t imagine that. Though… I end up going in there and seeing what the hell happened. Not really knowing what did happen, but knowing something happened. I had no idea what was going on. I just knew I didn’t want that man in my house.

Grimm - Season 2TVLINE | When he talks to Juliette after, when Wu is at the house, it seems like Nick is a little less angry with her; by that point, he knows that maybe she wasn’t in total control of her actions. You play it sort of borderline.
Ultimately at the heart of all of this, I always have to remember: my fault. My fault for all this. I could’ve simply told her, and she could have either stayed or left me… I feel so terribly for her and I’m also horribly… my ego took a beating, so I’m angry.

TVLINE | Elsewhere, Adalind is out of jail now and back to causing big trouble.
Adalind kind of goes off in her own evil schemy world soon, and it involves me much less until — I’m sure — the end of the season where its going to again come to some major cliffhanger.

TVLINE | The showdown between Renard and Nick –
In Portland, the way men settle scores is you go into the woods and physically fight each other. That’s exactly what Renard and I do.

TVLINE | Every single man in Portland does that, eh?
Listen, I’m not writing the rules. [Laughs] I don’t know if that’s what they do in Portland; that’s what we do. That’s what we did. It was a huge, epic, [and] really enjoyable to film and it looks great. It was a big kerfuffle that it all came down to.

TVLINE | Highly choreographed?
Yeah man, and it looks great, but let me assure you: The first seven run-throughs were like two drunken black bears at the circus clumsily mauling each other by accident. It was not the prettiest thing. I kneed Sasha Roiz in the face, hard… and he, like, horse-kicked me with his size whatever dress shoe and I had this bruise. It looked like I got kicked by a giraffe. You know how they have that powerful kick? It was huge. A huge bruise from my knee to my — yeah, it was bad.

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TVLINE | At one point you hit him and you can tell that he’s at least part Wesen – which is something Nick didn’t know before.
Yeah. That’s a big reveal. He’s always had the goods on me, and now I have the goods on him. We both know about each other and we work with each other, but he trusts me about as much as I trust him – which is not much.

TVLINE | He’s seen the inner sanctum now. He’s been in the trailer.
He’s seen it all. Here’s the thing: We’re going to have big enemies to fight and we don’t necessarily like each other, but we equally need to dislike the same people. So our relationship’s going to be one of those we-have-the-same-enemies relationships, but we’re not friends.

TVLINE | Somehow, his shirt didn’t come off during the fight.
That man has been shirtless so much… Astonishingly, his clothing stayed on during the fight.

TVLINE | Rosalee mixes up a potion for you. It looks disgusting, by the way.
It’s [so] grotesque – it’s somewhere between Go-Gurt and human eye, what I drank. I don’t know what it is, but it does not taste good. I think it was dairy-based in some very far away way. But it was the gross potion I drank to reverse the spell, in a way… It’s the potion that [Renard] drank when he ripped his shirt off – though I don’t rip my shirt off.

TVLINE | Assuming that Nick survives this episode, will he have to be around Juliette and Renard having residual feelings?
You’ll have to watch on that one. I don’t think I can say that.

What did you think of Grimm’s long-awaited return? Vote in the poll below, then back up your choice in the comments!

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  1. Nick says:

    Only watched the pilot, but it seems like people really like it…perhaps I should catch up

    • iMember says:

      Definitely watch it! The first half is entertaining, but the second half of the first season (and all of the second season) is where it really hits its stride. It’s like Buffy in that sense. Buffy fans will actually really enjoy this. I do!

    • I’d recommend it. I was really ambivalent for the first few eps but then suddenly I loved it. Grimm is a show that took a while to come together but when it did, it really popped.

    • TVDIVA says:

      Give it a try. I like it better than Supernatural, which is a long time fave of mine.

    • Bob says:

      You’ll really like the show. Toughest thing for the last year or so was trying to decide whether to watch Fringe or Grimm live on Friday night. That really wasn’t fair of NBC and Fox. Of course, that’s moot now that Fringe is gone.

      • Anika says:

        I had the same problem when Grimm premiered first. I was an avid Fringe fan so I chose to DVR Grimm. Then each episode got better and better that by season 2 start, Fringe ended up on the DVR list. Grimm is one of the best shows on tv.

    • Definitely watch it. I imagine Netflix has Season 1. This is one of my favorite shows. So different than the others and such a great twist on fairy tales!

  2. Nick says:

    Nothing about how Adalind is pregnant???

    • Ashley says:

      so much for the ‘showdown’…….. Nick and Renard teaming up will be interesting to see good to see rosalee back and as usual monore continues to crack jokes which i LOVE he’s awesome! juliette needs to go can’t stand her and the last part of adalind being pregers is RENARD THE FATHER???? that crazy bitch. THIS WAS A GREAT COME BACK EPISODE !

    • brb123 says:

      That was the worst part of the episode for me and the reason why I graded it B instead of A.

  3. Sarah says:

    Ok so stupid DVR cut off the little ending. All I saw was a Vienna, Austria caption. Can anybody fill me in on what happened there?

  4. Christa says:

    yep that is how everyone in portland figures things out… or they just see who has the longest beard or maybe the most plaid shirts ;)

  5. Alichat says:

    THANK GOOOOOOOOD that Renard and Juliette mess is ending!

    • Seconded. Did not enjoy that storyline at all. Icky.

    • Jack says:

      Third! I understand why they went there but I did not like it at all and I’m glad it is almost over!

      • Jenn says:

        FOURTH! It was getting old and I was starting to worry they were going to make it a long term thing. Which would have made me very upset.

        • Bill says:

          Make that fifth! I am so ready for those two to stop being in heat around each other all the time. Break the damn spell already! Get back to Juliette having the hots for Nick again, learn the “Grimm truth” and join Monroe, Rosalee, and Hank in helping Nick do battle with the evil Wessen in Portland.

  6. JC says:

    Monroe was so damn funny in this episode

    • M says:

      Yes. His response to hearing that Nick’s mom killed Momma Hexenbiest was awesome. I also was cracking up at Juliette’s response to finding Nick and Renard on her door step. Her irritated apathy was great.

      • Lana says:

        My husband and I really cracked up at Juliette’s response you could tell she was really getting tired of how she was responding to Renard and what was going on and she wasn’t understanding any of it. I do like her alot. Plus she is a Vet. what more can you ask for. So glad Rosalee is back and can make Monroe happy again, love him. We are soo happy that Grimm is back!!

  7. Dreamrose says:

    The only thing I didn’t like about the episode was that Nick hid the key in an unlocked drawer of his own desk at the precinct. Come on, even his pocket was a better place to keep it! Of course, Renard had to get his hands on it somehow, so we could have that wonderful confrontation at the cabin in the woods…

    • KCC says:

      His desk drawer was actually the last place someone would look for it. It’s kinda like hiding it in plain sight. If Renard hadn’t seen him reaching for it in the drawer, he would not have thought to look there. Keeping it on his person is too risky, in case he gets captured in and searched. And, the cabin or his house were also obvious hiding places. The drawer was a good hiding place.

      • Dreamrose says:

        Maybe I’m just annoyed Nick didn’t even lock the drawer? Had he done so, Renard would have had a much more difficult time getting at it in public view without drawing attention. (Though, he did so anyway, in the form of Hank.) Ah, well; in the grand scheme of things, it’s a passing issue.

        Anyway, I actually enjoyed this episode a great deal – we got some clear, unambiguous behavior out of Renard and learned some interesting tidbits, such as his (uneasy) alliance with the Laufer resistance movement. He also placed himself squarely in opposition to the Verrat with his outright lie about possessing the key and returning it to Nick.

        • Tamim says:

          I think part of Nick’s lack of militant-serious protection of the key is that, while he knows it’s important somehow, he still doesn’t fully get just how serious or far-reaching some of this Grimm stuff really is. It’s a key – how freakin’ special can a simply key be? The desk, in the middle of a Police Station with guards and cameras and stuff, probably seemed like a very safe place. The Wessen stuff and even some the Hexen stuff could almost be explained through science and biology – every now and then I get the feeling that Nick just doesn’t WANT to believe the magic parts, even though he faces them everyday. Poor Monroe, there are times that he tells Nick something and Nick has a “Yeah, right,” look and Monroe realizes this and has a reactionary, “Oh Crap!” look because he knows Nick is going to get into trouble. If someone handed you a key and said it could destroy the world (an no, it’s not the key to a red button that launches all nukes) would you believe it right away? I think Nick finally getting to know more about Renard will help him start taking things more serious.

    • Bob says:

      The best place to hide anything is in “plain sight”. Last place anyone thinks of.

  8. Chrystal says:

    It was awesome!!! Love this show! I’ve been waiting not-so-patiently for months for its return. It’s one of, if not the, best shows on right now. If you haven’t been watching catch up on Hulu or something. You won’t regret it. I love Nick but Monroe is my favorite character. And for those wondering about how Adalind got pregnant, hello! She slept with Renerd. He’s royalty so, yeah, she wanted to get pregnant.

    • Dreamrose says:

      I rather doubt Renard is the father of that baby – home pregnancy tests take several weeks of pregnancy to be effective. Adalind only had sex with Renard a few days ago at the most. I’m more likely to believe that the father of the child is Renard’s brother Eric. She has *definite* motive to carry his child: keeping herself alive. Adalind would have leverage over him with that baby. The Royals, after all, seem to take bloodlines and lineage and whatnot very seriously. That’s not to say she couldn’t lie about the paternity of the child depending on to whom she’s speaking. She might attempt to manipulate Renard into thinking it’s his. I would be completely unsurprised if she did this at some point.

      • Tammy says:

        your assuming pregnancy will be 9 months like a human vs who knows what for a wesen

        • Dreamrose says:

          You’re right, I am making assumptions; however, given that Adalind was de-Hexened by Nick, she now counts as human. I’m sticking with my original conclusion (that the baby is NOT Renard’s) until other convincing evidence is presented to contradict it.

  9. kirads09 says:

    “Shirtless rage” Renard and Monroe are the ones who make this show for me.

  10. Chester says:

    Check out those poll results. When have we ever seen such a resounding thumbs up for an episode of television. I thought it was spectacular.

  11. sonya says:

    Are you kidding me I would do Renard any day…sorry Nick.

    • Shannon says:

      Exactly! Nick is very good looking but compared to Renard who is tall, hunky, and also speaks fluent French…… Nick doesn’t stand a chance!!!

      • blancaster60 says:

        Sorry ladies, but as a heterosexual male, my dislike of the whole Renard/Juliette spell induced lust sub-plot has nothing to do with how hot Renard or Nick happens to be. I’m just tired of seeing a good guy like Nick have his heart ripped out by his former girlfriend and boss. End the damn spell already!

  12. Wow says:

    One of the highlights of watching Grimm last night, was checking out the extended preview of HANNIBAL. Looks good, i was impressed!

  13. Jennifer says:

    This episode completely ROCKED!! Loved the Renard/Nick fight scene! Never thought I’d say this given all I’ve heard about it but I loved the “love scene” between Juliet and the Captain. The only part that seemed predictable was the scene at the end with Adalind. I think she (eeeewwwww and big YUCK) probably slept with Renard, who is WAY to hot for the women on this show, to make it look like she was pregnant with his baby. My only other complaint is NBC screwed alot of viewers over making us wait for this episode.

  14. K. says:

    Hope I’m not the only one but Juliette has got to go, her character is just nothing for me. They need her to find out about everything, can’t handle it and leave or just kill her off. If not Nick will have to keep saving her all the time and that gets old….

    • Huskygrl says:

      I’ve got to agree about Juliette, she really hasn’t made herself very worthy of all his rescues has she? And I think it would be much more fun watching Nick as a free agent. Imagine him speed dating! In my opinion the only thing wrong with the episode was that both the guys should have lost their shirts in that fight. Team Nick all the way!

    • tvdiva says:

      I hate that the showrunners and writers waste Juliette as a character on the show. She is a vet for goodness sake and she could be helping in the Grimm work by creating a database of all the different supernaturals Nick has met or will meet, etc. If that trailer burns down, there will be no weapons or information to use. I blame the showrunners and writers for making Juliette useless.

  15. K. says:

    Forgot to say also that everything and everyone else was great last night on the show!

  16. rachelle says:

    Adalind. God, I hate her. And now she’s pregnant?? Maybe I’m dumb, but is it possibly with Renard’s baby? Do Wesens [or part-Wesens] take less time to get someone pregnant than humans?

    • TVDIVA says:

      I am wondering if it is Renard’s baby or his brothers? I think she just wanted to be pregnant by a royal so that is her playing card for not getting killed. Renard is considered a bastard of royalty, so I am not sure his baby would have as much leverage as Eric’s would in the royal family. Gonna be interesting to see if the pregnancy makes it to full term.

  17. Pepper says:

    If there had been music playing during Juliette and Renard’s mating dance, it would’ve been like Pink’s Try.

  18. Shara says:

    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Grimm!!! YAY!!! I missed this show when it was off air for so long and was REALLY looking forward to the return. This episode did not disappoint.

  19. Partisan says:

    Have to agree, I’m on the get rid of juliette bandwagon. She was annoying as the clueless girlfriend and now just….ICK!

    Kill her, have her leave, put her back in a coma, I don’t care. Just get rid of her and this show could be really good. As it is every time she comes on screen its just stalls. At least for me.

  20. Rusty says:

    I also enjoyed the new show. I have questions and hope the coming episodes answer them. I have watched all the shows but still don’t understand the “Royals”? Just what are they and how do they pertain to the other creatures? Juliette is a good as the clueless girlfriend. However, it is getting old. The next couple of episodes will show whether or not she is going to continue to be clueless or is she going to be an asset? I think she will be the one, once she understands everything, to get Renard and Nick to work together for their mutual safety. She will also be an asset in possibly treating the creatures with the help of Roselee. Lots of future storylines there.

    • Bob says:

      There’s not a lot on the Royals because the show hasn’t exposed much about them. If I had to guess, they’re like any other Royal families (there are 7 on the show) in the real world. They want power and money, most likely. The show has said that sometimes Grimms (and Wesen) work for them, as it sort of appears Nick will be doing with Renard for the rest of this season.

  21. MaryAnn says:

    My favorite characters on the show are Monroe and Rosalee, and I love that they are in love.

    As for Nick and Juliette, I hope they move on now and include her in the ones who know Nick’s secret. She knows very unusual things exist now, after this compulsion with Rendard. I think that this opens it up for her to “get it” — especially depending on what she sees happen to Nick now that he has drunk the potion.

    • blancaster60 says:

      My sentiments exactly, MarryAnn. Love the chemistry between Monroe and Rosalee. As for the uncontrollable lust between Juliette and Renard, I am SO ready for that sub-plot to end. Juliette fighting evil Wessen alongside her boyfriend (finacee, hopefully in the near future), Monroe, Rosalee and Hank would be a great way to develop that character.

    • SK says:

      I do hope Juliette will “get it” now as you said. She didn’t want to believe Nick even when she saw the trailer. She thought he was crazy. That’s the part I didn’t like about her. She knew there was something up and when he showed her, she thought he was crazy and got mad.

  22. Mikael says:

    I’m wondering that if Adalind’s baby is Renard’s, it would be part Hexenbeist and maybe Adalind would get her powers back to an extent while she’s pregnant, via the baby. I don’t know, I’m just thinking of ways that Adalind can get her beist back on, because without her powers, she’s going to get boring fast and I do like her. Juliette, on the other hand…GOTTA GO.

    • blancaster60 says:

      Agree with you about Adalind. She’s more fun to watch when she has her claws out, so to speak. As for Juliette, I guess I’m the eternal optimist, but I still see potential for that character. First, they need to bring her out of the spell. The whole “can’t keep my pants on around Renard” routine has really run its course for me. Second, have her learn the truth about her ex-boyfriend ( hopefully, soon be her fiancee) and join him, Monroe, Rosalee and Hank in doing battle with the two-legged beasts of Portland. After watching the rough sex scene between her and Renard,, I got the feeling that Juliette could be a real bada** instead of the whiney “what’s wrong with me” nut job she is currently portraying.

  23. Miss Dragon says:

    So looking forward to Grimm coming back on UK screens!

  24. MKRA D says:

    Please, Please, Please kill off the Juliette character. It”s to the point of fast-forwarding when she is on the screen. She is beyond redemption.

    • blancaster60 says:

      Call me an eternal optimist, but I still think Juliette can be a positive character on Grimm. First, have her get her memory back and fast, and then accept Nick’s marriage proposal. Second, learn the truth about Nick’s Wessen fighting ways and become a member of his “team.” I have hated the whole Juliette/Renard sex crazy spell sub-plot and seeing them drool all over themselves every time they are within ten feet of each other. It has more than run its course.

      Juliette can be a fighter instead of a whiner. She has proven that. They just need to retool that character some and I think she will become more likable to a lot of fans.

    • John says:

      Yes yes yes yes YES! Please kill off Juliette she is SOOOOOO OBNOXIOUS she just annoys me and I want her out of this show the storyline is focusing on her too much she was barely a part of it in the beginning GET JULIETTE OUT OF MY SHOW!

      Just saying… It’s March 2015 and the sight of Juliette’s face is enough to make me want to retch. So much plastic surgery. She’s been starving herself. SHE LOOKS BETTER AS A HEXENBIEST THAN WHEN SHES A HUMAN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

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  27. Lee says:

    Grimm is by far the best tv programme I’ve seen for ages, the cast the settings the story lines are all fantastic. I hope it continues for a long long time.