Glee Recap: All the Right Movies [Updated]

glee diamonds are a girls best friend material girl“This is like the third act in the movie where the heartbroken guy chases through the crowded city streets to win his girl back. And then he does some big romantic gesture and the music swells and the crowd applauds and their eyes well up with tears. And then she’ll take you back. That’s just the way it works.”

So spoke Glee‘s Finn Hudson, passionately advocating that his mentor Will Schuester track down his runaway fiancée, club her over the head and drag her back to the cave.

Okay, maybe all Finn wanted Schue to do was give a Say Anything-style musical performance — boom box overhead, belting “In Your Eyes” — till the ginger-haired guidance counselor found herself unable to resist the entreaty.

But things don’t always work out like they do in the movies, or at least not in the small-screen world of McKinley High. Here’s what went down on a movie-music-themed episode that was packed with performances:

* Still reeling from Emma leaving him at the altar, but bolstered by Finn’s pep talk, Will sought out his runaway bride and tried to woo her back with a serenade aided (perhaps a litte dubiously) by the kids of New Directions. Emma, though, feeling like she didn’t really know the man who came back from his trip to Washington, D.C. — and the Blue Ribbon Panel for Arts Education — wasn’t quite ready to put a ring on it. The duo instead settled for a Friday-night movie date to start rebuilding their relationship. Oh, and when Finn finally confessed to kissing Emma — she was right, bee tee dubs, when she told him to keep his trap shut — Schue gave him an ice-cold glare and silently walked away.

* Snowed in inside their Brooklyn apartment, Santana picked at Rachel and Kurt’s emotional scabs and insecurities (after doing a thorough rummaging of their pockets, drawers and garbage cans). Santana’s probing made Kurt’s new beaux Adam realize Kurt wasn’t yet over Blaine, but it didn’t deter the upperclassman, only made him more resolved to create their own memories and not be viewed as a rebound guy. (That’s gonna be an uphill battle…but good for him anyway!) Santana also got Rachel stressing that Brody (stuck in Manhattan due to the storm) might be a drug dealer. How else to explain the presence of $1,500 in cash and a pager? Yep, a pager? (I’m still betting dude’s an escort.) In the episode’s most emotional scene, Santana also got Rachel to confess that her home pregnancy test had come up positive. I wish we’d seen a little more of the intense interaction between these two gal pals, and maybe a little less of the Marley-Jake relationship drama. Is it just me?

* Finally, the kids of New Directions had a boys-vs-girls movie songs mashup showdown — and both sides were declared the winners. During a session at the potter’s wheel, meanwhile, Marley confessed to Jake that Ryder had kissed her — and she’d let him — causing the younger Puckerman brother to storm out of the room without even washing the clay off his hands! Eww.

Grades for This Week’s Musical Performances
Will & Emma: “You’re All The World To Me” | Grade: A-

Blaine, Brittany and New Directions, “Shout” | Grade: A-

Blaine & Kurt, “Come What May” | Grade: A

Guys of New Directions, “Old Time Rock And Roll”/”Danger Zone” | Grade: B+

Unique, Marley and the ladies of New Directions, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”/ “Material Girl” | Grade: C

Will, “In Your Eyes” | Grade: B

Jake & Ryder, “Unchained Melody” | Grade: C+

New Directions, “Footloose” | Grade: B-

Episode’s Best Zingers
“You don’t get dibs on Les Mis just because you’re the poster.” –Kitty to Marley, after will announces the week’s “songs from the movies” assignment

“He smelled all talcum-y, like a Cabbage Patch doll.” –Santana, describing her initial impression of Brody

“Boys are like lumps of coal: They’re dirty and cheap and they get hot when they’re rubbed. And some turn into diamonds. So collect as many as you can.” –Kitty advising Marley on her Jake-Ryder dilemma

“[The shower is] where he’ll be for the next hour, scrubbing the drug shame off his frictionless body.” –Santana, airing more suspicions about the source of Brody’s money

And with that, I turn things over to you: Hit the comments with your thoughts on “Girls (and Boys) on Film”!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amy says:

    Can’t believe you didn’t put that line by Emma’s dad about how stupidly Glee portrays the college application process (the decide to apply like a week before graduation, when really you do most of the college prep in junior year) i love when this show points out how ridiculous it is.

  2. alex says:

    I really liked the New York parts of this episode. They were pretty funny. Especially Santana. I died laughing when Santana was imitating Brody and pretending to snort coke. And I thought the Kurt and Adam scenes were pretty cute. I didn’t like any of the songs in this episode though.

  3. Patrick says:

    Glee is getting soooooo boring!!! Marley’s so stupid, always trusting Kitty.. Wade’s gotta go…

  4. Steph says:

    While I enjoyed the episode a good bit, I, too, much preferred the NYC locale. Esp w Santana spicing up the mix and Adam warming up the winter for Kurt…or at least having the sun peek from behind the clouds. Love the catty yet caring exchanges. “It’s Moulin Rouge, bitches-!” And Santana’s retort was priceless. NYC wins the zinger award, hands-down.

    I was pleased that Kitty finally ‘fessed up to Marley, but then the whole subject was dropped. That was the first time that Kitty’s been somewhat positive though still catty. Mostly, the newbies don’t engage me. WUnique is fun and sings great (they all sing well); Marley does well IN SONGS with both WUnique & Kitty, but is pretty bland otherwise. Most of the newbies are way too vanilla to engage me.

    Plus, the original cast is just amazing. Their talents, their chemistry – the whole package. I would SO much love to have Mike, Mercedes – & Artie & Blaine when they (don’t?) graduate – go to NYC. Quinn can come up from New Haven to visit and Finn/Puck can go to NYC to play. Or, in light of the Feud w Mr Shue, Finn can go to NYC, but not w/o a dream or goal.

    The songs were great, as were the scenes for said songs. I would have graded Diamonds a B (B+ w different shade dresses). Come What May was amazingly well done by both Criss & Colfer (as always), as was the envelope for the scene, back in the loft (contacts??).

  5. James says:

    I have to say this. GLEE musically is not going down without a fight. The top was definitely the “Come What May” number with Klaine. But I agree, enough is enough. If we’re going to continue to be into GLEE, it’s the main cast and COUPLES that interest me. There was a lot of moving the story forward last night, but no resolutions of anything. For the record, I liked the “Unchained Melody” duet between Ryder/Jake. And it’s obvious there are limits being pushed here, for one, the writers do not know what to do with their assortment of characters especially Wade/Unique. Musically, they have her nailed, but as a character, not even in the ball park. The problems with GLEE are not the music or the characters (except one or two that shouldn’t be there anymore), but the overall stories. I’m done with GLEE as must see TV, but I still watch and hope it stays on, especially with that kind of talent.

  6. Emily says:

    Did no one catch the best line of the night? “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” If you get it, +1 for you.

  7. Mandy says:

    Always enjoy the comment-drama on this site; much appreciation to all who contributed.

    Three subtle things I haven’t seen mentioned yet: 1) The moment when Marley–as Jake walked off–was trying to figure out what to do with her hands since they were covered with clay. It seemed to epitomize the entire triangle, in both its innocence/awkwardness. Great image. 2) While you can justifiably hate on Ryder as much as you want [though I am not as ‘against’ the newbies as most of the commenters], you have to give it to him for making the most of background shots. From throwing the chair after the “tie” announcement to his ability to find hilarious things to do during songs, he’s definitely doing whatever he can to make the most of his time on Glee.

    And 3) Will/Finn’s relationship is hard to watch. While they have spent the past two months trying to raise Finn up in his maturity-status to be an equal of Will, in last night’s episode the bandaid was ripped off to reveal what we already knew: one adult, one kid. Yet Will’s reaction treated Finn as if he was an adult, whereas we all have seen differently. This could be resolved [totally understandable for there to be heat immediately after the confession] next episode, but I hated the way they handled it. A hug would have made more sense, or a lecture about thinking before you act/growing up. But not the icy staredown; the writers slipped a bit on that one.

  8. gleek89 says:

    This was a strong episode, albeit with too many songs. The NY side was much more interesting than Lima and I really hope the rumors I hear about this season ending in a cliffhanger with the seniors not graduating are false. That would be terrible. I liked all of the songs except for the girls mashup–> the vocals were fine but I did not like the songs or the arrangement. I loved CWM, beautifully sung and acted by Chris and Darren with tangible chemistry. I do think that they need to spread out the songs more for the guys at Mckinley; the guys are more talented singers than ever before and they should showcase them more. Blaine should have more background rather than pointless singing. I would like to know more about his family and relationship with his parents if they want to make us invested in him as a character. Otherwise people will just continue to hate him. I do like Adam (Oliver is a great actor) and I would like Kurt and Adam to continue their relationship. If they want Klaine to be endgame I would like to be convinced that the characters have matured and really want this. Sidenote: I do think Kadam has chemistry, especially in Sadie Hawkins where Adam compliments Kurt on his dancing. I think in this episode Kurt is unsure and draws away from Adam during their scene and that may be why people think they have no chemistry. I loved Santana in this and can’t wait until she confronts Brody. Cory M and Matthew M killed their scenes, their acting was amazing. I did not care too much for the newbies though I do find Kitty hilarious. All in all, this fourth season is better than the third season and I am happy for that!! :)

  9. soulllkarma says:

    Oh, one last thing about comparing Kevin and Darren’s singing voices. Absolutely, Kevin is the better technical singer in that he can do more things with his voice, i.e. complex melismas and runs that Darren cannot do. Kevin can also belt and his singing range is higher but he tends to sound nasally when he sings in his upper register. I prefer Darren’s voice because it has a beautiful tone to it and it sounds very smooth. However, he can sound breathy/weak at times and cannot belt as well as Kevin. I think in the end people will have their own opinions as to who they prefer (and Kevin is charismatic and funny too!), I personally prefer Darren’s voice to Kevin.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      You can have your preference, but people need to stop saying things like “Darren has the best male voice”, because he doesn’t. Technically, he’s one of the weakest in the cast, and anyone who says he’s one of the best just comes off as not knowing what they’re talking about.

      • soulllkarma says:

        Well, they can have their own opinion of who has the best voice. If people think he is the best, than that is their opinion and you can disagree but you can’t change it.

  10. Para says:

    Why do ppl hate Blaine… And btw you all know that Blaine will end with Kurt so why shouldn’t Blaine go to New York!

  11. Angie says:

    When no ‘the alumni ‘ are strongly featured, Glee is ok. When I watch the scenes with th alumni, I enjoy Glee a lot more. If the current club members. Had been the original cast, I don’t think the show would’ve been a hit

  12. Hyde says:

    Glee is stretching itself too thin with so many storylines going on at once. People aren’t digging the new characters because they aren’t being given enough screentime for us to get invested in them. The original Glee cast was compelling because we were allowed to fall for them. The new cast gets maybe 5 minutes of time per episode for us to identify with their characters. Ryan and crew should have just followed the original cast to college or just dumped the originals one graduation at a time and brought on new ones to replace the old. (leaning towards the latter since the show is called Glee and not NYATA)

  13. 80s says:

    “maybe a little less of the Marley-Jake relationship drama. Is it just me?” You know, I was inclined to agree with you before, but I’ve come to realize that the show should be about the Glee club. It’s just going to get messier and messier as they try to fit in graduating characters year after year. But at the same time, I can’t live without my occasional Lea Michele ballad. I’m so conflicted!

  14. Crabapple says:

    The video recap kept calling Ryder Ryan – figured I’d point that out in case someone from TVLine would note it and maybe change it for the next time.

  15. Kobe Busia says:

    I watched this episode last night and I had fun, and got really invested in it. The New York side of things were short for sure, but even so, it was still compelling, especially since Naya Rivera was back as Santana, with her cunning, perceptive, and on-the-move type personality, and the scene where she confronted Rachel about her possible pregnancy was truly touching; it shows that Santana has a good heart and can be a great friend to Rachel. I know we saw more of Mckinley, but even so, that’s not really a problem. I think the story lines for this episode overshadowed the music overall, and that’s rare for a Glee episode to do. I loved how Finn convinced Will to go find Emma and sort things out with her, and they agreed to get to know each other all over again. As touching as that scene is, it kinda comes off as repetitive, thus prolonging Will Schuester’s guide to a 2nd chance at happiness, and the scene where Finn admitted that he kissed Emma, kinda had me scared, thinking Will would punch him, but he didn’t. As for the suspicion of Brody being a drug dealer, I’d like to believe Santana, but I’d rather see some more evidence building up to that moment. Now as for the music, there were only 3 songs I liked: “Footloose”, “Danger Zone/Old Time Rock’N’Roll” mashup, and Blaine and Kurt’s dream duet, which is a great and sweet reminder of how dynamic their relationship was. Also, I’m glad that Marley was honest with Jake about how Ryder kissed her in the previous episode, so I wonder how Jake’s gonna confront Ryder about it. Now I wanna tell you guys that just because Glee splits its screen time between Ohio and New York, doesn’t mean it’s becoming bad. I actually enjoy the new characters, and I think they are interesting enough to be kept on the show. Glee is not losing its life, it has potential, and there’s still some life and energy running through it. Overall, I enjoyed this episode, and you know what? I believe that through season 4, Glee is rediscovering itself, and redefining itself for what it was before, and trying to retain it’s true identity as a TV show. 8/10