Smash Recap: Frailty, Thy Name Is Woman?

smash season 2 karen jimmyPaging Gloria Steinem: The women of Smash need your help!

Julia, an accomplished playwright with multiple Broadway successes, has devolved into a bumbling ball of insecurities, so uncertain in her work that she has absolutely no idea if her new male writing partner has helped her discover a genius inner voice or is actively sabotaging her (¡even after a full read-through of her latest draft!).

Karen, an ingenue on the brink of staggering overnight success, has begun to sour on the prospects of continuing in the lead role of a multi-million-dollar musical — her loyalties now beginning to align with the promiscuous, possibly drug-addicted and deeply unpleasant amateur Brooklyn songwriter whose infrequent phone calls she desperately waits to receive.

Even Eileen, the ferocious producer who used to wield her martinis as weapons, now spends her afternoons fruitlessly trying to arrange prison visits with the felon boyfriend who’s told the warden he doesn’t want to see her anymore.

Who are these women? And how do we get their mojo back? Maybe they need to spend more time hanging with plucky Ivy Lynn, who this week was the only person in the cast or crew of the new musical Liaisons to tell her Hollywood actor costar that the show is a drama, not a broad comedy.

Anyhow, let’s cut to this week’s key plot developments:

A TALE OF TWO BOMBSHELLS | Julia returned from a writing spree in the Berkshires with the hot dramaturg dude, ready for a make-or-break read-through with new producer Jerry. But when she caught wind of some gossip that Peter had backstabbed a former client and then gotten his own version of a script produced, she began to doubt everything. Was her brilliant new book any good at all? Right before the reading, Tom warned her that “if it’s bad, it’s over,” but Julia — no longer able to tell brilliance from pablum — replied, “If I don’t hear it, I’ll never know.” What the what? Turns out Peter was on Julia’s side all along, and the new book wowed Derek, Jerry and everyone in the room. But wait! The new book turned out to be too good to be a commercial success, Jerry said. He and Tom voted to use an old version of the script — the one from Marilyn’s P.O.V. — while Derek and Julia lobbied for the new story of the men who made Marilyn what she was. Eileen somehow got the tiebreak vote — despite a court order barring her from being involved in the show — and the episode ended with a cliffhanger as she was about to render her verdict.

THE BOOK THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN WRITTEN | Karen, meanwhile, set up a read-through of icky love interest Jimmy and his gay bestie Kyle’s musical, The Hit List, as Derek had secured them a spot to perform the first act of it at Fringe Fest. Karen’s buddies (yay for the return of Bobby and Jessica!) volunteered to participate, but turns out Kyle’s writing was an amateurish mess. See! Not everyone has Jimmy’s natural brilliance! (Insert gagging sound here.) Karen and her roommate advised the guys to cut all the dialogue, fill in the blanks with new songs from Jimmy, and keep their date with Fringe. And while Karen’s roomie warned Jimmy to keep things professional, and not toy with Karen’s affections, a really awful musical number in which Karen sang Death Cab for Cutie’s “Some Boys” while mooning away and being pushed around like a prop indicates that the show is going to continue this ill-advised love story. (Also, should we talk about Karen’s hideous floral jacket? Did she get it from Julia when the playwright was cleaning out her closet?)

COMEDY MEETS DRAMA | Finally, as mentioned above, Liaisons‘ new star, Terry Falls (a Jim Carrey type played by Sean Hayes), arrived a week late for rehearsals and then tried to play the show as a silly comedy. After Ivy Lynn helped the bold-faced name face his fear of trying something new, he decided to go off all his meds — “I’ve neen in a 20-year haze of psychopharmaceuticals!” he shouted crazily — and really dive into the feeling of feelings. Is this how Liaisons will collapse, so Ivy Lynn can fulfill her destiny as Marilyn, while Karen heads to stardom via The Hit List? Time will tell — if Smash manages to complete its second season, anyway.

What did you think of this week’s Smash? Are you bugged by the show’s treatement of its female characters? And how about that nifty new number Public Relations? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Steve says:

    Jimmy is TERRIBLE! I can’t blame him on killing the show – but boy he sure isn’t helping. I’m going to miss Smash, but this season has been pretty awful and not making much sense.

    • Maggie says:

      Jeremy Jordan deserves to be introduced to audiences in a better role than this. I’m glad we’ve gotten to hear him sing, but the character’s sour attitude makes the scenes he’s in uncomfortable to watch. Give me more of Bobby’s snarky comments, I’ve missed seeing him!!

    • Gillian says:

      Agreed. The show is just boring now and has lost its’ magic. Even the new Bombshell song last night paled in comparison from last year’s music.I love Jack Davenport and hope he returns to the small screen soon. Such a shame that the new writers have completely ruined an amazing show.

    • Jules says:

      Agreed. Jeremy Jordan is a real talent but, this role is horrific.

    • Kate says:

      I thought he dialed back his characters un-likeability quite a bit last night and thought he was starting to show potential in his role.

      • Danielle H. says:

        I think he tried.. but to date he’s the most annoying and hated character on the show, for me. I know some people loathe Ellis more, but I realllllllllly hate Jimmy and he has zero chemistry w/ Karen.

  2. susela says:

    Jimmy is more unlikable than Ellis, but less fun to dislike. A terribly misconceived role.

  3. Josh says:

    Can Megan HIlty get cast in something else now? She is the only reason I’m still tuning in and sadly, we are’t even getting to here her song. This show is plummeting in more than just ratings. As bad as it was last season, it was at least fun to watch bad. This season it’s just trying so hard that to be serious and brooding that there are only two characters left who I like(ivy and Tom) and I’m not going to lie, I miss some of Ivy’s edge. Hilty is doing just fine i playing the good Ivy(loved every scene of her this season) but I loved that Ivy wasn’t some “Perfect Little Karen” nice girl…

    So yeah, I think overall Safaran might have made the quality of the writing rise every so slightly, but overall the direction he’s going(The destruction of the female characters, Hit List, Jimmy, Karen throwing away her chance at stardom for a man) is just horrible…I guess the Gossip Girls fans were right..

    • Lisa says:

      You are reading my mind. Megan Hillty is so multi-talented. It makes it hard to suspend the belief that “Karen” would beat out “Ivy” for a role. We had two Karen songs (I fast forwarded through) and none from Ivy. They are making Ivy a secondary character. Megan’s few minutes of screen time were the highlight of the show.

      • kn says:

        I disagree with this. Ivy makes a great Marilyn but so does Karen imo, and I loved her performance of Public Relations. I enjoy watching all the talent on this show. Why does it always have to be some sort of competition!!

        • dan says:

          This is not a criticism of Karen or Kat McPhee, but did you listen to the lyrics of Public Relations? Incredibly stupid and not as clever as the songs written last year. The production was campy and fun to watch, and it was great to have Tom imagine himself as so many different people in the dance number, but the song itself was terrible. I agree that the writing is better this year, however the show has lost the fun, campy vibe that made it interesting to watch (even when rolling the eyes back into the head). This year is just dull and the rest of the season was clearly telegraphed through the previews for next week’s show (Karen picks Hit List over Bombshell, Derek quits and goes to Hit List, Ivy leaves Liaisons and rejoins Bombshell, Tom is new director of Bombshell, Karen and Ivy both get nominated for Tony’s and Rosie O’Donnell is a guest star on the Tony’s episdoe which will most likely be the series finale). Can NBC pay me now that I’ve written out the oh-so-obvious plot for the rest of season two?

          • thank you for taking the words out of my mouth. If by some miricle this isn’t the plot for the rest of the season I’ll be shocked. They’ve telegraphed these plots so much it’s pathetic.

          • Josh says:

            Wow…there is no way that is happening…especially if Hit List gets made so quick, given how much Bombshell had to go through. Unless we get a time jump.

            Ergh if Karen beats Ivy for a Tony this show will be the worst.

          • Lisa says:

            That was my plot for the rest of the season when I saw the preview last night. Your post highlighted one of my problems last night. Tom always envisioned Ivy in the part of Marilyn. It went against his character to suddenly see Karen in the role.

        • Lisa says:

          I used to like the character of Karen and I do like Katherine McPhee. I don’t like how they changed her character. She opens in Boston and suddenly goes from the talented, struggling artist to being on the creative team and established professionals like Derek, Tom and Ronnie dropping everything for Billy on Karen’s recommendation. Karen is still a newbie but that has been forgotten in season 2.

  4. Josh says:

    I don’t think they” shut production down on Smash right? Or is it over already. I’d like to at least see the storylines finish.

    • Percysowner says:

      I think they just shot the finale and rumor has it that they retooled the ending enough that it could work as a series ender. Considering the ratings are horrendous, that was a good call.

      • AB says:

        They were still filming by my job last Thursday

      • squirrel says:

        They’re filming the final episode this week apparently. I can definitely see them giving it an ending that would serve as a series finale. I’d like the story to end with a nice Karen/Ivy scene I think :)

        • dan says:

          Rosie O’Donnell tweeted that she is guest starring on the episode filming this week which is the Tony awards episode/season finale/likely series finale.

          • Josh says:

            Ergh it just better not be Ivy vs Karen. The way this show goes Karen will win the award but not before the presenter stops to talk about “A rare find…one of the best singers and actresses…beautiful inside out…and her man Jimmy…he might be an emotional abusive drug addict but man what a great guy!”

    • Karen Minor says:

      I think all cancelled shows should be required to film a 2 hour ending so that we have some closure with the storylines and characters. At least the dramas. Maybe silly I know but I sure would have liked to see what happened to the pregnant new reporter who was shot and went into the water with the aliens…..or what happened with Nim and the little boy and the people with them when the Eastern seaboard was flooded. Does anyone else agree or do you even know what I’m talking about? LOL. I just hate not knowing what was intended.

  5. George says:

    At least last season it was fun to “hate watch” this show. Now it’s just plain bad :(

  6. J says:

    Hate-watch is such a stupid thing to say, you obviously liked it if you watched it. This is a good show, what is happening right now is a really simple concept, the show didn’t get confusing. There are just different musicals now and different story-lines. It can’t be about Marilyn all the time. I love all of these characters, they all add something to the show. McPhee’s “Public Relations” was fabulous as was “Some Boys”. Megan sings for Liasons next week. It’s a shame to not see this show get higher ratings, because I think it’s great.

    • Cara says:

      I love it, too, J! Sure, I hate the Jimmy storyline, but at least his songs are good. The rest is great fun. I love the concept of having to choose between a mediocre hit Bombshell and a highbrow money-loser Bombshell.. I was thinking last week that Julia’s new idea sounded like a show that would be admired more than loved…Broadway audiences want to feel big emotion (think Rent, Les Mis, etc), not have an intellectual experience (think Pacific Overtures). I LOVE when they have real issues like this.

  7. Anna says:

    I never really cared for Karen, but her storyline with that weird dude is really annoying. This is ruining the show for me.

  8. squirrel says:

    I’m already getting annoyed in anticipation of Karen leaving Bombshell because she basically has a massive crush on a boy, and not even a nice boy. Jimmy! I did love the “Some Boys” song (and Kat McPhee sounded gorgeous singing it) but the girl needs to sort herself out, cos this Jimmy relationship is not going to end well!

  9. forwarddad says:

    Possibly ratings will rise after The Voice Returns? I like the softer Ivy and hate the direction they are sending Julia. .

  10. Kirk says:

    Katharine McPhee was flawless in her performances last night! Some Boys was a gorgeous and superb vocal! Love Smash!

  11. Liam says:

    Katharine McPhee is phenomenal. All of these people are so talented. I will stick this out til the end! :)

    • Marianne W. says:

      I absolutely agree! I’ll be there til the end.

    • Oh,God.I don’t know if you were a fan of hers from back in Idol but this girl can’t act! She’s absolutely nothing special and that’s why her music career is nonexistent.That’s why the show’s ratings have become worse this season. How can you have a successful show without someone really talented as the lead? Huston,Hilty and Borle deserve to be more promoted than her. THEY are the real deal.

      • Phoenicia says:

        I’m a fan of hers from Idol but I hoped she would take acting lessons during the hiatus after the feedback she got from first season. Her acting is even worse this season and I didn’t think it was possible!

  12. dft426 says:

    i have to say, i disagree with alot of this review/recap…

    julia has every right to be doubting herself… her book was the only thing to get negative reviews, her marriage crumbled… she let her personal life go off the rails and it effected her work and ability to collaborate with tom (who i think is the least charismatic actor on the show).

    karen is actually trying to balance the two shows… i think its lame to suggest that she’s interested in “hit list” just because she’s infatuated with jimmy… i think it the other way around… she infatuated with him because of his talent and the way helping to develop the show is making her feel.

    as for eileen, she is strong willed… but has a moral line she won’t cross. she is loyal to nick because he was loyal to her… and she fell in love with him. yes, it has resulted in her stepping down from the show, but it certainly doesn’t make her weak.

    as for ivy… yes she’s talented… but she was more fun when she was villian. she needs her confidence back and the sub-plot with her and sean hayes is lame. if she’s not in bombshell or planning to take down karen, she just shouldn’t be on the show…

    karen was set up as the protaganist of this show last year… we’re supposed to be rooting for her. maybe they’ve veered off course here and there… but i think its time to bring everyone back together and focus on the drama of making this show and making it work…

    • The problem with that is that they have absolutely written Karen as the protagonist and due to the casting of Megan Hilty she created a dual lead by her spectacular performance. She was hugely talented and dynamic and her fan base is every bit as big as Karen’s. So they had to scramble and change the show season 2 because no matter how hard they tried to make Karen the only lead Ivy has just as big a following. They can’t just ignore half the fan base. So the show’s plots have suffered because it was never intended to be about both Karen AND Ivy but that is what people wanted. ::shrug:: I’m just hoping it will find it’s feet because the show has a lot of potential.

    • Chris says:

      Eileen has a moral line she won’t cross?? Her “integrity” didn’t stop her from money laundering to finance Bombshell. She didn’t step down from the show. She made a deal with prosecutors to stay out of prison and has already violated the terms of that deal. Her character’s a mess.

  13. charissa29 says:

    Well, Josh Safran is running it and i didn’t expect to see strong women, with interesting and subtle plots so that didn’t disappoint me. What I miss most is the lovely feeling of hope and excitement that was there last year (plus the songs made more sense last year). Last year everyone was working to make Bombshell a success. This year it has all devolved into a turgid, misogynistic, super-soapy mess! Sigh.

  14. Caro says:

    I love Katherine McPhee and I love SMASH – the problem is Josh Safron! Whoever hired this idiot should be fired! Safron doesn’t understand Broadway and is obviously only capable of turning out tween drivel! Fire him and bring back Theresa! While you’re at it, cut Jimmy and Kyle back, keep Jennifer Hudson away, give us back the Karen we fell in love with – the one who told Derek “it’s not gonna happen” and get her together with Derek! Bring confident sassy Julia back along with funny Tom and strong Eileen! Show Ivy as the struggling, back stabber she’s always been! And get the media to stop talking about how the show is over…people don’t watch shows they think will be cancelled. SMASH is great – it’s the guy running it who is the problem!

    • Bravo! THANK YOU for synthesizing everything I wanted to say. I fell in love with Smash last year because of the chemistry and dynamics between Derek/Karen/Ivy and the camps for Team Karen and Team Ivy. I also fell in love with where they were going with Marilyn and “Bombshell”. Last season ended on such a high with everything coming together in getting “Bombshell” on stage and all the personal relationships being so raw. I hate that this season the show has gone in a direction that I find very hard to root for and care.

  15. Kerrie Elizabeth says:

    Last season I absolutely loved this show. I counted the hours until it came on each week. That is no longer the case.

    Week by week this show is going from bad to worse and it has nothing to do with the cast. Julia should be a strong woman – one who has been part of a strong team of her and Tom for a very long, successful time. This BS they are starting about jealousy sucks. The Karen storylines – ICK ICK ICK. Megan come back to Smash…Derrick – get your ass back in gear and be the great director you are supposed to be. Sean Hayes – go back to producing – your character sucks and is doing you a disservice! Ilene – get rid of pain in the *&^* Jerry, spring your sweetie from jail and lets get back to basics. Bring more of the secondary cast back.

    At the present there is not one storyline in the entire muck that is worth watching. This makes me extremely sad.

    The breaking out into song doesn’t fit and what the hell is Karen swooning over anyone (let alone a narcissistic druggie and a wimpy gay guy. Hello???? Smash writers…do you know who your characters are??? Where did they go? FIX THEM!

    I am going to be so POed if these folks do not get back to their A-game and blow this. This is a show with incredible potential and we are watching the writers self destruct. I do not want to lose Smash because a bunch of people cannot see what is wrong. SOMEBODY HELP!!!

    SAVE US OBE WON KENOBE – you are our only hope!!!!

  16. Brad says:

    They are still filming. I’m an extra.

    • Suz says:

      Doesn’t mean it will air your scene(s). Lots of shows get canceled and we never seen the completed episodes. Rating are tanking…

      • dramaticimpulse says:

        I’m an extra, too. I’m sure that since they’re filming the rest of the season, the episodes will be aired–even if they are “dumped” at an unpopular time (like Made in Jersey was).

  17. dft426 says:

    the show was WILDY uneven last year…

    you have to remember, this is a drama… characters have arcs, they evolve, grow, learn, and change… not like a sit-com where the characters barely stray from their normal behavior…

    what makes shows great is taking the journey with the characters… strong women are great and import… but flawed characters are more interesting to watch. to say that a strong woman can’t be flawed or make mistakes is the thing i find truly misogynistic… great characters are 3 dimensional and that included flaws, doubts, mistakes, etc…

    i think this season has been an improvement… though i would prefer to see things getting back to the actual work on bombshell and the drama that created. i don’t know this safron guy’s previous work but let’s not pretend this is anything other than a soap opera…

    i don’t love everything about the show, but i’m still tuning in to see how things shake out. i hope they atleast get to finish out the season.

  18. Jade says:

    How low is NBC gonna allow Smash to get before it gets pulled from the schedule?. What once was a promising show has now become the laughing stock of Tuesday nights.

  19. JJ says:

    Josh Saffron has become the Ted McGinley of show runners.

  20. Jay says:

    I can’t believe what they have done to “my show”. Last year I wouldn’t miss SMASH for anything. I still watch the final episode — must have seen it at least 30 times. Those soaring notes were enough to keep me excited over the long break between seasons.

    However, this year is totally different. I still watch — but without any enthusiasm whatsoever. Would I tell a friend to watch it — absolutely not. I can barely watch it myself. Last year at least the characters were interesting — even the supporting cast. This year we’re stuck with new cast members who are pitiful. Jeremy Jordan may be a wonderful Broadway actor but he’s so totally out of place in this show. And Karen is supposed to be romantically interested in this guy who looks like your typical high school gay guy — after developing such a chemistry with Derek last season.

    None of it makes sense — no wonder the audiene has dwindled to next to nothing. If NBC thought that Josh Saffron was going to revitalize SMASH, they were badly mistaken. I know it’s too late — episodes will finish filming this week — but I just want my old SMASH and Bombshell back.

    Even with it’s warts and problems, it was 100% better than what you’re giving us now.

  21. Lou says:

    You realize Ivy Lynn is her whole name, right? As in, her first and last name? She’s not like Sarah Michelle Gellar or Sarah Jessica Parker… You can just call her Ivy, you don’t need to constantly refer to her as “Ivy Lynn”.

  22. Chris says:

    Michael, I agree that this episode was very sexist. The characters I want to like– Julia, Eileen, and Karen–were treated so disrespectfully in this episode. The show has given me no reason to root for a Julia/Peter romance or a Jimmy/Karen romance and Eileen’s still professing her love for a man who almost got her thrown in prison! I was glad to see Ivy assert herself even though her actions would probably gotten her fired in real life.

  23. bobbie says:

    I only tune in to see Ivy and Eileen. They are the most amusing and compelling characters.
    Karen is so milktoast, blah blah blah, and the ‘songwriters’ she’s helping are so blah blah blan. Ir you eliminated that part of the show, you would be left with an exciting and amusing program! Teen angst – do we really need it? Ho hum!

  24. Evan says:

    Er… i actually liked this episode. I thought the musical numbers looked great, the acting was all-around better, the creative differences on Bombshell are more believable (and relevant to actual life) than ever before, and I’m on pins and needles waiting for Eileen’s decision.

    There are a few things I didn’t like– I don’t get how Eileen has the final say either, Slezak, and more than the female characters, I’m not sure I like how they treat the Dramaturg. How is it that all the men of color on this show are evil/possibly evil?

    • Ana says:

      Tom’s ex, whom they sent away to do a tour, was black, adorable and yummy, so, I don’t think it’s all men of color. I don’t think there’s a bigger took than Derek and he’s white.

    • dramaticimpulse says:

      The way they treated the dramaturg was shameful. It makes dramaturgy as a profession look bad.

  25. Eriq says:

    i think they need to ask Dez Duron from last season’s the voice to come in and replace Jimmy’s character. As much as i enjoyed his singing, Jeremy Jordan is without.
    I think NBC needs to keep pairing this with the voice as the low rated comedy block is not necessarily doing a good job leading in an already struggling show. Maybe it’s time to take a short hiatus until the voice comes back. Retool and re strategize. This show has such a huge potential. Season 1 as inconsistent as it was, it was pulling in at least twice as much ratings than this season.

  26. LauraLee says:

    I love Smash because of Katharine McPhee. She is amazing beyond words. Ivy, with all her talent, does not have the star quality Katharine has. And please more Karen/Derek and Karen/Ivy and less Karen/Jimmy

    • Lyndsey says:

      Katherine would do better as a pop singer but when it comes to BROADWAY star quality, she simply cannot compare with Megan Hilty. Maybe that’s because Hilty has actually done Broadway, but either way, to even suggest McPhee would fairly beat her out of such a role is ludicrous. Hilty knows how to emote when she sings so that even people in the very back of the theatre know how she feels. McPhee simply does not know how to do that, which is painfully obvious in her Marilyn performances. Heck, look at that duet with Jennifer Hudson early on. Hudson knew how to work the crowd while McPhee just stood there singing, looking completely lost.

    • Ana says:

      Respectfully disagree on all levels. Ivy has the acting and the singing chops. Her voice has a richness and depth that Katherine’s doesn’t have. And Katherine, as beautiful as she is, comes across as bland on screen. Ivy, on the other hand, has an amazing screen presence.

  27. Cara says:

    By the way, I just want to say that it’s neither misogynistic nor unrealistic for Julia to not know if her new draft is good. She just wrote it, so she’s way too close to it! When she reads it, what she hears is her thoughts, her intention while writing it. To judge it on her own, she need time. As she doesn’t have time, she needs the opinions of people whose judgment she trusts, like Tom and Derek and Eileen. (I agree that the new Smash has weakened some of the females, but not here. And after all, both versions being fought over were Julia’s!)

  28. AL says:

    This show needs more Christian Borle numbers.

  29. Suz says:

    All the snark is gone from this show. The songs suck, the plot predictable and the acting is now past suspect. Please dump all remaining/completed episodes online so we can get through it on a snowed in Sunday or a day while sick on sofa.

  30. AB says:

    I loved season one. Last night I felt the episode was as close to a season one episode as we are gonna get. It wasn’t as good, clever or musically exciting but it tried. We need to prepare for the end because unless they kill Josh Safran destroyer of tv shows and redo the rest of the season, it’s over.

  31. Ana says:

    By perusing some of the above comments I see that I’m not the only one that is deeply disappointed in this season’s version of what had the potential to be a much better show. Last season we had to deal with the insufferable Ellis, Julia’s infidelity and Dev’s dreary personality. I was glad all those arcs were over and I can’t believe that now I’m wishing they were back in lieu of the disaster this season is turning out to be. They have ruined some of the best dynamics on the show. Julia and Tom are gold working together but now we have the ‘dramateur’ who is pointless and unnecessary getting in the way. Last season it was fun to watch the Karen/Ivy rivalry and this season they have both gone in different directions. Eileen was the trusty matriarch keeping the train on the tracks, now she’s ceded to her ex? What the heck? The Jimmy storyline makes no sense. This show is supposed to be about Bombshell and they went off on another tangent for no other reason than to introduced a new love interest for Karen, who by the way, has become extremely unlikeable. Katherine McPhee is crazy talented and beautiful, but she’s annoying. To me she never made a credible Marilyn. And back to Jimmy, he’s not likeable. He’s not pulling off the brooding but sexy bad boy that we are supposed to secretly root for. Instead, I want to toss him out on his butt. The back up dancers that finally reappeared on last night’s episode make more interesting characters than the new batch introduced this season. And promoting Jennifer Hudson so much on the show I think had a detrimental effect. She may be a star, but she didn’t fit into this medium or this show. She just took the attention away from the stories we actually cared about. As far as I’m concerned, the only characters that are still worth their salt are Ivy and Tom. Love them. Loved seeing Tom perform and I think that Ivy was robbed of a number by giving Karen two. Where’s Steven Spielberg in all of this? He’s a genius, didn’t he see this train wreck coming? That’s too bad. I’ve been rooting for Smash from the beginning. Now I’m just hoping that they give it a proper closure.

  32. luke says:

    I miss Smash’s gay edge. Remember when there were gay characters who kissed, and had relationships, and were given stories…. I miss that :(

  33. Issw says:

    NBC should give Smash another chance, with one condition: no Josh Safran. And bring Theresa back.
    I’m pretty sure we would increase ratings.

    Btw. I really can’t stand Jimmy and his terrible lack of chemistry with Karen. What a horrible character.
    I need to see more scenes with Karen and Derek. Together. Making out. And more Ivy. And more Bombshell.
    I definitely couldn’t care less about Hit List.

    • Phoenicia says:

      Ewww, no Karen and Derek making out! Like Karen would dump Dev for cheating on her once and then hook up with a sexual harasser who screws anything that moves. As if! Give Karen a little credit she has more class than that.

  34. SPotter says:

    It’s not so much sexist that Julia would doubt herself after writing a flop…anybody would. But the whole episode–Julia hyper-focusing on the MEN in Marilyn’s life (right, since nobody ever talks about that JFK guy) is just one more element of inconsistent hysteria that she’s been displaying since early in season 1. I miss the bond between Julia and Tom, and we’re instead seeing her swerve from insanely mistrustful to putting all of her faith in the opinion of one random dude who’s shifty and can’t write his own stuff but is somehow the only one who can help her write her masterpiece. (And much as I love Tom, the fact that he only ‘recognizes’ Julia when she’s freaking out and neurotic is ridiculously problematic.)

    Meanwhile, we have Karen mooning over Jimmy while he LITERALLY pushes her around like a set piece without ever looking at her. When Ivy got (slightly) drugged up and promiscuous last season, she got smacked down hard–got demoted to chorus, Karen’s still rude to her after she “stole” Dev from her (never mind that Ivy didn’t know who Dev was in relation to Karen), and she’s still got no romantic prospects at all. Jimmy, meanwhile…oh, he must just be a tortured genius, poor thing. It’s what they DO. So he gets to hear Jennifer Hudson sing his song and gets the gentlest of scoldings from Karen’s roommate, with Karen encouraging his fragile little artist’s soul whenever he can be bothered to notice. Gag.

    Personally, I’d be really happy if Josh Safran would get over whatever it is he’s got against Theresa Rebeck–or not, but he really needs to quit dumping all his vile against her onto Debra Messing, who’s done nothing to deserve any of the nonsense she’s been saddled with.