Glee Hot Shots: Schue and Finn Face Off, While Rachel and Santana Get a Shock!

Guilt will follow anger (as it often does) as Season 4 of Glee marches on in the month of March — and TVLine has the photographic evidence!

In “Feud” (March 14, 9/8c on Fox), the New Directions kids flip the script and give an assignment to advisors Will and Finn in an effort to get the gents to resolve the tension between them. (See, Finn? Nothing good ever comes from the Best Man planting a kiss on the Runaway-Bride-to-Be!) At the same time, Santana begins to wonder about Brody’s, um, extracurricular activities (if I’m not being too subtle).

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The following week’s “Guilty Pleasures” (March 21, 9/8c on Fox) finds the McKinley kids confessing their most embarrassing musical obsessions, while it looks like something (possibly Brody related?) startles Rachel and Santana back in NYC.

Click through the gallery below for a jaunty sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on what’s about to go down!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tricia says:


  2. dude says:

    They totally screwed up the Spice Girls. I know they probably didn’t make Unique Scary to subvert expectations (just because they’re both black doesn’t mean Unique identifies with Scary Spice, I get that) and I’d support that if Baby Spice at all matched Unique’s character but it doesn’t. Kitty, Marley and Brittany are fine but Tina should have been Baby Spice and Unique should have been Scary Spice.

    • Kaycee says:

      Kitty shoulda been Posh, She’s bitchy like Victoria
      Tina shoulda been Ginger, she’s fiesty like Geri.
      Unique shoulda been Scary, not cause of the ethnicity, but because they are both the loudest and most confident.
      Britt as Sporty is perfect.
      Marley shoulda been Baby, they’re both naive and the ‘nice girls’.

    • kd8604 says:

      how did they screw up the spice girls? the episode hasn’t aired yet!

  3. Nicole says:

    Does anyone actually care about Jake Puckerman, this is a serious question.

  4. chris says:

    so is brody a male dancer or do S and R catch him doing a porn flick in that pic? Is that how he is earning wads of cash?

  5. bekki says:

    i think the surprise santanna and rachel get is brody with another man…that would be so great…and he’s not the father of her baby if she’s pregnant finn is..i so hope this is the way it works out rachael with go back to ohio to start a life with finn after they get married and finn will take over or help mr. schue with glee club and rachael will also help or get a part-time job till the baby arrives…why shouldn’t they get some good storyline going here hell quinn gave her baby up and emma ran off and didn’t marry mr. schue…so lets have somebody get married not because they had to ..remember finn and rachael were engaged to be married long before the baby came into the picture…have a baby and settle down…and it couldn’t have happen to the two most important people on the show who love each other and{ dating in real life} anyways it would absoutely make the show worth watching…i will not watch glee ever again if racheal and finn does not get back together…kurt and blaine deserve to be back together also…that will come in time..but lets get the finchels back together with or without a baby drama…

    • chris says:

      Finn would never let Rachel give up her dream of being a star. The stage is what she was born to/her destiny and where she belongs. Her going back to Ohio to be wife to a guy with no direction of his own would spell divorce in no time and be such a downer to watch. I don’t think Rachel is preggers anyway (she did a home test which are not always right) or if she is I think she will miscarry. Don’t see Brody as a guy who hits for the other team but who knows.

    • Sushi says:

      “Rachael with go back to ohio to start a life with finn after they get married” That has got to be some SICK joke! Some of you Finchel fans are ridiculous. Sure, let’s get the most ambitious stardom obsessed character a baby and have her move to Ohio to be by her man. Fangirling like this is the reason why Glee is a shameless fanfic now. Disgusting.

    • JP says:

      How can the baby possibly be finn’s when she found out she was pregnant the day AFTER she slept with finn? it’s common sense. Ialso don’t think they’re actually going to have Rachel go through with the pregnancy. my guess is she either gets an abortion (glee is known for tackling the hard hitting subjects) or she loses the baby.

    • Eliza says:

      i am totally with you…:-) now we need to convince the writer(s)…

  6. duranmom says:

    Kurt has GOT to be doing “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield. That’s the same way Rick looks in the mirror in the video.

    You remember videos, right kids?

  7. Shaun says:

    Marley looking fine!!

  8. Amanda says:

    Glee, please don’t ruin my childhood by ruining these songs. I beg of you.

  9. Lisa says:

    oh my god are kurt and santana holding homemade boyfriend/girlfriend pillows? lolling

  10. Lizzie says:

    Okay, you’ve all just confirmed my suspicions, there really aren’t any Glee fans out there who actually left their bedrooms during their adolesence long enough to realize that N’sync and BSB are not actually musicians. “Don’t ruin my childhood!”?! really?! You’ve clearly never left your childhood if the worst thing that can happen to you is Glee mashing up two mediocre boybands. You should be honoured that they’d even take the time. Anything Glee does to those songs will be an improvement on the originals. Maybe it’s time to take down the boyband posters and venture outside, who knows, you may come to realize that there’s a big world out there. Think of this as tough love, in the real world N’sync and BSB are no longer relevant, so get over it no one is forcing you to watch Glee. Finally, for those of you harbouring hopes of Rachel being preggers with Finn? Ya right, not unless the show is being cancelled. You should know by now that Ryan Murphy ALWAYS does the opposite of what is expected. Turning Rachel into a baby mama is not going to happen.

  11. brian says:

    What can I say about Glee? The show is a mess and not a very well written mess at that. The writers of this show have took pandering to an audience to a level that makes any potential it had moot. Every critic worth his soul has abandoned writing reviews because it is not worth writing. Glee had a really cool premise that I thought had great potential but instead we get the gay and the lesbian and the annoying lea michele show instead of the basic premise of the show which is that high school is hard. I have never been interested in the broadway crap or the fame reboot or the lesbian goes to new york for no reason whatsoever. The only actor on glee i have any respect for is Cory Monteith and that respect is in the fact that people root for his character in spite of the obvious way ryan murphy has destroyed it. This guy has never said one bad word publicly about ryan murphy despite the latter dissing his character and the actor himself. Cory Monteith has not been allowed to talk with the press at all this year at any of the major glee events and the excuse has always been oh he is filming right now talk about a bull crap excuse if ever I heard one. The thing that bugs me the most is that they used his character as a sort of buffer to make people that thought he was getting a good storyline to watch the new high school kids get enough songs under their belt for a glee tour this summer to fill the coffers of murphy productions and fox in order to justify a fifth season of this trainwreck of a show. They also want me to believe his character suddenly gives up his passion for performing in order to be a teacher wow talk about giving in to the haters of his character utterly and completely. The show would have been much better off to cut the ties and let the high school show be a high school show. The ratings of smash has shown that america is not interested in the behind the scenes of a broadway production. Finn deserved better than that and Cory is worth rooting for in his future en devours. Notice I did not say anything about his character being on the show or off the show I think the bastardization of Will Shuster and the other adult characters in the high school setting has set the show back even more that the Finn fiasco. The show had more of an impact with the adult kid setting in the high school environment than any of the contrived new york crap that is clearly designed to keep a vocal minority happy. Let the new york crap go for the legacy of glee or the show really did have no meanihg.