Exclusive Body of Proof Video: Megan's Ex Saves Her Life, But Destroys Her [Spoiler]

On next Tuesday’s Body of Proof (ABC, 10/9c), mortal danger lurks when the team investigates the death of a mobster’s son. As you can see in the following exclusive video, Megan and her colleagues have good reason to fear for their lives when they almost become the latest victims of a sniper.

PHOTO | Exclusive First Look: Body of Proof Puts Its New Detectives on Display

Luckily, Megan’s ex, Det. Tommy Sullivan, is there to push her out of the bullet’s path and into a pile of trash. You’d think she’d be grateful, right? Nah.

“You ruined my outfit,” Megan — dressed to the nines in a red number —  sasses when he asks if she’s OK.

Press PLAY below to watch the clothes call unfold.

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  1. Kvivik says:

    I’m sorry, but the 2 morgue techs i know would never wear good clothes like that to work. And those shoes she wears to crime scenes are ludicrous.
    It’s the one part of the show that ruins my sinking into the story.

    • Suz says:

      And let’s not forget her $5,000+ purse/bag with her badged CLIPPED to the outside. No woman who will be on their feet for hours on end for work will be wearing any kind of heel, much less $500+ shoes. And, her hair would always be pulled back!

    • Olga Petrova says:

      Sure in Rizzoli and Isles Maura wears clothes like that!

  2. sladewilson says:

    That response alone he should throw her out there in the line of fire… Ugh… Sometimes the writers on this show give me a migrane…

  3. cslittle says:

    I really liked this show last year..and the addition of Mark Valley is great…but…..it seems Meghan is so shrill and super bitchy this year…..and starting to become really unlikeable….perhaps Det. Tommy Sullivan can just take over the whole show!!

    • Kim R says:

      I agree about Meaghan’s character. She us becoming a little unlikeable. They need to watch that. She seems quite bitter. I know her character has gone through a trauma but the writers need to keep that balance because right now, I would not be her friend. :)

      • Jan says:

        I agree. She’s had a few months now to find her balance after Peter’s death. She’s also taking time from Lacey, and nobody likes someone who is so self-centered for no good reason for very long. As for the high-end wardrobe…she can rock it, but is it appropriate for her job in the field? she does change to clogs when she’s in the autopsy room.

      • Yvonne says:

        I agree! I don’t like what the writers’ have done to her character! Lighten up Writer’s! I Love the Designer Clothes! That’s a part of her character I really like! She’s one classy Dame. :)

    • Kevin in CT says:

      I agree, for me she is becoming very unlikeable. Someone must be owed really big here as I can’t remember any show going through so many cast changes in such as short time,

  4. tahina says:

    No Peter, no show for me. And it seems I’m not missing great deal.

  5. Kat says:

    I agree with Meghan being so unlikable this year. I think they should fire her sorry @ss and make Tommy the lead character. I love Mark Valley. He’s the only reason I’m watching the show.

  6. MaryAnn says:

    I have always been a fan on BODY OF PROOF, but it is much, much better this season. It’s edgier, more exciting, and Dana Delaney’s and Mark Valley’s characters have real chemistry. I could see a “Castle” dynamic developing over time if the show is allowed to remain on the air long enough.

    Anyone who has the slightest interest in the show should check it out! They really did re-invent everything about it this season and make it better. (And I was one of those who was against all the changes.)

    • Ashley says:

      @MaryAnn I totally agree with you. Delaney’s character is so over-the-top that her outfits, lipstick, and overall sassy behavior works for her. I hope the show sticks around, I know I will.

    • Reilly says:

      I really agree. I enjoyed the show before, but now it is much more entertaining and interesting. The writing has more depth, stories are more complex with some surprises, especially the one with the mafia and the baby involving Jeri Ryan and her mystery may. It is also amazing how many characters are showing up from the old Crossing Jordan. Now the Head Police Officer Lorraine, the Russian mystery man and tonight the doctor who faked his death just to name a few.

  7. Apple Annie says:

    I loved Dana D in this show last year and when she was in China Beach. However now instead of beach it is BITCH. She is terrible to her co workers and others she comes in contact with. Last we3e3k when a nurse said she noticed how cold it was when a patient was brought into the hospital, Megam’s remark of “You should not be in a medical clinic” was totally inappropriate. The writers have made Megan totally unsympathetic and nasty. Eye rolling to her boss and snarky coments and attitude toward them is horrible. Change her back into someone more likeable and soon. If not I and the other individuals who commented on Megan’s attitude will probably stop watching. That would be too bad for Dana D and the other more likeable charachters on the show. No one with her attitude would be tolerated in most places of work even if a friend was killed. They would be told to GET OVER IT OR GET OUT