Beauty and the Beast Exclusive: Your First Look at Vincent and Catherine's 'Great Antagonist'

Beauty and the Beast‘s Catherine and Vincent might not want to pull away from that midseason finale-ending liplock, because a brand-new buzzkill is entering their orbit — and TVLine has an exclusive first look.

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As first reported by TVLine, Heroes/Covert Affairs alum Sendhil Ramamurthy is joining the freshman CW drama on March 14 as Gabe Lowan, an ambitious Assistant District Attorney who “basically creates a task force specifically to hunt [Vincent],” EP Brian Peterson told us. “And Cat ends up on that task force, so she ends up smack dab in the middle of everything.”

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Check out the photo (CLICK TO ZOOM), then read below for more scoop:

Any Means Possible

Of course, within VinCat’s world, it seems that no one can ever be taken at face value, and that’s the case with ADA Lowan to be sure. Says Peterson, “We find out, as things unfold, that he and [police captain] Joe have a little bit different motivations in finding this thing.” EP Sherri Cooper previously teased the same twist, saying the ADA “wants to crack down on crime, and you think it’s because of his ambition — it would be great for his career if he could bring in New York’s newest menace — but we’ll reveal [the real reason] why.”

With Lowan lurking around the NYPD, Cooper said Ramamurthy’s character will prove to be “a great antagonist for Vincent and Catherine.”

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  1. Shireen says:

    Excited! Also really admire that the show has great diversity in its cast..especially compared to the other CW shows out there…

  2. Every time I see a CW show in the headlines of TVLine, I fear it’s going to be renewed or canceled. Not sure if it’s because of how forward Mark Pedowitz has been this Spring.
    On another note, can someone give me 5 reasons why I should get back into this show? I gave up the episode just before the mid-season finale and I want to get back into it, but I fear it’s going to be canceled due to how cut throat Pedowitz is being.

    • Hey Jarrod, a few reasons to get back into it: the show has gotten way more intense in the last few episodes, the danger is getting closer which is making it more interesting, the romance is finally a ‘thing’, beasties are doing everything they can to get this show renewed, and the cast and crew of the show are more than present every day of every week with us to answer questions and tease us. Don’t stop watching now as it gets really more interesting and intense every week since the mid-season finale. We need you now to get it renewed :) and come join us on Twitter to talk about it :)

      • That’s so true. I couldn’t have said it better. I will just add that if you really love the show it’s “Once a Beastie, always a Beastie!” The support we get from the cast and crew shows that they appreciate our efforts, which just makes us work harder!

    • Yes! Carol-anne right. Maybe the beginning of the show wasn’t the best but now is definitely worth to watch :)

    • Claudia says:

      you should come back if you liked the premises last episodes after cold turkey got better and better, if you were the ones that left in episode 10-11 come back it is back on its track again…we cant wait for Thursday 14th…. anticipation is killing here !

    • BATB fan says:

      Reason 1. Ever since its returne before the midseason fanally it has gotten much more intense.
      Reason 2. Pedowitz has been cut throat, but, if you read the interview on hub pages he is very optamistic about batb getting a second season.
      Reason 3. Several other cw shows have alread ended/been cancled, more than likly opening enough room for batb to get a second season.
      Reason 4. Cat and vince’s relationship is heating up, add more intrest to the show.
      Reason 5. The show needs all the rating it cant get if it going to be renewed, and every view counts.

  3. elle says:

    This too much another 8 days, I can’t take it need #BATB NOW!

  4. Angela says:

    I ma crazy about BatB!! I really hope it’s getting a second season. *-*

  5. susie says:

    Can’t wait for the new episodes, love how the cast and crew make every fans welcome and really consider how a fan feels when it comes to the storyline

  6. Renee says:

    Can’t wait to watch.

  7. mia says:

    Just love this show to bits!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  8. kali says:

    Thank you very much for that article!
    Hmmm…personally I’m not sure how to feel about this new character coming in. Reading that he’ll be an antagonist to Vincent and Catherine doesn’t help much in having an open mind about him. Already dislike the ADA, but I guess that’s the whole point!?
    I am curious to see how this manhunt will develop. As long as it’s Cat and Vincent together against the rest of the world I don’t mind one ore more antagonists entering the picture :)

  9. Claudia says:

    This shows gets better and better, love the special guests, and as Ive heard the ADA was cast as a regular already good news for us beasties expecting a second season :) yay for #BATB its becoming addictive!

  10. Katie_Mead says:

    Oh! Couldn’t you have used a wider shot instead of zooming in on the lovely Sendhil? The 2nd guy off-image past Evan is another fave guest star, brought in as one of the trigger-happy cops on the Beastly Task Force. Speaking of, will Ty be recurring? And when’s he going to get his next regular gig?
    There are just so many beauteous men in this show. *Sigh* If only I wasn’t old enough to be their mother.

  11. Bren says:

    This show is really getting intense, it’s only getting better and better, yes I’m totattly a Beastie!!!

  12. Bren says:

    Looking forward to the new episodes this show just keeps getting better and better, and yes I’m a beastie!!!

  13. Jared says:

    Looking forward to Beauty & the Beasts return on March 14th. Surpringly,this show has become one of my favorites this season. Can’t wait to see what happens next and LOVE that Vincent and Catherine are FINALLY on the same page.

  14. Jade says:

    Now that 90210 star Matt Lanter has been cast in the CW pilot Oxygen, BATB seems like the perfect companion show to air with it next Fall. The CW needs to renew this show for a second season.

    • Claudia says:

      Im a Roswell fanatic, and Im an obsessed BATB, I would love they paired this two shows Ill be such a happy camper it would be like Arrow and SPN for the fun boys this would do to me the same effect!!!! I cant wait!

  15. Tina says:

    I love this show! very excited for the 14th. Let’s get a second season beasties!

  16. ABC says:

    The last four episodes have been great. I turned the show on by accident during the episode where Alex was introduced. During this break, I have gone back and watched everything I missed. The show seemed to have a slow start (too procedural), but has really picked up steam since. I really hope it gets a second season.

  17. Jay says:

    Alex arc turned people off! It made Vincent an ass and Cat ended up to be his sloppy second. That was so screwed up.What the hell were those incompetent writers thinking when they decided to killed the momentum w Alex ruined the previous build up.

    • Claudia says:

      you need to pick up where you left, they needed to do that, the show is not only about the “mythological hero” Vincent is not BATMAN or SUPERMAN he is a man with an ADN problem… so just chill and enjoy it we all are :)

  18. monica says:

    This should be a good episode. Cat doesn’t look happy at all. I wonder how she will protect Vincent from this situation

  19. pauline says:

    love this programme one of the best shows on tv just now, jay ryan well things dont get much better than him x

  20. pauline says:

    there better be more seasons to come

  21. Elena says:

    loving the show from Venezuela! :D

  22. Haide says:

    Been hooked on this show ever since I saw the pilot, and I totally agree with most of the other posts that it just gets better and better. I’ve been checking on Hulu almost everyday (I don’t get to watch the show on its regular time schedule) to see if the next episode is up. Sucks to find out the season ended on “Tough Love”. Can’t wait for the next season.

    Characters on this show are well portrayed. The quiet dimeanor of Vincent with the “Beast” side of him is what makes the character so intriguing. I think majority of the “giddy-feeling-while-watching” comes from instances when he’s just always there for her. At the same time, the unspoken devotion she has on him (regardless whether she admits it or not towards the beginning) of doing the best she can to protect him in spite of… is probably what keeps most of us hooked. The constant waiting for “that” moment when both of them would meet halfway and just call it as they feel it, and to have the season finale as “alas” being in “that” moment… Wow…!!! Really good way to keep the audience waiting for the succeeding episode.

    Can’t wait for next season… Looking forward to it!!!!!!!

  23. Donna Gilliam says:


  24. verdure says:

    from Russia with love , we are waiting for , is very forward and hope for the second season

  25. Nat says:

    Just started watching the show ( last 4 episodes) and immediately got hooked!!! Didnt realize that the “Kiss” was the midseason finale. Good thing its coming back right away. This show deserves more seasons to come. We love it from the Philippines!

  26. Felicity says:

    I love this show soooooooo much. It really would be a travesty if it didn’t get renewed!!

  27. BATB fan says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW. It did start of slow but it has been greatly improving. The romance is heating up, the danger is becoming more intense, and the characters are developing nicely. I hope this show has a second season and many, many more. The cw would be crazy not to renew it; it there best show. Yes, I am a complete and total Beastie.

  28. Madeleine Boleslawski says:

    Reading all the posts makes me realize that this is such a fantastic show. I got hooked with the first episode. I love how the writers slowly developed the love relationship between Cat and Vincent. That scene where they are dancing at the wedding is the most intense romantic scene I have ever seen in TV. So different from the “jump in bed” scenes we normally see. This is a beautiful love story, but it also has that intense element like a “Romeo and Juliet” type environment. Cat has done so much to protect Vincent. Things are definitely getting tense with so many people out to get Vincent. I love all the characters in the show. Each casts member is doing a great job. I hope that the “powers to be” in CW renew this show. Put it in a better time slot so that all viewers can have a chance to see what a great show Beauty and the Beast is. To everyone on the show, THANKS for such a wonderful show.

  29. Mar 14 is finally hear, can’t wait to see tonight’s episode. I’ve been a fan of Kristin since Smallville, and now a major fan of Beauty and teh Beast ! Give it a chance if you haven’t seen it yet, the story getting more complex, and we will learn more about people in Vincent and Catherine’s past ! JOY !

  30. maddie says:

    Well, tonight is the big night for BATB!!! So much is heating up. How will the dynamitic duo, Cat, Vincent, and J.T. get through this one?! Really hope this show is renewed.

  31. blackdalia144 says:

    May I ask if my comments were deleted from the other posts on this site?

  32. maddie says:

    Just watched the March 14th episode of Beauty and the Beast!!! If you are not watching it, you are really missing a great show. So much is happening. Don’t know how Vincent can be saved from sooo many enemies! Cat stands alone. Thanks BATB for tonight.

  33. Hawaa says:

    Heyy we surelyy want a second season of beauty and the beast!! Its an amzing show…second seasonnn pleaseeee

  34. Eunice says:


  35. Mica says:

    I love the show! There should be more seasons to come! Please! loving the show from Philippines! :-)